A Secure Retirement for All

perez-guest-blog-picHaving a secure retirement is an important pillar of strength for the middle class in America. Yet, it is unavailable to too many workers in our country. During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re acutely aware of the particular challenges faced by middle class Latinos in the workforce. Not only do Latinos face wage disparities, they’re also less likely to have access to retirement savings plans. Research shows that only about a third of Latino workers have access to a retirement plan through their employer, compared to more than half of African-American and white workers.

For this reason, the Obama Administration has worked to expand access to retirement savings opportunities for everyone. We recently finalized rules that will help more states create retirement programs for workers who don’t have access to a 401(k). Such programs are just one more way to make it easier for more workers to save for retirement.

It’s just as important to protect those hard-earned savings, and the Department of Labor has been active on that front as well. Earlier this year, we established new rules to ensure that the guidance you receive from a financial adviser about your retirement account is always in your best interest.

As important as individual savings may be, almost no one can save enough for a decades-long retirement alone. This entire administration has pushed to strengthen Social Security so that it fulfills the promise made to today’s retirees and workers looking forward to a financially secure retirement. Social Security is incredibly important to America’s workers and retirees, particularly Latinos, who may not have other retirement savings.

If you haven’t started saving, now is the time. Whether this is your first day on the job, or you’re approaching retirement, putting something away now will mean breathing a little easier in the future. The Labor Department, our colleagues at the Social Security Administration, and our sister federal agencies will keep working hard to strengthen existing programs and create new savings opportunities so that all workers can enjoy the dignified retirement they deserve.

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      • Read, read and more read, and am still not reading about what Obama and/or his administration has done to strengthen Social Security, so I surmise, like much of this administration — nothing.

    • Yeah Hillary says she got it bit Obama only had weakened it! They always say they do something good , but then when electioned they do zip, zero, Worse!!!

      • Hate to invoke reality and have you leave your information bubble, but it is not the executive branch that funds or authorizes social security. If you attended a middle school civics class you would have learned that Congress authorizes funds and expenditures and legislates the law and regulations. The guy (usually) that you send to Congress who was most recently a used car salesman who you want to cut government is the guy making things worse in your name. If you believe in magical thinking that you can cut funds, close offices and lose staff through budget cuts while increasing service, you need to look in the mirror. You are the causing the problem and not the president you hate because of his race, imagined religion or imagined non-existent birth record or his non-existent involvement in Mau Mau or political party or lord knows what else you invent. As the late Senator Moynihan said: you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.

        • And when the prez uses his executive powers to override our congress etc., how are the law makers to be blamed if they’re overruled by the president? In that situation the prez is to be blamed for his bullying the issues, not wanted by the law makers, into his agenda.

          • In fact, the President MUST come before Congress within 90 days, and explain why he/she used “Executive Privilege” to over-ride Congress. At that time, Congress can either fund the program, or reject it and force the President to propose legislation to pay for whatever he enacts, which Congress can either accept or reject. Congress does actually have the last say, which is how it should be.

        • You’re are showing your age, Tom. They don’t teach civics in school anymore. The government does not want an educated population who can think and reason for themselves.

        • RIGHT ON, TOM!!! You hit the nail right on the head. It’s the people who don’t or won’t bother to learn, read, or find out FACTS for themselves from the original source, preferring instead to accept without question the ridiculous and frankly impossible hateful soundbites and flat out LIES from inept and ignorant “representstives” that THEY vote for based on these ridiculous lies, that cause their own problems with Social Security, Meficare, and everything else – and taking the rest of us down the toilet with them, I might add.

          We’re even in danger of finding ourselves with the most unqualified, ignorant, stupid, bigoted, and hateful individual voted into office of President of the United States – the rich, spoiled, self-indulgent Donald Trump – by people just such as these, who have somehow bought into the idea that a billionaire (or so he claims) who sits on gold encrusted chairs and even shits in Golden toilets actually gives a crap about them. How in the Hell could these people who hate Hillary Clinton for being “rich” actually believe this supercilious playboy with absolutely no morals or values, to whom all of us common people are no more than cockroaches, cares about them and is on their side???

          Donald Trump hasn’t paid income taxes for TWENTY YEARS, yet he brags he’s worth 20 BILLION dollars! Seriously??? I’m on SSDI and I pay income tax on that! Under $23000. And I’m happy to do so because that’s what funds public libraries, our highways, traffic signals, police, fire, and paramedics, teachers, AND SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICES!!! DUH!!! Get a clue, people, before it’s too late. Clearly neither Trump nor his clueless followers ever attended a middle school Civics class, or they’d know Trump CANNOT “renegotiate deals” like treaties and laws, nor can Hillary Clinton (nor anybody else) “repeal the 2nd Amendment – a legislative action that must then be ratified by mahority votes by TWO-THIRDS of the 50 states before taking effect.

          I cannot believe people on these very blogs gripe about how long their Social Security disability determination is taking while screaming for their ignorant, corrupt “representatives” to give us “smaller government!” Cut staff, hours, and close offices as you said, what do they expect?

          Get a clue, people. STOP blaming the WRONG party for all the problems that YOU actually bring upon yourselves (and all the rest of us). Try reading some actual information for once in your lives, NOT propaganda or phony, falsified “stastics” or “reports” or “studies” put out by special interest groups with high minded sounding names disguising the fact that they’re fronts for the uber wealthy Koch brothers and their ilk, and the multinational corporations they own. You want to know what the Constitution says? READ the actual document- the Constitution is actually a very short document. Want to know what the ACA says? READ IT, and/or the entire GOVERNMENT website that explains every word of it which has been online since 2 years before it passed – and after all, it IS a government document. Anyone who says ” no one really knows what’s in it” is a lazy idiot, because all one has to do is READ it to know.

          Go to a library and read history books, go online and read the ACTUAL letters and transcripts from the meetings of the Continental Congress that wrote the Constitution to know what the Founding Fathers really intended. It’s all there. Take some responsibility, as an American. It’s your civic duty.

          • Me thinks it is you Marc that needs to visit the library.
            Your comments are so riddled with false hoods (or maybe just plain ignorance) that any credible response would be damn near impossible.

          • I cannot believe that you are a supporter of our Constitution. It is you who need to read it again. We have a current Washington DC administration and their Presidential candidate that don’t uphold the Constitution. You hate Trump. Shall I presume you think Hillary is worthy of being the President….she is a liar and a cheat who should be in prison, except that the current administration protects her. Hopefully, Obama till go down with her.

          • As Pelosi said we have to pass this bill to know what’s in it! So before you preach to me preach to her to “DO HER JOB SHE WAS ELECTRF TO DO”

    • It seems to me that more money is spent on people not willing to work and/or have too many children with a father not will to support them. The people starting retirement or in full retirement are not supported after a lifetime of paying into SSI. As far as this administration doing something, not for me, “can’t get a cost of living” raise that follows the “real” cost of living increasing. Everyone has a choice, save, invest as you go through life, can’t afford to do that, adjust your life style. First thought, way to many $700 smart phones, high cost of internet and 300 channels for your TV.
      Just food for thought

    • The myRA savings account is program developed by the United States Department of the Treasury for people without access to retirement savings plan at work. It is an option for individuals to add savings for their retirement. For more information call the U.S. Department of the Treasury at 855-406-6972. Thanks!

  1. Social security is for those of us who have paid into it for 50 years of our working life. Let ALL people living here in the U;S. know THEY are responsible for their own health care and savings plans. DO NOT plan on the govt. bailing you out!

  2. Why are people who never contributed to the system allowed to receive benefits. Unless disabled, get a job! Also, the Hispanic middle class (an oxymoron) doesn’t have any more trouble saving and contributing than other middle class culture. Thanks to Obama and Hillary, we r all in dire straights.

  3. While I like the idea of making retirement savings easier for ALL I balk at any agreeing that other improvements have been made.
    If we could convince Congress to take off the +-$118K cap on SS deductions it would go a very long way to solving our SS shortfall projected in the early 2030s.

  4. I want to know these articles from the SSA are always about non-white people not getting a fair share and how SSA is always looking out for non-white people? This article is about Latinos and immigrants (notice there is no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants because it doesn’t matter to SSA). They need extra help because they don’t work for companies that have 401K plans. Are you kidding me? Most people work for companies that don’t have retirement plans. If they are working for cash, under that table, they are happy to forego withholding taxes, including SS and Medicare. So are the employers. Latinos are willing to work for less money because they don’t pay taxes. As far as I can tell, most Latinos have jobs, as they are touted as being such industrious workers. Latinos and immigrants have plenty of organizations looking out for their well-being, as do African Americans. Must SSA, funded by ALL taxpayers, always focus their attention on the non-white population?

    • It’s always been that way and getting worse every day!! How about a raise in SS benefits for us white middle class workers that have retired after paying in to SS for 35 years?? Sorry Latinos, but if you are not legal we don’t owe you a darn penny!!

  5. I have always worked and marched and written letters and voted and been caring and supportive of people less fortunate than me and people of color my whole long life – I am my sisters’ keeper. But your article worried me. I can barely make it through the month this year with the price of everything going up so much, and we didn’t even get a SS raise. So when you say you will make sure Latinos will Get SS, I am worried. For one thing you didn’t say who you were talking about, citizens or illegals. How can you give money to people who haven’t paid into SS when you don’t have enough money in it to pay those of us who are on it now and contributed to it all our lives?

  6. The Headline as usual misrepresents the facts. This blog has become a propaganda tool . SS was never meant to be a secure retirement for all. It was designed to supplement a person’s retirement income. Only those who have jobs with an income high enough can afford to save anything. Too many workers live from pay check to paycheck. Non whites with lower wages are the most affected. For Obama to correct this he would have to be concerned with creating sufficient jobs that would keep pace with Americans entering the job market. Instead he floods the country with immigrants who compete with Americans and drives down wages. His open border policies further encourages illegals coming into this country putting a drain on our scarce resources and heading the country into bankruptcy. Once that happens no one “will get a check”. Scary thought, eh?

  7. I’ve been at my job for almost 41 years.Ihave had other jobs also.During my younger years, my Father and I both worked at the same plant.We both worked five days a week, my Father more sometimes six days a week. He also worked more than eight hours a day. At any rate we both would go work in the fields on our days off to assist my Mother and siblings.No social security for farm workers and families.But I am thankful for a job though it drives me crazy at times.Forty one years let’s hope I get social security when I retire in about three more years

  8. Social Security has been successful in helping people stay out of poverty since 1937 and it’s unfortunate that its political death to adjust it for the current times where the number of contributors to retirement benefits takers ratio has changed. I agree with the earlier writer to remove the cap (118k) for contributing and I also think someone needs the guts to make a slight adjustment to the Benefit Rate Index to ensure it will be able to fund us when we retire. The people will be totally against any type of SSA increase, but it’s those same people that will need it to be adjusted to continue. And by the way, the time to adjust is now, before its too late to make a difference.

  9. Adjustment of the contribution and benefit base Section 230 of the Social Security Act 42USC(7)§430 >$250 billion tax haven for income >$118.500 (2016)

    Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (Referred to Senate Committee after being Received from House) HR 4437 and the Border Security Act S. 2394 11 million undocumented

    Bush v, Gore (2000)

    Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990) Protocol on Communication (2014)

    Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (1961) naturalization for people born of foreign parents

    Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons (1954) normal priced identification documents, social security and work protection

    Failure to pay legal child support obligations 18USC§228

    Family and Medical Leave Act 1994 12 weeks annual unpaid leave

    Federal Minimum Wage 29USC§206

    Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features and information under 18USC§1028

    Holiday with Pay ILO Convention No. 132 (1970) 3 weeks paid sick leave.

    Maternity Protection ILO Convention No. 183 (2000) 14 weeks maternity leave

    Supplemental Security Income Program for the Aged, Blind and Disabled under Sec. 1611 of Title XVI of the Social Security Act 42USC§1382

    Withholding of income tax on the wages of nonresident aliens under 26USC(A)(3)(A)§1441

    Latinos probably gave away their retirement savings in remittances to their families abroad. Public welfare policies can interfere with private welfare and Latin remittances to family abroad are an unachievable inspiration for other people who quit paying when poverty related benefits are cut, quit paying the 12.4% OASDI tax when they earn $118,500 (2016) and quit paying at every other point of enrichment such as home ownership. If an employer doesn’t help with 401k retirement contributions, it is a simple matter of investing your savings in a retirement account or other account of an investment company such as Vanguard. Citizenship is a yes or no question, filing a 1040 is a fiduciary obligation of 1099 receivers.

    2016 US population estimates are disputed between the Census and Social Security Administration regarding a total population between 324 million and 330 million, respectively, a difference of 2 percent, The under age 18 population is between 74.1 million and 77.8 million, a difference of 5 percent. 74.9 million Baby Boomers were born 1946-64. Since state department lawyers in 2010 committed fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features and information under 18USC§1028 it has become increasingly difficult to impossible for poor people born, and in particular naturalized or at some state of immigration to get identification documents at normal price under the Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons (1954) and the US is suspected of denaturalizing children born in the US to foreign parents under Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (1961). Since the 1989 the annual estimate of about 4 million births is less than 4 million during Democratic administrations and more than 4 million during Republican administrations.

    The Clinton Administration robbed 10 million children of their Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) 1996-2000 and through the Social Security Amendments of 2000 appointed the Actuary who has never gotten right the OASDI tax rate, skewed statistics to lie to the American people about her state responsibility as First Lady for child welfare that was not uncovered until the recently thwarted attempt to rob disability insurance beneficiaries reported in the 2015 Annual Report on the Supplemental Security Program. As Secretary of State for the Uncle Omar Obama administration Hillary Clinton’s 2010 bribery, graft and conflict of interest with state department immigration lawyers persuaded millions of poor people, of all sexes, ages, countries of birth, naturalization, immigration and birth certificate status, to become stateless and not be counted, for their health and freedom.

    The Census must be driven to explain low US voter turnout, less the 66% quorum for a democracy, treats its stateless population that ultimately gets the right to vote in every re-election of the un-abolished Democratic-Republican (DR) two party system. Voter records are protected under the Constitution by Congress against jury summons and other legal infringements such as Bush v, Gore (2000). Birth is not a rational decision and despite the expense of child rearing, poor people are both more often stateless and have much higher birth rates than workers and the rich, and it is believed that the US has produced more than 4 million babies every year since 1989. Since the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990) Protocol on Communication (2014) the price of a hospital delivery drives uninsured and underinsured people to not deliver their baby in a hospital. Home-delivery is bursting out of the two-seat stroller. Birth certificates can be notarized and a social security card will be issued.

    The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (Referred to Senate Committee after being Received from House) HR 4437 and the Border Security Act S. 2394 brought to light that there are an estimated 11 million undocumented aliens living in the United States but otherwise failed to address the issue of documenting these stateless non-criminal illegal aliens, denaturalized citizens and people born in the USA who cannot procure an identification document at normal price. The 2010 Census allowed for some illegal immigration but seems to be producing lower total population estimates than social security numbers. The non-decennial Census has gone so far as to create a abnormal population pyramid that does not account for three million poor or home-delivered children so the Baby Boomers would still seem to outnumber children under the age of 18. Children born in the USA to foreign parents are naturalized US citizens under the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (1961). It may need to be done after the fact by SSA during Democratic administrations since 1994. Social security card numbers are more popular than the Census, National Center for Health Statistics and other birth surveys, or voter records for that matter, because social security benefits and employment are protected by the Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons (1954) by withholding of income tax on the wages of nonresident aliens under 26USC(A)(3)(A)§1441.

    In 2015, one quarter of all children in the United States had a parent who was foreign born. In contrast, about 71 percent of all children were native born and had native- born parents. Among native-born children with at least one foreign-born parent, the majority were Hispanic in 2015, a pattern that reflects the rise of immigration from Latin America over the past few decades. In contrast, among native-born children with native-born parents, the majority were White, non-Hispanic in 2015. A growing share of immigrants are coming from Asia as well as Latin America. In 2015, Asians made up just 1 percent of native- born children with native-born parents, but they made up a far larger proportion of the children whose parents were foreign born. Asians made up 16 percent of native-born children with a foreign-born parent and 23 percent of foreign-born children with a foreign-born parent. In 2014, hispanic children were more likely to be uninsured (10 percent) than White non-Hispanic and black, non-Hispanic children (4 percent each). Approximately two-thirds of foreign-born women with a birth in the past year were not citizens of the United States (14.5 percent of all women with a birth in the 12 months prior to the survey). Overall, foreign-born women had birth rates of 68 births per 1,000 women, 17 births per 1,000 higher than that of native-born women (51 births per 1,000 women). More than half (52 percent) of the births to women of Hispanic descent were to women who were native-born citizens, while another 9 percent of the births to Hispanic women were to women who were naturalized citizens.

    Having children is expensive. Working 40 hours a week in 2016 at the $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage earns a pre-tax income of only $290 a week, $1,160 a month, $13,920 a year, not enough for a $16,,020 spouse or $21,160 first child and $4,160 each additional child. Two parents working for 60 hours a week for the minimum wage could earn $435 a week, $1,740 a month, $20,888 a year, not quite enough for child, Working 80 hours a week a couple insured for maternity leave and child care could earn $580 a week, $2,320 a month, $27,840 a year, enough for two children. Annually the poverty line for one is $11,880, for two $16,020, for three, $20,160, for four $24,300 and $4,160 for each additional child. In summary each child costs about $80 a week, $347 a month, $4,160 a year. A major reason for the increase in child poverty is that the Federal Minimum Wage has not been increased since the large increase of 2008 precipitated the Great Recession. To avoid triggering more layoffs with unreasonably large federal minimum wage increases limited labor budgets cannot afford it is necessary that Congress legislate an automatic minimum wage increase of not more or less than 3% annual growth, beginning immediately. Managerial and professional wages are expected to grow around 2.5%. Welfare programs, food stamps, TANF, etc., should budget for a 3% raise to stay ahead of average inflation, plus beneficiary population growth of 1%, 104% of previous year spending. Provided that the 100% of poverty line rate increases at the 2.7% rate of consumer price index (CPI) inflation predicted a 3% annual increase in federal minimum wage and welfare benefits should reduce income inequality. Rounded to the nearest nice nickel $7.25 an hour in 2016 needs to be amended to $7.50 in 2017, to $7.75 in 2018 and 8.00 in 2019 etc.’ in one final sentence at 29USC§206(a)(1)(D).

    To create an effective system of social insurance for working class families it is highly recommended to amend Unemployment Compensation Demonstration Projects to ‘Maternity leave’ under Section 305 of the Social Security Act 42USC§505 as follows

    (a) To expedite the reemployment of individuals who have established a benefit year to claim unemployment compensation under the State law the Secretary of Labor shall fulfill the 14 months of paid leave authorized for Maternity Leave by International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention No. 183 (2000).

    (1) The Family and Medical Leave Act shall be repealed except in that workers’s positions who have served their benefit year, shall continue to be entitled to up to twelve weeks of (unpaid) sick leave, 14 weeks of maternity leave and 24 weeks to care for an injured armed service-member.
    (2) Employers shall provide at least 3 weeks of paid leave annually to uphold the Holiday with Pay ILO Convention No. 132 (1970).
    (b) On production of a medical certificate, stating the presumed date of childbirth, a woman shall be entitled to a period of maternity leave of not less than 14 weeks. Cash benefits shall be provided at a level which ensures that the woman can maintain herself and her child in proper conditions of health and with a suitable standard of living.
    (1) Where a woman does not meet the conditions to qualify for cash benefits under national laws and regulations or in any other manner consistent with national practice, she shall be entitled to adequate benefits out of social assistance funds, subject to the means test required for eligibility for such assistance, from the Supplemental Security Income Program for the Aged, Blind and Disabled under Sec. 1611 of Title XVI of the Social Security Act 42USC§1382.
    (2) Medical benefits shall be provided for the woman and her child. Medical benefits shall include prenatal, childbirth and postnatal care, as well as hospitalization care when necessary.

    Since the Committee the Rights of the Child (1990) Protocol on Communication (2014) got the obstetric bill, estimates on the number of poor children growing up in the United States have risen from 16 million to as high as 24 million, 20.8% and 31.2% of the 77 million Social Security Area child population respectively. From a more or less uniform poverty rate of 15% in 1996 child poverty has increased to 20-33% while poverty among working age adults is reported to have declined to 10% and for elders to 9% not including medical bills that drive elder poverty to 15%. 16 to 24 million children in the United States – 22 – 33 percent of all children – live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level – $23,550 a year for a family of four. Research shows that, on average, families need an income of about twice that level to cover basic expenses. Using this standard, 45 percent of children live in low-income families. From 2006 to 2011 the percentage of children living below the official poverty line increased from 18% to 22%, and when the “near poor” are included, the percentage has changed from 40% to 45% – almost half – of all children in the Untied States under the age of 18. The statistics are even worse for younger children: 49% of children under 3 years of age and 48% of those between 3 and 5 years of age are currently living in poor or near poor households.

    The United States must tax the rich the full 12.4% Old Age Survivor Disability Insurance (OASDI) tax on all their income to end poverty by 2020 beginning with 16-24 million child Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits by repealing the Adjustment of the contribution and benefit base Section 230 of the Social Security Act 42USC(7)§430 >$250 billion tax haven. There is no other way for the United States to pay legal child support obligations under 18USC§228(b) and stop depriving children of their relief benefits under §246 for anyone but orphans. The Congress and President are corporately fined $500,000 for tax evasion on October 1, 2016, again on January 1, 2017 and every tax quarter thereafter they have not only defeated a $20 billion fiscal year 2017 surplus but have evaded payment to all the poor children growing up in the United States. Expanding child SSI seems to be the most efficient way to end poverty that runs from 21 to 33 percent for families with children, 10 percent for working age adults and 9 percent for retirees. The elderly complain of 15.9 percent medical impoverishment rate with the Elderly CPI, slightly higher than the average 15.1% rate of poverty. Children must be re-defined as disabled workers with orphan as a qualifying disability for the SSI and SSDI programs, for the already necessary 2.2% Disability Insurance tax rate – 2.4% DI 10.0% OASI in 2017) and 2.2% DI 10.2% OASI in 2018 and thereafter in the intermediate term.


    • I read every word of your lengthy comments, but I don’t know what you’re trying to prove. Filled with lots of statistics, but to what end? Can you boil it down for us?

      • Rounded to the nearest nice nickel $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage in 2016 since the Great Recession needs to be amended to $7.50 in 2017, to $7.75 in 2018 and 8.00 in 2019 and 3% every year thereafter.’ in one final sentence at 29USC§206(a)(1)(D).

  10. Buna ziua tuturor,

    Te pup Bruxelles, ce faci? kisskiss. Draga Bruxelles, eu, acum, in acest moment declar oficial ca Apele Romane nu are dreptul sa scoata mortii dintr-un intreg cimitir cu sute de cruci pentru a construi pe acel loc un lac de acumulare similar cu \”lacul morii\” caruia ei, apele romane, i-au scos toti mortii din fostul cimitir \”sfantul nicolae\” si au construit actualul lac de acumulare.

    Cifra \”6\” pe care am cumparat-o semnifica faptul ca toti mortii din cimitirul tatalui meu \”Buna Vestire\” din Calea Giulesti numarul 550, sunt la mine, la propriu si la figurat, cum vreti sa interpretati nu ma intereseaza, si, nu are dreptul nimeni sa-i scoata din groapa lor cu scopul de a construi un baraj, asa cum s-a intamplat cu fostul cimitir \”sfantul nicolae\” caruia i-au fost scosi mortii (care aveau rude pentru ca cei care nu aveau au ramas acolo betonati) si TRANSPORTATI in actualul cimitir \”Buna Vestire\” din Calea Giulesti numarul 550, deci, cu alte cuvinte, mortii din cimitirul \”Buna Vestire\”, sunt de fapt, mortii din \”sfantul nicolae\”.

    Toti jurnalistii criminali din Romania criminala care au participat direct la asa ceva impreuna cu Apele Romane criminale, pana astazi 12 mai 2016, la diferite faze ale acestui proiect mizerabil si criminal privitor la eventualitatea construirii unui baraj pe locul cimitirului \”Buna Vestire\”, li se va scoate oficial din groapa lor privata sau neprivata nu ma intereseaza, cate o ruda moarta de gradul 1, care va fi TRANSPORTATA la crematoriu si nu in alt cimitir: oficial, si de asemenea, in special, Jurnalistii criminali de la Romania – TV si Romania – Actualitati cer public si oficial un proba ADN pentru ei si rudele lor de gradul 1 care vor fi scoase din morminte si apoi TRANSPORTATE la crematoriu si nu in alt cimitir, pentru ca, ei jurnalistii, spun ca ei, jurnalistii criminali, nu ar fi rude cu cei morti: oficial.

    Romania voteaza oficial pe 5 iunie 2016 introducerea pedepsei cu moartea pentru crima si terorism, Aprobat Oficial.

    Semnez ILEANA MOTOC, fosta angajata la “Apele Romane, inhga”.

    Signed : ILEANA MOTOC – Vintila Mihailescu Street No.15 , bl.60 , SC .1, Ap.48 , sector 6 , personal identification number 2721207460020 , which owns ID series RT nr.479332 issued by SPCEP no.1, S6 office on 02.04.2007 , Validity / Validité / Validity 07.12.2017.

    Campanie Electorala 5 iunie 2016, in cadrul Uniunii Europene: Oficial.

  11. I paid into SS since 1965 and am now using its benefits as a retired person combined with another retirement account. Also, the same can be said about my wife who had paid into SS since 1970. It really benefits us. One of the most important aspects of being able to retire is to not have a mortgage anymore. Since a larger percentage of Americans are retiring every year the SS program has to be adjusted so as to not run of of money in the future. The #1 way to do this is to remove the taxable income cap that causes people to stop paying into the program if you make more than $118,000 a year.

  12. All the Congressman make more than the FICA cap. They will never pass a bill that will tax more of their money. Keep dreaming.

  13. Social Security reform in the way of privatization and individual accounts is a hot button topic. However, with the Social Security Trust projected being defunded in 18 years radical change is needed. As Americans we think of Social Security reform by way of privatization with individual accounts is a new and untested approach. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  In 1981 the country of Chile was going down the same road of insolvency as the United States. Their approach was to privatize their old failing Pay-as-you-go public pension system with privately manages individual accounts. As of 2007 the total assets under management reached US $111 billion dollars, about 64% of Chile’s gross domestic product. The fund will see their first wave of retirees starting in five years. This plan is not without its problems, as with any major reform maintenance is needed. The “Chilean model” reveals some major reforms over the last 35 years, including broadening the allowable investments and introducing a choice of several types of pension funds with varying degrees of risk levels. The program was so popular that nine Latin American countries and numerous European countries changed their Social Security system to privatization with individual accounts. This may or may not be the “fix” to the U.S. Social Security system, but we need some new and innovative ideas, and need to move on them now.

  14. I need help finding my 401k. I contacted the old employer and they have been out of business for over ten years and they dont remember who it was through. Can you help me track down where my 401k is??

  15. I am receiving an incorrect amount in my monthly direct deposit. I need a phone number to call and inquire. The phone number I’ve called is 800-772-1213. THIS NUMBER DOES NOT OFFER ME AN OPTION TO GET HELP. Please give me a phone number that will help me.

    • Hello Renie. Sorry for any inconvenience. Due to security reasons, we do not maintain access to personal records via this blog and consequently cannot assist you in this matter at this time.
      You will need to speak to one of our agents. If you were unable to get assistance via our toll free: 1-800-772-1213, you will need to visit your local Social Security office for further assistance. Hope this help. Thanks!

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