Update on Economic Impact Payments for Social Security and SSI Beneficiaries

Beginning today, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will issue Economic Impact Payments (EIP) to approximately 1.4 million SSI recipients with representative payees and 10.4 million Social Security beneficiaries with representative payees.

The IRS will issue the EIPs via direct deposit and Direct Express starting today, May 22, to the same direct deposit account or Direct Express card as the recipient’s monthly Social Security or SSI payment. Paper check EIPs will be mailed starting May 27.

Visit www.ssa.gov/coronavirus/#reppayee to learn about EIPs and representative payees. You can find the eligibility requirements and other information about the EIPs at the IRS’ Economic Impact Payment Information Center.


734 thoughts on “Update on Economic Impact Payments for Social Security and SSI Beneficiaries

  1. We the Koman are very appreciative of the first stimulatus check ooooooooh how we needed it to pay off bills And by shoes if and when we get the second check I. July sometime we will get on our knees and that’s all I can say about that-so we the Komans would like to wish you and congratulate the warriors of the United States States good work this is your day happy forth of July if you ever need me for any kind of work on the field Brothers let’s go get them.”hopefully for the world’s sake you won’t have to call on me because there’s a lot to me but once I’m well I’m ready to concer and I just am greatful for all Americans and others.have a blessed forth of your day July.

  2. What do I do if I didn’t not get a stimulus check with my social security check yet and it’s been two months who do I call or what do I do

  3. That number is bunk tell people truth ur not opening ever the union won’t let em and u have a certain part to play in plan de menic

  4. I keep getting the same message from the IRS page. You are eligible and we will give you a date when it is sent. For way over 2 mths now. I call the IRS once a week about it. Each time they give me a different answer. Last week’s answer was pretty entertaining. I asked the agent what she could tell me, she said nothing. I said will you take my DOB and social security number and look it up. The agent then tells me that she can’t take any personal information from me. I’m like wait…what? How can they help anyone without looking them up? They can’t.
    Opening the phones back up at the IRS is just more pretending everything’s normal crap. They can now officially say they are answering the phones. But what they don’t say is, they have no f*cking idea what is going on.

  5. My name is Richard M. O’Brien I still did not receive my stimulus payment & I’m on SSI/SS. I can’t use the get my payment as nothing comes up. It says status not available. I really need that money to catch up on bills & such from this covid-19 pandemic. I don’t owe any child support. I contacted the IRS twice I spoke to someone & both times they said give it a few more weeks. Well I did & now we’re going into the 2nd week of July & still no direct deposit of my stimulus. Please can you help me?

  6. I’m an expat receiving social security pension, no dependents, me and my neighbors have been waiting since Aoril, no stimulus check yet.
    Yes we are Americans on fixed income, we need that stimulus check for medical bills.
    IRS stated the following
    They will get our info from SSA
    Get my payment tool always respinds, status not available
    IRS phone, can’t reach
    Non filers tool, we filled out our info
    It’s July 8, nothing.
    Please help us Seniors.

    • One question comes to mind ! How in the world did people live before the stimulus check ? Live by the means of there checks on social security every month ,. Right ? Now all of sudden its need this and that and because of that and this . live with what you got as before,. 1200 is merely nothing its a blink of an eye . Gone as the wind fast. If your lucky it will come in next year ! You can thank mr. President vote him.in again and let him strip social security funds and no cola raises but higher premiums on Medicare cost, he wants to cut payroll taxes them taxes pay for social security funds and pays medicare , his business can save $$$$ amounts by not paying those taxes, social security was created in 1930’s so people can have something when they retire and those taxes support that. And has done so. President doesn’t want to pay any tax on anything so how does this country run ? No taxes for nothing !

  7. I have been claimed by my half sister for 2 consecutive years in a row with my knowledge and permission. Is this the reason why my own e-filing for 2019 was rejected? Likewise, when I tried to use the NON FILER FILING process?

    Please help me to get my Economic Impact Payment.

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