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No Need to Visit a Field Office: Replace Your SSA-1099 Benefit Statement Online

February 2, 2017 • By

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Last Updated: November 3, 2023

man on laptop We’re with you through life’s journey, putting you in control of your finances and future. Social Security has made requesting or replacing your annual Benefit Statement even easier. The Benefit Statement is also known as the SSA-1099 or the SSA-1042S. Now you have the ability to download it anytime and anywhere you want using our online services. There’s no need to visit a field office.

An SSA-1099 is a tax form Social Security mails each year in January to people who receive Social Security benefits. It shows the total amount of benefits you received from Social Security in the previous year so you know how much Social Security income to report to IRS on your tax return.

If you currently live in the United States and you need a replacement form SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S, simply go online and request an instant, printable replacement form with a personal my Social Security account.

A replacement SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S is typically available for the previous tax year after February 1.

If you already have a personal my Social Security account, you should access your online account and go to “Replacements Documents” to view and print your SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S. If you don’t have access to a printer, you can save the document on your computer or laptop and email it. If you don’t have a personal my Social Security account, creating a secure account is very easy to do and usually takes less than 15 minutes.

If you’re a noncitizen who lives outside of the United States and you received or repaid Social Security benefits last year, we will send you form SSA-1042S instead. The forms SSA-1099 and SSA-1042S are not available for people who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Securing today and tomorrow isn’t always easy, but Social Security continues to improve our customer service with easy to use online features. Visit our website for more information.

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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. Raymond

    I can’t do anything online. I live in the Philippines.

    • Ray F.

      Hi Raymond. At this time you must have a U. S. mailing address to create or to access your online account from outside the United States. People with APO/FPO/DPO addresses can create an account overseas, but our system does not support registration and account creation for users with a foreign address yet. When living abroad please contact your local U.S. embassy or consulate for any assistance related to your Social Security benefits.

  2. maria r.

    They shouldn’t discontinue the paper statement even in this age of digital. It is our proof of benefits against scammers plus not all of us have personal computers.

    • tony

      The identity thief scammed are the ones stealing the SSA-1099 form from the mailbox. It has your Social Security number on it. It is easy to find out your birthday with your name and address.

      • Marguerite M.

        Banks block out our account numbers… seems to me the same could be done by SSA for our SS numbers…?

        Either way, people should be able to choose the format they want to receive their 1099-Rs in.

    • tony

      Some employers are stupid and mail you your 1099.

      The scammers steal your 1099 from the mailbox. You don’t have your 1099 to file your taxes. You wait on them to mail you another 1099. The scammers file your taxes before you do and rip off the IRS. Then you have to fight the IRS because the IRS wants you to pay back the money.

      • tony

        January is the perfect time for scammers to steal your identity from the mailbox.

      • tony

        Most seniors on Social Security don’t even file the taxes, so it is easy for the scammers to file a fraudulent tax return.

      • tony

        It is pretty easy to scam Social Security Disability too. All you need is to make a few visits to the psychiatrist/psychologist office complaining of severe anxiety, depression, ptsd, bipolar, etc. Before you even step out of the office for your first visit, you will have several prescriptions filed out for you.

        These psychiatrist/psychologist get paid by the pharmaceutical company to prescribe you a bunch of medications. They also want you to become a regular patients to charge the insurance companies for monthly visit.

        Their are a bunch of desperate psychiatrist/psychologist who would write anything diagnosis you want and they make more money by prescribing you the medication.

        To gauge how desperate they are for money and patients, they are willing to perform a mental CE exam for the SSA for about $140 per person.

        It is easy to convince the psychiatrist/psychologist to diagnose you with whatever you want as long as you keep coming back and filling your prescription. All you have to do is read up on the symptoms for the mental disorders on the Internet.

        Then if you hire a attorney, they will have your psychiatrist/psychologist fill out a Medical Source Statement(MSS) or Residual Function Capacity(RFC). Even though the Commissioner reserved the right to determine what the claimant’s RFC is under SSR 96-5p, the Commissioner will not exercise that right and let your attorney win the case base on your own doctor MSS and RFC.

        Over 50% of the cases are won at the ALJ level for the attorneys.

        The SSA ALJ makes about $600 per case. Even if the attorneys lose 50% of their case, they can can make up to $6000 per win and average up to $3000 per case.

        • tony

          I get the free Social Security disability money for a mental disorder.

  3. Susan

    Thank you for the emails that keep us up to date. There are always those that use this website to complain and those that make fun of the remarks but this administration puts out timely and informative information. Keep it up.

    • Ray F.

      Thank you Susan! Your thoughts are important to us and we’re pleased when feedback is positive. We try hard to provide the best possible service to our customers and your satisfaction is our reward.

      • Marguerite M.

        Good Morning SSA,

        Thank you for all you do for us! My request would be that we can opt to have electronic only 1099-Rs if we choose to go that route.

        I am collecting a small pension from the State of Arizona, and my 1099-Rs are available electronically without having to request it as a lost document.

        Please consider this as it is better for the environment and often faster than waiting for it to come by mail.

        Many THANKS,

  4. Rhonda B.

    Nice, but keep in mind that many elderly recipients cannot use a computer. Do not discontinue the paper mailings.

    • tony

      Do you want people to get their identity stolen? The SSA-1099 form they mail has your Social Security number on it. The identity thieves goes after the mail.

      You must not care about people’s identity being stolen. It is easy to get their birth date knowing the person’s name and house address.

  5. Tajul i.

    I am from Bangladesh

    • ARA

      Who cares??

      • Grod

        If you are not going to help, keep
        your comments to your self.

        • Jim T.

          why are we given our Social Security money away to illegal aliens, which never worked for to earn collecting Social Security benefit? The fact of the matter is: I am not getting a right amount of my Social Security by the way. Would it be able to rectify it, and ratify the amount? Military plus Civilian Life paying Social Security All along..Same SSN….Thanks

          • deplorable

            I agree I feel that we are the forgotten ones the money that we are supposed to get is being given to the elligals and our governor doesn’t care as long as she gets her pay that is all that matters so sad

    • Jose A.


  6. Raja

    Hi if you have some thing benifit for then plz send me

  7. Tony W.

    Thank u

    • PC

      Thank You so Much!

  8. Tony W.

    Thank u SSA for letting learn about everything.

    • Ray F.

      We appreciate your thoughts Tony. Thanks for your comment!

      • Bonnie

        Change the limit restrictions on those who are working and receiving Social Security Benefits on lower income People who make less than 25,000 a year. Make it easier for them to keep their benefits. Early retirement for those people is because they have no choice. Their regular income is to low to meet the markets demands in living expenses. And getting another job at the age of 62 for most Americans is harder to get because younger people are taking the jobs up. Anyone who makes over 25,000 a year do not change the income restriction. Only on the lower income people who make less. Their income is still contributing to Social Security benefits. They can keep their Insurance with their companies until they are able to receive Medicare at a later time. Gives them a better chance to bring their lower income status to a more stable level where they are not looking for other benefits to maintain standard living expenses.

        • christina s.

          please put in good word for celebrity Christina Stansberry that has self-employment on record only receiving $59.99 a month with self-employment on record. they say they don’t deal with that part! then referal and grant to compassionate allowance and late payment suppose to be aleast 1400.00 she is ha business open treasury department government family JOHNNY CARSON THOSE CARSON ARE RICH HOW INHERITANCE FROM WHARTON CLUB BOSTON DON”T PAY THAT? please rally in republican party ILLINIOS ON CORRUPTION!

        • Catherine D.

          Yeah, SSD>GOV is all about helping the upper middle class and the rich and they want the poor people to pay for it until we drop dead. I can’t get anything done in here because I never got my activation code so now I’m screwed. On top of that,I need my award letter to give to my housing authority specialist or I’m gonna lose my apt. They lost the award letter because it’s been 10 years since they started helping with my rent and now all of a sudden they want my award letter. With this Coronavirus,I know the SSA office is closed so now what do I do?

          • Charlene C.

            I received a fully favorable decision at my SSD hearing on March 11th in Fort Myers Florida. How soon can I expect to receive my award letter & what is the time frame for payments to begin?

          • Theresa

            You should be able to call to get that reward letter in the mail; also some States have implemented a non eviction while this Covid 19 shutdown is in progress

    • mr. i.

      oh really mr. borland. I have been trying to download my SS-1099 for a couple of days without success. It keeps telling me that it is not available. I have signed on and have followed the directions. For some reason I was not mailed or the post office lost the benefit statement. The website is a disgrace please get your act together. I have also asked the s.s. to mail me another one hopefully I will get it soon so I don’t have to cancel another appointment with my tax people who do my returns. I am not happy about the terrible service that I have been receiving. I doubt you will respond to me, but you should check out the website because it is not working for me, and please don’t blame me or my computer. Its the s.s. fault

      • Jeff

        The MYSSA accounts work fine, you, or anyone for that matter don’t have access to reprint their 1099’s until February 1st of EVERY year!

        This is because they are being mailed out from the processing centers from January 1st UNTIL January 31st of EVERY year!

        After February 1st you can log on to your MYSSA account and print one, call 1 800 772 1213 and request them to mail you a replacement or walk into your local Social Security office and they can print you one on the stop.

        How are you receiving terrible service???

        The 1099’s are mailed out and people don’t have access to replacements until February 1st EVERY year!!!!

        Make sure your mailing address is correct with Social Security and all 1099’s are sent first class mail, if you didn’t receive yours, how is that Social Security’s fault?

        The website works fine, I suggest you take a computer comprehension course.

        • mr. i.

          oh really I don’t see why I can’t download the ss 1099 am I the only one that can’t download it. the message on the website says that they are not available and I should check back later. so in all the country I’m the only one who can’t download it, really jeff you are down right rude. the message posted on the website is that these statements are not available why don’t you check it out yourself instead of insulting me. There is also a message that the website is going to be undergoing maintenance I guess I’m imagining that also. I can see all my info on the website by the way so my computer skills are fine how are yours?? P.S. I assume you mean on the spot and not on the stop.

          • Barbara J.

            Not Jeff Koestans,you have me mistaken mam. My name is Ms. Barbara Jean Harper and I am forty one and I already know about Medicare and Social Security from Wisconsin as a dependent off my father Edward Harper’s personal retiree record and now a Independent grown Woman as Residence in Killeen Texas who understands and knows the Laws about Medicare and total long term disability and Retirement already. Be cool. Oh, and have a nice day! Ms. Barbara Jean Harper

        • NotSnarkey

          I am a highly-rated IT professional, and my specialty is page design. The site is USELESS. The FAQ sheets endlessly tell you to go to “replacement documents” to order a new 1099. However, the menu does not have that anywhere, and the “search” for that only comes up with the same useless FAQ that does not provide the navigation instructions; it just says “go to the Replacement Documents tab,” which is nowhere to be found,

          And yes, it is after February, I do not get SSI benefits, and should be able to see my statements.

          I suggest you take a course in How to Not be Snarkey!

    • fix M.

      Glad to visit your blog. Thanks for this great post that you share to us…

  9. Gregory L.

    Do I need my 1099, if so send it to 40333 bunn Way Bonanza Oregon 97623 sincerely Gregory Lee thank you

  10. Gregory L.

    Do I need my 1099 if so send it to 40333 bunn way Bonanza Oregon 97623. Thank you, sincerely, Gregory Lee

    • JAMES H.


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