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60thblog-oct-11What is the National Disability Forum?

The National Disability Forum is an open conversation where members of the public, community leaders, and Social Security employees come together to talk about the disability programs. Social Security uses these meetings to listen to you and your community leaders so we can learn what’s important to you.

Your input is important to Social Security. We use what we learn from you and your community to improve our rules and policies to help people with disabilities. The National Disability Forum does not replace Social Security’s normal rule-making process, but it does help us hear from you before we make any new rules. Learn more about the National Disability Forum here.

Our Next National Disability Forum will Focus on Telehealth and Telemedicine

Telehealth includes a variety of ways to use video and other technology to enhance healthcare and related information delivery.  Telemedicine involves clinical services provided by interactive communication, most commonly a video, between a patient and a practitioner at different locations.

We want to learn more about telehealth and telemedicine to determine if there are ways to use them to advance our disability programs.

What can you do?

You can help us by considering the following questions:

  • How can we use telemedicine or telehealth in the claims procedure to better serve individuals with disabilities?
  • How can telemedicine or telehealth help speed our decision-making process at all levels?
  • How else might we use telemedicine or telehealth to improve the administration of our programs, and what factors should we consider?

You can share your insights on these question by posting right here on our blog or at our IdeaScale online tool, or by registering to attend the forum on October 27. Social Security is here to help secure today and tomorrow, and together we can strengthen our disability programs.


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Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications

Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications


  1. Rob C.

    Do you have official guidelines on the use of current Telehealth Video Platforms in non-Covid emergency or the supported applications.

    • Vonda

      Hi Rob. Thank you for using our blog. The Medicare web page on Telehealth has additional details which you may find helpful. Thank you.

  2. Shyla W.


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  3. Sally H.

    This is not just helpful due to the pandemic, but for patients who would otherwise have a long drive or suffer from a physical or mental illness that prevents them from getting around. I personally find myself not wanting to drive or even leave my house if at all possible. My disability is of the mental health variety. I was far more comfortable with my phone appointments than I am when I have to go in person. Thanks for listening!!!

  4. Ulum

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge.
    I hope I can practice it.

    Good luck.

  5. C A.

    What is really sad is when Doctors won’t listen too their patients. I know what’s going pn with my body. I’m very familiar with it. But when I tell my doctors they minimize things and basically do noting. I have serious health issues. A group of them caused by a anhydrous ammonia leak that happened when I was living in an RV park. I thought I was ok. I wasn’t at all. I ended up in the hospital for over a month. Yet not one time was the facts ever even brought up or listed in my medical history. Every timed go to the Doctor the info written down is not even the real facts. I will go for swollen feet and legs, and very high blood pressure…yet no place is that listed. They call it follow up. And in the summary it says that I deny all the symptoms listed. This is why or system is so messed up. They sure haven’t helped me. Now they probably are going to say it’s to late. I have lesions on my liver kidneys and adrenal gland and my filings also. I feel like I won’t be here much longer because the pain is so bad I can’t even function. Takes every bit of my energy and strength to get up. My bone are now crumbling too. I’ve been strong and independent. All they do is more test. No one even looks at all they have done so far. So why get tests? Waste of money. Theres no follow up. I’ve tried to get care for 10yrs. Even begged. They think they are God. Won’t even give us credit. Not everyone is a hypochondriac. It’s very disturbing they are so calloused. I even took a friend when I went to a kidney Dr who asked why I was there. Then a month later I was told my kidneys were at 70%. In a month???. I knew there’s a problem I feel it and see the blood. I’ve been laughed at even when I tell them that I’ve had it for 10 yrs…so as far as im concerned. It’s a way for them to make money at the cost of our lives. Why is it ok to be treated this way when I worked and paid into SSI. I am treated like I don’t have a right to get proper care even because I’m single low income sick and live alone. I push my self daily. It’s getting to be almost impossible tho to do even the basics. I’ve fallen several times. Now I have severe back pain and broken vertebra. I should get help because I have even had the covid 19. Lost 48lbs in less then a month. Was paralyzed from chest down. Finally a chiropractor helped me. I went to hospital by ambulance even and they did nothing. Told me to take baby aspirin at home. It was the most disturbing thing to be in such pain and not even asking for a rx just to relieve the pain a little for a bit. It was too much. I even felt a little suicidal. What is going on and why are those of us that worked so hard are being thrown to the wolves. This is probably not the place to a express this but it can’t hurt either. I’m not the only one either. Most older lower income people are having the same issues. Is it so we don’t use up the funds. My life is at risk and I cant even get anyone to pay attention. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Medicare is going broke because it is a cash cow for doctors that should even be in business. One was not suppose to even be providing care at all yet he was. He had been sanctioned previous. I’ve tried And tried. I can’t even get my thyroid med filled online he said no go to hospital. Blood pressure way to high. Now needs filled again but when I have to go each month… Why bother? I’m not feeling good at all. Not suppose to stop and start? So it’s a total joke. But when I’m getting worse by the day. When will I actual get any care? Once I die I won’t need it. This is a absolute failure of our system. I’ve done everything I can. Now I’m suppose to talk to a doc on a phone and think it will work. Maybe for the doctor? It’s just another way to make more money and do nothing really. They aren’t a accountable for their So called work. If I could find a lawyer maybe but when you are sick there’s a lot that is impossible whether anyone can admit it? Im totally scared and don’t even understand this at all? Thanks for reading my rant. If you did? At least I was?able to get it out there. Maybe someone else will benefit from my pain. Even that would be ok. It’s worth it if they get care they need so they don’t have to die sooner then later!!! Cherbear131@hotmail.com

  6. PatientMD

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