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Coronavirus-Related Medicare Scam Alert  

April 6, 2020 • By

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Last Updated: February 21, 2023

Since older Americans are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to remind Medicare beneficiaries to be vigilant and take precautions to avoid falling victim to healthcare fraud during this pandemic.

We’re warning Medicare beneficiaries that scammers may try to use this pandemic to steal their Medicare number, banking information, or other personal data.

Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of the most vulnerable during times of uncertainty and change. You must protect yourself by making sure you only give your Medicare number to your doctor, pharmacist, hospital, health insurer, or other trusted healthcare provider.

If someone calls you on the phone, saying they’re from Medicare, and asks for your Medicare number or other personal information – just hang up.

Our representatives will never:

  • Call beneficiaries to ask for or to “verify” Medicare numbers.
  • Call to sell you anything.
  • Promise you things if you give them a Medicare number.
  • Visit you at your home.
  • Call you to enroll you in a Medicare program over the phone, unless you called us first.

We removed Social Security numbers from all Medicare cards last year to reduce fraud and protect our beneficiaries from identity theft. Even with this change, you should guard your Medicare card like you would a credit card. Be sure to check your Medicare claim summaries for errors and questionable bills.

If you suspect Medicare fraud, please report it by calling Medicare’s toll-free customer service center at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). You can also visit us online.

Please help spread the word by sharing this message with family and friends.  Your health and safety is important to us. So, please continue to follow President Trump’s public health guidelines by staying home. These simple actions could save more than 1 million American lives in the weeks and months to come.

For more information on Medicare and telehealth, check out Administrator Verma’s previous guest blog.

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  1. Deanna H.

    I sure hope my disability stimulus check is on my direct express card soon running out of a lot of things a need to pay bills

  2. Tonya A.

    Why have the disabled not received stimulus and mine is direct deposit when will that be

  3. adytBsj

    I am concerned about the current conditions. Where the impact of the corona virus has paralyzed the world economy, even I have to take time off work from Jasa Sablon Kaos and spend a lot of time just at home. hopefully the corona virus outbreak will end soon and we can work again to meet our daily needs. Thank you for the information, I hope you and we are all given health.

  4. AnnA


    If someone claimned u as a dependent in 2018 but they will not be for 2019 and u r on ssi do you need to do anything to get the stimulus check?


  5. John h.

    Got a letter saying something about direct deposit I don’t have a bank account don’t know where you get that but I don’t have one

  6. Anna

    But when we going get it

  7. Felicia

    To all social security ssi receipts the social social administration announce today that you will receive the economic payments automatically. If you use direct express card your check will be automated deposit on it stated in the social security memo today. I hope this ease the burden and stress for alot of us on ssi.God bless us all Lord knows we need this money one thing about prayer it sure do work.

  8. Connie w.

    Do people on ssi with no children get it on our direct express. Or do we need to file on the site.

    • Felicia

      You will get it on your direct express card you don”t have to do nothing but wait for your money to be deposited on your card. Social Security Administration announced today that all ssi receipts will get a economic check automatically and if you use direct express card your benefits will be deposited on your direct express card I hope this memo helps. God bless you

  9. Aman

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