New Rule Modernizes How We Award Disability Benefits

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Last Updated: February 24, 2020

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The Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society. A successful disability program must evolve and support making the right decision as early in the process as possible. To help us do that, we must modernize the rules and standards we use to evaluate how we determine disability benefits. We are moving forward with a rule change that has been in the works for a number of years and serves to update a more than 40-year-old policy that made the inability to communicate in English a factor in awarding disability benefits. The new rule is effective April 27, 2020.

We are required to consider education to determine if your medical condition prevents work. In 2015, our Inspector General recommended that we evaluate the appropriateness of this policy. Research now shows the inability to communicate in English is no longer a good measure of a person’s education level or the ability to engage in work. The new rule also supports the Administration’s longstanding focus of recognizing that individuals with disabilities can remain in the workforce.

To make the right disability decisions, Social Security disability rules must continue to reflect current medicine and evolution of work. We need to update our rules to keep up with society’s changes.

We owe it to the American public to ensure that our disability programs continue to reflect the realities of the modern workplace. Please share this information with your family and friends.

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  1. Cynthia B.

    My Husband & I Would Like To Know How & Why As A MARRIED COUPLE # BOTH WITH SEVERAL DISABILITIES Are PENALIZED? C- $525.00 SSDI A MONTH & $ 66.50 SSI & 24 YRS ON DISABILITY & J- $537.00 A MONTH SSDI & $66.50 ( $1,185.00) TOGETHE R???? WE R A BLACK MARRIE D COUPLE IN TEXAS.# 6yrs & From LA #55 YRS. NO” Assets, Car 19 YRS Old # NO Air Or Heat # 204.00 Value. #MISCALCULATED BENEFITS. Cynthia B. Cade *** – ** – *** 08-19-1958 & JESSIE CADE JR *** – ** – ***/ 01-15-1959
    700 COBIA DR #526
    KATY, TX 77494-1720

    • Karen T.

      There’s a minimum amount for disability that is given, even if you’ve never worked. They figure your disability amount similar to how they figure SS. If you worked a lot before you went on it, you’ll get more. Your SSI helps make up the difference between your disability and a certain set point. You have a maximum you can earn between you both before your SSI starts to drop.
      It’s never going to be a livable amount.

      • Trc

        Correct it goes by a point system. Depending on how long you worked. A Person that has work for 40 years will get more Social Security or SSDI than a person who has not. It’s only fair.

        • Joe

          Is that really fair? SSDI is insurance (it’s in the name) against disability, not a savings account.

          If I get car insurance, the amount I get paid when I make a claim isn’t based on how long I’ve been paying for insurance. The same goes for every other kind of insurance.

          The whole point of insurance is to cover unexpected losses. SSDI is an insurance plan the government forces you to pay into.

          Why is it “only fair” for this compulsory insurance plan to provide less benefits to the people who are less likely to have any property or savings?

          • Tag

            Your premium is based off of the value of your vehicle. It’s not really comparing apples to apples.

    • Evalyn

      Ask your work to review your benefits. That doesn’t sound right at all.

    • Gerry

      Wealthy Tax Breaks and military complex budget astronomical increases

  2. Tracy W.

    The new ruling is less than clear. Is it no longer a disability if someone does not speak English?

    Thank you

    • Susan

      What is amazing about your question is the realization that SSA considered the inability or unwillingness to learn to speak English as a qualifying disability. Who the heck is running that insane asylum?

      • Stacey M.

        Trump is he needs get out of there

      • Jim

        My god, please at least try to read, and curb your willful ignorance. Not being able to speak English was NEVER deemed a “disability,” genius. It was *one factor* in the overal disability decsion, because it is obviously more difficult to find work if one cannot speak it.

        • Joe

          Jim has it correct here. Ability to communicate in English was one method SSA used in determining if someone has an intellectual disability. Nobody ever got disability because they were simply too lazy to learn English.

  3. Ann L.

    We get it. Find a way to create another stumbling block to helping people who are struggling to survive.

  4. Eileen D.

    Can you be more explicit on what the new rules will be?

    • Joe

      In deciding whether someone is intellectually disabled, the SSA used a person’s ability to communicate in English as one of the measures used to determine someone’s intellectual capacity. Now they won’t, as studies have shown that the ability to communicate in English is not a good indicator of intellect.

      That’s all there is to it. So to everyone freaking out thinking this makes it easier for non English speakers to get disability benefits can relax. If anything this will make it harder for non-english speakers to get benefits, as their inability to speak English will no longer be a factor in their favor when they are claiming an intellectual disability.

      • Joe

        Truly clueless. It’s simply an inability to communicate in English is listed in a couple of the vocational rules. To even get to those rules, you need a bunch of “ifs”. Those ifs over 28 years working there happened in 1/10000 cases, maybe. I’d love for real numbers on this.

        All this is – a campaign stunt by IQ45 to prop up his intellectual base by thinking he’s combating immigration. How is this modernizing anything? Ever been on Navajo, Hopi or Apache land, the crap we gave them after we stole their land? There’s people without water and electricity it’s so modern – yet for one of them who has paid into it through FICA taxes, you want to make it more difficult.

      • Smiley

        Thank you Joe. I understood it better when you explained it. That puts many mind at ease as this won’t affect me one way or the other. Whew!

  5. Lourdes F.

    I can’t imagine someone who cannot communicate in English as necessarily employable unless there is an interpreter available for them. I think of languages such as Vietnamese or Russian. How can they interact with the general public or understand instructions by supervisors.


      Learn English, it’s as simple as that!! If you go to any other country, they do not all speak english, so why do we have to accommodate foreigners who don’t learn our language??? Please enlighten me!!

      • Joe A.

        How about Native Americans who’s land you stole? I’ve been on Navajo, Apache and Hopi Native American lands 200+ times working for SS. They want to modernize this yet there’s many without electricity or water you take for granted. There’s only one reason for this – IQ45 and his take from the poor and Socialism for the rich party.

        Do you know how many cases this actually came up for me? 1/10,000 maybe where this was material to the decision, allow vs deny.

        Go get another drink of water unless you live vin Flint and turn on Fox News with your electricity.

        • Bettyblackburn15@gmail.com


          • Trc

            Kindly turn off capital letters. Capitals mean you are shouting. Thanks.

          • JanC

            You’re living in La La Land dear..Trump will win, and he will win big..Have plenty of tissues and coloring books ready..You will need them.

        • Matthew N.

          Amen, Joe.

          Matthew Nutting

          • Robert S.

            This whole statement about change is (new rules)talke with a snakes tongue,

        • Gerry

          Facts and africans they brought here as slaves for over 400 years

          • E A.

            Gerry can you explain your last statement about facts and Africans?

        • JanC

          Your ancestors immigrated from Asia…Your ancestors originally weren’t born on American soil..Your people weren’t strong enough to hold on to their lands..That was unfortunate, but only the strong survive..That is the way of the world.. Secondly..Your Tribes savaged each other..You hated each other.. Stole each others land, women, horses, and put each other through horrible tortures..You weren’t the best example of civility. Thirdly, America paid you back.. you pay no taxes..It’s all History..whats done is done. Get over it TRUMP 2020!!!

    • Della

      My ex tried to get employed at a construction site. Born and raised in the USA none Hispanic. He was denied employment because he could not speak Spanish. Those driving the heavy equipment only communicated in Spanish. We just shook our heads.

    • Sandra S.

      Disability just doesn’t give you enough to make ends meet. I worked my whole life now I get 9 hundred and eighty seven dollars a month. That’s for rent electric life alert which I need and food for a month. That’s just not enough.

    • Peg

      There are many jobs in manufacturing/assembly line or housekeeping work where you learn by demonstration and do not need to communicate with the public.

    • Karen

      Many many people who are not fluent in English or cannot read or write in English are employed, hotel housekeepers, office housekeepers/cleaners, groundskeepers, trades, dishwashers, laundry workers and so on. Many work for years and years, are here legally, paying into Social Security and state and federal income taxes. The old rule allowed some consideration of the fact that it would be difficult for such individuals to perform other types of work given their limited English language skills if they become sick or unable to perform their past work due to an injury, physical or mental. No one was awarded benefits solely because they are limited in the English language or are obese. There are so many factors that are involved in this very complicated system. The new rule eliminates any consideration be given to the persons ability to perform full time work activity based on their inability to communicate, read or write in English.

  6. Sharon B.

    Good Morning!
    Statement above is very true to the extent it was explained however very unclear as to what change you are initiating!
    Would it be possible to clarify?
    Thank you
    Sharon Beltz

    • Mike

      Good afternoon. I would also like to see a more detailed description of the proposed rule changes. Neither in the regional media, nor on thematic sites (for example, https://ssa-office.com/) there are so far no clarifications and proposed changes to the rules.

  7. William S.

    I am on 100% SS disability and only receive $100.00 per month for it.
    How can that be increased to cover real live expenses????

    • CbS

      That’s kinda hard 2 believe you get only 100.00$ in SSDI or is that SSI?

      • Melyssa

        SSD doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t count like you have/ had enough working credits to collect SSD deserving or not. That would put you in the SSI pool and that certainly wouldn’t leave you with $100 a month. The only benefits I can think of that MIGHT. Pay $100 a month is food stamps or I think it’s stalled SNAP now.
        It’s unheard of for any SS anything to pay $ 100 unless? Maybe? Are you working and collecting?!? Something is definitely not right here.

    • Trc

      Social Security disability and Social Security go by a point system. If you didn’t work enough to receive enough points then that’s the reason why you get the amount you have.

    • Joe D.

      Either you are on SSI and have some sort of other income that is causing a reduction in your benefits, or you are on SSDI and you didn’t have much of a work history, so that is your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA – a fancy way of saying that’s how much you get based on your earnings and what you paid into the system). If it’s SSI, you can get more once you no longer are receiving whatever the income is, if it’s SSDI, you can’t increase it.

    • Joe

      The only way to get a US disability payment of $100 a month is if you’re collecting SSI benefits as well. The lowest a person can collect in disability payments is $783.

      If you really are only receiving $100 a month, you’re getting that from your state, or have income that is offsetting your benefits. If you’re getting your benefits from your state, you need to apply for SSI/SSDI and get federal benefits. If you’re considered disabled by the SSA, have no extra income and are only getting $100, someone made a mistake.

      Your elected representatives(US senator and US house representative) should have a constituent services contact number/email/form. They should provide you with help dealing with the SSA. They helped a relative of mine after a complicated mistake by the SSA. She called SSA a bunch of times and got different answers and no resolution, but her House rep was able to get it taken care of in a few months.

      • MFWall

        My twins (29yo) are disabled from birth & only receive $522/month. I’m afraid you are sadly mistaken.

    • Ryan S.

      If you’re on 100% disability then you’re getting $798/month. You’re lieing to us

      • Grover

        At least learn to spell before you accuse someone of leing (sic). Also, I would think he/she knows what the check is.

    • LORI E.

      My understanding is that they do base your payments on two things, first you have to have been working for a min of 15years, they keep in mind what your total income was through all the taxed years you worked, and finally they look at what was your income of your very last job. So say you work part-time somewhere and they paid you 5.50$ an hour for that job back when you were working, that would effect your SSDI, now say you had a very good paying job like registered nursing, making 65.00$ an hour, and suddenly became disabled, your monthly compensation, would be much greater. Oh and btw, in CA I believe food stamps pay about 200 monthly for a single person. I really hope this helps.

      • Alwyn L.

        Incorrect. I am on ssdi and I did not work 15 years. It is based on the number of quarters of work. I think the minimum is 5 years.

  8. Robin S.

    So what rules were changed, how, and were they approved?

    • John J.

      Language is no longer a factor.

      • Kimby

        Check the actual proposal. It is not restricted to language.

  9. Cathy C.

    You didn’t explain the new rules. Be specific.

  10. Laura W.

    The main concern is that you might overdo it, and hurt those who need it.
    Thank you.

    • Michelle

      I don’t call learning to speak the language of our country over doing it!!! How simple is that???

      • Wendell

        Language of our country … you do realize there is no official language here in the U.S., right?

        • Ashlee

          You do realize while English was never “stated official language” it is universally known it is this countries language. Now if you want to be picky since when do those who never put into the system and have not lived as a resident legally of the USA allowed to get any form of government/state aid which SSI/SSA is a part of? Since when is a person allowed to even be in this country without attempting to get the legal status? Try going to Mexico are any other country and see what you will collect if not of their people and speak their lang.

          • Laurel B.

            You can only get out what you contribute. And have to work at sometime in the previous10 years.

          • Timothy O.

            Ashlee, your point is well stated!

          • LORI E.

            First off, you are not eligible for SSDI if you don’t have a ss#/card and you have to work a min. Of 15years. Come on people.

          • Donna L.

            You are so right. My family has been naturally born citizens since there was a U.S.A. we all worked out lives and weather we get old or need any form of SS. Some can’t get it. Others don’t even get a week’s pay. You get povity level and the Medicare stinks. They give everything to illegal people which is not fair. English is the spoken language of this land if you can’t speak it learn it.

          • Shannon R.

            THIS IS AMERICA, NOT MEXICO. I learned English in school, just like everyone else in the last 100 years. English is our first Language so please stop spreading fabricated information.

          • Will

            The English language was voted by our founding fathers. Furthermore, the German language was almost voted as our countries language. It lost by 1 vote to the English language.
            As for giving someone disability for not speaking the English language is far stretch. You couldn’t expect to live in France and have any Frenchman speak your language and if you couldn’t the Country gives you Disability. Not happening. Their are many programs that teach English as a second language. This program is a wonderful program and should be taking by anyone who needs help learning how to speak and write English. Now I would definitely be in favor of funding this program . Whether it was by the Government or a Private entity. I do believe our children should be educated in a foreign. It fun to learn.

          • Ken

            Ashlee you are so right on that subject.
            Not knowing the language you have moved into (maybe to get out of a 3rd world country) then you are handicapping me by not talking English. Can I get paid a disability for that??

          • Bob

            I agree with you 100%. What country can you go to, example China and not speak there lang, and get SSI/SSA or any type of help. This is a crazy program. I am surprise the Rep Senate let this happen. People that where born this country and are really sick, can’t get SSI/SSA In the town next to me, there are 25K or more illegals. They are draining our social service. I know there are peple with fake diver lic, fake ss numbers and etc. we couldn’t go to another country and do the same.

          • Julia A.

            Well put! Why can’t this be addressed on our voting ballot? Breaking our laws is bad enough, but then to DEMAND special treatment is insulting to our LEGAL citizens.

          • Clifste

            USA was annexed from Native Americans who get assistance. Hawaiians who speak hawaiian will get assistance, and same goes for all the land annexed by the British old English Scottish Irish Australian man. We are a country all other country’s look up too! Why has faith in kindness turned into a debate on what language a hungry homeless person speaks? And if everyone got into an accident and became mute or spoke retardation I be maybe then other countries would pick you off the street and support you. The thing is the mind can be in just as much pain as the body or the eyes can distinguish. Everyone should run for a position in politics.

          • Karen S.

            Ashlee you are wrong. They can’t collect if they didn’t pay in.

          • S H.


          • James R.

            heres the actual lang of our country there is more than one english is not one of them Adai †
            Algic (30)
            Alsea (2) †
            Atakapa †
            Beothuk †
            Caddoan (5)
            Cayuse †
            Chimakuan (2) †
            Chimariko †
            Chinookan (3) †
            Chitimacha †
            Chumashan (6) †
            Coahuilteco †
            Comecrudan (United States & Mexico) (3) †
            Coosan (2) †
            Cotoname †
            Eskimo–Aleut (7)
            Esselen †
            Iroquoian (11)
            Kalapuyan (3) †
            Karankawa †
            Keresan (2)
            Maiduan (4)
            Muskogean (9)
            Na-Dené (United States, Canada & Mexico) (39)
            Natchez †
            Palaihnihan (2)
            Plateau Penutian (4) (also known as Shahapwailutan)
            Pomoan (7)
            Salinan †
            Salishan (23)
            Shastan (4) †
            Siouan (19)
            Siuslaw †
            Solano †
            Takelma †
            Tanoan (7)
            Timucua †
            Tonkawa †
            Tsimshianic (2)
            Tunica †
            Utian (15) (also known as Miwok–Costanoan)
            Uto-Aztecan (33)
            Wakashan (7)
            Wappo †
            Wintuan (4)
            Yana †
            Yokutsan (3)
            Yuki †
            Yuman–Cochimí (11)

          • Sarah S.

            You do realize undocumented immigrants can’t get government assistance, right?

          • Tricia N.

            I agree whole heartedly!! They should not be entitled to the money that WE The AMERICAN CITIZENS pays in for our future!!

          • Eddie S.

            You are right, Ashlee. I work until I earned around 30 years of US government work. This meant that I have contributed fully to my SS program. I filed for disability in 2006 and was denied because of the lapse when I first applied for it and the subsequent filing of SS benefit for my full disability. Under the VA Rules of Disability, I was awarded 100% Disability in 1999. I used this VA disability decision as my reason to apply benefits. Again, with my lawyer’s presence, my SS disability application was denied. When I try to apply again, I was told I was too old and SS do not grant disability person in their 70s. I believe this is discrimination on my part. Just because I have aged, and have applied previously and denied, doesn’t mean I don’t deserved any disability insurance anymore. I have no remorse an compassion with the SS Administration. I think they have discriminated against me, even though I filed for disability at my early age before I reached my 70s.

        • Randall D.

          No i don’t know that. English is our language.

          • michelle l.

            English…for the love of God. Figure it out.ENGLISH

          • Sue

            Regardless of whether one speaks english, if they work hard and contribute to social security, which many of our immigrant population (like your ancestors?), they can get Soc. Sec. YOUR BIGOTRY IS SHOWING PEOPLE!

          • Gary J.

            Ok I’m on total disability with huge mental stress disorder diagnosed as bipolar ! I’m almost 61and started working as soon as I turned 16 I served 3 years in the Military in Germany and the balance as a lifelong toolmaker ! I worked many many 60 ,70 ,75 hour workweeks as toolmakers work too much overtime Now I’m disabled as an identity theft victim ,all internet accounts have had the shit hacked out of them and have lost in excess of 40000 dollars with fraudulent phlishing ,viruses, malware that I fully intend to move into Federal court with violators The US government wants to hide Facebook and Gioogles as but I solely intend to sue both with huge ass damages until my last breathe They’re driving me towards a stroke as I text this message I’m reporting these acts to world media I can’t endure this any longer This has been a constant fight since March 2018

          • Judy C.

            english is our language there was a vote and it won by one point or we would be speaking german

          • Anna

            @ James Reynolds, Much respect for the strength shown by our Indigenous Peoples, in the face of white supremacist brutalities. Prayers and blessings to you, keep on in strength. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

        • John B.

          Wrong a new law was passed several years ago to use English as our official language

          • C S.

            There were laws passed to use toilets….yet, we see a lot of crap online..dont we?

          • Facts p.

            State the law please.

          • Xavier

            Thats a bunch of balony. If you are a legal citizen in tje United States of America and if you speak one langage or two as long as you have paid taxes worked within the last ten years you are eligiable for SSD do not listrn to these undercover racist pigs

          • Don

            Elaborate plz…my email is marsdonald96@gmail.com

          • A

            Karen u are wrong u can receive ssi without ever working a day in your life.

          • Sara B.

            To the person A who said that people can get SSI without working a day in their life has a negative outlook. I became sick in 1997 at age 20. I was married so I didn’t have to work. But I had to leave my short marriage because of a very bad situation. When I got sick, he had dropped my insurance. So I had to go 4 1/2 hours away from my hometown to get treatment. It was pure hell. Surgeries, Dr Visit, medication, hospital stays was a God send but it was a “teaching hospital” so I had went threw experimental IV infusions that are used today in 1999. I am very grateful for this hospital because they saved my life. But it also created a storm of other health issues that if those IV infusions were used on me today in the state they were in then, I’d be a very rich woman. Today I’m 40ish, still on SSI and I’m lucky I have what I do have. My health, mentally, physically and emotionally is not good at all but I’m still alive. I was born and raised and still live in my hometown. My family has roots that go back hundreds of years here. I’m the first family member that has never not worked. My whole entire family tried to save my life back in the late 90s before I got approved for SSI and Medicaid. I’m lucky to have my family, we’ve never been rich but I’ll just say without my knowledge, my parents ultimately lost their home in the end trying to save my life. If anyone contributes, works and pays taxes here in America for 10 years and aren’t USA residents, yes they should receive help. But others who suck off our system, having babies to stay here or immigrant family getting help I.e. food stamps, welfare, insurance ect that has a adult working under the table making large amounts of money a lot of citizens don’t make, yes, stop all help to them. Everything is not black and white. There’s a huge grey area. So disappointed in the bigotry I’ve read in these comments. And yes most USA citizens speaks English but people from Louisiana and Charleston speak a different dialet than some but that’s just examples. What have WE become? Never seen so much bigotry in my life and it’s 2020. It’s all needs to stop period. We are Americans yes but we can be better than this. I’m only speaking up because it’s wrong and y’all know it’s wrong. Everyone please stop all this. It’s too much and I don’t and refuse to believe this is what Americans are. I’m not a bleeding heart liberal or a Democrat nut job that wants to save the world. But I’m also not a Republican who thinks no body matters but my life either.

          • Brenda K.

            Where can I find this “Law”?

        • John

          Read your constitution, it’s a requirement to be a citizen. OLOL LOL. No non citizens should be eligible

          • Rayray

            Where in the Constitution does it say you have to speak English to be a citizen?lol

        • US H.

          It may not be “the offical ” language of this country. However facts are facts ALL OF THIS COUNTRIES DOCUMENTS are in ..wait for it.. ENGLISH . Thats right. They didn’t put them in French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Mandarin or Spanish No other language. Just English. Why would any person with an ounce of common sense think it would be otherwise ?

          • C

            Well, I have seen notices go out to companies telling them if they want their notices and sales tax reports in Chinese to call and ask . They put out almost every language in Cali

          • Sarah S.

            Actually, US History Major, they are written in English and Spanish.

        • Shannon R.

          I Don’t know where your coming up with this but English IS THE FIRST AND MAIN LANGUAGE. For 100 years, we have been taught English. I don’t live in Mexico nor do I need to speak it. If you don’t want to learn basic American English then go to another country.

        • Tammy S.

          I speak English and despise those abusing our system, no matter what language they speak. I can report that I continue to battle metastatic breast cancer while battling approval for SS benefits. I worked 5 years after diagnosed and that works against me now. I have been contributing since 1984. Our system needs change. I’m on my 2nd appeal. My attorney said they’d rush my year long wait once hospice is called in!

          • Dave

            Sorry to hear Tammy. I did my disability app online and was approved in 6 months. Just keep at it. I pray for a recovery for you. God Bless

        • Bob

          Yes there is, it’s called English! The next town from me there’re 25K illegals. People that where born in this country, that worked all there life, and now they’re trying to get SSI/SSA and they are really sick and can’t get it

        • Jess

          Its not true about getting ssid people who never worked a day in there life is getting it and also goes for ssi. But in order to get ssa you have to work or make a certain amount before getting ssa.
          Thank you for your time

        • Sane

          Don’t confuse them with facts, Wendell.

        • Bonnie

          wrong !! American Speak English. That is our Language . And it always has been . Where are you from ?

        • Anthony S.

          English is the language of the US it has been and always been and always will be it just like picking up the phone dial 1 for English dial to and wait till you learn English LOL

        • Gene D.

          • Robert A.

            When. R. We. Going. To get our. Stimulus. Check. Also. Alot of r on ssi. And. We. Use. Direct. Express. When. Will we get this. Stimulus

        • Lois R.

          I don’t understand how people get a check when they can work answering phones,cleaning rooms working at mcdonalds picking up trash.they can sleep all day drive a car smoke cigarettes watch t.v. an we have to get up cook clean or whatever job we can find an others get ssi because they have seizures an take med an haven’t had one in 20 yrs but they get free money an medical food stamps low income it’s not fair

        • Grover C.

          You do realize that one must show te abiity to read and write english to become a naturalized citen of the USA. Even my wife who was born and rasied in the UK had to prove it when she took her citenship test!!

      • Bonnie

        If your gonna force ur way in this country, you should be able to communicate in ENGLISH FLUENTLY

        • Bob

          You’re 100% right!

          • Robert A.

            When. R. We. Going. To get our. Stimulus. Check.

      • Kelly

        How simple indeed:
        That’s the window over there.
        That’s their window.
        They’re going to fix their window located over there.

        • Annie

          Too many people ride the system. When did overeating become a disability?

          • Deborah J.

            I agree to many overweight people are getting disability, now the ones that need it ,they want to take it away or cut it back

          • Ruben

            Really? Do you have any numbers?

          • Christine M.

            Oh you didn’t just say that did you? That is not a qualifier! What you said is very offensive and rude. Think before you type.

      • Elisabeth E.

        Have you ever tried to learn a language different from your early childhood upbringing? Even a mild hearing or cognitive disability can be a barrier. People with vision issues can be helped with the Talking Book System. Other health issues can be indeed a barrier!

      • kelli a.

        get out of my country ashley you ignorant bigot

        • Sane

          ?? The racism and xenophobia on this thread boggles my well-educated, elite mind. ?

          Diversity has enriched my life for which I’ll be eternally grateful.

          • Anna

            Bravo! I a mere RN find these convoluted bigoted conversations in 2020 to be hope killers. You notice what James Reynolds was attempting to do? Good job James. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

      • Anne M.

        You show your ignorance and you live in the US. Shame on you.
        “Why isn’t English the official language of the United States?
        This is because the U.S. has always been a multilingual nation, though this hasn’t stopped many states from declaring English as their official language. However, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is in place to protect the rights of individual taxpayers who don’t speak fluent English.Why isn’t English the official language of the United States?
        This is because the U.S. has always been a multilingual nation, though this hasn’t stopped many states from declaring English as their official language. However, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is in place to protect the rights of individual taxpayers who don’t speak fluent English.”

        • Sane

          Anne, facts confuse them. Aside from Amendment #2, we may be the only posters in this group who’ve read the Constitution. We may be the only posters who’ve bothered to get to know the wonderful people they’re disparaging.
          JD 1989.

        • Sarah S.

          Exactly! The 2nd Amendmenters are hypocrites.

      • Sarah S.

        So, you think, my daughter, who was born in the US and has speech delay, shouldn’t be able to get government money because she mostly speaks gibberish?

      • MarcAnthony

        Our 1st and foremost language in the USA is English. As a naturalized citizen English was mandatory Little by little our elected leaders are giving the country away. Friends of mine live in Mexico. The rental application by law must be in Spanish. English is not recognized. What is wrong with our beloved country?

      • Rosamond M.

        English is one of the hardest languages to learn by a foreigner Be lucky you already learned it Why don’t you go teach English as a Second Language?

    • Delores

      So fukin TRUE….ITS NOT RIGHT !!!

      • tony

        A U.S. Citizen who speaks English cannot collect Social Security disability. Why give the foreigners who doesn’t speak English our taxpayers money.

        If they are still approved because of language, then require them go through vocational rehabilitation to learn English. They are required to go through vocational rehabilitation if it will allow them to work.

        • MFWall

          As a recipient of SSDI–the “I” is important, I’d like to point out that SSDI is “Social Security Disability INSURANCE”. This is NOT a taxpayer funded program in the way SSI, the “other” disability for very low/no income folks would receive if disabled. I worked over 30years & to my horror became disabled. I PRAY every day that God would take this & return me to my profession. That’s not happening Im afraid. All my savings/retirement is gone, house foreclosed & now in an 850sqft apartment. Before disability, I made $97K/year. Do ppl think I PREFER not working? Do ppl think I wouldn’t pay every dime I’ve received from SSDI back just to have DIGNITY & RESPECT again? I feel like a 2nd class citizen now–despite I paid into Social Security every paycheck like everyone else. My SSDI is not an entitlement yet I am blessed to have it bc if I didn’t, I would literally be on the street. Oh how one can fall from Grace so quickly. So for those of you who think you know it all & make assumptions, I advise to be very careful. I used to think that way. Now I am living the adage “There but for the Grace of God go I”. Seriously. It CAN happen to you. So take your assumptions & judgements with you on Sunday mornings. Lift them up to your God & pray He doesn’t decide to show YOU how quickly it can all evaporate.

          • Amanda

            Most accurate information I have seen commented on this thread. Thank you for sharing!

          • Nancy

            This is so true. I am 49 and have worked my whole life since I was 16. In 2013 I lost everything. Never taking time for myself saying “what if.” In 2015 my health finally caught up, got sick and couldn’t work. Even losing my daughter to DCF claiming due to my health I could not care for her. I applied for disability and have been denied 3x. I suffer everyday in pain. I now live in a 1 room studio with my husband who has the onset of dementia with no hope in sight. There are too many people on SSDI that don’t need it so people like me cannot get it. SSDI will only pay him $20 a month. The system has failed us. What kind of life are we expected to have? What did I work 60-70hrs a week for? I have no savings left, no house, no daughter, no SSDI. After 4 years of apps and appeals fall short of the 10 year requirement and have to start the process again without legal rep. So I get where you are coming from……………….

          • Elisabeth E.

            Hope you can live a pleasant life with disability. Having minimum income to survive should be easily understood in our society. Let your disability flow like a river. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HERE!

          • Cindy


    • Gerry

      Fact is they couldn’t care less if they’re trult disabled or not. Just try to pay for wealthy tax cuts and unlimited military complex budgets. At the expense of the most vulnerable whether it be elderly,veterans,mentally ill or disabled. I am referring to actual citizens. I know a few who paid into system for over 30 years and niw they call it entitlements and don’t want to give it back.

      Start cutting salaries and benefits of our greedy senators!

      • Rhonda


      • Liane B.


      • Dionna


      • Debbie F.

        Well said!

      • M. A.

        The ‘Weathly’ truly know how to pit the peasants against each other. As we fight and spew ugliness at one another, they continue to enjoy everything wonderful that only money can buy. Wouldn’t it be wiser to spend time working together to change the laws to better the lives of the the people who are living pay check to pay check and for the people who are barely making it. We out number THEM.

      • MFWall

        I could cry. Im so ashamed for ppl to find out Im on SSDI. People are so cruel & assume that after working since I was 12yo (now58yo) that I would prefer this life? Ive even attempted suicide bc Im absolutely devastated to have become disabled to where the degree I worked for, for 6 years in college is now useless to me. And now the current political climate is working to further demonize SSDI recipients as lazy scammers that don’t want to work. And so many ppl believe it–oh I know what you’ll say–we don’t mean you, we mean the ppl taking advantage–right. That really decreases my anxiety. I used to pray I wouldn’t be disabled anymore but that didn’t work. Now I just pray that I die before the GOP decides Im not disabled enough & takes away the only income I have…i will NOT be homeless. I still have a roof (apartment, lost my house several yrs back) over my head at this point. But I do pray for all of YOU. I pray none of you have to end up where I am–and so many like me–where you are dependent upon the current political climate as to whether you can make it or not. I just wish somebody in DC understood. I just wish they would leave me alone.

      • Victor C.

        Very well put. I agree 1000%.

    • Ray B.

      Social security administration is going to go through with this Trump administration bulshit now this was done before during the Reagan administration and a lot of people who where truly disabled lost their benefits because of bullshit re-evaluating people people who are disabled and can’t get out to go around and get paperwork filled out that the social security administration wants filled out they make it impossible for people to comply with their stupid requirements and they end up losing their benefits. the thing is during the Reagan administration Reagan figure it out that he made a big freaking mistake and pushing these changes through and he undid them so dumbass Trump comes along and thinks he can do it better fuck that asshole needs to be put in prison where he belongs worse fucking president ever.

      • Debbie F.


      • Bella

        What you are referring to was the way continuing disability reviews were conducted. This is referring to considering whether a person who does not speak English could work.

      • Victor C.

        Amen Brother!! Agree totally with you.

      • Lois

        That’s just liberal BS you’re spewing.

    • John D.

      I agree with Laura many cannot communicate if there is brain damage. Dementia in Seniors causes them to remember the past better than the present so if raised in Italy, France or parts of England and Ireland it makes no sense changing rules then termination of benefits.

    • Bob

      They will over do it. Anything they can get for free, they will. Only in American!

    • Sane

      Sigh. Ignorance is still in vogue and pervasive. Xenophobes abound. Undocumented workers never receive a cent of Social Security Income, nor are they eligible to receive SSDI or Medicare. Instead, they work hard and pay FICA from which the rest of us benefit, not them. Farmers are begging for Mexican laborers to pick fruit, vegetables, nuts, grapes, etc. California avocados went to waste this year because there’s a paucity of people in this country willing to pick them. My Mexican housekeeper works circles around white housekeepers whose sub-quality work I’ve observed.

      • J w.


    • Linda

      Please learn to READ English before making comments on a subject. The important part of the whole article was completely missed by everyone on this thread. “Research now shows the inability to communicate in English is no longer a good measure of a person’s education level or the ability to engage in work.” In PLAIN ENGLISH, that means that people will NO LONGER draw a check just because they have a language barrier. Something that they never should have been able to do to start with. This is a GOOD change, people. It means that just because you can’t speak English or choose not to learn it, you are NOT disabled.

      • Jeanette W.

        Absolutely.. why would one hinder themselves so and expect reward. Besides that with the technology of the day and translations of every description available digitally visually verbally or otherwise it’s no longer even a valid point because you can get everything translated to your native tongue

    • Anonymous j.

      Those who need it don’t get it they are told to find jobs in less busy fields I have worked since age 18 paid my dues but was sent 4x to doctors the SSA uses to deny Americans payments meanwhile lots of non disability status Americans who have doctors who can vouch for them get the money at this point my health is in the toilet and I still won’t bother filing cause they’ll just put you thru x amount of years just to say hey you have a job right nope we won’t pay there are so many Americans who work hurt disabled ETC cause the SSA will not approve them instead it seems millions pay in so thousands get paid .

    • Billy J.

      I just want to know will SSI recipients receive the covid-19 stimulus package aid or be excluded from receiving the 1.200 dollars yes or no…..

    • April

      I would just like to see them post the complete new rule(s) instead of a lame limited explanation. They work for us and we pay them right?

    • doesnt m.

      that almost doesnt matter if who they want gets targetted as dependables so they can restrict them from getting the payments if they have them there under “governance”. Might harm very few in favor of some “governance” on many you can control with restricting payments like this enforcing poverty into their life for whatever reason of controlling them as governance.

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