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Planning Will Help You See Green in Retirement

March 17, 2017 • By

Social Security has been a cornerstone of financial security for over 80 years. As you might already know, a lifetime of measured discipline can ensure a comfortable retirement. Social Security can help you plan, save, and see plenty of green in your golden years.

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We’re Working Together to Secure Today and Tomorrow

February 27, 2017 • By

Your first job is a landmark occasion. You’re meeting new people, making professional connections, and probably cashing that first paycheck. You might be a little surprised when you see a portion of your earnings go to a tax called “FICA” for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. This deduction goes to Social Security and is your […]

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Social Security Celebrates Black History Month

February 6, 2017 • By

Throughout the month of February, we honor African Americans by celebrating Black History Month. Created in 1926, this event coincides with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln on February 12 and Frederick Douglass on February 14. African American communities have celebrated these birthdays together for over a century.

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Share the Gift of Security

December 5, 2016 • By

We have all received gifts we’ve wanted to return: ugly socks or sweaters that look exactly like the one you got (or gave!) last year. Sometimes, just letting loved ones know that you’re there for them, no matter what, is the best gift of all. And you avoid the embarrassment of giving an awkward gift! […]

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On Patriot Day, We Remember

September 9, 2016 • By

Social Security provides survivors and disability insurance for workers and their families. Through times of tragedy and despair, we’ve risen with the American spirit to provide support to those we serve. Like few other times in our history, was our agency’s presence needed more than after the terrorists’ attacks of September 11, 2001. Fifteen years have […]

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A man, woman, and child hugging in a cemetery.

Is Someone You Know Wondering “Who” FICA Is?

August 22, 2016 • By

Social Security’s Acting Commissioner, Carolyn W. Colvin, likes to tell this amusing story. A colleague’s teenage daughter came home bursting with excitement after receiving her first paycheck. But she had one question about her earnings statement. “Well, Dad” — she asked him earnestly — “who is this FICA?”

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A close-up of a businessman filling blank cheque

Social Security Programs Are As Diverse As Those We Serve

August 11, 2016 • By

From women and children, to the elderly and disabled, Social Security has you covered. Because we value and appreciate the differences that make up our nation, our programs are as diverse as those we serve. We’re with you throughout every stage of your life, and we’re always working to provide services that meet your changing […]

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Come See Their Faces, Learn the Facts

July 11, 2016 • By

In times of tragedy and uncertainty, Social Security is a constant for America, a lifeline. Our Faces and Facts of Disability website is at the heart of who we are as an agency. We share the stories about people living with disabling conditions and receiving benefits from Social Security. The site puts a face and name to […]

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Photos of different faces of people with disabilities

The American Dream is Alive

July 4, 2016 • By

Now, more than ever, is a good time to reflect on diversity to build a better future, as a unified nation. Let’s celebrate our differences without forgetting our fundamental likeness. We are all Americans who believe in freedom and democracy for all. This is what the American dream is all about. Everyone deserves a comfortable […]

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