National Check Your Statement Day

Today is “Check Your Statement Day,” one of the days during National my Social Security Week and Financial Literacy Month when you can get serious about planning for your financial future. Social Security has been here for more than 80 years, securing your today and tomorrow with information, tools, and resources to meet your changing needs and lifestyles. And what’s easier for you than going online to access an important part of your financial planning routine?

One of the advantages of opening a my Social Security account is having access to your Social Security Statement instantly. With your Statement, you can review estimates of your future retirement, disability, and survivors benefits, as well as the Social Security and Medicare taxes you’ve paid. We base your future benefits on your recorded earnings, so you should access your Statement once a year to verify the amounts that we posted are correct. You can also check it whenever you have a change of employment or wish to verify any changes to your benefit estimate.

Join the millions who regularly check their Statement. Log in or create a my Social Security account today at And then, help spread the word about “Check Your Statement Day” by telling your family and friends!


76 thoughts on “National Check Your Statement Day

  1. you are still not doing enough to stop thieves from stealing from people who needed it the most. I had worked very hard for ssc money, I resent these people that come from other places and fake illness to get disability checks when they are millionaires in their country. they come to get their every six go to doctor and get care when people who work hard all their lives get peanut to live on. YOU CALL THAT FAIR. MOST OF THE DISABILITY PEOPLE FROM HAITI KNOWS EXACTLY HOW TO FAKE ILLNESS TO GET DISABILITY.

    • It’s obvious that you have never bothered to read anything on the Social Security website beyond this blog,, yet you feel perfectly justified in posting false information that you have absolutely no factual information with which to prove your incorrect belief. Clearly you’re only repeating hateful rhetoric you’ve heard from ignorant, uninformed people who also have never bothered to make sure their hateful vitriol was in fact true before spreading it around like a disease.

      In the time it took you to express your self righteous anger at people you THINK receive Social Security disability you could have easily looked up the web pages the SSA has online – on this very site – that explains in detail the procedures, requirements, and specific conditions that must be met in order for anyone who is PERMANTLY and TOTALLY disabled to even apply for disability benefits. Reading through the information, however, would take you quite a long time because the process of applying is extremely difficult and complex.

      Most applicants for SSDI are turned down on first application, and even that takes over a year to determine, in many cases even two or three years. Only 30-40% of applicants actually end up receiving SSDI. Even filling out the initial application and producing all the required documentation can take MONTHS, and if you do anything incorrectly, miss anything, or miss a deadline, you’re denied. You do not even qualify to APPLY unless you’ve worked enough hours for enough years in the specified timeframe, and that instantly disqualifis ANYONE who just “comes here” from Haiti or anywhere else.

      Additionally, you have to have one of the LISTED conditions that SSA considers disabling or you don’t qualify no matter how sick you may be. Then you have to prove with documented evidence that will be checked and verified that you are currently being treated and that you have been treated on a continuous basis by a licensed MD for the disabling condition. A “doctor’s note ” is NOT, and never has been, enough to qualify anyone to get disability benefits, ever.

      Then you have to be examined by an independent MD that the SSA sends you to (and that they pay for). If that doctor finds that you can perform ANY kind of work in ANY field – even if say, you’re a brain surgeon but now all you can do is check out groceries – guess what? You are NOT disabled and you will not qualify. Period. You get t o go check out groceries, never mind your medical degree. Any illness that there is ANY chance you’ll recover from does NOT entitle you to disability benefits. What part of PERMANENTLY and TOTALLY are you having a problem understanding? Your disability has to be expected to end in DEATH and have lasted at least 12 months and that you’re not expected to recover from. Plus, they re-examine you every 5 years to make sure you’re still fisabled, and if THEIR definition of disabled changes and you don’t fit it any more, your disability is stopped.

      As far as people “coming here” and “faking” disability, that simply can’t happen – and doesn’t – because anyone without at least a TEN YEAR work record here in the US with SSDI withholding taken out of their pay, AND enough HOURS in each of the required amount of consecutive quarters In a specified RECENT enough timeframe doesn’t qualify, either.

      Nobody cares if you want to hate on anyone (even though it makes you look ignorant and bigoted), but when you are too lazy even to bother to find out the FACTS that are right on this very same website and you could easily see them with one click of your mouse, it only demonstrates that you’re fully aware that you are wrong and only want to blame and vilify others for your own failure to achieve what you wanted (or feel entitled to) in life.

      There are many, many more hoops to jump through and steps to this process but I have no intention of wasting my time to post them here for you. Every single FACT about SSDI asnd the arduous application process are already on this very site where you have plenty of opportunity to see for yourself – from the SOURCE, the actual SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION itself, not the biased, slanted media, hate-mongering, talk-show hosts and politicians, and ignorant friends and neighbors who also have never bothered to check with the SSA to find information about the SSA – is on here. You could go right now and see for yourself exactly what the torturous, lengthy process it takes to apply for disability benefits involves. But I’m sure you won’t. People like you prefer to blame anyone and everyone else for their own failures, misfortune, or just plain lack of ambition or drive. But I will say it again – what you posted about how people get SSDI because they’re “too lazy to work” and how it’s so “easy” for people to “fake” injury or illness is FALSE. Nir can anyone come from another country and just start collecting disability benefits. That is simply NOT TRUE.

      If you’re going to be angry about something, you might want to be angry about something REAL, not a fairy tale or a lie intended to control the minds of people too lazy and/or ignorant to think for themselves – or even to READ.

      • Stuff it, Marc. My dirtbag son-in-law fooled the system & was on SSDI for over a decade before he was cut off and doesn’t have to pay back a penny AND, is not going to jail. Yes, he did it cause he’s too lazy too work, but he’s working now cause they cut off that check.You’re the one that’s self righteous.

    • People from Haiti do not just come here and fake disabilities. First of all they’d have to meet the work requirement. And for SSI there are other non medical requirements, the I/R test, legal residency 5 years / sponsor required to support you.
      Get your facts straight before spouting off.

      • But still a lot of SS leaches with fake injuries that is affecting the system for the people who broke or still breaking their backs to secure a decent SS retirement check…..I just say

  2. Good afternoon – Folks –
    When will I be eligible for “Retirement”?
    my name is Anita Tina (Etsitty) Draper, date of birth – 1956.

    • 62 at a reduced rate. Born between 1944 thru 1954 you are in the elite baby boomers gang, ha
      The Federal Government is very aware of this so we become the supporters in our retirement days. We will take ‘cuts’ in our checks, services, and every other damn thing they can squeeze out of us until we die down to a few hundred, then they will let up a little on ‘cuts’. Hell, we might even get a ‘raise’ in our SS checks, but don’t bet on it.

  3. You need to raise the minimum ($750.) level of Social Security Retirement benefit that’s protected from other federal agencies to collect debt against. That floor has been at the $750 level way too long! It becomes a Major Problem, especially when inflation is present, like doubling the minimum wages for workers, which will definitely cause prices to rise sharply.

    • I most humbly agree we the people who worked all or most of our lives then to be injured on the job. To live on the same pay year after year is sensless and ridculous. When will the SSDI and SSI check see a (RAISE)

    • There is no such thing as a $750.00 floor to protect SS retirement from garnishment. Generally SS can never be garnished unless you owe the government money. SSI can’t be garnished since it’s welfare unless you are overpaid SSI and then 10% can be withheld to recover an overpayment.

  4. I have an account set up. It was confusing at first because I already had an account setup on It works out to be the same place. Once I got it rolling it was easy to fill out application for Social Security and I was enrolled into Medicare automatically at 65. (Don’t delay enrolling into Medicare). I even got a callback on my application which helped in deciding first month to receiving my Social Security. I just wish I could talk to someone who is not a sales rep to decide which way to go with Medicare (basic) with no drug coverage, or a plan with drug coverage. The rules keep changing about what is covered and what is not. I want to know my costs upfront before signing on anything like I do with Medicare. These costs come out of my Social Security so I should be able to know.

    • If you’re talking to “sales reps” then you are NOT talking to anyone at Meficare; you’re talking to private, for-profit health insurance companies who get subsidies from Medicare to sell their overpriced plans.

    • 62 at a reduced rate. Born between 1944 thru 1954 you are in the elite baby boomers gang, ha
      The Federal Government is very aware of this so we become the supporters in our retirement days. We will take ‘cuts’ in our checks, services, and every other damn thing they can squeeze out of us until we die down to a few hundred, then they will let up a little on ‘cuts’. Hell, we might even get a ‘raise’ in our SS checks, but don’t bet on it.

  5. As a female, because females live longer, you will be able to “retire” at age 67, 2023 with full'”benefits.” Do not take early retirement; it will decrease your monthly SS pension, and you’ll receive that initial amount forever. It will not increase as you reach full benefits age, because you “enjoyed” retirement early.

      • You are right about COLA increases, but I believe Silvestre is saying that if you take the lower amount at 62, it isn’t just a temporarily lower amount for the 5 years until full retirement age. It will be significantly lower for the rest of your life. If you don’t live past your mid-seventies, it is nice to have started at 62. But if you live to age 90, you would lose out on quite a bit of money.

  6. I’m 38 and would like to opt out of SS. If letting politicians handle your retirement is such a good idea, make it voluntary. Successful programs do not need to be mandatory.

    What a great idea. I give money to government, they hold my money until they determine when and how much I’ll receive. But, if I have adult children, and my spouse and I die, MY money will not go to them. What a great system! I have no control over MY money, and if I die, my family won’t get anything left over!

    How about we continue to pay out the people currently receiving SSI, people who have never paid into it dont, and those who have not yet collected, but paid in, get tax credits every year until they’re reimbursed.

    I’m realistic, and understand that posting this on the SS blog is going to be met with disdain. And any entity will seek to continue and sustain it’s existence.

    But, I do not see where the US Constitution empowers the federal government to commence a mandatory retirement program.

    And at the very least, it’s MANDATORY! Successful ideas and plans need not be mandatory. The free market has already answered retirement and crushes this governmental ponzie scheme which is well on its way to insolvency.

    • “I recommend changing the Presidential Election Campaign box on the IRS Forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ to the Social Security Solvency box and donating the $3/$6 to Social Security. There’s way to much money from special interest groups, lobbyists and Super PACS going to election campaigns these days to warrant having the Presidential Election Campaign box any longer. It doesn’t need shoring up. “

      If the “stubborn” politicians try to derail that then just Create a box right beside it asking taxpayers to contribute $1 or more to the Social Security Fund when filling their taxes. If game playing politicians won’t fix Social Security, “We the People will”. Thank you.

    • Rusty, thank you for your question. People generally cannot voluntarily withdraw or stop participating in the Social Security program. Only members of certain religious groups may be exempt from paying Social Security taxes. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions web page for more information on this topic.

  7. How true is that military vets, from certain dates back, paid extra SS and this will be a fact to receive a larger amount of SS retirement when they are eligible???????

  8. I was approved for SSD but was told my case is closed because I worked for the State. I was told to apply to SSI and with this one I will get Medicaid. This is great if approved. Well my question is what will happen with the retro money that was suppose to come to me thru SSD? Can I get it when I do get the SSI approved?

  9. HOW can you afford a coffin , funeral expense and all on 800 a month is what I want to know >? Trust the Colonial Penn .and I already have had nightmares with these folks and many more.Guess you just go to the Natural grave sites ..Idk what to do ??? Not enough to live on already

  10. We were told that gas prices were going to stay low and that’s our raise!! Look at gas prices already back up to 2.00 and climbing. The other lie was that the cost of living did not go up!! Anybody else know about this? Everything I purchase has doubled in price since the big 0 got in our White House. We did pay for it. Maybe we should all just go live there.

  11. I’m 57yrs.old,been paying into SS since 1973 & sick of the fraud going on & our Gov. looks the other way. just in my local bar,i can name 20-30 people scamming SS.. There’s nothing wrong with them & brag about how SSI dosn’t require anything once your on it,so they just stay on it. It pisses me off every time i’m in the bar after work,sore,tired & it’s the first of the month,there all happy,having a good time(on my money),drug dealers scooping up there EBT cards & pay them half of the credit,nothing to worry about here,we got the Gov.!! I have reported some of them to SSI fraud investigators,don’t bother , they could care less, they just want to use there title to make more money off us tax payers!! If you can’t win,join em. Sick of feeling like a sucker!!!

    • Hi Johnny, thank you for your concern. We take allegations of fraud very seriously, when allegations of fraud are reported to our Office of the Inspector General, we conduct the required investigations, but federal regulations prohibit the disclosure of information contained in law enforcement records even to the individual making the allegation. We thank you for helping us fight fraud. If you suspect fraud, waste or abuse of Social Security benefits, we encourage you to report it.

  12. National check your statement week but the site has been down now for several days. Is there any way of cking the site availability to create a new account without keying in all that data to find out – sorry try again later.

    • Yes, same issue I’m experiencing. No feedback other than “We cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later.” Clearly not checking with Experian because reply is instantaneous.

  13. RE: 2016 Medicare Part b Premium. Because of the “no-Harm done” provision the premium remained at $104.90. HOWEVER, because of my ignorance, (Had Insurance, but not from active employment) I was hit with a 100% penalty when I signed up in 2013. For 2016 This penalty was recalculated on a figure of $121.80 which would have been the the base 2016 part b Premium had we received a Cost Of Living raise. One would think My penalty would have been applied to the $104.90 figure , which is my base premium for 2016. Some how this application/interpretation does not make sense, as too many “No-Harm done” years without the benefit of COLA to help offset these compounding costs will deplete any SS benefit I now receive. Is there any action in the works to correct this?
    I’m certain that there are others, though not at 100%.

  14. I have a question: Why does someone who earned 1/2 what I earned before retirement get the same monthly benefit?

  15. I receive a small SS check based on 1/2 of my ex-husband. I put mine on hold until I’m 68-69 to allow it to grow. When I go into account to pull up my statement it will not allow me to. Why is that? I use to do that every year but since last year when I started drawing the small check on ex I have not been able to see my current estimate. Will SSA send me a statement?

    Thank you

    • We are sorry for the inconvenience Kathryn, you cannot get your Social Security Statement once you start receiving Social Security benefits. Perhaps, you could find our online calculator useful for getting estimates of your own retirement benefits. For further assistance, please call our toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Generally, you will have a shorter waiting time if you call later during the week. Thank you.

  16. Are you an idiot? I apologize because I usually try to be more tactful but SS website is actually one of the few government websites which is user friendly and provides lots of helpful information if people bother to look at what’s available.

    And to everyone else’s criticisms…yes it would be nice to receive COLA increases and yes we have all contributed to SS through our paychecks but it was never meant to provide 100% of retirement income.

    Maybe we should take some responsibility for our own retirement planning and savings.

  17. The majority of you guys and gals need to do your research and read the information on the Social Security web site. There are many rules and many different circumstances so be aware of this information before you sign up for your benefits. Social Security strategies are very important to your decision of when to take your benefits. Do yourself a favor and don’t listen to your friends or neighbors to get your information. Go to a free Social Security seminar and learn for yourself what is best. I know a dozen people that took social security at age 62 because they were told by politicians and friends that social security was broke and you better get it now or you will be sorry. Age 62 has a 25% reduction in your benefit for baby boomers for the rest of your life and people do it based on these scare tactics not good information and they leave an easy $50K on the table. Use your heads and spend your time researching this. In my case I am going to use a Restricted application and make an additional $170K if I live until 90. If you don’t know what this is your better not file for benefits until you understand it.

  18. Everyone here should go to a professional,long before they are of social security age, and have a written plan they understand and intend to follow. Pay someone $100 (most will do it for free) if you are not good with this kind of thing and don’t understand what you are doing. It will probably save you tens of thousands of $$ at least. Trust me on this one. Especially since people you know who give you advise probably don’t even know the rules recently changed. Spend the time to get this right.

  19. I do not have a cell phone and I will not be forced to buy one at the prices even AAA and AARP are offering. Thee was no COLA for social security. I use my computer. Why can’t I get my information on-line?

  20. Apparently I cannot sign up for a MySocialSecurity account because I don’t have a cell phone.
    My bank does the same thing except that it will send an email if you don’t have a cell.

    • The length of time it takes to begin receiving payments after receiving a favorable decision varies. Approved claims are randomly selected for a quality assurance review of the decision. We care about our customers and are working as fast as we can. For security reasons, we do not have access to information about your account in this venue. In your situation, we encourage you to contact your local Social Security office or call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) and speak to one of our representatives. Representatives are available Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Thanks!

  21. never been helped I’m trapt by a lot of people my check never went straight to me I’m getting shot up as well …if I was to pic up an go eat a normal dinner or even have breakfast no clue its a BIG help 25 dollars a week my check being there ..just wondering …what do I do ??….old

  22. What’s up, everything is going nicely here and ofcourse every one is sharing data, that’s in fact excellent, keep up writing.|

    • Hello Susan. If your husband needs to make corrections to his earnings record, he will need to go into the local Social Security office. He will need to provide proper ID and evidence of his missing earnings (W-2s, pay stubs, etc.).
      To make an appointment or to discuss specifics about his case, he can call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). Representatives are available Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Generally, you’ll have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week.
      For any income tax related questions, he will need to contact the IRS. Their toll-free number is 1-800-829-1040. We hope this information helps!

  23. My name is Luetta Meredith and I have moved from 920 Anderson Street, Garden City, Kansas 67846 to 8302 Thompson Lake Drive. Missouri City, Texas, 77459 and I need to have my check mailed to a bank here.

  24. Difficulty getting my account created on –

    First I tried the web site.

    I tried it with or without the extra security option (with info from W-2) but I didn’t succeed (also I can’t find the W-2 any more, but I do have the information I need from it, I think.) Either way, It says an account can not be created.

    So I called the number.

    Phoned in on Friday, waited an hour on hold (because I did not know to say “help desk”). I’m informed I need to unfreeze my credit on Experian, so I did. I made it for 4 days. Today is the last day.

    Phoned in Tuesday morning. Office is open from 7-10 Eastern. I’m in Central time zone, so I called in at 6:04. The message said the office opens at 7 in this state, so I started to think I am calling an office in Texas. But then I said “help desk” and then I just got a recording saying they open at 7 Eastern Time.

    Apparently they didn’t. I guess the traffic is bad this morning. Awesome.

    I started to wonder if I should take it personally.


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