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Protecting Your Identity is Important to Us

October 24, 2016 • By

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Last Updated: April 7, 2023


Social Security is committed to protecting your identity and information. We often say that our online services are convenient, cost-effective, and secure to use.

We know that in certain instances, like for victims of domestic violence, completely blocking access to your information may be necessary. If you are a victim of domestic violence or identity theft, Social Security may be able to block access to the electronic record we keep on you.

You can block any automated telephone and electronic access to your Social Security record. No one, including you, will be able to see or change your personal information on the internet or through our automated telephone service. If you block access to your record and then change your mind in the future, you can contact Social Security and ask us to unblock it.

It is an unfortunate reality for many Americans that guarding against the release of your personal information sometimes becomes a necessity. If this is the case for you, or someone you know, Social Security can help.

In most cases your Social Security number is with you for your lifetime, but when evidence shows you are being harassed, abused, or your life is endangered, we can assign you a new one.

For more information, please read our publication, New Numbers for Domestic Violence Victims. You can also visit our blog article, Protecting Your Social Security Number from Identity Theft, for ways to help us safeguard your information.

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  1. gary

    well, now i won’t get a stimulus payment because i cannot unblock access to my account. there is no office open to go in and fix this either.

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Gary, thank you for using our blog. If you’re referring to your my Social Security account, you will need to contact us at 1-800-772-1213 for assistance or you can contact your local Social Security office. Please look for the general inquiry telephone number at the Social Security Office Locator. The number may appear under Show Additional Office Information. Please be aware that our call wait times are longer than normal. We hope this information helps.

  2. Frank A.

    I would like to change my User ID. I have searched everywhere and have been unable to find how. I saw where my User Id can me found and how to change my password. But it is my user ID that I need to change due to it possibly being compromised. Can you direct me to the proper source?

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Frank, thanks for using our blog. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions web page for details on how to change your username or password. We hope this helps.

  3. Julie p.

    I need my ssi number unblock

  4. Steven M.

    I was locked out of my account for too many attempts with my password. How can I re-set it ? Thank You

  5. Jack C.

    I’m unable to log into my social security online account as I forgot either my username or password–and there seems to be no method of resetting either parameter.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Jack. If you are unable to access an account or encounter a problem with your personal my Social Security account, you may:
      •Call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “helpdesk”; or
      •Contact your local Social Security office. We hope this helps.

  6. Mark

    How often must you change/ update your password to prevent getting locked out of your online account?

  7. Ralph W.

    How is the use of the social security number protected? I have spent almost an hour searching and found so many needless”pages” of info that I am giving up. A long time ago, I was told that my son could not be used for ID for anything but social security. Now it seems that banks, credit companies, and a host of others, are using it for identification. If you are going by what you first learned, you are denied.

  8. Kathryn B.

    My SS # was compromised. I received 3 letters from retail companies stating someone had applied for credit under my #. My name and address was also known. I’ve frozen my credit bureaus, and notified companies that sent me letters I did not apply for credit. What do I need to do to guarantee my SS will not be compromised ?


  9. Judy

    how often does the SSA require me to change my password- and will I received
    a reminder to do this or must I keep track of it myself

    • Vonda V.

      Thank you for your question, Judy. A password used to log in to your my Social Security account does not expire. Of course, you have the option to reset a forgotten password, and to change it from Security Settings if you wish to use a different password.

  10. Yolanda N.

    I had created an account years ago Now that Im 61 I want to apply for SS but when I try to create a new account or log into the original one it wont let me Who can I talk to about fixing this problem

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Yolanda, thanks for using our blog. Sorry to hear you are having difficulties accessing your my Social Security account.

      For assistance with your account, you may:
      •Call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “helpdesk”; or
      •Visit your local Social Security office.

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