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Making the Most of America Saves Week 2024

April 4, 2024 • By

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Last Updated: May 9, 2024

America Saves Week, which runs from April 8 to 12 this year, is an excellent opportunity for organizations to promote good financial habits and for people to assess their own saving status. This year’s theme is “Saving for What Matters Most.”

Planning and saving are key to a successful retirement. The earlier you start saving for retirement, the better off you will be.

People with a plan are twice as likely to save successfully. Set a goal, make a plan, and save automatically.  During America Saves Week, we encourage you to pledge to start saving – or save more. For suggestions, check out

Also, please visit our website for more useful information on ways to help you plan for your retirement at

You are never too young to begin saving. Younger workers may think they have time to put off saving for their future, but the sooner they begin, the more their money can grow. Visit and share our website for young workers at where they will find resources that can help them secure today and tomorrow.

For more information on America Saves Week, visit

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  1. Guadalupe M.

    I am needing none of the above. My dilemma is that my SS NUMBER has disappeared. I don’t have the printed small card showing my number. The small card has been misplaced or lost. So a replacement card is what I really need.
    Also I’m not sure what to do now. Please help me.

    Thank you,

    • Sue

      Hi, Guadalupe. Thanks for reading our blog and for your question. Knowing your Social Security number is what’s important. You rarely need to show your Social Security card. However, if you need a replacement card, you can begin and, in many cases, complete the process online. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. We hope this helps.

  2. Cynthia B.

    I just want what is owed back to me that my ex-payee took from me, and never got it to me and then changed my birthday so she could send me a credit card so she could move money to that card- so she didn’t have to pay any fees on it, but new people at SS, so they told her it was a good idea, and then she told them that I was working with her and her husband so my retirement pay would drop- I can’t even afford anything else but to do all this online and I hope to God that she goes down deeper than the homeless for doing this to me, because she doesn’t know how many people she has taken away from me, 4 so far-my family members are gone and I had to start from living from the streets and then I got up to where I am now with out a vehicle and I hope that her and her husband go flat like a balloon with out air in it. I’m doing a pulling the red carpet out of there way?

  3. Edward K.

    Looks like it is time to remove the ability to add comments. Too much unsubstantiated misinformation not proven to be true posted by non-SSA people with disconcerting goals. It distracts from all the real, factual, helpful and insightful information provided by Social Security Administration.

  4. Kelly

    Great post and valuable insights

  5. Jacob P.

    They are intentionally causing financial hardships, this is very true

    • Yaşam E.

      Yasam egitim Okulu olarak özel hizmet veriyoruz. Misyonumuz, öğrencilerimize sadece akademik başarı değil, aynı zamanda kişisel gelişim ve yaşam becerileri kazandırmaktır. İhtiyaçlarına göre özelleştirilmiş bir eğitim modeli sunarak öğrencilerimizin potansiyellerini en üst düzeye çıkarmayı hedefliyoruz. Nitelikli öğretmenlerimiz ve etkileşimli öğrenme ortamlarımızla, öğrencilerimizin akademik başarılarının yanı sıra empati, liderlik, problem çözme ve iletişim gibi önemli becerileri de geliştirmelerini sağlıyoruz. Böylece, onları başarılı, bilinçli ve etkili bireyler olarak yetiştiriyoruz.


  6. Bella

    Overpayment is not good, especially for those who can’t afford or don’t have enough money to pay.

  7. Susan M.

    Who’s stirring up all the trouble and oppression in the USA and SSA?
    Okay here’s the “secret”, Trump and JFK mentioned the “Deep State”, every US government agency has “secret overseers” that are usually the most vile humans to walk the earth, they assimilate with the Americans since they have anglo Saxon skin tone but they have a deep HATRED for all Americans including the “whites”(US contracted allies that do the USA’s dirty work inside government agencies Targeting and eliminating unwanted citizens/peasants). Many regular Americans don’t even know these people exist or who do they are since they assimilate with every other white American. These anglos were usually refugees from the caucus mountain Eurasian countries and all around. They come from Azerbaijan, Georgia the country, Serbia, Bosnia, many from Turkey and Germany, white South Afrikaner known as Boers, Australians, refugees from poor anglo European countries who relabel themselves and say they’re from Denmark. That’s the deep state for you, it’s micro departments inside Federal and government agencies who are actually the overseers and keep equal tabs on the white and black Americans and hate them both equally. Those people right there are your problem. Google..”TARGETED INDIVIDUAL” and “gang stalking”. Everyone one any benefits program including RETIREMENT, is on that elimination list. The USA is a private corporation owned by a secret entity, the Social Security Administration is a insurance policy company and a Trust, and not what you think. Trump and JFK speak about this. They are vile but once in a while you find some good hearted ones, very rarely, but they exist, because I know one of them saved my life in the PAST and also saved some other people I encountered throughout the years.. but their intentions are NOT to save anything but money which they are very money hungry and are after ownership of all homes and farm land and any valuables in the USA. Good and bad people exist everywhere, so not all are bad. Remember they assimilate as regular Americans(US Allies), they do hold US citizenship or ten year visas, some were even born on US soil, many have different IDENTITIES as they STEAL them ALONG WITH RANSACKING the government agencies and stirring up trouble. That’s the secret Deep State, your country HATES you.

  8. Holly S.

    listen carefully, when you have a problem that only money can resolve, and they give you a problem that only money can resolve, they benefit from you having a problem that only money can resolve, SO THEY BLOCK ALL TYPES OF INCOME SO YOU CAN’T RESOLVE THAT PROBLEM AND THEY CAN BENEFIT SINCE IT’S THEIR JOB TO GIVE YOU THAT PROBLEM. Remember these individuals don’t think like everyday Americans, because they’re not, these individuals are USA contracted allies from some heinous countries in Eurasia and Europe-South Afrikaner Boers, they scam the American government. That’s what happens when you put your trust in people that look like you simply because they’re white and their skin color looks the same.. but those Eurasians and Europeans-South Afrikaner Boers never liked or respected the USA and are never going to. They ransack every government agency in the USA. Easy… Give them a problem only money can solve… And block the money from coming in, so that way they have a forever contract. Do you get it?


  9. Heather W.

    SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION is being RANSACKED FROM WITHIN by their very own OIG, CDI PROGRAM UNIT, overseers, contractors and affiliates. They are intentionally causing financial hardships, blocking all types of income so you can’t progress, poisoning people by giving them unknown substance without their knowledge by threatening an paying someone who usually would have access to your nutrition to put these things into your food and beverages. Finding and USING (doppelgangers) people that look like you to report or say that you been places that you never actually been or at that moment. They intentionally block all opportunities for income and also online sources of income so don’t think being an online trader will work. All these while they threaten and pay people “to not say anything” it’s a secret” “they’re not suppose to know” ” don’t tell them” meanwhile they threaten people to make FALSE statements about the individual and force them to believe conspiracies and many FALSE theories of the reasons why this is OCCURING. SSA is a POVERTY PROGRAM is what they claim to keep you unemployed and isolated. The SSA OIG routinely deal in RACKETEERING, CONSPIRACY AND FRAUD. RANSACKING THE ADMINISTRATION FROM WITHIN.

  10. Kathy L.

    Overpayments are being pursued by Individuals claiming to be with the social security administration and are threatening individuals, companies, employers not to hire or do business with the Individuals the social security administration is pursuing with the alleged secretive debt they’re not suppose to know exists. The social security administration debt collectors tell neighbors, family, acquaintances and anyone their targeted Individual comes across, that they’re intentionally causing poverty because the individual is in a POVERTY PROGRAM which belongs to the SSA. They laugh and smile about the oppression and despair they are causing. They tell people that the Individual has “debt” that they are “not suppose to know about” and the community tells them, then why are y’all after them? If they are not allowed to work or know that a debt exist? And they simply smile and mention all the money they’re making while the government is WASTING money.


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