Can I Keep This Benefit Payment?

two women looking at laptopSocial Security is with you through life’s journey, securing today and tomorrow for millions of people. We know that reliability and dependability is an important part of your financial security. We use the same throughout the month eligibility rules for the first month’s Social Security check through the last month’s check, so it’s easy to know when checks are payable.

If you meet all the requirements to receive benefits, Social Security pays your benefit after you have lived throughout the month. At 62, the first month many people are eligible for benefits may be in the month after their birthday. Social Security follows an English law that says you actually reach your age the day before your birthday. So, if you were born on the first or second day of the month, your first month of eligibility will be your birthday month. If you were born on any other day in the month, the first month you could be eligible to receive benefits will be the month after your birthday month. When starting benefits after age 62, people are eligible to be paid for the month they file, since they were previously age 62 throughout the month.

For example, if Michael is born on June 1 or 2 and is age 62, he is eligible in June, and the first month he will receive his benefit payment is July. If Michael’s birthday is any other day in June, the first month he will be eligible for benefits is July and his first benefit will be paid in August. If Michael starts benefits at age 63 and files in June, he can be paid for June in July.

Benefits are always paid the following month for all types of Social Security benefits including retirement, disability and survivors.  This does not apply to Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Being eligible throughout the month also applies to the month of death of a Social Security beneficiary. To be eligible for the payment, the person must have lived all month long to receive the payment that comes the following month. That includes throughout the entire last day of the month.  Your survivor may be eligible for a payment for the last month and should contact us at 1-800-772-1213. For information about applying for survivors benefits, visit our website at

Understanding how the benefits are paid gives you a sense of certainty about your payments.

You’ll know how to plan when starting benefits and what happens to the last check. We continue to secure your today and tomorrow by providing the Social Security information you need.


212 thoughts on “Can I Keep This Benefit Payment?

  1. If someone dies and I am the executor of his Estate , do we get any payments or reimbursement for funeral or other benefits after his death from SS.

    • Hi Odette, we are very sorry for your loss. If the deceased worked long enough into Social Security, there may be certain family members eligible for survivor benefits on thier record such as a spouse, divorced spouse, child and parents. If there are no eligible survivors, any unused money goes to the Social Security trust funds.

      If there is an underpayment payable on the deceased’s record, we may pay it to a family member or legal representative of the estate. For more information on the order of preference and to file a claim for the amounts due in the case of a deceased beneficiary, please visit our webpage titled: Claim For Amounts Due In The Case Of Deceased Beneficiary. Please send the completed form to your local Social Security office. We hope this helps.

  2. I need to fill out form CMS1763 for disenrollment in part B (I am still working and have insurance through work). Can I do this online or find it online to print? I do have the form on my phone but am having trouble figuring out how to print it.

  3. From reading all this information, I am assuming as a widow age 83, that if I remarry, I can still retain the benefits I have now.My husband is deceased, so will I just carry over my present benefits to my new marriage ?

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