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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Important Information about Social Security Services

March 16, 2020 • By

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Last Updated: February 21, 2023

All local Social Security offices will be closed to the public for in-person service starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020. This decision protects the population we serve—older Americans and people with underlying medical conditions—and our employees during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, we are still able to provide critical services.

Please read our press release to learn more, including how to get help from the Social Security Administration by phone and online. You can also visit our website to learn more and stay up to date.

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Mike Korbey, Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Mike Korbey, Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. Amy L.

    Online services cant help services either….noe cant get help in office….absolutly wonderful…..sure make this so easy todo let me tell ya…

  2. EmmaRolls

    Thank y’all for the update Be well

  3. G C.

    I want to increase the amount of federal tax taken from my SS. I can’t get access to my SS account because I have “fraud locks” on my credit reports. I removed them for a few days and still could not get access to my SS account. Is there a way I can increase my witholding tax without going online? Is there a way I get get online access to my information without going to one of your offices?

    • Sandra R.

      You can fill out a form w-4v and mail it off to the SSA officel.

    • Ann C.

      Hi. In order to have taxes withheld or change the amount withheld from your Social Security benefit, you must start by printing, completing and submitting an IRS Voluntary Withholding Request Form (Form W-4V). On this form, you can choose to have 7, 10, 12, or 22 percent of your monthly benefit withheld. The Form W-4V (to withhold federal taxes from your Social Security benefits) can be returned to your local Social Security office by mail or in person. See our Benefits Planner: Withholding Income Tax From Your Social Security Benefits web page for more information. We hope this helps.

  4. Mary F.

    Will our SS checks still be direct deposited into our checking accounts?

    • Jenise

      Is ssi be deposit in

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Mary. You will continue to receive your monthly benefit amount if you use Direct Deposit. For pay dates, check out our Schedule of Social Security Payments. We hope this helps.

      • Jason

        Hi, can you please tell me if people that are receiving SSI be getting a stimulus check along with their regular SSI check?,., thank you

        • Stefanie A.

          No people like us who receive ssi or disability ARE NOT GETTING THE STIMULUS CHECK.. That’s why ssi is not answering those questions so ssi do not get bitched out.. only people who work and make 65,000 or less are only eligible for the 1,000.00

        • Stefanie S.

          No people like us will not get the stimulus check… who are on disability or ssi.. I guess we are not affected to the virus crisis… ssi wont answer anyone because they dont want people to go off on them.. only people who work and make only 65,000 or less are getting the extra money plus you have to file taxes as well and obviously disability and ssi recipients dont file taxes.. so no we are not qualified even tho we are in poverty and dont even get 65,000 a year off ssi or disability

          • David

            Okay, do not answer a question unless you are 100% sure your answer is correct. DO NOT ASSUME. The reason why social security is not answering it is because they do not know yet.

            What I can answer you is in the last stimulus, 2009 people on social security and disability did receive stimulus checks, two times.

            You can read about all of the details here:


            Although I cannot say for sure 100% that social security recipients will receive stimulus checks, why they would not I cannot imagine why Congress would exclude them.

        • Lildarlin

          Yes we are. Thank you

          • Jason M.

            Well I can tell you people on SSI disability are not getting a stimulus check take that to the bank

  5. Roberta M.

    Will we still get out checks?

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Roberta. You will continue to receive your monthly benefit amount if you use Direct Deposit. For pay dates, check out our Schedule of Social Security Payments. We hope this helps.

      • Elizabeth M.

        Many are asking if those on ssi or Ssdii will receive a covid19 stimulus check, but does not appear to be an answer for that yet. Do you have any insight?

      • Amy

        Will the people who receive their checks on the Direct Express Cards still recieve their monthly benefits? Also will the ones who get Social Security & SSI get the Stim- Payment? Also would like to know if past due child support would take the payment… There are many Americans that owe Child support and this payment would be no help to them if Child support takes it, in some cases it would help the child but some children receive welfare checks and the state will get the money not the child because it has been receiving a welfare check..I’m wondering this because I have a daughter and her Dad was ordered to pay me 50$ a month in Child support, He draws both social security & SSI he hasn’t paid any child support for a few yrs now a few yrs ago we received a swim-payment and Child support took his payment because he was behind 600$ in support and my daughter never got a dime of that money and when I called to ask why they told me it was due to her drawing a welfare check , so all it did was pay a bill off for him ? So I’m wondering if that will be the same thing that happens when they issue this stim-payment if they do issue it… Even tho the child is his or her responsibility to support I’m worried that there are people that are behind on support payments but really need this payment to survive this horrible virus that’s taking lives everyday to buy food and personal hygiene products with but will not get it nor will the child! It’ll just go back to the state and wipe away a debt for the One who owes the back child support bill ?

  6. Robert M.

    Absolutely worthless and should be considered Fraud, Waste and Abuse! I have called SSA many times,usually using the 800 phone number. When I finally speak with a human being they refer me to the local district office and provide a phone number “for the local person who can help”. I have been on the phone listening to it ring for as long as thirty minutes with no answer. Online I have left messages and never had a return message.

    • Premlata V.

      Robert, when I call SS, I have an option for return call from SS. I have always been successful in getting call back from SS.

      • Ccl

        Ive done that also… this way u dont have to wait on hole so LONG… they call YOU back.

    • Gary J.

      Yes and fully agree that Social Security has a very efficient phone messaging system! The main protection everyone needs to keep in mind is that the Social Security office doesn’t contact you by phone unless you initiate these actions! They contact you by mail and I block all fraudulent scam calls with crooks claiming to be the SSA

      • Steve F.

        I’ve waited for over an hour trying the toll free number with no one answering. Haven’t tried the call back feature but I work and usually keep my documents I’m asking about with me. If they call me later, I might be travelling back home and/or not have the information they will need. Also, the local SS office in Farmington, NM, has hours that don’t fit my work schedule. It takes 45 minutes to go from my work to that office and they’re only open from 9-4, 9-12 on Wednesdays. not good customer service.

        • Don

          Prior to Coronavirus, any SS office can see anywhere in between 500 to 1000 walk-in customers a week. Just imagine that. They try extremely hard to address all concerns and to ensure that the program is administered in a fair and professional manner. Please remember that not only are they addressing the public face to face but also performing phone interviews 8 hours a day. On top of that, they are handling all the back end work. Most employees work well beyond their normal work hours as well as Saturdays when allowed. They are a group of caring, intelligent and fair people, Currently, because of Corona, the offices are closed to the public to protect everyone from this virus. However, they are still working, whether from home or in the back office. Under normal circumstances, (after Coronavirus dies down), if you cannot get through on the phone, you can always walk in and wait to be seen.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Robert. We are sorry to hear about your experience. You will generally have a shorter wait time if you call us later in the day. Through our Blog page, we respond to questions and provide general information on our Retirement, Survivors, Disability, Medicare and SSI programs. If you have a general question, we encourage you to ask here. But remember, never post personal information on social media. You can also submit feedback by visiting our Contact Social Security page. Once there, select the “Email Us” link. This will take you to the “Email A Question to our Support Team” form, where you can complete and submit a compliment, complaint, or suggestion. We hope this helps.

      • Heidi G.


  7. L. H.

    Will SSA checks still be transmitted on time?

    • B L.

      I do not worry about the SS check , already in action. Go to the web site for all information and I am sure they will contact all of us if there is a change.

    • Ann C.

      Hi. You will continue to receive your monthly benefit amount if you use Direct Deposit. For pay dates, check out our Schedule of Social Security Payments. We hope this helps.

      • Kay

        We appreciate your replies, but what some people are wanting to know is if you receive social security and don’t receive enough to file taxes, do we still get a stimulus check. I honestly don’t think that we will, but I don’t have enough information. If we don’t, then I am just grateful for our regular checks.

        • Joe

          The bill hasn’t passed through legislature nor has it been ratified by Trump. Until then that question cannot be answered.

  8. Joy H.


    Joy H. South

    • Ralph

      It would be great if they published local number, the Las Vegas office only has an 800 number, and even that’s out of state and to make appointments.

  9. Jasmine G.

    Was contacting you about a letter I have received in the mail about wanting to talk to me about some important things

    • Richard J.

      Good Girl! It is wise to question if it’s legit. Follow SSA guidelines to verify. Take care.

    • Debbie

      Please see my reply I posted below

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Jasmine. For your security, we do not have access to private information in this venue. We ask that members in our Blog community work with our offices with specific questions. You can call us at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., for assistance. Generally, you will have a shorter wait if you call later in the day. You can also contact your local Social Security office. We hope this helps.

  10. Debbie S.

    Will we still be getting our monthly checks?

    • Dee

      Why wouldn’t you. If course you will

      • Diane

        That was a rather rude response

        • Mary

          That was not a rude response!

          • Michelle

            It is rude to answer a question with another question.

          • Barbara P.

            Yes it was rude. Many older people who are on social security are very very afraid.

          • Dian

            Coming from my world, we would consider her response not very diplomatic.

          • Mitzi

            I did not find it rude, I thought she was trying to be reassuring.

          • Jeffrey G.

          • jeff

            Yep! Your response was condescending. Basically as if your’e talking down to someone. Not a good look. Make sure your brain is engaged before you put your mouth in gear.

          • Brenda m.

            Will the people who receive SSI and SSDI receive $1,000 stimulus package

          • Laverna H.

            well he’s not the only one or she’s not the only one that feels that it was a rude response. It was a simple yes or no question. That’s why so many people rely on social media these days because they don’t know how to interact with others other than their phone or smartphones have. However I don’t even feel a smartphone is a smartphone why would someone need a smartphone where do we go to school for!

          • Kat

            Yes kinda was I replied to his remark hoping I made him understand a little

          • Anita S.

            Yes that was a rude response

          • Leah F.

            That was not a rude response!

          • Judy

            Of course it was a rude reply!

          • Tia


          • Boogie

            Calm down children

          • David

            Yes, Michelle is correct below. In speaking proper English, one does not answer a question with a question. It is considered rude if one does. The problem is, many people did poorly in English in high school and even college. The other thing is, people can also be too touchy. A better way of handling this would have been, simply stating, it is rude to answer a question with a question. instead of saying that was rude. Let them look it up on GOOGLE and then may be a few people will learn something in speaking or writing. Again, stop and think before you say something.

          • Robert

            It was a very dismissive answer. Period. Condescending. Something a Gen-xer or younger would say who’d be thrilled if everyone over 62 would get C19 and die.

          • LarryM

            Saying ‘of course’ and ‘why wouldn’t you’? makes it sound uppitty and rude.

          • Tee

            Chill out and just answer the question, Jesus !

          • Lana

            Yes it was.

          • None R.

            Agreed. I did NOT find it to be a Rude reply at ALL

          • rhonda g.

            I have a question will we get the 100 check if we get ssi?

          • Rettia J.

            Yes it was

          • Steve

            OMG! Are you listening to yourselves? If we are receiving SS checks, most likely, the majority of us are in the more “vulnerable” population. And you want to argue about rude vs not rude? How about giving ideas to help each other? Exchange phone numbers, email addresses, etc, to folks in similar situations. Maybe a phone call to a person living alone would help spark hope instead of fear. Maybe a funny joke would erase the annoyance of an answer someone didn’t like. C’mon, we’re the “old farts”, we’re supposed to set a good example!??

          • Mark

            Your a fucking idiot…here’s rude for you

          • Heljo

            Yes it was rude

          • Heljo

            For Pete’s sake stop going on anon about the rude comment!! People are freaking dying every day from this virus! Focus on the issue at hand and move on from Rude/Not Rude Topic!

          • Grace

            Will people on SSI and disability get the 1,000 stimulant check?

          • Henry c.

            Get over it lady .the person was not rude.what do you want .a box of chocolates.oh well boho

          • Jimmy H.

            Will the stimulus checks be added to the ssi and disability cheacks

          • Anh L.

            Yes it is rude answer. Nice if you to reply back in manner like: You should or should not. Better if you can check with government. Better for them understand they just wonder and curious. Hope this help.

          • Philip J.

            Yes it was/is. A professional does NOT respond to a person seeking help from a Governmental Office. If, Ms. Marry, you do not feel it was a rude response, please provide your last name so that we can see what your supervisor thinks.

          • Chrisane

            does SSI get $1,000doll check to

          • Ann C.

            Hi, Chrisane. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

          • Deborah B.

            Honestly, It could sound that way. People are up tight right now, let’s cut them some slack

          • Colleen H.

            Phone’s can’t show your emotion, it doesn’t show inflection, or see your hand gestures or face reactions as you write a sentence. So it’s ones own knowledge of their friend that makes a text between two people work., or more understanding of the text. Instead you had to react about a ”rude text”. How is anyone to judge a persons intentions if you don’t know then. So I say shut the hell up,

          • Linda

            So this conversation started with a question that is also import for me to no the answer but it turned into b.s. this is no time to criticize or be petty

          • Bay J.

            It sure was not! How was you supposed to answer, in tini tiny letters?

          • April

            Rude!!!! Yes it was extremely rude! I hope if you have a question no one answers you like you did

          • Claude G.

            Do people with disabilities receive a check too ?

          • Ann C.

            Hi, Claude. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

          • Kim D.

            Yes, it was. The only wrong questions are the ones we don’t ask. I’m sure the person who answered is only guessing, at best. For some this is our only income. Treat others with the respect you would like to receive.

          • Lot I.

            It was very rude. You traded that person as if she was a moron when a simple yes or no would have been sufficient.

          • Chris

            It was Most definitely RUDE!

          • Nati

            Ok first of all THAT WAS NOT RUDE.i came here to see if my question was discussed but all I read was that was rude that was not back and guys really? How old are you both?!can one of you be the better person and just move on? This is not youtube or other dumb blogs.pll come here to read serious questions and answers.gtfo your feelings and act like normal human beings!

          • Cyndi

            Yes it was unless you were raised without learning manners!!!

          • Rox A.

            Yes,it most certainly was.

          • Michelle

            Instead of arguing over who was rude, can we get an answer on the question about how it will affect our bennifts if we receive a check, please!

          • sav

            if you have death benefits will you get the stimulus also?

          • Joe

            Really wasn’t rude, your being to sensitive

        • Michelle

          It is rude to answer a question with a question.

          • Anonymous

            Will ppl who are currently recieving ssi payment eligible for this 1,000 virus benefit?

          • Mel

            Wow unreal, I can’t believe that with all the things that are going on in country you are acting like this …shame on you. This is a subject that is Scarry to many,it is their lifeline and crucial to their survival,just imagine being in their shoes. I am assuming you didn’t think about this from all perspectives,as you probably wouldn’t of responded so insensitively.

          • Alicia

            It was a rather dumb question. Sorry. Why in the hell would your checks stop coming (all by direct deposit these days) just because the local offices are closed. Makes no sense whatsoever.

          • Peyton P.

            Will the people who get SSI or ssdi get the 1000dollars

          • Anne M.

            You seriously need to get a hobby or a life. Her question was answered and I did not see a thank you and that is rude. You lady have too much time on your hands. There is enough going on w/o your ridiculous input.

          • Deann M.

            Is people on SSI and SSDI going to get paid early

          • Robert

            We “might” get 300 if single.600 total if couple.

          • Sylvia E.

            Will I get a stimulus check I’m on disability

          • Helen

            Can’t we all just get along ??? I wonder the same thing, so do you have to apply for it ? Or are they just going to give it, sense they already have your info?

          • Carl H.

            Oh my god people your all like a dog with a bone ! Let’s move on kids!

          • Linda

            Im wonder if people. On ssi an social security will get 1000. Dollar check does anyone. No thank u

          • Joseph H.

            What up with that 1000 doe

          • Eric z.

            People let’s just move on now that’s all I’m reading is whether it was rude or not rude. I’m sure we’ve established what it was and wasn’t now let’s just move on and tackle the issues at hand. I heard someone ask will people on SSDI or SSI receive a stimulus package. That’s a good question I was wondering if we were going to get some kind of stimulus package I did read articles earlier on about how this is going to affect our COLA. The biggest factor of cola is fuel cost and fuel is losing money hand over fist right now so that will make our cola low on the other hand food prices are going up so that’s the second highest factor they use and determining how much of a percentage we get for the cost of living adjustment or cola. So it could be something like last year it could be something small during the Obama years we might not get one at all. I do know that it will affect our cola they did say it would for sure affect our raise at the end of the year just due to the fuel costs alone. It would be nice to get $1,000 per adult however I don’t think that we will be getting that kind of stimulus and here in Flint Michigan they are turning on people’s water for free who otherwise couldn’t afford to get their water turned on. I don’t live in Fliny, I live in a suburb of Flint & we are hooked up to Port Huron water which is safe water and we do pay our water bill quarterly. It would be nice to get some kind of relief from something those of us who own homes and pay mortgages they figure that we get our monthly income no matter what so they don’t really see the need for a stimulus for us. Unless it has to do with health care and being able to get tested for COVID-19 THEN I DON’T REALLY KNOW FOR SURE WHAT WE MIGHT GET. Does anybody have any feedback into stimulus for people who are on SSDI or SSI? Good question. Any input on that?

          • kim

            No. SSI is a form of income. people eligible for that is people without income at this time

          • Jennifer

          • Ruth S.

            Will someone please just answer the damn question. Will SS participants receive the check.

          • Carrie G.

            Well I know what’s rude but I haven’t seen an answer yet the the question,Will people on ssi get a stimulus check? There was 50 answers to the rude question.Yous are funny.I’m sitting here laughing at you all.

          • Blossom

            I agree there is
            a more important issue here whether it was rude or not rude who cares there’s a question at hand here will SSI or social security recipients going to get the stimulus benefits

          • Jackie R.

            Shut up about rude or not! Who cares!!!!
            Someone keeps asking if on SSI or social security will they get stimulus check?

          • JONI L.

            Wow. We should all remember we are in this together. i personally dont care if she was rude or not. Just want straight and true answers. We must come together.

          • Mishy

            Wow, lol.
            *munches popcorn*
            Needs more butter…

        • Erma

          I agree…..all you had to say was …Absolutely

          • gwenelle s.

            Dee: A simple
            I understand your concern. Your checks will be delivered as usual.
            You may not like your job, however you are in a professional position. Because of the society we live in, people don’t know when they are being rude.
            Let’s make an effort to be kinder to one another.

          • Melinda M.

            Will i still get my my check on the 3rd of April

          • Ann C.

            Hi, Melinda. You will continue to receive your monthly benefit amount if you use Direct Deposit. For pay dates, check out our Schedule of Social Security Payments. We hope this helps.

          • Anne M.

            Seriously, These are adults on here. The lady answered the question and I do not think it was rude but dumb people read it like they will. At least she responded to the question. Grow up. I cant believe these adults on here, no wonder we have teens with no manners. A simple thank you to the lady who would have responded would have sufficed. Arguing if she was rude or not. Grow up people!

          • Joel W.

            I am not sure off social security recipients will get the financial stimulus. As at the moment, it appears that only tax payers are set to receive the financial stimulus.

            I do think that the arguing on here is off place, considering both time and circumstance.

            Take care, all.

            My most sincere best wishes to you all!

            – J. Woodlyn

          • John

            Why are you people so sensitive? What a bunch of SNOWFLAKES.

          • Rick

            Thank you ladies,we don’t need thid RIGHT now.if someone has a polite,respectable way 2 answer question.please answer in a civil manner.Many of us might not BE here in a couple of kind to your neighbors.

          • Dee C.

            I guess I opened a can of worms I guess asking a stupid question ,for I guess a stupid answer . Well when these smart mouth people get to be our age I am sure they will be crying

        • Vickir

          I agree

          • Chris Y.

            FYI Dee is NOT a Social Security employee answering rudely. ALL Social Security employees who answer or comment will have the SSA designation next to their name as the writer!

          • Steven D.

            I don’t receive my ssi direct deposit but w direct express. Will that cause a problem? Also,will the stimulus checks be placed on the card of those who receive ssi through direct express cards?

          • Pauline M.

            Will i be eligible for the presidents 1000 dollar stimulus check

          • Thadeus W.

            Will ssi recipients receive there normal checks and 1000?

          • KristyShaw

            So do SSI/SSA recipients get the stimulus payment or no? Never saw an answer that many are worried about and NOT if someone was rude or not….so stimulus package for elderly and disabled??

          • Clayborn

            Will SSDI recipients receive any part of the stimulus package recently announced?

          • Americo S.

            In 2008 the country when in recetion. and I received a stimulus payment for 600 dollars and receive disability payments its all citizens not only the ones that file incomes taxes. It wouldn’t be fare

          • Charlotte

            I am a tax payer
            As of 2001 they send out income forms like a w2 with social security. I pay taxes on my social security. I also paid taxes on it when I paid it in

          • The O.

            I like Dee.

        • carole L.

          That was NOT rude…go smoke a joint!

          • Eff

            Carole, please self-isolate immediately! Don’t touch your internet keyboard.

          • Salome M.

            If everybody smoked a joint we wouldn’t be having a pandemic. Everybody would be too stoned to leave the house ?

          • Mark

            Lol who cares, question answered, move on

          • carolyn

            Right on Carole It was not rude and stay 420 friendly

          • Ricky L.

            It was rude……GO SMOKE A DICK…..

          • Peyton P.

            Will the people who get SSI or ssdi get the 1000dollars

          • nicnack b.

            agreed lol

          • Davey

            What a bunch of peanut heads.
            LOL !!!!

          • CJ B.

            The pot dispensary in my area is closed. It’s the end of days…

          • John

            All of these posts debating whether a response was rude or not are beside the greater point that so many of us want answered: will SS and SSI recipients receive a stimulus check?
            Please stop with the assinine “rude ness” posts. Just. Stop.

          • Aria M.


          • Kenneth W.

            I believe they all need to smoke some blue dream and then they can live in their fantasy lands together in peace and harmony peace people we are in a crisis

          • Jim D.

            I don’t know you but I like you good answer

          • Joe1987ann

            Let’s all smoke a joint life would be a whole lot better

          • Lol


          • bob

            Grammer retards
            at it again.

          • Billammo

            That was a Jack Ass answer. ???

        • Melissa

          No it Wasn’t it’s a stupid question ignorant question to ask ignorant of you to ask such a stupid question

          • Rha

            All thIs emotional back and forth…stop it!
            The real question from everyone should be:
            Will the Coronavirus $1000 be eligible for recipients of social security!
            If you all stop with the sensitivity and everyone posts the same question who knows! There might actually be a responce to this question. IMHO?

          • Janice

            I think you guys are being rude! People are trying to help you. Quit thinking so much of your self.

          • larry c.

            now that was rude

          • Donna T.

            Explain to me why you think this was a stupid or ignorant question!

          • Ben R.

            Ricky L McManus come smoke this dick

          • Alice A.

            Someone is trying to ask a question do people with social security or SSI get the stimulus check of $1,000 I’ll try to ask this question very nicely no negative people please

          • Mary M.

            Yes, people on Disability will receive additional funds in response to the corona-virus.. I am not sure of the amount as of yet. AND PLEASE STOP clogging up this feed. People are asking legitimate questions and all I see are these ridiculous comments about if a “comment was rude or not rude” Who cares and
            move on!

          • Barbara T.

            Dont you think it is stupid to fight over this guestion when there is so much fighting in this world. Grow up

          • Karen p.

            Will citizens on socialite security receive a stimulus check?

        • Rose

          No it was not

          • j.e

            Is someone going to make an attempt to answer the question about the proposed $1000 check instead of worrying whether someone was rude? Their only printed words with 0% emotion-GROW UP

          • Philip H.

            Will someone just answer the question? You are acting like little kids. Grow up

          • Dave g.

            The news just stated that if you file a rax return then your eligible

          • Sue

            I’m wondering 5he same thing but I can’t get a rational answer! Someone please help with an answer.

          • Gary P.

            I’m on SSI and in 2008, obama sent us all a $300 check for singles, and $600 for familys. It came in at a good time, I needed my car fixed. Hope this one comes in to.

          • Gramma S.

            Get over it and stick to the facts. We don’t want to hear all these whiny little B… comments. We want facts. It is everyone’s right to be concerned and ask for information.

          • Danielle

            Thank you for answering the question, Mary Mckearny..

          • Loli

            Ya se ha dicho que NO!!! Nobody receiving SSI will enjoy to receive that stimulus check

        • Kristina p.

          Not rude! Blunt! Notioning the thought already considered! ” of course we will get our monthly sum checks!” As always,when the government help, S in as such as the stimulus check, S in previous year, s, everyone on social security received heir monthly sum and the stimulus check came in shortly after! PERCEPTION! HOW SOMEONE PERCIEVES SOMETHING! The lame condemning mark, S are un-necessary! I truly believe and may speak out that this person who answered he question was stating an obvious SPEAKING DOWN TO THE REMARK,S RIGHT AFTER THIS ONE…. OF COURSE! THE GOVERNMENT ALWAYS PAYS THE SUM EVERY MONTH, REGARDLESS! JUST LIKE IN THE PAST YEARS ,EXTRA PAYMENTS DONATED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO ASSIST PEOPLE IN NEED IN THEIR COUNTRY WILL BE SENT IN A DIFFERENT CHECK, SORTLY BEFORE OR SHORTLY AFTER! I truly believe this person is sincere with the answering of a question, many are aiming to receive an answer on! THANK YOU!

          • Ronnie R.

            Will social security benefits receive a stimulus package check???

          • william p.


          • Gramma S.

            SHUT UP!!! no one cares about your negative responses!!!

          • Rettia s.

            Wow such immature adults sad .. unbelievable that over a question being ask people had to be so childish and rude and all others followed wow instead of a simple answer …guess it shows how you r kids are gonna address people ..its so sad
            With the way the world is .and still people act this way …..

          • Jason

            So if you go to it says that the phase 3 of the bill dose included the people on ssi and ssdi

          • nun-ya

            How old are the ones that are acting like this. I mean seriously come on now it’s enough going on to be on here acting like a bunch of damn kids this doesn’t make any sense what’s soever move on with the back and forth and answer the question if you can if not maybe you should get off of here and go play tic tac toe cause clearly you got a lot of growing up you still need to do Really

          • Tajae

            Well state

        • Paul S.

          When will we receive 1000.00

          • Melissa W.

            Trump stated in as soon as 2 weeks

          • Jim

            Would someone please just ans we r the damn question on ssi,ssd,ssdi. Etc.will we get extra money as alot of us now have to pay someone to run errands, go shopping for us etc.

          • ref

            but trump always lies

          • Drew

            I dont think the question can be answered because the stimulus package has not been finalized. I have read comments by law makers that individuals on social security might receive a smaller amount of the $1000. I know that they have not finalized the bill so at this point there is no money going to anyone until the bill passes the senate. I do believe that the individual was trying to insure the person that they would receive their funds. It is a very logical question since the Social Security offices are officially closed effective March 17th. According to the website payments should continue as normal unless you were expecting changes to your funds for the month of March which is delivered via check or direct deposit in the month of April.

          • Lia

            No, we will not. Unless you file a tax return, you will not be eligible. Lame but thats how its worked in the past. They stated people who make over a certain amount a year, will not be eligible and they determine this based on tax return so since most people on SSI dont file tax returns, we wont be in the system and thus wont get a check

          • Gaysa

            Yes the workers will receive a check as well as people that receive social security disability I just found out

          • Ryan

            the end of april the first round of checks will be sent out

          • Cheryl R.

            Omg. I seriously fell out of my chair laughing with this convo going on here. Thanks y’all, I needed this hysterical read.

          • Aretha

            April 2020

          • Helen

            April 6th & May 18th for the checks God bless ???

          • marie c.

            do SS recipients receive money from the coronavirus stimulus??? Yes or No

          • Duane

            Stimulus payments start on 1/06/

          • Rosalyn S.

            1st stimulus check gets mailed out on April 6th and the 2nd check will be mailed out on May 18th!

        • Caroly

          Yes it was rude! everyone wonders about their income even people on social security they asked a question and I didn’t see where it asked for a smart ass response, I was always taught if you cant say anything nice say nothing at all!

          • Eagle

            Both of you, SHUT UP!! Will you please answer the fucking question about the $1,000.
            If not, get the hell off here so someone else can help these people.

          • Nancy L.

            That’s not what was said at all. People on SSI ,Welfare ,,foodstamp ,etc will get it faster because of there direct deposit. People with lower income spend stimulas money quicker which is good for the economy. Also this group of people the gov. Has all there income records on file which makes it getting it out to them easier. Just look up Crona-19 stimulas info and you should be able to get into or hear TV news broadcast about it.

          • Alicia

            @Gaysa where did u see that post/info on the SSID beneficiaries receiving a stimulus check??

          • Marilyn

            I agree with you, so many rude comments. What ever happened to neighbor helping neighbor. I miss the days when people were kind and respectful. I fear for the next generation. This is becoming such a cruel world. I can only imagine what God would say about all this, shame.

          • Teresa W.

            Every one is getting a check, even people on SSA or SSD, the first round of checks are being sent out on April 6th, the second round of checks is being sent out on the 26th of April to ensure everyone gets a check, you are in the system, even though you don’t file taxes your in the government system, the only person or people that will not receive a check are the homeless people that have no address

          • Margaret A.

            Incase anyone is interested I just read where the stimules check would not be considered earned income for SS or SSI or SSDa so apparently they are going to send people on SS , SSI, SSDA a stimules check also. I read from Social Security that it would not affect anyone’s checks

          • Micki

            OMG, I was laughing so hard too reading this,I can’t even type! 😀

          • Ken

            I called my local ssi office and thy said thy have’nt heard one way or the other if we are getting a stimulus check? I cant see them excluding 63million people? if you send us a check to that is 63million people putting more into the economy. further boosting economy and avoid recession

          • dave m.

            i heard no ssi stim check were hating it all moneys owed rents bills

        • Sinister

          Not to sure how you found that to be rude but you know what ever gets your rocks off

          • Philip H.

            Sinister now I know why you receive a check your an idiot

          • Lynwood C.

            Drop it already old old news. I’m being blunt not rude you all sound like preteen girls arguing over a doll grow the hell up and answer the question or let the adults back on to answer it. Geez children act older than the whiners of your use no I’m not yes you are uh uh. That’s how you idiots sound..

          • Ron

            Sure is a lot of rude people on here. Did anyone tell all you, no question is a dumb question..

          • Bernice

            Please ppl can we all focus on the issue thats being asked about the $1,000 for ssi,ssdi . it makes no sence that your worried about who is rude or not, we as human being can do better than this, i for one am very concerned about weather ppl on ssi or ssdi will recieve anything because we have bills just like the recipient who was blessed to file income taxes, don’t anyone think this is an injustice to us that wasnt blessed to file taxes??

          • Monica

            I agree that, we all should just stick to answering questions for people who are truly seeking answers, tempers are flaring, people are scared, CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? ?

          • Miranda M.

            Teresa and Margrate did y’all read how much those on ssi or ssd would receive?

        • Laverna H.

          Yes that was really rude. A lot of people been brought up that way and they bring it on to others. That’s why everyone relies on social media is cuz they can’t interact with others. That’s my opinion anyways. That person didn’t have to be rude like that because I feel that was a question that needed to be answered and if you didn’t ask it we would never have known..

          • Philip H.

            Shut up

          • Anne M.

            You people are like children. Spending more time debating a simple whether it was rude or not and wasting space and people’s time on trying to find out if it includes those on SSDI and SSI. Grow up adults, you are acting worse than children. STOP

        • Jeri

          If you are on SSDI will we get a stimulus check?

          • Doug

            Ya all got ta run your mouths that’s why nothing gets done it’s ayes or no answer any one from the government there or ya all on break like normal

          • Doug

            Ya all got ta run your mouths that’s why nothing gets done it’s ayes or no answer any one from the government there or ya all on break like normal

          • Joseph P.

            The answer is yes…if both the House & Senate pass the bill. The way the bill looks today, it will be deposited the same way you receive you monthly benefit now. As to when? It’s the government so your guess is as good as mine. Again, NO bill has been passed yet. Hope that helps.

          • Rick

            I don’t think anybody can truly answer the question yet. This has to be approved by Congress and only then will anybody know. Period…..

          • Larry

            Nothing has changed with your income status as someone that has recently lost their jobs via the corona pandemic you should not receive or be compensated if you have no change in your Finance or your lifestyle due to reasons of this pandemic.

          • Mike

            You will only get the stimulus check if you filed taxes. So SSIwill not be getting the money ! It’s bullshit I know because I receive said myself and could really use the money ! The ones that need it most don’t get it ! Make sense of that shit !!!!

          • David

            Will people on Social Security Disabilty get the $1000.00 dollar stimulus?

          • Jacob B.

            I saw we will get an extra 750 on March 31.

          • Kevin

            For all you, bipolar, skitzo dummies, that have to keep stirring the shit bucket, go.lick a toilet seat you dumbass morons, grow up, buncha mental nutnut,check recipients. Damn. Stop being stupid. Geez, YES YOU WILL GET A STIMULAS CHECK IF YOU’RE ON SSDI. I SEEVWHY SOME OF YOUR RETARDED ASS CHILDISH ACTIING RETARDS GET THAT CHECK. TRY ADULTING FIR ONCE, IT’S AWESOME. ??✌?????????????????

          • Linda

            yes you will get check, just as we all did in 2008. i have did research and followed on updates. Please do not worry yourself. I myself am more worried about the virus. I hope you all keep well.

          • Melissa

            Yes you will get a SSI check and if you are on SSD you will also get one anyone that works has low income or elderly people will receive the money

        • Me

          OMG Seriously People…Give this Rude thing a Break… There’s More Important Things going on in the World!!!

          • Brian A.

            OMG. Nobody’s getting nothin it’s the end of the world??

          • John

            I rather those with real disabilities get money than these animals like Kevin above mocking people . Can’t we replace these soulless low life psychopaths with dogs lol

          • Michelle G.

            Michelle i get ssi you think i will be able to get stimulus check

          • Lizzy

            I scrolled all the way down hoping the rude conversation was over?Quarantine or not people to stay silly but the person was not trying to be rude she was just answering A Question.
            This crap is Contagious!!!!!! I’m locking my doors turning off my phone??????????

          • The O.

            Kevin please watch your language, there are ladies in here (I think).:)

        • MARIE R.


          • Janice

            From my my understanding it doesn’t matter if you file taxes all Americans will receive a stimulus check. So if you get direct deposit via SSI/SSD it will be on ur card on if you receive a paper ck u will get it via us mail .. Think about it, u worked ur while life paying taxes, why wouldn’t get it????

          • Rosalyn S.

            Where did u see that statement posted?

        • Mimi

          I don’t think so I took that response in a rather kind way “of course you will, why wouldn’t you.”. Individual such as yourself with negative attitudes or negative outlook on things. Look for ways to fibd something rather simple and create drama!!!

          • Jessica

            From what I have read they are sending 2 rounds of checks. The people who will receive this check are people who do taxes because this is not free money you will be paying it back next year.

          • Ricardo

            Residents outside of the U.S. will get an SSS pensioner disabled.

        • Sandra G.

          I agree.

        • Nathan j.

          Quit your crying over who’s rude. Grow up you old fart

          • Roger

            Hopefuly you wont live long enough to be an old fart you piece of shit

        • Davey

          A hahaha !

        • A.M. K.

          Your comment that it was a rude response shows more that you lack good manners to make a point of that. She answered the question and to me sounded like she was trying to reassure her. You are rude here. If you have nothing nice to say, then be quiet.

        • Sharon

          I am just concerned that those of us on disability Social Security will not be included in the 2020 stimulus package. I have been Googling and searching online for an answer. Why is this info kept from us? Something smells weird.

          • CKJR


          • Jeff B.

            I’ve been disabled (SSDI) since 2004 – I’ve never received a stimulus check. My thought, it’s because I am not required to file taxes. I’ve tried to search for answers to the COVID 19 “stimulus checks,” will SSDI SSI Retired receive checks. We pay taxes – State, City/utility, gas, etc. — many do not file a tax return.

          • Felicia

            If you get a check it may be less than what working people get. People who work 40 hrs and depend on a check and are out of work should receive more. People on SSI or SSDI or welfare or whatever will not have a time when they don’t get their regular check or food stamps. Working people will have no income if their jobs are shut down so they are in need of the stimulus check. People who make OVER $75000 as single or $150,000 couples won’t get a check.

            The checks will be on a tier based on income and family size. I believe if you get a check it will/should be less than people who work full time

          • hello

            it smells what it is s…!! that’s why its taking so long for ones who lost jobs a lot of us lost jobs in pass due to injury illness or old age we didn’t get a stimulus we suffered and drag through hoops a loops for months or years before we got help people die waiting when in need . join the poor club nothing at the dinner table but crumbs .welcome.

        • Pops

          You are the rude one.

        • Donald C.

          In Texas we would just say bless your heart… Realizing that some people do not have the mental capacity to realize would they are being rude

        • Karen

          OMG! STOP!!!

          • Kathy

            I kept scrolling and scrolling, I can’t believe how long that stupid conversation went on unreal

        • Carol S.

          Stupid question deserves a blunt answer.

          • Gramma S.

            You are the stupid one. Anyone has the right to ask whatever question they are concerned about. If you can’t handle that just get off the site!!!

        • Linda L.

          Yes it was.

        • Randall D.

          Really. Lol get a life

        • Jill

          That was such rude reaponse for sure. I was like dam.

        • Janice

          It sure was. (Rude that is.)

        • Travis

          This is not the time or the place to be arguing about what is rude or not. Like Dr. Phil says, someone please step up and be the hero of this story. Let shit go. We’ve got way bigger problems.

          • Susanne M.

            Wow!!!! Everyone on here needs a refresher coarse in courtesy, decency, & just plan manners! The question was answered in a very condescending way…Think for a moment if you had a concerning question, you ask,and some says back to you Yes,why wouldn’t you…that’s right up there with “what do you think? It was a rude answer and I personally would have been insulted by the lack of compassion. I am also on disability and I get the concern and with everything shutting down ppl are just trying to figure out what they need to do . Alot of you posting these hateful comments probably are lucky to not have to rely on the government. ..I myself have to due to an accident at work ( falling down 30 stairs…cement at that) so why don’t ALL OF YOU GROW UP! Shut your nasty mouths so ppl can find out what they need to know…

        • Larry r.

          Will people with ssi get a 1000 dollars also

          • Mick

            Actually its $2000. And from what i am reading on the internet is Yes.. first payment is expected 04/06/2020 and 2nd payment 05/18/2020 and should be added to regular monthly benefit check..

          • Ralph

            hey where did you find that on the ssa site? i can’t find it anywhere

          • JOY M.


        • Mayday m.

          It totally was, guess who ever responded in that nasty way thinks their better than us.

          • joe

            Why don’t both of you go suck a dick

        • Jena B.

          Omgoodness!! Really? At a time like this you’re going to get upset over someone trying to help but didn’t answer the way you thought they should have?

        • Covid

          Yo. Momma foo

        • Sami

          Get a life all of you. Honestly you have nothing better to do with your time. Please act your age. It was not rude.

        • Joanne

          I agree Diane. It was rude when it was only a question for anyone to answer. If you can’t be nice, please be quiet. Thanks

        • Alejandro P.

          Are disabled people receiving the stimulus

          • wanda w.

            YES.. Thank you

        • christine h.

          i thought so to

        • Sherry

          I agree your rude with your undertones!

          • John P.

            I can’t believe how many comments their are about if the first comment was rude or not. WOW!!!! Ifeel so sorry for Grandkids that have to grow up and live with you bunch of Idiots.
            Who cares if it was rude or not. LET IT GO. Someone just has to get the last word. Your all just a bunch of kids yourselves.
            Now, how many think that my comment was RUDE? ??‍♂️??‍♂️

        • Peter

          I consider myself intelligent and I do not think Dee was rude in any way. I think she was reassuring. And you all should lighten up.

        • Rich

          Are you F*CKING kidding me? Stop being so damn offended by everything!!!!! Geez.

        • Bill

          You people are like a bunch of little kids, “it was rude, no it wasn’t rude, yes it was rude, no it wasn’t rude yada! yada! Yada!
          Don’t you all think we have enough to worry about other than squabbling like little kids.

        • charles r.

          hahahahahaha no it was not rude, chill out idiots. who cares.

        • Patricia

          tou must of been born a natural rude bitch

        • Pat D.

          VERY RUDE response.

        • Ginger

          No it wasn’t, it was a reasonable response in my opinion.

        • Johnathan

          Will there be a stimulus check for people on social security? Help needed. This effects us all

          • wanda w.

            Yes Jonathon

          • MIKE F.


        • Paulette

          I agree Dianne – who made that person an expert?

        • Trump.jr

          I ate a trump sandwich and let meh tel u that stuuf bad bro

          • SOCIAL S.


        • Harry

          Will those on SSDI receive stimulus check, my electric going to get very high and water bill high my food cost went up, extra money gone. all because we have been locked down at home practically.

          • Jennifer H.

            From my understandings, yes. The amount is yet to be determined, but speculative dates of April 6 and May 18 for the checks. Also speculated to be calculated based on “per adult” “per child”… Have also read they could just be added to our regular monthly payment. Sent via direct deposit or whatever form you receive your monthly entitlement. See alot of speculating in there, because though it has been confirmed there WILL be a check, larger than other stimulus in the past. The underlying facts have not been put out yet, because well there are quite a few proposals, and agreements to be made. Rest assured, they have said it IS coming!

        • Roxanne F.

          Do people getting their social security checks get the stimulus checks

          • Jason

            No, not unless you show you earned and were taxed. You get a zero. Its all tied to tax returns and the more you made the MORE you get. Sounds typical doesn’t it.

        • Roz

          I agree. AND she wrote “If” instead of “OF” and neglected to end the rude remark with a period.

        • Jake F.

          You know what’s rude all the people buying all the toilet paper and everyone buying out all the groceries that’s rude

          • Jasmine ..

            Lol all the stores need to put a limit on products going by house hold size and I find looking at all this drama like a soap opera I just. Ignore the crazy cuz I’m crazy unuff but it’s funny and sad watching this I might need popcorn.

        • Dawn

          I have to say that, everyone should be worried about protecting their selves, and loved ones at this time. Instead of crap on the blog, its absolutely childish and you all should be ashamed of yourself. Concentrate on keeping your selves, and loved ones safe. ??

        • Angelia

          I call the social security office this morning and ask where people that getting they disability was they going to get the $1000. They said it still up in the air no decision have been made. But if we going to get it we would get a letter in the mail

        • Lisa


        • Neil H.

          lol he answered your question you will be paid, How can I find out if a park is closed?

        • me123


        • LB

          I’m sure you didn’t intend it to be but it did come off as rude. As there won’t be workers we are not sure how checks are processed…

          • Joyce

            I have a joke. I’m a single grandparent raising two grandchildren when I lost my son two years ago. I’m an amputee but do great getting around but have other health issues and they are great kids and help me a lot. We are here for each other. Of course with this virus , no school so we start a remote computer based home school tomorrow so the kids are in school. First thing I thought of was , well God got back in school all over the country ! ? And if they don’t do their work , I get to be the principal ? Have a good day folks, and be kind to one another and God will get us through this. Pray for our President and leaders and follow the rules and we will be fine ❤️

        • vince

          it was

        • Dorothy B.

          Will the people that receive ssi or ssdi receive $1,000 stimulus package?

          • Ann C.

            Hi, Dorothy. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

        • AJ

          If you are only 30 years old and you get SSI checks do you get a stimulus check from President Trump yes or no please let me know thank u so much for your help and everything

          • Ann C.

            Hi, AJ. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

        • Ruth

          It wasnt rude..its just yhst the person was in shock that this is not will NEVER. EVER. Keep from you what’s already yours.on the promised date.what is shocking is that people who retire at 62,instead of their actual programmed retire age..will NEVER receive more than what you get at 62. I feel like they punished me for not working another 7 years..with all they kept,,they can pay two or three more retirees. Me. In the poorhouse ..40 years lost to stingy employers who dont know how to value

        • LINDA F.

          It was. She’s a nasty person.

        • John

          It sounds somewhat rude, but more somebody who’s got their panties in a knot. I coulf think of about 50 reasons why we wouldn’t receive our monthly check

        • Audi

          Was started with a ?,,it was ended with A statement:”, of course you will””

        • Darcy A.

          You know, I’m disgusted by the way you all are speaking. Instead of wasting time arguing about something that won’t mean a thing tomorrow, why don’t you figure out how you can make a difference in this horrible situation and help each other, not hurting each other. Not in a million years would I let my child talk to someone the way you all are carrying on. We are all scared, tense, so let’s help one another. Don’t we have enough anger in the world?

        • Deedee

          Yes it was. I wondered the same thing earlier on. No one knows anything at this point about these kind of questions. This is all so new to everybody. Please don’t let that idiot make you feel bad.

        • Chris


        • Abcde A.

          I don’t think that was a rude response, I think Dee was asking why Debbie would think she isn’t getting her monthly check so that she or he could help with the right answer or give some information that would help that’s all.

        • richard b.

          people who commented rude or not rude on this forum will not be getting a check

        • Patricia

          Get over yourself Diane. How many times do you think Dee has answered that question? These are unusual difficult times.

        • Rico

          Ask a STUPID question, then be prepared for a RUDE answer

        • Cyndi

          Yes it was quite rude unless you were not taught manners growing up.And it looks like you were never taught manners!!!!??

        • nadja

          that was not rude u have a problem lady !!! this is rude!! God made coronavirus because the world is becoming uncontrollable .getting rid of the assholes that makes the world nasty

        • Taresa

          I don’t think was a rude response either. Nothing was ever said about taking Americans money. Only giving. So why wouldn’t you.

        • tom

          Almost all the responses to the rude answer are rude. Will I still get my check..of course why wouldn’t you..
          Ummm..what’s rude unless of course the ssa computer’s get a virus

        • ROBERT H.

          Lady your a big part of the American issues we have . get a job and quit being a bitch. there now thats rude.

        • wuuuu

          you didnt even ask the question to get mad. you are one of the people who took all the toilet paper an sanitizer. wonderful world of dumber white people. and i thought us minoritys is bad. you are bitchy. so screw off diane

        • STEVEN A.

          actually was a dumb question also

        • Lynn F.

          Wasn’t rude, it was straight forward. Get over the persecution complex.

        • carolyn f.

          why is that a rude response? all sound like fools.

      • Margaret

        “why wouldn’t you?” snark snark snark. typical government smugness

      • Jennie O.

        That was my concern too. I kind of thought so, but wanted to make sure because I depend on it to make ends meet. Thank you, try to have as good a day as possible!

        • Patricia

          Best answer so far
          Have a great day, we are all in a panic..

        • Karen D.

          With this covid19 novel coronavirus goin on Mrs.Jenny I strongly believe the Senate is goin to pass this bill especially with kids bein outta school now till April 15th this year

          • Teresa

            Our kids in Indiana are out till May 1st. It was announced today. Stay safe and have a great night.

        • Anonymous

          Last time there there were stimulus checks given out, social security recipients and ssi/ssdi recipients received stimulus checks. As for the $1,000 check, not so sure if you will get the full amount. I have not heard anything. The stimulus bill has to pass first. Maybe when it gets passed they will say if social security recipients get a check.

          • Nan

            It’s actually harder on people on fixed incomes to stock pile basic day to day needs and medications. As for me I live alone and have no other income.

          • Lisa H.

            we are having a hard time with the increase in prices on things. plus having to go to town more than normal to get to stores when there are supplies in there. I am spending money i wouldnt normally spend.

          • Susan

            I don’t know where you all were but being on Sadi I didn’t get anything from the stimulus last time. And I don’t believe we will get anything this time if we do joy pay taxes.. in this country if your not in the system your screwed even if you get money from the government.

        • lulu

          i am trying to find out as well if those who do not file taxes will be included. i survive on the generosity of friends who now cannot help me because of coronavirus. so, it is important to me to get some help as i have no money at present to live on. it dried up because of the virus…i have less than $100 to last ….forever. can’t pay bills, scared to death. the $1000 would be amazing help…

          • Jingo B.

            Best thing said on this Crazy Blog..Hey wake up Evil selfish people..! Most people NEED..that extra $1000. JUST TO LIVE ON..! Time to Pray and Seek Jesus..and Help each other..!

          • wanda w.

            This has nothing to do with tax filing like before. You will get a stimulus check.

        • Charlotte b.

          I work at a part time job plus draw my social security to make ends meet wondering because I’m old and work part time will I qualify. When the schools shut down I dont work .my little part time job brings in about 500 a month.i wonder if I would even qualify for unemployment. So I feel you all.i have lived threw hooping cough,polio,leaganaries, sars mars,and small pox.i have never seen people act like this..

          • Beth

            Because this is different Charlotte, it’s more like the plague,
            ( which was hundreds of years ago). It’s a Pandemic , and it will change life as we know it. Just do what they tell you to do. And remember we are all in this together. Lots of people will survive, be careful and be smart and may God be with us all.

      • Angela P.

        Will disabled people quality for the 1000 check that president is sending out

        • toni j.

          i was wondering the same thing

        • Mark

          I was wondering the same thing

          • LaDonna

            Me too! I wonder if anyone is going to tell us?

          • Melody

            Me too I’m wondering

          • Fran

            I am really wondering and worried too. I’m on SS disability and I also could really use this.

          • Chris

            So thru research my sister works for ssa and says the bill has to pass first then we will get an update and the possibility of receiving a check is there is a 90% chance we will receive it

        • Lynn

          If anyone hears anything can you please share it thanks my phone goes in and out

          • Katherine

            Yes I read in an article that all Americans other than the rich will get the check that means all people outta work who is on a fixed income and those who receive disability and said will receive the stimulus check

        • Yan

          That’s what I’m trying to figure out

          • Paul K.

            Yes please share. It is hard enough to get through to the office. And will ours be depenced on our benefits?

          • Philip H.

            Sinister now I know why you receive a check your an idiot

          • Cynthia M.

            All of these comments are just hilarious ?? I can’t believe these comments

        • Kari

          I’m wondering the same. Thing because of virus I’ve been using more money for supplies.

          • Dawn V.

            Same here. We struggle to begin with. And getting supplies is hurting us badly.

          • Shey

            Ok all I can say is the ppl who dont work get food stamps rent payed. Medical. better not get a dime I worked 35 yrs. And payed my share of taxes

          • Chris

            Shey I worked most of my adult life starting when I was 14 at times working two jobs to support my three children I paid in taxes all them years so I don’t feel the least bit guilty about receiving disability when I got sick and Medicare and the $17 in food stamps a month I get. So get off your high horse you act like everybody scamming the system most aren’t

        • Lauren

          I’m wondering this as well.

          • betsy c.

            If you pay taxes then you get $1000 if you don’t pay taxes you won’t get it….It is to help the ones paying taxes to make their payments while everything is shut down so gov. is getting it back anyway .

          • Daniel W.

            I worked 60-70 hours a week for 15 years had some strokes and on ssi I paid tones of Tex’s in my life my family struggles over paying bills. Why Should I be left out

        • Patty W.

          That’s what I want to know…then are they going to make us claim it as income and then take it away from us??

          • Deedra R.

            People are really sad.stop all this panic ‼️ and going back n forth about a comment the response was rude

          • Trish

            Nothing is free in this life ! I truly believe, it will be paid back . Americans need to forget all this he / she is rude ! Who cares move on !! Lives are being lost , because of this virus !!! We need to all come together !! Love thy neighbor !!

          • Lea R.

            From what I’ve read there trying to pass $1200. But it’s to people that have filed taxes. So does this mean if we’re on SSI or SDI and don’t file taxes we don’t get thev$1200.???

        • People p.

          Everyone will hear tomorrow’

          • Debra

            People’s buy a blow dryer put on lowand keep your sinuses dry it kills virus in 15minutes reasearch it

        • mick

          THAT is the only sensible post I see on here and nobody relies to it. I hope so.

          • Joanna

            From what I read they said in the next two weeks, they didn’t pacifically say who can and can’t get the help. Only said low income and middle class workers. There’s nothing even saying it’s a definite gonna get either from what I read. Just says u may get.

          • Tabitha R.

            Well happy late saint Patty’s day everyone may u all stay well in good health god bless u all

          • Paula

            Please don’t let your sinuses get dry. Keep your sinuses’s what prevents infections from getting in. I put a dab of mentholatum or vaseline at the entrance, not inside, my nostrils.

        • Jennifer

          I’m wondering if someone on SSDI will get the extra help? And if yes is there anything we have to do to receive it?

          • Sharise

            Did you get a answer if so what was it thank you

          • MJ S.

            From my understanding, the question of those on SSDI getting the $1000 stimulus, is being ignored. Therefore it must not yet be determined just who is getting it. 🙁 The only reasonable explanation. Possibly ironing things out yet. I would check back here in a day or two. You know this administration tends to jump before things are finalized.

          • MJ

            It depends on how the bill will be passed, really won’t know anything until then, since SSDI is not welfare like SSI I do believe we will have a greater chance.


            Jennifer you don’t have to do anything if you get SSI or SS they have your info and will deposit your check into your account. My Neice work for the Social Security admin and she said every Americans will get the payment, if you make or get under 100k. a year.

          • wanda w.

            Jennifer you will receive it. It will be deposited in your bank account just like your other check.. Thank you

          • John L.


        • joe

          n 2009, the Economic Stimulus Act sent out $14.2 billion in stimulus checks.1

          2 The one-time payment went to recipients of Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, and veterans’ benefits.

          The checks were part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Congress passed the ARRA to end the 2008 financial crisis. The government’s goal was that recipients would immediately spend the checks. That would be a quick, direct way to jumpstart economic growth.

          • Pam

            Thank you. You are literally the only one that answered the question we are Al wondering. ?

          • GE A.

            Thank you ? for your share.

          • Tina

            Which doesn’t mean Trump will do the same. But. I would think they should do that for everyone.

          • Roberta D.

            Lots of questions, but no one has addressed my issue. I’m over 65 and have no earned income – only Social Security. As such, I’m no longer required to file tax returns. I heard the same thing that someone else mentioned, “anyone who files a tax return” will receive the $1000 check. Since I no longer file returns, will I still be eligible? Perhaps, through direct deposit, like my monthly payment? Thanks!

          • Christine T.

            Finally, a real reply. Thank you.

          • Monica

            Thank you

          • Conne H.

            Thank you for your answer I was wondering the same thing.

          • BRYAN

            Thank you for the information. God Bless

          • Jeff

            I beg to differ. I’ve been on SSDI since 2004, and have never received stimulus money.
            Many folks – like myself – are wondering if folks who aren’t required to file taxes, will receive stimulus assistance.
            I’m still searching on here – as well as other internet sources, what the answer definitely is.

          • wanda w.

            Joe,..Cash payments of up to $1,200 would go to individuals, with up to $2,400 for couples. The sum would increase by $500 for every child. The check totals would start to phase out above $75,000 in adjusted gross income based on 2018 tax returns. People with no federal tax liability would get only $600.

          • Tia

            Thank you.

          • Daniel V.

            I don’t recall ever getting that.

        • wanda w.


      • Lisa M.

        Hello. Will SSD and SSI receive the proposed coronavirus stimulus of the 1000 dollars to Americans?

        • jeff g.

          im pretty sure we will get a stimulus check,i guess their saying around $1,000

          • Melissa C.

            When will this happen?

          • Frances A.

            Will we have to file a tax return like bavk in 2008?

          • Crystal-Angel

            I’ve read that we may ne looking at checks within the next two weeks, supposedly. I haven’t read if SSI recipients will get it or not but I dont see why we won’t. We’re spending all our money right now during all this.

          • Hoosier M.

            2008 I did not get that one. Although this is different a type. This is suppose to help people. Let’s just hope they include us.

          • Cassandra b.

            What about if we recieve servival benefits.

          • Angel

            I hope so. They said on the news that the “working American” will receive a check

          • Joy

            If you don’t have to file taxes, will they still
            ” know ” about us?

          • wanda w.

            Jeff here it is,,,Cash payments of up to $1,200 would go to individuals, with up to $2,400 for couples. The sum would increase by $500 for every child. The check totals would start to phase out above $75,000 in adjusted gross income based on 2018 tax returns. People with no federal tax liability would get only $600.

          • Mscantis

            I’m not holding my breath on it. It would be great and very helpful, but until the bill is actually signed, we won’t know. As it stands right now McConnell is looking more at big business bailouts than the American public as a whole. Mainly for people making 75,000 a year and the amount goes down from there. Anyone making less than 40,000 get nothing, so obviously any of us on a fixed income don’t matter. Sad. Hopefully before this bill actually passes it will change. The president has changed his story so many times over so many different issues, it’s not really a surprise. I understand that people that are working to support themselves and families are in a bind as well, due to closures and layoffs, but don’t we matter as well. I worked since I was 16, now with respitory issues I can barely leave my house without losing my breath and having to stop and lean on a tree or a pole. Currently holding up in my house to try to ride this out. No one in or out, only to my door for fresh air. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.
            Good time to remember this is an election year, obviously I’m not a “Trumper”.

        • cade c.

          Yes as long as you dont owe back child support or garnishment via IRS or anything similar .

          • Mr

            They said it so many times when they were talking no definite answer.

          • MrSoul

            How you know about the child support part?

          • Sandy

            Will people on ssa/ and retirement get stimulus packet?

          • JERRYUUC


        • Debbie

          I was wondering this too as I am on SSI. Will it be direct deposit for those who get their SSI through their bank account?

          • Angela W.

            That’s what I’m wondering as well, I hope those on SSI qualify for it.

          • Marie

            I heard on the National News with Davis Muir, that “all adults” will receive the stimulus. They didn’t say, only those presently employed, or those getting SSA or SSI – they indicated ALL ADULTS.

            One person asks a simple question, hoping for reasonable responses – and everyone that is bored at home has to make nasty comments and act foolish. If you don’t grow up, you won’t be considered an adult, and won’t get a check!! We need to support each other right now. You’re probably the ones hoarding all the TP as well.

            No more comments are needed.

          • wanda w.


          • wanda w.

            same deposit type

        • Jack D.

          I read what the rules for Soc. Sec. and SSI recipients were in 2008. If you had no tax liability, including no income– you just have to file a tax return stating that you have no taxable income.
          The government needs to know who to send checks to and Social Security & IRS are inbred for purposes of this discussion. The checks are going to go to you if you give the courtesy of informing the government that you’re still alive and what address to mail a check to. For direct deposit recipients, a separate direct deposit arrives on or about your usual payment time.
          I’m surprised that none of you took the time to research this yourselves.

          • Brandi

            Thank you.

          • Rosanne H.

            Not correct!
            The government knows everyone who is on SS. You don’t tell them you are not filing. Government knows.

          • angela h.

            People on SSI wont be getting the checks, and yes the ones on SSDI have to file taxes From that year.

          • Tabatha C.

            I file before but just haven’t this year how do I do what you’re saying

          • John

            so if we’re on SSI disability we get the stimulus check or not it’s a simple question no one can answer it and we’ve got to be smart asses on here

      • lmao

        It’s a tough crowd of crybabies out here..

        • Mo

          Agree lol

      • Paz H.

        Wow lol and she still has the nerves to act clueless like she didn’t get blessed with a brain and act like she wasn’t rude.

        • PC

          Can we all just get along. This is something that has never happened in the 7 Contents. I would suggest contacting “WZZM 13 facts and check”… They will post the answers to your questions on the news because some of the comments that I’m seeing on this website is not called for. This is a time for a United Front!!!!!

          • Brenda l.

            I agree with you

      • Anonymous

        Are ppl who are currently recieving ssi payments each month qualify for the 1,000 benefit?

        • Elizabeth M.

          Everyone is saying yes, but I do bot believe those on Ssi…SSDI will receive a stimulus check. This check is to make up for the fact people are unable to work due to Covid19-wether because they contracted it or because of work being shut down, or the need for isolation. So I son’t see how that would apply to Ssi/ssdi?

          • TazzG

            Actually, yes. Every American, even those on every aspect of social security, and state aid, WILL be getting a stimulus check. This is due to the fact that president Trump , the senate, and congress all agree that it would take too long to go thru every American to see what their income is, etc. And they want to get these checks out asap.
            (Per: The Washington Post 3/18/2020)

          • Wolf

            Well I think trump should of be more clear about who in the low income ppl will get it me I’m on ssi for learning disability’s and because of our slum lord bump ur moldy rotten mfh rent up and other bills trying to get paid and taking care of 2 baby’s it’s been hard and also trying to get our family van fixed is impossible with what little money we have so if we the ssi ssdi ppl get a extra check would be a blessing and give us a chance to get ahead on bills or repairs

            I know we already get gov help but it’s not enough with the price of living and surviving month by month

            The family and me don’t even have cable just internet and Hulu besides that we can’t afford cable and stuff like that

            And ps
            The person that keeps saying
            (I see why ur on ssi )
            This is call internet bullying and is a federal crime

          • jean

            I read that everyone with a SS# will receive the stimulus check. When they determine the Cap of how much money you make a year you may have to pay it back in next years taxes. I think it’s at about 85,000.00 ! Read this in the LA times article.

          • Drew

            Some congress people are requesting that those individuals on Social Security would receive a smaller amount. The theory is that these funds are being provided to help individuals who are losing pay because of the virus. Law makers are looking at it as if those on social security are not losing wages, because the ssi and social security payments will be mailed as normal. It also should be known that in 2008 individuals who did not pay taxes in 2007 or who owed student loans, taxes or other garnishments to the government did not receive the payment in 2008. The Senate has not signed the bill so as far as it goes at this point no one is getting the money until the bill has passed the senate and at that time I am sure there will be more information available.

          • Jack D.

            No. You are wrong. The topic is who will receive a $1000 stimulus check. We all will if Uncle Sam sees our Social Security number pop up on the IRS rolls.
            The payments for working people is a completely different matter.
            The bill to be passed after the all adult who bother to register by filing a tax return that says you owe no taxes….
            well, the following bill will send money to help cover a crippled unemployment benefit agency, whatever it is called in your state. In the same bill, there will be monies sent to employers who (under penalty of perjury) swear that the money sent to them is to be passed onto the employees of the distressed businesses. This is supposed to carry the employees over until they get regular hours again or before their unemployment insurance kicks in.
            Then, there’s the bill that will send off fireworks. A $2.5 Billion payout to keep distressed companies with operating capital. This money will need to repaid by the corporations (at 0% interest). Real Americans got really pissed that we gave them a $5 Billion dollar stimulus to increase investment of new factories and hiring new workers, and give raises to the working poor. (McDonalds)
            Of course the corporations paid their executives huge bonuses, paid dividends to their wealthy investors, and bought up stock of their own companies. (This sudden stock purchasing ran the stock value higher for executives paid partly by stock blizzards.
            So, sort it out. I already outlined how YOUR $1000 bucks will arrive IF you can stop bickering and download or pick up the current tax forms- and file them before Wednesday, April 15.
            You now understand how you will act… if you really want the dough.
            Good luck.

          • Dawn

            I understand that people are going to loose there paychecks because of not being able to go to their jobs but those of us that are disabled just spent what we have just to stock up on things in our house. I don’t get very much but I am thankful to GOD that I get through each month this is hard on all Americans no matter where there income comes from. Can we all get along and help each other out in our time of need thats what Americans do be proud of who we are we are the American people let’s act like it GOD bless you all be safe safe and love one another GOD heal our minds body and souls in Jesus name amen.

          • Lisa H.

            i was thinking with all the price gouging it is hard for us to afford to pay for things. getting into money we use to pay for other things. I would think we would but you are right we have some income coming in inspite of how fast it is going out right now.

          • Sharon L.

            From what I have heard/read ONLY tax payers will receive a stimulus payment. SSDI is considered non-taxable income. I think if it is true that as a group we are being excluded it is a cruel gesture on the part of the government not to help care for the most vulnerable members in our society. Myself included. God save us all.

          • socilaist

            Many disabled people have to work because the check is way too low. I lost my part time job and can not longer pay my rent . Stop acting like people who get a check don’t work . I need an answer because I may commit suicide if I don’t get one. I did not ask to be autistic and need my part time job for food. My check only covered rent and utilities because it is not enough to live off of. If I lost my part time job and filed more then 2,500 in taxes in 2018, will I get the check too? This virus will cause more death by people committing suicide than the actual virus .

        • Ranae

          Yes we are or have been tax payers! We will receive and be included in stimulus package!!!

          • Tina

            The article that I Googled from The Washington Post stated taxpayers or people that filed taxes

          • Gramma S.

            I just wanna find toilet paper i can get delivered to home so i don’t have to go out more than necessary I wish people would stop hoarding and leave some for those of us that are on a fixed income. THAT WE HAVE SPENT OUR LIVES PAYING TAXES FOR AS WELL AS THOSE EMPLOYED NOW!!!

        • Bonny

          No. I read the only people eligible are the ones that filed a tax return. People on SSI, SSDI, SS retirement, will NOT be eligible.

          • BigBoa

            Funny. I only hear them saying “workers” or those on a payroll.

          • Deborah

            That’s bad. People on SSI have the very lowest income and the elderly on SSI have hardly any food stamps. This is hurting them too. Bad!

          • Jerry

            McConnell stated this morning disabled people and people that were unemployed would get paid.


          • vb

            I think that’s messed up if people on SSI don’t get one because we need it toi.. the measly 783 that I get a month I barely am able to pay my bills and very little food stamps. We should be able to receive a little extra too. We matter too.

          • Nancy

            Why don’t we all just wait and see what the bill that goes before the house and Senate says about who gets the check. Be patient. It should be soon.

          • Brett

            I pay taxes on my SSDI payments.

          • wanda w.

            Not true. Has nothing to do with tax filing. This is a stimulus that is different than anything ever. Every adult will receive a check…Period. SSDI, SSI, etvc

          • James M.

            Fake news

          • Lildarlin

            wrong…Cash payments of up to $1,200 would go to individuals, with up to $2,400 for couples. The sum would increase by $500 for every child. The check totals would start to phase out above $75,000 in adjusted gross income based on 2018 tax returns. People with no federal tax liability would get only $600.

          • Cathryn

            I hope I get a stimulus check in order to be able to assist my children who have lost there jobs. Blessing others is what we need to do no matter how big or small. I can eat beans and rice. Don’t want my children homeless, especially now. May God bless and protect us all.

        • Mel

          If you have been paying attention- EVERY AMERICAN- EVERY AMERICAN- as long as they can account for you- meaning- veritable address etc is accurate and up to date and correct. You , and your dependents – IF you have any WILL RECEIVE your checks. Hope this helps ?Have a great evening ?

      • Rebecca S.

        I get that posts and texts get misconceived but really???

      • Mat

        Very rude, for sure

      • Debra

        Will social security people get stimulus check

      • Georgia

        Perhaps she thought the COVID 19 may effect when the checks are sent out. You could have just said, “Yes, everyone will still get their checks because the system is automated.

      • Lady L.

        I also thought it was condescending and an undertoned way to say “yeah idiot”. You should understand some people aren’t exactly knowledgeable about how government funding works and a lot of people nowadays are constant victims to false and misleading news all over social media, especially when it comes to political/financial issues. So I find it very easy and too common that people need answers to such questions.

      • Michelle M.

        Well we still get our check and and will trump send people on ssi a check also

      • Marleen

        Do you know if us on SSI get a $1000.00 check to from government their talking about right now? And don’t be rude either????

        • wanda w.


      • Kat

        She’s just being cautious because they have suspended the government at one point and they withheld my Disability check, understand I received back pay when they started up again, but not the point, listen people on SS weather it be retirement, disability, SSI, ETC. we don’t receive enough as it is, for them to shut down that’s really bad for us.

      • Cosette d.

        Good answer.thanks

        • Monica

          Yes very good answer people on SS and ssd down make enough money I should know .. At the beginning of the year I was kicked of extra help for my Medicare and medicine over a 33 dollar raise .. So I a single person that pays 145 dollars for Medicare 35 dollars for drug plan and 20 percent for every Dr I go to.. I worked for almost 15 your in health care and always worked 60 to 75 hrs a week .. I’m have many health issues know and can’t work anymore because of them .. I don’t think that anyone on ss or ssd can make know a days I don’t get food stamps.. To be able to eat every month I go to food pantry so I don’t think the people are greedy .. But look at it from everyone points of view.. Either buy meds or food and make sure you have a roof over you head .. Life is very hard but just have to have faith in God he will provide.. Thank you everyone for listening.. And hopefully the government will help everyone because yes we get a check every month but we are scrap and barely get by and I’m not blaming anyone… But I will ? for everyone to be healthy…

          • Donna C.

            I agree. Those on any type of social security struggle. What gets me is if you have a job why do you think your intittled to the $1000? If you get laid off you’ll get unemployment. I mean come on! I worked for many years and so has many others on social security. We are just as intittled to that $1000 as anyone else. With all these people acting stupid and running out to clear off every shelf in our grocery stores, not caring about those who don’t have that luxury. Not caring about those who only get paid a small amount once a month. Grow up people. Think about the elderly and the disabled. Karma is a b***** and your lack of respect is sickening.

      • Mar

        Please Pray and lead your emotions by Faith! It’s going to be ok… just follow the advice.
        I’m wondering if us seniors are eligible for the $1,000.00 to sustain us? ??

        • Trish M.

          I sure hope that seniors and people that are retired, and the disabled, all receive the money!!

          • Dawn


          • wanda w.

            You will 🙂

          • April L.

            Every American will receive the Emergency Aid Stimulus.

        • Louis

          I may have missed it but I get SS and a very small pension check. Does anyone know if the pension check will Impact my chances ? Any response is appreciated.

      • Coaette D.

        That was not rude.she answered the question. She was askef you women should stop being so fucking uptight. So shut thanks again Dee

      • Cynthia R.

        Will they be on time

      • Dennis T.

        Oh shut the fuck up you big babies.

        • Beeze

          Thank you!!! Wish i could post

        • kevin s.

          Hey Ted. YOU shut the fuck up. Punk ass bitch!

      • Henry B.

        People give their comments and nude little answers but they still don’t tell us if we going to get the thousand dollars also

      • Eric W.

        My question is do disabled people qualify for the stimulus that people that can work will. I didn’t ask for brain cancer

      • Tammy T.

        I recieve social security because I take care of my adult disabled son. Will my son and I both be receiving a stimulus check?

      • Kirby

        Will we get a stimulous check as well??


        • wanda w.

          Cash payments of up to $1,200 would go to individuals, with up to $2,400 for couples. The sum would increase by $500 for every child. The check totals would start to phase out above $75,000 in adjusted gross income based on 2018 tax returns. People with no federal tax liability would get only $600.

      • Jack D.

        please disregard the pages of drivel written below about if a non government-employee was rude or not rude. What is rude is to monopolize this chat board with half-baked blather. Both side of the RUDE controversy, Knock it off.
        What happened with the stimulus payment is very likely to be reproduced soon. If you didn’t file a tax return last year, then file one that says you have no taxes to pay. That way the government knows all of your Soc. Sec. and SSI recepients are alive and where to send your full $1000 to. IRS and and Social Security are indistinguishable from each other for the purposes of getting you your moola.
        Just follow the new instructions, they aren’t going to re-invent the wheel. The method used in 2009 will in all likelihood simply be copied again.

        • Y W.

          As much as he hates Obama, maybe he will try to ‘out do’ him by a bigger amount. Lol…

        • M B.

          Thank you for being a voice of reason. SERIOUSLY, people??? I have little hope for humanity right now

        • Mark

          Can I call JG Wentworth?

      • Rashad

        Is there stimulus checks for SSDI/SSI why can’t who ever give a simple answer of yes or no

      • Linda

        Wow I’m with most people, we are not in a debate, it should not be going back and forth and turning into a hostile page. Who cares where you get your money, she was asking a question, I stopped scrolling no reply to the Initial question ask and this is the time that people should be getting along and worrying if they are going to be sick or whatever not going back-and-forth and saying who is rude who’s not if somebody knows the answer just answer if you don’t which we don’t right now then stop fighting.

      • cassandra b.

        Hey r we getting 1000 for people on SSI

      • Jackie B.

        Will the people on social security also receive the $1000.00 from the government due to the Coronavirus ?

      • Tracie L.

        Do we get the stimulus money

      • Preston W.

        Will the people on sis receive stimulus money also

      • Cat

        Very rude responses – a couple of them. Some of you don’t realize that people on SSDI still have to and are allowed to work part time jobs up to a certain amount and they are impacted as well. So to worry about their limited income can be a real concern for some if that’s all they will have to live on for a while. A simple answer can suffice. This is a time to be kind to everyone, no matter what?

        • Barbara

          Yes, SS recipients will be included in stimulus pkg.

          • Robert

            We are please explain more

      • Tammy

        That was rude And unprofessional! If I was your boss I would write you up for talking like that. You need a class to go to be more polite I. Your profession!

      • Bonnie

        Shes right..why would your benefits stop?nothing in any fake news media indicated it would..not even a whimper..We are all adults..sometimes we just need to stop and think and use what God has given us…A brain..

      • Dale

        Are social security recepient eligible for the stimulus package signed by the president

        • RONALD

          Republican shortchanged all the social security and Snap 63 millions recipients
          they do not care about senior citizens getting 50% lower than the poverty levels. These people are treated unfairly and they are the one most affected by covid-19 pandemics. Pelosi gave up fighting for these 63 millions starving senior citizens.

      • Jerry S.

        For those people who recieve social security and disability you will not be getting any stimulus check

        • John

          No one knows yet. NO final bill has been crafted for a vote in the House of Reps nor for the Senate approval and then on to the desk of the President for final approval !!!! For ANYONE on here to state they know for certain one way or the other is purely speculation on their part. Understand?? We will all find out the details/nuances of said bill if and when it is approved by all governing congressional parties. UNDERSTAND ??? Until then for ANYONE on this site to say they have the answer is making a guess, trying to tick people off or has wishful thinking delusions, psychic abilities the rest of us don’t possess or misguided biased interpretations.for a bill that has not been passed much less finalized for a vote. UNDERSTAND ? For anyone here to state they know one way or the other is simply wrong at this point !!!!

      • Joel W.

        To consider:

        Often, folks may ask questions, make inquiries considering that there may have been news that they did not have the opportunity to have learned about. They may be, in other words, intelligently considering that others may know something that they do not. The person making the inquiry, may be someone who is often dick and unable to regularly view news updates.

        Also, one should consider that the president has expressed an interest in stopping social security payouts. This may also be a concern of the person who presented the question.

        I think that folks should always be open possibilities.

        – J. Woodlyn

      • Larry

        No need to be pissy and RUDE. Check your manners.

      • Larry

        That answer was good news for me the way I see it good news is good news

      • Larry F.

        Unqualified, illiterate Bitch.

        • Nonyabusiness

          She wasn’t an social security employee…. No wonder this world is falling apart because of people who have to have the last word… shut up about what 1 person asked, regardless of the question, it was asked. No question is a stupid question. Everyone has an opinion of what was said so keep it to yourself, be nice, mind your own business. If it doesn’t apply to you don’t say anything.
          NOW can we get back to the subject at hand and quit wasting time over some one asking a simple question

      • Nita

        It was rude! Clearly it is a concern for many people who live on a small limited income. I was wondering the same thing myself, as It would effect the very substaince of my livelihood.

      • Terrance C.

        If there shutting down social security office what the social security administration offices that cut checks ?

      • Shelby T.

        It don’t affect ur monthly checks .

        • wanda w.

          No it does not… That all stays the same

      • Joe M.

        Will we be getting addition check’s like President trump said?

        • wanda w.

          Yes Joe

      • Jay

        Do people m.j on ssi and ssD get a stimulus check as well

      • Thomas N.

        Where can I go to discuss the amount of my monthly benefit, and whether I will be eligible for the bonus Government “checks” said to be going out to all citizens in U.S. who are in very precarious situations!?!

      • Rettia J.

        Simple yes or no

      • Tina

        Will people that receive SSI and don’t have to pay taxes be able to receive a stimulus check

      • Christine H.

        Will social security and ssi people get the stimulus check also or what may I ask please thank you.

      • Bob

        It will be a sliding scale. So ,from what I just read it is income based. So they said Soc sec ssi etc recipients will be receiving large increases in food stamps if they receive them as well as monthly increases of 100 or more in payments per month. That’s the latest for now

      • Jason

        Just answer the damn question or is it that hard

      • Peggy M.

        the answer is yes. Why do you ask?

      • Fuck u.

        You just started a whole book ?

      • Jonathan F.

        Will people on social security disability receive a 1000 dollar check like all of America

      • Rosetta

        Will we get the extra money like everyone else is getting since we are effected to by the way higher prices

      • Kelly M.

        In no way, shape or form was it rude..

      • Kelly

        What would be rude is if she said, “no, why would you?”

      • Rachel

        I’m trying to see your answer on if disability recipients are qualified for the $1,000, but everyone like always are fighting…… anyway, I get disability will I be getting that bonus 2?

      • Teresa

        How rude!!!

      • Old e.

        That was so rude that I went to my room and cried all night. I am 98 yo and live with my parents and need money so I can afford more soda crackers, potted meat, vienna sausages and geritol. If you are sorry for what you done by being so rude then prove it by sending me your check. Now I must go to watch re-runs of Lawrence Welk, I hear the tap dancer is going to do a number while they play Tea for Two and blow bubbles. (Geritol is Nature Spelled backwards).

      • Ruth S.

        Real nice

      • El P.

        WTF? All we want to know, is if us SSDI folks are going to recieve an extra government check for $1,000.00 as The pres. had mentioned??????

      • Dave

        Will SSDI folks be eligible for a Coronavirus stimulus check?

      • Tammy R.

        Hahaha LOL?this is so funny
        Not you but all the rude and not rude
        Thanks y’all✌

      • Sharon

        People are dying over the Coronavirus, and we are fighting over a simple question.

        We need to pray and ask God ? to guide and protect us during these difficult times.

      • James

        I’m trying to figure that one too I get SSI and SSDI my wife gets SSI we’re trying to figure out each going to get $1,000 or if it’s not going to happen with people on social security

      • Starla

        Some people are so bored with their liife they just have to come up with something to argue about!

      • Brenda W.

        It was a smart ass reply is what it was.

      • Tiki

        That person probably wasn’t trying to be rude at all trying to be more upbeat but I could see how you would have taken it wrong.
        We all have concerns and you have a right to have your opinion.

      • Stacy L.

        I would like to know the same thing most are asking here….Will we low income disabled folks get a stimulus check or not!? I live on such a low income I could use the help. Please, someone answer this question!

      • amzue420

        So, now instead of sharing useful information we’re going to spend our time and energy discussing whether or not someone’s comment was rude? I have found no indications whatsoever that SS payments will be interrupted in any way and as far as I can tell, SS recipients will get a check of some kind as well. And why not? Many of us work just as hard as anyone else and we have bills and obligations to meet just like anyone else. Anyone of you who think SS is an entitlement, need to call your local SS rep and learn something about SS. 99.9% of the people who work in SS are fantastic people who will take the time to answer your questions accurately and honestly.

        • cj

          Your response appears to actually be one of only a few helpful, sane responses on the page. Thank you for providing some much needed clarity to someone who appears to have drunk the koolaid. I have been looking, but can’t find any info on the impact Covid Unemployment Insurance Payments have on SSDI individuals who were working part time, lost their jobs and now qualify for unemployment insurance. Because of the way the Bill was written, tacking another $600.00 per week on top of what the normal unemployment benefit would normally be, the unemployed disabled part time worker will now receive an additional $2400.00 per month. This exceeds the allowed monthly limit an SSDI recipients can earn. This will be a problem for all SSDI part time workers, who have lost their part time jobs due to COVID19 and apply for unemployment.

      • Tara M.

        Do sssdi recipients receive a stimulus check also?

      • dominic

        I bet this is dee curran the rude overweight girl that got the gastric bypass but is still overweight and lives in a 10×10 dump of a room with her mom and 2 dogs and both are perfectly able to work but are just lazy and mooch off the government and lie about having jobs to family, the mom says she works as a radio DJ and dee says she helps people adopt dogs. they are the scum of the earth and take advantage of the system

      • Adam

        No need in being an asswhole not everyone knows everything as you do older people are scared now have some compassion

      • Sherry

        OMG….. The correct response should have been, ” Yes, of course you will receive your checks as usual,” This was not your family member you were responding to here. If you are having a hard time being nice to you ‘CUSTOMER’ then perhaps you should not be on the “Let us answer your questions and concerns ” Website, I hope the Supervisor’s are monitoring this “Comment” section and god I hope this was not a Supervisor.

      • KAI

        You should also check spelling when you type. I believe you may have meant “of” instead of “if”.

        Your response makes it sound like you think the person asking should know better. If someone is asking a question, they obviously either don’t know or unsure about that particular scenario.

      • Maria I.

        Helloooo. You people should get a life! We are in a crisis situation and you are obsessed with rudeness? No, there was no I’ll will in his response, but you all have a mob lynching mentality!!

      • Lisa

        That reply was condescending. You were attempting to insult her. I was hoping I could find answers to questions and not the usual social media BS.

      • ben

        you haven’t been rude in my opinion is a straight forward answer

      • Emily B.

        Answered question – conversation closed. Why keep binging up “asked and answered”

      • Marcia B.

        How do you know what the government will do – you are rude and need to shut up

      • Jan

        Thank you for you answer

      • Elise S.

        Are we included in the stimulus checks that are.going out to Americans?

        • Ann C.

          Hi, Elise. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

      • OliveMartinii

        I thought the same, hearing everything this closing down, people out of work! Didn’t know how serious it was going to be! Just an honest outlook on the situation.

      • Linda G.

        Everyone relax your acting like shit dont matter but it does for some of us and regardless of ones answer freedom of speach quit taking ones anwer as a direct attack!! we as in the intire nation has far more problems to pay attention to and if you think for 1 second it wont effect you it appsalutly will its a matter of when. They as in medical science can have my whole check to find a cure or vaccine because i tested positive and would love a cure. So shut up and pay attention because like me i didnt worry about it much and look where that got me and if nothing i said interested you than try putting my shoes cuz dealth is far less painful im sure and this message was typed by a nurse cuz i have no control of my own hand

      • Tiffney E.

        On SSI, Will I get any benefits from The Coronia Virus?

        • Ann C.

          Hi, Tiffney. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

          • Sandra

            Thank you for your help!

      • Landon D.

        I aplod your quoet

      • Robert H.

        You were just fine. Remember this is the crybaby always offended world we live in today….

      • Sharon

        All I want to know is will SS recipients get the stimulus check too. I live on a paltry 700.00 monthly and pay all my own bills with no help. I could use the extra money for medicine and food because I have no insurance or food card. And I am ,71 years old. Right now I have less than 200.00 to get essentials, I never buy luxury items. I haven’t even had cable in over 10 years. We seniors need extra help too.

        • Ann C.

          Hi, Sharon. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

      • Nancy B.

        Will social security retirement recipients receive Anything from Stimulus Package?

        • Ann C.

          Hi, Nancy. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

      • Nicole

        Very rude

      • jay

        I found that idiotic, why would SSI stop? Now the question most seniors with paltrySSI file no tax returns and get zero. 150,000 a year get two checks and 500 per child Fair, every American? Who ever came up with this screwed up system?

      • murray

        She didn’t answer with a question for those out there that care to feign intellect or an understanding of English use. She answered, then asked a question herself. And there was nothing rude about requesting information regarding the subject of the question. Spend more time living and less time fruitlessly flapping your phalanges people. No one cares about your need to provide us with your opinions. An opinion does no require fact nor truth. Infallibly, not open to opinion it just is, not rude. ?

      • Sarah

        I think its easy to see this virus has everyone worrying don’t think anyone means to sound stupid or be rude.

      • Melissa

        Omg I’m trying to read important information an all I’m reading is almost everyone having a debate about a question or answer that may or may not be rude. My question is why do so many of you care? Your very negative. Move on an talk about something with substance an hope.

      • Naii

        For the people that didn’t go to school or that didn’t pay attention in school, of course you wouldn’t know that reply was a rude remark. Reading majority of the posts. I can tell most of us still have a brain attached to our heads and pay attention in CLASS.

      • Janine S.

        This ridiculous people. You are all grown. If there has to be that much of a debate on whether something is or isn’t rude chances are it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t get on this sight for this childish bullshit. I can tell you this. My mother might give a reply like that like ” Of course honey why wouldn’t you” if you can add honey to a statement and it doesn’t sound sarcastic it’s probably not that rude. Or worth that many full grown adults acting like babies “grow a pair America” I’m sorry that statement was definitely NOT rude. Now can people see the difference and stop crying long enough for me to find out any information other than what is our isn’t rude. What a waste of reading material I read for 5 min. And didn’t find out anything. The sad part is nobody else even figured out whether what she said was or wasn’t rude.

      • Mary

        will peope on disability get a Coronavirus stimulus package too

      • Cris

        People go to college and there is an article telling all about the coronavirus stimulus checks. I couldn’t forward the article here, but I wanted to help you all by sharing where to go for the questions you have about this issue, I hope it helps. Have a nice day.?

        • Cris

          I meant to say go 2 (The College – for the article about Coronavirus Stimulus Checks, maybe it will help Answer Questions about your issues.

      • Luann

        I still don’t see the answer. Will we, or won’t we get our monthly SS checks. Dee is not an employee of the ss adminstration.

        • C. A.

          We will still receive our regular checks if the bill is passed all ppl will receive a stimulus check.. also I cannot believe how much belittling and disrespect goes on here this is supposed to be a sight where we can get answers to our questions and concerns that we may have regarding our checks ECT. .. seriously we r all in the same boat nobody is better then the other… Can’t believe how supportive u all are … It sad for real… But to find more info on the stimulus check u can text the 509-444-2000 (channel 2 news) and text the word money..

      • Mariatta W.


      • Billammo

        That was a Jack Ass answer.

      • Amber

        Btw, That was not rude at all!❤️

      • Cynthia P.

        Dee it was not rude, they need to mind their own business

      • Brandon

        No the hell it wont rude its called being a smartass but i forgot these are young and old democratic bs snowflaes that dont have a sense of humor and believes we all should hold hands and live in a fantasy world damn retarded ppl now if i offend anyone then kiss my ass I done my job

      • John L.


      • John L.

        Go we’re not getting stimulus check if your on SSI disability or not getting a check no stimulus check

      • babs

        we are getting our checks for next month while they figure out this shutdown crap ?

      • GS1

        Does anyone understand this “rude” reply was not from a SSI official just one of us get over it, move on and let the employee of SSI answer without the nonsense!

      • Toby

        Lol it was rude. He probably has a bad mental illness that makes him a dick

      • Donna M.

        yes, you are

      • Donald P.

        That reply was not rude it was a direct answer to a direct question. How else were they to reply???? For real?

      • Annie B.

        Why wouldn’t you? Because Trump wants to cut tens of billions of dollars from SSD benefits. That’s why. It won’t happen until his re-election but it will happen.

      • Eric

        I get ssi so will the money come to my direct Express card

      • Cyndi

        Most likely brought up with no manners it was very rude I hate to see that person in about 10 years! Learn how to speak to people not talk down to them just one day somebody’s going to talk down to you and you’re not going to like it

      • Russell b.

        Does anyone know about when we can get this stimulus pay on our checks

      • Jo A.

        People, enough already about the comment, rude or not..Do you see what you people are doing..You are fighting over something very small at this time with what is going on.Let it go and concentrate on staying safe, staying connected and trying to do something to help someone in some way. This country needs more love not more fighting…

      • barbara s.

        between andy and dee you two ought go steady =hook up or just fuck —-you both are incompetent to even answer questions ===rude i do not care about rude i am rude all the the time ===but you two are immature dick heads now that is rude i yes would have been just fine
        do not have grandarents ==that is what i get from this ===answer

      • barbara s.

        hope somebody fired your
        nasty ass

      • robin

        geeze nasty reply

      • Lynn F.

        SSDI and SS don’t stop, I don’t care about federal welfare programs like SSI because those people only suck from the hard working taxpayer and never paid into the system. By the way for all you whiners don’t waste your crybaby comments on me I do my homework and also worked for the Social Security Administration. So look up federal welfare programs and you will see what I mean. For the sake of all the candy ass whiners out there your reply WASN’T rude.

      • Larry W.

        what kind of way to answer a question

      • Celestine. L.

        That was a rude reply if u can not answer truefully don’t answer any one that says it was not rude must think the way she does instead of rudeness just skip it the way u answer that question u should not have said anything. Just b cuz u were having a bad time

      • Angela

        Cause to me this whole things messed up,as there is no answer to those who like me have my daughter claim me as dependent due to she used her gas to take me,wear an tear on her new car,gets me lunch. My question that’s NOPLACE TO BE ANSWRED,CANT GET A REAL PERSON ON THE PHONE OR ONLINE TO HELP. IF MY DAUGHTER CLAIMED MYSELF AS A DEPENDENT

      • Laurie V.

        So where’s my payment

    • B M.

      check directly sent by mail! WILL THIS CONTINUE?

      • Linda H.

        Social security has it on their main screen that you have to check with your local post office. I just read that on there a second ago before reading these.

      • Ann C.

        Hi. Please visit the United States Postal Service for their latest statements about COVID-19. You can visit our website to learn how to sign up for Direct Deposit. We hope this helps.

        • Catherine

          Can you please answer lot of people do SSI and SSDI people receiving the same$1000 stimulus package

          • Ernest B.

            Will people on Social Security be getting $1,000 check within two weeks of Coronavirus

          • Stormy W.

            I just read on the Business Insider website that you will only receive it if you filed taxes last year. I have been on SSDI since 2006 and have never received one, but I don’t file taxes either. Stay Well y’all!~Brightest of Blessings.

        • Amanda N.

          It doesn’t help me as I’ve been trying to get direct deposit for 5 months and noone can get my payment on a direct express card !

          • Deedra R.

            That’s crazy I got mines on my direct express card as soon as I was approved

        • Anita S.

          I still through all these questions have not seen one answer for those on SSI/SSA/or SSDI about if they will get a stimulus check or not & if so will thos hurt their HUD or their Food Stamps? Can some one fron the government answer these questions?

          • Me

            They have not finished the bill yet. They are expected to vote Monday.

        • Abby

          Will the Stimulus payment be directly deposited into ur bank account /Direct Express cards or be sent out as a check and received in the mail?

        • Michael

          Question people on ssi will they be getting those checks also

    • Deborah A.

      Will we be getting a stimulas check

      • Amy

        I sure hope so lol

      • Melissa B.

        Hi –
        That’s the info i am looking for too. I believe in 2008 SSDI recipients did NOT receive anything because it was based on earned income. But these are different circumstances and im hoping they recognize disabled will be suffering too, with other family members out of work, costs of home delivery, etc. Im a single mom and still have to feed the kids and the oldest just got his hours cut way back. Lets cross our fingers!

        • Dave

          Exactly. People cant compare this to 2008. This is an illness that can affect the disabled far more seriously. It would make no sense to leave the most vulnerable people out.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Debbie. You will continue to receive your monthly benefit amount if you use Direct Deposit. For pay dates, check out our Schedule of Social Security Payments. We hope this helps.

      • ES

        Hi Ann.

        Is there any channel we can report abuse and negligence by SSA workers?And i don’t mean the local SSA office phone number.Because it is impossible to get to a supervisor or manger when you call that number.I mean the contacts of someone with authority over these local offices. My mom’s application for Medicare and Spousal Benefits will be denied in a couple of days because the workers at SSA office lost her paperwork .We went to the office twice last month and they lost her documents twice. Now in these dire times of need she will have neither Medicare nor a Social Security check. She is sad and worried.

        • Tb

          What state are you in

          • Tracy E.


          • ES


        • Matt

          You need to call your local congressman’s office. Whichever one represents you in Washington and every office which should be a local office, it was in my case, has someone that looks directly into your claim for you. That way worked best for me. Took me almost 3 years to get approved for disability. Hope you have better luck than I did. God bless you.

          • ES

            Thank you for the suggestion Matt. I will call my representative’s office and see if they can help. Stay safe. God Bless you too.

        • Ann C.

          Hi. We are sorry to hear about your mother’s experience. She can submit feedback by visiting our Contact Social Security page. Once there, select the “Email Us” link. This will take her to the “Email A Question to our Support Team” form, where she can complete and submit a compliment, complaint, or suggestion. We hope this helps.

          • ES


            Thank you for your reply.That e-mail link doesn’t work for me. I keep trying and I get the message below. Is there any other alternative? My moms deadline is on March 20, I appreciate your help.Stay safe you and your family.

            We’re sorry…
            We cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later.

        • A C.

          It took my husband 8 years to get approved. Yes, he will get back pay, still waiting. He first filed in Jan of 2012 and got his first check Jan of 2020. He lost his CDL due to going on insulin had both knees replaced in 2015, and has COPD. We finally had to get an attorney.

      • Bernadette C.

        HI I was wondering if I and my 4 year old son will still get our SSDI

        • Lanier

          Kids don’t get ssdi they get ssi

          • Gina P.

            My kids get ssd thru my ssd

        • wanda w.

          Yes…., your son will also get 500 but deposited in your account

      • clover


      • Tonya

        Will people on ssi get the $1000 as well

    • Mark W.

      Are thay giveing money to every one like trump said or is that another lie

      • Paul S.

        Oh you hate Trump until you hear he’s passing out money?! Lol. Typical Demrat. #KAG2020.

        • LaTonya W.

          You’re rude and why it has to be a Political Party thing most of you Republicans see he’s unfairness as well so I feel you’re an ALL AMERICAN AIRHEAD

          • Dee

            Well…that sure sounds like a “political party thing.”

        • kevin s.

          Still hate him, by the way. It’s the American peoples money. It came from our taxes.

          • Rebecca S.

            Couldn’t agree more

          • Murphyslaw

            Don’t think Democrats can collect the 1000 $$$

          • DAWN

            Trump is doing EVERYTHING he can to help this country how ca you hate him. totally off base! Evil Pelosi didnt care about helping america people her mind was on slipping baby murdering money into the stimulus bill. what an evil female she truly is. Trump is about saving lives not killing people THANK GOD!

          • Mabel

            Yes…American taxpayers money. Som if you have never worked, why should you get the money? There is a fine line here.

          • wanda w.

            No it does not… That all stays the same

        • Mjb1967

          Nope still hate his fucking guts

          • Cloudy

            TDS does not qualify for extra support and you can run your hateful mouths on every other media. Your rudeness will only increase the support of those of us who appreciate the President who looks out for the citizens of this country whether they support him or not.

          • Rose

            Good no check for you dumbass

          • Steve

            Your language is disgusting and completely innapropriate. It does, however, explain a lot about your intelligence and mental acuity.


          I am appalled at how many in this thread are unnecessarily being unkind. This is a time we should all be kind and help each other out no matter what religion, race, or for gosh sakes who we voted for. We are ALL human beings.
          Respect and kindly help where you can.

          • Smurphette423

            OMG! Thank you! I was reading all this crap on here and thinking the same thing!

          • Pam

            Thank you.. People are here for answers not hate…Some of these comments are ridiculous….

          • Siane

            So true . Life is to short. For unnecessary petty arguments. Some people intentions may not be warranted as rude. Bit how someone may perceive it.
            Move on. We learn. Forgive. Grow.
            My Lord. People are getting sick, dying, trying to fund where there next meal is coming from. So on . And use are talking about something so trivial.
            God bless us all.

          • wanda w.

            I agree. To those concerned about getting your check if you do not file taxes,..please do not worry. You will. SSI, SSDI, etc will get the stimulus check. Thank you

        • Cara


          • Sharyl

            Remember people. This money for the coronavirus is not free. It will have to be paid back. Not from us, but from our children and gramdchildren. I am a Democrat and I thank Mitt Romney( who suggested the stimulus), Nancy Pelosi, Steve Mnuchin and yes, Donald Trump. I just hope that they think of us on Social Security also. But if not I am glad my children and grandchildren will be getting the help. But this is not free money. It has a place in peoples pockets only temporarily.

          • The O.

            Trump is campaigning?…You say that like it’s a bad thing… God Chose Trump to defeat the evil Demon possesed liberals. We need to thank God for this.

        • Dana

          LOL. This is HILARIOUS. ?

        • Dave S.

          No shit.. damn snow flakes are happy as pig in shit

        • Susan

          I hate trump regardless if I get the money or not. He’s the reason we’re in this mess. His heads up his ass.

          • Tessa

            You need to stop getting your info from Facebook and cnn

          • gina

            you are crazy …Trump didn’t cause this virus…. people like you should have to take a test to vote.

          • Kim G.

            Wow!!! How is this Trumps fault? Put fault where it belongs!!! On China!!! That is where it started and CPC permit people to travel by which it has spread!!!

          • Susan

            Your total ignorance with your comment is appalling! OMG

          • Nico

            How exactly did POTUS Trump do this??? The WUHAN VIRUS AKA C-Virus CAME FROM CHINA DUMBASS! POTUS Trump is the BEST ever and get your tissues out for one more term 🙂 DumboRATS are so out of touch and just plain crazy…. I guess someone has to keep the shrinks in business right? Thank you POTUS Trump for ALWAYS putting USA #1! #KAG #MakingAGA 🙂

        • Gene S.

          Yeah right

        • ref

          oh get out from his pants

        • ANGEL24K

          I hate Chump money or not he is evil

        • Mrs. A.

          Paul, the president is not giving away money, the government is. And they are not giving it away because when this is all over WE will pay it back one way or another. If you are on any type of SS benefits, you would know how much the President has taken away from those of us who have worked our whole life building this Great Country of OURS only to be thrown crumbs in our Golden years.

      • Bob.

        Mazing you want something from somebody a call a liar

        • Nevida S.

          Children Children act right my goodness!!

    • Ms H.

      I usually receive my daughters checks on the 3rd Monday, but ours did not come. Today still nothing? I am hoping it comes by tomorrow because since my husband passed away this is a main source of our income. Does anyone know of any delays?

      • Dana

        Ms Honey,
        Mail is behind in some areas. That may be the reason. I hope it comes, iIm on SSID . Will we receive any extra money? I know my water bill has had an increase and so was my electric.

      • Robert

        I have direct deposit , why would you not have it? Then you would not have to worry about delays in the mail.

        • 8125500842

          My grandmother recieves ssi benefits and everyone i speak to that recieves SSI has already received their money but my grandmother has nothing..

    • Charlie D.

      Dear SSA ,

      It seems the Federal government is bailing out Stock Market, Businesses, workers, and state employees across the board with paid leave, 3 months FMLA, and cash benefits!


      As it is we live frugally , on fixed income and fixed budget ! I did not have enough funds from check for hygiene, health, sanitizing and disinfectant products, let alone toilet paper or Food!

      Please Mr.Trump Do not forget us Us and allow a raise on out monthly benefits!

      Signed – ” the forgotten “

      • Kari

        I totally agree, I dont get much a month from ssdi and I barely covers rent,electric phone,supplies and food,and now with covid-19 it’s even worse to get by.

      • jay

        Look low income like myself receiving disability & SSI because I can no longer work, yet did close to 40 years, I do NOT see them giving us one cent of this “stimulus”. I didn’t get any of the last “stimulus” either. We are the forgotten, period. He is bailing out the airlines of all things! And people working, out of work and with kids. Don’t expect one cent for us, trust me, he doesn’t care one bit about us. I live on less than $800 a month, not on welfare, nor section 8, nor kids. I pay ALL of my bills & have little left over, and VERY little left right now w/all the extra things I had to purchase to survive. We are the forgotten and will continue to be the forgotten when it comes to the “stimulus package”. So don’t expect it. Sorry but only the select few will be getting it 🙁

        • Catherine B.

          I hope he continues to forget us when it comes to budget cuts but we should be so lucky

          However, those of us on SSI are not unaffected by the virus since some of us are in greater danger or high risk because of our illnesses

          If I am forced to take a bus rather then uber because I can’t afford uber and I am in a high risk group, then I am in greater danger of catching the virus and dying from it, and just as likely to spread it around
          as anyone else.

          Besides we are the poorest group of people around If they want to depend on a group to spend that cash we are sure to be that group

          And we did get the stimlus in 2009, At least I did It wasn’t much though I think it was around 250.00. Still, we were included

          What I worry about is would we all have to fill out a tax form? If so then we are going to have to leave our houses to go get the paperwork etc I hope they make it easy to do it all online

          I am not very practiced in filling out tax forms either

          • Wayne S.

            Fair Question, senior citizen and disabled people who are low income rely 100% on their checks , food, rent, medicine, all living expenses. We are all scared what will happen if we can’t pay for the basics, we are scared we will get evicted and be homeless and without needed medicine.

          • susan o.

            I don’t know how you got it most of us didn’t and most of us will not. They don’t care about the very poor and never will

        • MIni

          100% agree

        • James

          You can work some and be on SSI, it’s your own fault for not trying harder

          • Faye M.

            I understand what you mean but that’s a little bit rude and judgmental to say my daughter is on SSI and is completely blind from solar retinopathy she was born with that some know she cannot work everyone is not able to work that receives SSI

          • Jordan

            What an asshole you are!!!

          • Rebecka

            Hi James, I’m on SSDI for a reason. It’s debilitating to do most things let alone work. I worked all my life until the last year and when I did, it was a struggle to work. Don’t say we don’t TRY HARD ENOUGH. Remember, there is a reason we are on it!

          • Teresa

            Our kids in Indiana are out till May 1st. It was announced today. Stay safe and have a great night.

        • Truman

          If it is based of of the 2008 stimulus then everyone except SSI will receive the stimulus package. For those of you who have not filed a tax return yet do so immediately even if it shows no income this was a requirement in 2008.

      • Tessa

        If it wasn’t for people who work ssi would not exist. So the stimulus package to keep the economy floating is beneficial to you even if you aren’t handed an additional sum. The problem here is that people always have their hands out wanting more – instead of arguing here as if it were Facebook – Take this time to educate yourself concerning the economy. This is the reason finances are so screwed up. And as far as paying taxes, ssi and SSDI do not pay taxes unless they are working. This is a useless feed with too much drama. It is causing more stress than listening to the Democrats circular reasoning.

        • Tara

          I worked 50+ hours a week for 20 years, before becoming disabled. I paid into social security just like those that work today. I still pay car, home and purchase taxes. Why are you even on this site?

          • Mabel

            Many people on SSI have never worked a day in their life. They have never paid employee taxes.

          • Connie M.

            Well I think people on disability Social Security should get it can I pay my house payment in my water and my electric we have nothing and that is bull they make it harder on people on Social Security Disability to make it and you get $15 a month food stamps that is so wrong you let these people out here having kids right and left and they get five six $700 a month I’m raising my granddaughter and they gave me $15 a month for her that you tell me what’s right what’s wrong I didn’t only got three mouths to feed now I’m not too there’s three of us down and I can barely make it sometimes I have to boy toilet paper and is bull I can put shampoo and soap I can’t afford this liquid Jana for laundry detergent so how they expect us to make it we’re just as good as he people with money but you’re not looking at that they taking care of these women out of here and men out here doing whatever they want to do taking her food stamps and selling them for drugs whatever and they won’t help the elderly people in the people on disability Social Security and you tell me where that’s right it’s wrong

        • Lisa H.

          not totally true on the taxes. if one spouse is working and one on SSDI they do and will tax some of the SSDI. 50% of mine was taxed this year.

      • Amy

        I’m not even on SSI, I exist on child support caring for a chronically ill child, awaiting her SSI application approval. I am positive I am not an “every American” who will receive a stimulus check. We do not even “scrape by” every month. lol. Payment plans on utilities, utility assistance, my daughter qualifies for MDCP but that doesn’t help with anything but respite care, really. So, yeah, I totally understand feeling a little forgotten when they say they will go by 2018 tax filings for the checks….

    • Krystal

      Will we be getting our SSI checks early because of the coronavirus?

    • Joseph

      Will we get the virus relief funds?

    • Laura c.

      Are we going to recieve the 1000 stimulus also?

    • Christopher

      I had the same question, I have not seen anything saying we would or we would not. So I was unsure, unless something changes. I wont be able to maintain my home with my kids and wife. I work as much as I can but the restaurant is stopped right now and seziures come from outa noplace so I really need to know.

      • Teresa M.

        It’s a coronavirus stimulus. Who’s most susceptible to dying from CV? Ppl over 65. It would be a shame that ppl drawing SS are exempt from stimulus money. Those most vulnerable don’t get any financial help. Hoping we do ?

        • Kelly

          That’s a great way to look at it. Their are some that can work and they don’t won’t to work draws disability. Their are some that want’s to work and misses work that can’t work. Their barely get by on what they draw. So I agree with you I also think the ones on Disability/SSI shouldn’t be forgotten.

    • Linda

      I’m sure we will.

      • Anne M.

        You are getting SSDI now right? You are NOT paying taxes, anymore correct (like me)? Be thankful you have money coming in every month unllike some others. God, how greedy people get? Shame on you.

        • truth

          its people like you make the disable suffer your turn it take sometimes years to get help on top of that serious health problems that you can not work that’s how some become homeless waiting for approval for funds and still not enough to survive shut the f up until your a can no longer work cause of illness remember what I said your better off you just looking for a hand out your not disabled !

    • Tammy c.

      R we getting stimulas checks

    • Toni

      YIKES…..someone isn’t very nice here.
      I’ll go somewhere else.

    • Laguna M.

      The world is collapsing around us and you guys are arguing about whether a response is rude or not? Holy Christ.

      • Dawn

        Pitiful and sad isn’t it?

    • Luz L.

      Can everyone please just answer our concerns without fighting?? Are we entitled to receive an additional 1,000.00 beside our “normal” benefit amounts and if so, when?

    • Sinister

      I was going to ask questions here but it seems that people are to busy being stupid So I’m outta here stage left
      I don’t need this kind of crap in my life

    • Sharise

      Did anyone ever answer your question do ssi /ssa people get the $ 1000 as well I’m trying to find out myself

      • Donna H.

        Since they wont answer anyone on that question tells me. The answer is no.

      • Aaa

        If you flip through it says no… not at this time because social security is not required too…

    • Michael Q.

      Read below the level of concern of so many SS recipients, as it amounts to zero. Zero in normal times, but, now, with so many other REAL problems those concerns are WAY lower than lower.

    • Willow

      Monthly disability and retirement checks should go out on or near same date however, those that are self employed who make very little or who receive just snap benefits may only get an increase in snap benefits and no check. The bill at one point proposes, only working families get the check. I am a dog groomer I work from home , I make under twenty thousand and have never received Any stimulus check, I file and do everything right. I do see though, thru the bill , if your already getting a disability check , for not working, you may Not get the corona stimulus check because your already receiving money from the government.

      • Thomas

        Where did you get this information from?

    • Rainee S.

      I know we’ll be getting our monthly checks. I get mine on the 1st of the month. But what I’m not sure of is if I qualify for the stimulus payment because I get SSI.

      • Ryan D.

        Mich McConnell just said on national TV that retirees and “dissabled” Americans WILL be apart of the stimulus checks go8ng out. The majority leader of the Senate said that the answer is YES

        • Samantha

          I think he means people on SSD not people on SSI. when they did this the last time people on SSI were not eligible

          • Jeff B.

            I’ve been on SSDI since 2004, I’ve never received a stimulus check.
            I’m hoping that this time around, folks who don’t receive enough to file – don’t have dependent children, will receive the same assistance.
            Here’s to hoping.

        • Matthew M.

          Let’s hope so. Everything is costing more. It’s time to take care of Americans we give aid to the whole world.

    • Karen K.

      Will SSD receive the additional payment President Trump is approving? I prepared for virus. Which cost money I would not usually have to purchase. I have .98 cent until April 3 SSD payment.

    • Bc


      • Semcgr

        i farted.

    • Billy

      The president did not say you would not get your check in April you will get your check what makes you say you won’t as far as a stimulus check I think that’s what people who are laid off who are or who owned businesses I do not think it’s for people on Social Security Disability or SSI

      • Allison

        I agree. While they don’t get much each month, they will 100% still have an income. I think if a stimulus is given, it should be to those who are out of work, and don’t get paid. I am not clear or what everyone is saying they spent so much extra money on. If you stay home and only go out when needed you are safe. My husband works outside for a phone company and we does not have the luxury of staying inside or you guys wouldn’t have your internet to complain. He is still employed so we don’t need this check either. I think only those who are truly out of work should qualify. Get mad if you want guys, but come on. Your income is guaranteed, some people’s are not. Feel sorry for those who were told to go home and we will see you in a month and they have 0 income. At least you guys will still get your money on the 1st. Thank you and I am sorry if I upset anyone, but seriously there are hundreds of comments saying will I get extra??? It makes me sad. You should be praying for those who will have NOTHING.

        • Vanity

          My check is 553 dollars a month. We are on fixed incomes. We can’t afford supplies and some of us have spouses who are out of work. Therefore, your comment is retarded. I hope YOU don’t get it so you can see HOW WE LIVE 24/7. HOW ABOUT THAT? If anyone deserves it, IT’S US. They need people to SPEND this money. People on SSI probably will get this money. The bill said EVERY AMERICAN ADULT.

          • Andrea H.

            if andrea will get the money in two week

        • Anita

          But if they send you that check you will use it, even if you say you dont need it

        • amanda p.

          I am on disability in my 30s. $800 is not enough to live off of. I get SSDI and have to work part time . I came searching for an answer and all it is is boomers arguing about if a comment it rude. It is rude arguing about it and not answering . If I worked part time in 2018 will I get the check still? If not, I might as well kill myself.

          • The O.

            Do not kill yourself Amanda until you give me your kidneys and Liver, I am going to do everything the Doctor told me was wrong when I was younger, I will start drinking, smoking, and hanging around with women of ill repute.

    • Matt

      Yes we will.

    • Mary C.

      I talk to someone who’s work at SS
      No we don’t qualified for it

    • Billy

      Why would you not get your Social Security or SSI in April the federal government shutdown last year and you still got it this year the government open so why would you not receive it what makes you ask that question

    • Laurie

      I read that people on social security will receive Stimulus check and It will be sent like your regular Social Security check or deposit. The only people not getting a check are people who are millionaires. Stay safe everyone. God bless and protect.

      • Linda E.

        I just saw a reporter ask Trump if anyone was excluded from a stimulus check and he said millionaires ..
        Yes SSI and SS recipients will get a check .Amount is not totally decided on .Could be $750 , could be $1000

        • Knowles P.

          thats the amount!
          no kidding

      • Donna C.

        I agree. Those on any type of social security struggle. What gets me is if you have a job why do you think your intittled to the $1000? If you get laid off you’ll get unemployment. I mean come on! I worked for many years and so has many others on social security. We are just as intittled to that $1000 as anyone else. With all these people acting stupid and running out to clear off every shelf in our grocery stores, not caring about those who don’t have that luxury. Not caring about those who only get paid a small amount once a month. Grow up people. Think about the elderly and the disabled. Karma is a b***** and your lack of respect is sickening.i hope your right. Those on any type of social security deserve it just as much as anyone else. I worked for many years, paid my taxes just like anyone else, and I get screwed on social security disability. I barely service each month. We all deserve a break to. Those who get laid off will get unemployment, so what’s the difference between that and social security it’s still an income.

    • Annie

      Since there is a $2000 limit in assets for single people who receive SSI will this $1000 check make you Ineligible or would it not count as assets for a certain period of time? Would you need to report it to social security?

      • Truman

        It will not count as an asset

    • Charlie

      Oh for Gods sake the lady asked a simple question it was answered with another question it was not rude but it wasn’t very nice it turns into a goddamn Fiasco about who was rude it was but it wasn’t Let It Go people Christ Almighty and yes ma’am the checks will we delivered or how are you get them I’m not sure – direct deposit they will be delivered on time nothing nothing late that I’m aware of it this point have a great day

    • Marr

      Without facial expression you really don’t know how the reply should be interpreted If it was said in person with a smile it would probably be interpreted as a positive and reassuring response must likely. I personally think that she just wanted to help by answering the question.

    • Joyce

      My ? Is if you receive SSI or SSD will you receive stimulate pay. coronaviris 2020.

    • BigBoa

      If I had to put money on it right now, I would say no.

      When I was younger, the focus was ALWAYS on “helping seniors and people on fixed incomes”. Now that I’m on disability, the focus seems to be on “workers”.

      I’ve noticed NOTHING being said about those on disability specifically. Thus the reasoning for my answer.

      They’re already talking about 2 and 3 checks being sent out later. Perhaps those will include us, but I wouldn’t spend any of the money just yet.

      Hopefully I’m wrong.

    • janice

      I GET MY SS CHECKS ON THE 3Rd of evey month. Will i still get my checks on time?

      • Ms H.

        Our benefits are, or at least should, be an automatic occurence. Why would the be affected? The trust fund that our monies come from are not endangered. It is the health if the country that is questioned. While we have an idiot residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave he will not all the US to be totally broken down … I think. No he wouldn’t … I hope. No, were good … ???Let’s just pray ????

      • wanda w.


    • Natasha A.

      Good morning..can someone please tell me if I receive SSI are we apart of the 2020 stimulus payment will we receive extra benefits as well?

      • wanda w.


        • Chantel

          Are you sure Wanda?

    • Karen D.

      Are everybody on ssi/ssdi really supposed to be getting a $1000 stimulus package within a week

      • Stefanie A.

        No people like us who are on disability or ssi dont count for the stimulus check..

        • md

          why not?

    • sue h.

      If you don’t have one , make a ‘MY Social Security’ account for yourself on the web site. They are free & very simple, step by step how to do it. You can ask any SS related questions you want and get the correct answers. You will also be able to look at all your SS money earnings and any new increases that may be coming your way. And yes, you got a rude reply but keep in mind this is a very stressful time that we are all dealing with and leave it at that. Stay well…

    • Susan

      Are we going to get a check to when Trump send them out

    • Anthony F.

      Will i get my money

    • Tammy T.

      I recieve social security because I take care of my adult disabled son. Will my son and I both be receiving a stimulus check?

    • Heather H.

      According to the social security website your SSI, SSDI will still be deposited as normal and you will still get your paper checks as normal, unless the postal service gets shut down and or unless the government says otherwise. Continue to check with the social security website daily for updates. There is still no confirmed decision on exactly who will get the stimulus checks, we won’t know any of that until Congress and the president agree and sign something. So for now you’ll have to be patient, watch the news and save every penny you can. I hope this helps.

      • Dave

        I think since this is a national health emergency that affects everyone and since most disabled are the most vulnerable its common sense to believe people who are disabled would be included. This is not 2008.

    • Chelé

      OMG,, seriously arguing about responses! We are all scared. But this is a worry for those of us depending on those checks. If we don’t receive checks, people are going to go without food & not be able to pay our bills. We all need to stick together & be kind to one another.

    • Recpect

      I hope so there is alot of people afraid and depend on it

    • Bob W.

      Are people that are on social security disability going to get that 1000 dollars to

    • Joni I.

      People on SSDI will they get the $1000 check also?

    • Karen H.

      Yes we will see ssi comes from out of a trust fund our money is deposited from a automated system so yes

    • Big D.

      You fucking people need to learn to stay on subject. If you’re going to cry over some person on the internet being “rude” you need to grow up
      Nobody cares how you feel. Pussies. A bunch of liberal whine bags.

    • Jazz

      If sumone on ssi will they get a stimulus package???

    • Melissa

      So my question is will we receive the extra help that they’re saying could be $1000 since we are on Social Security or Social Security disability? We are the ones that are really struggling to because we’ve had to buy extra things and put things on credit cards to make ends meet you’re in this coronavirus

    • Joyce

      Are people on Social security going to get the stimulus checks?

    • Brenda R.

      I’m wandering if the people that draw social security will get a check from this stimulus package

    • J m.

      Does anyone believe what come out of poliiticans mouth.they say anything to smoth the plan and just do what ever.if the rich get a check everyone is entitled to there share

    • Louis j.

      Are people with ssi getting a stimulus check

    • Cindy

      I think we will still get our regular checks. But question do we receive any kind of money out of this stimulas package?

      • TOMMY S.

        I am 73 yrs old, on SSI, with a heart condition and type2 diabetes. My only income source is SSI, I’ve bought enough food to last out March, but THAT’S IT. So because of this damn virus, why shouldn’t I, along with millions of other senior citizens just like myself, be qualified to receive the $1,000 (or whatever) stimulus money through Direct Deposit?? We have no more $$ to pay for protective equipment such as the N95 mask, or for Uber to take us grocery shopping (I no longer drive), or to buy hand sanitizers & toilet tissue IF it was available. ISN’T OUR SELF- ISOLATING ENOUGH FOR THOSE OVERPAID WASHINGTON POLITICIANS?? Who is looking out for OUR interests NOW?!?

      • Jay


    • Annoyed

      Will disabled recipients receive the relief check?

    • Ms H.

      Our benefits are, or at least should, be an automatic occurence. Why would the be affected? The trust fund that our monies come from are not endangered. It is the health if the country that is questioned. While we have an idiot residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave he will not all the US to be totally broken down … I think. No he wouldn’t … I hope. No, were good … ???Let’s just pray ????

    • Ron

      The way it appears they’ll do this is everyone on ss retirement and disability will get the stimulus payment IF you filed taxes last year but don’t get over set amounts from additional income from pensions and so forth. Most don’t get extra income so don’t file, so no stimulus. We’ll not have our regular payment interrupted. As an example … my parents get ssr as well as pensions so file taxes and get over $100,000 yearly so probably won’t get it, and I get $845 monthly so have no reason to ever file so won’t get it.

    • colleen

      My husband was suppose to get his today and did not recieve it – hopefully its just late !?

    • Caroline M.

      Still be getting my check next month SSi

    • Sandra G.

      I agree.
      Don’t read this stream. It is not being monitored and contains unhelpful and hurtful comments.

    • alina

      Really.. we are adults or I thought so… all the sudden I felt I was on Facebook or reading one of my grand kids post.
      the point is not if this person was rude or not the point is does she get her SS check…

    • SHANECE B.

      If a person is disabled Is people who receive ssi is they sending people 1000 checks

    • Mikey A.

      Queen about the stimulus package they recently announced about the Americans is that including the disable unemployed recieving $1000 also or what

    • Cheryl

      Will people on Social Security SSI or disability be getting the stimulus checks

      • jksr1


    • Jessica M.

      Does anyone know if we will be receiving the economic stimulus check Trump is talking about?

      • Michelle P.

        The people who are in disability ssi check with cualified for the stimulus money

    • Dave

      I’m sure people on ssi will get one figure it out 1000 dollars time 210 million adults there 330 million people in the USA 210 are adults

    • Jess

      As of now it seems like the 1k is for workers that lost there jobs due to the virus lock down. So I would think people who’s income isn’t affected would not receive this money.

    • Louis D.

      Will we still be receiving our SSI check with the CoronaVirus Stipend this month!??

      • Littliebit

        does SSI people get a 1000 to

        • Ann C.

          Hi. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • Deena R.

      Will we that draw disability get the 1,0000 check

    • roberta

      get over the “that was a rude response” this isn’t about manners…good grief people grow up

    • Cliff h.

      I just read it wont be affected in anyway and yes people on disabilty will also get the $1000 check Romney is wanting people to giet $3000 and $1500 for a child but yes its for everyone except people with high income

    • Pops

      Ben Ray why are you so vulgar, what are you 12 or something. Either way grow up.

    • Kathy C.

      Will the paper on retirement / Social Security get the thousand-dollar stimulus check

    • Pam


    • Susan B.

      You fucking idiots are ass wipes, spread yourselves out for the cause

      • Keith


    • Janice

      Yes you will still get your monthly check

    • Yvette B.

      Will ssd get stimulus check yes or no

    • Kevin

      Will we get a stimulus check , for people on social security?

      • wanda w.

        Kevin, Yes you will

    • Sue

      You snowflakes are hilarious.

    • Vickie

      Do we also qualify for the covid-19 check if we are o.n disability..

      • wanda w.


    • Rat

      Someone needs to stand up for the Social Security recipients we need to get stimulus to we have a choice now to buy extra cleaning products or to buy food to live so leaving us out would be totally wrong

    • Connie

      Fair question, we have no idea what our government will or will not do. Since our government funds are low and even though this is a crisis everything can come to a halt.

    • tisha l.

      ha ha its like facebook. Where is my popcorn

    • Ronnie

      Will the people on disability get a stimulus check for 2020?

    • Chris A.

      will us social security recipients be getting a 1000.00 stimulus check in 2020 due to the conravirus or is it for just the working people i was wondering

    • Mary C.

      Even if we don’t file taxes, we pay taxes in almost everything we pay for!!!!

    • Terry

      As a couple who though stokes and heart failures in our 40s the amounts of our combined checkes hardly get us through month to month. Will medical, medications rent, utilities and food most months we do without paying something. Now no one wants to take us to appointments or to get our groceries or meds. Food and supply prices are going up as they will continue to increase. I hope that there will be a stimulus package for those on SS, SSI or on any government assistance.

    • donnat

      Debbie that is not a dumb question. It went through my mind that since the SSA offices arent staffed, the who the hell is there to send out checks and make direct deposits. Of course mostly everything is computerized by someone actually has to print the checks and stuff them in envelopes. But it will be ok. Maybe we will get lucky and get our checks a bit early. We surely can use it.

    • Julie

      Does anyone know if You get SSI do we get the $1000 stimulant check? And if so how do you know if you qualify for it?

    • redbone

      are the people on disablity going to get a 1000 dollar check

    • Pettybetty

      Question will those who collects social security will they get part of the stillimus money from the coronavirus

    • Jeff B.

      That response wasn’t rude. You asked if you’re going to receive your regular monthly check. And the person responding said why wouldn’t you receive it, of course you’re going to receive it. That’s an answer to your question. Why would you not receive it? What makes you think you wouldn’t receive it? That’s not rude to ask. Of course you’re going to receive your check we all are

    • Natasha M.

      I don’t know how true this is but they said at the end of this month we will get $1,000

    • Steve

      Will ss retirees get a stimulus check

    • K.C.Sr.

      Are you people kidding me right now…
      Maybe we can just ask and answer questions that are very important to the people asking them and if you can’t answer it like a human, stay off the platform.

      I’ll bet people who answer in that manor are probably under 35, our so called next generation.

      A generation of programs ‘ROBOTS’.

    • Montie

      My question is I live on disability which I receive the 3rd of the month. I’ve never been one to completely understand the what goes on where the Government is concerned. I’ve been told by some I would be eligible at the same time I’ve been told I wouldn’t be eligible for this money to compensate during the Coronavirus-government-payments-checks-133994

      • Joni

        Following… I’ve been wondering the same thing..

    • Brad

      No proof but what I have been hearing is that the gov looks at this situation as far as us on ssdi etc… is we still get income as we always have where so many people that work and pay taxes now find themselves without any pay – see the difference. I think that’s why we may be bummin- I hope what I heard is wrong.
      Hope that helps explain why we may not get one.

    • Glenda

      I was always taught not to answer a question with a question but I really don’t think they were trying to be rude. I truly hope we get something because I’m going to run out of food and my bills will take all my check next month.

    • Sarah d.

      Yes, and all you people who want to argue over something so unimportant are stupid! Now that’s ride of me to say and I don’t give a shit! ?

    • Mary C.

      Hi Everyone. What’s Up With All The Rude Comments. Yes Everybody Who Received SS,SSI And SSD Will Get A 1,000 Check. All You Have To Do Is Research It.

      • Theresa

        Hi can I please know where did you see or read that people with SSI will also be getting the $1000. Because I been searching and haven’t found anything. Please and thank you

    • Camille

      Yes we will get out checks on our regular date .. my question is will people on social security or disability get a stimulus check?? I don’t know how to find out

    • Rhonda

      I know social security will continue however what about SSI disability checks? Are the continuing as well are they going to get the 1000.00 too. I hope so since i have several disabled adult neighbors who are only getting 780? A month and have been hard as well. Anyone know?

    • Karen

      Quit fighting please! Does any know whether retired SS benefits recipients get the Covid stimulus check?

    • Andrew

      Can you fucking assholes arguing show some respect here , everyone is in the same situation & nobody’s fucking cause is greater then the next person’s .

    • Yvonne W.

      I’m on disability will I receive a stimulus package in addition to my monthly payment ?

    • David

      I’ve read thru all of these responses and especially this question, and what I find amazing is what appears to me that people are more worried about getting a check and the stimulus checks than talking and sharing information about this very serious crisis that America is in at this time.

      It is not just on this board, but other boards that people are really not getting how serious this is and I think President Trump has had a great deal to downplay this like he said three weeks ago calling is a hoax and it was going to do away. That was sheer arrogant ignorance.

      People need to really get their heads in the right place about this crisis. This is very, very serious and they need to follow guidelines to shelter at home, not to be going out to bars and partying.

      If you are concerned about being laid off and have no other income coming in or getting sick and have no way to pay our bills, then that is what your elected officials are for. Start emailing your Congressman and Senators and voicing your concerns. The more of you that will get your elected officials know of your concerns and keep up the communication to them as to what they are going to do to help you and others in your situation, the more help will be provided. And don’t just stop at the national level, contact your State Officials. State officials and Governors can do a lot for their citizens that are being financially injured due to this national crisis.

      And one last bit of advice, everyone needs to chill out, stop panic buying, and when posting on boards, give common courtesy. And if you are in doubt what that is because you were not raised taught what common courtesy is, then don’t open your mouth or at least think twice about saying something that you really should not be saying.

      Some will say, you do you think you are God, by telling what to do…know I am not telling you these things just because I am trying to tell you what to do, you should already know that I am saying is truth and should already be doing it. It is time for this me-me attitude in America stops now. WE ALL have to pull together here to get thru this. WE ALL have to abide by the changes in our daily lives because of this crisis, because my friends, if we don’t, all it will take is a few arrogant people that don’t shelter in place because of their sheer ignorance in not seeing how serious this crisis is, we will have a million or more people dying from this virus in this country over the next several months. Stop your complaining and whining. Let your valid concerns known to your elected officials, and most of all, if the guidelines say, SHELTER AT HOME, stay at home. The time of during this crisis of having the the attitude I am going to do what I want regardless and to heck with anyone else MUST STOP TODAY. Either see the sheer truth in what I proceeded or be an ignorant arrogant ass because you feel someone is talking down to you or trying to tell you what to do. All of what I have said, any intelligent person that has a brain should already know and do what I have stated. Be smart to be safe and most of all, treat your fellow man the way you want to be treated.

    • Sharon

      Will people who get disability still get a check as we?l

    • Kathleen

      Can someone answer the question please

    • Chenoa M.

      From what I’ve read so far, we will be getting our regular checks on time and SSDI recipients will receive it but only if they filed their taxes this year.
      Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen, SSI recipients will NOT get the stimulus.

      • James

        You are completely wrong they said if you file your taxes in 2018 not this year. People are still doing their taxes this year, they aren’t even due yet.

    • Jay

      Do people m.j on ssi and ssD get a stimulus check as well

    • s s.

      A “yes” or “no” would have been a more appropriate reply. The response sounded like she was talking down/being disrespectful to the person asking about her monthly check. The reply was certainly NOT professional.

    • Dean P.

      I heard on CNN the dirt check will be disbursed on April 6, and the next one on May 12.

    • Kevin G.

      My thinking about the folks clogging up this thread arguing about bullshit and rudeness are on Vlad’s payroll, what better way to turn us against each other, they’re really good at it and you people fell right in, I also came here for the answer to the actual question but I’ll be damned if I’m going to go thru 865 posts to find out nobody knows

    • Kimbreley K.

      I agree the response sounded a bit snide….however, we all need to remember that this is a very scary situation for ALL of us as a community. It is normal to be afraid, as many of our older recipients are, and it is also a normal reaction for some to seem rude or snide, when that wasnt their intention. Everyone deals with stress differently, and what is important now is to stay calm, remember that the people around you are in the exact same boat with you, and if we PULL TOGETHER, focus on helping one another and not just ourselves, we will all have an easier time getting through this. Not to mention that the person or people we help along the way will undoubtedly be more likely to return the kindness or pay it forward! It isn’t “every man for himself”, and the minute we allow it to become so, we have lost the war-not just the battle…take care of each other and be kind.

    • Israel G.

      seniors and people that are on SSI or SSI d will they qualify for the stimulus package just asking a question please answer thank you for your time and God bless you all and be safe

    • lisa2727

      You may also be getting extra money as well.

    • Theo

      It’s absolutely amazing how I got on this site to get a simple question answered and ran into a bunch of grown ups arguing over. Who or who didn’t answer a with respect and tact.

    • Babydriver

      WOW!Just read the responses about asking a question w/a question ! I think you all should get over it already! Cronalogically I’m a senior but I don’t have much in common with those who responded. PLEASE ; Don’t diss my God & Savior Jesus Christ! I think some out here have no respect that there are people of Faith on Google. No faith in God is why you all seem to be kinda of arrogant & rude! This is a war as President Trump said. It is as prophesied in Revelation 6! Ooh! The end is coming near for the
      world! If you get Corona & die; where will be your eternity? ? Only two places to go UP or DOWN!! THINK ABOUT THAT!

    • Kelli

      Those who are on Disability or those who receive Social Security did NOT get an economic stimulus check under Bush nor Obama. I wouldn’t count on it; however, enjoy the surprise if you do.

      • Lildarlin

        This has nothing to do with “filing taxes” Yes you will get a check on SSI, SSDI, or SSI

    • Mr. T.

      Nobody answered the question? I guess that’s a no!

      • wanda w.

        Mr T, you will get your check if you receive SSI, SSDi, etc. This has nothing to do with filing taxes. Thank you

    • Susan

      Regardless of whether or not the original answer was appropriate or not – almost everyone who continued on were wrong to bring such negativity to a simple question that was answered. What this world needs now more than ever is kindness & let us please just be nicer to each other.

    • Paula G.

      IT WAS A RUDE RESPONSE. If you cant do better than that you dont belong in your position.
      Now lets see how you do with another question.
      Will Social Security recipients that dont work in addition to receiving their SS Benefits, receive any payments from this Coronavirus Stimulus package?
      Thank You.

    • Milton

      Milton will you be releaseing the checks early

    • Christine

      I thought I could find others who may have info on receiving additional help with a stimulus package. Didn’t expect so many comments regarding a reply.
      Does anyone have info on any extra help?

    • Bubba

      Hell no!

    • nancy k.

      due to the cononavirus will people on SSD and SSI get a check to help with food and meds

      Thank You

    • JoAnn

      Trying to read the lack of information on this site is like being in my grandbabies kindergarten class.GROW UP PEOPLE.

    • B

      I receive under $8000.00 in Social Security Benefits and so I do not have to file taxes. Would we be included in the $1000.00 checks?

      • Molly A.

        The REAL question, and I can’t believe no one has asked this yet is: “IF we get any amount of stimulus check from the govt for dealing with this Covid-19, WILL WE HAVE TO PAY IT BACK NEXT YEAR, like we did when Pres. Bush gave everyone a stimulus check of $200 years ago?
        Anyone? Any answers?

        Yes, we got a check for $200, but everyone seems to have forgotten that the following year, when tax time came around, everyone had to pay that money back!

        Can you imagine having to pay back $1,000, or potentially $2,000, this time?!!

        • wanda w.

          This has NOTHING to do with stimulus money in the past. This has nothing to do with filing taxes, and no you do not have to pay it back

    • Brian

      From what I heard we will still get out monthly SSDI and SSI CHECKS’! They are also saying that we will receive any extra money there giving for the virus to help the economy!! So we will see!!!!

    • Mary

      Will ppl getting social security retirement get stimulus check

    • Tonya

      I wonder if people on Social Security will receive the Conoravirus relief fund?

    • Renee

      I can’t believe I actually read some of the comments, and you can tell there are alot of people that think they know about social security and they don’t. From what I have been following all Americans will receive the stimulus payments. For the people stating ssdi people shouldn’t receive it I don’t see why not. You can have federal taxes taken from it so those people pay taxes as well. And I can’t believe people are actually on here belittling each other when our country is in a crisis. PLEASE GROW UP PEOPLE CAME HERE FOR ADVICE NOT CRITICISM

    • Donna C.

      You sure will.

    • Kerrin

      All this energy that everyone is using to say the response was rude or was not rude should go towards helping family, friends, and community. The few min used to opinionate this response again could of went to checking on how we can help our nation. People take comments online in the wrong way and im sure if they said the comment face to face it wouldnt of sounded rude. Let be kind and fight the virus as one.

    • Llewellyn w.

      If I’m on ssi will we the people’s get the thousand dollars Because a 50cent roll of tissues cost three dollars that’s not fair for people on ssi one roll that’s mistreatment

    • Tamera

      I stumbled on this by accident . Don’t all of you have something else to do. The second sentence was poor English “If course you will” I don’t think the person was being intentionally rude, people have become too sensitive.

    • Murphyslaw

      Wow,,stores are gonna open early so us poor feeble old people can shop early,,, looking at these comments about a comment are concerning,,But if youlookhard enough here,,you’ll see one realcomment,,, that says everyone on ss will get the stimulas package

    • Deb

      Wars could be started over misinterpretation of a text!

    • Ass w.

      Everyone of you here need to chill. The world and people in it have been rude as you say forever. Today your bored because your staying home and your online to see it. The good old USA has changed but people have not. People write things down here or elsewhere to give others a hard time, well some of you were the ones who never worked, over extended, one so on. To the woman who wrote down what she thinks the government should do and she says thousand is not enough. First off if it’s not well good, now you can see how the rest of us survived working our asses off for three bucks and still need help. I made 20 dollars to much in the 90 .s so I could not get a foodstamp or rent help. Know what I did, got another job and worked two. I’ll take the thousand and because I can survive because I know no other way. I’ll tell you what if you need money that bad to live go to bum row and give them a room in your home for a few bucks this will help. I know you only have six and where would your children live after they are born in seven years?. Maybe turn heat down, shower every other day until this is over, eat bologna rather than steak, drink water not pop if you need flavor spend a buck and get the addative that will get you flavor, put the smokes and booze down, buy tuna, and so on. I bet you ran out freaking and got all the ass while you could because that’s where this virus can come from right. Just so you know by doing this you put the sewers at risk when people start shoving bad stuff down the toilet. The bad thing is Someone out there is going to have to wipe their ass somehow and it will get on there hand. Oh now we have shitty hand people passing more diseases out there , thanks slot I am sending them to your house

    • Annette C.

      i can’t believe how long you all went on about a rude that really important with all that is going on in the world..move on agree to disagree..i heard that if you are ssi or ssdi yes you will get the stimulus check its for fallout from covid and it has nothing to do with if you are working or not the only stipulation is if you make 75000 a year you don’t get it

    • A

      Will people on social security income be getting any stimulus money

    • Rich C.

      Other than the fact that the answer was grammatically crafted incorrectly, it was a neutral response. Whatever meaning you added to it, was yours.
      I pray we continue to receive our monthly checks.

    • Sharon B.

      You all sound like children. Grow up!

    • Lildarlin

      shut up you people about being rude for a question. YES U WILL GET A STIMULAS CHECK IF YOU ON SSI, SSDI, OR SSI. This has nothing to do with filing taxes like Bush and Obama did with the 300.00. Didn’t you watch tv today to those who keep talking about being rude instead of being mean to the ones like myself on SSDI. YES we will get a stimulus check. Thank you

    • Brandon H.

      Are people on SSI eligible for the $1,000 per adult due to the Coronavirus

    • tammy a.

      Will people on SSI or ssdi get these checks

    • Rick

      Just wondering because I’m on ssi would I receive the stimulus package from the government, or is it just the working class

    • T

      Will people whom receive welfare receive the 1000$?

    • Janine

      Yes we will into our banks ??

    • Jay

      Question will we receive the extra 1,0000 help from gov?

    • Larry

      Will service members drawing 100% disability be getting the Coronavirus pay the president is talking about?


      Yes we will ?…but I’m wondering if we get the help of a stimulus check as well ,it will definitely help cause we’ve all I’m sure have had to spend extras to survive for needs to secure ourselves as well ??‍♀️..I pray they please help us as well????

    • Gloria M.

      Are retired and disable people going to received the $1000.00 that they want to give according to the news

    • RD

      My husband pays taxes on his SSD every month . He carries me& 2 underaged children. My adult daughter receives a SSI because she’s a disabled adult.My question Is do I also receive a stimulus check since we filed as married filing jointly? Will my daughter receive a smaller stimulus since she’s on SSI?

    • Cynthia

      Hope you and your family are well. Are you referring to your social security check or the Stimulus Check that is being discussed at this time.
      If you are referring to your Social Security check that will NOT stop.
      If you are referring to the Stimulus check the The House and Senate are discussing the details of the Stimulus check. This also include people on social security and other vulnerable Americans. When the deal has been finalized by both parties the President will announce it and explain the details. There has been however, speculations on how much Americans will receive, but again we will not know until it has been finalized and the President signs the bill.
      Stay Safe

    • desert c.

      The feds said a few days ago that social security recipients will receive the stimulus. It is still in the works in congress. The commentors must still be in jun ior high school, grow up, everybody.

    • criss

      How about showing some compassion, I ended up on this page because I also receive SSDI and I’m researching to see if I qualify.. Perhaps the person who asked if they would still get their normal check is concerned and truly doesn’t know the answer, I’ve had a lot of people ask me the same thing.. So yeah, show some compassion to those who need a question anwsered!

    • NEMZ


    • Tara

    • Cody

      So are we going to get a check from Donald Trump even though we’re on Social Security I heard something about us receiving $1,000 every American sorry adult American or is it just for taxpayers only

    • Jen l.

      Is there any news on whether or not people who receive ssi, ssdi, or retirement are being included to receive stimulus if approved by congress? I cant seem to find any info about it

    • Debra K.

      Have you found a sure answer yet to the question about ssi and SSDI. I CAN TRY TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONFOR I HAVE Researched as best as I can, I dint think anyone can really answer that question fit another week, there just now at the White House trying to figure out all the ways for American to get the extra money they need to servive, they have said that the first week in April some Americans will see a increase in money. But no one right now really knows who will get first, or hie much each will get, if that answers the question, without raised argument thus is what I have been told, so fir now until it’s a sure thing, we have to stay healthy, and safe, love each other as Americans should, this isn’t a place to argue and if someone puts a question on here that usually means there wearied about there family and themself. anyone is on SSI or SSD please guys that means there disabled, you don’t get thus income unless you are, they need the money and they fight every month just to make it thru, thank you and God bless each of you, be safe and healthy.

    • Ed b.

      Will we get out ssi n food stamps on time

    • Bobbie N.

      Will we get extra money from the president.

    • Linda

      People will still get their checks. No ssi people will not get the 1000 it is going to those who paid taxes 2018 tax year.

    • Ronald R.

      Hopefully it pays some of my bills.without it I’m Dead

    • lisa

      how about this everyone agree to disagree and smile and move on!

    • Baby

      Are people really concerned about someone responding rudely at a time like this!!! The subject was “are SSI folks getting a stimulant check???

    • Ted R.

      OMG this is so crazy rude or not rude who cares

    • TIFFANY S.

      If u are paying your child support but owe back child support will u still get a stimulus check

    • Stephanie s.

      If we are already getting SSI check do we get the extra money to

    • Nick N.

      do you think the rest of us on ssi /ssdi will receive stimulus money because this is cost us alot more that we wouldnt normally spend in in a normal month orbuget for as well

    • James

      Will us on ssi receive any stimulus money???

    • Ginger A.

      This is a disaster relief check. Get over it. My gosh. The things people get made over now-a-days is unreal. God bless our President for helping everyone through this, and be thankful you are getting something instead of all going on and on about this person being rude. Get over it. Doubt it was his/her intention. People make mistakes, right? Do we not have forgiveness anymore? Doesn’t seem like it in this day and age. God bless everyone and stay safe.

    • tina

      On March 19, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released a draft bill of the “Phase Three” stimulus package. The Republican plan (which you can read, here) includes the following, among other things,
      A tax credit of $1,200 per adult and $500 for each child for some families. The amount would be lower for people making between $75,000 and $99,000 a year, and none for people making over that amount. For people who pay less than $1200 in taxes the amount goes down, down to a minimum of $600 for the poorest people who have no federal income tax liability. And even that $600 is dependent on making at least $2,5000 in qualifying income.

    • kathy

      does any one know if any one who gets disability will be getting the $1000 checks that are being sent out? and of so , is there a date?

    • Gary S.

      Will the People who get SSDI receive a $1000.00 as part of the stimulus package? It’s difficult to pay the bills, on $886/month. I would like to pay my car insurance.

    • Candace

      Ridiculous that you can’t ask a question without having to go through a ton of childish replies.! The nation is in crisis. If you’re just bored go find somewhere else to argue about trivial things. Geez!!!

    • Maria T.

      Will people on SSI and SSD be getting a $ 1000 stimulus package

    • Linda

      Mark it is you’re not your.

    • Holly C.

      I’m on ssi and will I get stimulus check ?!?

      • Ann C.

        Hi, Holly. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • Greg s.

      Getting monthly checks and people on SSI will get an additional 600.00 could be a two time thing another 600.00 in 6 more weeks. Should see an additional 600 1stof April then in middle of may

    • Yvette

      Omg are you people really debating if the response is rude…wow what is this world coming to…rude is not responding at all… Etiquette 101…

    • TWynn

      This is unbelievable this was set up for important Q&A and instead it’s turned into junior high school. We all are concern and have important question that need answering. Nobody was born a genius and there are no dumb question in a situation like this. Once agin our PRESIDENT HAS FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE DISABLED COMMUNITY AMD SENIORS. We are always an after thought how are we suppose to purchase extra groceries water toiletries vital things need. But no one cares about us. The other person was right we need to help each other. EVERYONE BE SAFE AND GOOD LUCK GOD BE WITH YOU ALL.

    • Donna B.

    • JOHN E.

      You people are ridiculous

    • Amanda P.

      All of you guys saying that a stimulus check will help stimulate the economy for people that are on disability isn’t necessarily so… many people on disability are drug addicts so therefore if they’re buying stuff on the street it’s not going to help the economy one bit. also dispensaries are closed so people will be seeking marijuana on the streets that won’t stimulate the economy.

      • deborah l.

        how do you know are you a drug addict thats not right to say that grow up

    • Nichelle

      Will people on ssi or ssd get a stimulus check

      • Ann C.

        Hi, Nichelle. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • Lisa

      YES, people use your heads! Stop the b.s. and be smart. If your concerned then watch the live news broadcasts or watch the news. Look it up for heaven’s sake. Everything everyone is asking is on the news and on the SSD, SSI website. It clearly says we will get our checks!!
      Also, why would people who haven’t lost their jobs due to the virus be entitled to checks?? You’re still getting your monthly payment. Also, it hasn’t even been passed yet so I don’t know why your getting so worked up! THIS IS TO HELP THOSE WHO HAVE LOST JOBS! Just FYI if you watch the news or read reports it clearly says they are working on a proposal that states: If you FILED TAXES IN 2018 then you will be entitled to $1200 for individuals who earn less then $75/yr and $500 per child. (if single) If you don’t file $600
      Depending on your household income on all!!!
      More important things right now than fighting and bickering over such petty crap. And, you all sound so greedy worrying about money when you don’t even work. Think about the families who have lost their jobs and have nothing to fall back on. Pray for each other instead of being so petty!! Help yourselves and find the answers that are clearly in front of you. I did! And most of all GROW UP!!

    • FIDEL


    • George

      I just read all of these crazy blogs which are like hamsters in a wheel. Those of us who receive Disability are all worrying about the Stimulus Check and can’t get a straight answer. Folks, instead of arguing with each other, let’s realize what IS important – our health and finances. Band together, care for each other, and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!! Best wishes to all, and let’s keep hope that we will receive that much needed stimulus check.

    • OliveMartinii

      I don’t think you so rude! The people on here trying to make something out of nothing are being rude! I feel the same way, will this effect me? It’s made me angry, mad, sad, scared, all of the above! These people just won’t get it, they’re not in this situation so what the f do they know anyways! Seems to me that if won’t affect or payments, but we should still be titled to some compensation. Good luck with everything, be safe during this time.

    • Laura

      Hilarious thread ? !!

    • Sonja B.

      Yes, anyone receiving SSI SSDI will still get their checks on time. Those will not be messed with.

    • Will L.

      Hello Debbie Sakraida,

      Like you, I came here seeking definitive answer to a specific question. While you have received an answer; I am replying to your question–the first one appearing on the page–five days later in order to help others avoid the experience I just endured.

      Many others have posed the same question I have: “Will Social Security benefit recipients receive the stimulus payments?” without receiving any official response.

      News reports on the stimulus proposal generally represent it as a “lifeline” likely to be extended to those who are out of work and, consequently, income due to Covid19.

      Those of us receiving SSI, whether by direct deposit or check, are not “unemployed” as a result of Covid19; thus, we retain our income, meager though it might be and perhaps placed under additional strain by costs associated with social-distancing constraints, such as the higher cost of delivered groceries as opposed to doing our own shopping in person.

      Someone posting comment here as “Anonymous” stated, but without reference to information source(s), that SSI recipients did receive stimulus during a previous era. While that presents hope to possibly desperate people, I hope it is not false hope; and I caution my fellow citizens not to place undue faith in such claims.

      Those seeking official response, rather than sometimes rash opinions or even rude invective, can simply search through the (1303 as of my visit) comments posted on this page by conducting a “Ctrl-F” text search for “Public Affairs Specialist” and quickly find the replies posted by an actual Social Security Administration representative.

      As of my own visit on the afternoon of 21 March, none of those 20+ official replies address the frequently posted question: “Will Social Security benefit recipients receive the stimulus payments?” in any manner whatsoever.

      Others have speculated, and I concur, that no reply is offered because no official position exists. Remember, we are asking for an answer on a subject that is really only a proposal today. I suspect that SSA will only respond to the noted question after legislation is enacted and directives are subsequently passed on to bureaucratic functionaries.

      It is the nature of bureaucrats to keep their necks tucked safely under their protective shells. It is too bad that none seem to have the courage to offer even the simple cautionary advice that I am seeking to post near the top of this page by posting a reply to Ms Sakraida’s question. Perhaps they prefer to have petulant citizens sniping each other ad nauseam other over whether or not a particular comment was rude.

      For the record, “Dee” replied to Ms Sakraida’s question in a tone that, to my ears, certainly seems condescending and lacking in polite empathy for circumstances that Ms Sakraida might presently be enduring.

      Was Dee’s reply intentionally rude? Or was it just a bit thoughtless and unsympathetic?

      I’ll leave it to others to continue that debate–I came here seeking answers.

    • Patty S.

      A little serotonin might help the curt elderly.
      Has changed my Mother completely.

    • Celestine L.

      Will social security recipients get any stimulus money from the government ? I work an retired 10 years ago I am getting my deceased husband social. Security b cuz the amount would b greater than my S,S. Are we to get the money most of us only have Medicare an have to vo pay for our medecine

      • Ann C.

        Hi, Celestine. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • Thomas V.

      Well, it seems this has turned into an argument. if you cant answer the question with facts instead of acting like a bunch of FIVE YEAR OLD CHILDREN THEN maybe you shouldn’t respond AT ALL!!!! FUCKING GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe

      Will those on Social Security and living overseas get the cash benefit proposed by the government and the extra $200 that is being proposed?

      • Ann C.

        Hi, Joe. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • Steven H.

      The reply was the way it was because it was a stupid question. There’s no reason to believe you wouldn’t get your social security due to this Virus. The payments are computerized and somewhat automatic. .

    • April

      Will people on SSI and disability get the 1,000 stimulant check?

      • Ann C.

        Hi, April. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • B S.

      My God people, on behalf of the person who made the comment I’ll apologize for them. Can we now focus on the true nature of the question of the stimulus grant?

    • red b.

      dont know among all the high school drama. because thats what id like to know. because i could use it for my bills that are due now and they wont take NO for answer.

    • Rose

      I agree with the majority – it was rude. Moreover, if you are going to be rude in your response, please do not make any spelling errors. Not only did you come off rude, you came off fatuous.

    • Lori K.

      Yes!!! Monthly SSI and/or SSD will go out as they normally would.
      Now why is everyone getting on that lady for being rude? She wasn’t rude. She answered very pleasantly. End of Story! Now Stfu…Everyone Stay Safe!!!

    • Loretta

      I come on this site to check about the people being on disability and all I see is people arguing about stupid things . Like the one gentalmen said there are hundreds of people dying each day and everyone wants to argue over dumb things. Please wake up before you don’t wake up because if ignorance.

    • Lillian


    • Lillian

      Everybody clam down if you are on SSI ssa ssd you will get your check on the day u suppose to they suppose to be voting for us to get the stimulus check if it get appove if u are on ssi ssa ssd u will get it but everybody paid will be different marriage people will get the 1000 single only getting 200 people who not working will get the 1000 period plus it going by how much it ssi ssa ssd is the stimulus pay if pass will be march 31 2020an ur realure check will be 1. 3. we just have to wait until they vote every body pay will be different it debin ur family size to only one check ssi ssa ssd only we suppose get another in may I hope I answer questions for these who want the answer for the stimulus check wait for them to vote first we all waiting it was supposed to been vote Friday they was waiting for monday

    • Money

      O.k enough with who is rude or not?! Lol We need to be here for one another in a time like this! My opinion I don’t think we are getting the stimulus check! We don’t file taxes anymore! ! Well I don’t! I feel we are the one’s who need it the most honestly! I’m a single Mom ,so every penny is accounted for when I get paid! I heard the other party is trying to stop the package? That doesn’t make sense? Probably fake news! I pray we get it! God watch over us! Most of us on here have an underline issue & we are a high statistic of getting this virus ? Stay home if you can! Hopefully we all get this money! I know we all need it!! 6 foot rule if u have to go outside! Gloves & ? mask! Take care everyone!

    • Jordan

      Yall want a rude comment how bout Fuc* u all biggegs start worrying about the problem and not others I thought were all grown ups !!!!

    • leigh

      Its nice everyone has the chance to comment on this…go check on your neighbors–tell some one youre mad at you love them–mend fences—be kind. This reactionary thread is shameful.

    • SuperXNovaX

      Why everyone being such big meanie butts? People are scared right now. Things that Normally seem silly are a legit concern in these insane moments. The only dumb questions are the ones left un-asked.

    • Sharon H.

      Sure we will, Its an election year. Trump was saying he wanted to cut some programs from SSI Not now, wants the votes. Dont forget to fill out Census Report

    • Loulu

      This is my thought on the stimulus check.
      It is for people who have a decrease in their regular income.
      People on SS and SSDI and other benefits are on a pre-set monthly check from the government. These checks did not stop coming so we have not lost any income. So why should we get any extra money.
      If my husband and I get a check we will donate it to someone who was really affected by this. It has not affected what we get each month. My husband also has a regular job 9-5 five days a week.
      But he is able to work from home so we will not lose that income either.
      I am sorry for the people who have. We were out of work 2 years during the last recession and came within hours of losing our house because we could not get any help. I am thankful the government is help now.

    • charlie m.


    • Irene

      To :
      Ann C. from SSA,
      Thank you for your help 🙂 !
      – Irene.

    • JAMES H.

      there trying to pass a bill now to raise ssi payments up 200 a month three 2021 4000 per person pray that goes thrue

    • JAMES H.

      200 a month thrue 2021 adds up to 4000 dollars yahoo

    • JAMES H.

      yep and they are talking 200 dollars a month until 2021 but my gut says the greedy dogs are planing the highest money from both sides a free for all but SSI folks that’s ok we got the last laugh come to november stick to the plan vote the greedy bastards out if there’s a government left to vote on by then look up greedy dogs in you bible bingo

    • Darcy A.

      We are all upset over this virus and all of the trouble it’s causing, but let’s be adults and respect each other. I had a question, my son 20 years old, bullied in school causing severe social anxiety. That said, he has never been employed and was wondering if he will receive a stimulus check? Thank you for your time.

    • Tiffany C.

      I have a disability report form that needs to be in by the 2nd of April, how do i go about turning this form in , if the office is closed to the public? Fyi tried calling and no response no agents are available.

      • Vonda V.

        Hi Tiffany: You can obtain your local office general inquiry telephone number and address at the Social Security Office Locator. The local office number may appear under Show Additional Office Information. You can also call our national toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    • Anthony S.

      According to CNBC, Motley Fool, Vox and one other site, those who receive Supplemental Security Income will NOT be getting a check.
      That is EIGHT million people & I am one of them.
      Millions more will also not see a check.
      Nor will anyone who has not filed for the Earned Income Tax Credit and who may have had NO tax liability. AND of course, NONE of the MILLIONS of homeless people in the US will get a check either. Once again, Mitch McConnell and President Trump, Secretary Mnuchin and the GOP in Congress have screwed over millions and lied to the American people.!
      The provision was in the bill last Saturday but was taken out.
      What do you say about this, Mr. Commissioner and Senator McConnell ?
      Despicable !

    • Arson A.




    • David

      The perception of rude or not is in the inflection or tone of voice, it could be said in a reassuring tone as you would to an elderly parent or grand parent,
      could be spoken in a way where the inflection in your voice sounded disgusted with the question as if the purpose was stupid and the person was an idiot.

      That is why the interned is not the best way to communicate. You lose the human connection of a face and a voice.

      People now days seem too politically correct to want to fight over stupid issues that they put no thought as to why one person might perceive it as rude, and others not. The fact that we are fighting for one person or the other just shows we care about others to not be attacked.
      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Think before you throw

      • Brandi J.


    • Michael

      Will we still receive federal government money for help even though I’m Social Security

    • Katherine

      What if you get ssdi? And have college student???

    • jjjimenez

      If we are lucky! It is NOT FAIR THAT RETIREES ON SOCIAL SECURITY WILL NOT RECIEIVE A STIMULUS CHECK! We as seniors NEED that check just as much as any able working body out there!

    • Jenny

      I’m sure we will, I’m just wondering if they will be bigger! That would be nice. Have a nice day everyone.

    • Isaiah C.

      Is SSI a part of the stimulus package

    • Kristy C.

      Will people on ssi get paid more money

    • Pete

      Perhaps when Dee asked her/his question about whether he/she would still get his/her check, he or she was referring to the stimulus check, not the routine monthly deposits for SS?

    • Ernest M.

      What needs to go here? Jbud1949@icloud.con

    • Jack

      Why don’t all you fucking baby’s stop. Sje wasn’t trying to be rude get yhe fuck over it and move the fuck on damn.

    • Sheila

      Will people on SSI that have a payee for their benifits get a stimulus check?

    • George

      You will still receive your regular monthly bennies. But those of us on Social Security will NOT receive anything as part the economic stimulus be it retirement or disability, because we simply do not count, even though we contribute to the national economy. Nobody is even talking about it. When you file for, and begin getting social security, you automaticly become part of a forgotten society.

      • bill

        that’s literally not true, you will get money even if you get social security

    • Ann

      It is very Rude plus non caring or show any empathy , patience or understanding!

    • Melissa B.

      I heard me first to begin $250 or 1000 race and when would it on a credit card or a check

    • Rachelle m.

      Is are social suirty checks going up cause of cornovirus?

    • Rebecca

      It seems that the majority of responses on here are as to whether it was a rude response or not to a simple and honest question. I would like to remind everyone that this is a page for quick questions and quick answers. Sadly some questions and answers won’t be said in ways we like,or sometimes even understood. More sadly is that the first human response is to be negative or assume negativity. Maybe the person with the assumed negative response did not mean it in a negative way.I apologize for the long message I have just posted here. Please stay safe and well everyone. We’re all in this together…

    • leonora

      do you also receive a check from the state?



    • heather w.

      what day will get our checks they told us stay home

    • Diane J.

      So a bunch of trolls take over this question and answer instead of getting answers to important questions we have to scroll thru a bunch of 7th grade bull?

    • Nette

      Will people on Social Security get the stimulus check?

    • Tommy

      Pull up your big girl pants it wasn’t rude .its why our country is a mess this sensitive big cry baby political correctness.we have China ?? breathing down our necks .america can’t survive another Obama type President again.

    • Eddie H.

      I see from what I see,
      Reminds me of children ,bickering over who is the smartest out of the 3 of you.
      Please go back over the conversation an just tell me what you think after you go over it ,from the outside looking in to it as if you were reading someone else’s conversation. You might be surprised an come to your senses.

    • Poirier

      I was checking for any updates or information on SS and I came across this post.
      People are just asking questions because of all the bs posts going on. Be polite…be kind. You don’t know what kind of day that person is having or how they feel. You may make someone’s day by giving them a kind word. You know that we, everyone, is in this together. No one is exempt.
      Be polite…Be kind.

    • Susie

      Would whomever is in charge of this thing please end this stream of conversation. Rude or not is not the point, some children will simply argue about anything… Please webmaster or whomever, end the comments on this stream the original question has been answered already.

    • Ted

      What kind of idiot asked that? Listening to too much CNN. I want to know if we will get the $1200 pop. Obama got his friends pallets of cash. Send me a pallet please.

    • Russell b.

      Does anyone know about when we can get this stimulus pay on our checks


      When are we getting out 1200.00 and 500 for each child my disability child is 15, and I get SSD for him every month that amounts to nothing to nothing! I am barely surviving and putting my self through school as a Nurse to have a better life mind no one has no idea how these hardships for me! have NO car it broke down and no one want s to help me that is terrible! thank you in advance.

    • Richard H.

      Yes you will ma’am.
      All of the responses up to this point are quite unnecessary. As well as a waste of time. For us who have to scroll through the mess.

    • Evelyn

      The checks will be going out. Even if there is a government shutdown, these checks go out. They are programed into a computer so that they go out every month not matter what is happening in the world. If you have an automatic bill pay on something that you have authorized to be paid from your account, it is paid even if you are not home. This works the same way.

    • Marianne L.

      Yes we will be getting our monthly checks/ Yes we will be getting the stimulus checks however, it is unclear how we will be getting them i.e. via direct deposit if we already have it, or mailed I read an article if mailed, it could take up to 4 mos to receive. I dont understand why we just cant get our stimulus on the day we receive our benefits. Hope this helps PS if you want drama get on facebook lol

    • donald t.

      I thought it was a good answer to a very stupid question. Most of you easily triggered morons are idiots and what’s wrong with America. Maybe this virus is a good thing. Get rid of a bunch of dumb asses.

    • donald t.

      No! Nothing for you useless eaters. The stimulus is just for working tax payers. It is not money for everyone as advertised.Actually it is only a tax rebate if you have to pay tax. Nothing for you old farts, just billions for the jew banks and jew corporations and Wall st. Now please go find nice bridge to live under and eat your cat food or better yet just die.

    • William T.

      Who will get a stimulus check is it everyone on social security

    • JEAN


    • John

      Of course that was a rude and condescending response to someone who obviously is scared and was looking for some reassurance. Some of us are easily confused and thus have been taken advantage of in many situations. I don’t think the question was unwarranted. I myself am still not sure if I will get the $1200 check b/c I only get $440 per month from SSI. I’ve been on
      SSI for a little while and have grown to expect mistreatment by SSI workers…

    • azita c.

      yes. people stop urguing over who is rude or not. I just asked a simple quesation which was do people on ssdi get the 1200 situmlus cheque. Next thing I know, all these stupid aguments over who is rude and who did what. I still am waiting for an answer. All I have read had been about the rude situation. People get over it.

    • ELBERT S.

      My daughters check has not been deposited yet, so they may be late. We’re checking with the bank to see if they know something we don’t.

    • Angela W.

      Yes you will receive your regular check and the $1200. If you get food stamps. you will get an increase in them also.
      Have A Blessed Day.

    • Tara H.

      I know Thire is two different types of Social Security. Thire is ssi. What are four people who never work. Befour then the is the So security is for people who work at four so is people on SSI who never worked before are they going to get a $1200 check to

    • Dee

      Can someone please answer the question are we going to get a stimulant check now that the law changed to help us out? Having a difficult time about to lose my Aparment

    • Debra B.

      Are you people who are on just SSI going to get the stimulus check

    • Flowers

      Hello everyone my child receives SSI I’m the beneficiary are we receiving a stimulus check on our direct express card

    • Celestine. L.

      Yes social security beneficiaries as I have listen to the news an google some of them will get the check, now that is to my understanding, Just make sure they have direct deposit, now things could change. But they are getting it. But google a lot of information , like I do an hope that they will get it. Stay safe an good luck

    • Dori

      My income is only a small SS check. I have no car and too afraid to ride the mini bus for my rural community. I can only walk to Walgreens to do my grocery shopping. Their prices have gone way up since the coronavirus so I am forced to spend a lot more money on groceries than I normally do and eating nothing but junk food which is about all you can get at a drugstore. I’m ok with this but I’m sure there are seniors worse off with me so I am disappointed that the government didn’t take that in consideration before they decided not to give something to seniors. Some of us are single and have no family near by.

    • Cheyenne W.

      Is there some additional paperwork that needs to be filled out in order for my loved one to receive there stimulus check although there disability check is direct deposit?

    • Millie

      Maybe I am going nuts but looks to me like this one question turned into a long drawn out thread about wether the response was rude or not lmao! Aw man I needed to see something this ridiculous to realize just how I shouldn’t react to many of the simple things in life! How about I believe the only ones affected through the social security administration are those that were on the way to see their personal doctors but now can’t because the offices are all closed so now all those cases are on hold. And how about I just want everyone to know that I don’t have to know u to love u and pray for the well being of us all. God bless.

    • Neshon S.

      I thought we was supposed to start get n them tomorrow??

    • Patricia

      I’m thankful we are all going to receive our monthly Social Security Disability checks.

    • May

      When will we receive our chrck

    • John R.

      What I want to know is why must SSA disability and supplemental income beneficiaries wait until the end of the month to get our payment? They said SSA disability, supplemental income and all other benefit recipients will have to wait to the end of April to start receiving payments and why must our payments be handled by the treasury instead of the irs which is capable of sending all other citizens of the USA their payments now and have basically paid everybody already should we need to wait for our payment instead of receiving like everyone else has by the irs in a uniform fashion that what I want to know. I feel discriminated against for having a disability that I can’t receive my payment fast like everyone else and i I have to wait for the treasury to issue my payment which is the slowest of them to issue anything to the American people. Now they can take quick, fast And in a hurry but when it comes to dealing anything else to the American people releasing checks to the American people they are going to take forever and a day to do so because there’s a glitch after glitch after glitch or some kind of hang up it is not going to be clear straightforward like the IRS dispensing payments husband we are going to have to wait a whole lot longer than that so I don’t think it’s very fair that they must split our payments up from others they get their payments by the IRS that I have already been paid and is paying bills and being relieved by that money and we are still struggling trying to get gas for air and stay above float trying to wait for the treasury to give us our money just makes no sense and is very veryVery unfair and discriminating against the disability people with disabilities that’s what I think and I do not appreciate it whoever thought of that was not thinking logically seriously they were not everybody should be paid at the same time and there’s no reason why if they had to split the two up it should’ve been the people who have disabilities come first before everybody else because we are the ones that are struggling we are the ones that have to just scratch to get by we are the ones that are most likely already behind in rent and everything else we should’ve got our payments first if it came down to either us or the

    • Anna M.

      Not Involved in kindergarten class…

      All should know all will receive the $1200. For those on ssdi or ssi who have dependents 17 and under get 500’$ as well. If no one knows this goo to asap

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