If We Denied Your Application, You Can Appeal Online

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Last Updated: July 18, 2016

q markSocial Security offers you many options to conduct business with us online. Far gone are the days when you needed to visit our offices or call us on the phone to appeal a denial of your disability benefits. Now you can file an appeal online, even if you live outside of the United States!

The online appeals application is simple, convenient, and secure, guiding you through every step of the process. From outlining your rights to an appeal, to publications on the appeals process, a fair review of your Social Security case is right at your fingertips. The online application even allows you to upload supporting documentation, like treatments, doctors, and medical reports, as well as an option to save your submissions.

Submitting all the necessary documents will save time and can help return a faster decision. Here are some things you’ll need when ready to submit an appeal:

  • Doctors, hospitals, medical treatments, and tests since you last gave us medical information;
  • Medicines you are currently taking; and
  • Changes in your medical conditions, daily activities, work, and education.

You can learn more about our appeals process by reading our publication Your Right To Question The Decision Made On Your Claim.

Social Security is constantly looking for ways to make our services accessible and readily available when you need them. It’s part of our commitment to delivering world-class service to you and providing you with more options, like an online appeal, to conduct your Social Security business.

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Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications

Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications


  1. Mario D.

    I was just wondering if the person who is waiting for an appeal answer can get a part-time job or work at all

    • R.F.

      Thank you for your question, Mario. Yes, a person may work while waiting for a medical determination.
      You may still be eligible for disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program if you work. However, your earnings cannot exceed a certain amount. This is called the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) limit.
      In 2018, the SGA limit is $1,180 per month (or $1,970 for blind applicants). In addition to the amount of money you make, Social Security may also look at the number of hours you’re able to work. For more information visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” web page on disability.
      We hope this information helps.

  2. Cortisha L.

    I’m trying to appeal my disability case

    • R.F.

      You can now file an appeal online. Thanks!

  3. Victor M.

    I was just denied from an ALJ judge.But what bothers me is my attorney did not represent me at all.I mean she said nothing to help my case.She to me acted like she wanted to be somewhere else.She arrived at the hearing place over 5 min. Late.I never was able to go over CD disk and records contained within.I had no idea of what to expect .I called afterwards and told them my anger and disappointment.They sent a letter to me saying they weren’t going to charge me.Waited 27 months for the hearing in which they took no measures to help me. Also my insurance changed in the beginning of the year and lost months of Doctors visits and evaluations to use as recent medical records,because it’s now taking a month and a half to get referrals from insurance.I was described medication that took 3 weeks to receive.My last doctors visit was Jan 19,2018 and just received a referral less than a month ago to see a specialist .My appointment is July 3rd.This is the only appointment I have been able to make .This is ridiculous.

  4. Rosa L.

    If denied an appeal in January 2018, can you appeal again in March 2018.

    • R.F.

      Thank you for your question, Rosa. If you were recently denied Social Security benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for medical or non-medical reasons, and you still do not agree with our decision, you have the right to file an appeal. You must make a request within 60 days from the date you received your notice of denial.
      Generally, there are four levels of appeal. For more information on the appeals process, please read our publication: “The Appeal Process“. We hope this helps !

  5. Ricardo R.

    Its inconceivable to me how the Social Security Administration can still have a senior citizen who is an American citizen like Ricardo Ramirez SS# *** – ** – *** still be denied his monthly benefits. he has not received his benefits since january 3 rd just because his form arrived late. The man is 83 years old, ill and will be put out on the streets soon because he depends on the benefits they send him monthly to eat and pay rent, he has been desperately calling long distance leaving priority messages only to be ignored. What is Mr. Ramirez to do? I´m sure Social Security will tell him to wait a little longer on his next long distance phone call which he can´t pay for.

  6. wissam e.

    I’m trying to appeal on line what i should do

    • R.F.

      See our Appeal A Decision web page for information on this topic.

  7. Tony C.

    I had my taxes was taken because I was told i was overpaid from not reporting my job income from 2015 I didn’t go back to work until 2016 My employment records show that to be a fact

  8. William R.

    I need a copy of my denial. My case number, from August 25, 2010, is 0767867. The letter is needed to certify I do not receive any Social Security benefits, in order to receive food stamps and my Colorado Old Age Pension welfare check. The copy can be sent to:
    Rex Cleveland
    661 Bennett Ave. 2C
    Glenwood Springs, CO, 81601
    A printable copy sent by email would also suffice.

    • R.F.

      Hi William. Please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 to request a copy of your denial letter. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Generally, you’ll have a shorter wait time if you call later during the day or later in the week.
      Also, you can create a personal my Social Security account and get a benefit verification letter stating that you do not receive Social Security benefits.
      Just a reminder – Please be cautious about posting personal information on social media channels. Thanks!

  9. Patrina P.

  10. Patrina P.

    I was denied Social Security the first time. I’m waiting on my appeal.

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