Going Online with Social Security Isn’t Hard Work

goingonlineSummer is just a memory. Long gone is the day when you fired up the grill with family and friends in the backyard on Labor Day. It’s time to put away the shorts and bring out the jackets.

When you’re raking the leaves, remember that the best part of labor isn’t the single day off you get each year, but the Social Security retirement benefits you earn through the years that you work.

And, just as you choose what kind of work to do over a lifetime, you can choose how you wish to file for your retirement benefits. While some may prefer to apply in person at their local Social Security office, an increasing number of retirees are finding it easier and more convenient to claim their benefits by retiring online at www.socialsecurity.gov. In fact, more than half of all retirees now file for their Social Security retirement benefits online!

When you file for your retirement benefits online, there’s no need to fight traffic getting to a Social Security office, because you can apply from the comfort of your home or office. The process of applying for retirement benefits can take as little as 15 minutes, but if you have to go back to work, you can save your application and return to it later.

If you’re close to retirement, you may want to take advantage of our retirement planner at www.socialsecurity.gov/planners/retire, where you can get detailed information about your Social Security retirement benefits, and what you may want to consider as you prepare for your future.

In addition, you should check out our Retirement Estimator at www.socialsecurity.gov/estimator, which will give you an instant, personalized estimate of your future benefits. You can plug in different ages and scenarios to help you make a decision on retirement even if it’s many years way.

At Social Security, our highest priority is protecting the privacy and security of the personal information we maintain on you and almost every American so you can rest assured that doing business online with us is both safe and secure.

Social Security has the online services to help at www.socialsecurity.gov, whether you are retiring now, or whether you have many more season changes in your future.


78 thoughts on “Going Online with Social Security Isn’t Hard Work

    • We are sorry that you were not able to use our estimator Frederick. We have a variety of calculators that can help you plan for the future. Which calculator you choose depends on what you want to do. Also, you can create a my Social Security account online. With your personal my Social Security account, you can verify your earnings, get your Social Security Statement, and much more. We hope this helps.

  1. I have a college degree and find the site not always user-friendly. Some retirees have unusual situations which should be addressed prior to applying. Interesting that I received two different answers for the same question, at an office in New York, and one in Tennessee.

  2. The website has always proved to be very user-friendly, has allowed me to calculate my earnings dependent on retirement age and I find it very helpful. I, too, have a college degree but it certainly isn’t necessary on this site.

  3. I find the site user friendly; a few months ago I looked for a “Suggestion Blog”, and did not find one. Is there a blog where SS recipients or others may give suggestions regarding changes in SS we would like. The intent would be propose ideas for SSA improvement in a positive manner, and not be a complaint blog. For example, when computing COLAs I suggest SSA use an index which closely reflects seniors’ expenses, and I suggest the method for determining whether or not income tax is owed on SS benefits (I think it is the same now as when it began in 1984) be updated according to inflation or be indexed, whichever is the appropriate method.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ellen. Please visit our Contact Social Security page at http://www.ssa.gov/pgm/reach.htm. Once there, select the “Email Us” link. This will take you to the “Email A Question to our Support Team” form, where you can complete and submit your comment or suggestion. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

      • Some stupid formulas are used
        to calculate secured funds
        and it does not apply to contribution people. The amounts
        are outdated and old and do not refect the increases in 20.00 for dinner and 40000.00 for acar. The whole system must be redone.

    • Unfortunately, although that’s a great idea, it would be impossible to prevent it from devolving into a complaint forum filled with trolls griping about the government and everything else. Just read the comments following these blog posts. Every single one, without exception, is filled with hateful anti-government rhetoric- complaints about the people on disability being just a bunch of “fakers” who are “too lazy to work,” complaining about wait times on decisions, phone calls, office appointments, and of course slamming the government’s waste, fraud, and abuse,” and spreading the vitriol about how Social Security is a ripoff and it’s running out, etc.

      The problem is that people are willfully ignorant. They can’t be bothered to check facts or even ask questions; it’s easier to just accept as gospel anything they hear, no matter how ridiculous or impossible, and of course, blame the government. People have NO IDEA of the incredible amount of resources our government provides us. Easier to find fault when their personal, individual issues aren’t immediately addressed in the exact manner they want.

      They complain about “their tax dollars being wasted” and demand “smaller government” then rant bitterly at the government’s “inefficiency” when they have to wait – when it’s the CUTS Congress has ruthlessly been making that have drastically reduced personnel, closed offices, and shortened hours. Can’t have it both ways, people. It’s NOT all about you.

    • Hello Fermina. If you are having difficulties with your personal my Social Security account, please call 1-800-772-1213 for assistance. After you hear “Briefly tell me why you are calling,” say “Help Desk” for help with a my Social Security account. Sometimes, it might be best to visit your local Social Security office for further assistance.

  4. Password rules are way too cumbersome have to change too often and too many restrictions. Online is certainly more convenient for both parties, just make it easier to sign in.

  5. I get the free disability money. I have a representative payee. The local office wouldn’t let me change my address and only can input one address into the system which was the representative payee. All of the mail gets sent to the representative payee. I can’t even change the address on My Social Security account.

    I get free Medicare too. The Medicare Advantage plan told me that my address doesn’t match what is in the record for Medicare.

    How can Social Security bust someone for fraud if they don’t even know where the person live.

    • I know isn’t a hard work, actually I help many friends that does not understand about work with Social Security online, thank you for keeping us well informed about what’s happening around SSA

      If you have some doubt I can help you.

      Alex https://seucarro.net/

  6. Hi SS ! I am 57 years old ! Had prostate cancer surgery, now I am having urinary incontinents very embarrassing and I would very much like to file for Sociel Security after contribution for over 36 years , what do I do.? I need help please thank you .

  7. Dear Commissioners of Social Security,

    With the new administration coming into office very soon, I would like to address my anxiety of what is going to happen to SS and SSDI. I am worried about the talking of the Republican Party wanting to privatize the program and/or make cuts to the programs. As you know each of us depend on the benefits we receive and don’t want to hear rumors of cutting the program or whatever. Please protect the program.

    • We understand your concern Patti. Currently, there have been no changes to the Social Security programs. According to the Social Security Board of Trustees, the combined assets of the Social Security trust funds are projected to be depleted in 2034. If Congress does not act before then, there will only be sufficient income coming in to pay 79 percent of scheduled benefits. For more information, please visit https://www.ssa.gov/OACT/TR/2016/index.html. We hope this helps.

  8. Honestly, It will not matter if they cut the program or not. I have made it through life without any help whatsoever from social security and I am sure others can too (and yes, I am totally physically disabled). Social security has NEVER BEEN THERE FOR ME, EVER, I have paid into it my entire life, but never received one red cent from them. What upsets me is how the social security system uses special “Rules” to disqualify people who really need the help.

    I am 45 years old, a mother of three older children and physically disabled ( I was born with cerebral palsy ). I’ve never collected one red cent of money from the Socialist Security System, even though I have applied several times and they find me disabled.

    Technically, I am an “adult disabled child” (please look this up, it is NOT SSI or SSDI) but have never been able to secure any benefits whatsoever from the Socialist Security system, even under that program because I got married to an “Able bodied person”. The Socialist Security system is too busy paying benefits to some people who scam the system and worrying about adult disabled children (who they pay benefits to off of a parents record) marrying an able bodied person. This gives them the justification to cut off benefits to the adult disabled child because the husband (in theory) can now support the disabled person. This theory works great, if your husband is rich and you have no need for money but what it actually does, is to force two adults (one disabled one able bodied person) to live off of one income. In the real world, the socialist security system is forcing adult disabled children to only marry other disabled persons (and NO able bodied persons) at the threat of loosing any and all benefits that they are entitled to.

    If you are a physically disabled person (an adult disabled child) and you happen to marry an “able bodied person” you will be loosing out on a lifetime of benefits, all because of a one word “rule” that prohibits you from marrying an “able bodied person”. Best of all, they never tell you about their “Rule” so that they can justify cutting off any benefits that you may be due.

    Because you are physically disabled (adult disabled child) and you choose not to marry another adult disabled child or disabled person drawing off socialist security, you WILL LOOSE ANY AND ALL BENEFITS FOR LIFE. This means that the SOCIALIST SECURITY system is TELLING YOU WHO YOU ARE ALLOWED TO MARRY and who you are
    NOT ALLOWED TO MARRY! It is a discriminatory act “rule” and should be ILLEGAL!

    Even though I am permanently and totally disabled, if I marry an “able bodied person”, somehow that marriage makes everything ok and I am no longer considered disabled (in the eyes of the socialist security system). Magically (because I married an able bodied person), the pixie fairies come down and cure my disability, because now I can just go out and find gainful employment, no one will discriminate against my physical disability and everything will be grand, right? Somehow magically, marrying an able bodied person makes my physical disablility dissappear and now I am cured, right? WRONG!

    The issue is a special “Rule” that the Socialist Security System uses to discriminate against “certain” people. If you are a “physically disabled person” (AKA-certain people) and happen to marry an able bodied person, then the SOCIALIST SECURITY system will use special “Rules” to legally discriminate against you and deny you benefits, even if you appeal online.

    The SOCIALIST SECURITY system has caused me a lot of economic hardship all because I married an able bodied person. The SOCIALIST SECURITY system thinks someone who is physically disabled (permanently and totally disabled) marries an “able bodied person”, that somehow magically they are cured of their physical disability and two people can survive off the able bodied persons income. WOW, talk about a bunch of bureaucratic idiotic thinking, that somehow this would not cause a financial hardship….. amazing.

    The rules that the Social Security Administration uses to legally discriminate against persons who are “Adult Disabled Children” who happen to marry an able bodied person, are discriminatory. This is loosely referred to as the “marriage penalty” but I call it exactly what it is, a legal form of discrimination.
    I firmly believe this rule, is an act of bias, prejudice and discrimination against people who (by no fault of their own) are born disabled and happen to marry an able bodied person

    Please write your Congressional Representative and tell them to end this modern day form of Legal Discrimination. In this day of fairness and equality, there are still some people suffering from an outdated and oppressive bureaucratic rule.

    (PS. notice how the only thing any of these SOCIALIST SECURITY workers ever say are quotes of the rules or processes, like a worker drone. They are unable to address any topics that fall outside of their rule books). Typical bureaucracy and bureaucratic responses, like trying to argue over lost change with a vending machine

  9. My account was hacked and had to get new checks.i recieved my checks and called ssi.she said i had to give her my old number ut for some reason she said it was wrong. Whhat do i do. Thanks

  10. I have been trying to contact Social Security for over 5 months via the phone and yet to get to a live person. They give you a estimated wait time and they time comes and goes by hours and yes I mean hours. I called at 8 am in the morning and was still on hold LITERALLY at 3:35 pm before their system finally hung up on me – SO NO I DID NOT GET TO SPEAK TO ANYONE. Two months later I am still trying. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!

    • HOW DOES ONE FILE A COMPLAINT REGARDING THE RIDICULOUS WAIT TIMES ON THE PHONE FOR SS? The only complaint I find for SS is about Fraud. Can anyone tell me where and who to complain too?

    • We apologize for the long wait, and regret to hear that we did not provide the level of customer service you expected. Remember, many services are conveniently available anytime at our website, and beneficiaries can create a personal my Social Security account to manage their Social Security benefits. Sometimes we experience higher than normal call volume. Generally, when calling our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later during the day or later during the week. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. We thank you for your understanding and for bringing this matter to our attention. Please try again.

    • I made the mistake of applying for ss and medicare online…they need more information, so all I am doing now is playing phone tag with ss. I am afraid this will put me outside of the insurance exchange deadline. Do not file for any service online unless you like playing phone tag.

      • We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty reaching someone by phone, Susan. You can call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213. One of our agents may be able to assist you to complete the processing of your application. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, Between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. They can also help you schedule an appointment with your local Social Security office if necessary. In your case, an appointment is not required, but if you schedule one, it may reduce the time you spend waiting to see a claims representative. Please note that applying online, established a protective filing date that protects your future benefits. We hope this helps.

  11. Well you say that you can access online services 24/7 but that’s false. Because it’s always down for maintenance after midnight 7 days a week and holidays. Hardly 24/7. And on your maintenance schedule page says it’s down for maintenance Monday-Friday between 5:00am – 1:00am?? For an agency that’s supposed to be good with numbers I would hope that telling time wouldn’t be that hard. I work nights and my off time is always during maintenance time. The rest of the day I have to sleep prior to going back to work. So thanks for making this like so many other government entities. Nonsensical.

    • We apologize for any inconveniences Jerry. Please report website accessibility problems to the Social Security webmaster at webmaster@ssa.gov. In your message, include the website address or URL and the specific problems you have encountered. We appreciate your feedback!

  12. I filed for social security & medicare online and it has been a nightmare. I work full-time and have a landline but no cell phone. SS needs more info and all I have been doing is playing phone tag with them.

    I filed my app online on Oct 30, 2017 and it is now 11/14/17 and I still have not been able to reach them. I leave a message and they leave a message.

    I can’t get health insurance from the insurance exchange until SS approves my Medicare and I am worrying about running outside of the enrollment date.

    My honest advice to people is do not file online…go to you local office and take care of your business, otherwise, you will be waiting forever.

  13. My bank account at Summit Credit Union was compromised on Tuesday 2/24/18. I had to completely close that account and start a new one. Therefore I need to give Social Security my new number and routing numbers.
    Please advise how to do that. What is needed?
    Thank You

  14. MY name is JOHN Vegso and I liwe IN HUNGARY with my wife ILONA VEGSO.Long time ego I mailed to YOU form OMB.No.0960-0049 for my wife.It come back to me that is not deliverabla as adressed.It was send in Your original big enveleope t oWilkes Bare .PA.18767-7162.Plese help me and tell me what to do.I do not like to hawe any probleme.I will send it again in the future.Thank YOU. John and Ilona Vegso

    • Sorry you were having trouble accessing our website, George. The site appears to be up and running, please try again. Thanks!

    • Hello Daniel. Unfortunately, and because of security reasons we do not have access to personal records in this blog and cannot answer your question. One of our representatives should be able to provide you with an explanation.
      Please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 for assistance. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Generally, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later during the day or later in the week. Thanks!

  15. would like to have an appointment.
    I will be 65 on March 2019 and still covered with another health insurance.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  16. please tell me how to make an appointment at my local ss office in Norristown, Pa. I have been searching on the web and have not been able to fine it. Thank You

  17. Hell-o,
    I set up my SS account online in 2017 when I turned 62 & started drawing SS retirement. Now, I cannot access my account. It keeps telling me they will text my phone, but NOTHING has ever come of that. NO ONE has EVER texted me. I need my statement & would like to access my account. Please help!
    Thank you,
    Linda D Praegitzer
    208 860-7060

    • Hi, Linda. We are sorry you are having difficulty accessing your personal my Social Security account. If you are still having trouble accessing your my Social Security account, please call our dedicated my Social Security Hotline. To reach this hotline, call 1-800-772-1213, and select the prompt “helpdesk”. The help desk will be available to callers between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Generally, you’ll have a shorter wait time if you call later in the day. Just a reminder – please be cautious about posting personal information on social media. We hope this helps.

  18. I want to make an appointment at a Social Security office at Beaverton or Oregon City. Please call to help me set up an appointment. Thank you.

    • Hello Susan. We currently do not have an online appointment scheduler. However you do not need an appointment to file for benefits or appeal a disability decision. You can file for the following benefits online:
      Medicare; and

      If you do not want to apply for benefits online, or you need to speak to us for any other reason, you can schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment by:

      •Calling us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday; or
      •Contacting your local Social Security office. Thanks!

  19. I have tried to register with Social Security at ssa.gov but am not able to. The SSA answers to the questions asked about me must be wrong. They ask about a mortgage, but we don’t have one. They about streets where we have lived but we never lived on a street listed. They asked about middle name or other name of mine but the options don’t match mine name. Now the registration system has locked me out. How can I get the information about me corrected so I can register as me.

  20. I can not log in to my account! I’ve tried sending an e-mail to webmaster@ssa.gov, I use a different email service and your service will not run on my computer. I tried logging in to my account TWICE and was told it failed three times, that was yesterday. I still can not log in to my account.
    Please help.

  21. Fake news, site won’t let me register and nearest office is about 50 miles farther away than not having a car will take me. They won’t let me register by phone either. Absolute scum.

  22. My wife tried to sign on to her account and your system did not accept her password. when we tried again, we got locked out. Somehow, we were told a reset code would be MAILED to us?? It took 6 weeks for that code to reach us. The instructions to use that code were very confusing. When we tried to put it in, the system came back and said the code was not recognized and we are back to square one. Very, very frustrated! Why di

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