Social Security Secures Today and Tomorrow for Workers and Their Families

Social Security has tools, information, and services to help secure today and tomorrow for you and your family.

When you start receiving Social Security benefits, certain members of your family may also qualify for benefits on your record. Benefits may be paid to:

  1. Your spouse — To qualify for benefits, your spouse must be age 62 or older or be taking care of your minor child. We may ask for proof of marriage, and dates of prior marriages, if applicable.
  2. Your children — To qualify for benefits, your eligible child can be your biological child, adopted child or stepchild. We’ll need their Social Security numbers and birth certificates.
  3. Your adult child disabled before age 22 — To qualify for children’s benefits under our disability program, your disabled adult child must meet Social Security’s strict definition of disabled. A person is disabled under the Social Security Act if he or she can’t work due to a severe medical condition that has lasted, or is expected to last, at least one year or result in death.
  4. Your divorced spouse — If you are divorced, even if you have remarried, your ex-spouse may qualify for benefits on your record. If you have a divorced spouse who qualifies for benefits, it will not affect the amount of benefits you or your family may receive.

When you work, some of the Social Security taxes you pay now go toward survivors benefits for your family. The benefit amount your family is eligible for depends on your average lifetime earnings. The more you earned, the more your family’s benefits will be. You can visit our Benefits Planner to help them better understand Social Security’s family benefits as they plan for their financial future.

Visit our website to learn how we’re with you throughout life’s journey.


33 thoughts on “Social Security Secures Today and Tomorrow for Workers and Their Families

  1. I recently got half a dozen fraudulent calls in one day from someone calling themselves the legal dept of the ssa. I just hung up on them every time as I can smell a con job and that’s what this was. They used 800 phone numbers and were organized.

    • 6 in one day; boy, they were not giving up on you. did you call ss and give them the 800 phone nos. they gave you?

      glad you didn’t cave in.

  2. Is there any help if your check goes to the Bill’s household supplies, and gas and medicine and you only get $16 in food stamps to feed your child?

  3. Please make it clear to workers that the “Social Security taxes you pay . . . ” may result in you or your family receiving NO Social Security retirement/survivor benefits. I am referring to the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). Both the GPO and WEP require you to pay Social Security Taxes, even though you will not receive any Social Security Retirement benefits.

  4. I and the organization is in a hardship environment, our financial is in disaster. We have no control over the 240 billion dollar organization. We workhard for our own self, partners and Federal Government. We’ve never rested nor we never get paid for our labor and our expenses we lost on the entirety. However the federal regulators have failed to uphold their own the rules and regulations of their own policy about business information about owners business and assets. We hereby to inform the government that we need a revision on the divided Entity and profitable inc and Nonprofit split. Additionally we request to run our own business from today. According to the law and the individual have a right to run his own or sole proprietorship. In regards to this we have lost numerous assest and the company regulations.
    We have reported multiple times on multiple occasions therefore the regulators decline to mention any aspect of their office power.

    Respectfully :

  5. I haven’t been able to view & print my Social Security Statement SSA-1099.
    HELP Please.

    • bobbie,

      please DON’T SHOW your phone no. you can be harrassed galore by spammers, etc!

      use ss’s site CONTACT US to give them this info. best wishes to you.

  6. why are you sending me these?
    what good can come from you “talking to me”?
    i had an account with you but since i couldn;t remember
    the password/log in you cancelled it
    thus i’m not worth your while!
    a;so i just got a notice that you denied payment on my
    annua;l mammogram so i guess you don’t pay my bills
    anymore, anyhow?

  7. I have an adult son who is trying to get job but because of his prison record some people will not hire him. Now was shot and then the next year he.was again. Can he get some of my ss benefits?

  8. Something to think about ….Why is that 100% disabled Veterans are taxed on very small amount of Social Security they receive while they also have to live on a low income existence.

  9. darlynda,

    “Your divorced spouse — If you are divorced, even if you have remarried, your ex-spouse may qualify for benefits on your record.

    If you have a divorced spouse who qualifies for benefits, it will not affect the amount of benefits you or your family may receive.”

    darlynda, i’m very disappointed in your above comments that you have NOT MENTIONED THEY NEED TO BE MARRIED FOR 10 YEARS BEFORE they would be eligible as a spouse!

    please correct your article to make it accurate from everything i have read in the past; thank you 😉

  10. Can my granddaughter who is an American citizen living in Israel, apply on-line for a social security card. She apparently can’t open a bank account in Israel without an Ss# and the process here is very time consuming and complicated.

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  12. My injuries get worse by the month because I’m not able to get proper surgeries done because of no insurance I’ve applied for Medicaid in may still haven’t gotten an answer because disability is holding it up mean time I’ve had a couple bad Falls after the fact the last one I got pleural effusion in 2 Broke ribs. I’m scared to leave the house cuz I may be hurt and have no medical means or money to do anything about it for going on over a year now can someone tell me why this is taking so long and it can’t be fast track thank you

  13. After conducting a workshop on Social Security Disability benefits at the local library, I was approached by a woman who had been receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits for several years. She asked if she had understood the part about minor children receiving benefits under a parent who was entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. I told her that minors could receive benefits under their parent until age 18 or in certain cases until 19 if in school. She told me that her daughter was 16 and NOT receiving anything. This woman had filed for Social Security Disability prior to giving birth and never contacted Social Security about benefits for her daughter because she did not know that this was possible. I sent her to her local SSA office to file for her daughter. folks should always check Social Security’s website at: or call the 1 800 772-1213 for information about Social Security benefits

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  15. If I go back and work do I still need to pay Social Security and Medicare even if I have already met the requirements and paid enough? How can I tell my employer not to deduct those from my pay check?

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