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  1. I rather have mail to me
    I don’t trust internet. I went to Social Security office today to applied for Medicare, and very absent because you guys don’t want to give meI SSI.people that come from Cuba, and Central South Africa.American they get help from you people and the government. How about us US citizen we vote Rick in bad.I will not vote ever again
    Until somebody help us out.

  2. I am not satisfied with the with-holding amount of $135 from my benefits. That is too high for me. What options do I have? I need Dentures and glasses. My prescriptions are free. What is the $135 covering EVERY month I don’t go to doctor. All my tests for my age are done for 3 years.
    Selina Jones
    *** – ** – ***
    704 -777-4099

    • Congress writes the laws. SSA must administer what the Congress and courts require. If you need the law changed contact your federal elected officials.

  3. Wish I could get help trying to see if I can get help from my husband ‘s s/s survivor benefits say only had 38 credits needs 40 .i gave s/s wdd22 can you help me again ? Richard Lloyd Ivie *** – ** – ***. He was in Air Force October 1954 – 0ctober 1959 he died May,29,2017. My name is Glenna Fern Ivie s/s *** – ** – ***. 801-627-1061 phone. Address is 1127 west 4250 south. Riverdale,Utah,84405 Thanks

    • If someone has worked in the United States for enough years, the spouse (or former spouse, or widow or widower) and minor children qualify. for benefits. In the case of a divorce, the couple had to have been married at least 10 years.

  4. yeah I sent you a email earlier about or maybe it was a post on your blog but you know the reason why I think is because people have a hard time navigating your website and I know it’s not supposed to be difficult but being that some of us are disabled now that it’s hard to you know either get cut off of your your hit wrong button on your keyboard you say that you know what to say is I’ve been trying I’ve been over a year trying to get it accessible remember being sitting at the your place at the county building one time trying to do it over all along lash I’ve been sitting in your line at the social security office you know and stood there for a couple hours trying to do it then and you can get it worked out in OSHA I really love the fact that you guys are going I text and it will save the government money in the long run I just don’t think it’s very user-friendly you know ask for that password if you forget that then you got to prove this and it’s like every time I tried to log on to the email address for you guys sent me the email at it tells me that my either my username is wrong or my password is wrong and I try and have you guys send me a code to get it all jive Iand and it’s just not working man and I don’t Iknow I sure hope that I can get it worked out because I know they need to senthe Independence center this document I’m trying to get but I’m so tired from yesterday
    and my feet are so swelled that my nurse was here earlier today and I’m just having issues there so all right well respectfully yours concerned citizens at Curtis and I hope you have a great day thank you for listen to an old man and rant how is trying to send this and you know maybe you guys should hire me because I have two hard time navigating a lot of these websites you know you should have somebody’s handicap trying to figure out some of the stuff in the issues Tuesday encounter thing because sending it this sat in the other just trying to get the spelling right you know somebody makes needs to make a better app or something I should have a job doing that I hope one day because trust me I got to refill out stuff so many times you know if you don’t cite save it in time and this is all stuff we face everyday in the public and everything of our lives I mean getting up and dressed is at your most of the morning Janelle but just a navigator website is unbelievable times and I’m sorry there’s a inmate mistakes in some of the words cuz it prints what it wants to at times but that’s another problem we face thank you again

  5. I am widow for 16 months, I’m residing here in Japan non citizen my husband died 10/13/17 he is American. I contact to US Embassy Japan lady working at Social Security benefits, it seems nothing to do with me because I’m not US citizen!! I need help’ nobody care my situation.My DOB 01/15/58 my late husband’s Teddy Alton Messick DOB 06/17/42 died 10/13/17..

    • Yes ma’am. Based on the information you gave me, the minimum age you may collect widow’s benefits is 60. (01/2018)
      We would need your birth certificate and marriage certificate. There is also a 2-year window to file for the Lump Sum Death Payment of $255.00. Hope that helps.

  6. Yeh I’ve just spent the last two days trying to get everything in order paperwork for SSI SSDI whatever and I think they they say that they’re road on their blog about how hard it is for people to navigate the website will be a people that don’t realize we are challenged physically at times because we are disabled that we have a hard time with that stuff people take for granted and do every day I’ve not always been like this I’ve had an easy time with technology over the past years and I built my first computer quite some time ago on nowadays it comes very hard you know and I was telling trying to blog on the website for you guys and the social security administration and numerous times I’ve either got cut off I’ve had to start over I’ve had to change some spelling this this is stuff we fund face everyday of our lives anymore and I think I should maybe work for them and get a job working out the kinks in their websites I don’t know but even as we spoke speak I have a hard time getting an app that really friends correctly which what I’m saying or conveys it I don’t know but there’s been a really a couple of rough days here I had to go downtown and get some of this paperwork done for an outfit that I get my houshouh please prime eeeeexampleeee

    ed with ccccoeccccoel

  7. Yeah that used to work until a social security employee erased my email and user name. I can no longer use the my social security page. No I can not get to the local office!!! Give me my dang access back!! I don’t care what the credit bureau says, after all they have been hacked several times and my identity has been stolen!!

  8. I would very much make a my Social Security account on line, but I live outside the USA in Bangkok Thailand. I tried at first to make a account but it rejected. Is there any plans in the future to let person living outside the USA to be able to have some access to their SS information?

  9. You said that my amt. of SS would increase. You sent me a second ck. for 138. for February but haven’t sent one for March…. you said it would increase each month after that…. can you please tell me what the heck is true.

  10. I have been informed that my social security number has been accessed illegally and I have been the target of identity theft. Please install an alert on my number.

  11. I am not able to access account. They do no recognize me because I did not provide a change of address to social Security when I moved 3 years ago. I see up my account years before I moved but didnt remember all the places that o needed to notify. I cant access it to make the change. OS there any way to solve this online?.

  12. I just filled out the SSI to create my account and I don’t recall receiving a code. Perhaps I exited too soon ?

  13. please note my change of address

    WAS 9436 SW Wood Parkway, Portland, Or 97219

    IS NOW 13505 SE River Road, Portland, OR 97222
    phone 971 3471213

  14. I am 58 and disabled since 2015. I was in the middle of amy divorce when I filed. I’ve spoken to several reps and still don’t get answers. I am divorced after 30 years and will not receive Maintenance until my home is sold. Yes.. I agreed to that.. I basically thought his promises were true.. Not even close..MY x husband made substantially more than I did. I recieve $744.00 monthly and had to apply for SNAP benefits. I barely make ends meet. It’s been over 2 years since my divorce and I have to depend on money from family to survive.. It’s Very hard to do and embarrassing for me because I was so independent and stubborn. PLEASE.. Can I recieve benefits from my x-husband. I’ve been so gullible and now.. If I could ever go back.. I would have NEVER ever signed the divorce agreement with what I know now. He’s actually retired and on 3/4 pension from a LOD injury. He recieves $8.990.00
    Monthly. He pays some of the expenses for the home but always late.. I live in the primary home. The home never got approved by build it back. They said I didn’t redpond with some information.. Not true.. They lost my papers. I fought but no luck so my home needs extensive repairs and I cannot afford this. Please, can I get sime of my benefits from my x-husband.. I need solid advice ASAP
    Thank you

    • The earliest you can get benefits as a former spouse is age 62.
      That would also be the earliest you can get benefits as a current spouse. The disability benefit on your own record is what’s currently payable. Have you considered Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

  15. How do I have my account that I was trying to set up online reset,because it got messed up before I finished it and now won’t let me signup

  16. I have not received my 1099 for 2018. I have asked and was told that i would receive it as of last week! I have not been successful setting up an account. My vpn is not operating properly! Public service makes me nervous! Some of the questions that are asked: i simply don’t know nor remember. candyvivian987@icloud.com

  17. I can not get into my information and I need a replacement tax benefit statement. I tried to go onto my social security to get an account but it wont recognize me. I need it today!

  18. why i cant sign in my ss acct
    i was in the office on 4/11 on the ss in staten island and they told i can sign in after few days

  19. I need to now more about claiming from my exspouse to whom I was married for over 20 years. I am now 72 and claiming under my own name. As a student and homemaker, I stupidly worked as a home baby sitter and odd jobs.
    He had funds moved from our savings and Social Security –moved them into his Federal Government retirement. At our divorce, I was supposed to get a share of his retirement. His social is I believe for Robert Lewis James.
    Can you please help me find our what to do? I need to cut back on work for health reasons and age.
    thank you. Linda Gibson

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