A Secure Retirement for All

perez-guest-blog-picHaving a secure retirement is an important pillar of strength for the middle class in America. Yet, it is unavailable to too many workers in our country. During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re acutely aware of the particular challenges faced by middle class Latinos in the workforce. Not only do Latinos face wage disparities, they’re also less likely to have access to retirement savings plans. Research shows that only about a third of Latino workers have access to a retirement plan through their employer, compared to more than half of African-American and white workers.

For this reason, the Obama Administration has worked to expand access to retirement savings opportunities for everyone. We recently finalized rules that will help more states create retirement programs for workers who don’t have access to a 401(k). Such programs are just one more way to make it easier for more workers to save for retirement.

It’s just as important to protect those hard-earned savings, and the Department of Labor has been active on that front as well. Earlier this year, we established new rules to ensure that the guidance you receive from a financial adviser about your retirement account is always in your best interest.

As important as individual savings may be, almost no one can save enough for a decades-long retirement alone. This entire administration has pushed to strengthen Social Security so that it fulfills the promise made to today’s retirees and workers looking forward to a financially secure retirement. Social Security is incredibly important to America’s workers and retirees, particularly Latinos, who may not have other retirement savings.

If you haven’t started saving, now is the time. Whether this is your first day on the job, or you’re approaching retirement, putting something away now will mean breathing a little easier in the future. The Labor Department, our colleagues at the Social Security Administration, and our sister federal agencies will keep working hard to strengthen existing programs and create new savings opportunities so that all workers can enjoy the dignified retirement they deserve.

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      • Read, read and more read, and am still not reading about what Obama and/or his administration has done to strengthen Social Security, so I surmise, like much of this administration — nothing.

    • Yeah Hillary says she got it bit Obama only had weakened it! They always say they do something good , but then when electioned they do zip, zero, Worse!!!

      • Hate to invoke reality and have you leave your information bubble, but it is not the executive branch that funds or authorizes social security. If you attended a middle school civics class you would have learned that Congress authorizes funds and expenditures and legislates the law and regulations. The guy (usually) that you send to Congress who was most recently a used car salesman who you want to cut government is the guy making things worse in your name. If you believe in magical thinking that you can cut funds, close offices and lose staff through budget cuts while increasing service, you need to look in the mirror. You are the causing the problem and not the president you hate because of his race, imagined religion or imagined non-existent birth record or his non-existent involvement in Mau Mau or political party or lord knows what else you invent. As the late Senator Moynihan said: you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.

        • And when the prez uses his executive powers to override our congress etc., how are the law makers to be blamed if they’re overruled by the president? In that situation the prez is to be blamed for his bullying the issues, not wanted by the law makers, into his agenda.

          • In fact, the President MUST come before Congress within 90 days, and explain why he/she used “Executive Privilege” to over-ride Congress. At that time, Congress can either fund the program, or reject it and force the President to propose legislation to pay for whatever he enacts, which Congress can either accept or reject. Congress does actually have the last say, which is how it should be.

        • You’re are showing your age, Tom. They don’t teach civics in school anymore. The government does not want an educated population who can think and reason for themselves.

        • RIGHT ON, TOM!!! You hit the nail right on the head. It’s the people who don’t or won’t bother to learn, read, or find out FACTS for themselves from the original source, preferring instead to accept without question the ridiculous and frankly impossible hateful soundbites and flat out LIES from inept and ignorant “representstives” that THEY vote for based on these ridiculous lies, that cause their own problems with Social Security, Meficare, and everything else – and taking the rest of us down the toilet with them, I might add.

          We’re even in danger of finding ourselves with the most unqualified, ignorant, stupid, bigoted, and hateful individual voted into office of President of the United States – the rich, spoiled, self-indulgent Donald Trump – by people just such as these, who have somehow bought into the idea that a billionaire (or so he claims) who sits on gold encrusted chairs and even shits in Golden toilets actually gives a crap about them. How in the Hell could these people who hate Hillary Clinton for being “rich” actually believe this supercilious playboy with absolutely no morals or values, to whom all of us common people are no more than cockroaches, cares about them and is on their side???

          Donald Trump hasn’t paid income taxes for TWENTY YEARS, yet he brags he’s worth 20 BILLION dollars! Seriously??? I’m on SSDI and I pay income tax on that! Under $23000. And I’m happy to do so because that’s what funds public libraries, our highways, traffic signals, police, fire, and paramedics, teachers, AND SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICES!!! DUH!!! Get a clue, people, before it’s too late. Clearly neither Trump nor his clueless followers ever attended a middle school Civics class, or they’d know Trump CANNOT “renegotiate deals” like treaties and laws, nor can Hillary Clinton (nor anybody else) “repeal the 2nd Amendment – a legislative action that must then be ratified by mahority votes by TWO-THIRDS of the 50 states before taking effect.

          I cannot believe people on these very blogs gripe about how long their Social Security disability determination is taking while screaming for their ignorant, corrupt “representatives” to give us “smaller government!” Cut staff, hours, and close offices as you said, what do they expect?

          Get a clue, people. STOP blaming the WRONG party for all the problems that YOU actually bring upon yourselves (and all the rest of us). Try reading some actual information for once in your lives, NOT propaganda or phony, falsified “stastics” or “reports” or “studies” put out by special interest groups with high minded sounding names disguising the fact that they’re fronts for the uber wealthy Koch brothers and their ilk, and the multinational corporations they own. You want to know what the Constitution says? READ the actual document- the Constitution is actually a very short document. Want to know what the ACA says? READ IT, and/or the entire GOVERNMENT website that explains every word of it which has been online since 2 years before it passed – and after all, it IS a government document. Anyone who says ” no one really knows what’s in it” is a lazy idiot, because all one has to do is READ it to know.

          Go to a library and read history books, go online and read the ACTUAL letters and transcripts from the meetings of the Continental Congress that wrote the Constitution to know what the Founding Fathers really intended. It’s all there. Take some responsibility, as an American. It’s your civic duty.

          • Me thinks it is you Marc that needs to visit the library.
            Your comments are so riddled with false hoods (or maybe just plain ignorance) that any credible response would be damn near impossible.

          • I cannot believe that you are a supporter of our Constitution. It is you who need to read it again. We have a current Washington DC administration and their Presidential candidate that don’t uphold the Constitution. You hate Trump. Shall I presume you think Hillary is worthy of being the President….she is a liar and a cheat who should be in prison, except that the current administration protects her. Hopefully, Obama till go down with her.

          • As Pelosi said we have to pass this bill to know what’s in it! So before you preach to me preach to her to “DO HER JOB SHE WAS ELECTRF TO DO”

    • It seems to me that more money is spent on people not willing to work and/or have too many children with a father not will to support them. The people starting retirement or in full retirement are not supported after a lifetime of paying into SSI. As far as this administration doing something, not for me, “can’t get a cost of living” raise that follows the “real” cost of living increasing. Everyone has a choice, save, invest as you go through life, can’t afford to do that, adjust your life style. First thought, way to many $700 smart phones, high cost of internet and 300 channels for your TV.
      Just food for thought

    • The myRA savings account is program developed by the United States Department of the Treasury for people without access to retirement savings plan at work. It is an option for individuals to add savings for their retirement. For more information call the U.S. Department of the Treasury at 855-406-6972. Thanks!

  1. Dyrektywa 2000/60/WE Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady

    z dnia 23 października 2000 r.

    ustanawiająca ramy wspólnotowego działania w dziedzinie polityki wodnej


    uwzględniając Traktat ustanawiający Wspólnotę Europejską, w szczególności jego art. 175 ust. 1,

    uwzględniając wniosek Komisji [1],

    uwzględniając opinię Komitetu Ekonomiczno-Społecznego [2],

    uwzględniając opinię Komitetu Regionów [3],

    działając zgodnie z procedurą ustanowioną w art. 251 Traktatu [4] oraz w świetle wspólnego tekstu zatwierdzonego przez Komitet Pojednawczy w dniu 18 lipca 2000 r.,

    a także mając na uwadze, co następuje:

    (1) Woda nie jest produktem handlowym takim jak każdy inny, ale raczej dziedzictwem, które musi być chronione, bronione i traktowane jako takie.

    (2) Wnioski z seminarium ministerialnego, które odbyło się w 1988 r. we Frankfurcie, w sprawie wspólnotowej polityki wodnej podkreśliły zapotrzebowanie na prawodawstwo wspólnotowe obejmujące jakość ekologiczną. Rada w swojej rezolucji z dnia 28 czerwca 1988 r. [5] zwróciła się do Komisji o przedłożenie propozycji dotyczących poprawy jakości ekologicznej wspólnotowych wód powierzchniowych.

    (3) Deklaracja seminarium ministerialnego, które odbyło się w 1991 r. w Hadze w sprawie wód podziemnych, uznała potrzebę działań w celu uniknięcia długoterminowego pogorszenia się jakości i ilości wód słodkich oraz wezwała do opracowania programu działań do realizacji do 2000 r. mających na celu zrównoważone gospodarowanie i ochronę zasobów wód słodkich. W swoich rezolucjach z dnia 25 lutego 1992 r. [6] oraz z dnia 20 lutego 1995 r. [7] Rada zwróciła się o program działań w zakresie wód podziemnych oraz o zmianę dyrektywy Rady 80/68/EWG z dnia 17 grudnia 1979 r. w sprawie ochrony wód podziemnych przed zanieczyszczeniem spowodowanym przez niektóre substancje niebezpieczne [8], jako część ogólnej polityki ochrony wód słodkich.

    (4) Wody na obszarze Wspólnoty znajdują się pod wzrastającą presją spowodowaną ciągłym wzrostem zapotrzebowania na wystarczającą ilość wody o dobrej jakości do wszystkich celów. W dniu 10 listopada 1995 r., Europejska Agencja Środowiska w swoim sprawozdaniu “Środowisko w Unii Europejskiej – 1995” przedstawiła uaktualnione sprawozdanie o środowisku, potwierdzając potrzebę działań dla ochrony wód Wspólnoty w zakresie zarówno ilościowym, jak i jakościowym.

    (5) W dniu 18 grudnia 1995 r. Rada przyjęła wnioski wymagające między innymi opracowania nowej ramowej dyrektywy ustanawiającej podstawowe zasady zrównoważonej polityki wodnej w Unii Europejskiej i zapraszające Komisję do przedłożenia propozycji w tym zakresie.

    (6) W dniu 21 lutego 1996 r. Komisja przyjęła komunikat dla Parlamentu Europejskiego oraz Rady w sprawie polityki wodnej Wspólnoty Europejskiej ustanawiający założenia dla wspólnotowej polityki wodnej.

    (7) W dniu 9 września 1996 r. Komisja przedstawiła propozycję decyzji Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady w sprawie programu działań dla zintegrowanej ochrony i gospodarki wodami podziemnymi [9]. W propozycji tej Komisja podkreśliła potrzebę ustalenia procedur dla uregulowania poboru wód słodkich oraz dla monitorowania jakości i ilości wód słodkich.

    (8) W dniu 29 maja 1995 r. Komisja przyjęła komunikat dla Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady w sprawie rozsądnego użytkowania i ochrony terenów podmokłych, w którym uznano znaczenie funkcji, jakie pełnią one w ochronie zasobów wodnych.

    (9) Konieczne jest opracowanie zintegrowanej polityki wodnej Wspólnoty.

    (10) Rada w dniu 25 czerwca 1996 r., Komitet Regionów w dniu 19 września 1996 r., Komitet Ekonomiczno-Społeczny w dniu 26 września 1996 r. oraz Parlament Europejski w dniu 23 października 1996 r. wezwały Komisję do przedłożenia propozycji dyrektywy Rady ustanawiającej ramy dla europejskiej polityki wodnej.

    (11) Jak określono w art. 174 Traktatu, wspólnotowa polityka dotycząca środowiska ma przyczyniać się do wypełniania celów zachowania, ochrony i poprawy jakości środowiska poprzez rozsądne i racjonalne wykorzystywanie zasobów naturalnych, oraz powinna być oparta na zasadzie ostrożności oraz na zasadach, na jakich mają być podejmowane działania zapobiegawcze; priorytetem powinno być, aby szkody wyrządzone w środowisku były naprawiane u źródła, a zanieczyszczający powinien płacić.

    (12) Na podstawie art. 174 Traktatu, podczas opracowywania polityki w dziedzinie środowiska, Wspólnota powinna uwzględniać dostępne dane naukowo-techniczne, warunki środowiska w różnych regionach Wspólnoty, rozwój gospodarczy i społeczny Wspólnoty jako całości oraz zrównoważony rozwój jej regionów, jak również potencjalne korzyści i koszty, które mogą wynikać z działania lub zaniechania działania.

    (13) Istnieją różnorodne uwarunkowania i potrzeby we Wspólnocie, które wymagają różnych specyficznych rozwiązań. Zróżnicowanie to powinno być uwzględniane podczas planowania i realizacji działań celem zapewnienia ochrony i zrównoważonego korzystania z wód w ramach dorzecza. Decyzje powinny być podejmowane jak najbliżej miejsca, w którym woda jest narażona na negatywne oddziaływanie lub korzystanie. Priorytetem powinny być działania w ramach odpowiedzialności poszczególnych Państw Członkowskich poprzez opracowywanie programów działań dostosowanych do warunków regionalnych i lokalnych.

    (14) Sukces niniejszej dyrektywy jest uzależniony od ścisłej współpracy i spójnych działań na poziomie wspólnotowym, Państw Członkowskich oraz lokalnym, jak również od informacji, konsultacji i zaangażowania opinii publicznej, w tym użytkowników.

    (15) Zaopatrzenie w wodę jest usługą interesu ogólnego, zgodnie z definicją w komunikacie Komisji w sprawie usług interesu ogólnego w Europie [10].

    (16) Konieczne jest dalsze integrowanie ochrony i zrównoważonego gospodarowania wodą z innymi dziedzinami polityk wspólnotowych, takimi jak energetyka, transport, rolnictwo, rybołówstwo, polityka regionalna i turystyka. Niniejsza dyrektywa powinna tworzyć podstawę do kontynuacji dialogu oraz rozwoju strategii dla dalszej integracji poszczególnych obszarów polityk. Niniejsza dyrektywa może także mieć ważny wkład w inne dziedziny współpracy między Państwami Członkowskimi, między innymi w ramach Europejskiej Perspektywy Rozwoju Przestrzennego (EPRP).

    (17) Efektywna i spójna polityka wodna powinna uwzględniać wrażliwość ekosystemów wodnych położonych blisko wybrzeży morskich i ujść rzek czy zatok lub względnie zamkniętych mórz, ponieważ ich równowaga jest pod silnym wpływem jakości wód śródlądowych wpływających do nich. Ochrona stanu wód w dorzeczu przyniesie korzyści ekonomiczne poprzez wniesienie wkładu do ochrony populacji ryb, włączając populacje ryb wód przybrzeżnych.

    (18) Wspólnotowa polityka wodna wymaga przejrzystych, efektywnych i spójnych ram legislacyjnych. Wspólnota powinna określić wspólne zasady oraz ogólne ramy dla działań. Niniejsza dyrektywa powinna stanowić takie ramy i koordynować oraz integrować i, w dłuższej perspektywie, dalej rozwijać ogólne zasady i struktury dla ochrony i zrównoważonego korzystania z wody na terenie Wspólnoty zgodnie z zasadami pomocniczości.

    (19) Niniejsza dyrektywa ma na celu utrzymanie i poprawę środowiska wodnego we Wspólnocie. Cel ten jest szczególnie związany z jakością danych wód. Kontrola ich ilości jest elementem pomocniczym w stosunku do zapewnienia dobrej jakości wód, dlatego powinny być również ustanowione pomiary ilości wód, służące zapewnieniu ich dobrej jakości.

    (20) Stan ilościowy danej części wód podziemnych może mieć wpływ na jakość ekologiczną wód powierzchniowych i ekosystemów lądowych związanych z tą częścią wód podziemnych.

    (21) Wspólnota i Państwa Członkowskie są stronami różnych umów międzynarodowych zawierających zobowiązania do ochrony wód morskich przed zanieczyszczeniem, szczególnie Konwencji o ochronie środowiska morskiego obszaru Morza Bałtyckiego, podpisanej w Helsinkach w dniu 9 kwietnia 1992 r. i zatwierdzonej decyzją Rady 94/157/WE [11], Konwencji o ochronie środowiska morskiego północno-wschodniego Atlantyku, podpisanej w Paryżu w dniu 22 września 1992 r. i zatwierdzonej decyzją Rady 98/249/WE [12], oraz Konwencji o ochronie Morza Śródziemnego przed zanieczyszczeniem, podpisanej w Barcelonie w dniu 16 lutego 1976 r. i zatwierdzonej decyzją Rady 77/585/EWG [13], oraz jej Protokołu o ochronie Morza Śródziemnego przed zanieczyszczeniem ze źródeł lądowych, podpisanego w Atenach w dniu 17 maja 1980 r. i zatwierdzonego decyzją Rady 83/101/EWG [14]. Niniejsza dyrektywa ma za zadanie przyczyniać się do umożliwienia Wspólnocie i Państwom Członkowskim wypełnienia tych zobowiązań.

    (22) Niniejsza dyrektywa powinna przyczynić się do stopniowej redukcji emisji substancji niebezpiecznych do wód.

    (23) Niezbędne są wspólne zasady w celu koordynacji wysiłków podejmowanych przez Państwa Członkowskie w celu poprawy ochrony wód Wspólnoty w aspekcie ilościowym i jakościowym, wspierania zrównoważonego korzystania z wód, wkładu w uregulowanie problemów wód transgranicznych, ochrony ekosystemów wodnych oraz ekosystemów lądowych i terenów podmokłych bezpośrednio od nich zależnych, a także dla zabezpieczenia i rozwijania potencjalnych sposobów korzystania z wód Wspólnoty.

    (24) Woda o dobrej jakości przyczyni się do zapewnienia zaopatrzenia ludności w wodę do spożycia przez ludzi.

    (25) Powinny zostać ustalone wspólne definicje stanu wód w aspekcie jakości oraz, tam gdzie odnosi się to do celów środowiskowych, ilości. Powinny zostać określone cele środowiskowe dla zapewnienia osiągnięcia dobrego stanu wód powierzchniowych i podziemnych w całej Wspólnocie oraz dla zapobieżenia pogorszeniu się stanu wód na poziomie wspólnotowym.

    (26) Państwa Członkowskie powinny dążyć do osiągnięcia celu, jakim jest co najmniej dobry stan wód, poprzez określenie i wdrożenie koniecznych działań w ramach zintegrowanych programów działań, uwzględniając istniejące wspólnotowe wymogi. Tam gdzie aktualny stan wód jest dobry, powinien on zostać utrzymany. Dodatkowo w stosunku do wymogów dobrego stanu dla wód podziemnych jakakolwiek tendencja znacznego i trwałego wzrostu stężenia jakiegokolwiek zanieczyszczenia powinna zostać zidentyfikowana i odwrócona.

    (27) Ostatecznym celem niniejszej dyrektywy jest osiągnięcie wyeliminowania priorytetowych substancji niebezpiecznych i przyczynienie się do osiągnięcia stężeń w środowisku morskim bliskich wartościom tła dla substancji naturalnie występujących.

    (28) Wody powierzchniowe i wody podziemne są w zasadzie odnawialnymi zasobami naturalnymi; w szczególności zadanie mające na celu zapewnienie dobrego stanu wód podziemnych wymaga wczesnych działań i stabilnego, długoterminowego planowania działań ochronnych, z powodu naturalnego opóźnienia czasowego zachodzącego w ich formowaniu i odnawianiu. Takie opóźnienie czasowe w odniesieniu do poprawy ich stanu powinno być uwzględniane w harmonogramach przy ustanawianiu działań dla osiągnięcia dobrego stanu wód podziemnych i odwracania jakichkolwiek znaczących i trwałych trendów wzrostu stężenia jakiegokolwiek zanieczyszczenia w wodach podziemnych.

    (29) Dla osiągnięcia celów określonych w niniejszej dyrektywie oraz dla ustanowienia odpowiedniego programu działań Państwa Członkowskie mogą wdrażać stopniowo program w celu bardziej równomiernego rozłożenia kosztów wdrażania.

    (30) W celu zapewnienia pełnego i spójnego wdrażania niniejszej dyrektywy jakiekolwiek przedłużenia harmonogramu powinny być dokonywane na podstawie właściwych, oczywistych i przejrzystych kryteriów oraz być uzasadnione przez Państwa Członkowskie w planach gospodarowania wodami w dorzeczu.

    • ILEANA MOTOC on October 6, 2016 at 2:50 pm said:

      Directive 2000/60 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council

      of 23 October 2000.

      establishing a framework for Community action in the field of water policy


      Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community, and in particular Article. 175 paragraph. 1

      thereof [1]

      Having regard to the Economic and Social Committee [2]

      Having consulted the Committee of the Regions [3]

      Acting in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article. 251 [4] and in the light of the joint text approved by the Conciliation Committee on 18 July 2000,.,

      and Whereas, as follows:

      (1) Water is not a commercial product like any other but, rather, a heritage which must be protected, defended and treated as such.

      (2) The conclusions of the ministerial seminar that took place in 1988. In Frankfurt, the Community Water Policy highlighted the need for Community legislation covering ecological quality. The Council in its resolution of 28 June 1988. [5] asked the Commission to submit proposals to improve ecological quality in Community surface waters.

      (3) Declaration seminar Ministerial, which took place in 1991. In The Hague on groundwater, recognized the need for action to avoid long-term deterioration in the quality and quantity of freshwater and called for a program of action for implementation by 2000. Aimed at sustainable management and protection of freshwater resources. In its resolutions of 25 February 1992. [6] and of 20 February 1995. [7], the Council requested an action program for groundwater and a revision of Council Directive 80/68 / EEC of 17 December 1979 . on the protection of groundwater against pollution caused by certain dangerous substances [8], as part of an overall policy on freshwater protection.

      (4) Waters in the Community are under increasing pressure from the continuous growth in demand for sufficient quantities of good quality water for all purposes. On 10 November 1995., The European Environment Agency in its report “Environment in the European Union – 1995” presented an updated state of the environment report, confirming the need for action to protect Community waters in terms of both quantity and quality.

      (5) On 18 December 1995. The Council adopted conclusions requiring, inter alia, to develop a new framework Directive establishing the basic principles of sustainable water policy in the European Union and inviting the Commission to submit proposals in this regard.

      (6) On 21 February 1996. The Commission adopted a Communication to the European Parliament and of the Council on European Community water policy setting out the principles for a Community water policy.

      (7) On 9 September 1996. Commission presented a proposal for a Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council on an action program for integrated protection and management of groundwater [9]. In that proposal the Commission stressed the need to establish procedures for the regulation of abstraction of freshwater and for the monitoring of the quality and quantity of freshwater.

      (8) On 29 May 1995. The Commission adopted a Communication to the European Parliament and of the Council on the wise use and conservation of wetlands, which recognized the important functions they perform for the protection of water resources.

      (9) It is necessary to develop an integrated Community policy on water.

      (10) The Council on 25 June 1996. The Committee of the Regions on 19 September 1996., Economic and Social Committee on 26 September 1996. And the European Parliament on 23 October 1996. Requested the Commission to submit a proposal for a Council Directive establishing a framework for European water policy.

      (11) As set out in Article. 174 of the Treaty, Community policy on the environment is to contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of preserving, protecting and improving the quality of the environment through prudent and rational utilization of natural resources, and should be based on the precautionary principle and on the principles on which they are to be taken preventive action; priority should be given to environmental damage should be rectified at source and that the polluter should pay.

      (12) Pursuant to art. 174 of the Treaty, in preparing its policy on the environment, the Community should take account of available scientific and technical data, environmental conditions in the various regions of the Community, economic and social development of the Community as a whole and the balanced development of its regions, as well as the potential benefits and costs that may result from action or lack of action.

      (13) There are diverse conditions and needs in the Community which require different specific solutions. This diversity should be taken into account during the planning and execution of measures to ensure protection and sustainable use of water within the river basin. Decisions should be taken as close to the place where the water is exposed to the negative impact or use. Priority should be given to action within the responsibility of Member States through the development of programs of measures adjusted to regional and local conditions.

      (14) The success of this Directive relies on close cooperation and coherent action at Community, Member State and local level as well as on information, consultation and involvement of the public, including users.

      (15) The supply of water is a service of general interest as defined in the Commission Communication on services of general interest in Europe [10].

      (16) Further integration of protection and sustainable management of water into other Community policy areas such as energy, transport, agriculture, fisheries, regional policy and tourism. This Directive should provide a basis for continued dialogue and for the development of strategies towards a further integration of policy areas. This Directive can also make an important contribution to other areas of cooperation between Member States, inter alia, the European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP).

      (17) An effective and coherent water policy must take into account the vulnerability of aquatic ecosystems located near the coast and estuaries or in gulfs or relatively closed seas, as their equilibrium is strongly influenced by the quality of inland waters flowing into them. Protection of water status within river basins will provide economic benefits by contributing towards the protection of fish populations, including coastal fish populations.

      (18) Community water policy requires a transparent, effective and coherent legislative framework. Community should provide common principles and the overall framework for action. This Directive should provide for such a framework and coordinate and integrate, and, in the long run, further develop the overall principles and structures for protection and sustainable use of water in the Community in accordance with the principles of subsidiarity.

      (19) This Directive aims at maintaining and improving the aquatic environment in the Community. This purpose is primarily concerned with the quality of the water. Control of quantity is an ancillary element in securing good water quality and therefore should also be established by measuring the amount of water, to ensure their quality.

      (20) The quantitative status of a body of groundwater may have an impact on the ecological quality of surface waters and terrestrial ecosystems associated with that groundwater body.

      (21) The Community and the Member States are party to various international agreements containing important obligations on the protection of marine waters from pollution, in particular the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area, signed in Helsinki on 9 April 1992. And approved by Council Decision 94/157 / EC [11] Convention for the protection of the marine environment of the north-east Atlantic, signed in Paris on 22 September 1992. and approved by Council Decision 98/249 / EC [12], and the Convention on the protection of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution, signed in Barcelona on February 16, 1976. and approved by Council Decision 77/585 / EEC [13], and its Protocol for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution from land-based sources, signed in Athens on 17 May 1980. and approved by Council Decision 83/101 / EEC [14]. This Directive aims to contribute to enabling the Community and the Member States to meet those obligations.

      (22) This Directive should contribute to the progressive reduction of emissions of hazardous substances to water.

      (23) Common principles are needed in order to coordinate the efforts made by Member States to improve the protection of Community waters in terms of quantity and quality, to promote sustainable water use, contribute to the control of transboundary water problems, to protect aquatic ecosystems and terrestrial ecosystems and wetlands directly They are depending on them, and to safeguard and develop the potential uses of Community waters.

      (24) Good water quality will contribute to ensure the public water supply for human consumption.

      (25) should be established common definitions of the status of water in terms of quality and, where relevant for the purposes of environmental protection, quantity. They should be defined environmental objectives to ensure that good status of surface water and groundwater throughout the Community and to prevent deterioration of the status of waters at Community level.

      (26) Member States should strive to achieve the objective of at least good water status by defining and implementing the necessary measures within integrated programs of measures, taking into account existing Community requirements. Where water status is good, it should be maintained. In addition to the requirements of good status for groundwater, any tendency of significant and sustained increase in the concentration of any pollutant should be identified and reversed.

      (27) The ultimate aim of this Directive is to achieve the elimination of priority hazardous substances and contribute to achieving concentrations in the marine environment near background values ​​for naturally occurring substances.

      (28) Surface waters and groundwaters are in principle renewable natural resources; in particular the task of ensuring good status of groundwater requires early action and stable long-term planning of protective measures, owing to the natural time lag in its formation and renewal. Such time lag in relation to the improvement should be taken into account in timetables when establishing measures for the achievement of good status of groundwater and reversing any significant and sustained upward trend in concentration of any pollutant in groundwater.

      (29) For the purposes set out in this Directive and in establishing a program of measures, Member States may phase implementation of the program in order to spread the costs of implementation.

      (30) In order to ensure a full and consistent implementation of this Directive any extensions of timescale should be made on the basis of appropriate, evident and transparent criteria and be justified by the Member States plans to river basin management.

  2. Social security is for those of us who have paid into it for 50 years of our working life. Let ALL people living here in the U;S. know THEY are responsible for their own health care and savings plans. DO NOT plan on the govt. bailing you out!

  3. Why are people who never contributed to the system allowed to receive benefits. Unless disabled, get a job! Also, the Hispanic middle class (an oxymoron) doesn’t have any more trouble saving and contributing than other middle class culture. Thanks to Obama and Hillary, we r all in dire straights.

  4. While I like the idea of making retirement savings easier for ALL I balk at any agreeing that other improvements have been made.
    If we could convince Congress to take off the +-$118K cap on SS deductions it would go a very long way to solving our SS shortfall projected in the early 2030s.

  5. I want to know these articles from the SSA are always about non-white people not getting a fair share and how SSA is always looking out for non-white people? This article is about Latinos and immigrants (notice there is no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants because it doesn’t matter to SSA). They need extra help because they don’t work for companies that have 401K plans. Are you kidding me? Most people work for companies that don’t have retirement plans. If they are working for cash, under that table, they are happy to forego withholding taxes, including SS and Medicare. So are the employers. Latinos are willing to work for less money because they don’t pay taxes. As far as I can tell, most Latinos have jobs, as they are touted as being such industrious workers. Latinos and immigrants have plenty of organizations looking out for their well-being, as do African Americans. Must SSA, funded by ALL taxpayers, always focus their attention on the non-white population?

    • It’s always been that way and getting worse every day!! How about a raise in SS benefits for us white middle class workers that have retired after paying in to SS for 35 years?? Sorry Latinos, but if you are not legal we don’t owe you a darn penny!!

  6. I have always worked and marched and written letters and voted and been caring and supportive of people less fortunate than me and people of color my whole long life – I am my sisters’ keeper. But your article worried me. I can barely make it through the month this year with the price of everything going up so much, and we didn’t even get a SS raise. So when you say you will make sure Latinos will Get SS, I am worried. For one thing you didn’t say who you were talking about, citizens or illegals. How can you give money to people who haven’t paid into SS when you don’t have enough money in it to pay those of us who are on it now and contributed to it all our lives?

  7. The Headline as usual misrepresents the facts. This blog has become a propaganda tool . SS was never meant to be a secure retirement for all. It was designed to supplement a person’s retirement income. Only those who have jobs with an income high enough can afford to save anything. Too many workers live from pay check to paycheck. Non whites with lower wages are the most affected. For Obama to correct this he would have to be concerned with creating sufficient jobs that would keep pace with Americans entering the job market. Instead he floods the country with immigrants who compete with Americans and drives down wages. His open border policies further encourages illegals coming into this country putting a drain on our scarce resources and heading the country into bankruptcy. Once that happens no one “will get a check”. Scary thought, eh?

  8. I’ve been at my job for almost 41 years.Ihave had other jobs also.During my younger years, my Father and I both worked at the same plant.We both worked five days a week, my Father more sometimes six days a week. He also worked more than eight hours a day. At any rate we both would go work in the fields on our days off to assist my Mother and siblings.No social security for farm workers and families.But I am thankful for a job though it drives me crazy at times.Forty one years let’s hope I get social security when I retire in about three more years

  9. Social Security has been successful in helping people stay out of poverty since 1937 and it’s unfortunate that its political death to adjust it for the current times where the number of contributors to retirement benefits takers ratio has changed. I agree with the earlier writer to remove the cap (118k) for contributing and I also think someone needs the guts to make a slight adjustment to the Benefit Rate Index to ensure it will be able to fund us when we retire. The people will be totally against any type of SSA increase, but it’s those same people that will need it to be adjusted to continue. And by the way, the time to adjust is now, before its too late to make a difference.

  10. Adjustment of the contribution and benefit base Section 230 of the Social Security Act 42USC(7)§430 >$250 billion tax haven for income >$118.500 (2016)

    Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (Referred to Senate Committee after being Received from House) HR 4437 and the Border Security Act S. 2394 11 million undocumented

    Bush v, Gore (2000)

    Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990) Protocol on Communication (2014)

    Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (1961) naturalization for people born of foreign parents

    Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons (1954) normal priced identification documents, social security and work protection

    Failure to pay legal child support obligations 18USC§228

    Family and Medical Leave Act 1994 12 weeks annual unpaid leave

    Federal Minimum Wage 29USC§206

    Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features and information under 18USC§1028

    Holiday with Pay ILO Convention No. 132 (1970) 3 weeks paid sick leave.

    Maternity Protection ILO Convention No. 183 (2000) 14 weeks maternity leave

    Supplemental Security Income Program for the Aged, Blind and Disabled under Sec. 1611 of Title XVI of the Social Security Act 42USC§1382

    Withholding of income tax on the wages of nonresident aliens under 26USC(A)(3)(A)§1441

    Latinos probably gave away their retirement savings in remittances to their families abroad. Public welfare policies can interfere with private welfare and Latin remittances to family abroad are an unachievable inspiration for other people who quit paying when poverty related benefits are cut, quit paying the 12.4% OASDI tax when they earn $118,500 (2016) and quit paying at every other point of enrichment such as home ownership. If an employer doesn’t help with 401k retirement contributions, it is a simple matter of investing your savings in a retirement account or other account of an investment company such as Vanguard. Citizenship is a yes or no question, filing a 1040 is a fiduciary obligation of 1099 receivers.

    2016 US population estimates are disputed between the Census and Social Security Administration regarding a total population between 324 million and 330 million, respectively, a difference of 2 percent, The under age 18 population is between 74.1 million and 77.8 million, a difference of 5 percent. 74.9 million Baby Boomers were born 1946-64. Since state department lawyers in 2010 committed fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features and information under 18USC§1028 it has become increasingly difficult to impossible for poor people born, and in particular naturalized or at some state of immigration to get identification documents at normal price under the Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons (1954) and the US is suspected of denaturalizing children born in the US to foreign parents under Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (1961). Since the 1989 the annual estimate of about 4 million births is less than 4 million during Democratic administrations and more than 4 million during Republican administrations.

    The Clinton Administration robbed 10 million children of their Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) 1996-2000 and through the Social Security Amendments of 2000 appointed the Actuary who has never gotten right the OASDI tax rate, skewed statistics to lie to the American people about her state responsibility as First Lady for child welfare that was not uncovered until the recently thwarted attempt to rob disability insurance beneficiaries reported in the 2015 Annual Report on the Supplemental Security Program. As Secretary of State for the Uncle Omar Obama administration Hillary Clinton’s 2010 bribery, graft and conflict of interest with state department immigration lawyers persuaded millions of poor people, of all sexes, ages, countries of birth, naturalization, immigration and birth certificate status, to become stateless and not be counted, for their health and freedom.

    The Census must be driven to explain low US voter turnout, less the 66% quorum for a democracy, treats its stateless population that ultimately gets the right to vote in every re-election of the un-abolished Democratic-Republican (DR) two party system. Voter records are protected under the Constitution by Congress against jury summons and other legal infringements such as Bush v, Gore (2000). Birth is not a rational decision and despite the expense of child rearing, poor people are both more often stateless and have much higher birth rates than workers and the rich, and it is believed that the US has produced more than 4 million babies every year since 1989. Since the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990) Protocol on Communication (2014) the price of a hospital delivery drives uninsured and underinsured people to not deliver their baby in a hospital. Home-delivery is bursting out of the two-seat stroller. Birth certificates can be notarized and a social security card will be issued.

    The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (Referred to Senate Committee after being Received from House) HR 4437 and the Border Security Act S. 2394 brought to light that there are an estimated 11 million undocumented aliens living in the United States but otherwise failed to address the issue of documenting these stateless non-criminal illegal aliens, denaturalized citizens and people born in the USA who cannot procure an identification document at normal price. The 2010 Census allowed for some illegal immigration but seems to be producing lower total population estimates than social security numbers. The non-decennial Census has gone so far as to create a abnormal population pyramid that does not account for three million poor or home-delivered children so the Baby Boomers would still seem to outnumber children under the age of 18. Children born in the USA to foreign parents are naturalized US citizens under the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (1961). It may need to be done after the fact by SSA during Democratic administrations since 1994. Social security card numbers are more popular than the Census, National Center for Health Statistics and other birth surveys, or voter records for that matter, because social security benefits and employment are protected by the Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons (1954) by withholding of income tax on the wages of nonresident aliens under 26USC(A)(3)(A)§1441.

    In 2015, one quarter of all children in the United States had a parent who was foreign born. In contrast, about 71 percent of all children were native born and had native- born parents. Among native-born children with at least one foreign-born parent, the majority were Hispanic in 2015, a pattern that reflects the rise of immigration from Latin America over the past few decades. In contrast, among native-born children with native-born parents, the majority were White, non-Hispanic in 2015. A growing share of immigrants are coming from Asia as well as Latin America. In 2015, Asians made up just 1 percent of native- born children with native-born parents, but they made up a far larger proportion of the children whose parents were foreign born. Asians made up 16 percent of native-born children with a foreign-born parent and 23 percent of foreign-born children with a foreign-born parent. In 2014, hispanic children were more likely to be uninsured (10 percent) than White non-Hispanic and black, non-Hispanic children (4 percent each). Approximately two-thirds of foreign-born women with a birth in the past year were not citizens of the United States (14.5 percent of all women with a birth in the 12 months prior to the survey). Overall, foreign-born women had birth rates of 68 births per 1,000 women, 17 births per 1,000 higher than that of native-born women (51 births per 1,000 women). More than half (52 percent) of the births to women of Hispanic descent were to women who were native-born citizens, while another 9 percent of the births to Hispanic women were to women who were naturalized citizens.

    Having children is expensive. Working 40 hours a week in 2016 at the $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage earns a pre-tax income of only $290 a week, $1,160 a month, $13,920 a year, not enough for a $16,,020 spouse or $21,160 first child and $4,160 each additional child. Two parents working for 60 hours a week for the minimum wage could earn $435 a week, $1,740 a month, $20,888 a year, not quite enough for child, Working 80 hours a week a couple insured for maternity leave and child care could earn $580 a week, $2,320 a month, $27,840 a year, enough for two children. Annually the poverty line for one is $11,880, for two $16,020, for three, $20,160, for four $24,300 and $4,160 for each additional child. In summary each child costs about $80 a week, $347 a month, $4,160 a year. A major reason for the increase in child poverty is that the Federal Minimum Wage has not been increased since the large increase of 2008 precipitated the Great Recession. To avoid triggering more layoffs with unreasonably large federal minimum wage increases limited labor budgets cannot afford it is necessary that Congress legislate an automatic minimum wage increase of not more or less than 3% annual growth, beginning immediately. Managerial and professional wages are expected to grow around 2.5%. Welfare programs, food stamps, TANF, etc., should budget for a 3% raise to stay ahead of average inflation, plus beneficiary population growth of 1%, 104% of previous year spending. Provided that the 100% of poverty line rate increases at the 2.7% rate of consumer price index (CPI) inflation predicted a 3% annual increase in federal minimum wage and welfare benefits should reduce income inequality. Rounded to the nearest nice nickel $7.25 an hour in 2016 needs to be amended to $7.50 in 2017, to $7.75 in 2018 and 8.00 in 2019 etc.’ in one final sentence at 29USC§206(a)(1)(D).

    To create an effective system of social insurance for working class families it is highly recommended to amend Unemployment Compensation Demonstration Projects to ‘Maternity leave’ under Section 305 of the Social Security Act 42USC§505 as follows

    (a) To expedite the reemployment of individuals who have established a benefit year to claim unemployment compensation under the State law the Secretary of Labor shall fulfill the 14 months of paid leave authorized for Maternity Leave by International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention No. 183 (2000).

    (1) The Family and Medical Leave Act shall be repealed except in that workers’s positions who have served their benefit year, shall continue to be entitled to up to twelve weeks of (unpaid) sick leave, 14 weeks of maternity leave and 24 weeks to care for an injured armed service-member.
    (2) Employers shall provide at least 3 weeks of paid leave annually to uphold the Holiday with Pay ILO Convention No. 132 (1970).
    (b) On production of a medical certificate, stating the presumed date of childbirth, a woman shall be entitled to a period of maternity leave of not less than 14 weeks. Cash benefits shall be provided at a level which ensures that the woman can maintain herself and her child in proper conditions of health and with a suitable standard of living.
    (1) Where a woman does not meet the conditions to qualify for cash benefits under national laws and regulations or in any other manner consistent with national practice, she shall be entitled to adequate benefits out of social assistance funds, subject to the means test required for eligibility for such assistance, from the Supplemental Security Income Program for the Aged, Blind and Disabled under Sec. 1611 of Title XVI of the Social Security Act 42USC§1382.
    (2) Medical benefits shall be provided for the woman and her child. Medical benefits shall include prenatal, childbirth and postnatal care, as well as hospitalization care when necessary.

    Since the Committee the Rights of the Child (1990) Protocol on Communication (2014) got the obstetric bill, estimates on the number of poor children growing up in the United States have risen from 16 million to as high as 24 million, 20.8% and 31.2% of the 77 million Social Security Area child population respectively. From a more or less uniform poverty rate of 15% in 1996 child poverty has increased to 20-33% while poverty among working age adults is reported to have declined to 10% and for elders to 9% not including medical bills that drive elder poverty to 15%. 16 to 24 million children in the United States – 22 – 33 percent of all children – live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level – $23,550 a year for a family of four. Research shows that, on average, families need an income of about twice that level to cover basic expenses. Using this standard, 45 percent of children live in low-income families. From 2006 to 2011 the percentage of children living below the official poverty line increased from 18% to 22%, and when the “near poor” are included, the percentage has changed from 40% to 45% – almost half – of all children in the Untied States under the age of 18. The statistics are even worse for younger children: 49% of children under 3 years of age and 48% of those between 3 and 5 years of age are currently living in poor or near poor households.

    The United States must tax the rich the full 12.4% Old Age Survivor Disability Insurance (OASDI) tax on all their income to end poverty by 2020 beginning with 16-24 million child Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits by repealing the Adjustment of the contribution and benefit base Section 230 of the Social Security Act 42USC(7)§430 >$250 billion tax haven. There is no other way for the United States to pay legal child support obligations under 18USC§228(b) and stop depriving children of their relief benefits under §246 for anyone but orphans. The Congress and President are corporately fined $500,000 for tax evasion on October 1, 2016, again on January 1, 2017 and every tax quarter thereafter they have not only defeated a $20 billion fiscal year 2017 surplus but have evaded payment to all the poor children growing up in the United States. Expanding child SSI seems to be the most efficient way to end poverty that runs from 21 to 33 percent for families with children, 10 percent for working age adults and 9 percent for retirees. The elderly complain of 15.9 percent medical impoverishment rate with the Elderly CPI, slightly higher than the average 15.1% rate of poverty. Children must be re-defined as disabled workers with orphan as a qualifying disability for the SSI and SSDI programs, for the already necessary 2.2% Disability Insurance tax rate – 2.4% DI 10.0% OASI in 2017) and 2.2% DI 10.2% OASI in 2018 and thereafter in the intermediate term.


    • I read every word of your lengthy comments, but I don’t know what you’re trying to prove. Filled with lots of statistics, but to what end? Can you boil it down for us?

      • Rounded to the nearest nice nickel $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage in 2016 since the Great Recession needs to be amended to $7.50 in 2017, to $7.75 in 2018 and 8.00 in 2019 and 3% every year thereafter.’ in one final sentence at 29USC§206(a)(1)(D).

    • Labor statute amendment pertaining to Disability and Independent Living Sec. 15 of the Social Security Amendments of January 1, 2016

      The National Institute for Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILR) was created by Section 433 of the Act to amend the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, as codified at 29USC762(a)(1).

      Under Sec. 15 of the Social Security Amendments of January 1, 2016 Disability and Independent Living (DIL) would supersede (1) all references to the NIDILR at the Administration on Community Living (ACL) website (2) in the caption of Title 29 US Section 762, (3) in 29USC762(a)(1) so there shall be established a ‘website for Disability and Independent Living’, (4) after Director, ‘who shall be a disabled person’ shall be inserted, so 29USC762(a)(1) would state –

      (a) Establishment; Director as principal officer
      (1) There is established within the Administration for Community Living of the Department of Health and Human Services a website for Disability and Independent Living (DIL) (referred to in this subchapter as the “Institute”), which shall be headed by a Director, who shall be a disabled person (hereinafter in this subchapter referred to as the “Director”), in order to—

      Be abolished under the Slavery Convention of 1926 and Nuremberg Code of 1949.

      Furthermore under 29USC762(d)(1)(e) shall be amended to delete ‘an’ and insert ‘a disabled’ before individual, so Appointment of Director shall be by the Secretary. The Director shall be a disabled individual with substantial knowledge of and experience in independent living, rehabilitation, and research administration. (e) Fellowships – Estate of my grandmother Carol Lifshin – Don’t settle for less than $150 a day from the Research Advisory Council under 29USC765(f)(1) for your independent counsel regarding the Secretary and Director in your campaign to be the disabled Director.

      • US v. Burwell et al

        Jose Gilbert “Gil” Vega and Lesley Zerebny. They were the first Palm Springs police officers to die in the line of duty since 1962. Vega was a 35-year veteran who was due to retire in December and had chosen to work overtime on Saturday, Reyes said. Zerebny, 27, had just given birth to a baby girl four months ago. She had been with the department for a year and a half.

        Felix, 26, a known gang member, was captured alive around 12:50 a.m. Sunday morning, October10, 2016 after a standoff with police lasting 12 hours, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. He is accused of two counts of murder of a peace officer. Felix was previously sentenced to four years in prison for a 2009 attempted murder plot in which he confessed to assault with a firearm.

        This is what can be expected from citation of the Workforce Initiative Act. The term “force” offends the abolition of “forced labor” in the Slavery Convention of 1926 that extends to institutionalization of enforcement that is a reminder to armed law enforcement officers and slash and burn “forest labor” that should be redirected into planting the undergrowth with wild edible greenery. For instance the child refugees surge in 2014 seems to be the result of US International Trade Office

        While this sort of explosive behavior could easily be attributed to the Department of Labor based upon prior infringements of the ‘Workforce Initiative Act’, it is important to differentiate between the Labor Secretary who is doing great with 150,000 new mostly legal marijuana trim jobs, and HHS Secretary who has exhausted her civil case this administration Burwell v Hobby Lobby (2014), King et al v. Burwell (2015), Zubick v. Burwell (2016).

        Burwell, a peculiarly murderous Slavery Convention of 1926 offender in public health office, is on trial for use of the interstate commercial facility in the commission of murder for hire 18USC1958 in regards to (1) legal infringements of voter records subsequent to the California Democratic Primaries and Umqua Community College shooting in Oregon, (2) the interview with email CEOs around 2013 in the White House regarding the continuing murderous geolocating infringement of the AJAX Java applet on all email but basic gmail that instantly killed ‘Tony’ the choir singer, by gang home invasion, whose email could not be kept cc: (secret, email list), (3) Hillary Clinton’s honor killings – ie. all my grandmothers Cor Vis, Carol Lifshin, (4) the hacking of the HHS budget in brief and Health United States 2015, (5) the Eli Lillyization of the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers to keep Democratic deaths confidential (6) the 15.4% reduction in health care workforce accompanying the 15.9% increase in insured people that reduces estimates of Medicaid spending since 2014 to 2.5% annually and (7) the increase in deaths in the United States.

        So who wants to be Director of DIL?

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    15.1.629.5 via Frontend Transport; Fri, 7 Oct 2016 14:38:48 +0000
    Received: from VI1PR0201MB2221.eurprd02.prod.outlook.com ([]) by
    VI1PR0201MB2221.eurprd02.prod.outlook.com ([]) with mapi id
    15.01.0649.024; Fri, 7 Oct 2016 14:38:49 +0000

    To: “ufficio1.capodipartimento.dog@giustizia.it”

    Subject: =?iso-8859-2?Q?ILEANA_P._MOTOC_verpflichtet,_der_Europ=E4ischen_Union.?=
    Thread-Topic: =?iso-8859-2?Q?ILEANA_P._MOTOC_verpflichtet,_der_Europ=E4ischen_Union.?=
    Thread-Index: AQHSIKh+fEHgkk5MeUGopJO341fc3w==
    Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2016 14:38:48 +0000
    Accept-Language: ro-RO, en-US
    Content-Language: ro-RO
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    authentication-results: spf=softfail (sender IP is
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    outlook.com discourages use of as permitted sender)
    x-tmn: [HRFRPbOCMopY6NGLDyZCgS8pdLPbSe3O]
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    x-ms-office365-filtering-correlation-id: 10f131c5-cead-4783-6d5a-08d3eebfa6b8
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    x-forefront-prvs: 0088C92887
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    X-OriginalArrivalTime: 07 Oct 2016 14:38:58.0988 (UTC) FILETIME=[8A0D2EC0:01D220A8]
    Return-Path: human_Ileana_Motoc@outlook.com

  12. Draga DNA te rog sa verifici si sa iei masuri deoarece nu sunt sigura ca imi ajung emailurile, si, mai ales, atasamentele aferente, la destinatie, si asta, din cauza outlook-ului romania care isi permite sa imi taie efectiv din atasamentele in limba germana din email si cateodata, in functie de interesele acestui outlook romania, care nu vad ce probleme ar avea cu emailul meu, imi raspunde chiar el – outlookul – prin adevarate scrisori cu subiect si predicat, asta e crima ce face outlookul.

    DNA te rog sa iei masuri si vezi de ce imi face mizeria outlook romania, nici nu stiu daca primesti emailurile mele draga DNA, FACI CUM CONSIDERI DAR SA FACI CEVA, MULTUMESC, ILEANA MOTOC.

    DG Migration and Home Affairs
    B-1049 BRUSSELS

    Cara Italia, ho fatto un piccolo studio e non mi riferisco alla mia tesi di dottorato, sul tema chiamato “Cybercrime”, perché è esattamente fare migliaia dei miei computer dalla Romania e si intepretezi come vuoi, tu, gratis mano.

    RO15UGBI0000172013900GBP GARANTI BANK, Large banknote only, thanks.

    Doctor inginer ILEANA MOTOC, strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania, Uniunea Europeana.

  14. Buna ziua domnule profesor, ce mai faceti? Va pup.

    Nu am mai trecut demult pe la catedra dar stiu ca dvs nu va suparati…., eu sunt bine, multumesc, stau acasa din luna mai 2013 daniela radulescu m-a dat afara de la inhga, si acum stau acasa, nu am bani dar stau bine….ma trezesc cand vreau, ma plimb, imi iau inghetata, merg in mall, la cimitir pentru ca a “plecat dincolo” tatal meu, si, cam asta, in rest nimic nou, sunt sanatoasa, ok, si sincer, imi place ca stau acasa pentru ca imi pazesc casa bine, pentru ca de multe ori raman singura singura o luna, doua, cat timp este mama plecata la fratii mei in Anglia sau Franta pentru ca o mai cheama ei ca sa mai stea mama si cu ei la un relax …..acum, de exemplu, pe 18 oct mama pleaca la fratele meu din Anglia stabilit acolo, dar eu ma simt bine asa, pentru ca ma duc aproape zilnic la cimitir la tata….si stau acolo cu el ceva timp, nu plec chiar asa de repede de la el….

    V-am trimis aici, nu neaparat ca sa il verificati si sa il termin, ci pentru ca sa va aduc aminte, pentru ca asa e corect, ca am ramas cu articolul asta neterminat daca va aduceti aminte.., si, sa stiti ca vi l-am trimis exact asa cum a ramas la un moment dat in 2012, 2013, nu mai stiu, acum nici macar nu m-am uitat pe el, nu am avut chef.

    Domnule profesor, va dau numarul meu de celular ca sa il aveti, nu neaparat ca sa ma sunati, dar poate vreti sa-mi spuneti ceva important vreodata, si sa stiti ca eu nu pot sa va sun pe celular, dar v-as suna evident, pentru ca eu nu am celularul incarcat cu euro, si nici de pe fixul meu de acasa nu pot, pentru ca abonamentul upc internet telefon etc, este cu minute fara celular.

    0701.006.219 celularul meu fix acasa

    Ciao, Ileana.

    • Re: ILEANA

      D 09.10, 19:40


      Multumesc pentru mesaj. Am impresia ca ti-ai gasit linistea dupa
      episoful INHGA si decesul tatalui tau.

      Nu mai imi amintesc nimic despre articol. Ce urma sa faci cu el ?

      O seara linistita,

















    Romania se declara Stat Islamist.

  16. Dolce Italy, why do you kiss each other? Italy, look this video how nicely is it …. There you have sent to me the official cross of the tomb of my father, made personally by me to me a t-shirt, with an application of ghipur lace red at my chiloteii to show you how good is my father married with my mother, Catholic evidently , because orthodox were never cununati my mom and my dad, and the figure “7” made by me exactly how he wrote my father figure “7”, to look you like my dad agrees with you as you see in this picture where is his signature, at my father. And, because I have not completed it the cross, I say as I’ve bought from /Brico England/, 12 screws for metal + nuts, small size, obviously, to record more material and then send you a picture of the cross completed fully, + your registration number is out of the country, namely: “Protocollo 0006950180613”, you will see when I will send you the picture.

    Dolce Italy, I say you a secret that i’ve not said even to my mother: you know that wooden cross that was placed on the Tomb when it was buried my dad Motoc Petre in 2013, has been broken because the wood has rotted, and I took it at my home in my room where I sleep, and I shoved it under the bed, so it’s up to me , and is privately held.

    Thank you my email pup has no meaning, I wrote because I love you, ciao ciao,
    Ileana Motoc.


  18. Ce faci, fa pizda? Ai imbatranit? Nu mai stii sa citesti in limba rusa?

    Auzi, eu zic sa pui VISA CARD pentru imigrantii romani rasisti, nazisti si stalinisti care vor sa imigreze in United Kingdom of Great Britain.

    Ma pis pe tine,


    Draga DNA, ai primit un mesaj, te rog sa-l citesti si sa faci cum consideri, eu ti l-am transmis, pentru ca, mai mult ca sigur, au gresit adresa, citeste-l si raspunzi acolo la adresa aceea din Maryland, kisskiss, mie nu-mi raspunzi, multumesc:
    De la: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    Trimis: 27 septembrie 2016 16:49
    Către: human_ileana_motoc@outlook.com
    Subiect: Catre Directia Nationala Anticoruptie Romania DNA : avem informatii ca numita Daniela Cornelia Rus de la RATB raspunde oficial prin scrisori oficiale la convorbirile telefonice – private fara nicio legatura cu Statul Roman – ale domnisoarei ILEANA MOTOC, BUCURESTI, ROMANIA. Va rugam sa verificati si sa ne raspundeti in engleza in Statele Unite ale Americii despre acest aspect dar si despre altele pe care le doriti, legate de acest subiect, evident, dar asta nu inseamna ca veti fi cetatean american, decat daca, desigur, ne dati informatii extrem de importante pentru noi si nu vom considera ca sunteti spioni, dimpotriva, deci, ne raspundeti in engleza, cand doriti dvs prin scrisoare postala la adresa:

    National Institutes of Health
    9000 Rockville Pike
    Bethesda, Maryland 20892;

    Analysis Points to a Single Major Exodus

    We have information that the Russian called Isk RATB official answer official letters to private telephone conversations-without any contact with the Romanian State-of IBN Lady MOTOC, Bucharest, ROMANIA.
    Please check and answer in English in the United States of America about this aspect but also about others that you want associated with this topic, obviously, but that does not mean you will be u.s. citizen, unless, of course, you give us very important information for us and we do not consider that you are spies, instead,so, we reply in English, you want your postal mail to the following address:

    National Institutes of Health
    9000 Rockville Pike
    Bethesda, Maryland 20892;

  20. Italia, acestea sunt bratarile mele cumparate de mine de mult, cu multi ani in urma, de la biserica, din banii pe care mi-i dadea tatal meu decedat MOTOC PETRE. Mai am si Rozarii, am multe, nu le-am numarat, dar cred ca am vreo 7 sau 8 (unul adus de la Vaticano de mama mea in anul 2009), plus inca doua Rozarii facute de mine, din perlute pe care le-am combinat cum am vrut eu…., plus evident, o statueta a Fecioarei Maria colorata si frumoasa adusa de mama de la Vaticano…..si mi-a mai adus de la Vaticano o bratara dar care s-a rupt de mult, dar eu o pastrez ca sa o completez eu cum era inainte….si, stii ce i-a adus lui tata, atunci in 2009? i-a adus un clopotel pe care scrie “Vaticano”….si cu el ne suna tata cand statea in pat si avea nevoie de noi….

    Italia, Ti le-am aratat fara nicio semnificatie anume, ti le-am aratat ca si cum le-as arata ca unui membru din familia mea si din casa mea pentru ca te iubesc….

    I Love You and I Kiss You,
    Ileana Motoc.


    Iubitul meu si Dulcele meu oficial Italian care ma interceptezi pe mine ILEANA MOTOC, te pup si te iubesc Italia, aseara la ora 2.11 a.m. stateam la calculatorul meu personal si ma uitam la Russia 24 TV si ma uitam la serialul meu argentinian de pe youtube \”Dulce amor\”, si traduceam in limba franceza fraze din limba romana, apoi a inceput cutremurul de 5.9 grade Richter dupa cum au spus la televizor.


    Oh mon amour interceptezi me l’italien officiel moi-même ILEANA MOTOC, famille d’accueil et j’aime l’Italie, aujourd’hui 02:11 la nuit dernière j’étais assis devant mon ordinateur et je regardait de Russie 24 TV and I looked at my Argentine series on youtube “Dulce amor”, et traduceam en langage Français de phrases roumains, puis a commencé le tremblement de terre 5,9 Richter degrés comme ils ont dit à la télévision.

    Iubitul si Dulcele meu Italian, cand cat timp a tinut cutremurul de 5.9 grade Richter m-am speriat foarte tare atat eu cat si mama mea EUGENIA MOTOC, apoi ne-au sunat din Franta fratii mei pentru ca vazusera pe internet cutremurul de 5.9 grade Richter …..

    Mon bien-aimé Sweet italienne, et quand, combien de temps a duré le tremblement de terre Richter degrés 5,9 j’ai flippé vraiment fort donc j’ai et ma mère et puis nous avons été appelés de France mes frères pour comme vu sur internet le tremblement de terre 5,9 Richter degrés…..


  22. Re: EM’s Idaho Site Crews Complete Buried Waste Cleanup Accomplishment

    V 23.09.2016 9:53
    361 KO

    Descărcați Salvați în OneDrive – Personal

    FRUSTRÁ, frustrez, vb. I. Tranz. A lipsi pe cineva (în special statul sau o instituție a lui) de un drept sau de un bun; a păgubi; p. ext. a înșela. – Din fr. frustrer, lat. frustrari.

  23. Italia, cosa stai facendo? Adottivo. Italia, con il suo permesso, si prega di registrarsi preghiera scritta da me di colore grigio e per l’approvazione, grazie.
    Divisions in United Kingdom of Great Britain
    Members of both Houses register their vote for or against issues by physically going into two different areas either side of their debating chambers. This is known as ‘dividing the House’, while the areas concerned are ‘division lobbies’. Therefore, a vote is called a ‘division’.

    1. Voting in the Houses

    When a vote is held the Speaker in the Commons – or Lord Speaker in the Lords – asks Members to call out whether they agree or not. The Speaker will then judge whether there is a clear result. If this cannot be determined, the Speaker or Lord Speaker calls a division by announcing ‘clear the lobbies’ (in the Commons) or ‘clear the bar’ (in the Lords).

    2. When can a division take place?

    Divisions can take place at almost any time that the House is sitting. Divisions usually happen at the regular ‘moment of interruption’ of the main business of the House of Commons, which is 10pm on Mondays, 7pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 5pm on Thursdays and 2.30pm on Fridays; but divisions can and do take place later – or earlier – than these times.

    3. Division bells

    Members do not have to participate in a debate to be able to vote, and may be elsewhere in the Parliamentary estate. To notify Members that a division is taking place, division bells located throughout the Parliamentary estate and surrounding premises ring and TV screens with a specialised feed (called the ‘annunciator service’) display that a division is taking place.

    Prayers in United Kingdom of Great Britain

    Sittings in both Houses begin with prayers. These follow the Christian faith and there is currently no multi-faith element. Attendance is voluntary.

    House of Commons

    The Speaker’s Chaplain usually reads the prayers. The form of the main

    preghiera prayer is as follows:

    “Lord, the God of righteousness and truth, grant to our Queen and her government, to Members of Parliament and all in positions of responsibility, the guidance of your Spirit. May they never lead the nation wrongly through love of power, desire to please, or unworthy ideals but laying aside all private interests and prejudices keep in mind their responsibility to seek to improve the condition of all mankind; give us your light and your message of peace so may your kingdom come and your name be hallowed. Amen.”

    Italia Abbiamo Ti Amo e Ti Ringrazio,

    Iscriviti ufficiale Parlamento del Regno Unito.

    Italia un cartello ufficiale.


    Mi 21.09.2016 10:06
    35 KO

    Descărcați Salvați în OneDrive – Personal
    Porcul asta imputit din Ucraina reda in direct la radioul romania actualitati inregistrari din casa mea privata si din calculatorul meu privat .

    Federatia Rusa te rog sa iei masuri, MULTUMESC.

    ILEANA MOTOC , CNP 2721207460020 .

  25. Te pup Italia, ce faci?

    Italia, ti-am trimis aici fara nicio semnificatie o inregistrare telefonica de pe celularul meu si al mamei mele unde observi ca se aude ecoul in telefon atunci cand vorbim la telefon, si, ti-am mai trimis, de asemenea fara nicio semnificatie – ca sa te folosesti de el daca vrei sau sa faci ce vrei tu cu el poate te ajuta la ceva : cardul unei “Terrorist Organization” cu formularul aferent cu care eu m-am jucat putin, pentru ca formularul original este in brico si acolo am scris ADEVARUL SI NUMAI ADEVARUL ASA SA-MI AJUTE DUMNEZEU pe data de 16.07.2016, dar cu asta m-am jucat putin … dar hai sa-ti explic putin ce am scris eu aici, multumesc:

    612 este de fapt numarul mormantului tatalui meu Motoc Petre CNP 1361119400302 nascut pe 19.11.1936 ;
    344418 este de fapt numarul ID al fratelui meu din Franta;
    829448 este de fapt numarul oficial de inregistrare al pasaportului meu britanic oferit cu dragoste de United Kingdom of Great Britain, dar pe care inca nu l-am platit 100 pounds, multumesc UK pastreaza-l acolo la tine pentru ca e al meu si il voi plati MULTUMESC;
    ANTHONY este un nume pe care l-am pus fratilor mei in egala masura si pe care l-am scris pe felicitarea mea personala si privata catre ambasada UK, DAR PE CARE POTI SA-L IEI DACA VREI SA TE FOLOSESTI DE EL CA ORICUM PE FRATII MEI NU-I CHEAMA ANTHONY PE NICIUNUL DINTRE EI, si, deci, dupa cum iti spuneam, felicitarea am dus-o personal la ambasada UK pentru ca prin posta romana mi se intercepteaza corespondenta si nu mai ajunde la destinatie;
    DP 147500 este de fapt seria si numarul ID al fratelui meu din Anglia;
    9 downing street, este de fapt adresa Guvernului Britanic;
    RO15UGBI0000172013900GBP este de fapt contul meu personal de lire sterline de la Garanti Bank;
    16.07.2016 data cand am completat si predat personal formularul in brico;
    ILEANA MOTOC semnatura mea;
    rosul e cardul brico;
    bonul fiscal din 18.09.2016 de la ora 13.05, care mentioneaza, daca folosesc cardul brico: numele meu MOTOC ILEANA, CNP (CIF daca as avea o firma, dar nu am, si atunci se mentioneaza CNP) 2721207460020, si codul meu de client al cardului brico 0376217.
    Italia te rog foloseste-te daca vrei, de ceea ce ti-am trimis daca te ajuta la ceva, nu ma supar.

    ITALIA Te Pup si Te Iubesc ca pe tatal meu decedat PETRE MOTOC.

  26. Dla ubogich darowizna tutaj:

    S 17.09.2016 23:15
    364 KO

    357 KO

    2 atașări (721 KO) Descărcați tot Salvați tot în OneDrive – Personal
    Pagina 1:
    Italia te pup e io ti amo, mio padre è morto il 19 Iuglio Motoc Petre 2013 Tartarelli e ti ama, come nessun altro e accogliervi a braccia aperte e caldo la liturgia che si invia con amore da Dio.
    16 settembre 2016, Ileana Motoc.

    pagina 2:
    Santo Rosario in italiano.
    Rallegrati, piena di grazia Marie, il Signore è con te, Benedetta sei tu fra le donne e Benedetto è il frutto del tuo corpo.
    Sainte Vierge Marie, madre di Dio, prega per noi peccatori adesso e nell’ora della nostra morte, Amen.
    La gloria del padre, figlio e Spirito Santo, come nel principio, ora e sempre e sempre, Amen.
    O Gesù, perdona i nostri peccati, ci vietano dal fuoco dell’inferno e andare in cielo tutte le anime, soprattutto quelli che hanno più bisogno della tua misericordia.

    pagina 3:
    Per i poveri, si prega di donare qui: 1,5 ron.

    (Sfantul Rozariu in limba poloneza.
    Różaniec w języku angielskim:

    Bądź pozdrowiona pełna łaski Marie, Pan jest z Tobą, błogosławiona jesteś między niewiastami i błogosławiony jest owoc Twojego ciała.
    Saint Marie, Matko Boża, módl się za nami grzesznymi, teraz i zawsze i w godzinę śmierci naszej, Amen.
    Chwały ojca, syna i Ducha Świętego, jak na początku, teraz i zawsze i kiedykolwiek, Amen.
    O Jezu, Przebacz nam nasze grzechy, broń nas od ognia piekielnego i idą do nieba dusze wszystkich, zwłaszcza tych, którzy najbardziej potrzebują Twojego miłosierdzia).

  27. Ciao Italia cosa vuoi fare? Adottivo. Cara Italia, ho un problema con mia mamma, perché non riesco a concordare con esso mettere sulla tomba di mio padre e cittadino italiano MOTOC PETRE Roma Catholic, io ti dico che problema abbiamo noi due io con la mia mamma:
    La tomba di mio padre MOTOC PETRE è ufficialmente per il nome de mia madre MOTOC EUGENIA con intendendo in un futuro abbastanza vicino, per creare a mio padre un bordo di cemento come quasi tutte le tombe del cimitero, la tomba di anche se mi è stato IO detto NON è costruire un calcestruzzo sopra papà, anche se è solo un bordo, in modo che solo potrebbe mettere una recinzione metallica senza di essa, sul confine con betoneze mio padre, perché io stai sognando continuamente mio padre poiché morì il 19 luglio 2013, perché, in realtà, io sono come un prete cattolico per mio papà che ottiene tutto che io sto facendo per lui.
    Mia cara Italia, si prega di dargli ufficiale mio ILEANA MOTOC mille, su il mio padre, ufficiale su mio padre MOTOC PETRE, sepolto cattolico personalmente di me ILEANA MOTOC in Cimitero ortodosso “Giuleşti Sarbi” da Calea Giuleşti numero 550, perché io non capisco di mia madre perché sulla tomba di mia padre, mia madre MOTOC EUGENIA cununata cattolica con mio padre MOTOC PETRE , imbattuto in questo problema con la tomba de mio padre.
    Cara Italia, si prega di dargli un numero di registrazione di questa email privata e personale dalla mia e-mail personale e privato, è importante iscriversi da qualche parte in Italia, è qualunque cosa fai come tu credi, ma di fare qualcosa per aiutarmi in questa materia, e, se volete, voi mi può rispondere, se si pensa che inviarmi una lettera a casa per dirmi che mio padre ufficiale PETRE MOTOC è ufficiale mio, solo mio nome ILEANA MOTOC … o tu fare come pensi perché sei bravo in tutti gli aspetti e io ho fiducia in te.
    Italia, bene fare come si pensa, grazie e ti amo, e, prima di chiudere, vorrei dirvi un dettaglio che ho sentito a un certo punto, che qui, a Bucaresti, nei cimiteri cattolici è sepolto ortodossi ma più accidentali, se è necessario…, ma uno cattolico come mi padre, in cimiteri ortodossi, non sepolto in cimiteri ortodossi, di come il mio padre e che ha la bandiera d’Italia io messo in sua tasca e io messo un rosario disposto tutto da solo.


  28. USDA Office of Communications ECATERINA MIRONOVA
    Chère Police de France, mon nom est Béatrice Motoc, j’ai 4 ans et souhaitez vous communiquer que la télévision de la télévision de l’AMC de Hongrie ne fait pas de films bébé pornographiques avec moi, s’il vous plaît tu ne répondre moi pour que réponse à moi-même ROUMANIE ACT: KESZP. BEFIZ. 13.33.30


  29. Oficial Amc tv European Union, ce film este asta cu: \\\”i-am luat-o in gura si i s-a intarit\\\” ? de la ora 9.22 p.m. ? si femeia a mai spus ca el: \\\”nu si-a mai facut sandwiches\\\”?
    Oficial eu am semnat azi 22 august 2016 dar tu European Union crezi ca am semnat participarea la filmul porno de pe amc tv?

    Európai Unió hivatalos Amc tv, milyen filmet ez: \ “vette a számat, és én voltam a intarit\\\”? 9.22 óra? és a nő azt mondta, hogy ő: \ “nem tette sandwiches\\\”? Hivatalosan is aláírt ma augusztus 22, 2016-ban, de úgy gondolja, hogy az Európai Unió aláírták a pornó film AMC részvétel tv?

    Procuror European Union tu crezi ca directia nationala anticoruptie ar putea face ceva?
    European Union te simti capabila sa iei niste masuri? sau le luam noi?
    Aceasta este adresa legala a amc tv?

    Európai Unió ügyész úgy gondolja a nemzeti Korrupcióellenes Igazgatóság bármit megtehet? Az Európai Unió úgy érzi, tudja, hogy bizonyos intézkedések? vagy vesznek bennünket?

    Ez a hivatalos címe amc tv info-amc@amctv.com?
    Semneaza oficial: Procurorul Uniunii Europene, Earl of Sandwich, Police National de France si BÉATRICE MOTOC FRANCE – 4 ani.

    Tisztviselő aláírása: Európai Unió ügyész, Earl szendvics, Franciaország nemzeti rendőrségi és BÉATRICE MOTOC FRANCE – 4 sem.


    Pimping Hungarian journalists from AMC surpasses any normal man dream: anchetam Hungarian journalists from amc for pimping with taxis in Serbia and Russia that require more than 3000.00 pounds, than us FOR TERRORISM.

    Nyomorult magyar újságírók AMC meghaladja minden normális ember álma: anchetam magyar újságírók AMC a nyomorult, taxik, Szerbia és Oroszország, melyik megkövetel több mint 3000.00 font, mint mi a terrorizmus.

  31. Russia has a duty to act in Romania, SPASIBA.
    “Russia is called on to use the massive influence it has over the Romania Air Space ,” said Steffen Seibert from Germany. This is all the more urgent since the corridors promised by Russia have either not been opened or have proved to be ineffectual.
    The Germany and his partner, Russia, must not continue to resist these minimum humanitarian demands requested by romanians officials on June 5, 2016. It is up to them whether people continue to die in Romania or whether they are given assistance and hope after many months of suffering.
    Foreign Minister Steinmeier – Sergey Lavrov on the situation in Romania

    date of issue
    Foreign Minister Steinmeier gave the following statement to the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung today (11 August) on the situation in Syria and Aleppo:
    We urgently need to make sure that help quickly reaches the people in Aleppo now. That can only happen if hostilities actually cease and aid workers gain access to both parts of the cities without endangering their lives – by which I mean regime-controlled western Aleppo and opposition-held eastern Aleppo. Humanitarian

  32. Te pup amc, ce faci? Mai traiesti? Iti spun un secret: draga amc, eu ma uit numai la amctv in exclusivitate, inclusiv noaptea eu dorm cu televizorul pe \”on amc\” si azi dimineata 17 august 2016, cand m-am trezit am vazut ca nu mai erai acelasi amc in engleza, ci in limba romana?!?!
    Felnevel amc csinálni? Tovább élnek? Elmondom neked egy titkot: kedves amc, én csak nézni az amctv kizárólag, beleértve éjszaka aludni a tv-vel, “a AMC” 17 augusztus 2016-ban, amikor felébredtem ma reggel láttam, hogy akkor már nem az azonos amc, angol nyelven, de angolul?!?!

    Ce se intampla cu tine amc?! Ce este imitatia asta de amc la care ma uit?! Am vazut azi dimineata ca tu amc sau ce erai tu acolo, ai inceput sa difuzezi un flm fara \”leul tau\”, si, in afara de asta nu ai sigla ta afisata pe ecran….
    Mi történik akkor amc? Mi ez imitatia amc, amelyek nézni? Láttam ma reggel, mint te, vagy mit beszéltek ott, kezdett, a központ egy RHE, “az oroszlán” nélkül, és ezen kívül nem kell a logó jelenik meg a képernyőn…

    Nu mai este acelasi amc…, nu mai sunt aceleasi reclame in engleza, nu mai este aceeasi voce amc din pauzele filmelor, nu mai e nimic la fel….nu mai este amc….nu stiu ce este, dar este altceva care se foloseste de firma ta amc si face alte promouri si baga alte filme, ce este asta draga amc? …..
    Ez már nem az azonos amc… már nem ugyanaz reklámok angolul, már nem ugyanaz a hang, filmek amc, nem hosszabb szünetek nem fel… nu hosszabb amc… nu tudja, mi az, de valami mást, ami a vállalat által használt, és hogy más amc promók, és tegye más filmek, mi az a kedves amc? …..

    Draga amc, eu sunt la cablul upc si nu cred ca este upc-ul vinovat de asa ceva, sincer nu stiu, dar in acelasi timp cred ca si alte companii de cablu din Romania, daca au amc-ul inclus in grila de programe, au acelasi amc pe care l-am vazut eu azi 17 august 2016, adica vreau sa spun ca, cred, ca toate companiile de cablu au acelasi amc, si nu amc-uri diferite.
    Kedves barátom, én vagyok a upc kábel, és nem hiszem, hogy a upc bűnös valamit, őszintén szólva nem tudom, de gondolom más kábeltévé-társaságoknak, Románia, ha amc a műsorrendet, van benne van az azonos amc hogy láttam ma 17 augusztus 2016-ban, úgy értem, azt akarom mondani, hogy, azt hiszem, minden kábeltévé-társaságoknak, hogy az azonos amc AMC, nem más.

    Draga amc, te rog sa iei masuri si sa faci ceva, aproape ca te implor sa faci ceva pentru ca eu ma uit numai la amc, si te rog sa redevii adevaratul amc de ieri 16 august 2016 si nu imitatia de amc la care m-am uitat azi dimineata 17 august 2016.
    Kedves barátom, kérem, hogy tegyen lépéseket, és tenni valamit, majdnem olyan, mint én könyörög, hogy tegyen valamit, mert nézni csak az amc, és kérjük, redevii a valódi amc tegnap a augusztus 16, 2016 amc, imitatia, és nem néztem ma reggel augusztus 17, 2016-ban.

    Draga amc, raspunde-mi daca vrei, nu ma supar, acesta este emailul meu personal si privat, si nu este public sau interceptat de escrocii din Romania, pana iei tu niste masuri, eu ma voi uita in continuare la imitatia de amc care se foloseste ilegal de sigla ta, ma voi uita ca sa-l studiez si sa vad ce ti-a mai furat in afara sigla, si, apoi, daca vad ceva suspect, iti scriu din nou, daca vrei imi raspunzi, daca nu vrei, nu-i problema.
    Kedves barátom, ha válaszolsz nekem, nem vagyok mérges, ez az én magán- és személyes e-mail és nem nyilvános vagy a csalók Románia, amíg tegyen lépéseket, utána fogok nézni tovább a az amc-imitatia, amely illegálisan használják a logót, majd nézem, és tanulni, és látni, hogy Ön is szakadt szét a logó az elfogott , majd, ha látsz valami gyanús, mi fog írni újra ha akarom választ, hacsak ön akar, nem probléma.

    Draga amc, cine este imitatia ta de amc?
    Kedves barátom, aki a imitatia, az amc?

    Iti multumesc, te pup si te iubesc, ILEANA MOTOC: strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania, Europa.
    Thank you, I love u, csók és Ibn Pál: 15, Valle Maharaj, block 1, emelet 7, Suite 48, házszám ágazat 6, Bukarest, Románia-Európa.


    Draga amc tu azi 17 august 2016 ai dat in judecata imitatia ta de amc in limba romana pentru ca se foloseste de sigla oficiala care iti apartine tie amc Ungaria.
    Kedves amc, ma 17 augusztus 2016-ban, beperelte a amc imitatia a pokol tornácán, mert ez használ a hivatalos logóját, amely tartozik a nyakkendő magyar amc.
    Дорогой amc, сегодня 17 августа 2016 вы иск imitatia ваш amc в подвешенном состоянии, потому что он использует официальный логотип, который принадлежит вам и вы подтвердите Венгрии amc общественности на свой день рождения в Венгрию на 20 августа, 2016.


  33. Ciao Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna, come stai? RAIPARLAMENTO Tartarelli e vi ama e vi ringrazia per il tuo indirizzo email con la Russia, sarà vigile quando siamo in viaggio verso la Russia, perché la Russia non è Italia, una strizzatina d’occhio per tutti: Iscriviti l’ufficiale CHIARA CAPUANI.

  34. Uno bacio, dolce Italia, U.S. Department of the Treasury – US Dipartimento del tesoro,

    Cos’altro devo fare? Grazie per l’email, ho inviato il mio account perché ho un lavoro GBP per United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA – Agenzia protezione ambientale degli Stati Uniti, SPASIBA: RO15UGBI0000172013900GBP .

    ILEANA MOTOC, strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania, Europa.

  35. Tatal nostru care esti in ceruri, sfintesca-se numele tau, vie imparatia ta, faca-se voia ta, precum in cer, asa si pe pamant, si ne iarta noua pacatele noastre precum iertam si noi pacatele gresitilor nostri, si nu ne duce pe noi in ispita, ci ne izbaveste de cel rau, AMIN.

    10 august 2016, KILL THE RUSSIANS semneaza 112 Numar Unic European din Strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, apartamentele de la 1 la 54, orele 13.00 cu aproximatie.

  36. SPASIBA.
    Youtube Romania scarbos, mizerabil si penal pana-n gat, nu-ti este rusine sa-mi tot bagi reclama asta cu Phillips tot timpul? Mi-ai intrerupt filmul pe tot parcursul zilei de astazi din 5 in 5 minute in functie de ceea ce am facut si ceea ce fac eu in casa privata ca sa imi bagi reclama asta tot timpul, de ore intregi ma intrerupi in timp ce vizionez serialul serialului meu preferat LALOLA ca sa imi bagi tot timpul tot timpul fara limita aceasta reclama…..chiar nu ai nicio limita? asa procedezi si cu alti internauti care intra pe site-ul tau? asa ii calci si pe altii in picioare, cum imi faci mie? porci mizerabili ce sunteti de youtube.


  37. SPASIBA.

    Federatia Rusa, ce faci?

    Federatia Rusa, imi permiti sa iti spun un alt secret? Ieri 8 august 2016 nu m-am cacat.

    Federatia Rusa, astazi 9 august 2016, ma cac?


  38. SPASIBA.

    Sedinta Privata intre misionari Ileana Motoc misionar catolic british – Dale si Albert misionari catolici americani: iti trimit draga United States of America un act terorist al romaniei.
    Private meeting between Catholic missionaries missionary Ibn Maisara-Dale and Albert Catholic missionaries: Americans send dear United States of America a terrorist act of Romania.
    O sa incep asa cum se incepe in romania la radio si televizor:
    A start as it begins in the Czech Republic for radio and television:
    Tatal nostru care esti in ceruri, sfintesca-se numele tau, vie imparatia ta, faca-se voia ta, precum in cer asa si pe pamant, painea noastra cea de toate zilelele dane noua astazi, Amin.
    Our father in heaven, your sfintesca name, Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, as in heaven so on Earth, our bread of all zilelele new berths today, Amen.

    Dragii mei misionari colegi, sa studiem biblia si visele: ieri noapte, adica in noaptea de 4 spre 5 august 2016, l-am visat pe tatal meu de trei ori pe noapte, adica m-am trezit pentru ca m-a trezit ambulanta 112 numar unic European care tipa noaptea la ora 1 sau 2 nu stiu ca dormeam si m-a trezit, si, dup ace am adormit, l-am visat din nou pe tata in acelasi vis, acelasi cadru, adica continuare, apoi m-am trezit din nou, si, dup ace am adormit, l-am visat din nou pe tata in acelasi vis: am visat ca m-am dus sa-l vizitez pe tata la azilul de batrani si il ajutam cu inima rupta pentru ca ma gandeam cum a ajuns acolo….apoi l-am visat tot pe tata si tot undeva acolo la azil, apoi, in ultimul cadru sau ultima parte a treia, am visat ca eram intr-un apartament care semana cu apartamentul fostei noastre vecine aureli, din blocul nostrum din strada vintila mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, bucuresti sip e care Dale il cunoaste, pentru ca a venit pe la noi, si ca sa continui, am visat ca eram intr-un asemenea apartament si ma pregateam sa plec la tata la azil pentru ca era tarziu spre seara si ma gandeam sa plec pe ultima suta de metri sa nu se insereze, DAR, nu am mai apucat pentru ca mi-au intrat in casa niste oficiali 4 sau 5 cu uniforma mai veche sau oficiali mai de jos cu mai putine grade, care, sincer, dupa felul cum au intrat adica ca si cum ar fi intrat undeva intr-un ghetou sau inchisoare si nu intr-o casa private(mert azért jöttem a házba, néhány 4 vagy 5 tisztviselők egyenruhák idősebb vagy alacsonyabb tisztviselők kevesebb fok, amely, őszintén, után, hogy lépett utat úgy értem, ha beléptek egy ghetto valahol, vagy a börtönben, és nem egy ház, Da kam ich ins Haus, etwa 4 oder 5 Beamte mit älteren Uniformen oder niedriger mit weniger Grad, ehrlich gesagt, nach dem Weg, die sie eingegeben ich meine, als ob sie in ein Ghetto irgendwo oder Gefängnis und nicht in einem Privathaus eingegeben haben), nu mi-a placut deloc, deloc si s-au dus in camera dinspre stanga holului de la intrare din apartamentul respective incepand sa spuna rugaciunea cu care am inceput eu si cu ton oficial, dare u am vrut sa intru inapoi in camera din dreapta ca sa ma pregatesc sa plec la tata DAR nu am putut sa intru in camera pentru ca se pusese un official in usa, si, care, de asemenea, nu mi-a placut deloc pentru ca din felul cum l-am vazut m-a dus cu gandul la mizerie si inchisoare, DAR, ce crezi? Am trecut prin el, si m-am trezit.

    Spasiba, Draga Dale te pup si iti multumesc, esti sef oficial peste biserica baratia despre care cred ca nu mai are puteri catolice, ci ortodoxe, si, sincer, cred ca daca te duci la ea, catolic fiind, nu mai are niciun efect, dimpotriva.
    Dear Dale foster and thank you, you’re the boss officially over baratia church about which I believe has no powers, but Orthodox Catholic, and, frankly, I think if you go at it, Catholic, no longer has any effect, on the contrary.
    Spasiba, Draga Albert te pup si iti multumesc, esti sef oficial peste biserica italiana.
    Dear Albert foster and thank you, you’re the boss over the Italian church official.

    Ileana Maisara Motoc Jehovah’s witness missionary.


  39. MS. foster DNA, what are you doing? DNA Dear MS. because you’re my friend seen and unseen, I’ll tell you a secret top secret: to know me as a true catholic bishop and what they are, I do not have approval from the Vatican Rome to inmormantez Orthodox official, signed Ileana Motoc – John Motoc : THANK YOU DNA.

    MS. foster DNA, cosa stai facendo? DNA Cara Ms. perché sei mio amico visto e invisibile, ti dirò un segreto top secret: per saperne di me come un vero vescovo cattolico e quello che sono, Io non hanno l’approvazione dal Vaticano Roma per inmormantez ortodossa ufficiale, firmato Ileana Motoc- John Motoc : GRAZIE DNA.

  40. SPASIBA.
    Draga DNA, cine este Mariana Barau? Ce legatura are ea cu mama mea Motoc Eugenia si cu tatal meu Motoc Petre? Este de la Procuratura? Isi construieste o casa? Unde? Din ce bani?
    Din banii de taxiuri GPS taxfree? A facut trotuarul?

    MRS. DNA Darling, who is Mariana Barau? Why does she keep in touch with my mother Motoc Eugenia and my father Motoc Padilla Petre? It is the Prosecutor’s Office? She is building a House? Where? From what money? The taxi GPS tax-free? She Fuck the Manager Vladimir Putin – Dimitri Medvedev?

    Oficial cersetoria romanilor la externe este interzisa: TV5 da-mi, da-mi SPASIBA.
    L’agent étranger est la mendicité interdite les Romains : TV5 donne-moi, donne-moi SPASIBA.

    Semneaza Ecaterina Mironova, Federatia Rusa: astazi 2 august 2016 m-a luat ameteala in propria mea casa privata si am luat un ibuprofen si nu sufar de nimic, sunt sanatoasa Сегодня 2 августа 2016 я взял мою собственную слабость в частном доме и взял ибупрофен и не страдать ничего, здоровы, Znak Uzma, Federacja Rosyjska: dzisiaj 2 sierpnia 2016 wziął mnie zawroty głowy w domu prywatnym i wziął ibuprofen i nie cierpieć, są zdrowe.

  41. Caro Vaticano, cosa stai facendo? Adottivo.
    Cara città del Vaticano, io non posso installare Google Earth, vi chiedo di prendere misure urgenti e di prendere il satellite, grazie.

    Ileana Motoc, strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucaresti.

  42. Re: U.S. Department of the Treasury Real Estate Auctions (IRS) Update

    J 14.07, 12:30

    Descărcați Salvați în OneDrive – Personal
    Thank You very much for Your Official Signature U.S. Department of Treasury, I’ll take Your Signature Officialy just in case you will be operate and You will die…., just in case, everything is ok, don’t worry, I am not use your signature for my interests or for take you some money which is my money in fact…..but it’s ok, It’s all right now.

    My signature is: IMG00963.

  43. This is a part of me that you never never ever take away from me, eg. my money in punds GBP, ok?

    Vladimir Putin-Dimitri Medvedev has calling today 12 july 2016 to 112 European Number Emergency in Romania for Public Services, not for private services.
    Thank You.

  44. Hello my Government UK and Parliament UK,

    How are you? Thank You very much for your answer, you are the best in everything, including your very nice answer, How can you be so good? Nobody answer me so serios, thank you, I Love You so much, so much because I’m not trusted in nobody, only in UK, European Union it’s so stupid in everything with her stupid european founds and it’s make me on nerve so much that I want to kill her, eg European Union: she deserve to be distroyed. On june 4, 2016 , I have open my Pounds count in GarantiBank GBP personal and private count, and so far I have only 1.38 pound and I put 0.19 pounds in every day for paying my british passport, THANK YOU, and I will tell you a secret, thank again, I am feeling in safe only with United Kingdom of Great Britain, the other countrys it’s not so good politicaly like You UK and United States and Russia, there all are stupid.
    My dear UK, are you so kind to keep it my british passport until I will paying You? Thank You….I Love You, because here, in romania, I’ll vote again in the fall with my ID number card 2721207460020, and Meanwhile, You keep my passport UK, thanks.
    My dear UK, I want to ask you something very secret top secret only United Kingdom of Great Britain and me, and you do as you think, because you’re the best, and, frankly, I am leave in your hand in this regard because I’m a British Citizen, namely: do you thing that it’s more better for me to sign officialy my surname – name like this ILEANA MOTTOC ? i don’t know……..

    KISSKISS I LOVE YOU SWEET AND WARM United Kingdom of Great Britain, I will see you soon…..kiss.

  45. Buna ziua tuturor,

    In sedinta de azi 8 iulie 2016, pe ordinea de zi in camera comuna numita “BUCATARIE” am avut:
    un scurt apel intrerupt la Numarul Unic European 112
    o plimbare ca sa ne cumparam niste baloane
    o plimbare pe strada mea Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15 – a Politiei Numar Unic European 112 – care tocmai a semnat oficial astazi 8 iulie 2016 ca mi-a raspuns oficial la apelul meu 112 intrand pe strada mea Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15.
    Semneaza cine vrea pasarica ta.

    Bonjour à tous, la séance d’aujourd’hui 8 juillet 2016, sur l’ordre du jour dans la chambre de la commune appelée « la cuisine » j’ai eu :
    – un appel court interrompu 112 numéro européen unique
    – une promenade nous acheter certains ballons raccompagné sur ma rue numéro 15-Vintila Mihailescu police numéro unique européen 112-qui vient de signer officiel aujourd’hui 8 juillet 2016 qui ont répondu à mon appel 112 officiellement entrer mon numéro de Valle Maharaj rue 15. Signes qui veut ta chatte.

    Hallo an alle, die heutige Sitzung 8. Juli 2016, auf der Tagesordnung in der Kammer der Gemeinde namens “KITCHEN”, die ich hatte:
    – ein kurzer Anruf unterbrochen, der einzigen europäischen Nummer 112
    – ein Spaziergang um uns etwas kaufen Ballons eine Fahrt auf meiner Straße Nummer 15-Vintila Mihailescu Polizei die einzige europäische Nummer 112-gerade unterschrieben, die Beamten heute 8. Juli 2016, die meinem Ruf 112 offiziell betreten meiner Valle Maharaj Hausnummer 15 beantwortet. Zeichen, die Ihre Muschi will.

  46. Liviu Dragnea with what right you are publishing in public The Law of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, speaking about interests which does not concern Romania and Romania do not know these interests on the United Kingdom of Great Britain? Pork stupid, what personal interests have you in the United Kingdom of Great Britain? Ignorance and murderous country Romania, where illiteracy is it at home, why and what cersesti you actually from United Kingdom of Great Britain?

    Fuck-me as your children illiterate, official signature of:

    Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
    Rt Hon Alun Cairns MP, Secretary of State for Wales
    Rt Hon David Mundell MP, Secretary of State for Scotland
    Peter Wishart MP, Chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee
    David T.C. Davies MP, Chair of the Welsh Affairs Committee
    Charles Walker OBE MP, Chair of the Procedure Committee
    Rt Hon Mark Harper MP, Chief Whip

    commonsleader@cabinetoffice.gov.uk : Office of the Leader of the House of Commons,

    Mailing Address: 9 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AG.

  47. Ce faci fa pizda? Tu chiar nu esti buna de nimic, astazi 29 iunie 2016 am innotat pe strazi din cauza ca tu nu stii sa faci nimic cu fondurile tale idioate europene. Eu, un cetatean european traiesc intr-o Uniune Europeana la fel ca alti cetateni europeni de-ai tai care traiesc bine-mersi civilizat, in timp ce pe mine ma futi si ma ameninti cat poti cu ambulanta ta criminala Numar Unic European 112, plus ca astazi 29 iunie 2016 am mers prin apele romane pana la genunchi de parca treceam Dunarea si era cat pe ce sa cad intr-un canal pe care nu aveam cum sa-l vad ca era sub ape, norocul meu a fost ca m-au avertizat doi cetateni care spuneau ca in situatii din astea ei dau telefoane pe la autoritati si, ce sa vezi?, nu le raspunde nimeni, si, in afara de asta, as fi putut fi chiar si omorata daca ar fi fost vreun fir de tensiune cazut sau ratacit pe acolo prin apele romane.
    Eu propun sa imi dai mie niste bani $ din bugetul institutiei tale pentru ca tu oricum nu esti buna de nimic pentru ca nu stii sa-i administrezi la fel ca in alte tari europene, si imi dai mie banii $, asa, ca asa vreau eu sa mi-i dai nejustificat pentru ca nu am nicio obligatie fata de tine Uniune Europeana scarboasa si imputita care nu stii sa fii decat impotriva umanitatii, ma pis pe tine.
    Astept sa-mi dai niste bani $ pentru tot ce mi-ai facut.

    OFICIAL BIROUL DE CULTURI EUROPENE acciza habanos trabuc nr. 2000000566252,
    Anna Baldina, Paris, Franta, corespondent telecanal <>.

  48. “Conseguenze catastrofiche il Regno Unito della Gran Bretagna.”

    L 27.06, 15:13
    steven.williams@irs.gov; +14 în plus
    Sinceramente lo giuro di dire la verità, solo la verità, così aiutarci a Dio: ascolta e priviti ciò che un vero e proprio Parlamento che tenga veramente conto delle proposte dei cittadini dell’Unione europea, COMMISSIONE PER LE PETIZIONI numero registrazione 003572 UNITED KINGDOM OF / GREAT BRITAIN 16.04.2013 .


  49. RE: new feature: easier access to data on toxic pollutant releases to sewage treatment facilities

    V 24.06, 8:16
    enquiries@culture.gov.uk; +18 în plus
    Iti multumesc pentru email EPA and BBC, te pup, ce faci? Draga EPA, BBC, iti trimit aici o fotografie cu ecografia copilului meu pe care am uitat sa o pun in teza mea de doctorat, iti multumesc, kiss kiss, ne mai auzim, ROMANIA ACT.

    Thank you for emailing us EPA, foster, what are you doing? Dear EPA, you send here a photo with my child’s ultrasound that I forgot to put in my PhD thesis, thank you, kiss kiss, we hear, ROMANIA ACT.

    Vezi ecografia atasata, thank you.

  50. Grazie per la risposta, sei straordinariamente bello, caldo e accogliente, e per questo ti amo come nessun altro: Oggi 23 giugno 2016 ho votato con il mio passaporto britannico al referendum Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna con il nome di Raffaella Motoc e io voto per l’uscita dell’Italia e Ungheria dall’Unione Europea, l’Italia vuole Lira indietro loro.
    Grazie per considerare il mio voto al referendum del oggi 23 giugno 2016 e imbratisez,
    I kiss the flag of United Kingdom,
    Sig.ra Raffaella Motoc, strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, ROUMANIE, cod numeric personal 2721207460020.

  51. RE: DOLIU GERMANIA NAZISTA. MOCKBA: 2250834119 Garanti Bank.

    Mi 22.06, 13:40

    Dimitri Medvedev – Vladimir Putin Russia: spasiba, spasiba, spasiba, trebuie sa avem un dialog, noi nu vrem sa destabilizam Europa, ci doar o parte din ea, avem milioane si milioane de dat, avem bani si carduri, Russia are de toate inclusiv carduri, noi nu suntem agresivi cum sunt altii si nu avem solutii ETA sau Tomahawk, avem un sistem politic strong, nu fractionam pe nimeni, va rog sa ma scuzati scusatemi per favore, sunt ragusit, ce fractie, nu inteleg?….ti amo Russia, tu sei bellissima come nessuna, Federatia Rusa echipa noastra sportiva a fost data afara colega, pentru dopping, DAR, asta nu va ramane asa, o sa v-o platim, asta este o problema, kiss kiss, ce examen?….ati spus ceva de vreun examen?….aaaaaa….o comisie…..ce regulare?…..aaaaa…..reguli, metode….ok, s-a facut, Federatia Rusa interzice jurnalistelor mizerabile penale si corupte oficiale de la televizor si radio din ROMANIA sa iasa din ROMANIA cu trezoreria si ovulele RUSIEI, OFFICIAL, SI S-A INTRODUS PEDEAPSA CU MOARTEA PRIN INJECTIE LETALA PENTRU TOTI JURNALISTII SI JURNALISTELE DIN ROMANIA CARE AU IMAGINI 3D PRIVATE CU PERSOANE PRIVATE CARE NU AU NICIO LEGATURA CU RESPECTIVII JURNALISTI SI JURNALISTE, SOMETHING MORE NU E DOAR ASTA CI SI FAPTUL CA S-A INTRODUS PEDEAPSA CU MOARTEA CHIAR SI PENTRU FAPTUL CA AU VORBIT IN DIRECT DESPRE CEEA CE FACEA ILEANA MOTOC IN PROPRIA EI CASA PRIVATA IN MOMENTUL RESPECTIV, spasiba, spasiba, la revedere tuturor, VLADIMIR PUTIN RUSSIA sa tinem un moment de regulegere in memoria celor morti, S-A VOTAT OFFICIAL INTRODUCEREA PEDEPSEI CU MOARTEA IN ROMANIA.

  52. Te pup DNA, SRI, ce mai faceti?

    Draga DNA, SRI, v-am trimis aici ca sa vedeti si voi cum completeaza o chitanta pentru care i-am dat bani 50 ron, un angajat al cimitirului – unde este tatal meu Motoc Petre, ingropat: dupa cum vedeti, chitanta cu data de 20.06.2016 este chitanta pe care a completat-o oficial cu stampila si semnatura, angajatul cimitirului “Buna Vestire” din Calea Giulesti numarul 550, Bucuresti – in urmatorul context, si anume: dupa cum scrie oficial la avizierul administratiei cimitirului, programul cand se lucreaza cu publicul este: marti intre orele 9.00 – 11.00 pentru plata impozitului si eliberari adeverinte pentru notariat si joi intre orele 16.00 -19.00 pentru plata impozitului si eliberari adeverinte pentru notariat, eu ducandu-ma la cimitir sa platesc impozitul de 50 de ron pentru anul 2016, in ziua de marti 16 iunie 2016, deci saptamana care tocmai a trecut. Problema mea pentru care v-am scris este ca acest angajat al cimitirului a completat chitanta mea scriind oficial cu stampila si semnatura – pentru care i-am dat bani – cu data de 20 iunie 2016, in loc de 16 iunie 2016 cand era de fapt ziua respectiva, si, daca imi permiteti sa va spun, nu a scris data de 20 iunie 2016 doar pe chitanta mea, ci pe a tuturor celor care am platit atunci, in ziua respectiva de 16 iunie 2016: am stat la un rand de vreo trei, patru persoane, atunci la inceputul orelor 16.00, si in fata mea era o persoana, un barbat, care a platit impozitul ca si mine si l-a intrebat pe angajat ce sa faca ca sa-i schimbe crucea mortului lui si angajatul care completa chitantele pe banda rulanta i-a spus ca ii trebuie “ultima chitanta”, apoi cand mi-a venit randul si dupa ce am luat chitanta cu numarul 042226 in mana am vazut surprins ca scrisese 20 in loc de 16, si l-am asteptat pe urmatorul barbat care a platit dupa mine si l-am intrebat daca i-a completat si lui chitanta cu 20 in loc de 16, si mi-a aratat-o pe loc ca o avea in mana 042227 si am vazut intr-adevar ca si lui i-a completat chitanta cu 20 iunie 2016, in loc de 16 iunie 2016 cand era ziua respectiva.
    Va rog sa luati masuri si sa-i verificati chitantele din ziua respectiva de 16 iunie 2016 angajatului care a scris oficial si cu stampila pe chitantele din ziua respectiva, de la cimitirul “Buna Vestire” si sa vedeti cate chitante au fost scrise cu ziua de 20 iunie 2016, in loc de 16 iunie 2016 cand era corect, si sa-i desfaceti contractul de munca angajatului de la cimitirul “Buna Vestire” din Calea Giulesti numarul 550 care mi-a completat aceasta chitanta incorecta si penala cu numarul 042226.

    O mica observatie: data de 20 iunie 2016 este luni, cand de fapt nu se lucreaza cu publicul oficial in cimitir, deci lunea nu e nimeni in cimitir, decat mortul.

    Semneaza printr-un semn oficial:

    BIROU INDIVIDUAL NOTARIAL CIOPLEA ALEXANDRU – VALENTIN, Licenta de Functionare nr. 3583/3149/30.12.2013, BUCURESTI, CALEA CRANGASI, NR.20, BL. 45, SC.1, ET.2, AP.7, SECTOR 6, TEL./FAX, inregistrat la ANSPDCP sub nr. 8478, DOSAR SUCCESORAL NR.20/2015.

  53. AvatarThe President of the European Parliament, Bruxelles European Parliament, Bât. Altiero Spinelli, 60 rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60, B-1047 - Bruxelles/Brussels, Belgium : Phone: +32(0)2 28 42111 ; Fax: +32(0)2 28 46974 on said:

    A 112-es egységes európai számra mentő azzal fenyegetőzött, egész nap ma 13 május 2016-ban, hogy ne 2016. június 5., Ileana Motoc szavaznak.

    Cer o expertiza psihiatrica pentru ambulanta 112 care ma ameninta sa nu votez pe 5 iunie 2016 si pentru jurnalistii romani care ma ameninta sa nu votez pe 5 iunie 2016, te rog sa iei masuri, Ileana Motoc.

    Szükséges a pszichiátriai szakértelem mentő 112, amely azzal fenyeget, hogy ne szavazzanak a 2016. június 5., és a román újságírók fenyegetett nekem, hogy ne szavazzanak a 2016. június 5., kérjük tegyen óvintézkedéseket, Ileana Motoc.

  54. Buna ziua tuturor,

    Te pup Bruxelles, ce faci? kisskiss. Draga Bruxelles, eu, acum, in acest moment declar oficial ca Apele Romane nu are dreptul sa scoata mortii dintr-un intreg cimitir cu sute de cruci pentru a construi pe acel loc un lac de acumulare similar cu \”lacul morii\” caruia ei, apele romane, i-au scos toti mortii din fostul cimitir \”sfantul nicolae\” si au construit actualul lac de acumulare.

    Cifra \”6\” pe care am cumparat-o semnifica faptul ca toti mortii din cimitirul tatalui meu \”Buna Vestire\” din Calea Giulesti numarul 550, sunt la mine, la propriu si la figurat, cum vreti sa interpretati nu ma intereseaza, si, nu are dreptul nimeni sa-i scoata din groapa lor cu scopul de a construi un baraj, asa cum s-a intamplat cu fostul cimitir \”sfantul nicolae\” caruia i-au fost scosi mortii (care aveau rude pentru ca cei care nu aveau au ramas acolo betonati) si TRANSPORTATI in actualul cimitir \”Buna Vestire\” din Calea Giulesti numarul 550, deci, cu alte cuvinte, mortii din cimitirul \”Buna Vestire\”, sunt de fapt, mortii din \”sfantul nicolae\”.

    Toti jurnalistii criminali din Romania criminala care au participat direct la asa ceva impreuna cu Apele Romane criminale, pana astazi 12 mai 2016, la diferite faze ale acestui proiect mizerabil si criminal privitor la eventualitatea construirii unui baraj pe locul cimitirului \”Buna Vestire\”, li se va scoate oficial din groapa lor privata sau neprivata nu ma intereseaza, cate o ruda moarta de gradul 1, care va fi TRANSPORTATA la crematoriu si nu in alt cimitir: oficial, si de asemenea, in special, Jurnalistii criminali de la Romania – TV si Romania – Actualitati cer public si oficial un proba ADN pentru ei si rudele lor de gradul 1 care vor fi scoase din morminte si apoi TRANSPORTATE la crematoriu si nu in alt cimitir, pentru ca, ei jurnalistii, spun ca ei, jurnalistii criminali, nu ar fi rude cu cei morti: oficial.

    Romania voteaza oficial pe 5 iunie 2016 introducerea pedepsei cu moartea pentru crima si terorism, Aprobat Oficial.

    Semnez ILEANA MOTOC, fosta angajata la “Apele Romane, inhga”.

    Signed : ILEANA MOTOC – Vintila Mihailescu Street No.15 , bl.60 , SC .1, Ap.48 , sector 6 , personal identification number 2721207460020 , which owns ID series RT nr.479332 issued by SPCEP no.1, S6 office on 02.04.2007 , Validity / Validité / Validity 07.12.2017.

    Campanie Electorala 5 iunie 2016, in cadrul Uniunii Europene: Oficial.

  55. Vladimir Putin.

    Ma 10.05, 18:46
    IP-PETI@europarl.europa.eu (ip-peti@europarl.europa.eu); +8 în plus
    Russia, ai vazut pana unde merge oficial imputita Romanie? – Russia , where you have seen before officially going stinky novel?

    pana la alegeri: au pus alegerile oficial pe 5, ca sa coincida cu data de nastere a unei servitoare care a venit pe la noi prin bloc, una mihaela staiculescu nascuta pe 5 martie 1947, si care , dupa ce s-a vazut intrata in blocul 60 vintila mihailescu 15, a reclamat la politie cardul meu de alegator oficial si original, unicul care l-am avut, exact ca un document de identitate, si pe care l-am dus la Ambasada Italiei, nici macar la consulat, e la Ambasada. –
    until the elections : elections officially put 5 to coincide with the date of birth of a maid who came to us through the block , one Mihaela Staiculescu born on March 5, 1947, and that after it was entered into the block 60 vintila mihailescu 15 , the complained to police my voter card and original official , only that I had , just like an identity document , and I went to the Italian Embassy , even at the consulate , the embassy ‘s .

    deci, cu alte cuvinte, oficial romania a pus alegerile pe 5 iunie in aceeasi luna cu ziua italiei 2 iunie, cu scopul de a vota ea, toata romania adica, deci la nivel oficial, de a vota sa mi se fure oficial si la nivel national propria mea semnatura de la ambasada italiei de pe cardul meu de alegator: cu scopul de a beneficia romania la nivel oficial si national, de banii mei privati. – So , in other words , official romania put elections on June 5 in the same month on Italy’s June 2 in order to vote it, all romania ie , so officially , to vote to me steal formal and My own national signature from the Italian embassy on my voter’s card : in order to benefit romania officially and nationally, deprived of my money .

    Te rog sa iei masuri cum consideri si sa nu-mi raspunzi, multumesc. – Please consider how to take action and do not answer me , thanks.

    Semn oficial Vladimir Putin. – Vladimir Putin officially sign .

  56. Was tun Deutschland ? Küssen Sie .

    Deutschland erhalten Sie von Ihnen und uns in Ihre Botschaft ? Rumänien droht uns und uns erpressen. Vielen Dank, liebe Deutschland.

    Semneaza: Fabian Anthony aus Botschaft des Vereinigten Königreichs von Großbritannien Bukarest und \\\”The Konstitution der Italy\\\”.

    Eine offizielle unterzeichnen Deutschland.

  57. Bruxelles te informez ca astazi 22 aprilie 2016 ai refuzat oficial :

    Accesul Sportivilor Romaniei la Competitiile Internationale;
    Accesul Jurnalistilor Romaniei la Competitiile Internationale;
    Accesul Oficialilor Romaniei la Competitiile Internationale.

    Ileana Motoc, strada Sergey Lavrov numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania, Uniunea Europeana.

  58. Lt Gen Mark O. Schissler is the Deputy Chairman, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Military Committee, in Brussels, Belgium:

    ” Rumänien ist der Zugang zu NATO- Struktur seit 24 September verweigert. ”
    Genehmigt .

    Official Sign of: Military Committee of NATO and NATO Military Audiovisual Working Group .

  59. You Brussels have changed today April 19, 2016, the name of the “strada Vintila Mihailescu” in “strada Sergey Lavrov” – politician of Russian Federation – because you Brussels love Russia until your death because you Brussels have received the dollar that I ‘ve asked and because residents of the block 60, Street Sergey Lavrov number 15, apartments from 1 to 54, are intercepts illegal from Romania who are putting them in danger their homes by stealing their homes .

    Ileana Motoc , street Sergey Lavrov number 15 , block 60, scale 1 , 7th floor , apartment 48, sector 6 , Bucharest , Romania , European Union .




  61. DISCOVER criada que es miserable y descuidado , sin lavar la cabeza y sin pintar la cabeza , que entró en el bloque 60 , escala 1 apartamentos de 1 a 54, para robar OFICIAL . Por favor, respóndeme oficial de puta que es sin lavar y descuidado en la visión del LIDL .

    Russia: Postal address of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 119200 Moscow, Smolenskaya-Sennaya pl, 32/34.

  62. Te pup Padre din Inchisoare, ce mai faci? , Spania ce mai faci? te pup dulce…..

    Draga Spania, Padre din Inchisoare, va trimit aici oficial – 1 euro – din partea mea Ileana Motoc si a tatalui meu din mormant, ca sa va cumparati ceva de baut.

    Te pup si te iubesc, mai vorbim,

    Ileana Motoc, strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania.

  63. Te pup din nou Bruxelles, ce faci?

    Draga Bruxelles sunt nevoita sa iti scriu din nou pentru a-ti sesiza faptul ca atunci cand intru pe internet pentru a viziona un serial pe Youtube Romania, acesta repetat, repetat, in fiecare zi, imi intrerupe vizionarea cu o extrem de mare agresiune cu tot felul de reclame cu tenta sugestiva numai de ei stiute si pe care mi le baga in functie de ceea ce se intampla in filmul argentinian “LALOLA”, si, in functie de ceea ce se intampla acolo in film, ei, Youtube-ul Romania, care ma intercepteaza in propria mea casa privata, baga si ei acolo, sugestiv, o reclama, doua, trei, patru, chiar si pana la cinci, nu stiu ca nu le-am numarat dar iti spun cu aproximatie, cinci reclame bagate cu agresiune intr-un serial de numai 40 de minute, si, daca tot a venit vorba de reclamele Youtube Romania, te rog sa faci o analiza asupra a ceea ce vrea sau ce intentie are youtube-ul Romania cu aceste reclame, coreland momentul cand ei baga reclama cu ceea ce se intampla in film, pentru ca, nu de putine ori, imi baga reclame cu bebelusi, si, din acest motiv, te rog sa ai grija si sa iei masuri de urgenta pentru ca Youtube-ul Romania face trafic cu bebelusi.

    Multumesc, te rog sa nu-mi raspunzi,
    Ileana Motoc: strada Vintila MIhailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania.

  64. Te pup Bruxelles, ce faci?

    Draga Bruxelles, de mult as fi vrut sa-ti spun niste detalii aparent neimportante despre tipetele disperate pe strazile Bucurestiului ale Ambulantei Numar Unic European 112 care ma intercepteaza ilegal pe mine in propria mea casa privata, si care, de fapt, au o nuanta psihologica extrem de importanta, si anume:
    – Tipetele Ambulantei Numar Unic European 112 se aud sau se autosesizeaza ca sa spun asa, vizavi de aceasta interceptare ilegala a Ambulantei Numar Unic European 112 fata de mine Ileana Motoc in propria mea casa privata, pentru detalii sau nuante foarte personale de ale mele pe care le fac eu in propria mea casa privata ca de exemplu – ce mananc eu in casa mea, cum ma imbrac eu in casa mea, cand ma duc la WC baie in propria mea casa privata etc.
    – Astazi 11 Aprilie 2016 pana acum cateva minute cand mi-am incalzit niste friptura aripioare cum sunt cele de la KFC la microunde, Ambulanta Numar Unic European 112 nu a tipat pe strazile Bucurestiului deloc, pana cand mi-am incalzit friptura si am mancat.

    Acum, draga Bruxelles, te intreb si eu pe tine: de ce se autosesizeaza astazi 11 Aprilie 2016 Ambulanta Numar Unic European 112, atunci cand mananc eu aripioare ca cele de la KFC ? Ca sa intelegi tu Bruxelles mai bine, adica de fapt, a ta Ambulanta Numar Unic European 112 ma reclama pe mine la politie, ca de asta tipa 112 pe strazile Bucurestiului, pentru ca eu mananc in propria mea casa privata niste aripioare ca cele de la KFC.

    Te rog sa nu-mi raspunzi pentru ca nu ma intereseaza parerea ta.

    Ileana Motoc, strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania.

  65. Russia ti bacio , vero?

    Russia cara, perché tu sei il paese più potente del mondo , io Ileana Motoc ti prego di prendersi cura di Ambasciata d’Italia nel Bucaresti perché Italia non ha problemi nel contesto europeo e in quale contesto si tu Russia vuole , grazie, ti bacio e ti amo , Ileana Motoc .

  66. Bruselas se besan, ¿verdad? Estás despierto? Puedo beber mi café . Estimado Bruselas, que Ileana Motoc le envíe here 1 euros de la mina , en nombre de Italia y el Reino Unido , 50 céntimos de euro Italia y 50 céntimos de euro Reino Unido , para que Bruselas para tomar medidas en el en Rumania para que no me robe , gracias .

  67. I Kiss You Anton, how are you?….I am ok…. thank you.

    Anton My dear, I just got a call from my loving England, look: 00442075366450.

    Happy Easter!

  68. Te pup Anton, ce faci?

    Eu am fost la plimbare cu tramvaiul 41 si am coborat la piata moghioros unde am platit o “amenda” cu cardul bancar la “banca” numita megaimag si care trimite emailuri in numele unor banci secrete.

    Draga Anton, hai sa-ti spun ce am visat aseara: am visat-o pe cornelie mihail care a venit ca martor cu noi la notariat, si am visat ca m-am intalnit cu ea ca sa intram apoi amandoua intr-o banca cu bani, dar care NU era Garanti Bank unde avem noi conturi, unde ea s-a dus la un ghiseu si facea ceva cu niste hartii si eu o asteptam acolo in banca ca sa termine, apoi am iesit amandoua din banca si ea nu m-a asteptat sa mergem impreuna, ci a luat-o de nebuna mai repede ca si cum eu nu mai contam si am strigat dupa ea “Cornelie, Cornelie!” dar nu m-a auzit si am lasat-o in pace, si am vazut-o din spate cum mergea repede sa scape de mine si parca semana putin cu mama cand merge ea mai repede si nu ma asteapta si pe mine. Apoi m-am urcat singura intr-un mijloc de transport de unde vedeam niste tramvaie noi si apoi, tot acolo in mijlocul de transport, am inceput sa zbor, si apoi m-am dat jos si m-am ratacit pentru ca eu cautam ca punct de reper banca unde fusesem cu cornelia, si m-am trezit.

  69. Te pup Dimitri, ce faci?

    Astazi 25 martie 2016 eu am fost la o inmormantare toata ziua si m-am intors acum o ora.
    Draga Rusia, hai sa-ti spun ce am visat aseara: am visat ca eram cu fratele meu John cand eram noi mici, cam de 7-10 ani, cam asa, si, stateam unul langa altul pe o bancuta si eu l-am luat de dupa gat cu mana si l-am tras mai aproape de mine, spre umarul meu dar fara sa-i vad fata, doar capul, ca el este mai mic ca mine, si ma uitam in capul lui ca avea parul blond tuns scurt exact ca un oficial cu grade si parca avea si cateva fire albe spre margine, dar foarte putine, si apoi l-am intrebat: crezi ca o sa-ti placa femeile cand vei fi mai mare? si el mi-a raspuns frumos si politicos dar fara sa-i vad fata: “da….”

  70. Christus ist auferstanden!

    Buna seara Germania, ce faci? Te pup si Te iubesc pentru ca fac parte din Partidul Verzilor din Germania, multumesc. M-am inscris oficial in Partidul Verzilor din Germania pe 6 iulie 2015, iti trimit aici semnatura lui Otto Weber ca sa poti aproba si tu la randul tau acolo in Germania, multumesc.
    Hallo Deutschland, Christus ist auferstanden , nicht wahr? Ich küsse dich und liebe dich, weil du ein Teil der Grünen Partei in Deutschland, dank sind . Ich die Grüne Partei trat offiziell in Deutschland am 6. Juli 2015 Ich habe hier Otto Weber Unterschrift Sie genehmigen und im Gegenzug Sie es in Deutschland , danke.

    Daca vrei sa-mi raspunzi vreodata cu email sau scrisoare, poti sa-mi trimiti daca vrei, nu ma supar….
    Wenn du mich jemals E-Mail oder Brief zu beantworten möchten, können Sie mich senden, wenn Sie wollen , ich habe nichts dagegen ……

    Kiss Me, Happy Easter !

  71. De-Mail offers a documented and confidential electronic communication system. Nobody can hide behind a false identity because only users with a verified identity can send and receive De-Mails. If you would like to send a De-Mail to the ILEANA MOTOC Office of the Federal Government, you will need your own De-Mail address, which you can obtain from certified De-Mail providers. You can contact the ILEANA MOTOC Office at the following De-Mail address: poststelle(at)bundesregierung.de-mail.de . DANKE.

  72. Romania TV face plangere penala, ce motive ai fa pizda mizerabila sa faci plangere?
    Eu nici macar nu ma uit la tine….eu nu am vazut nicio pizda, pizdele nu figureaza.


  73. Draga DNA, ti-am trimis aici, si te rog sa o iei foarte serios, o copie de-a mea personala dupa succesiunea de la NOTARIATUL MEU PRIVAT SI PERSONAL, pentru ca sa o ai si tu in cazul in care eu voi muri, adica in cazul in care mie mi se intampla ceva, tu sa ai o copie dupa notariatul meu si sa ma inmormantezi catolic la suprafata pamantului si nu ingropata si sa imi faci o liturghie in limba italiana si germana, MULTUMESC, TE PUP SI TE IUBESC.
    Semnez ILEANA MOTOC, Strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania, telefon acasa, telefon mobil 0701.006.219.

  74. 2 marzo 2016.

    Mi 02.03, 17:20

    Ciao diocesi , Pastore Carceraria , fare? Un bacio tutti ameranno .

    Mi piace ufficialmente di essere reverend in carcere per quelli qui sono in carcere , grazie .

    Caro Pastore Carceraria scorsa notte ho sognato di mio padre che ho pensato , il sogno era morto , ma quando ho pensato che fosse morto , lo vidi camminare verso di me e ho abbracciato , ma io capito che in realtà non vedono . E quando io ero a letto e stavo guardando il canale di film per la TV TV AMC , sembrava che tutti parlavano in film lingua tedesco ….

    E, oltre a questo, oggi mattina quando ho camminato fuori dalla confesionalul chiamato “WC private” o “Toillet” come vuoi dire, esattamente negli s.u.a. era qualcuno che voleva darmi un calcio in testa, lo vidi.

    Pastore Carceraria , un bacio e la menzione bacio ,

    Libya Motoc , Via Vintila Mihailescu numero 15 , il blocco 60 , ingresso 1 , 7 ° piano , appartamento 48 , sector 6 , Bucarest , Romania , CNP 2.721.207,46002 milioni . Il mio conto in banca è :RO88UGBI0000172011856RON, Garanti Bank : 300 $ / mese a partire 1 Aprile 2016 .

  75. United Kingdom of Great Britain, Thank You, is officially your’s:

    L 29.02, 21:07
    How are you? Kiss you. Today February 29, 2016 would have been on the anniversary of my grandmother’s paternal Maria Motoc , but because he was born on February 29 , that is a leap year , she celebrates birthday on February 28th , and although I never dreamed her, we send a kiss from me and my dad, and from you.
    Today February 29, 2016 , so a leap year , United Kingdom of Great Britain officially consider all my emails official transcripts of U.K. of wiretaps and ambient audio : in conclusion, this official transcript United Kingdom belongs to you U.K. , not me.
    Today February 29, 2016 , so a leap year , I declare officially that I do not have official records of the United Kingdom of Great Britain of any kind .

    Transcripts of United Kingdom of Great Britain is, as follows :

    Please note this is a privacy extract from our private and unpublished Fiscal Treasury – March 2016. This is classified OFFICIAL – SENSITIVE. Please protect it carefully because is private, thank you.

    To i.m
    Jun 18, 2010

    — On Fri, 6/18/10, i.m wrote:

    Am primit pozele !

    El Abuelo Atomico

  76. Thank You, my dear EPA, I Love You.

    Ma 23.02, 13:06
    Coperta teza.pdf
    60 KO

    Teza de doctorat2.pdf
    6 MO

    În final.pdf
    84 KO

    Afișați-le pe toate (3 atașări (6 MO)) Descărcați tot Salvați tot în OneDrive – Personal
    Dear Laura , do you? Kiss you. Thank you for your inviting yourself and EPA , I love EPA very much because I copied many times from EPA website for my PhD thesis , which I can even show it to you, to see how beautiful it is … I really love my PhD thesis , I murder and I cry for my PhD thesis if It take me someone , look , it’s an attachment . Thank You.
    Dear Laura , I do a lot of pleasure talking to you because , frankly, I miss the Americans …. I went many years 10 to 15 years at the Church of Christ : Dale and his wife Imogene, American missionaries, were church leaders , I grew up with the Americans and now I miss and I miss them .
    Laura , I would sincerely like to talk to you … can you answer me if you want , I feel very good in the sense familiar , comfortable , because I know the Americans they are very warm, and I feel them exactly I feel like my own private house with my family , with my mother and father who died in 2013 and which I dream him almost in every day , last night , for example , I dreamed that I was looking for a double-decker bus tour of England, from the same red and with upstairs, and then I’m watching on a worksheet where they were by some digits, and someone said, “is very valuable”, ie it was about me, I am very valuable .
    Laura , please send “all the best” from me in the State of Florida Mr. and Mrs. Dina , Magda and family , Radu Dina and family , Dale , Imogene , Amanda , Albert , Caroline and everyone in the Church of Christ in Forida that he pup and I love them and that I miss , really, honest, and I would love it if you can get any personal email address Dale’s , or anyone else in the church .. Dale understands me very well, was very warm to each other , and he know me very well, but i do not insist because you can not manage to find them ….
    Thanks Laura for the invitation, for message, and for understanding , kisses , and I would like to tell me if you want, what do you think about my doctoral thesis , I kiss you and love you :

    Ileana Motoc , my address is : Street Vintila Mihailescu number 15 , block 60, scale 1 , 7th floor , apartment 48, sector 6 , Bucaresti , Romania , personal identification number 2721207460020 , card number I.D. RT , no. 479 332 , phone , cell phone 40,701,006,219 and my count is RO88UGBI0000172011856RON, Garanti Bank .

  77. ai vazut cat analfabetism emana outlook-ul din romania?….ai vazut cum spun ei: \”s-a intamplat ceva : pe partea noastra: \”…cat ridicol….la tine in italia, asa vorbeste outlook-ul?
    Hai visto come l’analfabetismo emanano outlook in romania?… hai visto come si suol dire: “è successo qualcosa: dalla nostra parte:”… come ridicol… la tu in Italia, quindi parlare di outlook?
    dolce italiano, hai sa trimitem in russia ceva…de-al nostru…noi doi adica….ce le trimitem?….
    dolce italiano , cerchiamo di inviare qualcosa in Russia … uno di noi … 2 novembre …. cioè li mandiamo ? ….
    mie imi plac cei trei de la russia 24: Iuri, Dimitri si Soricelul….Soricelul imi place cel mai mult….pare foarte cumintel si dragalas….cred ca este foarte comod ca amic….
    Mi piace il tre dalla Russia 24 : Yuri , Dimitri mouse e mouse …. che amo di più …. sembra molto cumintel e carino …. penso che sia molto conveniente come un amico ….
    trimitem poza aia cu turkey…?…aia cu cosciugul.
    Invia la tua foto con la Turchia…? … che con la bara.
    ok..trimitem o poza cu mine….o pun pe aia dezbracata?
    ok..trimitem una foto di me nuda …. messo su questo?
    ok. stai putin sa o caut….da?
    OK . Aspetta un minuto a cercarlo …. giusto ?

  78. Buna ziua Ministerul Justitiei, ce faci? Te pup si te iubesc.
    Draga Minister al Justitiei, pentru ca aveam adresa ta in calculatorul meu personal si privat si care nu este inregistrat la financiar, m-am gandit sa iti trimit tie, Italiei, pentru ca nu ti-am mai scris de 2 ani, un email si o poza, fara nici un fel de semnificatie.
    Ministero della Giustizia Ciao , come stai? Ti bacio e ti amo .
    Caro Ministro della Giustizia , perché avevo il tuo indirizzo nel mio personal computer e privata e non è registrato con finanziariamente ho pensato che ti ho mandato , l’Italia , che non ho scritto 2 anni , la tua e-mail un quadro , senza alcun significato .
    Draga Italia, Minister al Justitiei, pentru ca anul trecut am facut succesiunea dupa tatal meu, daca esti amabil, te rog sa iei in considerare notariatul meu personal si privat unde am facut succesiunea, pentru ca este important sa nu i se fure licenta de catre escrocii din Romania, multumesc foarte mult, te iubesc, aceasta este adresa unde am facut succesiunea dupa tata: Notariatul meu “Cioplea Alexandru-Valentin, Licenta de Functionare nr. 3583/3149/30.12.2013” din Bucuresti, Calea Crangasi nr. 20, bloc 45, scara 1, etaj 2, apartament 7, sector 6, telefon/fax, te pupa draga ITALIA si ITI MULTUMESTE.
    Caro Italia, Ministero della giustizia , perché l’anno scorso abbiamo fatto successione dopo mio padre, se sei gentile , si prega di prendere in considerazione il mio notaio personale e privato dove ho fatto la successione perché è importante di non rubare la licenza da truffatori da Romania , vi ringrazio molto , ti amo , questo è l’indirizzo dove abbiamo avuto successione paterna :

    Il mio sistema di notaio “era Anthony U.K. : Cioplea Alexandru-Valentin, funzionamento licenza no. 3583/3149/30.12.2013 “a Bucarest, Calea Crangasi nr. 20, blocco 45, in scala 1, piano 2, Suite 7, settore 6, Tel/fax, Ileana si Phillip United Kingdom of Great Britain e Tartarelli e grazie cara Italia.
    Semneaza : Ileana Motoc, strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania: RO88UGBI0000172011856RON Garanti Bank, numarul cardului meu bancar 5213 5044 8208 2784.
    Iscriviti : Ileana Motoc , Vintila Mihailescu numero civico 15 , blocco 60 , in scala 1 , 7 ° piano , appartamento 48 , sector 6 , Bucarest , Romania: RO88UGBI0000172011856RON Garanti Bank, il mio numero di carta bancaria 5213 5044 8208 2784.
    Multumesc, te pup.
    Grazie , baciarti .

  79. AvatarRt George Osborn MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ .‏ on said:

    Ileana Motoc , benim adresi : Sokak Vintila Mihailescu numarası 15 , blok 60 , ölçek 1 , 7 kat , daire, 48 , sektör 6 , Bükreş, Romanya , kişisel kimlik numarası 2721207460020 , kimlik kartı numarası RT , hayır . 479 332 , telefon , cep telefonu 40701006219 .

    Te pup George, ce faci?

    Bai George, fii atent aici, ca iti dau instructiuni precise: ia dolarii aia si euro aia ai mei, si inregistreaza-i la notariatul tau acolo in U.K. pe semnatura mea, si vezi sa-mi trimiti si chitanta, semneaza: Phillip, United Kingdom of Great Britain si Ileana Motoc.

    – George, what are you doing? Bathrooms, be careful here as you give precise instructions: take that dollars and euros that my folks, and register them at your notary system in U.K. There’s my signature, and send me the receipt, sign: Phillip, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ileana Motoc.

    Te pup John Kerry, Germania, ce faci? Este o conferinta de securitate extrem de interesanta, Syria este de importanta vitala pentru a nu diviza puternic omenirea, trebuie sa fim puternici, deschideti bine ochii, noi o sa facem asta fara indoiala, o sa trecem peste asta, multumesc.
    Multumesc inca o data, spasiba.
    Putem inchide usile va rog, ca sa putem incepe?
    O limba, Sunt foarte multumit de cum este organizata conferinta, avem un semnal, sa incepem cu domnul Frank si Lavrov.

    – Ich küsse John Kerry , Deutschland, was machst du da? Sicherheit ist eine sehr interessante Konferenz , Syrien lebenswichtig ist nicht stark Menschheit zu teilen, wir müssen stark sein , öffne deine Augen , werden wir das sicherlich darüber erhalten zu tun , danke.
    – Nochmals vielen Dank , spasibo .
    – Wir schließen die Türen bitte , so können wir beginnen .
    – Una lengua, Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit, wie die Konferenz organisiert, wir ein Signal haben , lassen Sie uns mit Herrn Frank und Lawrow starten.
    Frank, Germany.

    – Csókolom John Kerry , Németország , mit csinálsz ? A biztonság egy nagyon érdekes konferencia , Szíria létfontosságú , hogy ne ossza emberiség erős, erősnek kell lennie , nyissa ki a szemét , azt fogjuk tenni , ami kétségtelenül lesz rajta , köszönöm.
    – Köszönet újra, spasiba.
    – Mi csukja be az ajtókat , kérjük , így tudjuk kezdeni ?
    – Una lengua, Nagyon elégedett vagyok azzal, ahogy a konferenciát , hogy van egy jel , kezdjük Mr. Frank és Lavrov .
    Viktor Orban, Hungary.

    – Целую Джон Керри , Германия, что ты делаешь ? Безопасность является очень интересная конференция , Сирия является жизненно важным не делить человечество сильны, мы должны быть сильными , откройте глаза , мы будем делать это , несомненно, будет преобладать над этим , спасибо.
    – Еще раз спасибо , Grazie .
    – Мы закрываем двери per favore , Сергей , чтобы мы могли начать ?
    – Una lingua, Я очень доволен тем, как будет организована конференция , мы имеем сигнал , давайте начнем с г-ном Франком и Лаврова .

    Мария Захарова и Алексей Миллер , Россия , Нотариус 20 .

    – Джордж, что ты делаешь? Ванные комнаты, будьте осторожны здесь, как вы дать точные инструкции: считать, что доллары и евро, которые мои люди и регистр их на вашей системе нотариус в Великобритании есть в моей подписи и прислать мне квитанцию, знак: Филипп, Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Илеана Моток.

    Avem un progres, dupa cum spunea John Kerry, avem o provocare sa construim, nu este decat o manifestare, trebuie sa subliniez, nu doar in Syria, Nigeria, Bangladesh, actiuni si strategie militara, I Love You, sugerez sa nu avem probleme pe termen lung, sa avem perspective, confruntari, unbaiser, nu este o inventie, fara interpretari, avem mesaje disponibile, dupa cum suntem noi, United Kindom, pe internet, suntem musulmani.
    – We have a breakthrough in the words John Kerry , we have a challenge to build , is but a manifestation , I must stress , not only in Syria , Nigeria , Bangladesh , actions and military strategy , I Love You , I suggest we do not have problems long term , to have prospects , confrontations , unbaiser is not an invention , without interpretations , have posts available , as are we, United Kindom , the internet , are Muslims .

    Un milion de musulmani in United Kingdom, fundamentalisti, islam, jihad puternic, de aceea trebuie sa luptam impotriva extremismului, radicalismului, vorbind foarte sincer, avem solutii in exclusivitate, ETA, musulmani, subliniem fara intelegere, sugerez violenta si manifestatii, fara simptome, spasiba,
    thank you very much, Phillip – United Kingdom.
    – One million Muslims in the United Kingdom, fundamentalist Islam, jihad strong , so we have to fight against extremism , radicalism , speaking very frankly, we have solutions exclusively ETA , Muslims emphasize without understanding , I suggest violence and demonstrations without symptoms spasiba , thank you very much ,

    Phillip – United Kingdom .

    Syria te iubim asa cum esti, Ileana Motoc si Phillip United Kingdon of Great Britain.
    – سوريا نحن نحبك كما أنت، و فيليب إليانا موتوك المتحدة ملكوت لبريطانيا العظمى .

  80. AvatarRt George Osborn MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ .‏ on said:

    Te pup John Kerry, Germania, ce faci? Este o conferinta de securitate extrem de interesanta, Syria este de importanta vitala pentru a nu diviza puternic omenirea, trebuie sa fim puternici, deschideti bine ochii, noi o sa facem asta fara indoiala, o sa trecem peste asta, multumesc.
    Multumesc inca o data, spasiba.
    Putem inchide usile va rog, ca sa putem incepe?
    O limba, Sunt foarte multumit de cum este organizata conferinta, avem un semnal, sa incepem cu domnul Frank si Lavrov.
    – Ich küsse John Kerry , Deutschland, was machst du da? Sicherheit ist eine sehr interessante Konferenz , Syrien lebenswichtig ist nicht stark Menschheit zu teilen, wir müssen stark sein , öffne deine Augen , werden wir das sicherlich darüber erhalten zu tun , danke.
    – Nochmals vielen Dank , spasibo .
    – Wir schließen die Türen bitte , so können wir beginnen .
    – Una lengua, Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit, wie die Konferenz organisiert, wir ein Signal haben , lassen Sie uns mit Herrn Frank und Lawrow starten.
    Frank, Germany.
    – Csókolom John Kerry , Németország , mit csinálsz ? A biztonság egy nagyon érdekes konferencia , Szíria létfontosságú , hogy ne ossza emberiség erős, erősnek kell lennie , nyissa ki a szemét , azt fogjuk tenni , ami kétségtelenül lesz rajta , köszönöm.
    – Köszönet újra, spasiba.
    – Mi csukja be az ajtókat , kérjük , így tudjuk kezdeni ?
    – Nagyon elégedett vagyok azzal, ahogy a konferenciát , hogy van egy jel , kezdjük Mr. Frank és Lavrov .
    Viktor Orban, Hungary.
    – Целую Джон Керри , Германия, что ты делаешь ? Безопасность является очень интересная конференция , Сирия является жизненно важным не делить человечество сильны, мы должны быть сильными , откройте глаза , мы будем делать это , несомненно, будет преобладать над этим , спасибо.
    – Еще раз спасибо , Spasibo .
    – Мы закрываем двери пожалуйста , Сергей , чтобы мы могли начать ?
    – Я очень доволен тем, как будет организована конференция , мы имеем сигнал , давайте начнем с г-ном Франком и Лаврова .

    Orban Viktor, Hungary.

    Avem un progres, dupa cum spunea John Kerry, avem o provocare sa construim, nu este decat o manifestare, trebuie sa subliniez, nu doar in Syria, Nigeria, Bangladesh, actiuni si strategie militara, I Love You, sugerez sa nu avem probleme pe termen lung, sa avem perspective, confruntari, unbaiser, nu este o inventie, fara interpretari, avem mesaje disponibile, dupa cum suntem noi, United Kindom, pe internet, suntem musulmani.
    – We have a breakthrough in the words John Kerry , we have a challenge to build , is but a manifestation , I must stress , not only in Syria , Nigeria , Bangladesh , actions and military strategy , I Love You , I suggest we do not have problems long term , to have prospects , confrontations , unbaiser is not an invention , without interpretations , have posts available , as are we, United Kindom , the internet , are Muslims .

    Un milion de musulmani in United Kingdom, funamentalisti, islam, jihad puternic, de aceea trebuie sa luptam impotriva extremismului, radicalismului, vorbind foarte sincer, avem solutii in exclusivitate, ETA, musulmani, subliniem fara intelegere, sugerez violenta si manifestatii, fara simptome, spasiba,
    thank you very much, Phillip – United Kingdom.
    – One million Muslims in the United Kingdom, fundamentalist Islam, jihad strong , so we have to fight against extremism , radicalism , speaking very frankly, we have solutions exclusively ETA , Muslims emphasize without understanding , I suggest violence and demonstrations without symptoms spasiba , thank you very much , Phillip – United Kingdom .

  81. AvatarRt George Osborn MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ .‏ on said:

    Buna seara Garanti Bank, ce faci? Te pup si te iubesc. Draga Garanti Bank, astazi 12 februarie 2016 sarbatoresc ziua musulmanilor, si cu aceasta ocazie iti ofer o bomboana de menta,

    aproape la fel ca cea pe care mi-o oferi tu in banca Garanti Bank cand vin la tine si semnez ca am platit factura la gaz si lumina. Ciao, ciao, un pupic, sper ca ti-a placut:

    Ileana Motoc, adresa mea este: Strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania, cod numeric personal 2721207460020,

    serie card I.D. RT, nr. 479332, telefon fix, telefon celular 40701006219.

    Garanti Bankası Merhaba, nasılsın? Seni öpmek ve seni seviyorum . Sevgili Garanti Bankası , bugün 12 Şubat 2016 gün Müslümanları kutlayan ve bu vesileyle sana bir nane teklif çok

    gibi bana onlar size geldiğinizde Garanti Bankası banka vermek ve fatura ödediğini oturum gaz ve hafif . Ciao , ciao , bir öpücük , seni sevdim umut:

    Ileana Motoc , benim adresi : Sokak Vintila Mihailescu numarası 15 , blok 60 , ölçek 1 , 7 kat , daire, 48 , sektör 6 , Bükreş, Romanya , kişisel kimlik numarası 2721207460020 , kimlik

    kartı numarası RT , hayır . 479 332 , telefon , cep telefonu 40701006219 .

  82. AvatarRt George Osborn MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ .‏ on said:

    Register number: 255440

    John Elias di Caprio sr. John Elias di Caprio jr.
    A part from my father Celebration

    Sign of the Cross:

    In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen

    Apostles’ Creed:

    Credo in Deum Patrem omnipotentem, Creatorem caeli et terrae. Et in Iesum Christum, Filium eius unicum, Dominum nostrum, qui conceptus est de Spiritu Sancto, natus ex Maria Virgine, passus sub Pontio Pilato, crucifixus, mortuus, et sepultus, descendit ad infernos, tertia die resurrexit a mortuis, ascendit ad caelos, sedet ad dexteram Dei Patris omnipotentis, inde venturus est iudicare vivos et mortuos. Credo in Spiritum Sanctum, sanctam Ecclesiam catholicam, sanctorum communionem, remissionem peccatorum, carnis resurrectionem, vitam aeternam. Amen.

    The Lord’s Prayer:

    PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

    The Hail Mary:

    AVE MARIA, gratia plena, Dominus tecum. Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus. Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

    Glory Be:

    GLORIA PATRI, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

    Oratio Fatimae (The Fatima Prayer)

    Domine Iesu, dimitte nobis debita nostra, salva nos ab igne inferiori, perduc in caelum omnes animas, praesertim eas, quae misericordiae tuae maxime indigent.

    Hail, Holy Queen:

    SALVE REGINA, Mater misericordiae. Vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve. Ad te clamamus exsules filii Hevae. Ad te Suspiramus, gementes et flentes in hac lacrimarum valle. Eia ergo, Advocata nostra, illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte. Et Iesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui, nobis post hoc exsilium ostende. O clemens, o pia, o dulcis Virgo Maria.

  83. AvatarRt George Osborn MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ .‏ on said:

    Ileana Motoc , benim adresi : Sokak Vintila Mihailescu numarası 15 , blok 60 , ölçek 1 , 7 kat , daire, 48 , sektör 6 , Bükreş, Romanya , kişisel kimlik numarası 2721207460020 .

    Ma 09.02, 19:07
    Te pup Anglia-Biserica Anglicana, ce faci? Stii ce am visat aseara? Am visat ca aveam pulpa piciorului meu stang ingrozitor de imbatranit, exact ca al bunicii mele de 90 de ani, era plin de zbarcituri, slab, si aveam chiar bube de parca as fi avut 100 de ani. – Te pup England Church of England , do you? You know what I dreamed last night? I dreamed I had my left calf terribly old , just like my grandmother for 90 years , was full of wrinkles , thin, and I also had sores like I had 100 years.
    Apoi m-am uitat in oglinda: m-am ingrozit cand mi-am vazut chipul pentru ca aratam ca un mort plin de groaza cu dintii ingrozitor de albi si perfecti, si cred ca eram mort de ceva timp pentru ca mai aveam putin si ma intaream, pentru ca aproape ca nu mai puteam sa imi deschid gura ca sa vorbesc. – Then I looked in the mirror : I was horrified when I saw your face that looked like a dead full horror teeth awful white and perfect, and I think I was dead for a while because I had less and me reinforcement , because I could hardly open my mouth to speak .
    Draga Anglia – Biserica Anglicana, astazi am facut pomana anglicana tatalui meu din cimitir, pe care tata a primit-o si inca foarte bine pentru ca, dupa ce am cumparat painea si apoi, inainte sa intru in blocul meu 60, mi-a venit mirosul parfumului fratelui meu John din Anglia, ceea ce m-a dus cu gandul la parfumul “insolance” cu care ii parfumez eu crucea de la cimitirul giulesti a lui tata: deci, a primit-o. – Dear England-Anglican Church, today I did my father’s alms from Anglican cemetery, which tata has received and is still very good because, after I bought bread and then, before I get into my block, I smell the perfume of my brother John of England, which took me to the scent “insolance” with parfumez’s I cross from his father long beach cemetery : so, got it.

    Ileana Motoc, adresa mea este: Strada Vintila Mihailescu numarul 15, bloc 60, scara 1, etaj 7, apartament 48, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania, cod numeric personal 2721207460020, serie card I.D. RT, nr. 479332, telefon fix, telefon celular 40701006219.

  84. AvatarRt George Osborn MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ .‏ on said:

    This is the celebration liturgy of my father : insallah ! :


    Ion Motoc si Ileana Motoc, street Vintila Mihailescu number 15, block 60, scale 1, floor 7, apartment 48, 6th sector, Bucharest, Romania.

  85. Te pup. Draga Russia, e o pizda la protv imbracata in negru prezinta stirile azi 4 februarie 2016 de la ora 13.00 ora
    Romaniei si care este mizerabil de perversa cu mine in direct si face acte sexuale in direct cu mine,
    vrea sa fie fututa de Rusia pentru ca ii plac rusii, s-a imbracat in negru dupa poza cu tatal meu Motoc
    Petre in groapa din calculatorul meu din folderul denumit “Russia”.
    Pizda aia vrea o consultatie cu trei medici din Federatia Rusa ca de aia s-a imbracat in negru ca la
    cimitir te rog sa o programezi oficial pentru o consultatie perversa la ginecologie cu trei medici ginecologi din
    Rusia Ii filmezi pizda si-i scoti ovulele, si apoi faci conferinta de presa in Rusia la televizor la Russia
    24, si apoi platesti Romaniei banii de pe ovulele pizdei de la pro tv imbracata in negru de la ora 13.00
    ora Romaniei.

    Semneaza: Владимир Путин .

  86. France.

    Ma 26.01, 21:11

    Arnaque à la webcam

    Soyez très vigilant si vous parlez à des inconnus via webcam. Beaucoup d’escrocs n’attendent que ça pour vous piéger.

    Comment se déroule cette arnaque ?
    Sur les sites de rencontres, tout commence en faisant la connaissance d’une personne avec qui la confiance s’installe au fil de la discussion.

    Pour une conversation plus intime, cette personne propose alors de passer sur un service permettant la visiophonie par webcam. Les escrocs en profitent pour capturer le flux vidéo des images susceptibles de porter atteinte à la vie privée de leurs victimes, permettant le début du chantage.

    “T’es mor”, “ton patron et ta famille va tou savoir”, “j’ai tout sur toi”, voilà le genre de messages, contenant de moins en moins de fautes d’orthographe qu’envoient alors les maîtres-chanteurs, qui ont filmé leurs victimes en situation compromettante.

    Ensuite, l’escroc demande de lui verser des sommes importantes d’argent (bien souvent en mandat-cash vers la Côte d’Ivoire ) et menace de diffuser ces vidéos sur internet.

    Y associant les informations qu’ils ont récoltées (nom, mail, numéro de téléphone, adresse, emploi …), ils menacent la diffusion du contenu sur Youtube, ou des plate-formes de blog, risquant d’apparaître dans google et porter atteinte à la réputation des victimes.

    Exemple, message d’une victime à la Police :

    ” J’ai fais l’objet d’un chantage sur internet. Suite a mon inscription sur le site XXX, j ‘ai pris contact avec une certaine “Sophie,” nous avons échangé sur internet puis fais une conférence vidéo. A la suite de cette conférence elle m’a menacé de publier la vidéo sur internet (YouTube, Dailymotion….). J’ai donc supprimé cette personne de mon compte Gmail, bloqué cette personne sur Facebook. Elle reste dans mes contacts sur Skype.
    Je souhaiterais savoir la marche a suivre.”

    Bons réflexes
    Evitez les discussions WebCam avec les personnes que vous n’avez jamais rencontré.
    N’envoyez jamais d’argent, cela ne réglera rien.
    Ne répondez plus aux messages et coupez tout contact avec les escrocs.
    Supprimez le contact de votre Facebook ou autres réseaux sociaux.
    Si l’escroc vous envoie un lien internet de la vidéo, ne paniquez, elle est très souvent en “privée” donc invisible du public.
    Demandez la suppression au site hébergeur.

    Et surtout, rendez-vous à l’adresse http://www.internet-signalement.gouv.fr external link et signalez l’escroquerie dont vous êtes victimes aux services de Police.

  87. Deutschland lieben , wissen Sie, was ich alt bin ? …. Ich 150 .

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    Italiano di Anton . ha Fatto .

    Un bacio .

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    L 21.09.2015 20:56

    Bonjour NASA, un baiser,

    Vous recherchez : sukran….draga police, eu propun ca tu, impreuna cu cine vrei tu, sau singur, cum vrei….sa iei doi asa zisi jurnalisti din fiecare televiziune si radio din romania, inclusiv de la “youtube” iei doi din fiecare, pe care ii vrei tu, 2 sa fie din fiecare tv si radio, si apoi:
    Vous recherchez : si apoi ii interceptezi in privat, in propriile lor case private, impreuna cu copiii lor, evident, cu catel, cu purcel, si apoi, dupa ce le-ai studiat comportamentul si faci comparatie intre cum se comporta in casa lor si cum se comporta cand ma intercepteaza pe mine, si apoi, cum spuneam, cand considera Ungaria momentul potrivit, faci sau faceti publice imaginile din privatul lor. OK?
    Avec amour Emoji ,


  95. Buna ziua Marsad, ce mai faci? Te pup pe tine si intreaga Aljazeera si iti multumesc inca o data pentru amabilitate si atentie.

    Te rog sa arati detaliat inclusive cu imagini din interceptari ale serviciilor secrete, pe care le vei primi din toata lumea. Si spui ceva de genul: “priviti ce este capabila sa faca o ambulanta care ar trebui sa salveze oamenii din romania”, sau: “priviti ce face si cum se balbaie unii sau ce intonatie imitative are televiziunea si radioul romanesc toate cu scopul de a ameninta respective persoana private in propria lui casa ”…si asa mai departe….
    Faci cum consideri tu….nu ma intereseaza, important este sa-I expui, mai ales, pe cei oficiali, dar, in aceeasi masura, sip e cei neoficiali, sis a-I faci de ras in toata lumea. Iti multumesc.
    Daca esti amabil, si iti multumesc, as avea o singura rugaminte: sa nu vorbesti nimic despre mine nici acum si nici mai tarziu pentru ca eu sunt o persoana private si neoficiala, – si nu ma intereseaza jurnalismul si nu m-a interesat niciodata la nivel oficial (adica sa fiu vazuta sau expusa la vedere in media), si nu vreau sau nu-mi place sa fiu expusa in niciun fel la televizor sau in media. Iti multumesc.
    Faci cum consideri tu si Aljazeera, spuneti ce vreti voi, nu ma intereseaza, dar pe mine nu ma bagati, spuneti cum vreti, dar pe mine ma ocoliti, “EU NU EXIST”.

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    oggi martedì 7 luglio 2015, mi sono svegliato e ho bevuto ness café.

    aseara am visat ca aveam mai multi soricei…..erau in camera mea, unii mai mari…altii mai mici….si nu-mi dadeam seama cum de s-au inmultit asa de multi pentru ca misunau prin camera, intrau ieseau de prin bagajele sacosele care erau in camera mea, care parea putin aglomerata…cam cum este in camera lui john…unele peste altele….
    ieri notte ho sognato che avevo diversi topi…. nella mia camera, c’erano alcuni vecchi… altri più piccoli… ho dato il mio account come si sono moltiplicati così tanti perché entrando attraverso la camera, ben curate donne fuori sacosele che erano attraverso bagagli nella mia camera, che sembrava un po’ troppo affollata… un pò come se fosse nel salotto di Giovanni… alcuni più di altri…

    in visul meu, eu imi cautam soricelul meu si imi spuneam: “aaa….asta e….”dar apoi imi dadeam seama ca nu era el…semana cu el…printre ei, era unul mare, dar nu am reusit sa-i prind ca fugeau. am prins unul mic, era puiut si nu semana cu ceilalti soricei, era mai albicios, un gri mult mai deschis, dar cu gherutele ascutite. si l-am aruncat afara pe scari, dar nu din prima, ca se tinea scai de mana mea, nici din a doua, din a treia. pe scari, era un puiut de pisica care, cred ca l-a mancat.
    nel mio sogno, ero in cerca di mio ed io Ma stavo dicendo: “aaa… che è…” ma poi ho capito che ho dato non era… gli assomigliano… fra loro era un grande, ma non sono riuscito a prenderlo come in fuga. Ho preso un po’ uno non era pulcino e altri analoghi ai topi, era più grigio biancastro, una più aperta, ma con un forte gherutele. e l’ho buttata fuori, sulle scale, ma non il primo, come la mia mano ha tenuto Clifford né, secondo, terzo. sulle scale, era un gatto che pulcino, penso che ha mangiato lui.

    mai era in camera mea, si nu intelegeam de unde a mai aparut si el, un puiut de porcusor de guineea…, dragalas…era alb spre rozaliu…..

    asta am visat eu, Ileana Motoc, aseara.
    te pup Italia, si te iubesc ca pe nimeni alta.

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  99. buna ziua domnilor oficiali,

    ce mai faceti? Va pup si va multumesc pentru atentie.

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    5 august 2014.

    Hello white house, how are you?
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    evolution of information communication technology has also seen the development of criminal activity
    that threatens citizens, businesses, governments and critical infrastructures alike: cybercrime.
    What is cybercrime?
    Working Together
     Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online: The Alliance was launched on 5 December 2012
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  103. I paid into SS since 1965 and am now using its benefits as a retired person combined with another retirement account. Also, the same can be said about my wife who had paid into SS since 1970. It really benefits us. One of the most important aspects of being able to retire is to not have a mortgage anymore. Since a larger percentage of Americans are retiring every year the SS program has to be adjusted so as to not run of of money in the future. The #1 way to do this is to remove the taxable income cap that causes people to stop paying into the program if you make more than $118,000 a year.

  104. All the Congressman make more than the FICA cap. They will never pass a bill that will tax more of their money. Keep dreaming.

  105. “A secure retirement for all” is inaccurate at best. The title should read “A Secure retirement for some- if you follow our maze of discriminatory rules”.

    I am 45 years old, a mother of three older children and physically disabled ( I was born with cerebral palsy ). I’ve never collected one red cent of money from the Socialist Security System, even though I have applied several times and they find me disabled.

    Technically, I am an “adult disabled child” (please look this up, it is NOT SSI or SSDI) but have never been able to secure any benefits whatsoever from the Socialist Security system, even under that program because I got married to an “Able bodied person”. The Socialist Security system is too busy paying benefits to some people who scam the system and worrying about adult disabled children (who they pay benefits to off of a parents record) marrying an able bodied person. This gives them the justification to cut off benefits to the adult disabled child because the husband (in theory) can now support the disabled person. This theory works great, if your husband is rich and you have no need for money but what it actually does, is to force two adults (one disabled one able bodied person) to live off of one income. In the real world, the socialist security system is forcing adult disabled children to only marry other disabled persons (and NO able bodied persons) at the threat of loosing any and all benefits that they are entitled to.

    If you are a physically disabled person (an adult disabled child) and you happen to marry an “able bodied person” you will be loosing out on a lifetime of benefits, all because of a one word “rule” that prohibits you from marrying an “able bodied person”. Best of all, they never tell you about their “Rule” so that they can justify cutting off any benefits that you may be due.

    Because you are physically disabled (adult disabled child) and you choose not to marry another adult disabled child or disabled person drawing off socialist security, you WILL LOOSE ANY AND ALL BENEFITS FOR LIFE. This means that the SOCIALIST SECURITY system is TELLING YOU WHO YOU ARE ALLOWED TO MARRY and who you are
    NOT ALLOWED TO MARRY! It is a discriminatory act “rule” and should be ILLEGAL!

    Even though I am permanently and totally disabled, if I marry an “able bodied person”, somehow that marriage makes everything ok and I am no longer considered disabled (in the eyes of the socialist security system). Magically (because I married an able bodied person), the pixie fairies come down and cure my disability, because now I can just go out and find gainful employment, no one will discriminate against my physical disability and everything will be grand, right? Somehow magically, marrying an able bodied person makes my physical disablility dissappear and now I am cured, right? WRONG!

    The issue is a special “Rule” that the Socialist Security System uses to discriminate against “certain” people. If you are a “physically disabled person” (AKA-certain people) and happen to marry an able bodied person, then the SOCIALIST SECURITY system will use special “Rules” to legally discriminate against you and deny you benefits, even if you appeal online.

    The SOCIALIST SECURITY system has caused me a lot of economic hardship all because I married an able bodied person. The SOCIALIST SECURITY system thinks someone who is physically disabled (permanently and totally disabled) marries an “able bodied person”, that somehow magically they are cured of their physical disability and two people can survive off the able bodied persons income. WOW, talk about a bunch of bureaucratic idiotic thinking, that somehow this would not cause a financial hardship….. amazing.

    The rules that the Social Security Administration uses to legally discriminate against persons who are “Adult Disabled Children” who happen to marry an able bodied person, are discriminatory. This is loosely referred to as the “marriage penalty” but I call it exactly what it is, a legal form of discrimination.
    I firmly believe this rule, is an act of bias, prejudice and discrimination against people who (by no fault of their own) are born disabled and happen to marry an able bodied person

    Please write your Congressional Representative and tell them to end this modern day form of Legal Discrimination. In this day of fairness and equality, there are still some people suffering from an outdated and oppressive bureaucratic rule.

    (PS. notice how the only thing any of these SOCIALIST SECURITY workers ever say are quotes of the rules or processes, like a worker drone. They are unable to address any topics that fall outside of their rule books). Typical bureaucracy and bureaucratic responses, like trying to argue over lost change with a vending machine!

  106. Social Security reform in the way of privatization and individual accounts is a hot button topic. However, with the Social Security Trust projected being defunded in 18 years radical change is needed. As Americans we think of Social Security reform by way of privatization with individual accounts is a new and untested approach. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  In 1981 the country of Chile was going down the same road of insolvency as the United States. Their approach was to privatize their old failing Pay-as-you-go public pension system with privately manages individual accounts. As of 2007 the total assets under management reached US $111 billion dollars, about 64% of Chile’s gross domestic product. The fund will see their first wave of retirees starting in five years. This plan is not without its problems, as with any major reform maintenance is needed. The “Chilean model” reveals some major reforms over the last 35 years, including broadening the allowable investments and introducing a choice of several types of pension funds with varying degrees of risk levels. The program was so popular that nine Latin American countries and numerous European countries changed their Social Security system to privatization with individual accounts. This may or may not be the “fix” to the U.S. Social Security system, but we need some new and innovative ideas, and need to move on them now.

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  109. I need help finding my 401k. I contacted the old employer and they have been out of business for over ten years and they dont remember who it was through. Can you help me track down where my 401k is??

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  111. I am receiving an incorrect amount in my monthly direct deposit. I need a phone number to call and inquire. The phone number I’ve called is 800-772-1213. THIS NUMBER DOES NOT OFFER ME AN OPTION TO GET HELP. Please give me a phone number that will help me.

    • Hello Renie. Sorry for any inconvenience. Due to security reasons, we do not maintain access to personal records via this blog and consequently cannot assist you in this matter at this time.
      You will need to speak to one of our agents. If you were unable to get assistance via our toll free: 1-800-772-1213, you will need to visit your local Social Security office for further assistance. Hope this help. Thanks!

  112. I have a relative who worked on or around the 1970’s in New Jersey. Left the country voluntarily around 1990 . Can this person apply for retirement benefits. Please advise kindly

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