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man smiling and looking at laptop Social Security is here with tools and information to help you secure today and tomorrow. Did you know that you can pay your Medicare premiums online? If your bank offers the option to pay your bills online, you can use their service to pay for your Medicare premiums bill from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

You, or your representative, must sign up for your bank’s online bill payment process and you can contact your bank directly for assistance. Social Security and CMS are not involved in establishing the online bill pay service with your bank. Before you contact your bank to set up the process, make sure you have the following information available:

  1. Amount of your Medicare premium bill
  2. Account number: Medicare claim number without dashes. You can find this number on the red, white, and blue Medicare card.
  3. Biller name: CMS Medicare Insurance
  4. Biller’s address:

Medicare Premium Collection Center
P.O. Box 790355
St. Louis, MO 63179-0355

You’ll need to tell the bank how much money to deduct from your account to pay for the Medicare premium. You’ll also need to update the amount with your bank whenever there is a change in the Medicare premium amount. This usually happens in January when CMS announces the new Medicare premium rates. You can find more information at or CMS’s online bill pay webpage.

Remember, CMS does not charge a fee for processing the electronic payments, but in some situations, a bank may charge their customers a fee for using their online bill payment service. If you have any questions about bill pay, please contact your bank or financial institution directly. You can also visit CMS’s  online bill pay for more information on paying your Medicare premiums.

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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. Gloria N.

    The over hauling of Social Scrurity, is somewhat part of the answers, but not all. I am 68 years old. My ssi/ SSA. Are my main source of income, but I get very little amount every month. So when Medicare take’s out for my main payment to part A/B. Which is over 134.00 dollar’s a month. This leve’s me only 755.00 a month to live on. I have to pay rent and other bills also. By the time it’s all paid I only enough for food. So I’ve been looking to go back to work part time in order to somplement my income. I think it’s about time for a rise. Thank you.

  2. Hospitals &.

    SSI needs to simplify its application and publish an online SSI application form. There are several inefficiencies with the current SSI application form that cause administrative cost growth in excess of 7%. These inefficiencies must be eliminated in the case of in-kind support and maintenance (ISM) rules and made optional in case of a medical diagnosis of permanent disability.

    SSI income verification is done by a person’s social security number under 26USC§6103(7)(D)(iii) of the Internal Revenue Code. SSA has access to the income information and only requires the law to provide confidential information to state agencies who administer certain other welfare programs under Sec. 1137 of the Social Security Act under 42USC1320b-7. The asset limit of $2,000 probably needs to be overruled in theory, although in practice there are so many extremely poor people who need to be prioritized for benefits, it however must be routinely overruled for beneficiaries who manage to save money through free room and board. In-kind support (ISM) of private benefactors needs better respect whereas it is completely competitive with the respected, untaxed, career of homelessness. Charitable givers require better protection from unfair judgment upon free food and housing because social security refuses to enable their beneficiaries to pay their private benefactors market price. Social Security does tend to pay if a person moves out but the law demands social failure and work. ISM is a socially disruptive crime for homelessness against charitable giving and family cohabitation. Whereas all other such work-trade free living relationships are of such little consequence and fragile no “homeless person” ever reported them. If receiving free room and board it is probably better to file as a homeless person from a PO box or representative address.

    SSA needs to cooperate better with institutions to pay and adequately study child benefits to people represented by orphanages and schools. The Treasury needs to stop conspiring with state and local governments charging $2,500 a month, to rob long-term nursing home beneficiaries of all but $30, The tradition of taking of all of any pension received while in the care of the naval hospital must be overruled by up to 70% for the hospital under 24USC§6 as a miscellaneous receipt of the Treasury under §6a. Chapter 6A cannot continue to rob Chapter 7 of Title 42.

    The rich over 65 and ultimately all working Americans with incomes over 150% of the poverty line may come pay their unlawfully extortionate Medicare premiums online. The poor are defecting to Medicaid, and the rich are inflating at such high rates that the 10% premium increase only improves the outlay revenue ratio by about 2.5% in the 2017 Medicare report. The statutory tradition of taking all of any pension abusively conceals the TRICARE medical insurance program the military actually pays with and should not be confused with the ancient “pension” somewhat overruled in Sec. 6A. The taking of all but $30 while in the long-term care of a hospital or nursing facility, needs to be overruled. It would seem that patients are due 30% of their benefits, and nursing homes 70%.

    • Marc

      They take your money to pay for ALL your living expenses in those places – rent, utilities, all meals, transportation to medical appointment and other places, all medical ecpenses…Frankly, that costs FAR more than the miney they’re “taking” from you LAWFULLY.

  3. Shelia S.

    where do I find my award letter?

    • Ray F.

      Hi Shelia. If you need proof you get Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security (SSI) Income or Medicare, you can request a benefit verification letter online by using your “my Social Security account“. See our Frequently Asked Questions web page for more information.

      • Reggie F.

        Hi Ray,
        I mailed a detailed letter to my local SSA office stating I DID NOT want Medicare enrollment because I already have, and have had for many years, full hospital, medical, drugs, vision, and hearing coverage through my spouses employer which has a few hundred employees. I also filed this online. However, SSA still deducted the $134 medicare premium from my monthly social security retirement benefit. How can I stop this and get a refund? Thanks.

  4. Tom L.

    MEDICARE or SSDI, it’s all via the web.
    I am a 100% Service Connected Disabled veteran, I live in Germany with German family and where my military specialty kept me.
    I receive my SSDI check direct deposit to the US Service Credit Union which I we will always be able to use. I use home banking to pay all US, foreign bills and.GE bank. Everything on-line.
    So, will there be a problem, or how should I get MEDICARE ( long term medical care facilities) for what FMP will not pay?

  5. Janet

    I begin receiving social security in January. How much tax will I have to pay on my monthly benefit? I would like to know how much I will actually receive.

  6. Patty

    I am retired & getting a monthly social security check. I received my Medicare card a few months prior to my 65th birthday. My husband still is working full time & has insurance through his work. Why did I automatically get Medicare at age 65? This doesn’t seem right that now almost 1/3 of my social security check if being taken out for my Medicare payments. Initially it was going to be less but due to my husband’s income, the amount shot up toalmost a third of my ss check? Since I am retired, my social security is my main income! Why is my Medicare payment adjusted according to his income as well? We shouldn’t have to pay any Medicare payments since we paid into Medicare while we worked! According to some responses I saw above, we are expected to pay for 70 – 75% of people who didn’t pay in as much or possibly did not ever pay into Medicare! That is not right!!
    My husband turns 65 next year but still plans to work & doesn’t plan to start taking his Social Security until he quits working…probably at 70 years of age! Will he be automatically put on Medicare at 65 & have to pay Medicare month;y premiums? This should be changed!

    • Ray F.

      Thank you for sharing your comments Patty. Individuals receiving Social Security retirement benefits, will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Hospital Insurance (Part A) and Medical Insurance (Part B) at age 65. However, a beneficiary may refuse Medicare Part B, during his or her Initial Enrollment Period, if that beneficiary or the spouse, actively works and has coverage under a group health plan, based on that employment, then he or she doesn’t need Medicare part B until the work activity ends or that health care coverage is dropped. We always suggest that individuals speak to their personnel office, health benefits advisor, or health plan representative to see what’s best for them, and to prevent any penalties or delayed enrollment in the future. Please contact your local Social Security office for further assistance or call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

    • Marc

      Yes, like the SSA representstive said, you do have yo at a very mimimum take an interest in your own finances. Why didn’t you ask your questions when you first got the card? No, instead you wait, and only then complain. You don’t even know what it is you’re complaining about! Here’s an idea, everyone – tske a little responsibility for ypur own life – everything is on the website, both hete and in – presumably you can use a computer if you’ve figured out how to get to this blog and type out a complaint…

  7. Ellen M.

    My Medicare and my husband’s ,part A and B has always been deducted from our Social Security benefits then sent to our bank as DIRECT DEPOSIT. Has this changed?

    • Ellen M.

      I would like to cancel our MEDICARE Plan B. Is there a form to facilitate this ?
      We live out of the country and are not planning to travel up anymore due to our financial situation so wish to cancel the payments to Plan B

      • Ellen M.

        I have made several phone calls to the International phone number in Baltimore and have NEVER been called back!

      • Ann C.

        Hi, Ellen. Thank you for your question. To terminate your enrollment, you will need to submit a signed request for termination or Form CMS-1763. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires, when possible, a personal interview be conducted with everyone who wishes to terminate entitlement. Therefore, we do not offer form CMS-1763 online. Since you are living outside of the U.S., you can contact your local Embassy or Consulate to submit this form. We hope this helps.

      • tufan

        NO,once you sign up for medicare you can’t cancell no matter if you are benefitting from it or not!

        • Ray F.

          Allow us to clarify. Our policy requires, when possible, that a personal interview be conducted with everyone who wishes to terminate their Medicare Part B benefits. We can help you submit the required Form “CMS-1763/Request for Termination of Premium Hospital and /or Supplementary Medical Insurance”, or your signed request for termination. However, we need to speak to you personally before we terminate your Medicare benefits to be sure that you fully understand the consequences of doing so. Therefore, we do not offer Form CMS-1763 online.

          • Marylois L.

            COVID-19 restrictions do NOT allow in person communication. What alternative solutions are in place for completion of CMS-1763?

        • Gerald F.

          That is NOT
          TRUE! It is Part B, which people have to buy through an insurance firm that the lady was referencing, and one CAN CANCEL any part except for Part A. CMS-17763 is the Social Security form you need to do this, but good luck in getting that form from Social Security!

      • Gerald F.

        I have a situation where my employer is now paying for all of the medical benefit, so I have cancelled my Part D and Part F (supplement), but have not received the form that Soc Security was supposed to mail to me to cancel Part B. I was told (and AARP confirmed) it is form CMS-1763. CMS continues to bill me and I am NOT going to pay them, but I want to close this out correctly so that I can again get Part B when I need it again. I call medicare, they tell me to call social security. I call social security they say the form will be out to me ASAP. It has been over a month and no form yet! How can I stop being billed for Part B when Social Security is not responsive?

  8. Lesly F.

    19886–2017.31 YEARS GOD SAVE ME ONE DAY A TIME.

  9. Antonia M.

    There was an increase which is called Cola I did not get the increase why is that I thought everyone got an increase

    • Tom

      If your Part B premium is less than $134.00 per month your Part B is being subsidized by taxes and other recipients. About 70% of folks under Part B do not pay the full premium due to “hold harmless”. This means your net social security payment cannot go down when you do get a COLA. The COLA increase goes to the Part B premium. This also means that 30% of Part B recipients help subsidize the 70% under hold harmless by paying a higher premium to make up the costs of the program. 25% of the cost of Part B must be borne by premiums. The rest is taxes. And if you have higher income, you may have to pay a higher premium as well.

      • Connie D.

        trying to find out if medicare payment will increase in 2017

        • Ray F.

          Hi Connie. Information about Medicare changes for 2018, when announced, will be available at

          • Cheri

            How can I get a copy of the 2017 Medicare Part B premium – Notice of Medicare Premium Payment Due?

  10. Ermest H.

    It would be even more helpful to send e-mail reminders 7-10 days before Medicare payment is due AND when it is received.

    • Diana

      What a great idea since we are not receiving paper statement now .

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