New Rule Modernizes How We Award Disability Benefits

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The Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society. A successful disability program must evolve and support making the right decision as early in the process as possible. To help us do that, we must modernize the rules and standards we use to evaluate how we determine disability benefits. We are moving forward with a rule change that has been in the works for a number of years and serves to update a more than 40-year-old policy that made the inability to communicate in English a factor in awarding disability benefits. The new rule is effective April 27, 2020.

We are required to consider education to determine if your medical condition prevents work. In 2015, our Inspector General recommended that we evaluate the appropriateness of this policy. Research now shows the inability to communicate in English is no longer a good measure of a person’s education level or the ability to engage in work. The new rule also supports the Administration’s longstanding focus of recognizing that individuals with disabilities can remain in the workforce.

To make the right disability decisions, Social Security disability rules must continue to reflect current medicine and evolution of work. We need to update our rules to keep up with society’s changes.

We owe it to the American public to ensure that our disability programs continue to reflect the realities of the modern workplace. Please share this information with your family and friends.


408 thoughts on “New Rule Modernizes How We Award Disability Benefits

        • You do realize while English was never “stated official language” it is universally known it is this countries language. Now if you want to be picky since when do those who never put into the system and have not lived as a resident legally of the USA allowed to get any form of government/state aid which SSI/SSA is a part of? Since when is a person allowed to even be in this country without attempting to get the legal status? Try going to Mexico are any other country and see what you will collect if not of their people and speak their lang.

          • You can only get out what you contribute. And have to work at sometime in the previous10 years.

          • First off, you are not eligible for SSDI if you don’t have a ss#/card and you have to work a min. Of 15years. Come on people.

          • You are so right. My family has been naturally born citizens since there was a U.S.A. we all worked out lives and weather we get old or need any form of SS. Some can’t get it. Others don’t even get a week’s pay. You get povity level and the Medicare stinks. They give everything to illegal people which is not fair. English is the spoken language of this land if you can’t speak it learn it.

          • THIS IS AMERICA, NOT MEXICO. I learned English in school, just like everyone else in the last 100 years. English is our first Language so please stop spreading fabricated information.

          • The English language was voted by our founding fathers. Furthermore, the German language was almost voted as our countries language. It lost by 1 vote to the English language.
            As for giving someone disability for not speaking the English language is far stretch. You couldn’t expect to live in France and have any Frenchman speak your language and if you couldn’t the Country gives you Disability. Not happening. Their are many programs that teach English as a second language. This program is a wonderful program and should be taking by anyone who needs help learning how to speak and write English. Now I would definitely be in favor of funding this program . Whether it was by the Government or a Private entity. I do believe our children should be educated in a foreign. It fun to learn.

          • Ashlee you are so right on that subject.
            Not knowing the language you have moved into (maybe to get out of a 3rd world country) then you are handicapping me by not talking English. Can I get paid a disability for that??

          • I agree with you 100%. What country can you go to, example China and not speak there lang, and get SSI/SSA or any type of help. This is a crazy program. I am surprise the Rep Senate let this happen. People that where born this country and are really sick, can’t get SSI/SSA In the town next to me, there are 25K or more illegals. They are draining our social service. I know there are peple with fake diver lic, fake ss numbers and etc. we couldn’t go to another country and do the same.

          • Well put! Why can’t this be addressed on our voting ballot? Breaking our laws is bad enough, but then to DEMAND special treatment is insulting to our LEGAL citizens.

          • USA was annexed from Native Americans who get assistance. Hawaiians who speak hawaiian will get assistance, and same goes for all the land annexed by the British old English Scottish Irish Australian man. We are a country all other country’s look up too! Why has faith in kindness turned into a debate on what language a hungry homeless person speaks? And if everyone got into an accident and became mute or spoke retardation I be maybe then other countries would pick you off the street and support you. The thing is the mind can be in just as much pain as the body or the eyes can distinguish. Everyone should run for a position in politics.

          • heres the actual lang of our country there is more than one english is not one of them Adai †
            Algic (30)
            Alsea (2) †
            Atakapa †
            Beothuk †
            Caddoan (5)
            Cayuse †
            Chimakuan (2) †
            Chimariko †
            Chinookan (3) †
            Chitimacha †
            Chumashan (6) †
            Coahuilteco †
            Comecrudan (United States & Mexico) (3) †
            Coosan (2) †
            Cotoname †
            Eskimo–Aleut (7)
            Esselen †
            Iroquoian (11)
            Kalapuyan (3) †
            Karankawa †
            Keresan (2)
            Maiduan (4)
            Muskogean (9)
            Na-Dené (United States, Canada & Mexico) (39)
            Natchez †
            Palaihnihan (2)
            Plateau Penutian (4) (also known as Shahapwailutan)
            Pomoan (7)
            Salinan †
            Salishan (23)
            Shastan (4) †
            Siouan (19)
            Siuslaw †
            Solano †
            Takelma †
            Tanoan (7)
            Timucua †
            Tonkawa †
            Tsimshianic (2)
            Tunica †
            Utian (15) (also known as Miwok–Costanoan)
            Uto-Aztecan (33)
            Wakashan (7)
            Wappo †
            Wintuan (4)
            Yana †
            Yokutsan (3)
            Yuki †
            Yuman–Cochimí (11)

          • You do realize undocumented immigrants can’t get government assistance, right?

          • Regardless of whether one speaks english, if they work hard and contribute to social security, which many of our immigrant population (like your ancestors?), they can get Soc. Sec. YOUR BIGOTRY IS SHOWING PEOPLE!

          • Ok I’m on total disability with huge mental stress disorder diagnosed as bipolar ! I’m almost 61and started working as soon as I turned 16 I served 3 years in the Military in Germany and the balance as a lifelong toolmaker ! I worked many many 60 ,70 ,75 hour workweeks as toolmakers work too much overtime Now I’m disabled as an identity theft victim ,all internet accounts have had the shit hacked out of them and have lost in excess of 40000 dollars with fraudulent phlishing ,viruses, malware that I fully intend to move into Federal court with violators The US government wants to hide Facebook and Gioogles as but I solely intend to sue both with huge ass damages until my last breathe They’re driving me towards a stroke as I text this message I’m reporting these acts to world media I can’t endure this any longer This has been a constant fight since March 2018

          • english is our language there was a vote and it won by one point or we would be speaking german

        • It may not be “the offical ” language of this country. However facts are facts ALL OF THIS COUNTRIES DOCUMENTS are in ..wait for it.. ENGLISH . Thats right. They didn’t put them in French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Mandarin or Spanish No other language. Just English. Why would any person with an ounce of common sense think it would be otherwise ?

          • Well, I have seen notices go out to companies telling them if they want their notices and sales tax reports in Chinese to call and ask . They put out almost every language in Cali

        • I Don’t know where your coming up with this but English IS THE FIRST AND MAIN LANGUAGE. For 100 years, we have been taught English. I don’t live in Mexico nor do I need to speak it. If you don’t want to learn basic American English then go to another country.

        • I speak English and despise those abusing our system, no matter what language they speak. I can report that I continue to battle metastatic breast cancer while battling approval for SS benefits. I worked 5 years after diagnosed and that works against me now. I have been contributing since 1984. Our system needs change. I’m on my 2nd appeal. My attorney said they’d rush my year long wait once hospice is called in!

        • Yes there is, it’s called English! The next town from me there’re 25K illegals. People that where born in this country, that worked all there life, and now they’re trying to get SSI/SSA and they are really sick and can’t get it

        • Its not true about getting ssid people who never worked a day in there life is getting it and also goes for ssi. But in order to get ssa you have to work or make a certain amount before getting ssa.
          Thank you for your time

          • I agree to many overweight people are getting disability, now the ones that need it ,they want to take it away or cut it back

          • Oh you didn’t just say that did you? That is not a qualifier! What you said is very offensive and rude. Think before you type.

      • Have you ever tried to learn a language different from your early childhood upbringing? Even a mild hearing or cognitive disability can be a barrier. People with vision issues can be helped with the Talking Book System. Other health issues can be indeed a barrier!

        • 👏🏼 The racism and xenophobia on this thread boggles my well-educated, elite mind. 🙄

          Diversity has enriched my life for which I’ll be eternally grateful.

      • You show your ignorance and you live in the US. Shame on you.
        “Why isn’t English the official language of the United States?
        This is because the U.S. has always been a multilingual nation, though this hasn’t stopped many states from declaring English as their official language. However, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is in place to protect the rights of individual taxpayers who don’t speak fluent English.Why isn’t English the official language of the United States?
        This is because the U.S. has always been a multilingual nation, though this hasn’t stopped many states from declaring English as their official language. However, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is in place to protect the rights of individual taxpayers who don’t speak fluent English.”

        • Anne, facts confuse them. Aside from Amendment #2, we may be the only posters in this group who’ve read the Constitution. We may be the only posters who’ve bothered to get to know the wonderful people they’re disparaging.
          JD 1989.

      • So, you think, my daughter, who was born in the US and has speech delay, shouldn’t be able to get government money because she mostly speaks gibberish?

      • A U.S. Citizen who speaks English cannot collect Social Security disability. Why give the foreigners who doesn’t speak English our taxpayers money.

        If they are still approved because of language, then require them go through vocational rehabilitation to learn English. They are required to go through vocational rehabilitation if it will allow them to work.

        • As a recipient of SSDI–the “I” is important, I’d like to point out that SSDI is “Social Security Disability INSURANCE”. This is NOT a taxpayer funded program in the way SSI, the “other” disability for very low/no income folks would receive if disabled. I worked over 30years & to my horror became disabled. I PRAY every day that God would take this & return me to my profession. That’s not happening Im afraid. All my savings/retirement is gone, house foreclosed & now in an 850sqft apartment. Before disability, I made $97K/year. Do ppl think I PREFER not working? Do ppl think I wouldn’t pay every dime I’ve received from SSDI back just to have DIGNITY & RESPECT again? I feel like a 2nd class citizen now–despite I paid into Social Security every paycheck like everyone else. My SSDI is not an entitlement yet I am blessed to have it bc if I didn’t, I would literally be on the street. Oh how one can fall from Grace so quickly. So for those of you who think you know it all & make assumptions, I advise to be very careful. I used to think that way. Now I am living the adage “There but for the Grace of God go I”. Seriously. It CAN happen to you. So take your assumptions & judgements with you on Sunday mornings. Lift them up to your God & pray He doesn’t decide to show YOU how quickly it can all evaporate.

          • Most accurate information I have seen commented on this thread. Thank you for sharing!

          • This is so true. I am 49 and have worked my whole life since I was 16. In 2013 I lost everything. Never taking time for myself saying “what if.” In 2015 my health finally caught up, got sick and couldn’t work. Even losing my daughter to DCF claiming due to my health I could not care for her. I applied for disability and have been denied 3x. I suffer everyday in pain. I now live in a 1 room studio with my husband who has the onset of dementia with no hope in sight. There are too many people on SSDI that don’t need it so people like me cannot get it. SSDI will only pay him $20 a month. The system has failed us. What kind of life are we expected to have? What did I work 60-70hrs a week for? I have no savings left, no house, no daughter, no SSDI. After 4 years of apps and appeals fall short of the 10 year requirement and have to start the process again without legal rep. So I get where you are coming from……………….

          • Hope you can live a pleasant life with disability. Having minimum income to survive should be easily understood in our society. Let your disability flow like a river. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HERE!

    • Fact is they couldn’t care less if they’re trult disabled or not. Just try to pay for wealthy tax cuts and unlimited military complex budgets. At the expense of the most vulnerable whether it be elderly,veterans,mentally ill or disabled. I am referring to actual citizens. I know a few who paid into system for over 30 years and niw they call it entitlements and don’t want to give it back.

      Start cutting salaries and benefits of our greedy senators!

      • The ‘Weathly’ truly know how to pit the peasants against each other. As we fight and spew ugliness at one another, they continue to enjoy everything wonderful that only money can buy. Wouldn’t it be wiser to spend time working together to change the laws to better the lives of the the people who are living pay check to pay check and for the people who are barely making it. We out number THEM.

      • I could cry. Im so ashamed for ppl to find out Im on SSDI. People are so cruel & assume that after working since I was 12yo (now58yo) that I would prefer this life? Ive even attempted suicide bc Im absolutely devastated to have become disabled to where the degree I worked for, for 6 years in college is now useless to me. And now the current political climate is working to further demonize SSDI recipients as lazy scammers that don’t want to work. And so many ppl believe it–oh I know what you’ll say–we don’t mean you, we mean the ppl taking advantage–right. That really decreases my anxiety. I used to pray I wouldn’t be disabled anymore but that didn’t work. Now I just pray that I die before the GOP decides Im not disabled enough & takes away the only income I have…i will NOT be homeless. I still have a roof (apartment, lost my house several yrs back) over my head at this point. But I do pray for all of YOU. I pray none of you have to end up where I am–and so many like me–where you are dependent upon the current political climate as to whether you can make it or not. I just wish somebody in DC understood. I just wish they would leave me alone.

    • Social security administration is going to go through with this Trump administration bulshit now this was done before during the Reagan administration and a lot of people who where truly disabled lost their benefits because of bullshit re-evaluating people people who are disabled and can’t get out to go around and get paperwork filled out that the social security administration wants filled out they make it impossible for people to comply with their stupid requirements and they end up losing their benefits. the thing is during the Reagan administration Reagan figure it out that he made a big freaking mistake and pushing these changes through and he undid them so dumbass Trump comes along and thinks he can do it better fuck that asshole needs to be put in prison where he belongs worse fucking president ever.

    • I agree with Laura many cannot communicate if there is brain damage. Dementia in Seniors causes them to remember the past better than the present so if raised in Italy, France or parts of England and Ireland it makes no sense changing rules then termination of benefits.

    • Sigh. Ignorance is still in vogue and pervasive. Xenophobes abound. Undocumented workers never receive a cent of Social Security Income, nor are they eligible to receive SSDI or Medicare. Instead, they work hard and pay FICA from which the rest of us benefit, not them. Farmers are begging for Mexican laborers to pick fruit, vegetables, nuts, grapes, etc. California avocados went to waste this year because there’s a paucity of people in this country willing to pick them. My Mexican housekeeper works circles around white housekeepers whose sub-quality work I’ve observed.

    • Please learn to READ English before making comments on a subject. The important part of the whole article was completely missed by everyone on this thread. “Research now shows the inability to communicate in English is no longer a good measure of a person’s education level or the ability to engage in work.” In PLAIN ENGLISH, that means that people will NO LONGER draw a check just because they have a language barrier. Something that they never should have been able to do to start with. This is a GOOD change, people. It means that just because you can’t speak English or choose not to learn it, you are NOT disabled.

    • Those who need it don’t get it they are told to find jobs in less busy fields I have worked since age 18 paid my dues but was sent 4x to doctors the SSA uses to deny Americans payments meanwhile lots of non disability status Americans who have doctors who can vouch for them get the money at this point my health is in the toilet and I still won’t bother filing cause they’ll just put you thru x amount of years just to say hey you have a job right nope we won’t pay there are so many Americans who work hurt disabled ETC cause the SSA will not approve them instead it seems millions pay in so thousands get paid .

  1. I am on 100% SS disability and only receive $100.00 per month for it.
    How can that be increased to cover real live expenses????

      • SSD doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t count like you have/ had enough working credits to collect SSD deserving or not. That would put you in the SSI pool and that certainly wouldn’t leave you with $100 a month. The only benefits I can think of that MIGHT. Pay $100 a month is food stamps or I think it’s stalled SNAP now.
        It’s unheard of for any SS anything to pay $ 100 unless? Maybe? Are you working and collecting?!? Something is definitely not right here.

    • Social Security disability and Social Security go by a point system. If you didn’t work enough to receive enough points then that’s the reason why you get the amount you have.

    • Either you are on SSI and have some sort of other income that is causing a reduction in your benefits, or you are on SSDI and you didn’t have much of a work history, so that is your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA – a fancy way of saying that’s how much you get based on your earnings and what you paid into the system). If it’s SSI, you can get more once you no longer are receiving whatever the income is, if it’s SSDI, you can’t increase it.

    • The only way to get a US disability payment of $100 a month is if you’re collecting SSI benefits as well. The lowest a person can collect in disability payments is $783.

      If you really are only receiving $100 a month, you’re getting that from your state, or have income that is offsetting your benefits. If you’re getting your benefits from your state, you need to apply for SSI/SSDI and get federal benefits. If you’re considered disabled by the SSA, have no extra income and are only getting $100, someone made a mistake.

      Your elected representatives(US senator and US house representative) should have a constituent services contact number/email/form. They should provide you with help dealing with the SSA. They helped a relative of mine after a complicated mistake by the SSA. She called SSA a bunch of times and got different answers and no resolution, but her House rep was able to get it taken care of in a few months.

    • My understanding is that they do base your payments on two things, first you have to have been working for a min of 15years, they keep in mind what your total income was through all the taxed years you worked, and finally they look at what was your income of your very last job. So say you work part-time somewhere and they paid you 5.50$ an hour for that job back when you were working, that would effect your SSDI, now say you had a very good paying job like registered nursing, making 65.00$ an hour, and suddenly became disabled, your monthly compensation, would be much greater. Oh and btw, in CA I believe food stamps pay about 200 monthly for a single person. I really hope this helps.

      • Incorrect. I am on ssdi and I did not work 15 years. It is based on the number of quarters of work. I think the minimum is 5 years.

    • Good afternoon. I would also like to see a more detailed description of the proposed rule changes. Neither in the regional media, nor on thematic sites (for example, there are so far no clarifications and proposed changes to the rules.

  2. I can’t imagine someone who cannot communicate in English as necessarily employable unless there is an interpreter available for them. I think of languages such as Vietnamese or Russian. How can they interact with the general public or understand instructions by supervisors.

    • Learn English, it’s as simple as that!! If you go to any other country, they do not all speak english, so why do we have to accommodate foreigners who don’t learn our language??? Please enlighten me!!

      • How about Native Americans who’s land you stole? I’ve been on Navajo, Apache and Hopi Native American lands 200+ times working for SS. They want to modernize this yet there’s many without electricity or water you take for granted. There’s only one reason for this – IQ45 and his take from the poor and Socialism for the rich party.

        Do you know how many cases this actually came up for me? 1/10,000 maybe where this was material to the decision, allow vs deny.

        Go get another drink of water unless you live vin Flint and turn on Fox News with your electricity.


          • You’re living in La La Land dear..Trump will win, and he will win big..Have plenty of tissues and coloring books ready..You will need them.

          • This whole statement about change is (new rules)talke with a snakes tongue,

        • Your ancestors immigrated from Asia…Your ancestors originally weren’t born on American soil..Your people weren’t strong enough to hold on to their lands..That was unfortunate, but only the strong survive..That is the way of the world.. Secondly..Your Tribes savaged each other..You hated each other.. Stole each others land, women, horses, and put each other through horrible tortures..You weren’t the best example of civility. Thirdly, America paid you back.. you pay no taxes..It’s all History..whats done is done. Get over it TRUMP 2020!!!

    • My ex tried to get employed at a construction site. Born and raised in the USA none Hispanic. He was denied employment because he could not speak Spanish. Those driving the heavy equipment only communicated in Spanish. We just shook our heads.

    • Disability just doesn’t give you enough to make ends meet. I worked my whole life now I get 9 hundred and eighty seven dollars a month. That’s for rent electric life alert which I need and food for a month. That’s just not enough.

    • There are many jobs in manufacturing/assembly line or housekeeping work where you learn by demonstration and do not need to communicate with the public.

    • Many many people who are not fluent in English or cannot read or write in English are employed, hotel housekeepers, office housekeepers/cleaners, groundskeepers, trades, dishwashers, laundry workers and so on. Many work for years and years, are here legally, paying into Social Security and state and federal income taxes. The old rule allowed some consideration of the fact that it would be difficult for such individuals to perform other types of work given their limited English language skills if they become sick or unable to perform their past work due to an injury, physical or mental. No one was awarded benefits solely because they are limited in the English language or are obese. There are so many factors that are involved in this very complicated system. The new rule eliminates any consideration be given to the persons ability to perform full time work activity based on their inability to communicate, read or write in English.

    • In deciding whether someone is intellectually disabled, the SSA used a person’s ability to communicate in English as one of the measures used to determine someone’s intellectual capacity. Now they won’t, as studies have shown that the ability to communicate in English is not a good indicator of intellect.

      That’s all there is to it. So to everyone freaking out thinking this makes it easier for non English speakers to get disability benefits can relax. If anything this will make it harder for non-english speakers to get benefits, as their inability to speak English will no longer be a factor in their favor when they are claiming an intellectual disability.

      • Truly clueless. It’s simply an inability to communicate in English is listed in a couple of the vocational rules. To even get to those rules, you need a bunch of “ifs”. Those ifs over 28 years working there happened in 1/10000 cases, maybe. I’d love for real numbers on this.

        All this is – a campaign stunt by IQ45 to prop up his intellectual base by thinking he’s combating immigration. How is this modernizing anything? Ever been on Navajo, Hopi or Apache land, the crap we gave them after we stole their land? There’s people without water and electricity it’s so modern – yet for one of them who has paid into it through FICA taxes, you want to make it more difficult.

      • Thank you Joe. I understood it better when you explained it. That puts many mind at ease as this won’t affect me one way or the other. Whew!

    • What is amazing about your question is the realization that SSA considered the inability or unwillingness to learn to speak English as a qualifying disability. Who the heck is running that insane asylum?

      • My god, please at least try to read, and curb your willful ignorance. Not being able to speak English was NEVER deemed a “disability,” genius. It was *one factor* in the overal disability decsion, because it is obviously more difficult to find work if one cannot speak it.

        • Jim has it correct here. Ability to communicate in English was one method SSA used in determining if someone has an intellectual disability. Nobody ever got disability because they were simply too lazy to learn English.

  3. My Husband & I Would Like To Know How & Why As A MARRIED COUPLE # BOTH WITH SEVERAL DISABILITIES Are PENALIZED? C- $525.00 SSDI A MONTH & $ 66.50 SSI & 24 YRS ON DISABILITY & J- $537.00 A MONTH SSDI & $66.50 ( $1,185.00) TOGETHE R???? WE R A BLACK MARRIE D COUPLE IN TEXAS.# 6yrs & From LA #55 YRS. NO” Assets, Car 19 YRS Old # NO Air Or Heat # 204.00 Value. #MISCALCULATED BENEFITS. Cynthia B. Cade *** – ** – *** 08-19-1958 & JESSIE CADE JR *** – ** – ***/ 01-15-1959
    700 COBIA DR #526
    KATY, TX 77494-1720

    • There’s a minimum amount for disability that is given, even if you’ve never worked. They figure your disability amount similar to how they figure SS. If you worked a lot before you went on it, you’ll get more. Your SSI helps make up the difference between your disability and a certain set point. You have a maximum you can earn between you both before your SSI starts to drop.
      It’s never going to be a livable amount.

      • Correct it goes by a point system. Depending on how long you worked. A Person that has work for 40 years will get more Social Security or SSDI than a person who has not. It’s only fair.

        • Is that really fair? SSDI is insurance (it’s in the name) against disability, not a savings account.

          If I get car insurance, the amount I get paid when I make a claim isn’t based on how long I’ve been paying for insurance. The same goes for every other kind of insurance.

          The whole point of insurance is to cover unexpected losses. SSDI is an insurance plan the government forces you to pay into.

          Why is it “only fair” for this compulsory insurance plan to provide less benefits to the people who are less likely to have any property or savings?

          • Your premium is based off of the value of your vehicle. It’s not really comparing apples to apples.

    • Only in limited circumstances and when there are a number of other limitations. Language has never been considered a disability in jobs which require physical strength and stamina.

      • And neither is education and yet SSI is required to look at your level of education when evaluating your medical condition? Your level of education should have no relavance to your medical condition. Your MEDICAL CONDITION is determining if your able to work not your level of education! Someone that is HIGHLY educared may still have a medical condition that prevents them to preform efficiently in a work environment. Now what this new rule is stating is, being able to communicate effectively in ENGLISH is NO LONGER going to be a determining factor in eligibility. This is becoming ridiculous!

  4. Any modernizing of outdated systems is truly welcome. When will you modernize the rules regarding establishing an account access for Americans living mostly overseas?? Current rule stipulated that one must have a US address.

  5. The judge refused to go with my daughters doctors recommendations he stated. She has a sensorinural hearing loss. 70 percent loss in rt. ear and 80 percent hearing loss in her left ear and it is getting worse. In addition, she has Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum which can contribute to this as well as other congenital issues such as congenital fusions of her spine in her cervical and thoracic area causing limited movement now.. Now where do we go? Her disability was discontinued.

  6. it seems this is to help pay for the Largest Tax giveaway in American history to Foreign corporations, American corporations and the top 10% of Taxpayers. It has increased our National debt, in trillions of dollars from future Americans, and weakened the fabric of our Nation. All for a transient Administration.

    • They are once again targeting vulnerable for the tax giveaway to the rich. As well as a blank check for the military budget. There are nany who pay into the system mist their lives and now denied callling it entitlements.

      Get out and vote out those currently in office

      • I don’t get it, people, who do you think “paying” your disability check? Where do you think money comes from to be sent out every month (especially to people who did not work, or even work, look how much you paid in to the system and how much you are going to get out of it!), it is not growing on trees… rich taxed at high brackets,deductions are limited prior to new tax law all the dependency exemptions and personal were gone (now it is gone al well) for the higher bracket, and you do not have to make millions to pay more than 53% of your paycheck in to the system and owe at the end, if you work for a living you will be taxed, there is income tax there is SS and Medicare tax there is additional Medicare tax if you are a family and your income (what ever source) is more than $250,000. If anything with this new tax law and administration I see a lot of my lower income clients get a better deal (yes disability is taxed, and your standard deduction is 24K, hmmm you rent, (no mortgage, no charity giving) and you make 32K in disability and 24k is standard deduction vs the old one at 12k and husband and wife exemption, and the higher than 10% bracket does not kick in as low as before.. so people got more out of this, rich still taxed out of their you know where and that money they pay goes to the earned income credit, or healthcare “help” through the tax system. Or is it too much to ask to look at the facts first, educate yourself before just going off about the rich and how bad the administration is. It is amazing that to drive a car I have to take a test and learn something, but to “drive” a country, no test is given… become an educated voter and not the poppet in the media political divide, what ever the side you are on!

        • I think it’s important to note that while wealthy Americans do sometimes earn/receive (whichever the case may be) an income, which is taxed at a higher rate, their primary source of wealth in inter-generational and investments, which are taxed at a much *lower* rate than income. This is how families are able to retain wealth. So to say the wealthy pay for the SSDI/SSI system is not entirely true, as they pay proportionally less income tax in relation to overall wealth than the middle class and working poor. This is a very common misconception. It’s also important to note that people drawing SSDI pay a monthly premium for their health insurance, therefore continuing to pay into the system.

          • Bethsheba makes some pretty good points here. But the wealth is not always inter-generational. I can only use my own example with certainty, but have a few close contacts who I know are similarly situated first generational ‘wealth machines.’ I made my own money – my parents and other family passed nothing on to us, and I wouldn’t have expected them to. My wife’s single mother never had anything except a clean, safe place for her kids to live, plenty of food on the table, & more than enough other stuff to go around. All three of her kids got top-notch college educations and started off with great jobs right out of college. I spent 22 more years in the Army and retired as a Sergeant Major.

        • Im sorry, SSDI is what I receive. Are you (I assume you mean taxpayers) paying my bills for me? I thought bc I paid my share for the 32years I was able to work, as a single, zero deductions person, making before taxes, approximately $97K/yr at the highest, I honestly thought that counted. I just don’t know how much longer I can handle losing my ability to support myself thru work, & the judgement that brings-particularly from supporters of Trump, that I can take. I’m really starting to wonder that if I offered to die so I wouldn’t have to cause the taxpayer anymore grief, would that appease ppl like you? Im so sorry I can’t do it anymore & I need help, long-term. I so so so wish it wasn’t the case. It sickens me to need your help. There is no dignity & obviously zero respect towsrds those of us who are disabled. I never dreamed this would happen to me. No one is more disgusted with this lot in my life than me. So thanks for paying your taxes to help support me, one of the apparent dregs of humanity….🥺

  7. My first comment did not publish so I suppose there was too much information.
    My daughter has a hearing deficit and congenital problems. She had been receiving SSI for 14 years and now suddenly they stopped it. Her congenital anomalies will not develop. She also has a child that is 14 years old with special needs. THeir food bill is 500.00 every two weeks and sometimes more because of the special foods because of the diagnosis of fatal food allergies, environmental allergies

  8. Who are looking to toughen the rules to help disabled Americans?
    Civil servants or unsympathetic political hacks appointed by uncaring politicians.



    G.M. AMATO

    • Your daughter is on SSI because she doesn’t qualify for SSDI because she hadn’t put in enough work weeks before becoming disabled. SSI is given to your daughter and it’s not a lot of money. There isn’t no way to increase that money unless she was to work.

    • It’s neither.

      All they are doing is eliminating one factor, of many, that are used to determine if someone has an intellectual disability.

      Previously they used a person’s ability to communicate in English as factor in those decisions, now they will not. The reason for the change is that studies have shown that the ability to communicate in English is not a good way of determining someone’s intellectual capacity.

      This isn’t changing anything about any requirements to speak English to get disability benefits.

      Don’t make this into a “This is America, speak English” thing. It’s really not.

    • It’s Not a handicap if you can’t speak english.It’s Not a handicap if you can’t speak russian or spanish or any other language.Get it now???

  10. There are several illnesses that the SSA will not consider a reason to be unable to be employed. Mental Illness is one. They need to evaluate on a case by case basis. If a person has not held a job since the diagnosis, they should investigate why. If the person has been chronically unemployed why place that burden on families who cannot get ahead for having to provide care and programming for the individual who they deem to be not disabled?

    • So someone that only has comprehension of 10 year old cannot add and subtract money and count change and warehouses are too fast paced to keep up the demand what are disabled people suppose to do

      • Poor disabled adults should get ssdi or ssi.They can also get food stamps.They go to top of the list for hud or emergency or public housing. They get medicaid or medicare or both.

  11. Do you have any statistics on the percentage of claims where this was used as being “material to the decision”? If you don’t know what that means, it’s decision entirely based on this issue – allowance vs denial.

    For me, that may have been more than other States. While my State is predominately Caucasian, we have somewhere around a 7-10% Native American and Hispanic population.

    If I had to guess with my own claims, maybe 1/10,000 was this “material to the decision”.

    To a former employee, this appears after 40 years simply to be a politically motivated decision as it’s an incredibly small number of claims. If you can show numbers on this as to WHY this is justified, that would be great. Thank you.

  12. The original rule “unable to communicate in English” can be read to mean the person cannot communicate in their native language due to a serious TBI injury which for Americans is English. Has nothing to do about which language you speak. you cannot hold a reasonable conversation. After a TBI a person’s mental ability is impaired often without recovery. Simply add after the word English the words “or in their native language”. Rule issue solved. Too much over thinking took place.

  13. Andrew Saul does NOT have PASVAB/ASVAB USARMY (w/LLC.) Elementary Education & Criminal Justice College Majors in order to afford health care. I bid you all wins.

  14. Its about time ! A cottage industry has evolved regarding capable and non disabled people applying for SSDI and getting awards for life..Investigate and verify on a perpetual basis ! Must eliminate all the fraud associated with this program…

    • I don’t understand how they make it passed the SSDi evaluation and are approved . Have you ever been evaluated ? I have and it’s a joke . They give you an eye test ask you to flip your hands over a few times and listen to you breathe. Thats it .
      The ones who really need it can’t get it and the ones who don’t , are approved . Smh

  15. I’m sorry… but why does the language and vagueness of this post seem like the preparation for another screwing by the current administration?! Adding insult to injury, is the sad reminder that it’s all “Paid for at U.S. taxpayer expense”!

    • I think you misunderstood this article.. The current administration is trying to rewrite the rules to be more FAIR to the US taxpayer so we don’t have to pay disability payments to people who don’t speak English and that qualifies them for disability. They are not trying to screw us

      • She didn’t misread anything. As a 28 year former Disability Hearing Officer this is a political stunt by IQ45 to motivate his base.

        We stole land from Navajo, Hopi and Apache Native Americans. I traveled 200+ times there during my working years. There’s people still without water or electricity. How is this modernizing anything? There’s many of them who worked and paid into SS. Now for the maybe 1/10,000 to 1/25,000 claims this is actually material to the decision – meaning allow or deny, those will now be denied.

        He’s using this as a political weapon just like the proposed $1.5 trillion in cuts, just like the proposed forcing 2.9 million people to have additional needless reviews when they already have them.

        He wants your entitlements. He’s taking them and no one can do a damn thing to stop him as he’s above the law.

        • I thought for a second you were going to blame Trump for stealing land from the Indians the way your going off on him..Trump is good for the Country..Sorry you don’t think so..But many people do, and that is why he will win again in 2020.

  16. It seems that the process takes far too long and leaves people on the brink of homelessness when they cannot work as is the case with our 59 year old son, Jeffery Francis Adams.

  17. Isn’t this just another exclusionary, intolerant policy to scare immigrants and people of color? How can you ignore communication skills when determining whether someone can achieve SGA or self-support? Calling it “modernization” is like calling the current EPA leaders environmental watchdogs.
    America deserves better!

  18. Lots of people on SSI have highschool diploma’s or G.E.D.’s, however if they developed severe enough problems with anxiety and depression, how can they do even a fast food job, Dollar Tree job, or grocery bagging job if their level of anxiety or deep depression doesn’t allow them to function enough to succeed at those entry level jobs despite being on medication for those problems?

  19. Where is the actual language of the new rule? Was there any Congressional review? What criteria will be measured? Clearly this is aimed at immigrants, but what about non-verbal individuals?

  20. I think this is a stupid decision. The ability to speak English is required for the huge majority of jobs. The inability to speak English keeps people from holding most jobs. Most people who can’t speak English end up working for packing plants.

  21. Social security and the people that make the decision are a bunch of fakes that won’t help a person of whom actually has a disability. I have been fighting for 4 years for mine. Their doctor’s that they sent me to have no clue what it is like to have pain or even live with a mental illness/ illnesses. Their doctor that did my mental evaluation looked me straight in the face and said I have MDD with psycho active tendency. Not to mention my fibromyalgia and migraines that I have at least 3 times a week. And all the medication that I take. But, can award it to someone that says oh I have a mental illness and see a psychiatrist 3 times and with a snap of their fingers they got approved. I know a lot of people that get it and abuse it. Drugs, gambling, drinking ect. But, I guess government works on lies and criminal behavior so that who they should award. Right?!!

  22. First time applicants are automatically disapproved.. If you can’t afford a lawyer your chances of getting aqpproved are slim.

  23. I am a disabled individual who went to the Department of Rehabilitation Services on Severn Street in Baltimore, Md. I received no help from Alice Crowder, the Director. They offered me one option for working and when I voiced concerns, I was basically told, take it or leave it.
    I will soon be homeless and in desperate need of help and or resources
    Who can I turn to for help?

    • Your state or national representative, or your senators should have a staff dedicated to assisting with public/government services.

  24. My dealings with social security gas been.less then pleasant. I have heart failure that wasn’t good enough for disability. My terminated me as,a federal ranger for not being fit for duty. It has taken a year and a half to get a decision. SSI gas withheld my money for months over a pay roll issue that couldn’t resolve. The government now taxes federal employees on relocation expenses. I was taxed at more then I earned. That’s hotel, rental car, per diem, transport of vehicles,transport of household goods. My take home pay was $18,000.00 because I became ill,and my taxes were over$60,000.00 it’s insanity. I essentially worked for nothing in 2018 because my health insurance was over $12,000.00.

  25. Hi…I am a frustrated almost 73 years old in May. I was born with progressive heari g loss and by 17 years old had the first of several surgeries for otosclerosis which allowed me to work until 63 years old.
    Afterwhich the surgeries no longer worked.
    My life has been horrible and depressing and my income is not enough for me to sustain a decent life, ex…hearing aids or cochlear,dental which I need desperately, apartments and health co-pays etc.
    I have applied for help over and over to get turned down because my income is about me thousand over..but you can have 5,000 in assets. I have nothing and an not socialize or even get aids although last time at I at the ear Dr. He said none would help me anyway because nerves are dead.
    I am a ruined lady that cannot even get up out of bed because I am in trouble financially and emotionally
    Yours truly,
    Elaine DeMarco
    Also had to move into an unassisted too. In a nursing g home because of financial crisis

  26. Good morning, I tried to read the disability new rules article sent to me by “” this morning. I have very poor eyesight and an iPhone 7p to read it on. It was very difficult for me to read and understand. I don’t remember seeing what what these new rules were, it was a waste of my time to struggle through it. I don’t understand a whole lot of what’s going on anymore. As an example, I tried to watch the President’s speech not long ago, I couldn’t hear every word he said and I couldn’t understand much of it. The doctor that gave me the hearing test told me that I had lost half of my hearing ability and I would only hear half of what people were saying to me and would misinterpret what they said.
    I believe I have either Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. I can’t write the bills anymore because, even I can’t read what I wrote and I keep making mistakes in the check register. So, I can’t communicate with people, understand, my cognitive impairment is getting worse as time goes by, etc, etc, etc.
    I know I need help. I’ve called Social Security, the California equivalent and they both told me they can’t help me, it’s not their responsibility. I’m almost 77 and feel very useless as a human being. As far as my education goes, I went to college for years, have over 120 units, went to UC Santa Cruz and got my Lifetime California Teachers Credential, for whatever that does for me now.. I can’t work anymore, almost bedridden. I receive a Social Security check every month and Pension checks from three different aerospace companies, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon and Lockheed-Martin.
    I feel I worked hard, long and kept improving my education to keep up with the latest technologies for my country. I need help, and all my country can say is “We can’t help you”. I feel I invested enough years working in the Aerospace and Defense industry that I should be considered a Veteran and entitled to their same benefits.

    • almost 77 and feel very useless as a human being. As far as my education goes, I went to college for years, have over 120 units, went to UC Santa Cruz and got my Lifetime California Teachers Credential, for whatever that does for me now.. I can’t work anymore, almost bedridden. I receive a Social Security check every month and Pension checks from three different

      Really 4 checks a month and you ate complaining??

      • Lockeed also has VIA which reimburse your medical expenses. Most Aeronautical manufacturing companies offer reimbusement if you retired or worked for a peroid of time. Check that out.

    • Department of Aging, there should be a local branch in your city or town. SSA isn’t going to be able to help you get anything except your monthly checks.

  27. So, basically you plan on depriving more people of desperately needed help that they qualify for, so you can give trillions in welfare to billionaires and rich corporations. The drumpf regime is comprised of MONSTERS!!!

  28. I’ve been denied benefits by two ALJ’s. At my first hearing the VE testified that I would be off task 20% or more and that that was unacceptable for employment. At my second hearing the VE testified that I was unemployable. Both ALJ’ sdenied me as a qualified benefits recipient. This flys in the face of reason. Anyone care thg o explain this to me?

  29. This is just the beginning of the trump administration throwing tens of thousands of disabled adults and children of thir SSI/DISABILITY. he promised he wouldn’t touch our benefits on the campaign but said it’s the first thing he will do if reelected. Be smart and vote hime out of office.. He does not care about us, only the rich, be SMART!!!

      • Wrong! Wrong! Wrong. I’m legally blind and both my lawyer and I concluded that it should have been smooth sailing. Hah!! I’ve been battling SSA for my SSDI for the past 3yrs. Assets are gone, can’t work nor drive. But the adjudicators (in all their professional wisdom) refused to make a decision. By “passing the buck” decision onto an ALJ judge, the adjudicator and his/her imps protect their $90,000/yr salaries, bog the system, and leave the real disabled to “deal with it, we’re only doing our jobs”.
        I bet if one of them or an elected official became disabled, their cases would go through without a hitch. It’s a case of “who you know” and the “good ole boy” system. Even blind, I can still see the corruptness in the whole SSA system. Being a veteran didn’t help my matters either. SSA is really good at “turning a blind eye”….when it suits them.

  30. I recently turned 66 and was switched from disability to Social Security Retirement
    I am still disabled will this affect thecbenefitsxoe programmes I would be getting on Disability?
    Kim Herrmann

  31. I started getting sick in my twenties and I got to my forties still working and I couldn’t barely walk the pain was so intense that my doctor said it was the equivalent to having your arms and legs worth off your body and Social Security would not give me any Aid I finally got Aid after I what’s to the point where I couldn’t barely walk home had to use devices for that and my hands would not work so I couldn’t type I was a mess I had to go to court how to get a to get a judge to adjudicate my situation and get me Aid. I was finally given fentanyl which didn’t work and a pain pump that has improved my my standard of living but I still have flare-ups it was so difficult to get through the process there must be an easier way when people are as sick as I was or am you just can’t put them through all that mess

  32. Thank you for making the change to modernize one of the disability requirements pertaining to an individual receiving disability benefits. I think that it was long overdue; however, there is a saying that “it’s better late than never” and that is very true. Keep up the good work!

  33. We can give God knows how many tax dollars to the gas and oil industry, assorted big business, drug companies, etc. etc., but the needy from this country or immigrants from other countries need not apply. Since the current administration knows no shame, I won’t bother saying you should be ashamed. I can only hope that there enough compassionate people in this country to change the administration in November, unless the President and his Russian helpers get in the way, that is.

  34. I have been on SSI since 1986 . I am now going to be 67 with several medications. I also have physical problems along with my depression. And I am scared of losing my benefits.

  35. The unskilled worker jobs have been moved mainly out of the country. You now have third and fourth generation drug addicts having children. Their brains don’t function correctly. problem solving skills and temperaments are sorely lacking making their being in the workforce dangerous. There needs to be serious advances declaring these people as disabled.

    • We need a UBI. In a few yrs, that pretty girl or cute guy you flirt with at Starbucks while they make your latte will be replaced by a robot that won’t complain about needing to make 30 bucks an hour plus a slue of benefits because their rent just got jacked up…

  36. S.S Disability is a mystery to me. You do not stress just what a disability really is! we would like your definition of a disability in black and white and the Payment offered.
    Social Security hasn’t been fair over the years.

  37. Modernizing and changing standards of evaluating disabilities and eligibility and who gets monitory assistance needs to be changed.
    I have a diagnostic disability that is real, but I don’t meet the workforce criteria, so I must struggle daily physically, mentally, and with no financial assistance, but this may help people in the future.

  38. I don’t understand. What is happening in April? I realize there will be changes but other than that I don’t get what’s changing

  39. andrew,
    your staff needs to update specifically on 140.08 LYME DISEASE. you mention it and nothing more!

    you need to elaborate on that tick-borne, TB, disease plus add the other 11+ TB diseases that are here in USA….

    Borrelia miyamotoi infection*
    Bourbon virus disease*
    Colorado tick fever.
    Heartland virus (HRTV) disease*
    Lyme disease*
    Powassan virus
    Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever
    and more items…•Jun 27, 2019

    TB diseases are very debilitating and LONG term when the majority of us have been misdiagnosed for DECADES since the symptoms overlap with 300 other illnesses/symptoms.

    then idsa, infectious disease society of america, drs. UNDERTREAT us treating up to 4 wks. only and “you’re cured” mentality, which is BS.

    thank you from the millions of TB patients in the usa who have never been diagnosed or misdiagnosed like me for 35 yrs. by 40-50 drs.

    betty gordon,
    ames, iowa

  40. The system is abused, most foreigners (legal in US) who come here either learn to speak English (or already do, since overseas English was and is a second mandatory language in school, and most who come here have excellent education) – I am one of them, or work at the manual jobs molding plastics, like my sister who is learning to speak English right now. I know of several US born people who are perfectly fluent in English but can’t talk sometimes or hold a conversation, on the other hand I know a person who can hold a job (since he is building things literally), but still receives benefits. The rules are outdated, 40 years ago, no internet, no computers (regular use), no jobs that are readily available for people with minor disabilities. I prepare tax returns for a lot of foreigners who are here on the work visas, they pay Medicare, Social Security tax and additional Medicare tax including Net Investment Income tax (God forbid you have a bank account that pays interest), and never will collect the benefits after paying thousands in to the system. This is not political, it’s just technological progression needs to be accounted for in the policy. Happy Monday to everyone.

  41. What gets me are the ones who claimed to get hurt on a job..a job where they’re a messenger just driving to Ave from hospitals worth nothing more than a piece of paper, the guy claimed her for hurt by box..a box! he didn’t carry any box.. but yet he, and the woman he head 3 kids with sat on they are collecting checks.. sorry but that’s no disability.
    the guy is skydiving with a guy on good back no less.. his partner says she can’t be around people but yet goes to casinos and clubs and vacations with no problem at all. this are the people who need to be scrutinized. They can drive from NY to Texas,, dance in clubs, etc… really?
    don’t believe me? look on Instagram for a guy name jose gomez and big lou.. you’ll find him.. from there you’ll find the rest of the family enjoying receiving checks. A whole family on Disability.. they are a third generation Social Service recipients.

    Look for Poncuraks, you’ll see plenty including the mother collecting money for cancer and two weeks later they are all on a road trip to Texas.
    check it out.. meanwhile people who truly need disability have to jump through hoops.. this are the people who should doke those new rules

  42. If you get disability and you want to work even two days a week they make it Impossible. I had my disability I had my job. Then they started sending me my deceased husband’s check. Then with me working they started taking out the Medicare part B. Then at the end of the year they requested I pay out of pocket a thousand a month for my prescriptions.

  43. This new rule is ruining it for those on disability benefits. Why would u do that it is so demeaning to those that absolutely need it 100%. Some bs really that rule is

  44. I have long thought changes should be made to the SGA rules, and base it on hours rather than dollars. For someone on disability who worked lower-wage jobs, they would be permitted to work over 30 hours a week and still be below the SGA amount. However, someone with a higher-paying career might only be able to work a handful of hours to still be considered disabled. So lower-paid people could theoretically end up earning more while on disability than they did during their working life, while someone earning a higher wage is left with having to live with a much lower standard of living.

  45. I worked a lot of my life I I quit working to take care of my husband and then I got sick and then I applied for Social Security disability and I got denied because there wasn’t enough work credits so I’m told I have to work another seven and a half more years and I have COPD and I can’t work have someone look into that please

  46. I feel if you live in thIs country you should speak English. People who move to our country should learn our language to be able to communicate to secure employment.

  47. What needs to change is the earnings cap for SSI eligibility. No one should have to worry about loosing benefits if they marry, unless their spouse makes an extremely high wage. Especially since it takes 2 incomes to survive and SSI is hardly anything.

    • My husband is disabled he can’t work he has lot of health problems and has seizures and can’t drive nomore he 43 fixing be 44 in October

  48. I am 67yrs old. Had a stroke in 2012 witch took a part of my liver. I tried to go back to work only to find out that I get tired very easily. And after 6 hernia operations I cannot lift over 20lbs. I am on meds that make me feel very weak and sleep over 12 hrs a day.

    • So, you’re now on regular retirement social security. Any rule changes won’t affect you at all. The monthly amount doesn’t change when you hit retirement age unless you switch from SSDI to SS retirement before your full retirement age

  49. Hi, I don’t understand the new rule.Was there a rule that you can apply for disability if you can’t find employment because you can’t speak English? Seriously? I need clarification.
    In most places now, you need to learn Their language instead of them learning ours.

  50. Does this mean “inability to communicate in English” because of a speech disability, or because the person speaks a language other than English? If the former, the claim that it is “no longer a good measure of …the person’s ability to engage in work” is simply not true for many kinds of work. If the latter, it has nothing to do with medicine, and is purely political.

  51. I’ve been turned down 4 times. The last time was a month ago. I received a letter stating I needed to seek immediate medical attention due to something that was found by the disability doctor. Then 7 days later I got a denial letter saying I didn’t qualify for disability. The current disability rules are a joke. I’m sure this is due to the current administration gutting the budget to pay for golf.

  52. So let me get this straight …
    You come to our country and can’t speak our language , you’re considered disabled and we have to pay for it ???? Are you kidding me ??!!
    So what kind of test do they have to give to prove this ??
    Smh ..

  53. SS what are you doing? Since when do you award Disability to illegals or those who refuse to learn our language? If we were in their country we would get nada if we don’t speak their native tongue. Anyone who doesn’t speak English is here illegally as they are the only ones who “don’t speak English”. Lets get down to business shall we. Enough is enough with giving Illegals everything free especially SSA and or SSI. They don’t put into the system yet they collect. Americans who didn’t put into the system for many years barely get jack and they cant survive on that yet these who don’t speak English get more then those born and are American not dropped on USA soil as they do. These non-Americans/illegals get money from you, from federal programs, State programs, etc. Money supplied by working Americans who paid into the system for years yet these same tax payers who paid into the system get crap based on how much they were paid over the years which is lower then what Illegals or non-speaking aliens get each month. Real Americans don’t have boatloads of kids while they do so all the money we spent our working lives putting into the system gets to go to them to support their brats not to support those who put money in or to our brats. This is no longer America this is another dumpster for those to come here rape us and kill us while sending home all the money they collect because here everything is paid for so they can afford to send their SSI/SSA/Welfare to their countries of origin. Here is something you should do SSI start requiring those who don’t speak English to have the language mastered and used within 2 years or stop their benefits. Same goes for all agencies who freely give our hard earned money away to those undeserving and have not earned a penny of it. I am sick of getting crap I can’t live on and watching my daughter get even less crap then I do and she can’t, let me repeat, she can’t live on at all and if I help her with even a little I am punished and my crap is lowered as well as hers. This country is screwed up when Americans suffer while those coming here are treated as freaking kings Smh! You don’t give a damn so why do I bother I’m the wrong color and from the wrong country to matter.

    • Ashlee, you seem a little angry over a misunderstanding. When you go before a SS judge, there are factors considered regarding employability, such as availability of jobs you might be able to do & whether you might be considered for the job. Another factor is whether you can perform work without direct supervision; if the answer is ‘no’, you are not employable. Language ability is only one factor of many. Immigrants might have many children compared to us due to lack of advanced healthcare options (birth control, education, accessibility). Livable level of SSI income is not a factor. SSI says make it work for you. Poverty is not a factor. Keeping SSI recipients poor is just a side effect of the rules determining eligibility.

  54. I was cheated out of my disability because 5 years ago fibromyalgia was not considered. I had it so bad I was on a 100 mgb Fentynal patch with other meds. I was not able to drive on the patch. I feel I should be reconsidered even though I am now 66 years old since so much has come out about fibro. The brain fogs were and are ungodly.

  55. The thought of ppl being approved for ssi and or disability benefits because they cannot speak our national.language offends me to my deepest respect for our system…

  56. I have seizures and take medication and I still have them after I have a seizure my body hurts hurts I mentally cant function I have a job and my boss gets irritated because I cant do things exactly like he says I forget things I have no one to pay my Bill’s anymore my disability is still pending I’m not mentally 100% percent iv hit my head numerous times but what can I do my boss does not know I have seizures I’m afraid I wouldn’t have a job and no one to pay my bills

    • You need tell your boss truth where you live at my husband has seizures too they took his license 5 years go he can’t drive nomore I live in padacah ky

  57. Hi, I am a very concerned citizen about these cases. My husband has been denied for seven years now, his disability is a major concern to me as his wife. My husband worked for over thirty years and he became disabled in 2014-present. We’ve been fighting his cases for the last seven years now, we are very frustrated and this is affecting us physically and emotionally. They’ve never sent my husband to any doctor for evaluation before denying him all the way to the Seventh District Court. I want to know why? I know it’s #1- discriminations #2- waiting til he is on deathbed first or dead first #3- wasting time so that he doesn’t have enough work credits and I make him apply again than SSA does not have to pay him the full benefits. It’s very sad to see that our system is so messed up, why I say that is that all these people out there that lie and cheat the systems get approved for Disability and the ones that bust their butt off working until they can’t work anymore SSA makes it so hard and don’t get it. Please I don’t want to have to take you to the Supreme Court level. Feel free to call me at 414-588-0858

  58. Why cant i get my disability im 52 yrs old no insurance cant go to doctor applied for disability and got turned down never even sent me to a doctor my knees is shot bad back and mental problems cant keep a job so now what are you going to help

  59. I fell about 40ft out of a tree and landed on a 6ft picket fence and one went thru my left foot and shattered my ankle another one went in the back of my left leg and touched me between my nuts and ass my back so completely gone I can’t sit up for 20 minutes and if I take meds I can walk but not far. But I’m not disabled to you people.well I almost to that point again in my life were it doesn’t mean shit. Thank for all the help not

  60. We need to stop awarding benefits to these,20 or ,,30 something’s who aren’t working because of add. All the more reason for them to work. I’ve worked over 40yrs consistently have degenerate disc disease had a 2 level fusion on my lower back. Even after that I went back to work for another 12 yrs until pain and neuropathy became to much. I lost my home and car because even with my Drs telling them I have failed back surgery I get nothing. I’m 57 yrs old and live in a rat and roach infested public housing 2000 miles from my kids as these younger ones get SSDI for being a drug addicts and ADHD. They dress better and drive nice cars and not one penny for me because I worked as professional. SMH

  61. Why can’t I get SSDI when I have had both Mental and Physical Disabilities since childhood. I am unable to work Full Time because of both yet am told I don’t have Enough Work Credits yet had. I known at a much younger age would have qualified immediately. Now every month or year I continue to work with these Disabilities I am told I need more and more credits. I don’t understand how my own Government can discriminate against me. Someone please explain this. Thank you

  62. My stepson is a cancer survivor so far and had to have his right leg amputated. Why is it taking over a year for him to actually receive disability benefits?

    • Did your stepson have his leg amputated above or below the knee? It must be ABOVE the knee to be considered for disability if that is the only thing wrong with him.

  63. Because I was found totally disabled with at the age of 34 and amount awarded, is half if I was 55 . I only was able to work so I was only able to pay into social security a certain amount. I am 62 and live on only $970 a month. I didn’t ask you be disabled so young and currently 70% more disabled than I was 30 yes.ago but costs of living have tripled in costs at. This rate people will be in nursing facilities by 70 if we live that long. I can’t afford to live by myself medical needs aren’t addressed in time which is caused by malpractices because of HMO’s can’t qualify for supplemental assistance you always make $20-30 to much money.we live in pain depression and lack of wanting to live long enough to be a burden on families or some that don’t have any family members left that could help you with the smallest thing’s like providing a meal a day. Sometimes I think why I need to go on who would miss me

  64. I have been denied disability with two different attys twice now and yet my health has not improved over the years but has gotten worse .
    I have neurological desease fibromyalgia ,PTSD anxiety depression. Under active thyroid and chronic eye disease and as a veteran denied because veterans administration could not get lawyers all the paperwork needed before judge in the past .even with social security drs telling them in could never work as a union laborer again.
    Now on the other hand if I was a substance abuse or acholic problem. Would of gotten this green lighted 20 yrs ago I believe .whites are being discriminated against when it comes to claims more than ever in this country and its veterans are getting the shaft coming and going for us putting our lives on the line.what gives .be fair to all not just minorities here .

  65. Way too many young people are getting disability for pretending to be anti-social and or mentally ill when their just plain Too LAZY to work

  66. Thank you so much for this. I have been a social worker for over 30 years and see many people receiving SSI benefits that CAN work. I also help many apply for benefits that really need the help. I visit several of your offices on a regular basis and find your staff to be very gracious, professional, and helpful. I believe this change is very much needed.
    Thank you for all you do for so many. You are indeed appreciated.

  67. I’m 65 and was diagnose with spinal stenosis and. Disc bulging my balance is off i have work since i was12 years old. I’ve work at one company for 29 years and another for 5 years the pain that i suffers daoly is much bit i had to go ouy and find a job that understood my health problems. i can only work 32 hrs per week and i can only stand\sit only about 1\12 hrs during my 4days and when its over i ‘m in my bed for 3 days i’m on long term disability why are they doing

  68. I would like to know if my retired wife who is over 72, can get help on getting a {wheel chair?} She is on medicare and she gets her check from Social Security each month. She has bad knees and COPD and needs to rest often.

    I was told that I needed some help with caring for her. I am doing the house work the ,cooking. She needs me and I need to know what if any help we can get. In house care or something. I am 72 medically retired, I am a service connected Vietnam veteran. I have schizophrenia and scoliosis in my back.I also have rumor tory arthritis and in my right hip it is bone to bone. Margaret’s healthcare is Kaiser Permanente in Fairfield Ca. and her medical record. My medical records are with Department of Veterans Affairs. My doctor is R.Cunn for twenty years at the Oakland Outpatient Clinic 2221 Martin Luther King Way,Oakland CA. 94612. Needless to say my medical condition puts me at a extreme disadvantage. We are Veterans, we were trained to defend from the boy scouts ,little baseball and football to high school baseball and football. Disciplined groomed to be a member of United States Armed Forces. My psychiatrist is Doctor Leyba at the outpatient clinic on Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield CA.

  69. My received your department of ssa+ssi issued pay my benefits retirement, pay overseas in Thailand my address!03/28/2020 ,birth year 1954,66 age full retirement benefit pay on

  70. Receveiveing disability can be a life saver,, i was disabled when i was 55 years old. itis nothing to be ashamed of life handles us a curve every now & then.After my amputation i tryed to settle down and got some schooling and i am a Lic gunsmith & firearm dealer. I just could not just sit and not do anything.

  71. I was born a pre- me with CP and a bunch of other preexisting physical problems. I am limited in physical labor capacity. Can’t take an office job because I can’t type the minimum speed. I don’t have a driver’s license because of my migrains. They are too unpredictable for those preventive medicines advertised on TV. My sight is less than normal and lopsided. I’m at risk for more retinal detachments. I’ve already had two in my right eye. Ive needed alot of laser and cryo in both retinas. I have deformed joint bones and list goes on. I tried to get a college degree at two year schools. My learning problems kept me from graduating so I have NO credentials. My muscles are getting weaker. Point is, is if a disabled person happens to find that one compassionate employer that has the one and only job that person may ever have in life and all it is is a menial minimum wage job. Don’t punnish that person by taking away support. They still have a disability as long as their doctor says so. Folks like me would have to give up whatever part time job they had if they lost support. Public health care does NOT cover things like shoes, insoles, braces and glasses or anything else a disabled worker might need. I’d rather they reward disabled folks that would like to have a part time job while STILL being able to keep their benefits. I think SSA should be harder on those looking to escape having to work AT ALL unless they are severely sick or handicaped.

  72. So someone that only has comprehension of 10 year old cannot add and subtract money and count change and warehouses are too fast paced to keep up the demand what are disabled people suppose to do

  73. So someone that only has comprehension of 10 year old cannot add and subtract money and count change and warehouses are too fast paced to keep up the demand what are disabled people suppose to do

  74. My husband has had 2 major strokes one in 2016 it was a bleeding stroke which his right side he can’t use very well another 6months later 2017 he had a brain stem stroke where he had an operation that damage his right side even more now he’s in a wheel chair he doesn’t walk or can not use his rite side
    I filed for social security in December I was denied then I filed in March 2017 denied again. He doesn’t get no help (income). So we’re living on my income only which it’s hard I hope there is away you can help us thank you
    My number is 209 303-1355

    • Please ge at disability lawyer. These lawyers are paid directly (but slowly) by SS when the disability recipient is approved for benefits. It is limited by law to 1/4 of the awarded back pay to a maximum of $6000. You may be billed by the attorney a small amount for doing paperwork. I was billed less than $200. Bottom line- get a lawyer.

  75. English is now our official language. Rectified a number of years ago when it was widely reported and our leaders decided to put forth a legal bill/ resolution to accept English as our National.Language.

  76. My son was receiving ssi until his death. He leaves behind 5 children under the age of 18. Why was his children were denied benefits?

  77. It is unfair treatment to disabled veteran who are 100% sc with p&t. I am dying from 2 types of cancer and mental conditions.

  78. My wife has suffered with complex PTSD for over 2 decades yes she can get a job and work that job for a few months until her condition takes over and she hides in the bathroom or a room where she trays to deal with the panic attacks that literally shuts her completely down including self mutilation and suicidal tendencies it breaks my heart I’ve tried to win her ssi benefits more then once but denied you can easily see from her past medical records she’s suffered for 20 plus years and her work history is 3 inches thick of trying to work but can’t hold a steady job longer then 2- 3 months at the longest the determination process should include looking at the amount of jobs from the past along with the longevity of the condition and clearly see how it has affected her ability to support her and her 5 children

  79. I think something should be done for sure I’ve been fighting my disability 2012 they used the wrong memes in makeing their decision , this was on my denial, That I have a Drivers license, or I can fix myself a TV dinner !! Really. One thing for sure is it’s not right that they get to decide if and when we get the money when it’s our money that we work for and paid into Social Security & we should get our money when we need it we shouldn’t have to go through having to deal with our Mental, Physical Health Issues and plus the Financial part of it wether were going to starve or have a place to live. It’s just not right that’s why we payed into Social Security plus if you don’t you can go to prison What’s wrong with this picture!!!! Its my money I worked for it and now that I can’t work I know if I can work or not no stranger knows .We deserve our money that we worked for when we need it..

  80. My name is verna Denson.i live in McMinnville TN I was wondering how come we don’t have choices that we can’t change our plane when our doctor change insurance because.thw Doctor we had changed and no longer takes America trying to change us to blue care.they denied us untill may it’s a doctor we trust.

  81. Why is it that people’s on Disability insurance got list money then those who retire on SSA I work for 47 years and get lest money then others people’s on SSA

  82. It is all well and good that Social Security update their rules. It is true that adaptive equipment is now inexpensive. The real barrier to a critical mass of disable people being employed or employers who Are unwilling to offer opportunities.

  83. It’s about time. There are alot of people who get this check with no disability. And others who get it on behalf of children yet sees it as income for themselves and dont provide adequate for said kids.

  84. How come young capable adults are on disability for anxiety and things that we all suffer from…too many young healthy adults on disability while older people who worked all their lives get denied .

  85. The entire process is broken.
    I’ve been disabled since 2017. And said. Just drags their feet. Why can refugees walk into this country and get benefits. M?
    But a citizen who has paid into this system my whole working life. Social security will try to wait us out. Until we finally just give up.

  86. Too many people are getting these benefits and can work and do more than I can do. Something needs to be done to solve this problem.

  87. I have been on ssdi for 20 years. I work around 20 hours per week for day structure. My disability is schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. If there is too much stress in my life then I regress. My education level is a masters. When I was first diagnosed 31 years ago I went through 3 days of brain scans and intelligence testing.

  88. I have been disabled for 9 years. I was on Medicare and Medicaid until my deceased husband decided to take accidentally to many pillls. They were not his. In that case , I was given his SS money of $450.00 a month which I was then told I made either $7 or $11 to much to get Medicaid. This has hurt me so bad both financially and mentally. This was not my fault and I even told mediCare that I did not want his money. I was told that if I didn’t take it they would drop my disability. I have no secondary insurance since I am only 59 and was told I couldn’t get any until I turned 65. Can you please explain this to me. My debt is overwhelming and I have 4 specialists drs that I have to see at this time. This cost me so much that I can barely survive. Can I get help anywhere? Thank you.

  89. Just another way to kick people off of diability. You really think people can live on diability.I KNOW PEOPLE WHO WISH THEY COULD WORK/BUT YOU R GOING TO TELL THEM THEY HAVE TO.When they can’t.

  90. I see at least one comment regarding cessation of disability benefits for an individual that apparently was not notified first. If you are on disability it is essential that you keep SSI informed of your current address. It is easy to forget since the monthly benefit is sent by direct deposit to the individual’s bank account. Make an appointment at your local SS office to update info & see what happened & what is needed to correct the problem. From what I have read in other articles, the plan SS has is to reevaluate younger disability recipients more often to see if their disabling condition has improved enough to remove them from SSI. If SS sends a request to your physician & their office fails to respond, SS will cancel your disability benefit. There are multiple scenarios possible (such as the physician of record has retired or moved to another address). SS is a massive organization with no ability to discern or care the havoc they will cause disabled persons.

  91. As I was recently denied disability, I think the whole system needs to be redone. I am almost 61, diagnosis of MS, seizure disorder, Chianti malformation, chronic migraine, chronic pain, 11 herniated disc from C2-S1, myosistitis R hip, particularly blind in R eye , depression and anxiety. Someone feels i can go back to work as a customer service rep. Using a computer for 8hours a day, even though it causes more seizures, not to mention I cannot see the screen. I know several people on disability with far less problems than I have. The whole system needs to be looked into.

  92. I have lupus, congested heart failure,stage ,3 kidney desease , diabetes,and was diagnosed with lung cancer in January of this year, I had kidney cancer in September of 2019,they had to take half of my kidney in September of 2019. I have been hearing that the planning to take my disability that I got 2004. can you please tell me what’s going on.Lord willing if I make it in September I will be 64.thank you for listening and GOD BLESS YOU

  93. I think in my opinion this is GOOD for the people. My son has Rickets and his bones hurt especially bin the winter. He has been in disability since he was 3 now he is 22 and has been turned off. RICKETS (bone disease) does not go away. Now they are saying they overpaid him $15,000 how can s 22 year old pay that back if he has no money. THEY TURNED HIM OFF.

  94. So you want to stop as many Americans as possible from receiving SSDI and SSI, Americans who have built this system from the ground up have to fight tooth and nail for it but now you want to give people mainly immigrants that have paid nothing are entitled to receive benefits because they don’t speak English..Are you kidding me?? This is a move to support immigration and anybody with eyes can see it.

  95. Native American and Spanish were the first languages, then the white man came and broke his promises and tried to commit genocide for land. Now, we want the language of the white man who is in power to still steal from all the people who paid our money into the governments promise to protect all Americans.
    I find this article evasive and punitive. It also does not state how disabled Americans who are shamed and blamed for their disabilities, are now the target of this administration. Go ahead, keep lying to us about an entitlement that this administration renamed our money paid into and used for government spending, but never paid back. Wake up, Americans. They used up the money and now say social security is in trouble because Trump and men like him use the social security freely as a loan without paying it back. Are you as dumb as this article makes you out to be? I doubt that. Targeting a group of people was what the Nazi’s did. That is what this group of Trump appointees are doing also. They deplete our funds and then try to get rid of it so they do not have to pay us back. In this America, I can be targeted for speaking out. Is that freedom of speech? We better start fighting back because this is just the start. This is theft by deception. It is our money and I do not target people who paid in all their life for what language they speak. Are they Americans?

  96. Hi my name is Shonda!
    I have been trying to get disability since 2004. I have Epilepsy, Depression, Anxiety that’s when I was diagnosed. I’ve been denied ever since then. Now I have no work credits and not blind. They just keep adding meds. Been to the neurologist done all the test. I got a lawyer off the internet specializing in they don’t get paid unless you win. Filed then denied so they filed an appeal received a hearing date. Two weeks before the hearing the lawyer calls to say” The judge is a hard judge, I lost all my work credits, not blind and withdrew from my case. How is this right and at what point do I just stop! I’ve cried many times and now have to see a therapist only to be put on a mood stabilizer and doubled my epilepsy meds,

  97. Ashlee, you seem a little angry over a misunderstanding. When you go before a SS judge, there are factors considered regarding employability, such as availability of jobs you might be able to do & whether you might be considered for the job. Another factor is whether you can perform work without direct supervision; if the answer is ‘no’, you are not employable. Language ability is only one factor of many. Immigrants might have many children compared to us due to lack of advanced healthcare options (birth control, education, accessibility). Livable level of SSI income is not a factor. SSI says make it work for you. Poverty is not a factor. Keeping SSI recipients poor is just a side effect of the rules determining eligibility.

  98. I worked most of my life and had all my quarters in when I filed my disability claim in 1986. Took me roughly 20 months to get approved. I feel the lengthy time waiting was terrible. Where do yo think people waiting for so long are supposed to live? You need to make decisions faster especially for those of us who could make more money working and simply can’t.

  99. The reason that I’m on disability is because I got a flu shot that ended up giving me GBS . Please don’t get me wrong I appreciate every little bit I can get but I would much rather have my health back I’ve lost everything I own because of this sickness they said I would be getting better within a year I’m not any better I’m in pain all the time my life is gone down the tube the government has a no fault vaccination program but I don’t qualify for it because I’m not in their window whose fault is this it certainly isn’t mine I’ve been kicked to the curb I was a hardworking person that started add on to my house I can’t finish it I don’t know what I’m going to do I’m worried sick I just don’t know what to do I do not think it’s fair that I’m not qualified for the no-fault vaccination program. The quality of life for me is crap whose fault is that?

  100. For god sakes it’s about time in modern day Society we need to recognize there are medications and work environments that allow people with disabilities that in the past where not able to function.. it was to easy for a person to claim a mental illness a reason not to work or a child or adult with adhd or drug addiction. Today we have come along way from simply isolating people with these problems. It was to easy to find away to collect.
    A long paying tax payer sick of hearing someone collecting money because they are depressed…

    • You dont know what you are talking about. I have hallucinations several times a week. I was denied ssdi twice. Im not “just depressed.” Having Mental illness is not an easy in for getting benefits. I will also have my cased reviewed routinely for the rest of my life.
      Would you want someone who has psychotic episodes making your meals at your favorite fast food chain?

  101. Why do WOMEN who are disabled as children lose their SSD when they get married???? This needs to be fixed!!! BOYS don’t lose theirs. Now you have married couples struggling to make ends meet when one of them can’t work. PLEASE REVIEW THIS!!! It’s DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN.

  102. Can u explain it to someone like me with tbi that’s been fighting for ssi for 5 years and never won haveing disabilities like I do make it very hard in life

  103. I just hope it’s fair and doesn’t take away benefits from those who truly need them.
    I have been on disability myself since 1996. You’re below poverty quidelines. People who think you got it made should try and live on it. If it comes down to it, I guess I can retire at 62 and draw the same amount.

  104. If your required by law to speak English to become a citizen, then non English speakers do not qualify for any benefits. SSI, SSDI, and welfare were established for citizens not criminals who invaded our country, as you cannot be a citizen and not speak English. All those benefits are for Americans and that should be the main requirement to receive benefits. Illegals/criminals should be mass deported and shot on site at the border, not given money for breaking the law.

  105. As an American citizen and speaks the english language and that has went through this agonizing process to receive disability I can honestly say that this not surprise me. My husband had laser surgery on his back and they burnt his nerve. He had to be taken to UPMC for emergency surgery. All of our savings and his 401k was used up by the time he got disability. We lost our home sold our vehicles and yes I had a job but not one well enough to pay our bills. It took him 5 years to receive disability. And now I read this article. How long did the non English speaking have to wait to get their disability? When my husband finally had his hearing it was really hard because they owed my husband around $100,000.00 but because the attorney made one error on the date he ended up getting $28,000.00. But the fault was ours too we should have checked the paperwork more closely. The judge did give my husband a choice…take this money or refile the paperwork once it corrected and come back. We had to take the money then. This process is a joke. My husband has worked since he was 16 and he is a Veteran but you can come to this Country not speak the english language and get money from hard working Americans.

  106. Gerry, please quit playing the slave card. None of my ancestry ever owned slaved, you are racially profiling me and this is not the right forum for your racism. English is our language and it’s about time they start cracking down on people receiving SSDI who’s only disability is the magnitude of their laziness, making it more difficult for myself and other deserving people to obtain.

  107. Hi
    I was never approved for disability inc tho i had problems that quilfied me , you would never let me have it.
    so i worked for as long as i could even it ment creataing my place off work because i had to work alone!
    I filed for SSA at 62 because i needed the income,
    As you are aware that i never went to school , so i had no education to help me!
    You made my work life a life of hard shipes, i am so gratful now that i cannot work !
    So MR you are not always right, not that or times !

    Era F

  108. I am still waiting for the 2nd hearing date because I was awarded SSDI after hearing in January 2019…then July 2019 I received a letter that it had been rescinded because of a date…I appealed. Here it is end of February 2020 and still no word from SS! I have now gotten my MMJ Certificate and still take 5 prescriptions as well as 3 otc pills…most are taken twice daily. I need answers…I have been fighting this since the 90’s!!!
    (Several years off because I had to work to support my children)

  109. These proposals are written with the assumption that ssdi awards go to far more people than they should and that disabled people “aren’t really that sick.” This couldnt be further from the truth. Social Security disability requirements are exceedingly stringent. Most cases are denied right off the bat. To prove disability years of documentation are required. Applicants are required to also be seen by a doctor of social securities choice. And those who are granted disability ARE still reviewed periodically to determine if their situation has changed. The application process itself usually takes years.

    What will likely happen under this proposed “reform” is that disabled people will be forced to enter the workforce eliminating their benefits. And when they inevitably fail to keep a job bc of their disability, they will have to start the whole process over. In the meantime, they will be unable to afford food, medicine and housing.

    Let me remind us that funding for social security is not In the red. It has such a surplus that it can pay for benefits entirety unaided for a decade.

    This is a case of preying on people’s fears that there is a huge number of disabled individuals who are just faking. Which has been proven time and again completely untrue. And people’s fears that social security is broke. Also completely untrue. Its like making a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.

    • Thank you Kimby. Your comment is spot on. I will never understand why anyone thinks I want this life. I used to be a healthcare professional, had a long career (30yrs) & now it’s all over. To think that there are ppl who believe I’m on disability bc I’m lazy or bc I don’t want to work just breaks my heart. I didn’t go to college for 6years, graduate with honors & multiple job offers to end up like this…many many times I wish I had just died, at least I wouldnt have to face what Ive become. Don’t ppl know I hate this more than they do? Thanks for being one that gets the realities of most disability recipients.

  110. There is people all around us in every state that are teaching there kids at a young age to act like your crazy or have mental issues and you will get a free check, until you identify this on growing problem it will never get fixed .when they cut out welfare the people went to ssi .There not stupid but the politicians are re evaluate alot of these young kids with ssi

  111. Social security disability is a joke I became disabled in March 2018 but nothing was ever really done it until June of 2019 as far as getting medical appointments done my first appointment about my disability wasn’t done on my case until August 2019 and so they only went back to April 2019 to determine my case I know several people that got their ssi from a month after their disability happened to the day they were awarded their disability even 3 years later my ex got it 7 years after was determined to be disabled, I guess now I to get an attorney since they’re playing games with me.

  112. I think its unfair for a person thats married on ssi to not get the amount that single person gets. My husband works his ass off to provide for our family of 5 .Because of his income I get nothing. We are straggling barely getting by. Instead he should work less make less just so we can get the money from ssi. The mor he makes the less I get. Thats bullshit

  113. What about single fathers who mother of his son, died when their baby was 4 months old.
    He gets her ssi for his son, 1400 a month, $22.00 in food stamps, and wic.
    He’s on every list they have in ma and the waiting list is 10 years long.
    His rent alone is 1400.
    Can you suggest any kind of benefit to help him. He also can’t work because he’s on a list for daycare.

  114. That is about the most FLIMSY excuse EVER. Look, the American People KNOW full good and well just what this current REGIME in Washington is actually trying to do, ELIMINATE SOCIAL SECURITY IN ALL OF ITS FORMS ENTIRELY. Very clear what’s REALLY going on here. You just wait until this November….ALL of Washington is about to get the HUGE ENEMA that it has coming to them, and we’re taking the Senate this time, too, and shoving ‘ol “Moscow Mitch” into RETIREMENT once and for all.

  115. I am legally blind and fighting almost a year now with SSI disability claim! It is very wrong loss of eyesight is the worst. Only those who have lost eyesight know what it’s like. I hired a lawyer in the very beginning and the whole process has been totally ridiculous!!! I am very frustrated mentally and physically. Something needs to change for those of us that are blind.

  116. If someone has been disabled since a young age. They should be awarded a monthly benefit that they can live on. Since they haven’t got enough years of employment. They are only awarded the minimum benefits. That’s no way to treat an American citizen.

  117. If they want to keep up with the” now” of the world,then why is our ” cola” increase only$ 12.00? ?? That isn’t anywhere near an amount to live on, nor is my check itself, I receive$917.00, eaçh month, and when I’m done paying bills,( not include rent) I’m left with a little over 85.00 to 100.00 if that, so in no way shape or form, is social security keeping up to date on any decent or humane living conditions for anyone,let alone our elders, but if you are from another country you not only get rolled out the red carpet, you get automatic housing,car money,any and all public benefits, job and or a business to own and operate!, So I guess I’m saying f#*#*k the government and the rock they live under, until we fix how our seniors,& disabled Americans are treated,and cared for there will always be an astonishing amount of homeless, poor, and never ending battle to just get a hand up, not a hand out.

  118. I am appalled by influx of internationalists who exploit disabilities accommodations in the United States. Our President aims to discourage such seekers of government provide. Disability accommodation is for the defunct individual, inoperable by nature of brokenness therefore unable performing life skills mentality and or physically

  119. SSDI Title 16 means you did not have enough quarters of work to qualify for SSDI Title 2 which is for people who worked enough in a 15 year period and were insured. Title 16 does not mean you never worked just that you did not work enough. People need to realize it is extremely hard to get it. You have to prove you are unable to do any I mean Any job in USA. They look at education work history ADLs and medical records if it is concluded they will request a CE exam to determine your disability or lack of disability. Age is also a factor around 52-55. Now the are figuring in whether you speak English or not will make for even more denials.

  120. Thank you Joe. I understood it better when you explained it. That puts many mind at ease as this won’t affect me one way or the other. Whew!

  121. Thank you Joe. I understood it better when you explained it. That puts many mind at ease as this won’t affect me one way or the other. Whew!

  122. This is way pass due. I know some who get this and they r healthy as I am. Some tell me a Dr. will easily put u on disability.

  123. This is just more cruelty foisted on the American people by an uncaring administration. Calling it “modernizing” doesn’t fool anyone. Why haven’t you updated your COLA guidelines instead?

  124. Really? You PERSONALLY know people? “Some tell you?” What “some?” Other people who are also not on disability?

    My doctors, of many years, had their recommendations weighed equally against college professors who never met me. The doctor that social security chose to evaluate me… Their recommendation of a disability ruling were completely dismissed.

    You can’t just get a recommendation. SSDI isn’t that easily acquired. On top of that, a condition of my favorable ssdi ruling was that i gave up any back-owed benefits as well as medicaid. They really. Truly. Dont just give these benefits away.

  125. Okay, hold on, hold on, hold on here, a minute. Am I just reading this article wrong? Because I know I’m not stupid. But, since when does not speaking English become a medical condition 🤦🏼‍♀️? Huh? Someone please explain…?
    Thank you.

    • They are parading the language thing bc its a no-brainer reform. Unfortunately. Piggybacking on this same reform will take disabilities away from many, many other people. You have to read all the changes in their entirety. This is a backdoor route to kick people off disability masquerading as a cut to obvious loopholes that no one is actually taking advantage of. People arent getting disability for being english illiterate. That’s silly.

  126. What exactly does that even mean? If you have too much education, you don’t qualify or if you have too little you don’t? If you can’t speak English you don’t qualify or you do? Seemed pretty vague to me.

  127. this is no more than a way to reduce or eliminate disability for those that can’t work due to a life threatening illness in 2008. maybe we can get trump out and all his appointments out ASAP

  128. That’s fine but realize that many mental, emotional disabilities do not allow a person to manage in the workplace. Many of them have memory issues for which they cannot multitask.
    The change that needs to take place is to allow the disabled to work what they can w/o taking away their money. That way they can make a little money & be more self sufficient possibly making enough to get off aid.

  129. This is not meant to help people and the fact that it’s being advertised like this is laughable. Disability benefits are already difficult enough for people to apply… And you expect more from vulnerable individuals? Shameful.

  130. I think it’s a great idea. Too many lazy people just want a free ride and the rest of us pay for it. So many people know how to work the system and get away with it.

    • According to….?
      A “free ride??” When does less than a living wage constitute a free ride?
      Reading previous comments shows a huge disparity of opinions between people who are actually on disability and effected by these changes and others…. Who back their opinions on heresay and conjecture

  131. Why can’t we drug test people if they are on SSI. They have no right to get free money when they don’t earn it.

    • Hey Barbara you should try getting an education before you spew off a bunch of BS you have obviously no idea about how it actually works first of all you do have to work you pay into the system they take it out of your paycheck if you knew where to look but also you don’t look at your pay stubs because honestly you get paid too much money to care about what they’re actually taken out of your paycheck each time you get paid are you working under the table are you a typical fucking Republican who steals their money from other people and doesn’t give a shit about anybody else but themselves

  132. Maybe we who are disabled can work but everytime our disability interfere with our job we get fired. Then the stress and anxiety about being able to live day to day goes through our heads. Just because we are able body to work doesn’t mean our mental health is good enough to keep a job. Unless you get a federal law passed about refusing to hear, terminating due to disablity, human error, and stop this firing without just cause. I will live on the streets before I go get another job because of all the discrimination I have taken in my life.

  133. I’m really worried about this new rule. I have a BS in Biology and have tried to work several full time jobs but my mental illness always gets me. I used my trial to work in 2015 and got off disability last in January but know I’m back on while they consider if I’m still considered disabled. I have honestly really tried to work. I get 1023 a month in disability. I just got a part time job tutoring and I’m hoping to go back to work again once I pull myself back together but for now I rely on disability . I have schizophrenia and mood disorder. I do really try but now I’m worried and confused. Could my disability be taken away because I have an education??

  134. Man you feel weak and tire most of the time recovering from ache and pain all over your body takes 12 hours of sleep USA need to take the medication to know we mentally I’ll people goes through everyday

  135. So are you saying if am I educated with a master degree but have a physical disabilities that will not permit my body to function in a work place I can’t be granted disability. See you in court on my educated disabled master degree holding can’t walk grand dad

  136. It’s impossible for someone younger than 65 to have to leave the workforce because of a real disability to survive on the small amount of Social Security that is given it makes you not want to live an very depressing. Can’t survive without help from
    Some form of charity. It’s not right for Americans to live below poverty in this rich country

  137. My son worked 2 full time jobs till he got sick. Your wonderful dept.dragged his claim out for so long he had to refile. Yep you guessed it. He got approved at the lowest amount! He will never work again. He has 2 children. Yeah. And Pelosi took what???

  138. I have worked and paid taxes since age 16. Now at age 61 i have to suffer because of the ineptness i have experienced in dealing with my disability eligibility agent. He never requested the imagery that clearly shows my maladies. I will probably die before i am eligible for SS. And my last years on earth….will be daily pain and poverty. Because one person ….paid to do a jobm…..simply didnt give a damn. He never even returned my calls. Roger…..Nashville Tn

  139. I think it’s pretty absurd that anyone can be in the US and get disability that cannot speak English. If you go any other place you’re going to have to learn their language. We are the home of the free, free to do anything and let everybody walk on us and abused our system, free to do this ,free to do that there’s no requirements here. Just come in do what you want stay as long as you want, pass it on to your kids that never had to learn the language.I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have to or want to learn the English language??You would have to in any other country, and it makes me angry the people can come in here and don’t even have to do a simple thing like learn the language of the land and try to force our country to convert to their wants or the rules of their country. Try to make us, like them. The US has always been predominantly English, because we let people in here and were nicer than any other country , and we want people to have a better life this possible in this country,,now they don’t even have to learn the language. That’s a abusing our country.Personally I don’t think you should even be allowed to be in this country unless you agree to the American, USA s way of life. If you don’t like it, go back where you would. I’m not against anyone being here, but live like the land you’re going to ,don’t try to change it all.

    • How dumb are you??? That isn’t the problem here. It’s how it’s being sold! I have schizophrenia and mood disorder. I’ve tried to work several full time jobs and my mental illness always got in the way. Now, I could lose my benefits because I have an education. Read the full intent of the law. By the way, you have to be a US citizen to get benefits. People aren’t being denied benefits because they can’t speak English. In fact, I was in honors English in high school but now I might lose my benefits because of this new law. You dumbass Trump supporters are all the same!

  140. Everyone should work but most places won’t hire someone with a disability…what makes me mad is the worthless people I know personally getting that help and there isn’t anything wrong with them needs to change… I deal with serious pain everyday but work my butt off

    • Like I said, I have tried to work several full time jobs and my mental illness gets in the way. It is very hard to hold a job with racing thoughts so that you can’t focus or concentrate. I also hear voices in my head and have paranoid thoughts. I suffer from schizophrenia and mood disorder. Don’t compare that to a little physical pain. Not even close!!!! I think it is much harder to hold a job with a mental illness than any physical illness. So please don’t spew your bullshit! Get a real disability first!

  141. I’ve worked in healthcare facility for 45. Yrs
    I have developed neuropathy in my hands feet legs but I cannot take off work to apply for disability .i think we should be able to try work to make living until we can get our disability .my husband had to fight for his disability took him 4 yrs and we had to go bankruptcy we lost it all .then he past away
    Laws need to change

  142. I’m glad I’m not on government disability. I’m on railroad retirement disability. I get paid almost three times what someone on SSDI gets paid and way more than SSI gets paid. I have multiple mental illnesses and then after getting placed on full disability due to my mental illnesses I had a back surgery that put me disabled to the point where I have a disabled tag on my car because of the state of my health. I got approved in 30 days not 3 to 5 years. I watched my stepfather wait 5 years when he had been hit by a car and landed in between two gas tanks after being thrown in the air so far and his hip and femur were out of his leg and he had to have reconstructive surgery and he was in traction for 6 months and then had to learn how to walk again and he couldn’t get disability. The whole system with the government is flawed. Hispanic black white doesn’t matter . So they must be saying if somebody has a bachelor’s degree and they’ve had a spinal fusion and are on bed rest for a year that they should be able to work a laptop from their bed to make a paycheck instead of getting what they paid into the whole time they’ve been working and for me that was 20 years and I was 36 years old I had worked since I was 16 and had never missed one single day I was never unemployed one day I would leave on a Friday and start the new job on a Monday. My attorney called me didn’t even charge me anything but the mailing of the forms because he said that he had never seen somebody that had a immaculate work history. I’ll be 40 in a few months and I worked a very good job but mentally at the time I could not handle life and working and having a child and a family all at the same time. I still ended up divorced and now I’m by myself and that makes it 10 times worse. This is not helping anybody. This is helping the government approve less people. They sugar coated a turd.

  143. I have a almost 18 yrs old daughter that has alot medical and mental issues these medical and mental issues have caused her so many school days. I have to pull her out of school because she constantly has something coming up for her to miss school. What percentage do u think she could get SSDI?

  144. I’m on SSI and concerned that my SSI will drop if I get married. If I have a partner and and they work and receive about 22,000 a year will their income be counted as my own? Would my SSI still be intact? Would the amount I received change? I can’t work due to my disabilities and rely heavily on my SSI.

  145. I have a child that’s 34 has tried working and just can’t do it he on 2 meds one for depression one for anxiety. WhT can we do here?

  146. What qualifies as a disability needs to be changed also and autism is not a mental illness,it’s called mental illness such as depression, anxiety,stress,borderline personality disorder is no such thing..these people need to be in therapy to deal with their childhood issues and not on disability..these people are alcoholics and drug addicts collecting disability..SSI payments and they can work,all they need is mandatory therapy..instead of a handout to keep drinking and drugging.

  147. I am a 68-year old woman who cannot stand without an aid due to a collapsed spine I also suffer with anxiety I received a letter from Pip on the 5th of January 2020 2 weeks later wp work a man came out and filled my phone’s in I have sent that to phone calls and said they cannot put me in for a face to face with it we are not nearly in March and I have been very stressed am I only slightly levels of flue through the ceiling at times I have felt suicidal I do not like meeting new people or going out this is worrying me I have got nothing to hide I told them they are welcome to come at anytime but surely 3 months down the line and I am still living with somebody tell me why such a long wait thank you

  148. I was denied ssdi, and I have seizures because of a stroke at the end of 2017. I was told not to drive,work,cook or get heated. I was also told not to let my anxiety interfere, for all these symptoms will ignite my seizures. I am currently being treated at the VA for all these symptoms. I also take medications for my seizures and these other symptoms, and the medications all have very serious side effects. Please help me. I can be reached anytime at 863 604 5480. Thank you very much.

  149. I want to be reconsider for disability for repetitive motion aggravating nerve in left shoulder causing severe vertigo, projectile vomited, hospitalization. Tmjd. Since 1-13-01, 2-26-02, 6-5-05 hospitalization at Littleton hospital, Poudre valley hospital.

  150. Seriously?! Not communicating in English was a freakin reason to get disability?! I’ve had six severe spine surgeries and just survived a Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. Yet my “work credits” were in “wrong time frame”?! YET, I have enough quarters for retirement/medicare. Get no help PERIOD!!! I am the daughter of a K.I.A. (Gold Star daughter–as my hero Dad, God rest his soul, paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country) and my mother, God rest her soul, was a WWII War Bride, German Immigrant and she learned English. No special deals for us and I was born with Spina-bifida. As we are not blind with all the political BS that goes on. Btw was deemed disabled since 2009….11 years laters, still nothing!

  151. For some reason after reading this article, I felt it necessary to re-read the article several more time just to ensure myself that I was understanding what it was really saying. Is it really true that it is REQUIRED to look at a person’s level of education in part of evaluating their medical condition, yet as of APRIL the ability to communicate in English is no longer going to be of relavance in determine how well you can do in the work place? We live in United States of America! Your level of education should have no relavance on a person’s medical capabilities to maintain a job. How can not communicating in English have more of an importance of being overlooked in determining a medical condition? Am I really reading this correctly? Is this what America has really come to? SMH!

  152. My Question is if you have a disabled child since birth. Social Security Disability will no longer base single parent income on what the Child receives? If the single parent makes less than 24,000 annually. Will they cut the SSI CHECK IN HALF be cause of that single parent income. We know how hard this make it for a working parent.

  153. I need my SS check sent to David Sussman 17 Clearwater Clearwater Ct. Nanuet NY 10954. I haven’t received a check in many months.

  154. My wife will soon be 63 years old. Has worked and payed into social security all her life. Now she’s disabled and she’s done everything asked her to do to determine. I’m 70 years old and I have to do everything because of her disabilities. They seam to give disabilitie to the ones not deserving than The Who do deserve.

  155. It’s almost next to impossible to get disability….and if u really need it…ur normally refused the first time and then wait 2 years to re-summit…and then it’s a crap shoot whether or not ur awarded the 2nd time…the time frames are not condusive yo someone’s needs and it sounds as though instead of making it less lengthy..and more assured…its going to be more difficult….There’s two sides to this coin….and they both should be considered….

  156. I am a disabled US Army veteran that applied for what I thought was SSDI instead the paperwork was submitted for SSI. I’m a little annoyed as a person that has already been awarded 90% disabled with veterans affairs that my application was already denied for SSI… Not knowing the difference at the time I was quite upset. It was by sure luck I was telling my someone I had been denied and she informed me that there are 2 different disability processes. had I not said anything to her, I wouldn’t be online surfing for the claim I know I was trying to apply for! Not to mention the crazy long lines at the social security office! And I know I told the lady at social security what I was applying for… It should be clear cut which process you are applying for…. and someone patient enough to help you through the process instead of people stopping when they are denied without understanding you might have been applying for the wrong disability!

  157. Well I am 60 years old and can’t work homeless because y’all won’t help shit why did I pay all of mine in when won’t help me at all and this town I live in in Louisiana gives it to who ever they want to it is just depressing and you are the only person s keeping it to yourself you need help people with there problem s not feed young with drugs with our benefits

  158. As with any new rules, I feel one of the missing links is providing updated training to staff in local area SSA offices. The staff in my local office seem unaware (or indifferent) to many of the rules that apply to SS benefits. For example, my federal financial aid is deemed as income against SSI benefits….this should not be the case (according to POMS). I cannot seem to make my local office understand this…clearly they lack adequate training.

  159. I am on social security now but find it now impossible to pay my rent due to unforeseen cerci stance . I will be 69 this year is there any help

  160. I read somewhere that going on Disability affects your social security benefits. Is that true? If it is, why? Aren’t they 2 different programs under the government?

  161. some one who can not speak english is not useful in our country at all and I wonder how it is they got her and how the get paid for staying anti english…this is so anti american!!

  162. That’s not a disability!!! They can hear, see, walk, move but don’t speak english to bad, you all wont let me learn ASL in school because of my disability and tell me to learn on my own! Then they too should learn on their own! I had to apply 3 times with Bilateral Meniere’s, my husband has Severe Ataxia but was denied 4 times and had to get a lawyer, when it reached the judge she noticed his claims were never even read! We’re American and you could not care! No this not a disability!

  163. I don’t know how much more politicized a basic economic principle could get. You must lift up the poorest households for a successful country. Social Security should be EXPANDED and EASIER to receive. How much longer do we need to look at line graphs that show 1% of the population owning 99% of the wealth? It’s passed the point of Republicans / Democrats, it’s passed the point of Trump / Sanders politics, it’s gotten to a point where our elected officials should be having emergency meetings on budget reconciliation and reallocation of federal spending.

  164. None of us can provide any input. New Rule is already in effect. Your article is dated 2016 with responses and input due December 2016. Do you read what you send out to the American citizens?What’s with that?

  165. I have been receiving social security since 2017. This has been based on payments dating back to 1990. Is it possible to have my benefits reviewed since I have been paying in again from 1999 through present.

  166. To the Commissioner of Social Security Administration, Andrew Saul. You are doing a terrific job in reshaping the Social Security Administration. For to long people who never paid into Social Security took checks they did not earn. They went on Education. Many did not know how to speak or write english and they are English speaking Americans. Now they have to get jobs supplementing that SSI Check which many have collected for years and not being taxed. I had to work and to let you know how long it has been 07/01/1980 was my first job on the books at $2.75 and hour. The Social Security Administration does not have that information because for to long they allowed people to dip into my Social Security even when I had not worked yet. Social Security Disability is not Retirement. Keep in mind that this one USA CITIZEN AMERICAN RETIRED EARNING ENOUGH WORK CREDITS JOB CREDITS ON THE BOOKS TO RETIRE IN 2004. Also during that time of 02-19-2004 on I ran reports on age 39, 27, 33, 34 and even 67 years of age and my Retirement Social Security income which has not been paid was still the same. I paid into the USA SSA AND ALSO PAID AND FILED TAXES. WHENEVER A INSURANCE WAS PLACED ON THAT PAPER CHECK DIS, MEDICARE, OF COURSE STATE AND FEDERAL FICA I PAID IT. If it was as much as $175 check I not only took out Social Security taxes I also paid what ever taxes including local and filed taxes at the end of the year. In the end my Award I Retired and Now it is time for the system of Social Security Administration you are doing a wonderful job in reshaping to pay my Retirement Social Security income. In 2015 applied for Increase and it was out of the Retirement State Florida. If I had not Retired in 2004 why would the retirement state be calling me up. I retired and my Retirement Social Security Income is mines. Not disability why I applied through public benefits state and thru Social Security Adminsitration the next day less then 24 hours after life threatening added injuries on my life on 01-10-2003. I did it in a timely manner when a worker came into the hospital on 01-10-2003 that morning less then 24 hours of 01/09/2003 and applied for everyting. Including SSI WITH DISABILITY, PUBLIC BENEFITS TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE EVEN MEDICAL INSURANCE ALTHOUGH I HAD INSURANCE. WELL WHAT DID THE SSA DO NOTHING AND THE LOCAL STATE PUBLIC OFFICES DO NOTHING. BUT I RETIRED 1 YEAR 4 MONTHS AND 5 DAYS AFTER 01/09/2003 AND THAT SHOWED EVERYTHING. STILL YOU WON’T SEE THE SOCIAL SECURITY I PAID INTO BECAUSE PEOPLE LIE THEY TOOK IT MUNIPULATED THE SYSTEM ALLOWING FLYS TO GET IN AND STEAL AND ROB AND DID NOT SUPPLEMENT NONE OF THOSE CHECKS EVEN IF THEY WAS INJURED SO SOCIAL SECURITY WOULD HAVE BEEN DEPLETED BY 2023 IN 3 MORE YEARS. THIS WAS PUT OUT IN 2014 WHY BECAUSE PEOPLE GETTING A CHECK AND NOT PAYING INTO THE USA SSA NEVER PAID TAXES BUT THIS AMERICAN OBEY THE LAW OF THE LAND AND I AM ENTITLED TO ALL MY SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME RETIREMENT EARNINGS UNTIL IT HAS CAPPED OUT WHAT I MADE FOR THE TAX YEARS AND SHOWS WHEN THEY TOOK IT IN 1992 I MADE MORE THEN $1842 SOMETHING IN THAT YEAR BUT THAT IS 27 YEARS AND OF MY SOCIAL SECURITY EARNINGS I PAID INTO THE USA SSA. I SAID SOMETING ABOUT IT SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION STOPPED SENDING STATEMENTS AT 25 YEARS OF AGE BECAUSE THEY HAD 25 YEARS TO ISSUE ME A SUPPLEMENT CHECK. ALL THOSE DISABILITIES HARDSHIPS THEN NOW YOU HAVE 30 YEARS BUT IN THAT 30 YEARS I RETIRED 16 YEARS AGO WITH INCREASE AFTER 12 YEARS OF RETIREMENT AND I RECEIVED NOT 1 CHECK BUT MY RETIREMENT INCOME IS MINES ALL MINES. I DON;T HAVE TO PROVE TO A DOCTOR EVEN YOU THAT I EARNED MY RETIREMENT SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME IT IS ALL ON THE RECORDS. AND YOU KNOW THAT IT IS MORE BECAUSE WHERE IS THE 1ST JOB ON THE BOOKS 1980 07/01/1980 AT $2.75 MY TAX ID NUMBER SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER I HAD THIS NUMBER FOR 42 YEARS AND IT IS THE SAME SSI NUMBER I WORKED UNDER AND I RECEIVED NO SOCIAL SECURITY CHECKS BUT YET I RETIRED PLUS INCREASED IN 2016 BUT APPLICATION FILED IN 2015 OUIT OF FLORIDA THE RETIREE STATE. HAD I PROOF READ EVERY LETTER I SENT TO STATE SINCE JUNE JULY OF 2002 AND TO SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE EVEN WITH A CONTACT BY PHONE PRIOR TO 01-09-2003 INJURIES I CALLED SSA MELVILLE OFFICE NO WAY WOULD I BE ON TIME TO RIGHT THIS COMMENT THE POST. YOURS TRULY

  167. Thank you
    I am 80 years old. I would like to work. I am a Cal retired Teacher with a life time permit to teach English as a ESL.

  168. Yes I’d like to know how a single mother with young child under the age of 18 that get sells security disability 900 amount I make you much to get any insurance for myself I am a 100% disabled I can’t get Internet from their disability I can’t get insurance because I have a young child having habs outness my condition is terminal and I can’t get no help because I make too much money my prescriptions alone or 200 where am I supposed to do nobody well me this is not how America should be I’m getting screwed at benefits that I work for and nobody will help me

  169. Estoy desabilitada hace 4 años por no hacerme ciudadana me quitaron mi seguro de Salud que nesecito por estar muy enferma, no puedo trabajar y no tengo dinero para nada, ha mas de 5 meses que no voy a ningún medico, por favor ayudenme para un seguro médico de desability gracias

  170. My son died in 2016. He had stage 4 neuroendencrine cancer and was on kidney dialysis. He lived in CA.

    He was denied disability because he had not paid in to SS for one quarter, I think. He was unable to work because he was too weak and had continually diarrhea.
    All of his employees received disability. His wife left him and I went out to care for him until he died in my arms never receiving any help except from me. I helped to pay for many things depleting my savings. I would do it all over again. My son was certainly eligible but no one ever listened. I just wanted to write this because change is certainly needed.

  171. Dose a letter from social security administration on a disability update report do you have to pay postage if sent in the mail or do social security send a prepaid envelope to send your disability update report back to social security

  172. Why then, during my three chemotherapy treatments and a broken neck over a five-year period, at which time I was on disability. Why Am I being made to pay back every penny? I have figured out disability is a scam. Every month a large chunk of my Social Security is being taken away from me.
    Why when I appealed it two times was I not allowed to be in court to defend myself? New jersey never even notified me that my appeal was being heard. Talk about injustice. Every penny I collected I needed! Now they’re taken hundreds from me every month to pay back something I should not have to pay back.Why when I appealed it two times was I not allowed to be in court to defend myself? New Jersey never even notified me that my appeal was being heard. Talk about injustice. Every penny I collected I needed! Now they’re taking hundreds from me every month to pay back something I should not have to pay back

  173. Education has always played a role in the decision along with can a person be able to do any other type of work other then their pass work experience prior to injury. Whether they spoke English or not was only part of the evaluation process. The changes you speak of is only a 1/3 of the formula of the decision. The other part are education rehabilitation and the severity of the condition . Does your illness prevent you from workinh

  174. James c Borland , who can work a back braking job to learn that they keep raising the age to draw Social Security . this is not for me for I am retired this is for our young people. Why would you buy in to this system that is not set up for the many.

  175. I`ve been on Disability then it changed to SSI for 16 at least yrs. I have a lot of physical problems that keep me from a Full-Time Job,I Used to Work For The Teamster Union Driving and doing work on Pipeline Projects and Movie Work. Every Now and Then I have a chance on the Union to work on Pipeline Jobs out of Town driving a Pick up to take workers to the Jobsite for maybe 1-2 months.I would like to add to my SSI in terms of money a month..Right now I get $1000.00 a month Not Much to Live for being 72 yrs of age. Although I cannot work continuously I could work Short Intervals Driving .once the workers get to work I don’t do much. How Can I Work Sporadically?? To Improve the amount I Get a Month? I see People on SS and they pay $134.00 a month and can work. I think the $134.00 is for medicare. Please tell me or explain to me what I can do and not get in trouble, and what Benefits I Lose or Gain. Thank You

    • I get about $27,000 SSD which changed to SSI when I turned 66. My disability did not change at 66. My income was not affected. SS sent me a letter (Michigan) saying I could earn up to $46,000. Anything over that and fifty cents on the dollar would go to the Govt.

  176. SSA Fraud comes from the SSA itself. You use non US Citizens grant US Computer access to non Citizens then wonder where the phone scam comes from. Well look at LE Staff those employees non Citizens steal information and sell it to agents of harm and corruption. Take all non US Citizens off of employment in foreign embassy

  177. Seriously …. ? Why don’t you focus on moving this 4-5 year long, unbearable process along because we’re forced to live with nothing and it takes so many years to make a decision which makes it impossible for people to live. We can’t work yet, ironically, the only people that survive to get disability are the ones that have families who can pay for all the medical costs or people who saved up thousands of dollars from working….. everyone else is screwed. Especially when you don’t have a family to support you. Stop focusing on politics and appeasing other agencies with P.C. and start working on helping the disabled who live in nothing because it takes you guys 5 years to make a decision.

  178. Born in 1952, I ruined my back working part time after high school classes. Told my employer who invited me to lay on the office floor when the pain was intense, It took me until age 34 to hear the words “workmans comp” and find a surgeon who did a myelogram which clearly showed I had a herniated disc. The surgery made it worse because the injury was 15 years old.
    Beginning in 2006 I had over seven unrelated surgeries that cost me my 30 year job. Finally in 2013 I qualified for Social Security Disability. I divorced after 42 years in 2014. She is still working at age 66. I just returned from the Philippines engaged to a beautiful 35 year old Filipina. I am trying to find out if my new spouse can collect on my Social Security if we marry and reside in the USA. If not, I may have to move to the Philippines so we can be together. Any thoughts from you are welcomed.

  179. My Question is to Andrew Soul who is head of Social Security. I am an individual who applied for disability and was denied on January 11, 2020. The finding was unfavorable due to no having a severe impairment to Fibromyalgia yet I was found to have a severe impairment to osteoarthritis according to my letter from the judge who made his decision I believe very hastily. The vocational Expert for Social Security stated I did no have transferable skills. Your Grid rules say I am disabled secondary to my age and the fact that my skills are not transferable. All of my Doctors say I have Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. These two reasons were why I applied for disability in the first place. Why then if I have a severe impairment of one diagnosis can’t I be approved for benefits? Why weren’t my medications not gone over during my hearing? How can your doctors diagnose me when they have never laid eyes on me how do they know how my body absorbs medication? Should I be put in the position of driving my car to work which is very early in the morning so that I can possibly injure myself or god forbid injure or kill another person because my body absorbs medication very slowly. So if I am so tired from lack of sleep, feeling the effects of medication, it is ok to go to work because you say I am not disabled. I am then being put in a position to operate machinery under the influence of medication. I am appealing with the most strength I have in my boy to answer these questions. I have appealed to the Appeals Council and want very much to be able to go before the judge again. I was unable to speak at the last hearing due to an anxiety attack because my son was once again going off to fight for his country. He left the day of my hearing. I am just wanting to know how some people who claim they are disabled due to anxiety, depression yet they live life free and fun going to casinos, concerts, and they are able to enjoy life because they played the system. I am an American. My doctors say I shouldn’t work due to my Fibromyalgia & Osteoarthritis. I am in pain every minute of everyday. I am forced to work causing more pain. I don’t go to casinos, concerts and do very little due to my illness. Even if I were approved for disability, I still have my condition. It is chronic and there is no cure for Fibromyalgia. Please I just want a quality of life so that I can live with some kind of peace. Currently this procedure has caused me more depression, and if not approved I could go homeless. Is this what our country has come to, making someone desolate. This is truly wrong…. The system is broken and the ones in social security that broke it haven’t a clue on how to fix it….Please All I want is answers.


  181. My son is 25 years old with paranoid schizophrenia and was diagnosed in February 2014 he is on medication that causes dementia like symptoms and his medication cause him to sleep 8-10 hours at a time he could not stop hearing the voices and the attorney Dr Bill Latour office did not do a good job helping him we did not see them but only 5 min in 11/2 years that was the day of the hearing and the judges stated my son didn’t argue for himself or did his attorney my son did not know to argue for himself that’s why we hired an attorney my son wants a normal life and would love to work no one will hire him and the ones that did let him go a week later he has not had a Job when he work 3
    Weeks in years but they are still denying him benefits my lil income is causing is to be homeless and you have these ones that are frauding the system they get the benefit so we are on the next level to appeal cause no attorney will help us at the appeals council level I’m praying they have a heart and realize my son needs income his doctor said she don’t see how they won’t give him his benefits

  182. So take a person who applied that speaks English and take someone who speaks another language they both have all the same diagnosis but yet the one who speaks English gets denied and the other approved god bless America.
    It’s the truth tho

  183. Hello I’m Adrianna avila perea .I was born with mental health and epelapsy seziers and my mother is a alcoholic she did it her pregnancy with me and on top of that she trie aborting me few times I could never understand why I had problem learning and development issues and staying focused and consintratation and can’t handle being aro d people and I am the perfect example of why you don’t drink while pregnant and do drugs or try aborting my whole life I have suffers and suffered voices seeing things and it’s not getting better I have been on so many levels of meds and nothing helps council meeting therepy nothing and I have worked but and had lots of jobs oh but also I have multiple personalty disorder but I have tried to get ssd ssi and denied denied I’m so tired that because of people on drugs mess it up for people like myself that I didn’t ask to be born or born like this my mother has told me I’m a mistake and I also have chronic depression chronic personality disorder every thing I have is chronic not to mention that I had cancer in one kidney and had it removed so I only have one kidney I got hert at my last job as a care giver the lady fell on me and my boss didn’t care they fired me and o have fibromyalgia and sciatica and diabetes they SS HAS BEEN GETTIING ALL MY INFO AND DR INFO AND STILL NOTHING I LOST MY KIDS BECAUSE I WENT TO GETTING HELP MENTALY FOR MEDS AND BECAUSE OF THAT THEY SAID I AM NOT FIT TO HAVE MY KIDS 5 BOYS AND NEVER ABUSE OR NEGLECTED MY KIDS OR NEVER DRUGS JUST MY PSCCH MEDS NOW MY OLDER BOYS ARE BACKI LIVE IN RAPID HOSING I am a servivor of domestic VIOLANCE my husband almost killed me twice I was forced to stay with him he said or he would have my kids kills if I left or divorced him the second time that was it thank God my boys were here to save my life no longer with him but I’m STILL at the apartment were it happen to this day I am trammatized of the shower but and my apartment manager tore down my fence and denied my medical companion dog so my safety is compromised and I couldn’t move cause it was the holidays and and I couldn’t find a place that takes my voucher and so I’m still in this apartment scared paranoid depressed and I never know when he’s going to send another threat on my life but with all said I wasas born this way and 49 years old and have been trying and turned down since 1990 please help me thank you adrianna Avila perea

    • Hi, Adrianna. We are sorry to hear about your health condition and situation. Social Security pays disability benefits to people if they have a medical condition that has prevented them from working or is expected to prevent them from working for at least 12 months. We use the same five-step process to make a decision on each application. To see the process that we use, visit here. If you need to apply for disability, please visit our Disability benefits web page. We hope this helps.


  185. I know people or a family from Nicaragua the mom, dad, grandma can’t speak a word of English they have been in the states for 20 years the mom is considered a resident and she get ssi ,she’s hasn’t bothered to learn how to speak English or become a citizen.Im an American and I been fighting for 3 yrs and 7 mo. I just three days ago got a fully favorable decision. In June of 2016 I broke both of my heels and fractured my hip and my tailbone and in April of 2017 I had an aortic aneurysm , I died at one hospital. They brought me back and bay flight end me to Tampa. Things need to change, I’m tired,broke and just need some help.

  186. ROBERT LOPEZ lores are you aware that one fourth or 8 eight states were once mexican states that we got adter mexico surrendered after the mexican american war.

    that one condition of the surrender was that mexicans would be allowed to enter those states without a restriction.

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