Our New and Improved Same-Sex Couples Website

Same-sex-webpageSocial Security touches the lives of every member of the public. Our commitment is to treat all people with compassion and respect. This month, we joined the nation in celebrating LGBT Pride Month. The purpose of this commemorative month is to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally. Every day we continue to make strides in our goal to fully engage with the LGBT community.

To improve the way we communicate with the LGBT community, we redesigned our website for same-sex couples. We reorganized and streamlined the menu, making it easy for you to find the information you’re looking for. We added new banner images more representative and inclusive of the LGBT community.

We updated the content of our site to describe how Social Security is there for LGBT families through life’s journey, securing today and tomorrow. Our agency is with you through every stage of your life from birth to marriage, as your family grows, to retirement and after by caring for your survivors. You can learn how Social Security is there to support you through difficult times and what to do if you or your spouse becomes disabled, and what benefits you may be entitled to.

We also added a new publication, What Same-Sex Couples Need to Know, to our website. This new publication explains how changes in the law affect Social Security benefits for same-sex couples. Your marital status is important for the retirement, survivor, and disability programs because you or your spouse could be entitled to benefits or a higher benefit amount based on the relationship to a worker. You can also learn what benefits are available for your family, children, and survivors, in the event of your death.

We encourage anyone who believes they may be eligible for benefits to apply now. Learn more at www.socialsecurity.gov/same-sexcouples.


55 thoughts on “Our New and Improved Same-Sex Couples Website

  1. Thank you for honoring same sex couples my partner and I have been together for 28 years and was married going on almost 3 years now we are both disabled I myself 80% and my partner as well we both receive disability is there any more we need to do or can apply for thank you for your time and excepting domestic parrtners. AMEN

  2. Same sex domestic partners may be accepted, but heterosexual partners who aren’t married aren’t. This isn’t right. Some have been together for YEARS.

    • Why didn’t they take advantage of the options that were available to them? LGBTs had no such options over one year ago.

  3. I am disgusted with this government and it’s transgressions. Why are we celebrating what is truly a mental disorder?

  4. HURRAY!! I’m glad to see this update, however, I do believe that Pat has a valid point. Long term partners, regardless of sexual preference deserve the same treatment. If applying for other government benefits, total household income must be used, whether married or not, so if income is counted, all parties should be equally counted and receive benefits as a couple. Let’s get this remedied, fast!

      • Regardless of your beliefs, these couples’ years of paying federal taxes and social security taxes should count for nothing? Maybe they should get a refund of all taxes paid? You OK with that? Or should their payments only go toward your retirement?

      • The mental disorder lies in those who can’t or won’t accept someone different from the NORM, also called bigotry or racism….now thats just plain “stupid”, no other way to say it

      • If you think about it, the whole socialist thing isn’t very appealing unless the worker is better off working for the state than in the private sector.reply from Robert: The worker is never better off working for the state, when the state doesn’t have the money to pay more employees. Socialism will never work because eventually, you will run out of other pe#&2epo8l17;s money.

  5. There are legal requirements and protections that come from being married. It is a legal term and not just a religious one. Otherwise there is a danger that we could have many situations that are “married when it is convenient, not married when it’s not”. It would be mayhem and tie up courts (actually I already does). Many states have gotten rid of common-law marriage. If you want the protections of marriage then you need to be married. That is how the law generally looks on the situation. Domestic partnership is not always codified into law and there is a lot of room for that to be done, but it would have to be declared in all circumstances if it becomes a legal status you participate in.

    • But Gays and Lesbians couldn’t get legally married until a year ago. Whose fault is that? Most people don’t want a “married when convenient” status. If we had had marriage equality in the past, your argument would be valid.

  6. This is the way humanity is following…………. the path of the moral disaster.
    Seems like no many people’re realizing that what is wrong it will be always wrong.
    This stupid non-sense govt. is pushing humans to their limits, its always a price to pay for everything in this life.
    Hope you morons know that there’s no free tickets for living your senseless lives worth than the animals do.
    Have a good day……..

    • Stop mixing your dubious religious beliefs with tax law. If they shouldn’t receive benefits, they shouldn’t be taxed. Whose fault is it that they couldn’t get properly married until a year ago anyway? As long as you could benefit from their contributions without them receiving benefits, it was OK. Why didn’t you complain before that they were paying for benefits they could never receive?

  7. Earlier this site subjected everyone to the “glories” of Ramadan. Now this site is subjecting everyone to the perversions of the few. Same sex individuals are fine, but does the whole nation have to be subjected to the LGBT agenda. What is next on their agenda that the whole country has to bow down to?

      • [132] gatorI suppose I should have ignored, but it is&;28#17nt like she is going to stalk me (if she was gonna do that, it would have been decades ago). We have mutual friends so that was how she linked in.She is now an ultra liberal and has some pagan form of religion on her site, so I need only hold my nose and defend Cheney or insult the Messiah to get her to go away, so I am not concerned.

  8. If something is “new” then it can’t be improved. You only can improve something that has already existed and is therefore not new. This site sure caters to that which is an aberration of the tiny minority. What is next? A celebration of those who eat earthworms?

  9. If you don’t like the diversity and equality of views posted or shared on this site because they are not your own, stop following and reading them….duh !

  10. I’ll admit that there have been many contributions made to mankind by homosexuals; however, those contributions were not the result of being a homosexual – The person making the contributions just happened to be a homosexual. Having said that, there is one great contribution given to mankind because of being a homosexual…AIDS.

    If you have the right to be gay; then it follows that I have the right to protest it.

  11. Ignorance knows no bounds!! The LGBT community is not prone to having sex with animals or children or anyone that does not belong to the LGBT Community!! I believe most of those deviations are found mostly in the heterosexual community because their are more people in your community. The LGBT community is just like the heterosexual community except they find the person they care for is the same gender. Big deal! It is not a mental illness, but a biological determination formed in the earliest stages of human development. Do a little research before you condemn the LGBT community. Your pseudo religious beliefs and /or “Christian” values
    are not fact!!! Spewing this hate just shows ignorance

  12. Legal sex with animals, it’s a slippery slope. Give it a few years. Look at the military, homosexuality is now condoned/legal. Transgenders are soon to be accepted into the military. Just a quick observation: what barracks/dorms would either be assigned to.? Is it all co-ed now? Who uses what bathroom and which shower?The transgenders will have now the US taxpayers paying for their gender re-assignment. That is going to be quite a chunk of change. But here is a more troubling question: why should the American taxpayer pay for the costly AIDS virus treatment that will ensue as a result of allowing LBGT into the military. If you think it has not already begun because you have not heard it from the mainstream media, think again.

  13. Why are we preventing terrorist from coming into the US. They should let the terrorists into the US because they hate the LBGT too. I like watching the news were the terrorists kills the stupid Americans. Americans are stupid.

  14. I can’t wait until Russia rebuilds the Soviet Union. The brake up of the European Union is already taking place with Britain leaving. When the European Union breaks up, the Russian will pick up the pieces to build the Soviet Union. I like to see the US go to war with Russia.

  15. “Our commitment is to treat all people with compassion and respect” (unless you are a physically disabled person who happens to marry an able bodied person, then the SOCIALIST SECURITY administration will use it’s special “anti marriage” rules to legally discriminate against you.

  16. Thank you Bruce for submitting a valuable link. Everyone should embrace the word of God. There is no mistaken his defination for homosexuality. Sinner!! An abomination for death. A PERVERTED MIND. An individuals choice!
    Our world has chosen to ignore what God had intended our world to be in his eyes and words. Satan is controlling our government to encourage this perverted behavior as rightous and to be accepted.
    To keep faith and believe in Gods word now is looked upon as wrong and racist.

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  19. I’m just asking a general question here I’d like to know can same sex trans gender collect her spouse social security? Also can same sex couples collect how does it work if both parties was disabled? Can the trans collect his social security if they both was on social security disability I’m just asking a general question I wanna know how it works example I’m trans women so if I was to ever get married to a guy and we both on disability would I or can I collect his income I’m just asking how it works I’m hearing so many different stories

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