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Social Security’s Top 10 Webpages for 2023

January 19, 2023 • By

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Last Updated: November 2, 2023

There’s no better place to learn about Social Security programs and do business with us than on our redesigned website at

Visitors to will experience a new design to help them find what they need more easily.

Here are our top 10 webpages:


  1. my Social Security — You can open a personal my Social Security account to verify your earnings, view your Social Security Statement, get benefit estimates, and more.
  1. Social Security blog — Our hub for Social Security news and updates is our blog at You can use social media to easily share these informative articles with others.
  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) — Do you need answers to Social Security-related questions? Our FAQ webpage is another valuable source of information.
  1. Retirement Application — You can complete and submit your online application for retirement benefits in as few as 15 minutes.
  1. Disability Application — You can conveniently apply online for disability benefits.
  1. Publications — Visit our online publication library for information on key subjects (includes audio versions of publications).
  1. Medicare — Sign up for Medicare.
  1. Online Services — You can take care of most business with us by visiting our online services page.
  1. Forms — Find and fill out our forms easily.
  1. Fraud and Scam Prevention and Reporting — Learn how to recognize Social Security fraud and scams – and how to report them.

Remember, if you need information or want to do business with us, the first place to go is our website. Please share these top resources with your loved ones.

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  1. Patricia C.

    What is the flex card? I see it advertised on social media that you can receive up to 1200.00 or more for food and utilities. I have talked to theses people and they want me to change my health insurance to have the Medicare flex card. I feel that Medicare plans should offer the flex card to everybody that is over 65. Thank you for this information.

  2. Sherrie F.

    For many years, I had a rather large amount taken out of SS for supplemental insurance plus Medicare A and B. The cost became prohibitive and met with an AARP representative. The difference was several hundred dollars a month. The difference was to be added back into my SS check. They told me to wait 3 months from 10/22. Well, we are a couple of week from April and am still waiting. Called the company issuing the insurance and received no help. Nearly everything on Medicare has been read by me and am still not getting any answers. Called SS Office waited 15 minutes and no answer. Suggestions?

    • A.C.

      Hi, Sherrie. We are sorry to hear about your situation and experience. We encourage you to continue to work with your local Social Security office. You can ask to speak to a manager on your next call or visit. We hope this is resolved soon. 

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