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Commissioner of Social Security Shares Update about COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments for Beneficiaries

April 3, 2020 • By

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Last Updated: February 21, 2023

“I want to provide an update to people who receive benefits from the Social Security Administration.

The Department of the Treasury (Treasury) announced on April 1 that Social Security beneficiaries who are not typically required to file tax returns will not need to file an abbreviated tax return to receive an economic impact payment. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will use the information on the Form SSA-1099 to generate $1,200 economic impact payments to Social Security beneficiaries who did not file tax returns in 2018 or 2019.

Treasury, not Social Security, will make automatic payments to Social Security beneficiaries. Beneficiaries will receive these payments by direct deposit or by paper check, just as they would normally receive their Social Security benefits.

For updates from the IRS, visit their web page.

Note for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Recipients:

We are working closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions about our SSI recipients in an attempt to make the issuance of economic impact payments as quick and efficient as possible. We realize people are concerned, and the IRS will provide additional information on their web page when available. Please note that we will not consider economic impact payments as income for SSI recipients, and the payments are excluded from resources for 12 months.”

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Andrew Saul, Commissioner, Social Security Administration

Commissioner of Social Security Administration (June 17, 2019 - July 9, 2021)


  1. Betty

    Thank you for this information. I will forward to all interested party’s.

  2. Carole F.

    Thank you.

    • LAVOWN M.

      I appreciate the IRS And President Trump’s And The Entire Staffs Of The Congress And Governor Of Public Health And Economy Safety Issue Accordance Business Of The Washington Affairs Posts And The Entire Staffs Of United States Treasurer For All The Americans People. I am suffering from a brain tumor and bone and muscle detiratation . Thank You And God Bless You And Stay Safe Washington Affairs Posts And Social Security Administration Staffs.

      • Brandie

        Congress gave them selves a raise!!!Do you really think that $1200. Is really going to help you as this virus runs uncontrolled? You are a very good person, I just wish our people in politics were.

        • Linda

          VOTE ALL Democrats OUT in 2020. That is how you fix these problems. Don’t blame Trump! If he was not your president right now you would not get a damn thing, not even you regular SOCIAL SECURITY. Be grateful because as it is going right now this country will run our of money soon.

          • Too f.


  3. Judith W.

    My problem is
    1. I should have filed 2018 and 19 but I have NOT.
    2. I had to change my bank acct.
    I do receive direct deposit SS checks
    in my new acct.
    Will Treasury use the new bank acct #?

    • Henry B.


  4. Betty H.

    Is there any information as to when we should see this money in our account? Or is there a date as when to expect?

    Thank you

    • carmella j.

      Uyes checks are going to start going in back account on April 9

      • Joanna M.

        How do you know when stimulus funds are going to be available to direct deposit accounts? I heard April 9th,2020. Is it true?¯\_(ツ)_/

  5. Barry

    Will ask receive funds on there debit card
    As some do not have checking or savings accounts.

    • Felicia A.

      Thank you for your Service this will help me some better than nothing thank you IRS.

  6. Lucy S.

    Thank you all so much and May God Bless You All!!

  7. Tony K.

    Will the IRS consider this taxable income?

    • Richard P.

      Will the IRS consider this taxable income?

      • Carolyn

        Actually all this $1200 is: “an advance payment of tax refund for 2020 IRS taxes that you will file in 2021 for 2020”. THis is not FREE money = for those low income Americans who expect a tax refund each year, get ready to have your “stimulus” payment deducted from your refund. As a 74 year old, I will not lose the $1200 as I have no tax refund coming. But the poor younger working Americans that get the earned income tax credit along with refund of much of their IRS taxes paid out of each paycheck, they will lose the STIMULUS money because their tax refund will be reduced in 202l. So sad – the corporations and businesses win – I am not a Democrat or liberal – I used to work at a CPA firm and for attorneys – I have read the article by Kyle Pomerleau of the “The American Enterprise”; otherwise, I would not have known this sad truth. The MEDIA will not publicize this information until right before the November elections in effort to defeat Republican candidates and re-election of President Trump. I contacted my Senators and COngressman – still no definitive answer from either. The MEDIA does not want this known UNTIL election time draws near. I wish I was wrong. Read the article by Kyle Pomerleau and see what it says. I am going to the IRS website and see if they are disseminating any information on this issue as far as this STIMULUS payment(s) being repaid via deduction from tax refunds for the families and individuals that need it most. Good Luck, all.

        • Colleen

          That’s not true. You dont have to pay it back. Or will it be deducted from your tax refund.

        • Sheri

          I believe the article you read was referring to a payroll tax cut that was being considered in addition to the stimulus money. I believe that’s still under consideration, but is only concerning working people. The tax part is the opposite of what you said, unemployed workers would see the tax cut ADDED to their refunds next year, not subtracted.

  8. Ncl

    Is the economic payment for SSI and Not ssdi?

    • Guynelle M.

      Thank you for keeping us updated during this difficult time.

  9. Beverly M.

    Thank you very much for everything your doing . I appreciate it .

  10. T W.

    Will SSDI dependants receive their money as well?

    • Mona


      • tony

        Yes, SSDI will receive it. SSI will probably not receive anything because the IRS didn’t include them in the 2008 stimulus package and disabled veteran checks were distributed through the Veteran Affairs.

        • tony

          The people on SSI won’t be alone. Those who never work or earn income and did not file a 2018 or 2019 income tax return will get nothing too.

          • tony

            A bunch of stimulus checks will be mailed to the prisoners in jail because they will file fraudulent 2019 tax return and have the mailed to the jail. Criminal on the outside will have the IRS mail each person dozens of checks with the fraudulent 2019 tax return.

          • tony

            The IRS will be so overwhelmed that they will mail out the checks to the criminal. The Social Security number and person’s name was only worth pennies to buy on the black market, but now is worth $1200 if the IRS mails them a stimulus check.

          • Greg

            See that’s not fair I worked from ten years old tell 56 years old then I had many problems so I can’t work but I payed money into it for 45 years so to me I better receive a check

          • Victor J.

            They were unemploymed ,2019 they still get nothing,?

          • camille v.

            where do u get ur information? put the link in for everyone to see that’s not fake news

          • camille v.

            please stop scaring people with your false info

          • Jennifer

            It just said SSI will get their stimulus checks and possibly through direct express so what are you talking about? The ones who need it the most you are trying to say won’t get it that is not true I just read it on the government page here. So explain yourself.

          • Helen

            People who have no income can file a tax return listing $1 in income and probably receive the stimulus also. This is what the IRS told them to do in the 2008 stimulus.

          • Ophelia S.

            I am not have work.No have income

          • Tim

            The ONLY ppl NOT a check are ppl who owe back child support & those claimed as a dependent on someones tax return over the age of 16. Illegal immigrants those with no ssn or green c.ards.

          • Connie P.

            Everybody will receive the money. SSI, SSDI etc. People that didn’t pay taxes will also receive the money. There is a form online for those people to fill out with All there information. This was posted less than an hour ago. No I didn’t take note of the webpage. It’s easy enough to look up.

          • Eva

            That’s not true the best site to go get the right information is will soon provide information instructing people who typically do not file a tax return like low-income taxpayers, some veterans and individuals with disabilities who are otherwise not required to file a tax return on next steps to get a payment. But no action is needed at this time for these groups.
            They offer free filing Turbo Tax is the one that very easy it takes you directly to where you need to go to put your information in .

          • Kelly R.

            I’m on SSI and so is my son I have direct deposit he don’t will we get payed anything on this virus mess

          • Veronica M.

            Quit being a prick

          • Kim

            Ssi and disability or different? Because I’m on ssi but have a disability, so am I not getting it?

          • Amanda

            You need to do your research.

          • pauline

            people who get ssi will get it.

          • lorrell m.


          • Sara

            Are you guys keeping up with the news its all over everything that people on ssi get a check so what are

          • Eleanor

            That’s not true, ssi,those who are not employed will get a ckeck,do your research

          • Jennifer K.

            Neither statement is true. Congress worded it different this time. SSI will receive it also. And even those who have not filed can put their information in a government portal that they are setting up to receive a check

          • Donna

            I worked part time and SSI will I get it

          • Kim h.

            So I’m on social security disability. Will I get a check

          • Patty P.

            That’s not what I read. Who said that?

          • Juliet

            Yes SSI recipients WILL receive stimulus check.

          • Nicole H.

            My 5 year old daughter gets disability. Will we recieve the stimulus check? Would we also get the $500 per child?

          • Jennine

            SSI recipients most definitely are too getting a $1,200 payment! We’re going to be the first to get paid. Stupid!

          • Losha

            I worked 4 years & it took about 10 yrs. 2 qualify 4 s.s.i. cuz time elapsed 4 my s.s. why would i not receive a stimulus check !? I live alone & responsible 4 all my bills with no help ?

          • Duke G.

            Dude it says SSI will get a stimulus check too! WTH are you talking about? This isn’t 2008 this is 2020 and our whole nation is shut down because of the virus. Do you want crime to happen because we ran out of food? I don’t think so.

          • Jennifer


          • Pauline

            People on ssi, and ssa will receive a stimulus payment, and they do not have to file to get it

          • Jennifer

            BITCH STFU

          • John

            You a real dick sucker putting down on people who in jail one thing I know you will never last behind a brick wall you will get rape you faggit

          • Michele

            Read the everything we all get it exception people who owe child support and owe the state dont get it

          • Sharon L.

            Am I going to get the check if I’m on how do I apply or give you guys my account number to my bank

          • Carolyn

            Pyes ssi will be getting a check

          • Ron

            Yes we will facts

          • Derald

            What Is disability and what is ssi

          • Chris

            This is not correct. The Treasury, about a week ago, announced that people on SSI, SSDI AND DISABLED VETS will get a stimulus payment (check) as long as they meet the income qualifications. Even those who have never filed a return will get one. The Treasury will work with Social Security to determine who will/will not qualify.

          • Get l.

            People dont listen to this tony guy he is ignorant to the facts & uses wrong information that’s not valid. So exclude tony dont follow him. Do your own research .government sites . Ss ssi people no worries you are good to go $

          • Daisy

            Not true they will all receive according to websites

          • Kathy

            SSI people, and even the homeless are eligible. I just filed a return through solely to get the stimulus. It lets you give them your direct deposit information and/or update your address. It is free. It’s Turbotax. I got a stimulus payment for $250 back in 2008 and I was on SSI. I don’t think I had to file anything. Hope this helps.

          • Suzanne C.

            SSI recipients do qualify for this stimulus. Rules were different in 2008. They will have to register through IRS portal, or TurboTax is doing simple stimulus registrations free. The IRS just needs info to get the money deposited into your account. Trust me, SSI recipients definitely qualify!

          • Rose

            When should it be in the account’s

          • Scott

            So what if you find out that someone else used your info to claim you but in truth you were unaware of them using u as dependent because you on SSI and never had to file? Could find out who and despute their claim to my stimulus benefits? And would i be able to take legal action against them?

          • Susan c.

            Ru no working for the government or just answering questions? Are SSI recipients getting a stimulus check?

          • Ann C.

            Hi, Susan. Thank you for your question. Recipients of Supplemental Security Income will get an economic impact payment. We are working closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions about our SSI recipients in an attempt to make the issuance of economic impact payments as quick and efficient as possible. We realize people are concerned, and the IRS will provide additional information at Coronavirus Tax Relief when available. Please note that we will not consider economic impact payments as income for SSI recipients, and the payments are excluded from resources for 12 months. We hope this information is helpful.

          • Lashaun

            When are we going to receive the money

          • Randy H.

            SSI will get that money

          • KEVIN M.

            STOP !! ALL SSI RECIPIENTS WILL GET A CHECK For 1200 even if they havent filed because there gross income is under the limit to file.The check will go direct deposit to the recipient bank account used to get monthly ssi payments!

          • Informed. O.

            Surely you can’t possibly believe that shit you just said? that is the dumbesshit anybody has ever said dude get a life.

          • Informed. O.

            One of two things are taking place here, either you don’t know what you’re talkin about, or you’re just trying to start a conversation because you don’t have a life.

          • Loretta

            I heard different

          • Carol C.

            That’s wut i just read however it did state that if you file a 1099 you will get the money. But you gotta file a 1099.

          • Steven

            That is not true stop saying thing you do not know

          • Sharon

            So if you get a 1090 in the mail every year and it’s ssi/dI and get paid on the 3 rd on a direct express card will it be deposit on the card

          • Victoria F.

            That’s why u file a simple tax return on turbo tax and put 0 in box and check filing to get stimulus

          • Dorothy L.

            My only income is social security, do not receive enough to have to pay tax in 2018 or 2019 I am a widow will I receive the $1200.00?

          • Joseph S.

            Yes they will everone on ssi will get that check

          • Steven S.

            I receive SSI and I got a stimulus check in 2008-2009

          • Cora

            Ssi also recieves the stimilus

          • Tsultrim w.

            That’s not true. Everyone is eligible for the stimulus. Even if you didn’t work you can still file a tax return. The irs has a special form to file for those who didn’t work. People with SSI will get paid without filing the same as they get paid their SSI.


          • minister

            ssi does get a check too

          • Andrea


          • Jules

            I came on here just to find an answer to a simple question…and ended up stuck in a big pile of BS! PEOPLE!! PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE!! YES…SSI, SSDI, …we all get checks!! Direct deposit if that’s how you recieve your monthly bens., or by check if they dont have DD info for you…and NO…if you own child support…you will NOT get that check! So much more Sh** to wade thru here…thisnis going to take all night…

          • Shane


          • Karen

            Wrong everyone that has a ss# and font owe child support gets stimulus. Where do u get your info? Do you make it up in your head just to screw with people? Lord knows it’s been written every where. Cold cold cold myself dont work or many others I see and they get 1 does it puss u off?this person is spreading fake news ..must be angry that people are getting help .such a nasty person u are kinda hope u get it ..

          • Theresa

            Yes they will keep checking up on the IRS page they are working on how to get SSI’s peoples information to direct deposit into their account, people on SSI will also be getting a check at first they weren’t going to do it but the new bill just got signed everyone will get it even homeless people,

          • Candy D.


          • Orlando T.

            People who recieve ssi will receive a check the irs reverse what theu said April 1

          • Joel C.

            That is not true. All SSI recipients will receive the ‘stimulus’ payment as well as all others. The only question remaining is whether SSI recipients must necessarily file a 1099 or Non-Filer form, which simply codifies their status as those who are not required to file a tax return.

          • Christine

            Thats not true , if you don’t have income and don’t file , YOU STILL GET A CHECK !

          • Ed R.

            OMG…why are you posting this nonsense?

          • E.D.

            now you are telling a bunch of lies because people on SSI WILL get the stimulus checks and the veterans as well.. The prisoners will get a stimulus check and the IRS knows if you commit fraud.. So before you go and tell lies, get your facts straight first before you run your lying mouth.. have a good day dumba**..

          • Felicia

            Ur wrong this on ssi like me will get it and my man that’s on ssdi will get it too Trump done said that those on ssi and ssdi would get it

          • Cheryl

            I suggest you READ this article and the instructions for non-filers. It says there that if you receive SS you don’t even have to file quickly – they have your information and Treasury will make the payment, not Social Security. If you want to MAKE SURE, file a 2018 return even though you aren’t required to file.

          • Danette

            Yes you will with SSI you have to go to and fill out non-filers it was pain in the ass but I got it done. If you don’t have bank acct only direct Express card you will get a paper check.

          • billy b.

            you dont know what your talking about lmao

          • Latoi T.

            Will I get a stilumus money on my direct Express card or not I get SSI

          • Shatisha

            So I draw SSI and cannot does this mean I will not receive the stimulus check

          • Tammi B.

            That’s not true

          • Jonah M.

            Ssi will get it just have to go to and file for non filers web portal

          • Rochelle

            I’m on SSDI I got my check so stop telling people what they won’t get who are you to tell people anything

          • Vana

            That’s not right people who have ssi will receive the stimulus check

          • Charlene M.

            People thats on ssi will they get a check too

          • Wrong i.

            You don’t know what you’re talking about you’re an idiot

          • U

            That’s bullshit. SSDI and SSD. BOTH GET CHECKS. ITS IN THE IRS PAGE

          • Anne

            Not true. False information. I get SSDI checks deposited electronically into my checking account and I have not filed taxes in three years. If you do a little research, you will see that it states that if you are getting SSDI and have not had to filed taxes, you will still get the check because they will use your information from your SSA-1099 that I get every year showing how much I paid. Be careful about printing false information.

          • Anne

            Not true. SSI people will ALSO get the check but they are the ones that have to file the non-filer form that the IRS created bc they do not receive a SSA-1099. THEY WILL BE GETTING THE MONEY as long as they fill out that simple form.

          • Robert T.

            What happens if some one was ssi in 2018 and 2019

          • Karey

            Tony you’re full of crap. Stop getting on here with your fake news. You’re just making up stuff.

          • Amanda C.

            That not true people on ssi will get one to not sure were your getting your info at

          • John S.

            So because I get ssi because I’m now disabled due to a car accident, are you saying no money for those who get ssi? But if you work,get laid off you can collect your full pay plus another 600 from the feds and get a relief package check as well?

          • Tommy m.

            Is this true ?

          • boss

            we understand tony illegal aliens who sit typing bs on ss websites like you wont get any money

          • boss

            are you related to those prisoners 2 digit iq tony?

          • boss

            tony stop crying like a bitch cause your illegal alien ass isnt getting any money you sure seem well versed in how prisoners gain the system probably from experience

          • Karin

            What if husband receives sssi but wife worked and filed jointly and IRS sent paper check and intercepted 2nd check cause husband owed rears EDD

          • Jessie

            No everyone gets it honey read up on your work everyone around the world does….

          • John d.


          • Sharon H.

            Every adult that has not been claimed on someone else’s taxes will receive the stimulus package. You have to go on the website and key in n your information so that they will know where to send it. Today is the day it needs to be updated.

          • gijayne

            They all will get it! Stop lying!

          • Josephine

            That is flat out untrue. Check the facts before you share that information and scare people.

          • boohoo

            no wrong

        • Elisabeth

          Will social security disability people get the stimulus if my
          there son claimed them as a dependent on his taxes?

          • Greg

            It does not look like it very unfair

          • Terri D.

            Your saying people that has no income and is pending SSI they can file a tax form for a 1 and it will not affect there disability claim

          • L

            If my child receives ssi and I am her rep payee and also have 2 other kids. How does that work in my case.

          • Shawn

            No not if the other person was claimed as a dependent by someone else. At least that is what everything I have read has said.

          • Tasha R.

            I see a lot of false info in this forum. I just read the note from the commissioner. This is ridiculous. Its in plain words. And for Kelly R if you and your son is on ssi and he gets his in the mail i suggest you go get him an account or order that Direct Express card soon. Now as for the prisoners if they had worked and sign some type of forms in or out of. Between 2018 n 2019 yes they will get one if they made anytype of payroll. They only looking to see everyone that was filed and how they received.
            But someone including myself asked a good question. What about the ones who filed someone elses kid on theirs? Thats the question that needs to be answered. Although its about to cause a great disruption to what the gov. Is quickly trying to do. That is kinda messed up for those people who are petty n scammy. This also has nothing to do with child support. Or any other legal causes. Its not even being counted aa income thru ssa for ssi reciept.

          • Rebecca


          • Renee

            Did u get an answer for this? I am looking for this too

          • cheryl

            it says if your on ss and over age 16 are a dependent on someones taxes you do not get $1200.

          • BR0OkLyN

            No you wouldn’t get it if someone claimed you as a dependent.

          • Maria R.

            The person that claim your child I believe gets the money for your child

          • Linda C.

            No…if you were claimed as a dependent by another on thier taxes…and did not file…you will not get $

          • Robert

            I don’t know about the rest of you but they keep sending different answers and thy say that they want the checks to go out ASAP not true because of there delay we still don’t know when or what we have to file so I don’t believe a thing we’re being told they are stalling us so that by the time we get the right info it’ll be 3-4months down the road I just want to hear the truth weather the gov thinks that thy are allready doing too much for us on SSI and we should just keep our thoughts to ourselfs and be happy that when they feel we need it then they will tell us how to jump three hoops to get it I’m sorry I fell that this is what our gov thinks of use thewritting is on the wall

          • Jennifer J.

            No if u are clamed as a dependent then no u are not getting a check and yes you will get one even if you owe child supporti

          • Henry

            I get ssi but stay with my parents I take care of myself I have my own bank account but my parents put me on as dependent will I still get a check

          • Colleen

            I agree, unfair.
            I read that if someone receiving SSI, SSDI or SSDAC can be claimed as a dependent (not sure if this means can be claimed OR was claimed) then they will not be eligible for the economic impact payment. If children are claiming their parents as dependents (if you live with a child or they take care of you) then you will not receive the stimulus from what I read.
            In addition, if you have children over the age of 17 you won’t receive the $500 payment.
            If you are a young adult and your parents CAN claim you as a dependent (i.e. if you are attending college, if you’re still on their health insurance)… even if you are working yourself and filed taxes, I have read that you / the young adult won’t be eligible for the payment simply because you can be claimed as someone else’s dependent. That seems grossly unfair if this is correct.

          • Jessie w.

            How do I find out if me being a payee for my daughter and grandson but my daughter check goes to Citizans bank and my grandson check goes to Nexscard and he’s 17 years old how will I know how they gonna give us the stimulus check

        • Rocky k.

          That’s not true? I was on SSI in 08 and received the stimulus check then, in this case their trying too figure out if people on SSI have too fill out a 1099 or is the IRS gonna use their direct deposit that’s the hold up.

          • Freddy F.

            I think that the governments so called stimulus check is a payback for what we are going through and I’m near Seattle so far everything seems fairly normal I’m sure that will change. The homeless are being rounded up and put in makeshift
            Hospitals sick or not. Our freedoms are not coming back. This money can’t even come close to scratching the surface of what most people
            Need. The new world order is coming soon.

          • camille v.

            someone with right info. thank u rocky

          • Mu5tang71

            SSi do not get a 1099 form

          • Sharyn

            Read the article. Just pay attention to what SS Administration publishes. There are to many reporting things that differ from what SS publishes.

          • Adam

            No. SSI recipients will have to file

          • April

            Your right,I was on SSI in 2008 and recieved a stimulus payment and I don’t understand how the above comments can’t see the info above stating that SSI will recieve a check too

            (2020 stimulus)

          • Samantha T.

            SSDI always receives Stimulus checks!!! People asking must be new to Social Security.

          • Heidi

            They don’t. Trump administration reversed it so people who get ssi ssdi veterans and social security will not have to file anything since the government already has your information

          • Will

            Well im on ssi and probably want get it cause i aint filled out a SSA 1099 form

          • Pauline

            No they don’t have to fill out anything

          • August W.

            I lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and I saw they are ahead of the curve when it comes to Big Brother. They want us on a cashless based system and this is their first of many moves. Sheeple wave bye bye to your freedoms. Tot ziens…

          • Kayfabe

            I was on SSI in 2008 also and I didn’t read the need nacj then so I didn’t even know a stimulus payment existed until one day it appeared and I was confused until someone told me.
            I didn’t have to file taxes or do anything. That is how this one ought to work too
            The last one was due to recession
            This time it’s a Global emergency even more severe. Why send millions of disabled and elderly out to file tax equivalencies? That’s dangerous

          • deborah l.

            what about low income people on welfare do they get a check also

          • deborah l.

            if you owe back child support they will take your check you dont get it thats a fact

          • Julia g.

            Back in 2008, did people on ssi and ssd receive their stimulus on the direct express card ? Thanks and god bless

          • Gary P.

            Me to! We got a check in the mail in 2008, if I remember correctly, because that was the same year that they came out with the Direct Express Card. It was $250 and I was able to get my car fixed, and that’s a fact jack. The clowns spreading lies on here saying SSI’s won’t get it were probably still in elementary school and wet behind the ears.

          • Danette F.

            Go to and use the non filer portal, and if u have ur own bank acct, not DIRECT EXPRESS CARD just fill out paperwork and at the end u enter rtg# and an acct # .you should be ok.

        • Kevin S.

          I’ve heard so many conflicting news about whether people on Social Security Disability will receive the stimulus payment or not. I hope this clears up whether or not if we are entitled to a payment or not.

          • Mu5tang71

            retirement and disabilty will get a check… If you collect SSI you wont…

          • Mick

            They Need to Shit or Get off The Pot . Stop building up peoples Hope’s just too let them down. in another News briefing .

          • Randy

            SSI, SSDI, and Social Security will all receive the 1200 check.

          • Brenda


          • Mike

            SSI retirement SSI disability and SSI will receive a check also it doesn’t matter if it’s SSI SSDI or SSI retirement they changed it SS I originally was not going to get one but they are now how you will get paid is the normal way you get paid if it goes to your bank direct deposit that’s how you get it if you get direct express again that’s how you get it if you receive a check that’s how you get it I hope this clears it up for you I did read the whole thing and that is how it reads

          • Bonnie

            People on SS, SSI and Veterans that get a monthly check from the VA for a disability, will all get the stimulus checks directly deposited into there account. If you didn’t have your tax returns direct deposit, they will get mailed, and will take longer to get. The IRS, not SS will be making the deposits.

          • Timothy R.

            If you collect SSI YOU WILL get a paymnt u will get it the same wsy you get your SSI pzyment. It will NOT be counted as income in 2020 & will NOT count as an asset in 2021. Read the article above its in plain English. Mu5tang71 just plz shut up or go back to school n learn how to read.

          • Thomasthomasaskins

            You’ll get a check they already have your info SSI gets it. Anyine tgat gets a direct Express card gets it on the card if you don’t have a card it will go to your bank or be mailed to you

          • Pauline

            I have a question, I filed my taxes and received refund on a emerald card, however, I also get ssa, and I money is loaded on a direct express card, and I have a dependent. If they look at my tax return and see I received my refund on emerald card will they just mail a check. I did file my ssa earnings on my taxes, so they will see both, hopefully they will deposit on direct express

          • Jon

            SSDI will receive a check! Everyone go to “NCLC DIGITAL LIBRARY” site and look under stimulus checks. It clearly states we will receive them via direct deposit or direct express. I’ve looked at tons of sites and also contacted a cpa. Everyone have patience they are coming between tonight and Friday depending on how ur bank is. I receive my normal ssdi benefits tonight at midnight I would assume it will come then but if not for sure by Friday but everything points to 15th

          • Heather

            I’m on disability, do I go file? Or take no action? I receive my 1099 every year. I get my benefits through direct express but I have a checking account as well… Help me please

        • Jazmine

          Social security,SSDI & SSI are included in the stimulus package…

          • Torry

            Yes we are

          • camille v.

            thank u

          • Doug c.

            I draw adult disabled child benefits from my father’s ss record I’m 45yrs old,no one claims me, I eligible? I’ve read conflict ing statement s

          • Albert W.

            Is people s get sei SSD in army veteran s get

          • Melissa D.

            If I didn’t file in 2019 because I lost my job but someone else took me on their taxes will I get a check

          • Tammy C.

            Melissa Dancy – reply to you. If you were claimed as a dependent on someone’s tax return, you will not get a stimulus check.

          • T

            Yes everyone is getting a check for 1200.00 you can make up to 75.000.00 even people that make over 75.0000.00 it getting half of the 1200.00. From what i hear the question will they still send out the 2nd payment in mid may what was reported

          • TheKillaKlown420

            People are just being ignorant if you are on Social Security and SSI and dont work and dont file taxes you still get the damn $1200 stimulus check and dont need to file anything further they will use your information on file with social security/SSI regardless they pull it from the SSA-1099 they give out every year for tax season even if you dont file taxes you still get a SSA-1099 paper some people work and claim SS/SSI/SSD but most people who are on any 3 of them and dont work usually just toss out the SSA-1099 cause there is no need to file taxes if thats your only income and no job, people need to stop being jerks and giving false info out thats why at the top of this page and other sites as well give details about the situation for ss/ssi/ssd and specifically say if thats your only source of income you will get stimulus check and do not need to file tax or anything else, but im referring to adults not children or dependents on ss/ssi/ssd, but as others have said it does specify at top of this page about SSI and Social Security Beneficiaries its being sent from the treasury not social security but damn why dont people stop being seriously just jerks and trying to mess with others heads this is no time to be doing that kinda crap to others its time for everyone to grow up and help with correct information during this pandemic not try to fk with people and make them more worried than most already are with just the damn COVID-19 but also others trying to figure how to live off not much money than just a once a month social security check its it’s really not enough cash to live on very comfortably but then you have people who work and collect social security benefits and ofcourse they are living more comfortable than the ones only collecting a crappy size check once a month so grow up to the ones really going out of the way to intentionally fk with others and giving false misleading information should be ashamed of your self’s for doing that shit on purpose seriously its a shame how many jerk offs are out there

          • Isaac

            Im on ssi im single ive never payed taxes. Is ssi connected to irs? What is a 1099. Could someone explain this to me?

          • Alison J.

            I have not received my food stamps for april

          • Tanisha

            I would like for someone to post the link to the website where we can upload our direct deposit info to have the stimulus checks sent to the correct address or direct deposited thanks

          • cathy s.

            when can we receive the payment n will it on on the Direct Express card?

          • Criss

            I have a serious question answer me this pleeez,ok I’m on ssi , friend of the court case was perm closed back in 2016 never reopened.i still recieve ssi .do I still qualify for dtimulus?.

          • Lorraine M.

            Will ss give my direct dep info to the gov Treasury

          • Colleen

            @ doug charles

            I, too, am trying to find info whether or not my disabled adult son will be eligible for an economic impact (stimulus) check. He is receiving SSDAC (social security disabled adult child benefit) based upon my work record. I CAN claim him as a dependent, but I did not claim him as a dependent in 2019 on my taxes (I am disabled but work part-time)… but he was counted as a qualifying dependent on the EIC (Earned Income Tax). He lives with me, but we share in housing and food costs. My question is will I receive $500 for his as a disabled adult child dependent (IRS says dependents age 17 and over are not eligible though)? Or, will he qualify on his own and receive $1200? We tried to enter his bank info on the horrible site that has been set up (sorry! it is not working for us / provides no where to ask questions or get help). The site won’t take any info for him…
            I received the $1,200 payment today in my bank account.So that must mean no $500 for him. I hope he will be eligible to receive the $1200 as he could really use it. If married couples can get $2400 then disabled adult children who can be dependent on their parent(s) at home should not be denied this imo.

        • Sylvia J.

          Yes, SSI recipients will receive the stimulus.

          • Claudio D.

            anyone know when? is there an specific date,.

          • Kashia F.

            Will the payment come on tge direct express card

          • R.C.Roulhac

            According to the news They supposed to start distribution third week of April.

          • Anthony T.

            Will those that receive SSI get the stimulus on their direct express card?

          • carmella j.

            Yes stimulas check suppose to start going to your bank account starting April 9

          • Ken B.

            @Isaac irs pulls your deposit information from your ssa-1099 its a tax paper for social security benefits (SSI,SSD etc.) Its almost same as w2’s but for social security benefits and you get it each year when tax season comes but if you do not work and only get ssi you can throw it out and it dont hurt you, so irs and social security are 2 totally different things but the irs will get your bank info for direct deposit from Social security most likely off the SSA-1099 form you dont have to file anything like tax or any other paperwork if you dont work and only get ssi, hopefully that makes sense way i explained it to you! But ifvi understood your case fully you have nothing further to do or file just have to Basically wait till irs starts sending the stimulus checks out is all!

          • M



          • Ben

            To the lady that said she didn’t get her food stamps for April you may want to check and see if you didn’t miss a reapplying date or something because those payments are on a automated schedule. Only reason you wouldn’t receive them is if you no longer qualify. may want to look into it.

          • DL W.

            From Article Above:

            “We are working closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions about our SSI recipients in an attempt to make the issuance of economic impact payments as quick and efficient as possible.”

            The info on the stimulus checks regarding SSI (Supplemental Security Income) recipients is not yet cleared up completely.

            SSI recipients will receive the check, but here’s a wrinkle: the IRS is calculating payments to Social Security beneficiaries (which includes all the programs under the Social Security Administration (SSA): SS retirement benefits, SSDI, SSI, RRB, etc.) The IRS is calculating the eligibility and stimulus check amount based on the recipient’s SSA-1099 form, which states how much total benefits were received in a given tax year (2019 in most cases on this forum).

            One issue is that people who ONLY receive SSI benefits (and no other Federal benefits) do NOT get an SSA-1099 form. If, for example, you receive both SSDI and SSI, then you have an SSA-1099 form (and will get your stimulus amount in the same way you receive your regular monthly benefits without any further action on your part). But if you do not get an SSA-1099, it is still unclear how the IRS will be calculating and sending your payment automatically.

            This is one reason why they are “working with Treasury” to get these out to all those eligible, including those without SSA-1099s.

          • Louise E.

            Thank you for the information

          • deborah

            turbo tax has a irs portal to give your info if you dont pay taxes

          • RM

            If my son is an adult but on SSI but lives with me but I filed him as a dependent will he get stimulus check?

          • Robby

            I have a serious question if you have Direct express will they put the money on the card or mail it out to you plz help me I need answers

          • Felipe G.

            I am on SSI & I have thr Direct Express card that I get my money on. So will I be receiving the stimulate check payment on my Direct Express Card

        • Michele L.

          I think people on SSI should get the stimulus package

          • patricia a.

            I do to because we have it hard to it’s not our fault we only get SSI

          • John G.

            They do

          • Joni

            The dilemma for those who rely solely on SSI is that they typically aren’t required to file tax returns and they typically do not receive SSA-1099 forms. To help these individuals receive stimulus payments, the IRS has set up a registration tool on its website.

          • Joni A.

            The dilemma for those who rely solely on SSI is that they typically aren’t required to file tax returns and they typically do not receive SSA-1099 forms. To help these individuals receive stimulus payments, the IRS has set up a registration tool on its website.

        • karissa j.

          Hi Tony so if people who are on disability an get SSI but there family put them on there taxes will they still get a stimulus check

          • Sw

            Unfortunately no

          • SMH

            NO! If ANYONE has claimed you on their taxes You will NOT receive any type of stimulus. If someone claims you on their taxes, in a way, the IRS does not recognize you as a taxpaying citizen anymore. Your a DEPENDENT of that Taxpayer. Dependents are treated just like children because they pay not taxes and someone who does pay taxes supports them with their income. Therefore, no matter what your situation is or if you receive benefits or not, you will NOT be eligible for a stimulus check because you are not recognized by the government as an adult.

          • Charlotte R.

            If u r married do u the 2400 or just 1200

          • craig B.

            t’s sad how they doing people on SSI because 99% are going to be claimed as a dependent on someone’s tax return, either by they kids,parents or someone who helps them out we got to protest this dependent act for SSI,SSDI etc…. it’s really sad looking at the comments of what the sick our going through please help change this.

        • Racquel

          So is disabled veterans getting a stimulus check?

          • Shakir B.

            I want to know about us veterans who didn’t file taxes in 2018 or 2019; will we be receiving this stimulus check ? I haven’t heard anything about they’re doing concerning us !

        • James

          People on SSI will receive the stimulus check. Everyone will get it

          • RJ

            Hey James, being on SSI , will the stimulis go on the direct express card? Having no bank account and i don’t get paper checks. So curious if the money will go on that or ?

          • john g.

            The waY ppl get the ssi ssdi is the Way you will get your check

          • deb

            file your bank info with turbo tax to get stimulus check

        • Helen

          People on SSI will receive the stimulus checks as long as they are not filed as dependents on a tax return.

          • Jay

            You are WRONG……SSI Recipients will receive even if they they are claimed as dependents……do a little more reading and less commenting on stuff you DONT know

          • Mustafa

            I don’t think it matters as long as you are on SSI you should still get it

          • R.Stewa

            I need a stimulus check because the person who claimed me knew they could BECAUSE I am a disabled adult…BUT GET THIS her refund GOT took due to back child support owed! This is really eating me up BECAUSE I DIRELY NEED THE IMPACT CHECK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!

        • Tim

          It’s impossible for inmates to recieve any ssa ssdi, or ssi payments while incarcerated. If you already draw a check from the social security administration and become incarcerated for longer than 30 days you lose your benefits until your release & reapply & get reapproved. You also lose any state benefits as well.

          • Babyboomer M.

            Right on. Prisoners over 30 days of being incarcerated become a ward of the state! They may be innocent and awaiting trial or appeals. I feel bad for innocent people in that category and for people doing time for stupid and non violent crimes EXCEPT for thieves and the like. I am reluctantly on SSDI. Work CREDITS! Money I paid into the system and many taxes over my lifetime. I worked since young. On the books and am unfortunately disabled and I hate it. I could have easily gotten SSI, but I waited and finally got SSDI. There is a difference between the two but SSI and SSDI and the rest will get paid. I’m in my early 60’s and have not been on SSDI that long but it sucks! I’d rather work! I never had kids. Just pets. I’ve done Community service for MULTIPLE people and pet organizations for many years. I am very humble and humbled by anyone that TRULY is disabled! I feel for our veterans big time! KARMA is KEY! Everyone on here I ask you please read the advice that many have written here. And. Yeah! Read the top of this thing! Holy crap! If you can’t for whatever reason, then ask a friend or social worker for help. That’s what they are there for. My hat is off to them. Keep your KARMA in check and don’t be greedy! Peace and be safe to us all!

        • Tim

          All ppl drawing any Social security benifits WILL get their stimulus checksi in the same manner they get their benefits every month. SSI recipients & other retired or disabled beneficiaries also will not have their monthly benefits reduced or taxed in ANY way shape or form. They will not have to report or file a tax return if benefits & the stimulus is all the income you get. Nancy Pelosi & Senate democrats fought for these provisions. That’s why the bill was held up temporarily. The Republicans n Moscow Mitch wanted this bill to be another big business bail out with no independent oversight just Chuckie Minuchin, & Kushner doling out the money.

          • Vickey A.

            Dumb ass, calling people name’s make you just as bad as they are

          • Jean

            It’s not fair if you disabled and receive benefits your child carry you on their tax return you are not eligible for a stimulus check

          • larry a.

            I draw SSI and it is paid to me by way of Direct Express.
            So is there anything that needs to be done on my end?
            Someone told me there was a special form that I must fill out to get the money.
            Do know if this is

          • T

            I thought itnwasnalso for 200.00 extra ssi. And ssdi to get each month add to the regular check til i think it was mention nov 2021

          • Timothy R.

            larry albin, you need do nothing else my friend. Since you get your SSI on the DE card they will deposit it like your benefits. It will not count as extra income or as an asset to reduce your benefits as written above. My bro & daughter get SSI too so I’ve tracking this thru various sources including the IRS & SSA web sites. They’re saying the first payments should be received on or about the 4/9/2020 thru 4/17/2020.. As always things can change from day to day as they run into unforseen roadblocks. But the gist of the deal of it all is ppl getting SSA/SSDI/& SSI WILL GET $1200 CHECKS THE SAME WAY THEY RECEIVE THEIR BENEFITS. ONLY ONES NOT GETTING CHECKS ARE 1. THOSE WITH NO SSN 2. THOSE CURRENTLY INCARCERATED 3. THOSE WHO OWE BACK CHILD SUPPORT 4. THOSE WHO ARE HOMELESS WITH NO ADDRESS OR DIRECT DEPOSIT INFO ON FILE (in short those who are living off the grid).

          • Timothy R.

            To T… That $200 extra benefits for a year to ALL SSI/SSDI/SSA recipients WAS the plan put forth by Liz Warren, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi because McConnel & other Senate Republicans in the Senate didn’t want Social security recipients to get anything. Those same democrats fought for us to get the $1200. That’s what held up the bill so long. They also had to fight for the extended UI benefits..
            To Vickey Ann Schneider…kinda hypocritical for you to berate me for name calling yet YOU CALL ME DU.BASS??? SHAME SHAME SHAME STOOOPID-!

          • Lily

            Listen to Tim! Jeez

        • Timothy R.


          • John

            Well I have a stimulus check sent to my direct Express card

          • Mary


          • Linda C.

            Timothy Richard…please check yourself…Pelosi and her band of Socialist supporters…were the ones who held up the bill to disburse money…they packed perks for thier “interested freinds” in the previous wording that kept getting it outvoted. The disbursement money would have been arranged and sent out weeks ago had the “Party” …who is only interested in helping others(like thier wealthy tax avoiding friends…) not stuffed a bunch of nonrelevent crap in the writing preventing it from being approved time and again!!! So no the group of do gooders did not help me…the held up what could have helped me sooner
            Not okay that it took Pelosi and her henchmen 3wks longer to write what they were asked to by Trump in the first place.!!!!!!

          • Lydia

            Sir, thanks and I appreciate all your response which is very helpful. I just have one question. If I am on SSI, and I am claimed as a dependent in their tax by my son, will I still get the stimulus check? I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

          • jay d.

            dude u wrong about ssi and va u have to file simple tax form came on irs today go to irs and file out form to get money they ask for tracking and bank number have to get that from i thought comerica but called them i am getting run around but ssi has to file out form on the irs site came today so again people go to irs

          • Destiny

            My kids are under 16 and receive SSI since I’m their payee will they also get a check and can I claim my other kids that don’t get SSI I can’t find answers to that so I’m clueless

        • Sjaron

          I am sorry this Not fair
          If people have any kind of disability, should get something. I am low income as well.I get ssi’ I have not worked since 2006. I am 60 now. Have not filed taxes since 2007.

          • Renee K.

            First, @Linda….really? I don’t care for Nancy Pelosi either, but in the end she was in a rush to get it signed. In order for a bill to be signed in to law it must go through the House of Representatives then to Congress and finally to the President’s desk. There was a REPUBLICAN representative Thomas Massey who was holding things up by throwing a fit that the other members could not do a “voice vote” (over the phone) but had to come to vote in person.

            Thos is the factual information that everyone needs, not the fear of misinformation and the immaturity of insulting each other. This is the time for us to come together and help in whatever we way are capable of. All fellow Americans are scared and struggling right, so taking the 2 seconds out of your day to pull up the webpage would help way more than the misinformation or guessing running around in here. To everyone, wherever you are, please be safe out there.

        • Rita

          So you saying SSI recipient won’t get the check?

          • Timothy R.

            Yes they will… With absolutely no ill effects to your benefits

          • Lilly

            Listen to Timothy Richard! He knows what he is talking about. just be fortunate to get a check.

        • Taneesha s.

          I get SSI so will I be getting another payment because of the Coronavirus

          • Kayfabe

            People on SSDI, SSI and veterans benefits as well as Railroad workers funds will all get the CARES stimulus. In fact, under how the bill has been written, even the homeless, people with zero income etc etc also qualify. It’s just harder to locate such groups of people for an address.
            I am hoping SSI will get theirs Direct Express card or bank account directly and not have to wait for paper checks, because it could take weeks. However, yes we do get a economic impact check. In some method of sending, in some way at some time soon.
            The only thing is question was whether SSI beneficiaries had to file a SS equivalency form or not. It was not in question that we qualify for the money. We do. And SSI is not going to count the 1200 as income either, will not reduce our benefit etc we just don’t know when it’s coming that’s all

        • Terence N.

          You must be a fake news Trumpet blower read the facts online: SSI recipients will receive the money.

          • Karefree12

            You’re a idiot.

        • Crystal I.

          Yes we will get one 2 in on SSI

          • Mike

            The people on ssi wont get it

        • Misty

          SSI people are getting it to go read online the news

          • T

            Yes everyone is getting a check for 1200.00 you can make up to 75.000.00 even people that make over 75.0000.00 it getting half of the 1200.00. From what i hear the question will they still send out the 2nd payment in mid may what was reported

          • John R.

            It took me 20 min to read all the conflicting crap.. Trust and believe this..its an election year and neithet demsnor Republicans want to piss votera off .i seen about 3 thngs i know were not stated correctly. First of al people been saying no ssi or disabled vets will get a check.. Thats a false statement ssi. Ssdi. And disabled vets will get a check..second people been saying if u get ssi but claimed as a dependent on 2018 taxea yoy wont get a check. Thats false too ( UNLESS YOU ARE OR WERE A MINOR DURING 2018. IF YOUR AN ADULT
            Yo will get a check
            Even if claimed as dependent. Anld last but not least.. People been saying that i care….. fkn false.

        • Carolyn

          I got the stimulus in 2008 while on ssi and already got confirmation on recieving this stimulus while still on ssi

          • Antoinette M.

            That’s not true. I’m on ssi and in 2008 I received a stimulus check. The government has now included ssi recipients to receive this new stimulus money as well.

          • Oscar H.

            How did you get confirmation on your Stimilus payment 4 was just wondering cause I get SSI also?

          • Green e.

            How did you get confirmation? And where?

          • Pauline

            Confirmation from who

        • Cindy

          Yes SSI people are going to be getting one also you do nothing but start calling your direct deposit number starting like,the 13th of April and on

          • Brandi

            Early as the 9th of April

          • Brad c.

            Show me the money Jerry macguire said

        • Roberta D.

          What is one of my adult children used me as a dependent on their taxes return?

        • Mary J.

          They will receive it.

        • Wanda

          Not true everyone who have a government issued social security number will get a check it’s just a matter of getting your banking information or your mailing address information to IRS

          • Patricia

            If I am on social security and dint receive a 1099 because I haven’t filed in a few years will I automatically get a check

          • Cathy

            My son gets SSI he’s 9… I claimed him on my taxes….do he gets 1200???

          • Melissa

            Hi my son is on SSI he’s 13 I’m his payee and I have 2 other children will we still get stimulas money even tho just my son gets SSI?

        • Charles W.

          Looks like someone did not read it clearly enough because it says that social security recipients will get one and people who get regular SSI are social security recipients so therefore those who get ssi will receive one. So for the future read the articles closely and get your facts straight

        • Steph

          Yes SSI people will receive money also. They are the disabled and yes they are included.

        • Jab

          Ssi will get the check or direct deposit.

          • MARIA C.

            If you have direct deposit it will go straight to your account

        • Corey D.

          Ssi is getting it to read this page have a good day ps ssi is low income poorer than SSDI

        • Amanda

          Ssi does get a check… says ssi will automatically receive funds.

          • Becky L.

            Where did you read that

          • Michael D.

            I’m on SSA disability they garnish my check monthly for child support I am in the rears 700 do I get stimulus money

        • Chastity

          Turbotax is letting people file a stimulus return its simple and takes less than 10 minutes.

          • deb

            thats right turbo tax is the way to go or you will have to wait for goverment to set up a site and who knows how long that will take

        • Joanne P.

          SSI people will receive 1,200!! I just read it on this site!!

        • YourMom

          SSI recipients will receive the check.

          • Karen W.

            I on ssi disability will my check be direct deposit to my write Express card

        • Lala

          Wrong information I’m a ssi recipient every one who is on disability will get a stimulus check SSA has given all information to direct deposit we will get ours on the direct Express card

          • Tim. B.

            I’m still uncertain if we will receive it on direct express card

          • Julia g.

            Thanks for the info! Did someone from social security or direct express tell you that indeed we will receive the $1,200 in our direct express card? Thank & God bless!

        • Linda

          So much misinformation about SSI recipients. Even says SSI recipients WILL receive a check
          It’s just a matter of whether they will have to file a tax form or not .
          Right now the same senators who pressured Trump in to dropping the tax filing requirement for SS are trying to do the same for SSI recipients

        • Rebecca B.

          That is not true. SSI and veterans are getting the $1200 checks!

        • Christine T.

          Why wont people on SSI get it

        • Lost

          If you are on social secuirty disability over the age 18 but claimed as dependent do you still get the stimulus check if youre on social security disability?

          • Natisha C.

            I have the same question. I would have filed a tax return if I had the extra income. The reason I didn’t file because you don’t have to file with a certain income level with Social Security.

          • Nicole J.

            I have a question I am 70 years old and my daughter my daughter claims me on her taxes, question is
            Will my mother still get a stimulus check ???

        • Raina L.

          That’s not true people who receive social security Supplemental insurance will also be receiving it. They have said it on various news outlets and on the website. I’m on SSI supplemental insurance and what I did to make sure that I will be receiving it is that I went on the IRS website and filed a tax return. It gives you instructions on how to fill it out if u r only doing it to receive the stimulus Payment. So again people who are o. social security Supplemental Insurance WILL ALSO BE RECEIVING THE STIMULUS PAYMENT FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

          • Margaret J.

            My husband receives his social security by direct deposit. Due to our income we are not required to file returns. My question is how the spouse who does not work and has a valid social security number but does not yet recieve social security get their stimulus check?

          • mike

            My sister is working for ss and I get social security supplemental insurance and ssi and the food stamp card ebt ,and we WILL BE GETING RECEIVING,1200 stimulus payment check,

        • Nancy

          Tony ur stupid or else u cant read it said ssi will recieve a check also

        • Natasha

          SSI is going to revive the stimulus payment and it will not have rt or count as income .

        • Kristina P.

          People who are on SSDI and SSI will get stimulus check. Don’t believe me, go to If you read y’all see the information in regards to SSDI and SSI!

          • Shawn M.

            But we need to let congress no that people paying tnheir child support shouldn’t be blocked from receiving stimulus i lost my job now i will be homeless if i aint eligible because pf child support.

        • Brandi

          It state that people on ssi will get the stimulas .even if they didnt claim any that would be for those who have been on ssi for there hole life correct??

        • Gale

          I just read today Sunday April 5th 2020 on the (SSA) Social Security Administration Website that those who receive (SSI) Supplemental Security Income Benefits will get a Stimulus Check.

          • deb

            file your bank info with turbo tax to get stimulus check

        • William

          Wrong, this is more mistruths, SSI will get it, the second part of this comment is true, again if you don’t know don’t say nothing because I have received every stimulus check they have handed out since I began receiving my government check SSI and paid SS taxes everyday that I worked

        • Shelly f.

          Will people who get ssi only will they get this money as well

        • Kathy W.

          My daughter didn’t get her benefit on the first are there delays ?

        • Tabetha J.

          I herd That SSI disability would get a check

        • Antoinette M.

          That’s not true. I’m on ssi and in 2008 I received a stimulus check. The government has now included ssi recipients to receive this new stimulus money asbwell.

          • Billy

            I currently recieve social security benifts , I am a senior citizen, and I did not file my taxes in 2018 or 2019 I do recieve a pension of $9,000.00 per year will I recieve a stimulus deposit?

        • Skyler B.

          That’s not what it says above; it says SSI recipients will receive it, and not have to claim it as income. I hope that’s true! many of the people who receive SSI are those with developmental delays and other major disabilities that, through no fault of their own, prevent them from having jobs and earning an income. Why on Earth should they be discluded? They’re human beings. They deserve to survive if they can.

          • Lori

            What are you saying that people on SSI I’m not going to receive any money from the stimulus package I had worked I didn’t work long enough to get my SSD

        • Crystal D.

          People on SSI are receiving it also too tony don’t lie

        • Susan E.

          That’s incorrect, SSI recipients will receive a check.

        • Ben

          You guys can read correct?
          Every single American whether unemployed, incarcerated, Disabled, or retired, whether you live on the main land or a U.S territory which would include embassies and military bases all over the world will receive a payment of $1,200. as long as you meet the following criteria.
          You have a valid Social Security number and you do not make over $100,000 per year (not including spouses income) and for every $100 over the $100,000 they will deduct $5 out of your payment. SO even people that make over $100k per year will still receive something.
          As for the people complaining about the criminals and unemployed receiving the same as you. What makes you any more deserving than them? Aside from your feelings of self entitlement I mean.

          • Dianna

            Most of you dont have a clue the mpney will go to all recipientsd

        • Jennifer

          Yes they certainly did in 2008

        • Rosialie

          Actually SSI recipients did receive a stimulus payment in 2008. They received an additional payment of $250.00 I know because my husband got it. They did not get a cost of living increase for 5 years afterwards though.

        • Brandy h.

          SSI also will receive it

        • Chris

          SSI people will get the $1200. Dont listen to this idiot.

        • Yvette H.

          I’ve received SSI since 1990, and I got a stimulus check in 2008

        • Patty

          Everyone On SSI SSDI AND SS WILL GET THIS

          • Bubba B.


        • Kelly D.

          I got news SSI is been stated to recieve it. Of course I have see it to believe myself. The information is so ? Up and the SSI, SSDI and disable are discrimated and judged, but yet the system is twisted and refers to criminals in prison and are to be punished not awarded a check. What bologna this world has become. Like I stated they say SSI, SSDI and disable will receive it and if we don’t then they just then committed a crime of false information themselves and should be charged.

          • ronda m.

            my friend received her her stimulas check today april 10 2020 and she is on ssi

        • Frankie B.

          I carry my mom on my taxes and she gets social security benefits will she qualify for her stimulus package

        • Stephen W.

          Why not thins is a pandemic now with out a foreseeable future help us understand thanks

        • Crystal

          Your wrong ssi people got one last time I know personally

        • Jennifer


        • Tammie W.


        • Heather

          What they are saying ssi WILL GET stimulus checks.

        • John G.

          Yes ppl on ssi and ssi

        • ynnePeP

          Not true. Majority of people who get SSI have pernsment injuries and are disabled. These people mostly older workers who didn’t have enough Ave enough credits to file on themselves. This money comes from the Treasury from those who have died and paid in, but no beneficiaries that can collect on payments, Like my deceased father and late ex husband. It is not the same as welfare. People on SSI have to go through the same medical procedures as those who come disabled and get their SSDI credits on their own. SSI is not welfare or is it charity. Yes those who get SSI were included.

        • John G.

          Yes they did

        • Stacy L.

          Yes people on ssi did recieve the stimulus in 2008 but they only gave 250.00

        • Mary B.

          Hi $_ amount of money for SSDI

        • Ron

          Yes we will facts

        • Intellect

          Can you people read or have IQ’s really dropped that sharply over the past few decades? It clearly says in the article people receiving SSI will get payments the same way they receive their normal payments.

        • Jennifer D.

          Yes ssi will also get it

        • Get l.

          You are a uneducated person tony quit spreading around what you dont know do you comprehend.

        • JAMAL

          Are you a retard did u not just read that it SAY’S Please note that we will not consider economic impact payments as income for SSI recipients, and the payments are excluded from resources for 12 months. THAT MEANS THAT PEOPLE ON SSI WILL NOT BE RELIABLE TO FILE TAXES YOU DUMB SHIT

          • Brandon

            Your a fucking prick. Shouldnt you be off here sucking your own dick

        • Alan

          That is incorrect. People on SSI will receive a stimulus check. It says so in the commissioner’s statement above. The question is how will it be distributed since those on SSI do not either file taxes or get an SSA 1099 form yearly. They are working on the problem but those on SSI are indeed eligible for the stimulus package.

        • Susan

          SSI recipients will receive a check too..When Bush did his stimulus payments I know a lot of SSI recipients that received both checks..

        • Marie B.

          That’s not true… People on SSI will receive 1200 payment as well.

        • Ronald f.

          You’re saying the SSi People will not get it you’re saying

        • David

          Yes all people that are on disability will receive the amount of $1,200 even thou you didn’t file a 1099 the IRS has your info of getting them into your bank if you have direct deposit if not by check

        • David

          Yes all people that are on disability will receive the amount of $1,200 even thou you didn’t file a 1099 the IRS has your info of getting them into your bank if you have direct deposit if not by check.

        • Michelle C.

          SSI can go to IRS.GOV and file for with Turbo Tax for free. This is cruel and should change.But, if you are able, go to IRS.GOV and go to Turbo Tax and file.

        • Theresa W.

          Tony, do more research on SSI recipients, they do get a stimulus check

        • Joe

          You have no clue about any of this, people on ssi is getting 1200 read the news so stop telling everyone we’re not getting anything

        • Michael F.

          No your wrong on the s.s.i. we will get the 1200….look it up..they passed it…but where im confused is i get s.s.i. for all the years i worked and after breaking ny neck and being disabled i collect bot s.s.i. on 1st and s.s.d.i. on erd….my question is though which would it go on my s.s.i. or s.s.d.i.?

        • Luis

          I want to know do people in SSI disability going too recieve there money too?

          • Ann C.

            Hi, Luis. Thank you for your question. Recipients of Supplemental Security Income will get an economic impact payment. We are working closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions about our SSI recipients in an attempt to make the issuance of economic impact payments as quick and efficient as possible. We realize people are concerned, and the IRS will provide additional information at Coronavirus Tax Relief when available. Please note that we will not consider economic impact payments as income for SSI recipients, and the payments are excluded from resources for 12 months. We hope this helps.

        • Rita

          According IRS all people on ssi and ssdi will receive the çhecks

        • KEVIN

          STOP !! ALL SSI RECIPIENTS WILL GET A CHECK For 1200 even if they havent filed because there gross income is under the limit to file.The check will go direct deposit to the recipient bank account used to get monthly ssi payments!

          • KpopANGEL

            WiWill children under 17 who are SSI recipients receive $1,200 or only $500?

        • Aeillia

          People said whoever on ssi get it to so don’t believe what people saying

        • Charlotta D.

          If SSI won’t get a check none of social security should

          • Sheri

            Linda Cummings – I suggest you give back whatever stimulus money that you receive, as if your republican friends had their way you wouldn’t have gotten any! McConnell’s bill said SS and SSDI were not income and only income earners would receive stimulus money. The democrats insisted we be included. Gee they must think we’re millionaires since thats what you think they care about.

        • Kenny M.

          Yes they do

        • Melinda

          Yes SSI will receive it. This stimilus package has nothing to do with 2008

        • Ellen

          SSI recipients will receive the stimulus package!

        • Mary b.

          When they start issuing stimulus money

          • Ann C.

            Hi, Mary. Treasury, not Social Security, will make these payments. We do not have information about the schedule for these payments. The IRS will provide additional information at We hope this helps.

          • Travis

            I get my ssi on a direct Express card on the 1st is that how the stimulus money will come on there to

          • Nicole

            Question i have a direct express card reom social s sercurity not a bank account will they put the stimulus check on that? And my 9 yt old daughyer gets disability but has a bank account for her checks. She will het the 500?

        • Arthur

          I am on SSI, and received the 2008 stimulus payment.

        • smarterthanu

          Hey everyone don’t pay attention to Tony Baloney he obviously just needs some attention. SSI will get a stimulus check remember they are people too they just did not have good lawyers or doctors to help them get the SSDI they deserved. If it was not for AARP, American Association of Retired Persons no Social Security beneficiaries would be getting a check, ARRP went and fought for SS beneficiaries to make sure they got much needed checks during this Pandemic that has affected the entire world. You see tony b you could be on ssi but you got lucky so pass the luck on to others who may not be so fortunate. After all “We are All in this Together but don’t forget IAMSMARTERTHANU. You can take that to the Bank.

        • Johnny Y.

          To Tony keep your mouth shut stop spreading your bs do your research my uncle is a tax professional

        • Pat G.

          you are incorrect

        • KRISTINA M.


        • Maggie

          Don’t you Read right you dummy.

        • Tsultrim W.

          Actually, SSI recipients will also receive $1200 as adult. And doesn’t count as income or resources

        • Hubert H.

          You have no idea what’s going on . how about read before you speak, or write because all sis recipients receive a stimulus

          • Connie G.

            Hi im just wandering if o get a ssi check on 3rd and i get widows benefits on 3rd Wed each month ol now ? Is will o get 2 stimulus checks? If not shit im happy to get any replies please

        • Joshua Z.


          • Joe

            Got any idea when the people on SSI will get it? And even if they have a Direct Express card? Just trying to figure this all out… Too many people and articles are causing too much confusion.

        • Frank

          SSI will get a check idiot

        • Debbie

          Yes we get ours too and I got the one in 2008 as well

        • Delfina

          Will people that get SSI recieve a check to if we cant file taxes

        • Sandra S.

          This is NOT 2008. SSI gets it. I spoke directly to my congressman who vote for this. Please dont give out incorrect information.

          • larry a.

            So many including IRS website are saying that SSI will receive the stimulus after filling out a form the IRS has posted for non filers. problem is they ask for routing numbers and account numbers. You can;t get these from DirectExpress So what should people do if you can.t give direct deposit info?

        • Missy

          Yes..SSI recipients WILL get the stimulus money!!!

        • Bruce B.

          Yes they did include us I received supplemental social security income and I received a $250 stimulus payment in 2008 so I will receive the $1,200 stimulus payment

        • Tom

          that’s not true both programs SSDI and SSI are government-funded programs. Both individuals who are on SSDI or SSI will receive the stimulus check. As a matter of fact anyone with the social security number receives the stimulus check as long as you meet the income requirements

        • don B.

          Totally wrong. SSI will definitely receive it.

        • Debbie S.

          I don’t know where you are getting your info, but you are wrong ! SSI recipient’s are going to get a stimulus check. Know your facts before you make a comment !

        • Mia

          For God sake people would you go read the IRS website and stop asking people

        • Rodney b.

          So,receiving SSI can the stimulus check out on the direct Express card or do I have to open up an account so I can get it since direct Express is the only account I have?

        • Starr K.

          Anyone know if my stimulus check will be directly deposited into my netspend account since that’s where I had my taxes directly deposited to after I had filed. Or am I going get my check mailed to me ?

        • Dorothy

          So u r saying my daughter is on SSI she well not get the money

        • Steve

          Question: If my 36 year old daughter is on SSDI and collects said $1,200 payment, how does the IRS know about her 10 year old son, in order for her to receive another $500? clearly states not to fill out the non-filers portion if you collect SSDI, but how do you let them know about your minor child if you’re not filing tax returns? Confused. Thank you for any info.

        • Amber

          SSI will get a check too. But you need to hurry up and fill out a free online form and give them the info they need. EVERYONE receives a check except those who owe child support. People read under GOOGLE. AARP had the form online to fill out. And if you have kids under 17, you can put them as dependents.

        • Gary P.

          Liar! I’m on SSI and got a $250 check and got my car fixed. Go somewhere else and spread your lies buddy, it aint gonna work on here.

        • Kurt R.

          Both SSDI and SSI will get the money unless you have 1. Federal Agency Lien
          2. Defaulted Student Loan
          3. Outstanding Child SUpport

          Otherwise, the information is on the internet, BOTH SSDI and SSI. You have AARP to thank for that.

        • Taba

          That’s a lie

        • Christina W.

          I’m on ssi and yes I did recieve the stimulus in 2008

        • Joni A.

          The dilemma for those who rely solely on SSI is that they typically aren’t required to file tax returns and they typically do not receive SSA-1099 forms. To help these individuals receive stimulus payments, the IRS has set up a registration tool on its website.

          • Lori D.

            U don’t need to fill out any forms if you receive SSI , as long as they have ur direct deposit information and stimulus checks goes to whatever account you normally receive u monthly checks, only need to filing if you receive any kind of benefits and have dependents any u don’t normally file so the can send additional checks of 500.00 per dependent that’s the only reason you would to give information to the IRS . If someone else files ur dependents they will get 500.00 per child .. so to those asking about direct express , u will get it on that if u receive ur check direct deposited. If not u will receive paper check .by mail, but make sure give correct address .

        • Phillip R.

          When we getting the stimulus payments

        • Nette


        • Selena

          So does the people on SSI get stimulus or not

        • sherry l.

          ssi and ssdi and railroad pension with all get the stimulus payments

        • Carrie S.

          Actually on this official SSA site All the way at the bottom, you will see a special note to SSI recipients that they are working close with US Treasury to ensure their check get deposited ASAP, knowing they have no income. Just because they never worked doesnt mean that they didnt have good reason, especially if they are receiving SSI. They perhaps have a disability that prevents them from working. So why would they not qualify?

        • Carrie

          Ssi and SSDI are receiving the stimulus package if you are a dependent and receive ssi or SSDI you will not qualify

        • Jacqueline

          Will stimulus check be put on direct express card

        • ALLEN


        • We a.

          We are the people that’s getting Social Security or disability and Social Security get a stemless check

        • Doly

          I receive ssi so what date will checks deposit

        • CandIce

          I have a 16 year old blind and autism child will he get $1,200 or $500? We draw ssi each month

        • Rebecca M.

          Will we still get our back time from special security

        • Rgo

          What if owe child support but ssi takes a 100 month $

          • Paul

            All you people sound stupid and repeat same question y doesnt someone answer with the truth when and what date will it post to my net spend or direct expes car$

        • Teresa

          I have not received mine yet I’m stress do u kno the dates

        • April

          Can’t you people read !!!!!! This is trump not the delusional selfish democrats !!!! People on Ssi will get it unlike in 2008

          • Sheri R.

            SS, SSI, and Disability recipients DID receive stimulus checks in 2008. Don’t lie trying to make your Trump look better! In fact if the democrats had not forced the Senate to change McConnell’s bill, SS, SSI, and SSDI would not have been included at all. The original bill said any SSA funds were NOT WAGES, and only WAGE EARNERS qualified. So stop lying and say thank you to Congress, dems and republicans.

        • Poppasweet

          i think that last reply is incorrect.

        • Michelle L.

          When will hit the account

        • boss

          stop making shit up ssi will get thier stimulus early may as it was announced

        • Kathern H.

          Would you happen to know the date people who receive SSDI?
          I’ve not been able to find it online.

        • RONDA G.

          When will we get the payment

        • Annmarie B.

          Has anybody gotten their SSI money the 1200 for the covid-19 yet I have not gotten mine

        • Darlene S.

          We are senior citizens and want to know if we will get the stimulas checks We are 67 and 64 yrs old and have direct deposit at Wells Fargo Bank in Coos Bay Or This is April 21st 2020

          • Vonda V.

            Hi Darlene, thank you for your question. Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability beneficiaries and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients who do not have qualifying children under age 17 do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS. You should receive the automatic payments by direct deposit, Direct Express debit card, or by paper check, just as you would normally receive your Social Security benefits. Treasury expects automatic payments for Social Security beneficiaries no later than the end of April and automatic payments for SSI recipients no later than early May. We hope this helps.

        • Darren

          Will I receive my stimulus check,,if I have been paying on my rears for child support

        • Joanna r.

          yes the ones on ssi are getting it they got it in 2008 also

        • missy l.

          if you are on ssi and you have children thats on ssi and you dont file taxes. is the children automatic eligible for the stimulus payment? or do i add them with my other children that has no income on the non filers on irs.

        • Sheila B.

          It says right on the page that SSI recipients and will receive it. I don’t know where you people are getting your info at

      • Abdull H.

        Thank you so much President God bless America And bless you

        • Kevin S.

          You thanking the President for s measly ass 1,200 check. That’s not enough to pay my rent for 1,500 a month in San Diego Ca. Meanwhile corporate America are getting millions of dollars. 1,200 is a slap in the face.

          • Barry S.

            Then don’t take it, you jerk!

          • Barry

            Then don’t take it, you jerk!

          • Jan

            You are an gratefull bitch! I hope you dont get it!

          • Lorraine

            Thank You, Mr. President

          • Kimberley H.

            They are also saying rents are suspended for now and landlords have an opt to get $$$$ to cover their losses, so check YouTube for videos about this from lawyers, etc. and contact your landlord to make them aware of it as well.

          • geo

            maybe y’d rather get nothing….

          • Doyenne

            Yall all definitely ssi thats for sure

          • Tc

            Better than nothing

          • Mariah E.

            Be thankful for anything you get you don’t see any other country getting money the u.s. is blessed for a lot of people that messlyy 1200 is somethingif you don’t like it let me know I’ll send you my address and you can send it to me some people are using a towel to wipe their ass be thankful to one person it’s nothing but to the next is something God bless you

          • Christopher F.

            Kevin Squires Your a ungrateful bitch …. u can send the check to my charity . People like you I’d like to slap. Ungrateful punk

        • camille v.

          oh please. he said the virus would be gone by april when the weather warmed up and by easter it would be over. if it was up to him we would have gotten nothing.

          • Lorraine

            Thank You Camille, Your News Is Not Fake! I Wish We Were Out By Easter! Thank God President Trump Gave Us This Check! It Helps! Anything Helps, At This Point. Again, Thank You For Telling The People The Way It Is!

          • Jason

            Exactly what facts do you base your ridiculous comment on? Or are you carnac the great and have the ability to read President Trump’s mind? No, just another bitter Trump hater who apparently doesn’t even know what a fact actually is. That’s like saying if Hillary had one I know things would be a thousand times worse. Wait, that actually could be a fact if it’s based on her voting record as a Senator and her teasonous activities while she was secretary of state. Hate Trump all you want, it only reveals your ignorance regarding politics, history and current events. Keep talking though, people like you are entertaining as hell to me. Stupidity is often sad but it’s often pretty damn funny too. If you dare engage me in a debate you better have facts because I’m ready to debate anyone anytime and I’ll bet you $1,200 that I win. So bring it you stupid cry-baby.

          • T

            When they did the budget i was 550 for two payment to go out one in april and another in mid may now maybe i heard it wrong

          • Ken B.

            Actually Trump is pretty damn 2 faced he keeps saying crap then ends up going back on what he said and has to change it in order to not look like a ignorant ass, he down played the COVID-19 so much he looked dumb after he had to change that all and change his words to how serious of pandemic it is then changed that back and forth bunch more times and not to get into it all to much but he has said way to much stuff that is just straight ignorance and he isnt exactly the one who came up with this whole stimulus package he just sighned it to pass it and to pay off the public because he was destroying his reputation what is actually left to it he is in a major sense just trying to buy back voters by sending $1200 to all eligible people, its sad when you look at alot of news and comments where a big majority of the public is writing #PresidentCuomo when in all reality Cuomo is just the Governor of NY not president but yet Cuomo is pulling his own weight and beyond hes doing half or more of trumps job and has been in plenty of arguments with Trump over whats right and wrong or what needs to be done and what not, agent orange face just goes to Twitter to start crap with everyone he has no filter and not much smarts, his area of work was real estate and he sucked at that to hes filed bankruptcy more times than a average American would in there whole life time and also a loose to him is a win and a win is a win no matter what its to do with but filling bankruptcy as many times as he has is definitely not a win of any sorts but shows anyone really can sit in White House if he is and they still allow it if anything hes more fun to watch and listen to with that awesome orange face and his fking duck lips and way he talks and makes faces what a character and a pretty good joke no wonder other countries dont take USA seriously and also why other countries would love to see him reelected again they know hes a push over and not to damn bright that why Putin loves him so much cause hes a joke of a president! But whatever it will be what it will b, im sure all the trump supporters/followers will have something to say to this but i dont much care either way, if u follow and trust him you are clearly following and trusting him blindly and at some point soon enough he will do something that will open them kind of peoples eyes not like he hasent messed up plenty already it just happens to b he gets away with way to much and gets way to lucky and usually is because he greases people and threatens or just plainly throws them out of White House so most just keep there mouth shut and go along with him, also there is no way things can be all opened and back operational by easter he was dumb to keep saying that kind of stuff too especially when the CDC and WHO said no way possible were not even at the full peak of this pandemic so to even try to have it open and operating by Easter would be a huge mistake and infect and kill thousands and thousands more on top of the thousands and thousands already infected or worse deceased so that was out of his control once CDC and WHO said hell no to his brainiac idea of everything opened and running by easter. But is what it is and im sure trump fans will b hating on me!! Lol im good with that though it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Everyone take care and be safe even the haters!!!

          • KimB

            My husband receives Social Security. I am the payee for my son and nephew’s social security. I don’t work and don’t receive Social Security. Will I get a stimulus check

          • Ty

            Im on ssi will i receive the 1200 dollars to or not

          • Darlene

            Trump didn’t give us anything,it was congress

        • Liddy

          I hate to burst your bubble but you are thanking the wrong person or at least u are giving him too much credit.
          Trump’s bailout was originally meant for corporate America but the Dems said No especially since C.A. wasn’t sharing any of the $$ with their employees who were losing their jobs. So Trump said Ok give some $$ to the unemployed workers. Again the Dems said No! What about the ppl on disability & the vets? So now everyone is included in on this stimulus deal. So it was a bipartisan action that both sides should be very proud of. Although I suspect that someone(taxpayers) will have to cover the 4 trillion $$ debt(1 for the unemployed & another 2 for infrastructure on top of the already 2.2 trillion dollar debt that we already have.

          • Donald G.

            oh you are so wrong. all politicians did was grease their pockets just before the big surge. most of us will be dead before july. sad but true. see you on the other side

          • Ken B.

            I agree you stated the facts about the great frumpy trump, he didnt want people to benefit just corp. America but yes dems kept shooting it down untill finally he went and said Basically ok whatever just give it to everyone who is entitled to get it now, i give him no credit for trying to just screw over Americans period! But yeah im just about 100% sure it is going to all b put on the taxpayers to pay it all back including the already 2.2 trillion like you stated nice to see somone else speak the truth as well most dont and praise him like he is some great president that he is for sure not but thats besides the point! Lol but it is still a point but could go on paragraphs of how much wrong doing he has done since in office but that would take a while and really dont have patience to talk about everything wrong hes done but i also doubt hes done screwing up the systems or America.

        • None o.

          Your name sounds like you were Born in another country Therefore in the Majority of Major American’s you don’t Deserve a Stimulus check that should only be for Americans not people Born in other Countries doesn’t your country have a program for people like you who are Born in other countries ???????? Muslim countries don’t offer there citizens anything Except poverty pain and misery that’s Exactly why our President put those orders in place so that we wouldn’t be Invaded like all the Millions upon Millions Muslims Invading Europe at the present time and Greece isn’t going to allow any of those crazy Rock throwing Morons into there country and i agree with Greece 1000% they had set there site on our Country but our Great president put a stop to that ASAP Thank you mr President

          • Mian p.


          • Crystal

            Crystal to ” none of your business”…. your place is on Fox News blog… where your minds are located on Pluto or Venus…you right wingist minded people support Trump’s initiative to Make America Great Again by the ideals to Make America Hate Again…to divide the Country.. y’all have come out of the woodwork with what’s in y’all’s DNA…. HATE….all the White Supremacists have showed back on the scene… these are the Trump’s supporters…. notice that everything he does his rallys are telling people to go back to their countries, the immagrants are rapists and murders, the homeless are an imbarrassment, black people are from shit hole countries, ….this is the mind of a dangerous being with power…. people like you made sure he got in this position and you all are that he can’t comprehend, literally incompetent….CNN reporters are better qualified for the position this beast is in….as long as you people of the right continue to be as ignorant as your leader… you will always be the kind of people who are trying to take the Country back to the good ole days…you know slavery and the holocaust….We know what’s going on with y’all but this is 2020…it ain’t going to happen…the plague is here… y’all better hope that y’all survive….

        • Timothy R.

          Umm… The president is not responsible for the stimuls checks. His administration officials were involved in negotiations with Congress to get this implemented. Congress ; ONLY CONGRESS can appropriate funds. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! PPL HERE’S AN EXCELLENT IDEA!!! HOW ABOUT WE ALL JUST CALM DOWN WAIT 2 WEEKS AND WE WILL SEE EXACTLY WHO GETS THE CHECKS & EXACTLY HOW WE GET THEM?
          !!! IT’S THAT EASY!!!

          • Barb A.

            Timothy Richards thank you for your informative replies.

          • Lisa

            Yes finally someone who knows what he’s talking about ?

          • Downeastdetective

            Hello Timothy Richard, how will my husband get his, he has No income, our only income is my ssi. Will his also come on my card??
            Thanks Nancy in Maine

          • Bryan

            Someone claimed me as dependent recive ssi will i still recive stimulus check

          • Nsy

            No kidding agree with u everyone needs to chill out people are getting mad over what? We will get paid when it comes this week chill out

          • donald h.

            some of us are permanately disabled i live on 15000. a year and could da,mn sure use the extra 1200. we go without all the time try living on what i make .you cant win for losing and yes i started working full time at the age of 13 and made it until nov 5 2005 im 56 ..!!!!!!!

      • Howdy

        I receive SSDI .. dolllars to donut s says. I help my fellow neighbor more than those that complain they only make 10 times more than me. If I get a check it’s just more I can give

        • Chad Y.

          Amen brother im planning on helping were i can and in on disability i hate watching these people who probably never worked complain about the free money they might not get and how this Chinese virus is trumps fault lol America will get through this only because theres still alot of people who would rather help his brother than take from his brother

          • Wendy P.

            Yes and you have such a giving, loving attitude towards the people you look forward to helping.
            Make up your mind. Which picture of you is the true one?

        • Raivon

          my mother and brother both receive disability, there both full grown and are unemployed and my mother hasnt filed taxes since 2001 and my brother has never done taxes im clueless as to if well receive this stimulus check.

          • Bev

            We ,? Do you live off them?

      • Daniel L.

        Yes all people on SSDI or SSI will get a check it’s been proved the all people taht are on Ssa will receive why Bc it’s a global Epidemic do your own research don’t go by what people say you will receive a check for $1200 April 9 If you have direct deposit you will receive it fast

        • Michele L.

          Where do i go to research on who gets a stimulus check

          • Maria R.

            Google Social Security Treasury…..
            I’ve read. The article seems promising..
            .Direct Deposit….

          • Berta

            You can go to and find out what you need to know about the distribution of stimulus checks. This way you will know for yourself and not just taking someone else’s thoughts on the matter.

          • Kristiana

            Turbo Tax is wherw the registration will take place hun so start there

        • camille v.

          yes u are right

        • Richard

          what happens if a person gets both SSA and ssi a check on the 1st and 3rd witch card will it comes on if any

          • John J.

            Does it make a difference?

        • Crystal H.


        • Anthony T.

          Will those of us on SSI that receive their money on a direct express card get their stimulus the same way. On their direct express card or through the mail?

          • Gayle J.

            I have asked the same question will payments be placed on Direct Express cards ?

          • jay d.

            u have to file simple tax form on the irs site

        • Rhonda

          But our minor dependant children are disqualified..

          • Julia G.

            However, we will get it on our direct express card? I know about the notion that our children won’t get it however, if both my children get from my dad a certain amount, will they then qualify? Also.. is it confirmed that our stimulus payments will be deposited into our direct express cards? Thank so and God bless!

      • Luis v.

        I am on SSI not SSDI I receive about $8,000 or less would I be eligible for Coronavirus payment

        • Raivon

          im not too sure but there is a income limit like say you make ex. $700 a month and the limit to get the check is $700 you wont be able to get the check because you reach the limit, hope you get the general idea of what im saying.

          • Helen

            Geez, the limit is 75000 to get the full amount for single or 150000 for joint. The amount is for annual income so there’s no way $8000 a year wouldn’t qualify under the set guidelines.

          • Shannon e.

            wtf, its 75000 not 700. quit scaring people.

      • Ken l.

        I get ssdi sinch 2010 direct. In my checking

      • wanda

        my aunt is on disability but her son carried her on his taxes 2019 will the check go to her direct deposit or his check

        • Stormie

          Unfortunately if ur over 16 and someone claims u on ur taxes your not eligible for the check…doesn’t matter if ur on SSI/SSD. Which i think is totally grandma is in the same boat. She gets SSI buy My dad claims her on his taxes. I don’t think that’s fair at all..imo those people need it more than anyone.

          • Tiffany B.

            I so agreed with you but don’t go by the news stuff just go to irs website they don’t have anything about no dependent getting it. It said on there they don’t have any information about dependent people come on it

          • Ben

            But the adults receive an additional $500 for every child. so thats something

      • W.Camponelli

        I get ssd. My wife does not work or get any kind of benefit. Will her stimulus funds be put on my ssd check?

        • Downeastdetective

          @Timothy Richard
          This is also my question.
          I get ssi and husband has no income.
          How will his come, will it come with mine,on my direct express card,as we are married?

      • Teresa F.

        If you receive your SSDI on the direct Express card is that the way i will receive my stimulus money?

      • Kerry


      • sara

        so when can we plan on getting the checks send to us

        • William

          Sara I been hearing April 13 2020 they will start going out and if you already have an established direct deposit with the government these people will be the first, if you don’t have direct deposit it could take awhile but in the mean time keep and eye on your bank account cause it could be earlier,this should give you an idea when to expect it, Thank William

          • CTC

            TKU William!

            If you are right I should’ve known why the government couldn’t have said it that way in the first place. I put all these qualifiers on their statements that just confuse everybody. If you got direct deposit then that’s how you’ll get it. That’s all I needed to say!!

      • Eva

        The people who qualify under your work record may include your spouse, biological child, legal ward, adopted child, or in some cases a grandchild or stepchild. Each person deemed eligible on your work record or SSDI account must be your legal dependent and must meet other eligibility requirements:

        • Heather J.

          How do you go and claim grandkids a dependants if lived with me all year and I am on ssdi . So I can get stimulus for them also my daughter gets child support for them and she doesn’t have them, I do. is it illegal for her to receive these stimulus for them?

          • Patricia C.

            If your daughter claimed the children then she gets 500 per child and you will have too ask her to give you money. I let my sister claim mine so she will give the money when she gets it.

      • Ken

        If I owe money for a student loan ,will it be garnished?

      • Donna G.

        When will we get the stimulus I won’t to know

      • Samantha T.

        SSDI always receives Stimulus checks!!! People asking must be new to Social Security.

        • Dana V.

          I get. Ssi. When. Do i get my 1.2000 on m my direct Express card

      • Mike

        I owe back support they still gonna issue me a check as I do pay it I’m not a dead beat but this effect us all and I need the help as do others as well what happens I get sick no money cant take care if the kids dead thanks

      • Victoria J.

        I filed my 2019 taxes and I claimed my 19 year old son as a dependent. Will he qualify for a stimulus payment?…

      • Melissa H.

        I get ssi. How is the irs and the treasurey going to send my stimulus check? I do have direct deposite set up with the ssa.


        I’m on social security disability benefits will I get a stimulus check

        • Pretty

          My son’s father is on child support do he still get a check he’s locked up

      • Jennafer G.

        So you telling me the irs going send a stimulus check for the ssi me and my son receive ssi so my and my will receive the stimulus check

      • Tom

        blog is clearly a scam,,,the conarttist/thieves are useless…only the blind coylbdt. C how they R..see how they run…all fast cars red….slacking hackers….9bjects are closer than they appear BOYZ …..smoked out pipless okeless smookrdUOut….chewed out by pNUTHEAD against urIn..DAWill.

      • Christian

        How will people recieve there payment thur direct express card and when should we receive it

      • Jacqueline R.

        Hi I want to know I’m on disability’s Social Security disability will I receive a stimulus check iWill it come on my debit card or will it come in the mail

      • Scott

        When will the deposit h
        Go into my direct express account

      • Joel c.

        People on SSI will also receive a check you stupid asses stop giving false information

      • William C.

        I’m waiting for a decision on my SSI and SSDI and can’t get Medicaid, will be able to get a stimulus check

      • Melissa

        Will we receive the payment on the 9th? And if u owe for an overpayment will you still receive it? Or if someone claimed you on there taxes??

      • Get l.

        Dont listen to tony false information tony fake news tony go away tony. People that get ss ssi SSI do your own research on government. stimulus sites and you will see that you worried for nothing.forget people like this tony bologna guy …godspeed

        • Michele

          If you get ssi will you get a stimulus check ??? I know a lot of people that are on ssi

      • Robert

        That’s not true I’m on SSI I got a 2008 stimulus check you’re all screwed up

      • Angela

        Does anybody know if children still count for people on disability or if we will only be getting the $1,200? I’ve heard rumors but cannot find any solid confirmation…

      • Jennifer H.

        Will ppl on just ssi get extra or no? And if so when.

      • Shannon L.

        I have a question will stimlus check be on direct express card

      • Carol C.

        But I believe you must file a 1099 correct? That’s wut i read moments ago.

      • Alvin M.

        What abiut people live outside u.s who get disability benefits.

      • Jennifer

        My SSI is loaded onto a direct express card, will my stimulus check be put on the same card? Also will I be eligible for the $500 per child? Any help answering my questions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

      • Stacey w.

        Will u recive it if u draw ssi/ssa if so will it go to direct express catds

      • DIana

        SSDI gets the stimulus payment. Aarp has it on their website. People on Social Security retirement and Disability get it as long as their income isn’t above 75k.

      • Jay b.

        okay every one people who are on SSI need to file a “simple” tax return for 2019 or await further guidance from the SSA or THE IRS. I’m on SSI and it sucks but I promise you if you don’t believe me go to YouTube and look up “Money Done Right With Logan Allec,CPA”
        Than look for the title of the video
        SSI and Stimulus Checks:The TRUTH(Based on IRS and SSA websites)

        • Ray

          I get SSI and I get my monthly payment on a Direct Express debit card.I tried to use the non-filers web portal site. It is IMPOSSIBLE for those who get paid on a card like me to enter direct deposit information. The only way I will get paid using the IRS non-filer portal is to wait several months for a check…True story!

      • Joshua J.

        Me and my wife file taxes together. But she doesn’t have a social security number. But im an American citizen. Will i still qualify for the stimulus??

      • Flowers

        My child receives ssdi will she get it

      • Becky

        I owe back child support and make bi-weekly payments trying to catch up without complaining. I had my hours cut at work and need some help. Why can’t I get a stimulus check? I am struggling too!

      • David

        So who gets the stimulus check Thursday the 16 I’m on SSI

      • Kimmy

        Im hearing conflicting reports. About child support arrears. I know that those owing over $500 and those already flagged for intercept will not be receiving a check, or a portion of the check. But i am also hearing conflicting reports on which states intercept For arrears. Will the check go to the custodial parent, or does that depend on state?

      • Cheryl L.

        I received Supplemental Security Income every three months. Am I’m entitled to the stimulus check. I’m also married & my husband filed jointly on 2019 income tax. Am I’m eligible for a stimulus payment through SSI?

      • Stephanie f.

        Will the stimulus check go to my bank account or do I need a direct Express card I’m on ssi and when do ssi recipients receive the payment

      • Kimmmy

        My daughter received social security supplements in 2019/2020 that my income. Do i have to fill 10 99? Or will it go straight to are direct account?

      • CINDY P.

        Question-I get SSDI, direct deposit into my bank. I started working, did my tax return 2019, HR Block-emerald card. Where will this deposit to? HR Block is a WASTE! Will NOT help to me!

      • Carl h.

        So I’m on SSI do I qualify for this $1200 payment

      • cinnbun

        I’m on disability i get ssi do need file my taxes to get that covid-19 settlement check

      • Kyle F.

        I made 13000 $ last year i clamed my girlfriend who is on SSI. and our 2 kids under 5 years old will she be eligible for the stimulus check???

      • Bettyann

        I am on social security disability and my daughter claimed me will I still get a check

      • Tammie M.

        When do we get are money

      • Gail

        Will we receive our check on our direct Express card

      • Latosha J.

      • Chris

        So how will disabled vet get there money will it be through the VA or its and when would we expect it.

      • Danyel B.

        If you owe SSDI or SSI money can they keep your stimulus payment for repayment ???

      • Jimmy l.

        Wen will receive our stimulus payment. Ssa ect

      • Pamela M.


      • Pamela M.


      • Paul

        When? I neither owed OR received a refund for 2019. That is what the “Where’s My Refund” site is asking for, so I entered “O”.

      • Robert

        Will money go on pay card

      • Cathi

        I have Ssdi will I get it direct deposit?

      • Craig

        And here my fellow Americans is why this person will be a leech on society for the remainder of his life – and a reason why you should stay in school;

        on April 6, 2020 at 2:50 pm said:
        You a real dick sucker putting down on people who in jail one thing I know you will never last behind a brick wall you will get rape you faggit”

      • Rebecca M.

        Will we still get our back time from special security

      • Rebecca M.

        Will we still get our back time from special security.

      • Gerald G.


        • Raul H.

          When will I receive my stimulus check

      • Kevin

        Everyone will eventually get one unless you owe back child support. The person raising your children will get your $12.00 and that’s the way it should be

      • John M.

        Wow, some of these responses are quite comical. If nothing else thanks for the laughs people. It just so happens that today, in our society; a lot of people are very gullible and are used to being told what, how, and when in just about every facet of their meer existence . also I know we all read the same articles or briefings so here it is: Anyone that collects any type of Social Security benefits WILL get a stimulus check . My only question would be to the IRS is , Will the IRS use my Direct Express debit card to deposit the check or should I expect a paper check. They do not seem to be 100% clear on that yet and also I read that our info will not show up if we go to the link “GET MY PAYMENT”. WHY ? WHY ? WHY?

      • kim

        even if you haven’t filed taxes for years?

      • Jihn

        I want too no when I will my stimulus I am on ssdi nobody seems too no anything we have watched an waited as people all around us received there’s why did the poorest people go last I still haven’t got my stimulus as of 4/30/2020 it think it is so sad that disabled people had to be last to receive there stimulus

      • gwynn

        When will people getting survivor’s benefits get their stimulus checks

        • Ann C.

          Hi, Gwynn. Treasury, not Social Security, will be making automatic Economic Income Payments to eligible people. Unfortunately, we do not have information about the exact schedule for these payments. Treasury anticipates these payments to go out to Social Security retirement, survivors, and disability insurance beneficiaries starting around the end of April and to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients starting in early May. Continue to check the Internal Revenue Service Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments page for updates. Thanks.

        • Pete

          Hi Gywnn, I am on SSDI and in all fairness to the entire country, we receiving benefits all got paid on time. My son who is 23yrs old and has a family of his own to support, had to wait over 3 weeks until the state South Carolina Unemployment Insurance fixed all their issues with the system. Us recipients should keep doing what were doing and have a little patients. We will all have ours soon enough..

      • John M.

        Will people who are on SSI receive the impact payments?

      • Tracy k.

        I receive social security disability and I have 2 children under 17. I tried to go to IRS non filers website to enter my info but I keep getting a error to enter a IP Pin. I tried applying for one or recovering one but, It says that I have to call IRS. HOW DO I GET MY STIMULUS PAYMENT IF I CANT ENTER MY INFO

      • Kelly S.

        When will people on ssdi receive there stimulus checks?

      • tim

        When is people on ssd receiving their chk

      • Gary

        It’s people like Tony that are guilty of Miss information about SSI recipients. Note, that if you receive SSI supplemental security income you WILL receive stimulus check! !!

      • Charles M.

        I. Need. My. Money. Know
        To. Paid. Off. Some. Bills
        Please. Ok.

    • John.smith

      While Pres Trump didn’t start the virus
      He however was and is responsible for his way to late & lack of leadership in preparations to protect the public. Why? Why do we have to be I.
      InThis dire situation
      to rely on $1200 ? Is it going to make things better in the long run? or is this $ 1200. Just letting us cake????

      • Cindy S.

        Maybe if he hadn’t been forced to waste so much time with that ridiculous impeachment crap he would have had all the time he needed to be our President and focus on more important things.
        John Smith you wouldn’t even use your real name!?????

        • Nancy H.


          • Nathaniel D.

            Hey Cindy, maybe if YOUR president had more than half a brain he would be able to do more than two things at a time. Also, maybe if he hadn’t been such a crook before you voted for him he wouldn’t have done the idiodic things he did to get impeached, and maybe, just maybe YOUR president shouldn’t be such a narcissistic cry baby and think only about himself. Do you listen to anything other than Fox Fake News Cindy? YOUR president had this information prior to the impeachment inquiry ???

          • camille v.

            Nathaniel u are absolutely right.

        • Bill H.

          RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Billy L.

          You are 100% correct. The Demoncrats are the ones to blame if blame is to be distributed.

        • Jazmine

          So are you saying his dumb ass cant multitask like presidents before him ???

          As much as he claims to be smarter than anyone else,he should never complain,besides that b.s. excuse didn’t come from him,his press secretary made up that b.s. excuse

          • Kelley J.


          • deborah

            u r sooo right,he downplayed this issue,he had been told . the impeachment hearings were for HIS wrong doings!

          • Jim

            He was literally not allowed to do anything until the impeachment was done. As soon as the House voted his hands were tied

        • Pamela C.

          Rediculious impeachment crap? The man broke the law and some justice has to be maintained. It doesn’t matter who you are. Even the president is not above the law. Think before you make stupid comments.

          • Sheri

            Jim? Trumps hands were tied??? That’s the stupidest statement! He was still the president, his hands were never tied, it was just a dumb excuse. If you would research instead of watching Fox News maybe you’d understand something.

        • Thomas J.

          Yes, the President is no good. Blood on his hands.

          • Lorraine

            Do You Really Believe That? There Is A Mental Health Line You Can Call If Your In A Crisis!

          • Kane H.


        • Lorraine

          I Agree With You A 100 Percent!,, And To The Other Person, If You Live In The US, He Is Your President Too! Respect Goes A Long Way

        • Lorraine

          You Get Him Girl!,, That Whole Impeachment Thing Was Wrong!!! It Took Time From Our President!!! If It Was Obama, Would It Happen? I Am A Democrat! This Was Wrong, Bottom Line!!!
          Nancy Pelosi Is A Women Who Should Step Down!!! We Need Another Women Who Would Not Disgrace The Democrat’s, Ripping The Paper’s On National T.V.!!! She Is AvDisgrace!!! This Year, I’m Voting For Mr. Trump!!!

        • Sara

          Replying to Cindy Swinney:
          He will FOREVER be known as the 3rd Impeached President of the USA and the most incompetent President EVER!
          And since the Senate refused to hold an actual trial, he and the Republicans had PLENTY of time to prepare for a National Emergency they have known about since at least early Dec 2019. Yet, here we are, woefully unprepared and thanks to his lies, obfuscation, deflection and inflated ego thousands of Americans are going to die!
          Are we great yet? Are you tired of winning yet?

      • pi2r2

        Only the Lord rules protection. President Trump is the Lord’s chosen man. Get with the Lord.

        • Robert

          I get SSI will I get a check

          • Jazmine


          • Sylvia J.

            Yes, you will and you don’t need to do a thing but wait for it also anyone asking for your SS# bank acct# and any such info so you can receive the stimulus is going to be fraudulent, DO NOT GIVE YOUR INFO, all you do is wait for it.

          • Diana

            Yes ssi and ssdi will get money Google it if u have questions

        • Watches

          People like you are why we have covid19 you stoped worship into God to worship Trump this is your punishment.

          • Kristiana

            @ Watches I kind of agree.

        • Anthony T.

          For those that receive SSI get the stimulus on their direct express card as they would their SSI check

          • nancy h.

            They will also get it in there. Bank accounts if they have direct deposit

        • James G.

          Ha ha one more for the Looney bin

      • Gerald

        You are sick and stupid
        .get educated pop

      • Willuam F.

        Oh shut up I’m so tired of everybody blaming Trump. Millions would have died if he hadn’t of put a travel ban on China. You must be a moron and get your news from fake CNN. Do us all a favor and shut the hell up

        • Robert

          That’s the problem these days we talk to each other like the other person doesn’t deserve respect we need to unite not fight when did it become ok to put someone down just because you don’t agree with what they say we are heading in the wrong direction and if we don’t reverse course soon we’re wall domed

          • Naengel

            You are right. He is our president, we may not all agree with him and what he does. It is totally alright to agree to disagree. We all need to come together right now and stop fighting or we are doomed as humans. Think about it.

          • Denae

            Thank you.. All this political bs has nothing to do with why we are here.. I dont care what anyones political or religious beliefs are i just want to know where to get clear cut answers about ssi recipients!!

        • deborah

          turbo tax has a irs portal to give your info if you dont pay taxes

      • Checkpoint C.

        So, now our President is responsible,,,get a life.

      • Mary

        So then don’t take it. Donate to the aspc to rescue abused animals

      • Randall D.

        I think this is JFK’s doing!

      • David B.

        Unfortunately you’re victim to Political Fake News Propaganda! FACT: Trump acted TOO SOON in the eyes of ALL of your main stream media…google it…every msm had Experts saying in early February that Trump was “incomplete” closing the borders to China & Europe and their top expert medical folks said “there is No Crisis, it’s just like regular Flu, Trump OVER REACTED, he’s caused an unnecessary panic, etc…THEN 45 days later Your Same msm changed their narrative to “Trump didn’t act fast enough”, etc. you see where I’m coming from?…your msm is pure unadulterated Evil Vicious plan lying scum. You need to Wake Up.

        • Margaret

          You are so right! The person trying to ruin this country is Anthony Fauchi,, he created this virus…and now you think he is going to be our Savior! I wish one of these so called reporters would ask Fauchi what he knows about this virus. Do your research people. Go back to work! Don’t let him get away with it. Support Trump!!!

          • deborah

            turbo tax has a irs portal to give your info if you dont pay taxes

      • Chrystal

        Did he cause this virus? Let me say I think he jumped on it pretty fast and for the government to be handing checks out, I’m just speechless with how ungrateful people are.

    • Troy L.

      If I filled a Property tax credit claim Does that count? Im on SSI for disability

      • Rosemary

        I filed my 2018 tax with (0) tax liability. I receive SSA benefits as well on my 1099. IRS does not have my direct deposit info only thru SSA. I’ve tried GET MY PAYMENT but only get PAYMENT STATUS NOT AVAILABLE. Will IRS use my SSA info to direct deposit? If so when can I expect deposit ??

    • Anthony

      Do you know if SSI recipients get the stimulus on their direct express card?

    • Jay C.

      The upper crust created, contrived that imaginary guy in the sky to peddle in fear, death, to keep the masses under control! REAL FAKE NEWS present day = same fear mongering along w/ this GREAT country’s odorous armpit, the U.S. Govt…$1200+stimulus = modern day bread and circuses if you will! The dope man/men are licking their chops BIG time! “My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me” – Carlin. GET IT?!

    • Carol L.

      I have heard SSDI will receive stimulus. Do you know if child of disabled mother will receive stimulus. Father is deceased and mother receives death benefit for child from social security

    • Theodore S.

      All those jerks that are trying to figure out how to send out funds to all of us, need new heads that have a brain inside. If you don’t have direct deposit but have a direct express card from social security than what is the problem. I have a bank account but not direct deposit. I have a direct express card from SS and get my funds on my card. Nothing but stupid clowns in DC, is that so hard to do? The jerk at the IRS is even more stupid, put the funds on peoples direct express card that don’t have direct deposit, when will the stupidity end?

    • AS

      I can’t find Anything on this either, I get VA disability (combat vet) & SSDI. I can’t find anything saying if I will get $500/ea for my two children (obviously dependents).

    • Laura H.

      I just wanted to know when we getting the checks or it just a joke explain to me please

    • Terri D.

      What about people that is pending disability and has no income doctors took them off work and now social Security is Post poning as doctors appointment

    • Alexander C.

      Did they make decision yet if SSI recipients will receive stimulus check yet

    • Sharon D.

      My granddaughter is 17 but she get survivor benefits from her mom. Will she get a check??

    • Ahjanae

      I get ssi for my son will the money come on his direct express card

    • TIF

      What if we don’t have a bank account only the government card for SSI? Or am I needing to make a temp account

    • Joseph


      • Jessie

        I have a prepaid card that my benefits come on will they put it on my prepaid card

    • Thomas


      • Ashley

        I receive ssi but also have 3 kids i get my ssi deposited thru dieect express and recently ive tried to use the irs web portal and it denied me because i get my income thru direct express ive tried 3 x any one else experience this issue ?

    • Rhey A.

      Why don’t you just put the money on our direct express cards it’s so much easier for the 4.5 million that use it

    • Sarah

      Single mom of 2 on SSI disability and very very low income my understanding is we are going to receive a stimulus check. Stay safe everyone:)

      • Linda

        Are SSA, SSDI & social security retirement recipients who receive medicaid and pay part B premiums required to report economic stimulus check to medicaid (state) as additionl income when they receive it? No one has addressed this question i don’t think

        • Michelle

          I have a child on SSI. Do I report the stimulus check as income?

    • Wendy P.

      Yes, SSDI and SSI recipients will get stimulus checks.

      And to the people that spout off crap info just to get a reaction.
      Shame on you – you ill behaved children

    • Carolyn W.

      People who are on SSI will get a stimulus check. Look under

    • Rolando P.

      How do I know if my money was deposited?

    • Rashad L.

      i have a question what date do they receive it though

    • Ellen B.

      Can anyone PLEASEA help me clear this up? I can’t sleep over this…I know this seems like a ignorant question, but I’m new to receiving disability benefits, is disability the same as as SSI…I’m confused, all I know is I get disability, but didn’t work long enough to get SSI, so will I get a stimuilois check? And if my benefits are direct deposited into my bank account, then do I need to file any paperwork to make sure I get check? If so what form & where?

    • Rosalind B.

      What about people on Long Term disability through they job

    • Kristiana

      Stimulus Registration is what you need to Google if you already filed but didn’t do direct deposit you can set it up there. I literally just did it less than an hour ago and it took a hugh weight off my chest. I am speaking to individuals that don’t know that such site exist because they either don’t use turbo tax or haven’t in a while. No the IRS haven’t even posted it on their sight but it got passed to me through a reliable source and now im passing it to someone that needs the stimulus check in this lifetime.

    • Nitty

      You are straight out lying straight out to the US disabled on SSI we should of been the first one . Deplorable the way you just don’t say your not going to give the people on SSI anything!

    • Rhonda C.

      I just read on IRS website. SS-retirement, and SSDI and SSI recipients will get 1200, but our dependants get nothing. Said they don’t have dependant information. Which is total bullcrap….. I’m on SSDI and I get Auxiliary(family) benefits for my two minor children. And it said if we file a tax form to claim dependants it will be rejected by the IRS.

    • Heather l.

      Will folks that get ssi. Get an check

    • Shawn

      Don’t worry folks! Trump is the Main Man he’ll take care of y’all! Unless your being claimed on someone else’s tax return you’ll get a stimulus check!

      • Jason L.

        He is now , since the DNC cheated Bernie again.. Trump2020

    • David

      Stimulus unemployment question

      I’m collecting SSDI disability and have an income threshold of making around $700 a month. I am self employed and clean three houses at $150 a week total to supplement my SSDI income. Since I’m unable to work due to the Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic, would I still qualify for the Federal stimulus unemployment of $600 a week on top of the $1700 SSDI and the additional $600 a month I make cleaning houses? Nobody seems to have an answer and I don’t want to be thrown off of SSDI by filing an unemployment claim under the stimulus bill

    • James P.

      Think problem. Here is people are taking things out contexts and misinformed. People on ssi and ssa SSDI will get the stimulus check . As long you have proper info in place with your local social security office and local irs office , I am on ssi and ssa , I filed my 1099 , 1099b 1040 yesterday. For 2017-2019 . So please do research your self and read this website among other trusted website. Know the truth out there thanks again

      • Vanessa

        If someone claimed you as a dependent but is receiving SSI and is an adult will they receive the stimulus check ?

    • TashaR

      Treasury, not Social Security, will make automatic payments to Social Security beneficiaries. Beneficiaries will receive these payments by direct deposit or by paper check, just as they would normally receive their Social Security benefits.
      We are working closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions about our SSI recipients in an attempt to make the issuance of economic impact payments as quick and efficient as possible. We realize people are concerned, and the IRS will provide additional information on their web page when available. Please note that we will not consider economic impact payments as income for SSI recipients, and the payments are excluded from resources for 12 months.

      We will continue to update Social Security’s Coronavirus COVID-19 web page as further details become available.”

    • Tasha

      We are working closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions about our SSI recipients in an attempt to make the issuance of economic impact payments as quick and efficient as possible. We realize people are concerned, and the IRS will provide additional information on their web page when available. Please note that we will not consider economic impact payments as income for SSI recipients, and the payments are excluded from resources for 12 months.

      We will continue to update Social Security’s Coronavirus COVID-19 web page as further details become available.”

    • Jordin

      Will people recieving supplemental social security be recieving as well?

    • Genni J.

      What about the extra $200.00 in our social security retirement benefits

    • Jen

      How do I find out what I recieve ? Ssi or ssdi I’m not completely sure. I worked part time last year. I am not sure what category I fall in.

      • hello

        go to and sign in or make account for my social security all your info is there

    • JESS P.

      The IRS website States we will get the stimulus payment, but our children will not.

    • Charles W.

      So let me get straight. The normal person who pays taxes will have to pay this back on their 2020 tax refund. But the ones that don’t pay any thing will get this for free??

      Something is not right.

    • Gladys

      Will the wife of a man getting social security disability , will she get the money to? this woman keeps on asking me,I don’t know

    • Henry L.

      Can the treasurer department add money to your Direct Express Card given to you by the Social Security Administration when you don’t have a checking account listed with the treasurer department through

    • Bj

      Did you read or do u want answers

    • Mygeesha F.

      How much will they get..for ssdi depends.

    • Kimberly

      Look please ya’ll stop discouraging me about social security Recipients are not getting the stimulus check if didn’t file taxes we are definitely excluded from filing taxes I have the paperwork in front of me we will receive 1,200.00 $ plus 500.00 $ for child now to God be the glory ♥️

    • Samantha T.


    • Latoya R.

      When will social security get there money

    • Margie P.

      I have been on ssi since 2010 i have 3 foster children an my spouse died in jan 22nd will i get a check or not?

    • Scotto

      Dang ppl. Just read and inform ones self. Dont rely on others dont be lazy dont be misinformed. Do something and read up. Not being rude but there is gov info on this on the site. Dang its crazy how people rely or are to lazy to do the work that may benefit ones self.. Stop the madness and do the work. I have read up on it myself for myself its easy. Just stop complaining and do it. That way you are not misinformed and freak out like ppl on here are doing.. Be an adult and do the work.

    • Shantel

      I am gussing social security income well received the check too.

    • To

      Ok eso

    • Frank l.

      If I have cancer and them I am in disability and have to foster kids would I get a check or not I do receive Social Security

    • Angelica W.

      Yes. People who SSDI and SSI will receive it. People follow the news. Of you if don’t know what your talking about don’t say anything at all.


      I want to know that as well

    • Joseph S.

      No you aren’t deserving….

    • Amber

      I draw SSI I never work before will me and my brother get it my brother draws SSI too

      • Kathy

        If you have a bank account to get direct deposit then go to and fill out the form for each of you. They file a tax return just to get the stimulus check. If no bank account they send a paper check ,it takes longer, maybe up to five months. It lets you update your address that way to get your check sent to the right address.

    • Denise

      I was hurt at work and can’t work no more, but I put in to social security. I deserve the check. My daughter deserves her deadbeat dad’s check. She just turned 17 and it’s not fair she doesn’t get one. It’s not fair that everyone sitting at home in there free apartments and making babies and never worked a day in there life are getting anything. They filed there fake taxes let them use that money. That pisses me off.

    • Mary k.

      My is Mary Kelley I am ssi and daughter is ssi and my daughter is social security and my son is on social security will get this extra money that we’re supposed to get

    • Michael S.

      Yes people in SSI will get the stimulus read the facts

    • Mr. W.

      Did any on ssi get a check yet or better yet does anyone know when we are supposed to get checks because i don’t know about you guys but i get ssi and i have family running themselves into the ground depending on me to get the check

    • Pedro G.

      How about ppl that are on ssi and owe child support ?

      • Krystal

        That’s what I need to know, also. No information on this, since we aren’t required to pay. It’s a catch 22. The gov’t. pretty much paying the gov’t. I was told not to pay c.s. from the OAG themselves. If this screws me, I’m gonna be pissed.

    • Jennifer

      How much does someone have to be told that SSI is also receiving the stimulus money. Over and over again and again they have said, yes the SSI individuals will receive either on their direct express or what ever bank account they use for their monthly payments. Also, maybe through the mail. Sincerely Jennifer Heath and thank you guys we all need this extremely difficult now.

      • Brandon

        Ok so if you have a 4 year old son on ssi do you still get a check.. Say you work but you also get a check for your son. Do you get a stimulus check for your sons ssi too

    • Teresa m.

      What they are saying is that SSI recipients won’t have to worry about reporting the stimulus check as extra income like they normally would have in the past, that could of had an impact on their SSI.

      I think the info given was easily misinterpreted if not carefully read. They stated that SSI recipients were definitely included in the stimulus package. It just wouldn’t make a bit of sense to exclude the ones that are paid the least.

    • SC13669

      Do any of you people know how to read? It’s says right here in black and white!!! It takes a 4th grader to figure it out. Now as the prisoners getting money, I think NOT!!! So let’s please just stop upsetting everyone and try to find some peace in the world that we don’t feel like we have!!! Goodnight all!!!???

    • DENISE

      Why so many adults on SSI with kid(s) also collecting it? You realize that is another family’s food you are taking? Rent $? Car payment? People who actually work and have worked for years? SSSI is the welfare version of disability. SSDI is for people who worked and paid into SSA and find themselves disabled. I’m sorry but if you are on SSI, why are you procreating?

      • Wendy M.

        You bring up a good question. Here is the answer. A lot of people lie about their and their kids “disabilities”. Which makes it hard for actual people such as myself to get it. I got it but it took me years upon years to get it. It upsets me that I have to receive it to live, but I am just not able to work, which is something I do want to do.

    • Lisa A.

      I’m payee on my husband social security check so does that count as one or two people? I’m very confused and don’t want to risk filing taxes since I’m in poor health. So does my social number show on his check? Do we get 1200 or 2400 deposited?

    • Paula J.

      How do we know if people who receive SSDI will get the $1200 stimulus? Even though I’ve read that we will I have also read other material that suggests we will not so I am hoping for a definitive “yes or no” answer

    • Jojee

      I don’t know if this is the correct forum to ask this question:
      I was asked to see (SS) medical doctors the end of beginning of March. Online states pending review.
      How long does this process take? thanks

    • Sonya Y.

      Is it true that ssdi recipients will not receive an impact stimulus check if a family member claim them on their tax return, even though they received an ssa1099 form? If so Will social security/Irs be able to detect this? Also if your receiving your payments through direct express will the stimulus payment be received through the direct express or will you need to Set up direct deposit with the irs?

    • Theresa

      Everyone on social security will recieve the payment unless someone claimed you pn their taxes anyone making over 75000 wont recieve anything children recieve 500 each payments start in 2 weeks

      • Melissa

        Everyone will receive the money on SSI and SSDI unless you make over 75,000 in a year or you owe child support

    • Deralyn

      Do you know if people on SSI get the covid 19 check on the 6th

    • Phillip R.

      They need to tell everyone when people that get SSI and ssd will receive it and other people as well and stop playing head games

    • Paul B.

      When are theSSDi direct deposits going to be initiated i?

    • George E.

      I filed taxes this year and I get a check on the first and third. Will I get a stimulus check in my Direct Express?

    • Luis v.

      Will ssi get a check?

    • Donna

      If my husband is on VA disability and Social Security, I know he will qualify for the stimulus check. I don’t work, I stay at home with him. Will we be entitled to $2400 because we are married, or will we just get the $1200?

    • Chirstie D.

      My friend has SSI but it was suspended and been trying to get started back but everything is shut down. What does he need to do to get it started back and to get his stimulus check? Can anyone help please

    • Shelley C.

      My 2 daughters get ssdi and were filed on my tax return will they get the 1200 from ssa on top of the standard 500 per kid or no?

    • Jessica

      Ok my kids get a check off there dad..hes on disability we are not together..will they get anything off that?

    • Lisa

      Will social security disability get a stimulus check ?? If I’m 28 but my mom claimed me on her taxes because I have no place to stay.. she also claims my dad why is 49 he stays with me . I need to have 24 hour care so my mom lets us stay there… will I get a stimulus check or will my mom since she claimed me??

      • Dorgima B.

        I filed for my tax but never received my state but not federal will I still get my stimulus check deposited into my go bank account t when

    • George W.

      If You guys Read this article instead of just Guessing You wold have seen that all Social Security including SSI and SSDI will be getting a Check.

    • Karey B.

      What if someone on SSI owes back child support will they still get the stimulus or will they send it to the other parent

    • Betty H.

      I get Widows benifit Social Security will i get a check

    • Derald

      Does anyone know if it will be deposited in the direct express account or if you have to have a regular checking account for direct deposit

    • Thomas F.

      Will people that owe child support receive a stimulus check?

    • Thomas F.

      I heard there was some news about people that owe back child support still getting a check,someone told me this was on CNN news, is this true does anybody know?

      • Tysha

        Yes people that’s on SSI that owes child support you will get the stimulas payment but what you owe in child support a portion may be reduced from it

    • Mrs. D.

      I’d like to know as well. My daughter receives SSDI as a dependent under her father’s benefits…she lives with me 100% and I claim her on my taxes…will she recieve stimulus money through him as well ?

      • Jessica J.

        I get $783.00 a month from social security. That is my only income I have. Will i get a coronavirus check. I’m in need of it. I don’t pay taxes never have before. And I never had worked do to my disability I am a 34 year old adult. I have been disabled since i was 6 years old . It would help me if someone could let me no if me or anyone else like me is going to get a coronavirus check please give me a simple yes or no please. I’m in need of the coronavirus check because after paying my bills and my lot rent and buying food before the 11th when my foodsamps get here I have no more money

    • Will

      I’m 32 and get SSI I am not disabled, however my mother for some reason still claims me as a dependent on her tax returns, I live with her and give her half of my check every month and I am not dependent on her at all I pay my own groceries, cell phone bill and buy all of my own necessities. Am I not going to get the stimulus because of my mom claiming me as a dependent?

      • Lori D.

        Ur 32 year Old , if u receive ur own SSI checks in ur own name , and u have no rep payee. . First ur mother shouldn’t claiming you , unless she is supporting you.amd can proof it and if she is collecting any money from u for rent,room and board .she is suppose to file that on her taxes.not claim you . A parent can only claim you on their taxes if u are a minor or u are a full time student .in under graduate school .so again u received income for urself , she is not suppose to claim you .now if u are collecting SSI . U are disabled or maybe have a mental disability. U don’t receive SSI for no reason.

    • Michael S.

      Again read the top yes SSI will receive it if you would read the top it clearly says yes SSI will receive the payments automatically on direct express please quit saying no

    • Krewellah

      I love how in the VERY PAGE that tells you your answer (which is yes there will be payments to SSI recipients), someone named Tony starts a whole riot about “jail inmates” and “no you will not get a check”! First of all if you do not know FOR SURE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT maybe you should not comment AT ALL! This pisses me off so bad because you really start a panic amongst people who maybe don’t understand what they just read. Trouble makers with big fat mouths is what you are.

    • sue

      My husband and I are both on ssi. Do we both get 1200.00?

    • Erica L.

      Am my son payee and will he get a check for $1200 ?

    • Thomas F.

      Is there a new talk about people receiving stimulus package, even tho they owe back child support

    • Ozzie

      Will i receive a stimulus check even if the say i owe social security for an overpayment issue

    • Bailey

      You can’t get it right all the time. Same holds true with the company side. They had Fraud. % will slip in the crack’s. Let’s look at the Good stop Looking at the Neg in. Just be thank full

    • Downeastdetective


    • William L.

      Yes they will recive the money so will ssi

    • Kesha

      Will my daughter who receives retirement benefits from her dad be included.? How will those on disability with children be able to get the extra $500 per child for 17 and under kids?

    • Timothy W.

      I’m a single disabled father on full SSDI fighting cancer and I won’t receive a stimulus check and I’m afraid that this will be the same for many of us on disability we just don’t qualify

    • Rachel

      If you a child who receive ssi will you be able to get a stimlus check?

    • Catherine

      I am on ssi and worked last year and filed i will be receiving right

    • Lolly

      Did u ever get an answer for this question I was wondering that myself

    • Michelle C.

      SSI can go to IRS.GOV and file for with Turbo Tax for free. This is cruel and should change.But, if you are able, go to IRS.GOV and go to Turbo Tax and file.

    • Dee

      I am asking the same question. Did u get a answer

    • Jennifer H.

      will people on ssi get money as well im confused ?? And if so when i don’t have a bank account just a card how does ? Can some one tell me?

      • Vonda V.

        Hi Jennifer. Thank you for your question. Recipients of Supplemental Security Income will get an economic impact payment. We are working closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions about our SSI recipients in an attempt to make the issuance of economic impact payments as quick and efficient as possible. We realize people are concerned, and the IRS will provide additional information at Coronavirus Tax Relief when available. Please note that we will not consider economic impact payments as income for SSI recipients, and the payments are excluded from resources for 12 months.

        • Amber g.

          I don’t receive ssi but i do receive medicaid. Would i still be eligiable for the check ? If so would it be counted as income ?
          Thanks in advance.

    • Tina

      I think it is totally unfair if people on SSI do not get a stimulus check! It says they are working on it to include SSI, but looks like we are not included.. Which should be.. the ones that need it as much as anyone ! People that earn up to 75000.00 etc. Most people that work hard everyday don’t earn that much. This is for the rich still and the poor go without, From what I hear the last time in 2008 SSI didn’t receive a stimulus either, I will be extremely pissed if we do not get one this time,, I will not sit back and do nothing about it, people need to stand up and say we are not taking it anymore.

      • Vonda V.

        Hi Tina. Thank you for your question. Recipients of Supplemental Security Income will get an economic impact payment. We are working closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions about our SSI recipients in an attempt to make the issuance of economic impact payments as quick and efficient as possible. We realize people are concerned, and the IRS will provide additional information at Coronavirus Tax Relief when available. Please note that we will not consider economic impact payments as income for SSI recipients, and the payments are excluded from resources for 12 months.

        • trena

          HELLO my concern is that my son put me as a dependent on his taxes and I receive ssd that is my only imcome and i am hearing i am not elgible for the stimulius check. my ? is that in fact true? and then my next ? is why? what i get every month does not cover all my needs and the stimulius check would help me as well i feel that because my son use me as a dependent i am being pentalize for it because he helps me during the year because my check is not enough.. i can benfit from the stimulus check as well…. thank you

        • Sherri S.

          Yes I receive SSI and I get it on my Direct Express Card. I went to the IRS website and it would only take a checking account numbers what are we suppose to do about that. I get my SSI on my Direct Express can you please tell me if I need to do anything at all or will you all take care of ?

    • Jennifer

      If anyone knows the answer to this question please help. My son receives ssi benefits not me so will we still be eligible to receive the stimulus since its in his name not mine? Hes a minor so his benefits are in c/o me

    • Jean d.

      My daughter claims me on her income tax I’m 74 I get SSI I only get 1100 a month will I still get a sinless check

    • Terrance

      I’m 62 and will get my first social security check by direct deposit on May 1, 2020. Since I never received a 1099, will social security be able to share my information with IRS for direct deposit???

    • Jessica w.

      Ok my kids get a social security check off there dad will they recive anything from that..we are not together…

    • Heather P.

      I have a child that is 3 and a spouse and I receive social security what do I do about the stimulus check

    • Chrissy P.

      SSI does get a stimulus payment,check it on the CDC page and Apple news

    • Devendra S.

      They,are now saying it will be sent along with the usual monthly benefits so 1200 on top of what ssi or ssdi already receive for next month.

    • Nancy

      When will ssi people get there stimulis checks

      • Ann C.

        Hi, Nancy. Treasury, not Social Security, will make these payments. We do not have information about the schedule for these payments. The IRS will provide additional information at We hope this helps.

    • Informed. O.

      One of two things are taking place here, either you don’t know what you’re talkin about, or you’re just trying to start a conversation because you don’t have a life. yes Pauline, I would have to agree with you but I’m not quite so nice if these dumbasses don’t know any more about what they’re trying to talk about then they need to just stay off of this site and all other sites. There is enough ignorance in the world without spreading it like a virus. Did you hear that you dummies? Stop spreading your ignorance like a virus I would assume that you are inbred white trash.

    • Jessica

      I don’t understand social security lingo,
      I’m on ssd and My daughter just turned 18 but she recieves a payment but not as a dependent of mine anymore cause she’s still in school will she qualify for a stimulus payment? This will help her so much.

    • Yesa

      Ssdi means all of us mental and physical will be getting it

    • Tegan N.

      Uh.. true. SIS recipients WERE included in the 2008 stimulus. They were given an extra $250. I would know. I was one of them. And SIS beneficiaries will be included in this stimulus as well. This page you commented on just stated that. A little vaguely but still. Also, don’t spew random incorrect facts….

    • Victoria A.

      I’m on SSI. What about spouses that do not file? Will the whole 2400 come in one deposit? Or will I only receive the 1200?

    • matt

      no. it clearly says people getting ssi are getting it too. learn to read……

    • Kevin J.

      Those on SSI will receive a check, Veterans on disability will receive a check but both groups will have to file a simple tax return. Turbo tax will file it for free, if you didn’t file in 2018 you can file the simple form for 2019 and get check this year or you can wait and file 2020 return next year and you would get the check then, I have done a lot of research on this and also did the simple form at turbo tax

    • Shannon

      I can’t help but lmfao as I read this thread. Why all the hatred people ? I hope everyone gets a stimulas check. I mean, those who really need it anyway. Everyone should just relax and chill. Instead of adding more stress for others. It should be easy for most people to understand that those asking if they’ll receive the stimulas that get upset when they are told no, well… they’re probably already very worried, struggling and feelin’ overwhelmed enough so why would anyone want to add to this ? I can’t believe how shitty some people can be ! Makes me feel good knowing I’m not like that. Be nice people, before Karma makes you regret being such an ass !!! Yeah, and …have a nice day too.

    • Walter s.

      If on ssi, will I receive the check too. I receive my SSI on a direct express card. What do I need to do to receive one

    • SemperFi P.

      All you guys ,well most are buying into the term we in the Marines call Sea Lawyers. Everyone all of a sudden has a lawyer degree and know facts. I’m a disabled Vet who owes child support and from what I understand is I am eligible. Go to It’s website. As most said this is diff from Stimulus 08. These rules have been loosens some if that helps.. because ppl still have lives n bills to pay. How dare you to judge anyone!!

    • Steven g.

      Those statements are not true. Everyone will get a check. People on SSI. Ssdi . Survivors benefits . Will all get money deposit to there card

    • Deidre

      Will a SSDI recipient receive Covid 19 stimulus check if they have major arrears due to intentionally unpaid child support?

    • Bobbie

      I’m fully disable and raising two grandchildren will I get it and will I get 500 for each of my grandchildren?

    • CF5

      So from everything I’ve read, my disabled daughter, who’s 19, gets SSI, and I am her guardian, will NOT get a check solely because she is my dependent??? That makes zero sense. She should be entitled to it as well. That money is to help, it could REALLY help during this time when I am not working yet still caring and paying for her needs.

    • rich

      Inquiry: I receive SSDI via Direct Deposit — does this mean that Social Security provides the IRS/Treasury with my bank account info – and then l will get the stimulus check via Direct Deposit? [The IRS does not have my bank account at present] Thank You

    • Wilma R.

      will the people on disability and do not have to file income tax receive their stimilus payments and possible date we can expect them

    • Katina

      I ssi getting money for DOVID-19

    • laura

      if i get SSI benefits for disability will i get my reg check as well

    • Linda

      I work part time and receive disability threw social security. I stay under the wage cap but with the extra 600 dollars it will put me over. Could my ssdi benefit be cancelled or have to go threw a review?

    • Jenna

      I receive SSI and I checked through the IRS website and did a questionnaire to see if I had to file and the site told me I’m not required to file taxes.

    • Jane

      This is what is on the ss website about SSI

      Skip to main content
      Economic Impact Payment Information Center
      More In News
      Here is what you need to know about your Economic Impact Payment. For most taxpayers, payments are automatic, and no further action is needed. This includes taxpayers who filed tax returns in 2018 and 2019 and most seniors and retirees.

      Use tab to go to the next focusable element
      Who is eligible?

      U.S. residents will receive the Economic Impact Payment of $1,200 for individual or head of household filers, and $2,400 for married filing jointly if they are not a dependent of another taxpayer and have a work eligible Social Security number with adjusted gross income up to:

      $75,000 for individuals
      $112,500 for head of household filers and
      $150,000 for married couples filing joint returns
      Taxpayers will receive a reduced payment if their AGI is between:

      $75,000 and $99,000 if their filing status was single or married filing separately
      112,500 and $136,500 for head of household
      $150,000 and $198,000 if their filing status was married filing jointly
      The amount of the reduced payment will be based upon the taxpayers specific adjusted gross income.

      Eligible retirees and recipients of Social Security, Railroad Retirement, disability or veterans’ benefits as well as taxpayers who do not make enough money to normally have to file a tax return will receive a payment. This also includes those who have no income, as well as those whose income comes entirely from certain benefit programs, such as Supplemental Security Income benefits.

      Retirees who receive either Social Security retirement or Railroad Retirement benefits will also receive payments automatically.

      Who is not eligible?
      How much is it worth?
      Do I need to take action?
      Payment recipients: watch for an IRS letter
      Avoid scams related to economic payments, COVID-19
      Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 10-Apr-2020
      Our Agency
      Know Your Rights
      Resolve an Issue
      Other Languages
      Related Sites

    • Wendy S.

      I get SSI and I have a nine year old will he get the extra 500.00

    • Grant

      SSDI, get them 2nd, and After that SSI still get the checks, but write this down, and check b4 the 17th, cuz that’s supposed to be the latest it’s set up. So the first ones, are the 60 million who already filed, not pending, a 2018-2019 taxes under $75,000.00.
      The second checks go to people like me, SSD, OR SSDI, IF YOU HAVE HAD DIRECT DEPOSIT ACTIVE AT LEAST A YEAR, CUZ THE 1099 EZ TAX FORM IS ALREADY DONE, CUZ MOST OF US DONT FILE TAXES, BUT WE GET A 1099, AND W-2 EVERY YEAR, SO WE JUST WAIT FOR THAT SECOND BATCH. 1ST IS NOW TILL THE 17TH+20TH, THEN THE 2nd WAVE..then the 3 4 etc. start after that, And YES, Retirees (Suplimental Security Income), Is run by The S.S.A., BUT, If you are on S.S.I., you’ll be next, but you have to, latest the 17th, cuz the Govt. partnered with “TURBO TAX”. So they said by the 17th, there will be a link to put your Direct Deposit or Banking routing, and acct. #’$. It’s just a little paperwork, nothing to worry about when this information goes viral. But Paper checks are the last, Unless you filed your taxes early with Turbo tax, So Again, SSDI, SSD ARE 1ST TO GET THEM, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A Direct Deposit card from The S.S.A. But by the 17th S.S.I. will go to Turbo tax, and u Just have to fill out a form, easy form. But I suggest you all get Direct Deposit. I have Direct Deposit Prepaid debit card, and after 10 years with them, they give me a $200.00 Overdraft, and my only free is a 5.00 a month, Unlimited and no headaches. Also I get my check, at the latest 2 days early, but when the 3rd hits on a Sunday, I get it 7 days Early. closed weekends plus you get it b4 the weekend. Average is about 4 days Early per mo. I love my chipless Preferred All-Access card
      Hope this helped you, and yes this is the latest real Update
      . you’ll see

    • Jason K.

      Ok what about SSI with payee, my helper from church helped fill out non filers forms online, It would not allow me my email address I tried 2 different address. How is working for SSI with payee. I need help with this

    • Madeline g.

      I receive social security from my x spouse I also draw social security will that effect my stimulus check

    • Timothy

      If i received my tax return on an emerald card but no longer have the emerald card how can i get it direct deposited into my bank account

    • Benjamin s.

      direct express card how do you get the account number and raoding number

    • Stephanie f.

      I have a question for u I get ssi I was wondering if I automatically get the stimulus check I’ve been told bye alot of my friends I dont have to do anything to get the stimulus check

    • CMR

      Will minors who are ion ssi and have direct deposit get the stimulus package still? Is there something I have to file for them?

    • Brianna

      I receive SSI and I have a 3 yr old son will I still receive the 500

    • Djan D.

      i have national social security, my wife has itin number, and i have two children under 17 years old american. are we entitled to the government’s icentive?

    • James C.

      I read on usa today, that an adult on social security disability that was claimed on someone else’s taxes as a dependent will NOT receive a stimulus check.

    • Joey H.

      If I am on SSI and I work to and fill out taxes will I be getting this check

    • Allison

      All of you are panicking for no reason. Ssi/ssdi will be getting a payment. They are not sure yet if it will be going on direct express cards. Try reading once in a while!!

    • Cindy E.

      I’m spouse of soc sec receiver I dont get a check but can’t work will I get stimulus money?

    • Lissete

      So I have a question if my child is a minor and he is on ssi and I’m his payee will I automatically get it in my bank account??

    • Misstim

      I have been reading all these different posts about if people are on SSI will get a stimulus check. There are comments saying everyone is getting a check even if people are on SSI. But there are groups of people that aren’t going to get a check even if they have no other income but SSI.. I live with two of my children I pay my share of the bills including half of the houses payment..
      But because my daughter put me on her income taxes. That I dont get any of it..The way I understand it. This is so upsetting because. People like me have suffered through this like everybody else. My daughter does not support me. I pay my share of the bills and my own bills. We are all room mates and share all the house bills. I have been crying all evening if this so.

    • Angela L.

      what to do if i did not received the $500 economic impact payment for each depends child in my tax return? i always claim my kids but i only received i’ll direct deposit payment of $1200 as an individual. i’m completely lost if every year i claim my kids as my dependent and one of my kids it’s 17 years old child on disability he does receive ssi but i claim them as a dependent always because of his condition i can’t work a fulltime job.. so with that said i feel like they made a mistake does anybody got to respond to my problem let me know please also i don’t have a bank account i always do my tax return in half ton direct deposit to a prepaid debit card i don’t know if that’s a problem to?

    • Colleen

      What’s with all the name calling on this site. Are you people unable to read for yourself. Dont go on sites like this to get your information.

    • Donald

      Question I’m on disibility ssi my brother claims me as a dependent will I get the stimulus payment? Because in 2008 I got the stimulus payment and I think my brother claimed me as well. Plz let me know or somebody with no fake news email me plz cause I need the money bad. Email is

    • edward v.

      Will the check go on to your direct express card or not. it keeps saying they have no information on stimules checks why?and how will know if they are even working on this? seems like a big problem for 5 mill people useing the card..

    • Frustrated i.

      Why should people on SSI receive money? They haven’t lost income! That monthly welfare check continues. That money should be going to those that have lost jobs and their income. Just money for a lot of them to buy more drugs and alcohol in my neighborhood. Stop having the hard working responsible ones pay for the lazy ones and those faking disabilities. Trump this is an issue to focus on. Help the deserving!

      • Sick o.

        But there is a bunch of honest ppl on SSI that has worked their whole life just up till accidents accur and is than crippled for the remainder of their life. I’ve put in a many many hours on a job that paid peanuts but I guarantee you I bet u went into a grocery store and walked up to shelves to only grab it and put it in ur cart. How do u think ur food got on those shelves the fairy shelve stocker. U need not judge another because God is judging u.

    • Josh

      So it will come on the direct Express card

    • Leslie P.

      Mi esposo recibe seguro social mi hija tiene 20 años pero cumple 26 de abril los21 los recibe como menor o como mayor y yo en donde lo recibimos en la cuenta de mi esposo

    • Catherine C.

      U have to go on irs website they have a link to enter qualified dept info.. to recieve extra 500 per child

    • Ron

      People on social security who receive their money through direct deposit will also receive a stimulus direct deposited if that’s how you receive veterans or ssi.

    • Kirk

      That Tony character is spreading false/ fake information. If you recieve SSI and have given your info to the newly created IRS site for NON-FILERS, YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR FULL $1, 200 STIMULUS CHECK.
      GO TO: IRS. NON-FILERS and start the process now so the Treasury has your direct deposit info.

    • Joseph P.

      Our stimulus checks counted as income? Could this affect benefit eligibility?

    • Twin

      Would people that didn’t work or file taxes get it to because there looking for work

    • TamaraS

      IRS has launched a
      new online tool for
      people to track their
      $1,200 tax stimulus payments
      Washington Post
      2 days ago
      Stimulus money:
      IRS says payments
      will begin next week
      2 days ago
      Not everyone is
      getting a $1,200
      stimulus check. Here’s who will be left out.
      USA Today
      2 days ago
      Many Americans
      won’t get
      stimulus checks
      NBC News
      1 week ago
      More for stimulus package
      Web results

      Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here | Internal Revenue Service › coronavirus

    • Arthur

      Will people who receive SSI and has a Direct Express Card will they be eligible for these checks

    • Kp

      If i get ssi but was carried as a dependent i wont recieve stimulus?

    • Solomon

      Will SSI receive stimulus payment this week and when.

    • Mimi

      My husband is on SSI disability I’m his payee I dont work I take care of him will I have to file or it will go though ssi

    • Warren

      The SSI recipient will receive theirs but they must not be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s 2018 taxes. But the essential undocumented workers will not receive any type of stimulus Money, including unemployment insurance.

    • Tim K.

      will children who recieve SSI from parents death benefits recieve the stimulus check?

    • Billy G.

      well I see everyone talkin about the stimulus checks that drawls SSI but I do not draw SSI I draw SSA would I still be eligible for a check

    • Joe S.


    • Shelia W.

      What if you’re receiving SSI, but someone claims you during tax season? Will the person claimed receive their payment via their bank account direct deposit or will it be sent to the person who claimed them???

    • Phillip

      it seems like it would be easier for admin. To pay all ss stimulus and treasury puts the money back in admin acct

    • Chico K.

      When will ssdi an disabled receive our checks

    • Melanie A.

      Well I am on ssi and I didnt get my check today but my friend got his money today

    • Jess

      If my child is on disability SSI does he get 1200 also just like me if I’m on disability

    • Chris

      will I receive the stimulus check on my Direct Express Card I receive my Social Security on

    • Blayze C.

      So if u get ssid and u filed taxes for part time working and the irs is holding ur taxes to verify identity then how do u get the stimulous is it through ssid or the taxes I’m having a hard time and trying to work with the tax advocate can someone answer this please

    • Larhonda m.

      My husband files me as a dependent but I am disabled and I get SSI will I recieve a stimulas packet as well for my own personal use.

    • Karrie

      I am a payee waiting on my own disability decision. Will the payment made to my direct express card be counted as the oayee’s or mine? Not sure if I am suppose to file .

    • Craig

      Why in the hell do us ssi recipients have to wait longer than everyone else to receive the stimulus check when we already have our banking info out there. I call BS

    • Steve

      When will direct expres stimulas go on the card


    • Roberta H.

      Will we get it today Wednesday 15 of April 2020

      • Tina

        Did you get your payment? I’m just wondering because I haven’t recieved mine.

    • Fkn p.

      Y the fk dont they tell us if it’s going to post on the direct Express card or not ,does anybody have that FUCKING answer…

    • Where's t.

      Did anyone.else that’s on ssi get message saying payment status not available after they tried to track the check

      • Dani

        Any one know when ssdi is getting paid on put direct express cards???

      • Kelley

        Yes. I did. Frustrating.

      • Tina

        That is the response I got as well.

    • Dawn

      Has anyone getting Social Security supplement get their money yet

    • Buddy H.

      Will the stimulus check go on the direct express card if I’m on social security

    • Mike

      Here it is the 15th. And still no stimulus for SSI. Just like last time. The poorest never get squat. Tired of everyone saying otherwise. I want to hear from one single ssi. Recipient recieving squat yet????

    • Tracy n.

      When will I get the covid19 stimulas check if my normal payments r on 5he 1st

    • Joseph B.

      I have three grown children that are on their own now but I rears on child support but they take the pants out of my SSDI check every month will I still get the stimulus check

    • Hazel

      I don’t get a check because my son claims me. So now at 74 I am supporting my son and his partner because they lost their jobs and I only get a small ss check and a tiny FL pension. Thank goodness my son got his food stamps. Now no stimulus check. I have been working since I was 10 and retired at 64 for health reasons. My son has EF and massive medical bills. Just don’t understand…

    • Damon B.

      My ssi benefits stop .. My last payment was dec 2019.. What do i have to do to receive my stimlus check

    • Trish B.

      My husband get ssi and ssd will we get 2,400 as a married couple

    • Amanda E.

      I filed for 2018 and every year but owed so my CPA didn’t bother with my direct deposit info – probably the only year ever – but I am on direct deposit for social security so why didn’t I receive the stimulus money?

    • Arlene G.

      I didn’t get a check Arlene Goforth I receive ssi I’m just trying to find out what happened

    • Cam

      Hi i know there is a lot of mis-information out there.
      Try to check only sources that are official such as sites ending in. Gov

      It looks like folks on SSI and SSDI will receive a stimulus check.
      See here:

    • Elaine

      If my son is 18 and I’m his payee but my mother filled in her income tax will he still receive the stimulus check

    • Jaye

      When will individuals receiving SSDI expect to see direct deposit of the stimulus package?

    • Eric B.

      Wat day ssi ppl get payments

      • Vonda V.

        Hi Eric, thank you for your question. Treasury expects automatic payments for Social Security beneficiaries no later than the end of April and automatic payments for SSI recipients no later than early May.

    • Ericbailey

      Wat day ssi ppl get payments

    • Jesse S.

      When will stimulus checks be direct deposited in my account

    • Susan l.

      Can my son get a stimulus check on social security disability if he was a dependent on mine

    • craig B.

      t’s sad how they doing people on SSI because 99% are going to be claimed as a dependent on someone’s tax return, either by they kids,parents or someone who helps them out we got to protest this dependent act for SSI,SSDI etc…. it’s really sad looking at the comments of what the sick our going through please help change this.

    • boss

      it says do not use the get my payment if youre on ssi and dont have a child 17 and under as a dependent thats why it gave no info most of you are no worse off than before you still get your check people without jobs dont i never read so many greedy fking crybabies in my life your only disability is youre scumbags

      • Idi A.

        Hey Boss, google up IRS SENDS STIMULUS CHECKS TO DEAD PEOPLE. VLADIMIR PUTIN is getting it all. He promised you half if you would help him. Ur the scumbag. Ur only out for ur self.

    • anonymous

      ssi and social security recipients will get a stimulus check

    • Drea

      I keep reading these comments stating EVERYONE on SSI will receive 1200. I dont think that’s 100% correct though yet…..(adults on SSI yes they will receive the stimulus check, that’s pretty obvious) Children receive SSI though as well, and I’ve been unable to find a source reliable enough to say forsure EVERYONE on SSI including children will 100% receive a stimulus check.

    • Robert S.

      When will we soc sec I’ve been waiting and I have to be out of my home by the first and nothing’s happening

    • Felicia R.

      Will my daughter get one she’s 27 with 2 kids ages 3&4 and I claimed her & one of her kids on my taxes

    • Jason

      You can go to and go to the link provided for non filers to do a simple form and enter payment information. Any one with a valid ss# can file and receive the check. It’s not just for people who paid taxes or show any income. I know this because I file the simple return sheet provided on irs. Gov through and have my direct deposit already

    • Komeko H.

      when will people that recieve social security will recieve there stimulus check on the third in may or what ?

    • Laura o.

      What if you get ssi n ssa do we get the money too?? N if so when???

    • Dorgima B.

      I filed for the tax return but never got my tax return and an on SSI. Will I get my stimulus check .

      • Vonda V.

        Hi Dorgima, thank you for your question. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients who do not have qualifying children under age 17 do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS. You should receive the automatic payments by direct deposit, Direct Express debit card, or by paper check, just as you would normally receive your Social Security benefits. Treasury expects automatic payments for Social Security beneficiaries no later than the end of April and automatic payments for SSI recipients no later than early May. We hope this helps.

    • William

      SSDI Will get a stimulus check

    • Kelly S.

      When will people on ssdi receive there stimulus checks?

    • Rhonda

      If o recieve SSI and my minor child does also. Do I need to fill anything out for him or will it be direct deposited? I been looking everywhere and can’t find out.

    • Dave

      April 23 and still no deposit of my 1200 dollars. I am a ssdi person. I just got my ssdi deposited today. why was there no 1200 dollars. its bullshit

    • William W.

      My children receive so benefits by direct deposit. Will they get any stimulus money…..

    • Lula C.

      How much longer will it be before people who get ssi receive corv19 payment

    • Misty

      Will adult ssi an disability depents claimed onn some eslses taxes get one

    • Jess

      How can I report a change in income?

    • Daniel J.

      I havent got my stimulus check and I filed my 2019 taxes. But recently got back on supplemental security income like 2 months ago. Everybody has got theirs but me.

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