Beware of Social Security Scams

Social Security phone scams are the #1 type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission and Social Security. Over the past year, these scams—misleading victims into making cash or gift card payments to avoid arrest for Social Security number problems—have skyrocketed. Social Security encourages you to use the new online form to report Social Security phone scams to disrupt the scammers and help us reduce this type of fraud, and reduce the number of victims.

“We are taking action to raise awareness and prevent scammers from harming Americans,” said Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security. “I am deeply troubled that our country has not been able to stop these crooks from deceiving some of the most vulnerable members of our society.”

Social Security employees will occasionally contact you by telephone or mail for business purposes if you have ongoing business with the agency. However, Social Security employees will not:

  • Tell you that your Social Security number has been suspended.
  • Contact you to demand an immediate payment.
  • Ask you for credit or debit card numbers over the phone.
  • Require a specific means of debt repayment, like a prepaid debit card, a retail gift card, or cash.
  • Demand that you pay a Social Security debt without the ability to appeal the amount you owe.
  • Promise a Social Security benefit approval, or increase, in exchange for information or money.

Remember that Social Security employees will never threaten you. If there’s a problem with your Social Security record, Social Security will mail you a letter. If Social Security needs you to submit payments, the agency will provide instructions in the letter, including options to make those payments

“Awareness is our best hope to thwart the scammers,” said Gail Ennis, Inspector General for Social Security. “Tell your friends and family about them and report them to us when you receive them, but most importantly, just hang up and ignore the calls.”

You can learn more on our press release.


117 thoughts on “Beware of Social Security Scams

  1. Received call from 585-226-1693 in Avon, NY informing me that my social security had been suspended. Did not respond because I know SS would not inform me on the phone.

  2. Got a call from 800-255-6195. Said Social Security had issued a warrant for me. Asked name , told them a name of a dead friend. They said they pulled up the file. wanted my address. Told them I wss a Marshall. they hung up

    • Hello, the same thing happened to me but, somehow the call me from social security phone number the 1800 number saying I owe social security and I hang up and call social security asking them if they called me and they said no so I know that was a scam.

    • I thank you for the warning, I get several calls from different numbers and often somehow they use social security 1800 number saying they have a warrant out for my arrest because I owe social security but, then I call social security office and they tell me it’s a scam and they did not call me, I’ve been scammed out of $5,00.00 and got evicted from my home so I’m being very cautious now I’m on a fixed income and I don’t have any money for scammers so thank you for the warning alert.

  3. I’ve gotten several calls from people saying my SS# has been suspended and I needed to give them information to “un-suspend” it. It’s a total scam conducted by vultures praying on people’s vulnerability and trustful nature. Those conducting these scams need to be exposed, tried, and imprisoned for the crimes they are committing on innocent people. Good to know the SSA is aware of and on top of these scams.

  4. Been getting a scam call from 786-706-9569 Miami Fl saying that criminal activity has been found on my SS#, and to call this number.

  5. I have received multiple spam calls lately. The numbers calling me are: 1800-034-8429, 1800-296-7871, 1800-354-7071, 1800-644-3228.

  6. I keep receiving them too,,,,,yesterday was from 1 515 446 9673 amkeny iowa… name is Quest Corp…..their second call to me…I do not pick up….

  7. I have been getting numerous robocalls about criminal activity on my SS#. The latest was from Mount Holly springs, PA from 1-717-323-4347 telling me to call that number before I get arrested. I just ignore them but getting very annoying especially when they come on my cell phone.

  8. I just got a call. The number was 800-592-9462. The most troubling thing is they told me my name, last 4 digits of my SSN, and my address. I did not give them any information. I told the girl she was full of shit after she said my SSN was suspended for illegal activity. She used some choice words, worse than mine, and hung up on me.

  9. What about a recorded message saying you are being sued for fraud? I get those a lot. It scares me because one of these days I’m not going to get a monthly deposit. My health depends on my monthly deposits.

  10. Got a call from 281-916-3338 in Texas.
    They told me my SS number was used in a money laundering and drug activity. In order to avoid arrest by my local authority (NY), I would need to cooperate with them. They had my name and address, but according to them, I live inside a post office box!
    Anyhow, I strung them along to see how far they would go to get me to state my social security number to them.
    I couldn’t take it any longer, so I said I have them on a recording and I am going to call my lawyer to share their information. End of conversation.

  11. I have received two calls telling me that my SS number has been suspended, and that a warrant has been issued for my arrest. I hung up both times. The phone number from which the call came could not be connected.
    My neighbor received a similar call.

  12. Those people tried to exactly what I am reading from above. I immediately called the SS office and they told me to ignore them. There was nothing wrong with my number. Please BE AWARE!


  14. I have constantly been getting phone calls threatening me claiming to be from the Medicare and also the Social Security Administration. They leave a toll free number to call if I do not call immediately an arrest warrant will be issued for me and I feel sorry for the people that don’t realize that Medicare and Social Security Administration do not call people

    • Same…warning as above I am to be arrested if i dont call about my social security number…called today at 9:18am EST…from PA…
      1-724-313-5009…I never respond to any calls asking for information or say I’m going to get arrested…
      I hope you can get these ppl so no one gets hurt…

  15. I am receiving multiple calls from people claiming to be Social Security. Calls 1) Calls asking for part of my payment to go to a person in emergency need of funds, 2)Calls asking for my number so that an increase in my payment may be sent to me, 3) Calls warning me of no increase in cost of living unless I register with my number, In no case have I fallen for these scams but I worry these people will get my number from any one of several sources. Can this happen?

    • Hi, even if someone does manage to access your SSN the SSA has strict guidelines that require any person who contacts SSA to ask for information regarding his or her account to provide detailed information before any matters regarding the account can be discussed. Also the majority of SSA lines are recorded for quality assurance and protection. SSA takes individual’s PII (Personal Identifying Information) very serious, and uses a variety of measures to ensure that no one’s PII or SSN is compromised. SSA works closely with the OIG (Office of Inspector General) to identify and prosecute any individual(s) who attempt to access another person’s information. SSA employees are not able to speak with an individual’s spouse, parent, child or guardian without receiving permission from the person who’s information is in question. SSA urges anyone who receives a suspicious call from someone claiming to be an SSA employee to please report the call information using the link provided in the Commissioner’s message on SSA’s webpage (

  16. Even the government abusive elderly people we can get what we need like elderly.legaly age 65 means people benn elder! What does mean elderly ?
    Yes ! I am abused mentally phiisicly from a system.!!!!

  17. I was given the wro g information. In 2015

    I was told that I took was entitled to my ex husband’s social sec benefits half of it.
    I went to the Schenectady ny office the woman explain that yes I was able to get half of his benefit and when I turned 66 years of age I would come back and get mine Soc Sec.
    So last week I came back I was told the first woman was mistaken and I have to to pay for soc sec mistake.
    I either paid back 35,000.
    To soc sec.
    , or sign off and get a check for $11,000.
    And my benefits now go back to my salary at the age of 62.

    This isn’t fair for your people making this mistake and now I have to lose mo eyes every month .

  18. I’m so glad reporting this is getting easier. I tried to report one of my calls. It was so confusing I gave up. I’m not a senior yet, I couldn’t even imagine my poor mother trying to wade thru the old way. Next time I get a call, I will definitely try to use the form

  19. Received a phone call saying my Social Security will be suspended. The phone number was from 1-844-293-4516 and I called the number from my work phone and I asked where was the office located and he said is in Austin Tx (background noise of a call center environment).

    • there seems to be alot of scam calls i got one last week from a 866 area code lost the rest of the number but at the time my son saw me crying they said to me that my ss # was somehow being used out of el paso texas and threatned to cut my first retirement check on 12-10-2019 and there was an arrest warrant for me gave me his badge number and name jackie watson he was oriental called the number back it said social security office it was a recording my son said they recorded that off the original SS # went as far as saying mexico and south america i am not that dumb of a person but they scared the shit out of me i was in tears and they had my personal info the scammers are getting better at this BEWARE THE WOLVES COME IN SHEEP CLOTHING

  20. The form OIG posted seems designed only for people who lost money on the impostor scam. If that’s the only response you want, please say so. If you want to get reports from people who get calls and do not lose money, simplify the form by allowing respondents to enter scam phone numbers/date, etc in one section at the beginning for the form.
    PS It should not take 6 clicks to enter a birth date in the 1940s.

  21. Just got a call from 585-226-1693 telling me there was an urgent issue with my social security and I need to call 585-226-1693 immediately.
    Instead I googled the number and this page was 2nd down in the search results warning that its a scam.
    My compliments to your department for keeping up on this.

  22. Just now got a call from the number (410) 524-6528 Ocean City, MD saying my social security number is being used in suspicious and criminal activities… wtheck! And then I try calling back and it says the number I failed is not in service.

  23. Just received a scam call about my social security acct being blocked. The call was from
    1-800-814-3616. Earlier this week the same call was from 1-800-953-8438. Last week and the week before the same calls. Will it ever end? They don’t give up. Is there nothing that can be done?

    • Just don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number. I stopped answering calls from numbers I don’t know a long time ago. I cut off my voice answering so they couldn’t leave a msssage even. I also can see the State on my phone where the call is coming from and if I don’t State, which I never do I just don’t answer my phone. It’s as simple as that. Too bad there seems to be no way that these people can be stopped from annoying others. where do they get our numbers from anyway. I am way up in Canada, and I still get a couple or more calls a week.

  24. I attempted to file electronically for Medicare a week or 2 ago. The process did not end with a SUBMIT or FINISHED or similar pronouncement, so I am still unsure of whether my filing went through.

    So I have been on hold over an hour today hoping to find out. The online application should make clear when the applicant is done.


    Brian Sheppard

  25. I have recently been scammed by a person that stated he was a federal employee in the federal grant department whom I was compromised by my hacking my father’s best wife’s account through FB. She or should I say this scammed artist took over her account and said all the things I person I have known since I was a toddler and stated I needed to pay $1200.00 for a 45k grant. Stated that it had to be paid by money cards which I fell prey of for I had no reason to think that I lifelong friend would steer me in a wrong and-or bad decision. Is there any type of organization that helps in these type of situations? If so, please let me know. Thank you. Kevin Smith 214-558-6513

  26. I am a Retired SSN employee, since 2002. I have been pestered by the SSA office in Texas, for the past 6 months. They have informed me that my name and SSN has been use in Texas for illegal drug smuggling, money laundering, illegal use of rental cars, hotel rooms and there are at least 22 different bank accounts of illegal drug monies under my name, plus transmitting money to the far East (Iran, India, Afganistan, and Pakistan, etc).to pay for the illegal drugs. I have informed them that I do not live in Texas as I live in Utah. They have stated that there is an ARREST WARRANT issued under my name. They have threatened to close down my SSN and issue me a new SSN. They will not give me phone number, but only “click on number 1 to talk to a man of SSA authority/Attorney General/ Inspection officer, etc”. I have asked them to track down and arrest the culprits due to ” IDENTITY THEFT”. I also have at least 20-25 messages on my voice mail from these employees -figures of SSN. In the beginning, they gave me couple of toll free (877) numbers, but when I return the call, they state: “The number you called is not in use”
    .Is this one of those scams?

  27. Hello. I received a letter about my son social security SSI benefit stating that it was a tax fraud and all original documents must be present in an appointment that was set for December 13th 2019 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. . It never said what documents needed to be brought and what was the fraud. The letter was never clear about what was needed or was not in full detail but it had my sons social security number on there what a stamp urgent. I received letters before about my son’s benefits and it was never in this type of format. I am very concerned. This fraud is getting out of hand.

  28. Good day!

    I just received a call from a scammer
    1(832) 548-5684 claiming to be the Social Security Administration in Texas.

    Please shut them down. It is a call center with many people calling.

  29. Thank you for the refresher on a very serious issue…All of us older folks should be VERY CAREFUL ! Unfortunately, there are people out there that will do anything to take your Money. STAY ALERT !

  30. Received two emails which I believe are scams. 1 said to call 866-226-2306. When I checked this number I saw that it is associated with scam calls. I received the other around the same time that I received a genuine one from The fake one was from BENEFITS.APPLICATION and it was written in very general terms: no name, no ssa number given. I reported both to the OIG and the FTC.


  32. I was just contacted by phone number 321 549 6971 by a gentleman by the name of Gary. The voice mail indicated a threat of non compliance so I called back. The guy said, “thank you for calling Social Security how can I help you?” When I told him he had called me he immediately hung up.

  33. I have one simple solution that derails about 95% of [ Telephone ] scammers. If the caller i.d. does not display a number from my contacts list I ignore it. If its legitimate they can send a notification via usps snail mail. This is not 100% effective method because some of the scammers can produce false caller i.d. display. Caveat Emptor !

  34. I got a message on my phone this month 11/5//19, 11/14/19,11/21/19 stating that I was using my ssn for some kind of fraud and the SS Department is filing a lawsuit and my card will be getting suspended and that a non-bailable arrest warrant will be issued, I never used ssn for anything illegal or Iet anyone use my card. I called back No such number for 3 different phone numbers. Please advice. Thank you

  35. Just got call on my cell phone from 6464309505. Rob message left that my ss# has had illegal activity on it and I will be arrested for fraud. I called back that number – and this person (I had a hard time understanding her) answered “Social Security Administration, May I help you?” I hung up.
    Very bad.

  36. DEBBIE called from 419-944-5803. Message said call 855-376-3300 I was being investigated. Man asked if I was Gary Yingling (that is my husband) I replied no I’m Mrs Yingling, he said he needs Gary, I said he is gone. Man says moved, not there….I said gone to heaven!!! This man apologized and told me how sorry he was not to answer any more calls that this is a scam!!!! The DEBBIE number just called our land line again! Thank goodness I am smart enough to know that no one calls like that!!! Nov. 22 2019.

  37. Got called three times in two days from three different numbers…. 956-750-7508, 270-297-6144 and 832-536-6542… the usual that my SSN had been used to commit a crime.. did not call back… robo call…

    6 yrs ago I was scammed. I thought I was helping someone…. and over the 6 yrs… I have found out that I am just. 1of 240,000 SENIORSto be scammed. This was from a group of criminals let i to thé US from several AFRICAN COUNTRIES. There is lots more to this story. But I will not take your time here

  39. I recently received a text stating that “a message is waiting for you at mysocialsecurity. Log in at”. I also just did receive an email from with a similar message.
    I logged into at instead and accessed my account. I see no Message Center and found no indication of any new message waiting for me. Is this a scam?

  40. Repetitive calls about Social Security having ME under investigation for fraudulent activity involving my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

  41. I’m Idahosa, I leave in York Pennsylvania. I’m new in the United States, I have my social security number. Today I received a call from your office with this phone number: 800 924 9714 with DMC 701091. Name: Mark Daniel 02840196 asking me to give last four digits of my social security number which I did ignorantly thinking the person was calling from the social security office. Few minutes I called my wife who told me it’s a scam and identity theft. Please I’m so confused and scared now I don’t know what to do. Please I need your advice and help on what I should do. Please advise. Kind regards Idahosa

  42. I received two calls today stating there had been fraudulent activity and my social security number had been suspended. I hung up. The number was 281.784.7487. Another number that called and hung up was 830.284.4203.

  43. I reported an incorrect number associated with a fraudulent phone call earlier this afternoon. It was 830.284.4203. This number is a good number and does not have anything to do with any type of scam including Social Security. I apologize.

  44. I received an automated call saying my #ss had been breached in Texas and wanted me to press 1 to speak to an officer. Would social security to that?

  45. I received a phone call from 800-238-3553 with a recording saying my sis number has been suspended & to press 1. NOT, no way am I going to fall for that! Please trace that number & stop these people!

  46. I’ve been receiving phone calls saying its from SS that I’ve had fraud on my account and they are going to file charges against me or something like that. I’m to call them at 346-347-7616. I’m sure this is fraud and want to get it stopped. Thank you

  47. It seems that communications technology is too fast for the U.S. agencies to keep up with. I don’t know many people who have NOT received these fraudulent calls- and yet, other that offering the whole population a means to report these acts, you offer an online method of reporting- do you really believe that the most vulnerable part of our population (the elderly) are all hooked up to the internet- let alone even owning a pc? With such a high-tech government that has the ability to eliminate the world’s population with weapons of mass destruction, wouldn’t you think that the FCC and other agencies, working together, could catch these criminals and put them somewhere where they can do no harm.

  48. I just received a phone call from a person who said he was calling from the social security administration about identity theft. The more he talked the more I thought that this was not from the true social security administration because you do not call people but contact through the mail. He had given his phone # on my answering system which I had called to find out what this was about. I’m reporting to you because I think this is a scammer. His phone # is 903-361-6270. The man spoke in a broken foreign accent.

  49. I keep getting numerous phone calls and voicemails, saying my social security number is being blocked, because it is Inked to a criminal fraud case. The calls are to frequent to be professional. When I say i won’t give information on the phone, they hang up and call again. The number is coming from an Unknown caller.
    1-866-241-3315 Thank you

  50. I just received a call from Social Security about an affidavit filed against my SS#. It was from San Antonio,Texas. The number is 1-210-742-3925. I blocked it because I knew it was a scam. SSA will only send correspondence through the mail. I am not sure who to report it to but I hope someone reads this and it can help someone else.

  51. I just received a SCAM CALL on my personal cell phone and I work at The Arc of Bergen and Passaic Counties.
    Here is the number that it came from 800-208-9313.

    Hopefully it can be reported and stopped. I am so concerned about the clients and families that we serve that they do not become victims of this.

  52. We received a scam call today (11/27/2019) around 1:30 pm Eastern Time from a 1-800-654-4283 phone #. The call threatened to suspend all Social Security Benefits and offered me to talk with an agency officer. Of course I hung up the phone at that point.

  53. This number called me 5 times this morning
    And ask that I return there call

    1866 290 3142 this is the number they told me to call.

  54. This number called me and said there was a fraud on my social security number so I called social security administration and they said that they are a scam.

  55. On November 28 and twice on November 29, I received telephone calls informing me that my Social Security payments were going to be suspended. When I asked the caller for his name, and further ID, the call was ended.

  56. Received 2 calls 11-26 and 11-29 from 937-565-3138 and 937-565-3125 about a disability claim. I have never filed a disability claim.

  57. Scammers are now making some, mainly senior monthly recipients sickly enough for er visits so that they can gain hold of lab tests results to manipulate the ssa system. They’re also changing names and addresses on tax transcripts in which they’re probably manipulathng by deleting, reducing, and/or transferring hard earned work credits to the altered names and leave the/our individual ssn#’s and/or taxpayer#’s the same which proves an obvious pursuit to steal all of our identities.

  58. Dear sirs,
    I received this message on my Apple phone today and I’ve never received one like it. I’m wondering if this is a scam like you’ve been talking about? I don’t want to open it to find out. can you advise me? Thank you,

    A message is waiting for you at mySocialSecurity. Log in at to read it. You can change your preferences about messages after you log in.
    James W. Moore
    *** – ** – ***

  59. Yesterday on 11/30/19 I recieved 6 phone calls in a row that my ssn had been suspended, my answering machine picked up everyone of them,

  60. I received a call today from: 1-800-749-5514. The person said my SS# had been used for drug deals in Texas? I stayed on the line to listen. The scary thing is the person knew my full name, address, last 4 digits of social security number, and that I banked at Bank of America.
    I told them that I would need to call them back and they hung up. Tried the number and it is not available.
    A bit concerned that they knew that much information.

    • Hi Mindy. Thanks for letting us know. Generally, we will only contact you if you have requested a call or have ongoing business with us. Recently, scams—misleading victims into making cash or gift card payments to avoid arrest for Social Security number problems—have skyrocketed. Our employees will never threaten you for information or promise a benefit in exchange for personal information or money.
      If you receive a suspicious call like this: 1) Hang up. 2) Do not provide personal information, money, or retail gift cards. 3) Report suspicious calls here. For more information on how to protect yourself, check out our Frequently Asked Questions. We hope this helps.

  61. I have received several calls from 518-763-0121, claiming that my Social Security number has been used in fraudulent activities and unless I contacted them as soon as possible to avoid legal action being taken against me.

    I called the number back to discover it was a call center and the person that answered the phone had a foreign accent. I commented that they had called me, and they should know who I am. I asked who the person was and I was given what I believe to be a fake name.
    I challenged the caller again and he disengaged the call.

    Please do something to stop these scam calls. I will also be contacting the FCC, my phone provider and the FBI regarding these multiple calls.

    With all of the technology present today, why can’t this be stopped?

  62. received call from phone # 8452898114 going to suspend my ss check for renting a car,drugs found in car,opening 19 bank accounts,in TX. asked for bank I use what accounts on that bank,gave no info then said there would be warrant out for my arrest.

  63. Like many of you, I’ve received these fake SS calls. The ones who want to sell me some medical device, and my favorite my the suspension of my SS #.

    I just received one the other day and decided to have some fun. I called back. Let me say at the outset, the callback process was professional with the please hold and the music playing while the call was shifted to one of their scammers.

    Right off the bat, he told me my SS# was used in some illegal activity and demanded to know why I allowed that to happen and proceeded to prattle on when I stopped him and asked for his badge number. He rattled off a 9 digit number. Immediately told him it was a fake number. He insisted it was real, called him a liar and asked him what crime I committed. Let’s just say this, my last response to him was ‘you too bud, and the horse you rode in on.

    I like to say the following:
    – Most government agencies do not call people directly, they have no reason to unless you’re doing business with them or you initiated the call and are waiting on them for some level of follow-up.
    – Also, what Federal, State, or local agency would call and warn you they have a warrant for arrest in advance?
    So please stay alert, there are all types of scammers out there just trying to dupe people into giving them information so they can rob them of their hard earn money and benefits.

  64. I received a scam call regarding my social security number. The caller threatened that I would be arrested if I did not comply. He also stated money laundering and drug trafficking was associated with my name in Texas.

  65. received calls from 984-241-8878 and 973-245-9663 within a few minutes of each other on the same day. messages indicated my s/s # was used in relation to fraud and payments will be discontinued. when I returned the call could hear call center activity in the background and the recipient didn’t identify himself or the company, just yelled “hello”. I hung up convinced this was a fraud.

  66. Dec.9, 2019 at 10 AM
    Received call that I had cimmitd fraud and they had a warrant for my arrest. Press 1 to speak to an agent to help me. pressed one and a man who could hardly speak english came on told him to stop calling this number or the FBI would be notified, he hung up 800-352-9562

  67. We have recieved two threatening calls from scammers. Here is the number they left for us to call befor they block our social security number. 832-769-3618. Don’t know if you can do anything with this info.

  68. I have gotten at least 3 calls in as .any days saying that my SS number has been suspended and that I need to call a different number. All calls are from different numbers, 800-925-5658 , 2 calls from that number today and 800-932-1747 yesterday. I just hang up but would like them to stop. All Scams!!


    FRANK BEER jr.

  70. just now called from number 866-201-4917, claiming to be social security. Did not take the call but they left a message.

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