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10 Powerful Ways to Use Social Security Online

February 20, 2020 • By

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Last Updated: November 2, 2023

Chances are good that you use the internet or a cell phone app every day. Social Security has you covered. We’ve created online tools to make the lives of millions of people easier. We’ve put together a top ten list of easy-to-use resources for you.

Want access to our latest news, retirement planning tips, and helpful information? Visit our website. There, you can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where you can watch our popular videos.

Check out our online calculators to help you plan for the future or to assist you with your needs now.

Apply for Social Security benefits online. This is the fastest, most convenient way to apply for retirement, spouses, disability, or Medicare benefits without visiting a local office or calling to speak to a representative.

Lost or missing your Social Security card? Find out how to get a new, replacement, or corrected card on our website. In fact, you may be able to quickly request a replacement card online with a personal my Social Security account, if you meet certain qualifications.

Verify your annual earnings and review estimates of your future Social Security benefits when you access your Social Security Statement, one of the many services available with a personal my Social Security account.

Do you have to pay taxes on Social Security benefits? How do you apply for Social Security retirement benefits? What is your full retirement age? Discover the answers to your Social Security related questions at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do you own a business? The Business Services Online Suite of Services allows organizations, businesses, individuals, employers, attorneys, non-attorneys representing Social Security claimants, and third-parties to exchange information with Social Security securely over the internet.

Have you dreamed of moving abroad? Learn how Social Security makes international payments and how you can do business with us from around the world at our Service Around the World page.

Are you a veteran? Are you at mid-career? Maybe you’re new to the workforce. Find out how we fulfill your needs through life’s journey on our People Like Me page.

If you like to read and prefer to know all the details, our Publications page is a library of helpful information. Access it at.

We make things simple, easy to use, and beneficial. And we’re always here to help you secure today and tomorrow. Visit us today!

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Darlynda Bogle, Assistant Deputy Commissioner

Darlynda Bogle, Assistant Deputy Commissioner


  1. M. M.

    Just saying, is there going to be any Social Security for our Children? I hear about congress and even obama stealing money out of the fund, but never hear of anyone paying it BACK!!!

    • tony

      We need to let Social Security go almost broke by 2034, so those who borrow money from the Social Security trust fund pays back the money they borrowed.

      Don’t raise any FICA taxes now because those who have borrowed our money will never have to pay it back.

      They want to raise our children’s FICA taxes now, so they won’t have to pay back the money they borrowed. Don’t raise FICA taxes and let them pay back the money they borrowed.

  2. K. E.

    Thank you for making it eASY!

  3. Jacques V.

    My SS No. is 072344463,I am already regustered with your institution on my email adress at jvatswitze@gmail .com.Since many months I do not receive any communications frtom you, I am right now living in Switzerland and in order to communicate with the SSA I need to go to the embassy in Frankfurt, Germany. Is this normal, corrrect ???Thank you for responding,
    Jacques Vendredi

  4. Mr T.

    My offer to your department responsibility services of my ssa retirement pay on! 03/28/2020 my birth year 1954 , 66age full retirement pay on offer!

  5. Fahmi N.

    I don’t see my comment posted? Will try to enter my questions again briefly.
    1) When will allow American citizens, like me, living outside the US to establish an account?
    2) Last year I bought a house in Florida that I use once a year or so. My daughter lives in it. Can I use it as a secondary address to qualify for opening an account??
    Please advise.

  6. Fahmi N.

    1) When will you make “my social security account” available to American citizens living overseas? Currently there is a condition that prevent us from benefiting from an account. It is the stipulation that one must have a US address.
    2) In 2019 I bought a house in the US. My daughter lives in it. I only live there infrequently, maybe a month out of the year. My primary residence is in Israel. Can I use my house address in the US to qualify for opening an account??

  7. David

    SSI denied my permanent resident ID for my backpack but they approved me for SSD. Why is it two departments asking for the same information? I have lost my everything and my life is critical since I have mental problems. Since 2016 I have been asking for my 18+ years of work under my social security but yet it seems all my money has been given to ppl that don’t want or has never worked.

  8. Thomas M. germany .Plase helpmy fur Real Id usa recip number-A079309439.Plase helpmy fur mony chek usa-2001-2-3-4-5 SSN-070922195 thanks thomas makos 01-01-1970 germany

  9. Craig B.

    Am I approved yet I’ve been waiting for surgery for almost a year I go for more MRI next week because of the recent fall from my situation in December where I’d broken to rib I don’t know how much longer I can wait

    • BETTY G.

      i’m sorry to read about your situation.

      it is APPAULING for ss to take this long to APPROVE and to let you know this.

      betty gordon, iowa

      • jeff

        took me 3 years god bless

    • tony

      The SSA has an expedited process call compassionate allowances for people with certain disabilities. They have many other expedited process.

      Social Security needs to make cut to Social Security disability and get these lazy people back to work. Workforce participation is at the lowest it’s has been in decades.

      This person seems to have a Medicare problem which Social Security doesn’t handle. It has nothing to do with Social Security disability. He was approved, but waiting on the surgery.

      • Lorraine C.

        Iwill let you know right now I take a great insult by your comment of the getting people off there lazy A s. and back to work. I have a bad heart bicuspid heart . I was born with it . Worked all those years . I paid into it and have been receiving $$ for about 3.5 years now .As i am sure i am not the only one , agree there is quite a few people taking advantage of this program / but assured it took quite a bit of hard work to receive help from the gov. they are pretty strict on the eligabilitys forms of. but then again i believe to possibly they want people to rely on there help . dumbing us down , so they have total control now where in poverty level. also what the heck i tried to check what they have for me on all my wages how they caculate our earning of our payment for ssi and ssdi . how does one check to be sure they calculated it correctly . I got ahold of the irs as they can only go back 10 yrs on your total earning . what happended to the earnings report many years prior ?????? bunch of bullshit if you want the truth might as well fight or give in . i have a plan to make available to me the proof ..

  10. acardnal

    Please consider implementing a capability to deduct federal income taxes from SS payments by using the MySocialSecurity online account. OPM allows this feature for federal retirees.

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