13 thoughts on “Focus on Retirement Planning — It’s Your Future

  1. When and by whom was it decided that because I worked from age 9 to 84 and accumulated my retirement funds legitimately, you yes you would not return to me, completely, that which is mine? You punish hard work, education and success and create another disincentive.

    • Ah. The suffering worker victimized by the government once again! Let’s Make America Great Again! Your benefits are not based on your contributions except for the amount you receive each month. Most people far outlive their contributions into Social Security….by quite a few years. That means while you are convinced that you are not getting all you imagine you are due, you are in fact being subsidized by today’s workers, which is why their FICA rates are so much higher than yours were during your working years. Senator Moynihan described this as the most regressive tax ever devised in America. The poor pay a bigger share of their income that those who earn above the taxable limit. The only person punishing you is you! Try finding a source of information that relies on facts and not the feelings of victimization that are nothing more than ruses to get you to vote to undo the safety net. Hopefully, you aren’t covered by the ACA. If you are you can blame the other party who didn’t cast one vote for the alternative that will kick 22 million off of insurance and make elderly Americans have to choose between premiums and food!

      • I want to suggest or DEMAND that the members of congress and other federal employees must use the same insurance coverage they implement for the rest of the nation! And your coverage ends when you are no longer in these positions!

    • Harold, thank you for all your involuntary contributions into Soc Sec. You are absolutely correct; now, when you need some of it back to retire on, they withhold any debt you may not have been able to pay off your educational degree with due to other life hardships along the road. The author of this article needs to state whether funds put into this new “myRA” savings account is subject to collections for funds owed to Dept of Education, IRS, or other federal agencies.

  2. The problem is our money paid in goes too people from other countries that come to America and get what they never worked are paid into SSI Medicare etc. They kept raising retirement age so we the working Americans can support the people whom come in and after there here for a while they bring there father mother whom are old and they get what Americans have worked and paid for they get for free ! PS They are living better then we Americans! That were born here and Fathers and grandfather’s whom went to wars for this land. Look in any Cuban Neighborhood in Florida and you can tell who are Americans and who are from Cuba by the houses and the cars at the homes ! My grandson is missing four fingers on his right hand he can’t find a job! He gets you can’t do the work first thing they asked him at the SSI office was are you Hispanic ? What should it matter ?

    • Henry Form Germany!
      You are right my english is not so good anymor..
      Im very happy a paid in socialsecurity. My age are 76 now and im clad i paid in; it helps mi a lat in Live.
      Thanks Amerika

  3. I must change my BofA bank account. How can I change and inform you of the new account number without compromising it.

    • If you already receive Social Security or SSI benefits and you have a bank account, you can sign up for Direct Deposit by:
      • starting or changing Direct Deposit online (Social Security benefits only), or
      • contacting your bank, credit union or savings and loan association, or
      • calling Social Security toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778).

  4. Be aware of future scams and potential ID theft. The XO signed by the malignant narcissist requesting voter information comes at great risk to all of us. “Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, vice chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which President Donald Trump created by executive order in May, sent a letter to all 50 states last Wednesday requesting a bevy of voter data, which he notes will eventually be made available to the public.”

    While some of it is already public record much is not and it will certainly be convenient for someone to access it all in one place!

  5. I am divorced and will be eventually be receiving a portion of my ex-wife’s Teacher’s Retirement Pension through a court ordered QDRO when she retires. How will this affect my own personal Social Security benefit amount when I decide to retire where we are no longer married?

    • Hi Thomas. We reduce spouse’s (divorced spouse) or surviving spouse’s benefits if you also get a pension based on your own federal, state or local government work not covered by Social Security. A pension based on work that is not covered by Social Security (for example, Federal civil service and some State or local government agencies) may cause the amount of your Social Security benefit to be reduced. Your benefits can be reduced based on one of two provisions. Your own Social Security benefit can be reduced based on the Windfall Elimination Provision. Your spouse’s (divorced spouse), surviving divorced spouse’s or widow’s benefits under Social Security may be affected by the Government Pension Offset. we hope this information helps!

  6. My wife is currently receiving a TRS annuity from teaching in texas . We are divorcing after 37 yrs of marriage. If the court orders a QDRO dividing the annunity does it affect the SS I will draw in 4 yrs. SS said it did not affect my SS since it was court ordered. Is this right?

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