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  1. This is about two old couples receiving disability SSI payments. One died of pancreatic cancer, the other is disabled due to arthritis. Is she able to receive his disability benefits, or any kind of money? Can she apply for widow benefits? What is she entitled to?
    Thanks for your attention to these questions.

    • Hi Elsa, thank you for your question. The amount of a widows benefit is based on several factors, including: the earnings of the person who died, when the deceased worker started receiving their benefits, the widow’s age, and the amount of the widow’s own retirement benefit. We compare their own benefit with the potential survivor benefit. If the survivor benefit would be higher than their own current retirement benefit at the time of their spouse’s passing, they would be eligible for survivor benefits.

      Typically, a widow or widower at full (survivors) retirement age or older generally receives 100% of the deceased worker’s amount, a widow or widower under full retirement age receives about 71 to 99 percent of the worker’s benefit amount, and a widow or widower with a child younger than age 16 receives 75 percent of the worker’s benefit amount. For more information about widow’s benefits, visit our Survivors Planner.

      To make an appointment to file for widow’s benefits, call us at 1-800-772-1213 or contact the local Social Security office. Look for the general inquiry telephone number at the Social Security Office Locator. The number may appear under Show Additional Office Information. Please be aware that our call wait times are longer than normal. We hope this information helps.

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  3. I have a wife of 3 months. She is a Canadian living in Sisters with me. She trying to get her 485 form in. Do we sign her up with Social Security and get her a number. As my wife does she receive any benefits?
    Frederick C. Judy -0480

  4. Please help, have an adopted granddaughter who turned 18, (3.5.06) during the corvid, she could not even apply for the corvid funds. She does not live with me but I still pay her rent and food for her and her baby, I am an elder in a village. She had not had good communication with SS because she was told I have to set up her continued benefits (she is in school) and I was told I could not because she was 18. Can you help me to point her in the right direction? She is need of help.

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