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Fight Procrastination and Plan Your ‘Someday’ Now

September 14, 2015 • By

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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

A woman thinks while using the computerThe check is in the mail …

I am going to get better organized …

I need to plan for retirement…                                                           

I am going to open a personal my Social Security account …

If these promises sound familiar, you aren’t alone. Most of us procrastinate from time to time, and more than 20 percent of us are chronic procrastinators. We tell ourselves we’ll get to those tasks someday, but someday never seems to arrive.

On September 6, we celebrated Fight Procrastination Day — but the battle is not over! You can defeat procrastination at any moment by opening a personal my Social Security account and get started planning for a financially secure retirement now.   

Even if you’re years away from retirement, you can still take advantage of a free personal my Social Security account and verify your Social Security earnings record, get an estimate of future benefits, and have access to your Social Security Statement.

If you’re currently receiving Social Security benefits, there are many advantages of not waiting to establish a personal my Social Security account. You can open it online. You’ll find it’s a great tool to manage your benefits. Once you establish a personal my Social Security account, you’ll be able to change your address or update your direct deposit, print a benefit verification letter, get a replacement Medicare card and a replacement 1099 or 1042S statement.

Procrastinators love to find reasons for not doing something, but you can access your personal my Social Security account from a desktop, laptop, or tablet. You can login from your favorite easy chair or Wi-Fi hotspot. In fact, establishing your account only takes a few minutes. Someone opens a new personal my Social Security account every six seconds!

You can always  put off those household chores for another day, but don’t procrastinate about your financial future. Join the millions who have already overcome their inertia and established a personal my Social Security account.

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Doug Walker, Deputy Commissioner, Communications

Deputy Commissioner, Office of Communications


  1. Amanda W.

    I need help from the Deputy Commissioner. My local office will not respond to my reconsideration letters and have blocked me from accessing their SS website. I’ve been fighting to have my benefits to be reinstated for 5 years now, And a Federal Court Judge dismissed any claims made against me. Look I really need your help. I was threatened by them before and I cannot go through that again. Sincerely, Amanda

  2. Robin P.

    I would like to informed on.



    I Hope To Open
    A SSA Account.

    Thank You!
    I Phone 4, Of, (Go Phone), 1(734)276-9068; KMC

  4. Eulalio J.

    Grasias EJS

  5. Hattie H.

    While working for the Federal Government I suffered a major stroke then was unable to work any longer in order to earn the necessary quarters needed in order to draw my social security. Please tell me what has happened to the hard working quarters which I did earn while working? After all it was my hard working money which was being taken out of my check for payment of my social security. It seems so unfair that while I was working and paying my social security and trying to earn the necessary needed quarters in order to be able to draw by social security, I suffering a major stroke and could no longer work. Please inform me as to what has happened with the quarters I earned while working? Were they given to other workers. I am 82 years old with a pay check of approximately $400.00 a month after taxes are taken away and almost one half of this is spent for my medications. I desperately need my monies which I did pay into social security. After all it is my money for which I worked very hard to earn. Please help me if you can. Mrs. Hattie Thompson Small (1660 40th Street, S.E.) Washington, D.C. 20020

  6. Milan

    By the time I am eligible to receive SS, there won’t be any!

    • JeanH

      Of course, there will be! As an experienced SSA employee told me over 40 years ago, the whole country would have to collapse before the government could stop paying benefits. Congress will eventually make changes so benefits continue.

  7. Milan

    I agree with Robert Demarc.

  8. robert d.

    will collect next year, sad that Congress raids the SS accounts and TSP G funds etc., stop the spending, cuts costs , not SS, SS needs to stop the limit on earnings or 15.7k (2015), many cannot survive on just SS, stop illegal Immigrants from accessing SS, it is for us citizens , without SS we cannot survive, tell Congress to increase SS for under 65 yrs old.

    • JeanH

      Illegal immigrants do NOT receive Social Security or SSI benefits because people have been required to show proof they are U.S. citizens or legally in the U.S. for many years. In fact, many pay FICA taxes but are unable to collect benefits.

  9. Hospitals &.

    Social Security Amendment of 2016 HA-14-9-15

    Free Disability Insurance Reallocation Tax (DIRT) Act

    To immediately amend the DI tax rate from 1.80% to 2.30%, from 0.90% to 1.15% for employees and from 0.90% to 1.15% for employers under Sec. 201(b)(1)(S) of the Social Security Act 42USC(7)II§401 and amend the OASI tax rate from 10.60% to 10.10%, from 5.30% to 5.05% for employees under 26USC(C)(21)(A)§3101 (a) and from 5.30% to 5.05% for employers under 26USC(C)(21)(A)§3111 (a) to avoid depletion of the Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund in 2016 without increasing the overall 12.4% OASDI or 15.3% OASDI and Hospital Insurance (HI) tax-rate under 26USC(A)(2)§1401 beginning October 1, 2015.

    To amend the DI tax rate again in 2018 to 2.20% from 2.30%, from 1.15% to 1.10% for employees and from 1.15% to 1.10% for employers under Sec. 201(b)(1)(S) of the Social Security Act 42USC(7)II§401 and amend the OASI tax rate from 10.10% to 10.20%, from 5.05% to 5.10% for employees under 26USC(C)(21)(A)§3101 (a) and from 5.05% to 5.10% for employers under 26USC(C)(21)(A)§3111 (a) without increasing the overall 12.4% OASDI or 15.3% OASDI and Hospital Insurance (HI) tax-rate under 26USC(A)(2)§1401 to maximize efficiency until a deficit appears in the OASI Trust Fund in 2019.

    Be it enacted by the Actuary, Commissioner and Treasury (ACT)

    Without Income Limit Law (WILL) Act

    To abolish the maximum taxable limit on DI contributions on January 1, 2016 and OASI contributions January 1, 2017 and repeal Adjustment of the contribution and benefit base Section 230 of the Social Security Act 42USC(7)§430.

    To require the Social Security Administration to pay for SSI Costs beginning January 1, 2017.

    To share profits in excess of social security program costs to the general fund of the U.S Treasury on a sliding scale beginning year end 2016 DI 50/50 with the USPS, and OASI 10/90 to eliminate the federal budget deficit. In 2020 OASI would share at negotiated rates an estimated 25/75, by 2025 OASDI would share 50/50 and by 2030 OASDI would save to pay for the peak in costs of Baby Boomer generation in 2035 that might raise the overall OASDI tax rate from 12.4%.

    Be it enacted by the House and Senate assembled

    Signatories: Carolyn Colvin, Commissioner; Stephen Goss, Chief Actuary, Jack Lew, Treasurer. Optional: Shuan Donovan, OMB Director.

    • bettyg

      above is so technical, i did NOT understand any of this; were others like me, and completely lost??

      please SHORT PARAGRAPHS; too hard to read with neuro cognitive problems.

      bettyg, iowa

      • JONAS G.

        Please have someone read the paragraphs to you, several times, to assist your coping with your unique condition, rather than force us all to trim down our “paragraphs”… ~The subject matter warrants extensive verbiage. We all regret that you have your condition, but please do not force us to adapt to you. ~Sorry, but Majority rules. We appreciate your kind understanding.

  10. Debra S.

    I’ve done everything I’ve filed, with FTC ,BBB, Credit Unions, debit companies, people who lie and use your email rant on Graiglist,, that lie, and are alcoholics taking of senior you love and care about I give up

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