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New Guidance about COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments

April 10, 2020 • By

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Last Updated: May 4, 2022

“The Treasury Department launched a new web tool allowing quick registration for Economic Impact Payments for eligible individuals who do not normally file a tax return, and also announced that it would begin making automatic payments.  However, for some people receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration—specifically those who have dependent children under the age of 17—it is to their advantage to go to this portal to ensure they also get the $500 per dependent Economic Impact Payment.  I encourage them to do this as soon as possible, and want to provide the following details:

People who receive Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability insurance benefits and who did not file a tax return for 2018 or 2019 and who have qualifying children under age 17 should now go to the IRS’s webpage to enter their information instead of waiting for their automatic $1,200 Economic Impact Payment.  By taking proactive steps to enter information on the IRS website about them and their qualifying children, they will also receive the $500 per dependent child payment in addition to their $1,200 individual payment.  If Social Security beneficiaries in this group do not provide their information to the IRS soon, they will have to wait to receive their $500 per qualifying child.

The same new guidance also applies to SSI recipients, especially those who have qualifying children under age 17.  To receive the full amount of the Economic Impact Payments you and your family are eligible for, go to the IRS’s Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info page and provide information about yourself and your qualifying children.

Additionally, any new beneficiaries since January 1, 2020, of either Social Security or SSI benefits, who did not file a tax return for 2018 or 2019, will also need to go to the IRS’s Non-Filers website to enter their information.

Lastly, for Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability beneficiaries who do not have qualifying children under age 17, you do not need to take any action with the IRS.  You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS as long as you received an SSA-1099 for 2019.

For SSI recipients who do not have qualifying children under age 17, we continue to work closely with Treasury in our efforts to make these payments automatically.  Please note that we will not consider Economic Impact Payments as income for SSI recipients.

The eligibility requirements and other information about the Economic Impact Payments can be found at the IRS’s Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments page.  In addition, please continue to visit the IRS for the latest information.

We will continue to update Social Security’s COVID-19 webpage as further details become available.”

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Andrew Saul, Commissioner, Social Security Administration

Commissioner of Social Security Administration (June 17, 2019 - July 9, 2021)


  1. José G.

    Good work. We dont spect less from you. Thanks.

  2. No S.

    Yes please clarify for us seniors that get SSA payments via the Direct Express Card and do not have a bank account.

    “automatically receive” is very vague.

    • OE P.

      The money is not coming from SSA, but the IRS. So it will be either Direct Deposit, or in the mail.

    • Raf

      When you signed up for a direct express card it was for direct deposit of all federal payments. So if you get retirement or disability on your card that is where your payment should arrive, unless you have changed your direct deposit with ssa. Either way, if you don’t have dependents and you are not on ssi only, you should not need to do anything. As years before this ssa requires everyone to signup for direct deposit I doubt there are people still getting paper checks ,but if you are your check will be mailed. People on disability or retirement all get 1099s and don’t need to do anything unless they have dependent kids.

      • Tonya T.

        No you don’t. I’ve been on SSI for 27 years and never received one either.

    • Vonda V.

      Hi There. Thank you for using our blog to ask your question. It is Treasury, not Social Security, that will be making direct payments to eligible people. We continue to work closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions in an attempt to make the issuance of these payments as quick and efficient as possible. We realize people are concerned, and the IRS will provide additional information at when available.

  3. mary m.

    hello,i am a representative payee for my 19 yr old daughter for her ssi payments.i do not file taxes because that and child support for my 15 yr old son is my only income.i have a 20 yr old son that gets ssi we all get the stimulus payments or some of us?am i suppose to be doing something to receive it?thank u..

    • DMN

      Your SSI recipient children need do nothing they will get their stimulus check in the same method they get their SSI benefits. You on the other hand must go to the IRS web site and click the “Non-FIlers” link so that you can get your check and if applicable the extra $500 for your child.Keep in mind only one person is entitled to receive the $500 check for the child, if someone else claims the child on their tax return they would be the one to receive the $500 check.

      • Heather n.

        MARY M FLEMING===
        that first response was incorrect, -about claiming the 500 for her child- She said her “19” yr old on SSI who she is Rep payee for, (is over 17 so won’t be entitled to the 500 that is for dependent children.) Also she said she didn’t file taxes, so that would likely mean she didn’t claim her adult daughter as a dependent on taxes, which should be better in this situation since as an adult she can get her own money iso long as nobody else claimed her on their taxes, & since her other child she said was 20 & also on social security it should also be that way. -Therefore since they are all adults & are all non filing, her children wouldn’t need to do anything to receive money. They both get social security & should recieve the deposit automatically, because both adult kids info is already current with the treasury from their monthly social security benefits- Only she who posted this would need to go online & update her information with the IRS’s Non filers update info page- because she doesn’t file taxes, & they don’t know her current info. All three should get full 1200 checks, and unless she has her own bank for direct deposit I would assume she would get a paper check, while her 2 adult kids on SS would probably get loaded onto whichever method is used to receive their current monthly SS benefit checks.

        I NEED ANSWERS FOR THOSE WITH DIRECT EXPRESS, & MINOR DEPENDANTS, ON SSI OR SSDI, OR ON BOTH LIKE ME-(both because I worked, but only so much, so my SSDI wasn’t enough to even match the low income SSI payment amount, so I get my monthly SSDI, & also I get just enough SSI to supplement the rest, that way my whole monthly amount is equal to the regular SSI monthly payment-) WHAT IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR IS WHAT TO PUT DOWN ON THE ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE FOR MY INFO-AS DIRECT EXPRESS ISNT AN OPTION ON THE NONFILING UPDATING INFO SITE, BUT IM SUPPOSED TO FILL IT OUT TO ENSURE PAYMENT FOR MY CHILDS BENEFIT CHECK..
        So I STARTED IT BUT ISTOPPED STUCK AT BANK INFO- I DONT WANT TO MESS IT UP AND MAKE IT TAKE LONGER IF I DO SOMETHING WRONG- IT SAID THAT PEOPLE ON SSI & SSD WOULD ATOMATICALLY GET THIER PAYMENTS BUT THE CHILD ONE ISNT AUTOMATIC, SO YOU NEED TO GO IN AND ADD IT.. Does that mean I will get the $1200 automatically and then eventually sometime they will mail me the 500 if I don’t put anything on the website or don’t put any direct deposit information because all I have is the direct express? DONT THESE PEOPLE KNOW HOW SOOO MANY PEOPLE ARE USING DIRECT EXPRESS, WHY WOULD THEY LEAVE THAT INFO OUT!? I was really hoping for this money soon, I need TP!!!! And NEED to pay My electrıc & my sons birthday is in a week, I’m not being able to leave the house &I havıng to order something from the Internet for him which takes time, time I don’t have if I’m waiting on the mail… Uggg,, HELP! , Anyways- good luck, hope we find answers or if you have already & I missed it please tell me!!! Stay safe & healthy god bless you all, hope you all find what your looking for

        • Heather

          Sorry i guess i didn’t see your other child in ur post that was 15,- But you should get the 500 for that child as he is under 17, so long as hes not claimed by anyone else-and it should come with YOUR benefit check if not at same time then at least the same route-however you get your refund on your taxes whether direct deposit to bank, or thru mail-, But any adults that were claimed by someone else, even on social security as far as i know, will get nothing it says- If no one has claimed them then they should get thier own 1200 checks automatically, so long as they are adults & under the income allowed..

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Mary, thank you for your question. For SSI recipients to receive the full amount of the Economic Impact Payments, they must go to the IRS’s Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info page and provide information about themselves and any qualifying children.

  4. Anna K.

    I receive supplemental social security because I am disabled. Ssi. I do not get a ssa1099. I also do not have a bank account my checks are directly deposited on to my direct express card. Is that where my stimulus Check will be deposited? Will this automatically happen or do I need to do something ?

    • A P.

      Every one who’s collecting disability gets a 1099 in the mail saying how much you received for the year in january.

      • SSI &.

        People on SSI do not receive a 1099R, only those on SSDI.

        I also don’t have a bank account so have the same question.
        Someone recommended calling Direct Xpress and asking how to fill out the IRS online form.

        • Lisa L.

          You’ll spend forever on hold if you attempt to call Direct Express only to end up getting nowhere unfortunately

          • Alexandra

            You are correct.
            Now I have an unrelated question. My DE card expired 3/31/30. Still waiting for new card. Meanwhile my 4/3/20 deposit is in limbo. Any suggestions? Thank you.

        • Someone o.

          You are incorrect. People on SSI do receive a 1099R.

          • Diane S.

            No they dont. I have been on SSI for 22 years and I have NEVER recieved any of those tax forms in the mail. I called and asked about it once and they said I never got them because I am on SSI. So, I had to go on this site they talk about and file the form to get the coronavirus money.

          • Susan K.

            I don’t know for sure. But I’m thinking those with direct deposit gets theirs first. Direct express comes afterwards, don’t know why. However those of us on SS, SSD have guaranteed income monthly. Maybe not enough, but there are taxpayers out there that have lost jobs who have zero money right now. Their deposits should come first. Those of us with Direct Express will eventually see this stimulus check.

          • Kimberly B.

            No they don’t. Social security and ssi are two different things. Ssi is supplemental security income not social security income and we do Not get a1099

        • Becca

          Yes you do. January of every year. It’s probably one of those papers you just toss out as junk mail. All SSI people receive one

          • Mili

            You r probably referring to SSDI not SSI.

          • Edith b.

            SSI gets a proof of income ssa and veterans get a 1099 I draw widows on my deseased husband I get a 1099 but my brother draws SSI he gets a proof of income.

          • Huero

            I’m on SSI and I got one in January

          • Anthony L.

            People that receive only SSI DO NOT get any form 1099…

    • Stasi

      I’m in the same situation as you.
      Someone recommended calling Direct Xpress and asking how we fill out the IRS online form. The Bank that backs the cards does have a Routing number so it may be possible to get the needed information from them.
      Good Luck!

      • Delendless

        I called and they have no info on the stimulus payout. If you call the number on the back you’ll hear the message for yourself, I’m utterly confused and have no idea what to do anymore because I haven’t gotten answers, I’ve also tweeted at ssa and the treasury but heard nothing back.

  5. willie H.

    I am thankful to you and to the Government.and remain blessed.

  6. Mary u.

    If I’ve been on SS for a few years and get it deposited in my account, do I have to fill out a 1099 or not. I just need this one question answered. Thank you

    • vern

      It should be deposited in your account next week or so. You can check your bank account.

      • Nancy B.

        This isn’t true a friend of mine got hers already and she filed turbo tax. She is not disabled and she makes more money than I get

        • Terrance S.

          What is not true? Your response makes no sense. The facts are, no she does not need to do anything unless she is claiming dependents.

        • Blkcatmommy

          People are getting their payments daily. Just because you know somebody who received their payment doesn’t mean you won’t get your payment. They can only process two many a day so your will come.
          I read in my Chicago newspaper social security recipients will start getting paymebt April 17 th. On this post someone said April 20th. According to the web Page above these comments it states that lower income people and SS recipients will get paid first. Who knows when I know we all could use the money (except to the man who claimed he made 150 grand last year and is on SSI) and were concerned that our government is going to somehow screw USA least that’s how I feel but I am a Snap recipient in Illinois and the phone line tells you they have no information but I checked my balance because I didn’t believe the message and I received my increase yesterday. It will come when nobody really knows. Good luck to everyone and hopefully you will get your direct express answer soon.

          • PATTY


      • Edward

        Does My Direct Express Card have a. Routing & Account # because I wanna file a non- filer tax form to receive my 1200.00 dollars

        • Vince r.

          Not thats available to the payee (you) SSI can load your monthly benifits to it, but I’m almost 100% sure they cannot load 1200.00

      • Ruth

        “For Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability beneficiaries who do not have qualifying children under age 17, you do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will AUTOMATICALLY receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS as long as you received an SSA-1099 for 2019” into the same way you receive your monthly benefits monthly.

    • OE P.

      No. You should have received a 1099-R form in the mail in January that shows how much they paid you in 2019.
      IF YOU DID NOT FILE A TAX RETURN FOR 2018 OR 2019, YOU NEED TO GO TO THE website and follow the instructions there to give them your abbreviated info in lieu of a tax form.
      BUT, IF you have a dependent child age 16 or younger, you too should go and follow instructions in this message to insure you get the extra $500 for that dependent child. I am just a retired reader and not with the SSA or IRS.

      • OE P.

        I meant to say FORM SSA-1099-SM

      • OE P.

        Sorry for incorrect statement above. Delete the second paragraph in its entirety, beginning with IF YOU DID NOT FILE…
        You have nothing to do but wait.

    • Fred

      Lastly, for Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability beneficiaries who do not have qualifying children under age 17, you do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS as long as you received an SSA-1099 for 2019. N if u r not sure if u get a ssa 1099 u can access ur ssi on the internet from ssi portal n it will tell u if u got n ssa1099 n if u do u can down load a copy of it

    • Terri

      If you didn’t file 2018 or 2019 taxes and you don’t have a bank account but you do have the direct Express card that my SSI and VA is deposited on monthly. I do not receive a form 1099 so I have no idea how I’m supposed to fill out the non filers form

    • Ellis

      the payers are those that fill out 1099 not the people that get paid

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Mary. Thank you for your question. You do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS as long as you received an SSA-1099 for 2019. The SSA-1099 is automatically sent to people who receive Social Security benefits in January of every year. Please subscribe and stay up to date with the latest Social Security information on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

      • April C.

        Hello, could you please help? My questions may be the hardest? I have not seen them here. I am a mother payee of a minor child on SSDI; I work at home in our home as his 24/7 nurse trainer IHSS. I have still been working and receiving pay from IHSS, and my son recieved the SSID. I am “tax exempt, because I am his live in trainer and parent. SOSC filer. ….I tried to file an IRS form at the site suggested. It said 2codes, one about wrong dependent and another about my wages? It said if you dont file to put 0. I did, but I think I receive a receipt from an address down south that says my son is my employer, i think thats the payee receipt? Will they just have my employer info and direct deposit. And my sons SSID info and deposit info, assumably, I wont need to file? No one can tell me if minors get it for SSID, or if IHSS tax exempt for minor at home will. Im not totally out of supplies, but It would be nice to know the answers to these questions I have? No phone info available? Thank-you for all you do!❤️??✨

  7. Cathleen B.


    • Terrance S.

      Only if you have dependents. You may want to if you have a spouse that is not receiving SSI or anything like that.

    • Diane S.

      You only have to file if you dont get the needed tax forms every year. I get SSI and never get tax forms and I had to file. Did mine last night. Its real easy.

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Cathleen. Thank you for your question. You do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS as long as you received an SSA-1099 for 2019. We hope this helps.

      • Donnie

        Will the payment go to direct express card? I can’t find this answer anywhere???

        • Jeannette

          Did someone carry u on the taxes

      • John A.

        can the irs get the direct deposit infro from ssdi yes or no

        • Vonda V.

          Hi John. Thank you for your question. Economic impact payments will be made to eligible Social Security retirement, disability, or survivors beneficiaries as a direct deposit or by paper check, just as they would normally receive their benefits. We are working closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions about our SSI recipients receiving their economic impact payments. Treasury, not Social Security, will make these payments. The IRS will provide additional information at

  8. Fawn M.

    Will we be receiving stimulus payments on our Direct Express cards if we don’t utilize a bank for our SSDI payments. This is unclear. Please provide a direct yes or no answer. If necessary can you please ask the IRS for clarification. Is this payment due within the next week?
    Thank you for your help and guidance.

    • Goodbye G.

      President Trump was flooded with calls about the non filers and the way we will get the $1200.00 … social security disability beneficiaries will get the money whether you filed 2018 and 2019 or not. The IRS KNOWS WHERE TO SEND IT. IF YOUR BENEFITS GO TO A LOADABLE CARD OR A BANK THE MONEY WILL BE DIRECTLY DEPOSITED IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT OR LOADABLE CARD YOUR $1200.00 will be mailed to you in a paper check form . Which they say (treasury and IRS) the paper check will take a bit longer to receive. I hope that clears it up. These instructions above have been amended by President Trump because beneficiaries complained that the IRS WAS MAKING IT DIFFICULT FOR THE POOR OR UNFILED CITIZENS TO GET OUT AND FIND A PLace TO FILE 2018 and 2019 taxes… President Trump was told the IRS AND TREASURY KNOWs WHO AND WHERE WE ARE THEY SEND SOcial SECURITY DISABILITY CHECKS IN PAper OR DIRECT DEPOSIT MONTHLY. So the answer is NO just be patient your stimulus will arrive on your loadable card or bank account if you do not have a bank account nor a fake bank card to LOAD the check for $1200.00 will be mailed snail mail TO YOUR ADDRESS ON FILE WITH THe SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION

      • Holly C.

        Yes u right n u forgot people who on ssi have children as dependent so add ur kids on it then irs will know that u have kids

      • Wayne

        Direct express cards are loadable but we can’t put money on ourselves I guess we’ll find out I am also curious if it will load on my Direct Express card

      • Thank y.

        Thank you for clarity!

    • Deryl

      yes…if you get ssdi it comes to you auutomaticly.

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Fawn, thank you for using our blog to ask your question. It is Treasury, not Social Security, that will be making direct payments to eligible people. We continue to work closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions in an attempt to make the issuance of these payments as quick and efficient as possible. We realize people are concerned, and the IRS will provide additional information at when available.

  9. Theresa S.

    I get ssdi do I file tax return

    • OE P.

      Probably not.
      But, not enough info.
      This article is all about what you should do if you have a dependent child under age 17. If you don’t, then skip it. It means nothing.

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Theresa. Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability beneficiaries who do not have qualifying children under age 17, do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS. Please subscribe and stay up to date with the latest Social Security information on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

      • Tiffany

        So question, I’m on social security disability and my daughter is too. So if the government already has all that info on her and I would I automatically receive the 500$ for her as well if they have her info?

      • Holly

        Will it automatically go on our direct express card just our benefits do

      • dilydaly

        Hi Vonda! Please when you address a disability beneficiary, please state it as SSDI or SSI ! Because when it comes to both one doesn’t have to do anything and the other(SSI) needs too according to the I RS. I think that’s where there is some confusion. SSDI and SSI are two totally separate programs in Social Security. When you go to the IRS site they plainly state SSDI doesn’t need to do anything along with SSA, and Railroad Retirement, they never said SSI! I wish people would quit getting the two mixed up!

  10. Shawn E.

    I’ve been receiving SSDI for almost 10 years and have not filed taxes. I have a direct Express card. Will I automatically get it on my direct express card. I’m confused with all plz.

    • Anna K.

      I’m wondering as well if mine will go in the direct express card? Do I need to see if these direct express cards have a routing and act number so I can go to the non filers link? Confused

      I believe you are fine because you are ssdi and you receive a SSA1099
      That is how they get your information

      • Darrell G.

        Direct deposit for tax filers and for Social security recipients who use direct express will be automatically sent into the accounts and on the card and will be before any other payments is sent out to any other citizens in America

        • Erin C.

          Are you sure? Sorry to even question you, but I checked my Direct Express card this morning, and I didn’t receive any money?!

          • Logan

            I have not heard anything on this. Direct Express isn’t commenting either. You can’t use a routing number because there isn’t one. Please let me know what you find out. thanks

          • November

            Same here i have been checking my everyday and got told i was -17.00 in the hole when i checked yesterday i had .53 cents in my account

          • Randy F.

            They don’t start depositing until the 13th of April, be patient.

          • scphil

            They are saying next week.

          • BRANDY P.

            I am on SSI do I automatically get the 1200 and when I have a direct Express card

          • Kayfabe

            I tried to go to this so called simple file tool and put my info in and I’m on SSI
            The whole thing is confusing and there’s NO WAY SSI recipients who are blind or have cognitive issues or other mental disabilities will be able to do this! I barely can and My disability is physical
            I was confused it took forever you can hardly read the online forms they aren’t formatted to use by phone, and then I completed it it claims I’m missing information and will NOT GO THROUGH
            I went back redid it made SURE I did it perfectly and it will not go through
            Claiming I’m missing needed info
            No I am NOT. It says if you didn’t file last year you can skip things such as income and tax info from last years taxes but it won’t go through. I put all necessary info in the spots required. I am missing nothing
            And it WONT GO THROUGH.
            Forcing SSI recipients who are disabled and confused, scared, at risk, some of them blind, some with mental illness and difficulty understanding how to even file the paper to DO this this way is cruel and will hinder us getting our cares money even tho we are entitled to it also. There’s NO way this is ok to force ppl to go through
            If Social Security Administration can give it directly to people retired etc they can give it to SSI and VA recipients DIRECTLY too. I was in tears trying to fill this out last night

          • Renee

            So what I get from this is that specifically “SSI” recipients don’t have to do anything, it will automatically come on the direct Express card?

          • Derek L.

            YES!!! Anyone who has the Direct Express card will receive the $1,200 automatically onto the card. You DO NOT have to do anything to get this money!!!!! Anyone who receives SSI, or SSDI, will AUTOMATICALLY have the money deposited into whatever account, or card, your normal monthly payment is sent to. I am on SSDI and anyone on SSI, or SSDI receives the form SSA-1099 every year. That form is where the government is getting the information from regarding your eligibility for the stimulus check. You do not have to do anything but wait and the money will be in your account! The government will start sending the payments tomorrow! Not everyone will get the stimulus check tomorrow but because this is the weekend, checking your account is not going to do you any good

          • Veronica C.

            yeah I did not receive nothing on my direct Express card either so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do but I guess I can wait it out and I’m not really saying nothing about us that’s on SSI nice you’re going to put them still in check on the SSi direct Express card I don’t know

          • Patricia M.

            I have direct express to nothing yet

          • Patricia M.

            Me to

          • William L.

            We are suppose to get it on the 15th or 17th

          • Jack

            I did not receive stimulus check on my Direct Express card as of 4/12.

          • Annie's

            Me either I have direct exspress also on SSI ain’t received nothing I think nobody really knows and no direct exspress does not have account or routing number I called direct exspress so no account numbers so yeh I’m worried as to how we will get our stimulas without them having an account and routing number ??? Confused also

          • Angelina

            It’s the 13th and I haven’t either..

          • Lisa C.

            I did not either and I know payments have gone out. I thought it would automatically go to my card also.

          • .marcia G.

            I called Direct Express this morning and they told me that they have not seen anybody get a stimulus check from SSI or SSDI on their Direct Express cards but she did give me a number to call the enrollment center to get a routing number and account number in case you need to go on the website and fill out the non filters form so you can update your information so the IRS will know where to send the stimulus here Direct Express enrollment
            number 1 800-333-1795

          • Nan G.

            same, nothing yet. but yet seeing all kinds of people saying they have gotten.

          • Shellie H.

            Well they already started deposited money and I didn’t receive anything on mybdirect express card and my friends did receive their check in their bank.

          • Wydell J.

            I checked my card an money not there what do i need to do

          • Vivian H.

            Only !! Social security retirement and survivors, and railroad recipients will get there stimulus checks automatically, they are not 100 percent sure if they will put it on the direct express cards or mail them. They are still working on it. Now”” for any other person who receives SSI or SSDI with or without children will need to File your simple tax return income tax!!!H and R block are doing it free over the phone or you can go to the web portal the IRS provides on there web page”??

          • Rocky M.

            Hey! I say this and this is facts! Plz plz go fill out a simple tax form at H&R Block…they are one of the first places to override what the portal won’t let you do manually…All you need is a routing number and account number to get direct deposit…if you don’t have access to a bank get a good visa prepaid debit that allows direct deposit…plz don’t wait till they fix this with ssi…it could take months to finally get your money and then get a paper check….so act now..plz. They are wording this in a way for people on ssi to miss out…plz and i’m practically begging you all to go and file with h&r block…and before the week is up to get it by the 17th

          • Julia R.

            People on social security will be last to get stimulus deposited on direct express cards. Info. says tax payers will all receive theirs first. Some were received on Friday. Info. also says that for social security people could take months to be sent.

          • Joe R.

            it’s very confusing however i read everything i can because it’s so dam confusing but what i can tell you is not to stress out and the payment will be the week of the 20th unless they our government changes there mind again so you will get money just not until next week

          • Kristen H.

            I receive my disability social security also on my direct Express card. Would like to know will we receive our stimulus check on our direct Express card? I will call social security and direct Express to see if we will receive it on our direct Express card. I can really use the money to buy groceries for my house and put gas in my car. If I could please get someone to bless my cash app it would really be a blessing for me. My God bless the person that bless me and my cash app. ?$Kristen35777

          • Kymanne

            Darrell S, according to the website what you said is INCORRECT. It says Social security, SSDI and Veteran recipients will all receive the economic impact payment using forms SSa-1099 or Railroad benefits RRB-1099 forms using whichever way the typically receive benefits- via direct deposit or paper check. It goes on to say the recipients of SSI and some disabled and veterans unfortunately will have to use the nonfilers form until/if the IRS says other wise. Here’s the link

            There’s a TON of incorrect information spreading as fast and bad as the virus…. If you’re unsure go directly to the source, don’t rely on random people on the internet, trolls. Even w/my info, I provided the link-now you read it & decide for yourself. Best of luck to you.

          • Cynthia T.

            This came from direct Express bank. Comerica. You will get your check on direct Express

            Direct Express distribution:
            Social Security and Disability recipients are eligible for these payments. The expected distribution date for Direct Express recipients is still being determined and will be directed by the government and not Comerica Bank.

          • tony

            The Republicans want to re-open up the economy, so they won’t have to pay us the second stimulus check they planned for us. It kills mostly old people and people with preexisting conditions, so the Republicans won’t have to pay us our Social Security retirement and disability checks if we die from COVID-19.

          • Debra

            Direct express said it Wront go on the card because it a prepaid card let’s hope it does

          • Dawn A.

            Your right. My son hasn’t received his direct deposit just yet.

          • Deborah C.

            I checked my direct express card this morning and I have not gotten any stimulus money on it. Are we even getting it??

          • Carlos G.

            yes you will receive it it will happen on April 20th the second wave of stimulus check I too have the Direct Express Card everyone people on Social Security entitled to the stimulus check for 1200 we will be in your account by April 20th

          • S W.

            I didnt either and today is the 15th.

          • Shantel h.

            I checked my account and did not receive any money

          • Michael

            @ tony who posted April 15, 2020 @ 2:04 in the AM. There seems to be good ol’ honest folks trying to get a handle on something American citizens have never gone through before. BUT!! Ur post has to be the most absurd, out of place verbiage I have ever come across.. I’m not implying the planet is not controlled by a few uber wealthy
            families/bankers whose wealth is so emeance that we the 99% will never grasp, while the 99% are starving. But Ur bias against POTUS is so obvious and so full of projection and misguided disgust that I feel I finally come across the most disturbed victim of project mockingbird. You owe every commenter on this tread an APOLOGY. Why? you may be thinking how & why I think that, Well for starters placing Ur!! opinion on a thread thats for finding answers, THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL THREAD ABOUT LEFT vs RIGHT. THIS ABOUT THOSE ON BOTH SIDES WHO SUFFERED FROM CV-19, THE FACTS NOW are, CV-19 HAS ATTACKED RICH-POOR,YOUNG, OLD… LEADERS OF NATIONS.. COUNTRIE TO THE NORTH TO THE SOUTH-TO THE EAST AND TO THE WEST OF THESE UNITED STATES of the AMERICA. For the betterment of ALL 99% of the planet, please STOP DIVIDING HUMANITY WITH PERPETUAL MISGUIDED ANGER BECAUSE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TELLS YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR IN ORDER TO FEEL YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT ANY MISFORTUNE YOU ENDURED. God Bless all who want Blessings & Prayers for I am ending my comment with a prayer for all who want & need, Amen.

          • linda d.

            I see I’m not going to receive a check since my granddaughter claim me on her taxes back in January

          • MELISSam

            it says that people who receive Any social security benefits Will receive the stimulus payment however they receive their social security payments monthly or and it will be deposited At the end of April

          • Cathy

            They just started sending them out today and the lower income people will get them first they will continue to send them till the 22nd and then start sending out the paper checks which will take longer

          • Agnes

            I checked my card also and it had notting on it im disabled,

          • Sg

            They say the way you receive your ssdi check the way you will get your stimulus money

          • Luz j.

            I heard ssi would be deposited on the 1st ,,pay closed attention when they talk or write 1st those who file ,then those dont have direct deposit they go to mail then ,then the SSI people ,,I hope this help

          • Virginia

            The date to start recieving the payment on your Direct Express is ….April 23rd

        • Logan

          Where did you get your information?

          • November

            When direct express sends you a card i does not give you a routing number or account number because your SSI and SSDI gets automatically put on your card

          • aliyha

            some people have received there money on Friday if you have chime banking or netspend there getting there money early

          • Vivian H.

            Just to be safe than sorry I filed the simple tax form no income through via H and R block they are filing for free for ppl on ssi it won’t hurt but just to be safe I filed

          • Haywood J.

            Don’t offer 1 inkling of information, via any means of a computer, the internet anything, if The Treasury is in need of your information they will send it in the mail, but DE, payments, will begin the week beginning 4/20/20, good ole 4-20

          • Horace W.

            SSI is taxpayer-funded, whereas SSA is taken from money that people have paid into the system over the years, it is different, SSI, veterans, they do have to put their info in the website.

          • Dorcas W.

            Hey Kayfabe try putting in the AGI box that should send it through

          • Robert F.

            This is nothing but supposition on the part of people that are claiming that it will go directly to the Direct Express card. Untill someone is actually paid via this method no one know for sure and anyone claiming otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about. The first round will go to tax filer with direct deposit information on file with the IRS, the second round SSI/SSDI recipients with direct deposit information on file with the IRS we would be next after that if they pay through the card. eople started receiving payments on the 6th of April I believe.

          • Genaro G.

            I’m on a disability. I don’t file taxes. will I receive the stimulus money.

          • Shannon

            Everyone, please read ALL COMMENTS ABOVE! Someone has posted, those that are asking if they’ll get the check directly on their Direct Expresscards, you will!! If your on this site, asking questions, you should really try and read to see if people posted answers to all your questions.

          • Victoria

            Will we get our stimulus money on our direct express card??

          • Jeffrey

            So I was just reading all these comments and it really makes me laugh.for all you people who are commenting and are unsure about what’s going on why by the reply you know all of us who are getting social security income of some sort are going to have anxiety issues and get all wound up because your fault defying information they’re going to put the money on the card when they put the money on the card and I was just reading saying that we don’t have routing numbers on a direct Express card that’s faults in order for them to direct deposit they have to have a routing number every card even prepaid cards have routing numbers on them and account numbers what I read online everybody who’s on SSI SSDI or some supplementary income will be receiving a direct deposit if you have change your direct Express card and got a bank account that’s when you have to renew through the portal other than that weight to the 15th or the 17th if you don’t see anything then start worrying about it

          • Phillip M.

            I talked SSA just this morning and from what the guy read to me, he basically said all Social Security beneficiaries will automatically receive on DE card of you have it or whatever account you have on file.. He also said SSA is just waiting on the Treasury to hit the green light to disperse the funds.. Hope that helped anyone and or gave you some relief.

          • Krystal

            I didn’t get my money ether so what’s going on I have dtext express to and it didn’t cone In yet so idk what to do where should I go

          • Victoria

            Just called H and.R block s and they said people getting SSDI don’t need to do anything. You should get your stimulus money on you direct express card.

          • Donald

            Ssdi gets theirs automatically too don’t know where you heard otherwise

          • Ashley R.

            I had to go on to fill out a form to make sure I get credited for my child. If you have not filed taxes and you receive SSI/SSDI you HAVE to fill out the Non Filers report in order to get the money for your children. I’m not sure how to use this. I just put this here…

          • Kahkah67

            You will receive it on direct express card …

          • Tammy

            I found where they got their info from. Scroll to the bottom

          • Danette

            Logan, i resonded to u on sat 4/11 i talked to a tax professional and he did some digging 4 me and found out ssi wll not get a direct deposit on the direct Express card..they are not affiliated with a bank. I already filed a non file report without any bank info. But he advises me to go asap and get a green dot prepaid card that is bank affiliated and enter that on wednesday when the new portal opens. It will speed up ur process, who wants to wait til august 4 a paper check. I need that $$ now.

          • John H.

            I logged into the GET MY PAYMENT TOOL and I have DIRECT EXPRESS. It said they need more information. I have a CASHAPP card with account and routing numbers. I will be using that and then logging on to SSA,GOV and changing my direct deposit information also. I’m done with DIRECT EXPRESS!

          • Vickie B.

            If u didnt return the rrb1099 form will u still get a stimulas check

          • Timothy J.

            Federal government a nouncedWenesday you that use direct exspres will get it on your card allpayments will be made by early May CNBC announced that

          • Cathy

            She is right if you get your check direct deposited into a bank that is how you will get it not everyone get their benefits on that card the info is on and Social

          • Maggie

            Thanks! 🙂

        • Lisa H.

          I have had a replacement direct express card in the last month but it is still the original account opened in 2010.does the new debit card number need to be given to IRS or am I safe seeing it is same account social security deposits in.

          • Andrew

            Your routing and account number stays the same even if you request a new card

          • Lynn C.

            that Direct Express Card is linked directly to the IRS they know exactly what your Banking and routing numbers are like I said they just don’t give them out to the general public because it is not an account or a card to use for personal use

          • Carl S.

            When you order a new card they immediately cancel the old number and all your info goes on the new card i know that for a fact so dont worry youre good to go

          • Ron B.

            Know the card number might be different but everything else is the same so you will not have to worry about it

          • Mary

            Does anyone know when ss direct deposits go. Out to people who didn’t file taxes for 2018 or 2019.

          • Gwendolyn J.

            Phillip McHenry
            Thank you….

        • Deryl

          Guys… for those of you who are receiving SSDI you don’t have to do anything unless you have a qualifying child, if you do you have to go to the irs portal and enter that information, people with ssi you have to go to the portal and update your information, the treasury is working with social security so you don’t have to.

          • Kelly W.

            Hey Deryl, I’m on SSI but I get my payments direct deposited to my bank…not on a card. I have tried several times doing the Non Filer’s payment form but it keeps rejecting it! So frustrating. It is confusing on places, like when it says to choose a 5 digit pin…what is that for? I made one up and put it in. Am I doing that wrong so it’s rejecting me??! URG! It just seems crazy for the SSI recipients that already have their banking information in the system to have to do this “Payment” form? They have been putting my payments in my bank account for years. Wonder if they are having issues with it? Ugh, I’m so aggravated. Any ideas…Thanks from Texas!!

          • Anthony E.

            What about if u never received a 1099 form what d[ u do then will I still receive the stimulas the same way all other ssi revives there’s

          • Aryel G.

            Does that mean I would have to go on there and add my children if I get $99 for each of them for my disability money?

          • Christopher B.

            I am on Social Security Disability. I’m Separated from My Wife and I have a 6yr Old Son with Her. She files Taxes every Year and Always needs my Information from Social Security 1099 Form. Am I Eligible for the Stimulus Check? Please let me know. Thanks!

          • Nikita

            I have SSI and direct deposit to USDirectExpress. I have two minor children who qualify for stimulus. The site demands a routing number and account number which I do not have. Now what? Thanks.

          • Nikita Z.

            Site demands routing and account number if you file for dependent children. Directexpress does not provide this. How can you file for childrens stimulus?

          • Brandy S.

            I get ssi on my direct Express card ! Do I need to do anything?!

          • Amber

            What if it’s my 2 year old daughter that recieves the payments but I’m also a non taxpayer due to her needs and such. Will she automatically receive hers and myself since they have all my info as well?

          • crystal

            SSI is different, they are still working on getting us our payments deposited without us having to do anything. As of right now we are supposed to go to the “ez file” link to do that if we receive SSI and have a qualifying child. This is by far not ez at all, it is very confusing as many people have said. I am physically disabled with some cognitive issues but I have attended college and I can’t really understand it. My application keeps getting rejected for errors and now it is not even letting me try to correct it. This is ridiculous to expect people on SSI to be able to do this. As well not everyone gets paid the same way, I have no idea what a direct express card is, my benefits are deposited directly to my bank account each month,

            For those of you trying to file your taxes that don’t normally need to file, go to Turbotax, they have a free economic stimulus filing for people to help them…so much easier to do that the one on the IRS link. I tried mine through there just now. Not sure how it works in the end but it was much easier

          • marlena t.

            I have a Visa debit which my SSI goes on when will my stimulus check be put on

          • D.H.

            Did you enter your ZIP code at address page? It kept rejecting my info until I entered my zip code. The weird thing, is that the address box is outlined in black, just not the zipcode box. For me, I had to use my mouse and click in the zip code area to find the zip code box. Once I entered zip code, it went through.

            Hope this helps.

          • Sandy C.

            Very well said, and simply stated
            Thank You

        • Karen

          This is not accurate info

          From what I’ve read. Only people who have a routing number and bank acct will get their checks first
          However people who get their bennifits on Direct Exspress it is yet clear if they will or not

          I receive both SSI and SSDI on Direct Exspress and no payment to date…my friends who are on SSDI and SSI that have bank acct with direct deposit have received there’s…

          Praying they figure out what to do with us that don’t.

          • Karen G.

            I’m curious it’s off subject but how do you get both SSI and SSDI. I’ve often wondered if I could get both as I’m on SSDI for over 12 years now. Thank you

          • Mark

            Yeah see that’s the thing your saying that your friends with SSDI have bank account DD and got there’s when we receive social security DD on are direct express every month and haven’t received no stimulus yet because direct express says on automated phone number it has no answers for the stimulus payment

          • John

            What bank are your friends using?

          • Heather H.

            I receive ssi and ssdi and i have direct deposit but i havent received my stimulus check yet. So not everyone on ssi/ssdi that uses direct deposit has already received their money.

          • Horace W.

            Direct Express debit cards have a routing number and account number associated with them, that’s a fact, they are distributed from Comerica Bank, they are a bank account.

          • jdj

            I have not received mine I’m on ssi and I have a bank account huh bills are stacking up

          • Nicole H.

            I have a direct express card are they supposed to put the stimulus checks on our cards

          • Brenda B.

            I have not received mine either i also have the Direct Express card should go on there sense we all get out Social Security checks on it ,

          • Penny L.

            Direct Express SSI and I have not received anything either so I am worried if we are even getting it

          • Kim P.

            That’s quite odd because SSA states for SSDI payment will be on April 17th. Those receiving SSI early to mid May

        • Karen

          Where exactly did you read this. Because as of now Direct Exspress has no clue what the IRS is doing…They state that on their website…So plz don’t give out false info…If you know for fact our money will be going on Direct Exspress then please by all means can you share where your getting your info from. Ty

          • Ira

            When are they going to let us know about Direct Express ?

          • Tully

            I went on the AARP site

          • adrian

            i get ssi and i have a direct express debit card does anyone know if my stimulus check will be put on my card. im confused i tryed the non filers sight i dont know some of the information.

          • Gary P.

            The direct express card is an account with an account number and a routing number, they just don’t give it to card carriers because they automatically assume they don’t need it. You have to call them and ask for the acct and routing numbers. I’ve already checked on it after I got rejected by the IRS Non Filer site leaving out the routing number.

          • Marquettia C.

            I’m on ssd and mine comes on direct express card every month. I haven’t gotten anything ywt either.

        • Shane

          I’ve been reading all the different articles on the Internet and it’s very vague on whether or not people getting benefits on Direct Express will have to file a tax return or not. Some of the verbiage says “most will”, that’s vague. So I went to do the easy file on the IRS site and it only asked for a bank account info and if you don’t have a bank account they will mail you a check. I decided not to not To finish the form because I want my check deposited into my Direct Express. I’ll just wait and see what happens. Good luck to everyone else.

          • Paula

            Me too, have SSI, tried to fill out form like you, got same story, waiting to see if it will do on my Direct Express card

          • Cathy

            I’m just going to wait too! I’m so confused!!

          • Cindy L.

            Same here. Read and read until my eyes crossed and my head ached. Best I can gather, wait……

        • John

          Comerica Bank
          The Direct Express® Debit MasterCard® card – issued by Comerica Bank as the Treasury Department’s financial agent – is a prepaid debit card and electronic payment option for federal benefits. I think the Treasury department should have this on file. I also receive SSDI on a DE card but still am confused. Can anyone else shed a more promising light?

          • Holly

            The irs does have the info on file from the ssa-1099 form that social security sends out and i read someplace how you recieve ur benefits(direct express) os how you will recieve the stimulus payment

          • tony

            de routing number is 072000096

        • Bobbie s.

          That’s a lie a lot of people got there’s and I didn’t get mine

          • Humble L.

            I feel like they are leaving those of us on SSI out on this stimulus money. You hear the news talk about worker’s, retirees, those on SSDI hpw they are receiving this much needed money but you NEVER those of us on SSI ever mentioned (that’s just how I feel). It’s like we don’t exist or matter. We are people too. We have feelings. We have bills. We are very very low income and poor but whose our voice??? We need top officials going too bat for us BUT they won’t cause we’re more of a burden cause SSI is welfare.

            God bless each AND every of us!!! May we all receive this money cause I’m tired of not having enough food too eat (I know this money…if and when we get it is a one time dea)l but I want a decent meal instead of beans and rice all the time. I pay rent and all my utilities just like those who work. I don’t get food stamps so my budget for food, tp, etc is $50 a month. (There’s no pantries in my area) plus all the others are closed due to the Coronavirus. So sorry for rambling on. I’m just sad and heartbroken that we only matter too each other. Be kind! Stay safe and take care ?

          • Lenny m.

            No checks got mailed or deposited yet.they start this week.ppl who got so called st checks didnt the banks fronted the money so you still use them when your cheks finally arrive.

          • Robert B.

            The people getting their money now are taxpayers they are the first wave as is next the second wave which will be Monday through Thursday this coming week my neighbor works for the IRS twenty years

          • Lisa C.

            I did not either and I know payments have gone out. I thought it would automatically go to my card also.

          • Margaret R.

            I was told by a CPA. If you have a direct express card and no bank account. You will get a check.

          • Karen


            You have to realize how many people their are in the UMS. right? A lot. Not everyone will get paid at the same time. The IRS/Treasury is rolling them out over the next few weeks. Those who have direct deposit (banking info) on file whether its with the IRS or treasury dept. they will get theirs first. The people who dont have banking accounts will get theirs in paper checks by May.

          • Dmon

            I didn’t receive mines either

          • Penny B.

            I went to the new get my payment tool on the irs website. It told me they didn’t know at this time if I even get a stimulus payment! I’m on ssdi and have direct express also. I couldn’t do the non filers tool because I have no routing number or EIN. I don’t think I’m getting any stimulus money.

          • W.B.

            @ Humble Lady:

            I’m truly saddened to hear of your circumstances. This misinformation & delay of stimulus payments for Social Security recipients only adds to the feeling of not being treated as a full citizen. They could have paid people on Social Security first since they already have their information & payment method. Instead I believe SS people got de-prioritized. It’s like they thought “they didn’t lose jobs, they’re already living on what they receive,” which in many cases is not nearly enough. Take care of yourself.

        • John

          Where did you get this information?? Reply with website information, is possible.

          • Amy

            SSI can receive the money. Put you have to go to
            And hit the link for non filers and their dependants. Take the time to read the different newsletters.

          • Ron W.

            Time and NetSpend fronted their customers the stimulus money they will take the money back when there stimulus money comes in they just rented it to them so they would have money now Elise 2 card companies chime and NetSpend will get their money back when the people get sent there stimulus checks this is true I know for a fact

          • Annette H.

            No no no direct exspress does not have account or routing number I called so stop giving out false information

          • Patck87

            Soooooo for yall not reading the web for AARP’s and other stimblus sites if you have the direct exspress card and receive SSI or SSID your get stimblus check starting April 15th 80 million stimblus checks are suppose to be on direct exspress cards Wednesday 15th god bless good luck I hope this helpet all of yall that keeps asking a question with a answer that’s already been told to half of yall on here hell at midnight or 0ne o’clock or so. Tonight should be able to call yalls cards.too check……if not.tonight deff on the morning finds will be waiting for you god bless and good luck

        • Laura

          I’ve been wondering the same thing and can not get a straight answer

          • Thomas t.

            .i receive disability on direct express i just called them they claim they dont have any information on it that sucks i need my money

          • Vaughn S.

            It will be on your card tonight at 12 midnight check your Balance

          • Norman D.

            Does anybody know if they’re going to Direct Express cards or not

          • Phillip M.

            I talked SSA just this morning and from what the guy read to me, he basically said all Social Security beneficiaries will automatically receive on DE card of you have it or whatever account you have on file.. He also said SSA is just waiting on the Treasury to hit the green light to disperse the funds.. Hope that helped anyone and or gave you some relief.

          • Victoria

            Has anyony got their stimulus money on their direct express card yet??

        • Trevor

          That is surely not the case in my situation. My Easter basket has a little over 6 dollars in it. The blog above says those of us with Direct Express cards do not have to do a thing, though its a blog, which makes it about as believable as a Trump news conference or Dennis Rodman interview.

          • John

            I believe roddmam more than trump

        • Arnicia H.

          Thank you sir for clarity so confused, I filed taxes for 2018- and 2019 but the tax preparer cut me a check..but I have a direct express card so I know my payment should automatically go to my card right?

          • Cara

            Same for me. I get a paper check for my tax refund but my ssi goes direct deposit into my banking acct. So idk how I will receive the stimulus pymt..?

          • J.S.R.

            Hello…I just Now got off the phone with H&R Block and My actual Case Worker and my Attorney ! I’ve been mentally and physically disabled for years and had a direct express card- The Stimulus payment WILL GO ON OUR CARDS , AUTOMATICALLY ! We just have to wait our turn for it to hit.

        • Patricia R.

          I am on SS … And revieve payments on ky direct Express card i reicved myssa 1099 form . Ido not file taxes .Don’t need to fill don’t need to fill out the nongilers app on the IRS page . They are requesting a routing # and an acct # whichidont have with direct Express

        • Cheryl

          That’s not true because my sister already got hers and I haven’t got mine yet and l have direct express and she has direct deposit in her bank

          • Joy


        • beth

          Thats not true. I know working people who have gotten theirs deposited in their accounts already.

        • Christopher D.

          What about people reciving ssi on dir.deposit on a nexis card

        • Patricia M.

          Im waiting to

        • Robert F.

          Sorry but you missed the boat on that one. People are already getting there payments and nothing on my Direct Express car and no pending deposits showing. Which either means they just haven’t got around to me or any of the other people that have the card or they are not going to use this method and will send out a check in a couple of months or less and it’s begining to look more like the later.

          • Gary P.

            The Direct Express card was created in 2008 recession era specifically for SSA, and SSI recipients getting the Economic Stimulus Act money. I got mine, $250, and got my car fixed. I can’t remember but I believe we had to fill out an Ez tax form so they could have all our information to send us the check. SSI’s didn’t have no problem at all receiving their stimulus money then, just had to wait a month or two.

        • Justin

          That is not true about it being sent out before anybody else!

        • Nicole A.

          Is the stimulus checks be on our direct express card’s tonight

          • Cobyco

            IRS is having an issue with the Direct Express Cards.
            Due to the fact that Direct Express does not have an account nor routing numbers. IRS is unsure of how to handle those D.E. Cardholders payments.
            The Treasurer and the President’sTeam are looking into the matter to resolve as quickly as possible.
            Other people that have bank accounts, credit unions and other financial institutions are receiving their payments without issue. It is our hope and prayer that the issue with Direct Express will be resolved soon as possible.

        • David S.

          Well I havent got mine and I know ppl who have so the 1st thing isnot true

          • Jerry A.

            This is going to sound mean. This blog reminds me of “the telephone game” someone says something to the next guy and eventually what comes out the other side is gibberish. Calm down its not a crack hit

        • Brandi

          Not true. I know a couple people who have already received there checks in there accounts nd I still have nothing on my direct express card.
          I wanna know where people get there info about the SSI bank card.

          • Richard

            Just wait it out I guess because DE doesn’t let anyone at all know the account number of any account . If you have a Card then they will put it on there as the money from SSI comes from IRS and IRS is basically what runs this whole country.

        • Christine

          How do you know

        • Shawna

          To everyone on SSI ONLY who’s having trouble with the IRS non filers info link, go to Intuit Turbotax and use their tool for non filers!! It is VERY simple and goes immediately to the IRS and you’ll get an email right away letting you know if the IRS approved it (if so they check your eligibility and send the check to the direct deposit info you listed or your address-you choose how you want it). It’s quick and there’s no complicated forms, just simple questions. I did mine on there and had no issues.

          • Tammy

            You are right on that. My husband and I are both on SSI and we did ours through turbo tax and they got back with me and said we’ve been accepted by IRS. Now just waiting on eligibility part. We have direct deposit for our SSI.

          • B P.

            Thanks for sharing that info. The language makes it sound like people on SSI w/o dependents don’t need to do anything. Not true! I was on hold w/SSA for 2+ hrs b/c I needed to chg my address.

            SSA specifically said, THOSE ON SSI ONLY,




            Sorry for all caps, just want to make sure people see this. It’s very confusing. I figure I might as well use the excessive time on hold to try to benefit someone else.

        • Margaret R.

          You can not have direct deposit on a direct express card. You can not put any money on these cards at all. So I can not find any info any where on this.

          • J.S.R.

            You , CAN NOT put money on these direct express cards because THESE CARDS ARE SOLELY MADE FOR ( GOVERNMENT BENIFITS ONLY ) Not for personal use. Therefore you can’t get an account or routing number….I’ve used the same card for years also !

        • alice

          anyone know if minors receiving SSI will get a stimulus check?

          • Nancy

            I am a payee to my minor child who gets SSI and I was wondering the same thing, did you get any answers yet?

          • April

            Wondering as well?

          • Dee

            I’m also a payee to a minor on ssdi and was wondering if her and I will receive the stimulus for both of us because my name is on the DE card but it’s her benefits. Does anyone know this answer?

          • Mike

            Good question does anyone know the answer

        • purrtygurrl

          Who are you to say this with certainty, Darrell G.?

        • Christina J.

          No one will give anybody with a direct express card and stimulus payment question a direct answer.Anybody think of looking up and calling comerica bank which is the bank in collaberation with direct express.

        • Christopher K.

          I don’t think so. Put on your glasses and the keywords in all newspaper updates from Gov and your hairdresser are Maybe: Might: Exepct: Possibly: Hope: GET THE PICTURE ? There is NO answer to our simple questions, like Single Sole INCOME SS, under $10,000 a year , no need to file, and LAST the fly in the ointmen, we recive our benifits thru the hi Tec Direct Express system WOW.You would think our catagory would be model for fast payouts. No ! So us old people who have paid income tax, myself 37 years, are getting the Shaft. Shake off the worrysum, depressing and scary stuff, get your pen , laptop., phone and any other form of communication and LET THEM KNOW they have ASHAMED US for the last time we are now going shape the new social society of senior citizens that is coming with the social changes of inviorment due to this virus and we Will be restored to elder stamen with respect and never be cast aside again during such a crises and there will be more. OH. By the way AARP is full of crap and nothing more than an outlet of advertising. We need NEW Representative organizations . Let’s start Now !!!!

          • Jay

            Very true sir

        • Anthony L.

          You are incorrect…we will start receiving it around the 20th…we are the second group

        • James K.

          I get a direct express card. Direct Express does not give card holders any routing or account information. I can’t enter my account information on the IRS portal because I don’t have it. I can’t get it from direct Express

          • Betty

            Direct express does have a routing number and each account holder has their own account number. I have received the routing number by phone at least three times. However, when you call direct express they do say that they have no information on the stimulus by recorded message.

          • Timothy J.

            After looking at every site it clearly says the week of the 20rh you will get paid how you always get paid check direct deposit or direct express the treasury already has our info and if you listen to the direct express mesage we have no information does not say we won’t be getting it on our card

        • Steven

          Well I haven’t received mine yet I have direct express I’m on disability

        • Richard L.

          Bullshit. I know a lot of people making good money who have already gotten their stimulus payments in their bank accounts. I’m on SSI 785 bucks a month I get. So far I have not received a penny. I tried to find out why and was told they haven’t figured out how to send it to me. Well, I get it in my USdirectexpress account every month, but they act clueless as to how to send it to me now. And I’m homeless, and spent the past month going from store to store to store trying to find elusive supplies and it’s broke me. I’m out of gas and out of time and out of money and so far out a stimulus.

          • Anonymous

            My wife and I are right there with you. In the same boat. Homeless and out of resources. We need this money. We have no money left to find places to quarantine, and that leaves us out here to get infected. The shelters are closed… help us!

          • jock

            If you are homeless and no money how do you afford the internet

          • Lorraine

            I’m homeless and plan on using the money to secure me a place to live. God help us all.

        • Regina A.

          I didn’t get mine first. I am on ssdi. So Does anyone know if the funds will go to the direct express card ?

          • Kimberly B.

            Yes they will for sure. My friend hit hood on direct Express yesterday

          • Jammie L.

            I’m on disability and I have yet to receive mine. My disability goes directly deposited. I’m super pissed at the B’s we have to go though. We need to remember this at voting time. We are the lowest paid people in America and we’re worried about our money while people who didn’t need it has already gotten there’s. America don’t give a dam about us we are a burden on then any ways. So I don’t even see us getting nothing but a promise it will be fixed, like really it never will.

        • Beatrice b.

          I have read so many different things. Today date is 4-14-2020 . I’m on SSDI and get my monthly money on my Direct express Card will the Sentiment Payment go on it.

        • Marie

          Will the stimulus check be deposited before the next disability check and social
          Security checks come out on the direct express card

        • SEHIMES

          Your right about the stimulus payment going on th Direct Express Card..
          Your wrong about receiving a stimulus payment before anyone else.. Millions of people who filed their taxes in 2018 or 2019 have already had their stimulus direct deposited..
          I called social security and asked after waiting for 2 hours is direct deposit included the Direct Express card, I was told that it does include Direct Express.
          Instead of everyone wining and crying about what they don’t know, make some calls and ask!!!

          • Kahkah67

            I agree with you!! Too much confusion on here and I researched it myself and got the same answer you did… It was worth the wait to find out.. Kathy

        • Heather

          So why have i not received mine yet?

          • Vicci

            Me either.still waiting

          • Uno

            I’m still waiting

        • Premo

          When is the money coming in

          • Casimer R.

            I do not want IRS to have access to my Direct Express now or ever, and I really do not want a virus-carrying piece of mail. “It is unlikely you will have to pay this back…” Stimulus payments are stupid when we already owe 23 trillion.

        • dilydaly

          Hi! I just left a very long explanation on how to fill out the Non Filers form on the IRS site. I feel so bad for the people that are having trouble. MAKE SURE YOUR EMAIL IS VERIFIED. The way to do it is when you put it in there is wording there at it will say verified or hasn’t been verified! And the 5 digit number is very important! You make one up for yourself. The only way to have your email verified is through the email they send in the beginning, and you click on that and go back to where you were on the form and then it is verified and you probably won’t get anymore error messages. The 5 digit number and getting your email verified is very important! I wouldn’t wait if I were you. They are saying very clearly, that you can wait for IRS and SSA to figure out how to send it to you OR fill the form out and get it a lot sooner. Take care!

        • Amanda

          Um nope your wrong

        • Luke H.

          I’m on social security and disability I have
          Direct Express card Will my stimulus money be sent my direct Express card and when will I receive it

          • John H.

            NOPE. I went on the Get My Payment tool this morning and they found me and said I was eligible, but they need more information. I get SSDI through Direct Express.I have a CashApp card with account and routing numbers. People, sign in and get a card they can send it to. These DE cards are GARBAGE! I AM PISSED OFF!

        • Wendi

          Not true…didnt receive a dime

          • dilydaly

            Hi! I don’t know a thing about the Direct Express like I said before, but the first tool IRS has is the Non Filers tool. The second tool is Get my Payment and that is for everyone to use to find out when your payment is coming and if you choose too and you haven’t given them your direct deposit info. yet you can do it then! And they also said you will not see anything if your payment has already been scheduled to be SENT TO YOU. And they have your new address etc.. So say if you used the first tool the Non Filers tool and it was accepted, then in a few days you would go to the Get My Payment tool to find out the date and so on about when you will receive it. But if you go to the Get My Payment and you are in the group of SSA, Railroad etc. you probably won’t see anything because it has already been scheduled to be sent. I know it may sound stupid but that’s how they are doing it. If the IRS does not have your info. and you are on SSI or Veterans disability and Social Security hasn’t made a announcement about a new method on how they will get it to us yet, then you should use both tools so you can get it now and not have to get in the category of the group that will receive a paper check!!! Seriously! Thanks for reading and I hope everyone gets there payments very soon!

        • Babygirl81

          People on Ssi n social security will get there payments last and that’s not right

          • Trey p.

            No it’s not

        • Phillip

          I’m on ssdi and just checked the get my payment and it says can’t determine my eligibility anyone no what this means

          • Eric

            Mines said the same thing i get ssi

          • Crisettagreen

            I got the same message. I’m on ssdi and SSI on my direct Express card…I need my money

          • Kristi S.

            Yes I also got the same message myself when I checked

          • Dana

            Let’s hope we get it

          • Dee

            I received the same message I am on ssdi and ssi

        • Elissa C.

          That’s not fully true because I have ssi and have the direct express card and lots of ppl have gotten theirs before me that aren’t on ssi or social security I still haven’t received mine yet and I have the direct express card

        • Maggie

          There are a lot of people have not received their money. And not just ssi, regular. They said today April 15th

        • Jadkins

          That’s incorrect. Most direct deposits got their funds today and nobody that I know of who has a Direct Express Card received anything.

        • Cathy

          Only people that have children under 18 and are depends need to send their information so you get the $500 for each dependent

        • James

          I highly doubt that because I have not received mine yet and I saw on FOX news that checks were being sent to dead people….! What is wrong w/you people…? Always trying to sling more BS into the Public…..

        • Gina

          That did not happen

        • Patricia D.

          What is Direct Express? Are you talking about direct deposit?

        • Bridgette

          Not true! People that work and file tax returns got theirs 1st. SSA, SSI, Veterans & Railroad workers should get theirs the end of April or 1st part of May. It is clearly stated on the IRS website. All the other questions people are asking on this blog are answered on the IRS website also. I

        • crevise m.

          I receive ssdi for over 15 years and also private banking I have filed state taxex ssa 1099 2018 with direct deposit. Is there anything I have to do to receive stimulus payment and when will deposit be made?

        • Angel

          When will ssdi get them

        • Larry H.

          Ha, don’t know where you heard that! Nothing in my Direct Express account as of April 19. Everyone I know has already gotten their stimulus checks, Not me!

        • Johnathan F.

          This is not true I have lots of friends. That are not on ss at all and they received Thier stimulus weeks ago and I am a SSDI reciepeant and haven’t received mine yet! Before any other Americans per your statement! And yes I qualify 1099, last 2 yrs and no children

        • Laryssa F.

          I receive SSI and do not have any qualifieed dependant children. Will i receive my stimulus on my DIRECT EXPRESS CARD

          • Vonda V.

            Hi Laryssa, thank you for your question. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients who do not have qualifying children under age 17 do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS. You should receive the automatic payments by direct deposit, Direct Express debit card, or by paper check, just as you would normally receive your Social Security benefits. Treasury expects automatic payments for Social Security beneficiaries no later than the end of April and automatic payments for SSI recipients no later than early May. We hope this helps.

          • Marsha L.

            Still waiting ssdi and this blog is full of confusion. I suggest we all take a deep breath and thank our Lord that we are alive and somewhat able to smell the roses. It will be in your account when it’s there. Praying for all.

        • Gina D.

          Does anyone know when people drawing survivors benefits from the VA will get their stimulus money? Thank you, Gina

        • Tamara S.

          If I filed a tax return but now im on social security will the stimulus money come on my direct express card or by mail or on tax money cards ?
          ?? been checking them all …

      • Michelle R.

        If I get SSI and only get my check through Direct Express do I still have to go to the non filers site? I don’t have a checking account.

        • Tina h.

          All I want to know is if I get ssi will the stimulus check go on that Direct Express card that I got from Social Security

          • Lynn R.

            there are several different Google links telling people that don’t have a bank account to set up a direct deposit for the Direct Express card to get the stimulus so I’m sure that it’s going to be easier for them to direct deposit the stimulus on the Direct Express Card which is government-issued

          • Brion

            I have read quite a few websites including AARP site because I have a Direct Express card as well. They all say if you don’t have any children that you will get it on the card and if you have children then you will also get it on the card, but not the 509 for each child unless you have them as dependants already and if not you have to use the IRS portal and add them as soon as possible so you get it

          • robin

            i wonder the same thing if it come on my direct express card to

          • Josie

            People on ssi will get the stimulus money on direct express cards on the 14th to days from now

          • Brittany

            I get SSI on my direct Express card as well I’m confused as to what is going on they said if you have a qualifying child to fill the form out but if you receive ssi you dont have to do anything I check my card everyday and nothing so I guess it’s a waiting game the fact being direct Express doesn’t have any info regarding the stimulus payment and it’s very frustrating cause we need money just like everyone else does …

          • Kim O.

            With everything I have been reading the stimulus check will go on the direct express card. You dont have to do anything on the irs site if you dont have children . My son filed taxes and he hasnt got his yet so some people have and some people havent so just be patient .:)

      • Phillip M.

        Hello my name is Phil and I receive SSI payments and I wanna kno i will automatically get the 1200 payment as well on my direct express card? This stuff is very confusing and frustrating.. Plz let me kno something

        • Chelsey W.

          Well both sites (irs and social security administration) states that those who recieve SSDI will not have to take any action unless they have dependents they want to recieve payment for as well but as far as SSI which is what I recieve they continue to state that they are working closely with the Treasury Department to figure how to get our payments to us automically just as they do for the SSDI recipients. Though, they still recommend that we who recieve SSI benefits and etc. to go the non filers payment system to entet our info to expedite our payments but upon doing this they are REJECTING our applications just as the one person who commented before this has said. Mines for instances was also rejected, it says for a ip pin that in which I had to create one due to never having one from NEVER HAVING FILED. So at this point its just like ridiculous. We clearly are recipients who are non filers but yet and still we have to have a filing pin that was never giving to us because we are non filers. This makes no sense and it just seems like something they had to put forth for us in good faith but all and all just not at all trying to help us at all. People as the other young lady said are disavled in more ways then one and also have difficulties with alot of things. Yet and still they tell us its a simple tool and that is simply not true at all. Social Security administration should do a better job in helping secure our payments as well. Like we matter too.

          • Laura

            when your doing the non filing lm form
            Yes you have to create a pin make sure everything is correct sometimes your phone changes the numbers make sure everything is correct
            Read the instructions you can’t leave the amount you files last year if you didn’t file you have to put five zeros in the number spots
            Or it won’t go through the directions tell you that
            So try again re read everything

          • Kourtney

            You wasnt suppose to put a pin in if you didnt have one… I didnt put a pin in and mines got approve i also receive ssi

          • Amy

            I had to search for a pin number I had set up back in 2012. You either forgot or the IRS sent you a pin. I would start looking through all your paperwork. I also had 2 rejections for incorrect agi and pin. Bit your AGI will be 0 if your on ssdi or ssi. You can’t call the IRS so its crucial for you to dig up all your tax paperwork
            Good luck, Amy

          • Las

            I can’t believe that government not able to send out a memo for the 4.5 million Drect Express card holder

          • CHYNA


          • Gary P.

            Same thing here. I signed up, and filled out everything but the routing number, just put my DE card number on it, and got rejected. The way it is now, you have to have a checking account, or any account with a routing number so that they can deposit the money into your accoun. Direct Express should be automatic, because the Direct Express card was created back in 2008 specifically for people getting benefits from the governmet, and they have all our information on file, so there is no reason that they can’t just automatically deposity the money.

          • Jen

            I’m on ssi and I did mine and it wasn’t rejected

          • Mag

            Sweetheart where it asks for a pin don’t input one. That’s for those who have filed in the passed and was given a pin if you do this is will reject it because it’s not going to match what the irs has on file

      • Dominic L.

        I receive a ssi check monthly via U.S
        Mail. Will I receive my stimuli’s check in the mail ?

        • Mary E.

          Yes you should I receive my SSI check by mail to.

        • Jamey

          Yes you will get a paper check in the mail the only problem with that is it could take up to 45 days to receive the paper check in the mail because it is the last group of payments going out and it may take up to 60 days the IRS said

        • Deidre S.

          I filed and it wouldn’t go through on my phone so use a computer and it went threw I also receive survivor benefits after you use the link on irs website you will get a email confirming if it was accepted or rejected

          • Destiny

            I have a question my kids receive SSI they are under 18 would they still qualify for the stimulus check since Im their payee I keep hearing different storys

        • Becca


          • John F.

            Hi ☺ Thank You ☺? Because I’m on SSI and I’ve Never Received a SSA 1099 and Further I Do Not Understand The Form as Far as Is My Direct Express Card Considered a Bank Account and If So What Would I Enter in as Routing Number, Am I Supposed to Enter in The Yearly Income Amount… There’s No Clarification Anywhere on Any of This..
            So I’m Totally Confused (Which I’m Almost Sure is By Design) But Anyway… Thank You Evaaa So Very Much.. And Stay Safe and All The Love ☺?

      • Diana H.

        I was claimed on my daughter n laws taxes and I to am on ssi – reiceve a 1099,
        If she gets $500.00 for claiming me will that be deducted from my stimulis and I receive the remaining

        • Robert A.

          If you were claimed as a dependent and are over 17 then by the what they are saying u are not qualified to get anything not the 1200 for yourself nor the 500 to the person claiming you because it’s only for qualified children

          • Bill w.

            As per AARP no one knows if direct express is picking up the checks there working it out they say but direct express is owned by treasury Dept so it makes sense will get are SSD check on the card

        • Mark


          • Julia

            That is false. If you were claimed by one of your children. And got social security , they cannot get the $500 for you as dependent cause you will get $1200 directly deposited on direct express card or bank account. I just read the updated info. an hour ago.

        • Chelsey W.

          No of you were claimed on someone else’s taxes it states on both sites that you will NOT be eligible for a stimulus payment.
          So sorry, your daughter in law however will amd should recieve payment for both herself and you as her dependent if that makes sense. 1,200 for individual tax payer, 500 per dependent. Hope this helps

          • April C.

            Well i live with my dependent and am his trainer so im tax exempt? Ant thoughts, im so confusing its amazing. Ok im exempt and his payee, hes on ssdi 16 yo, im his in home nurse, i am clocked at 260 hours avg a month. But im exempt. Except hes not an adult? Im dizzy lol help??

        • Horace W.

          it says on their website if you are claimed as a dependent on someone else’s taxes you are not eligible for stimulus.

          • Janae

            I am over 17 I am 19 with a payee with ssi will it come directly to the express card she receives the money for me on

        • tammi b.

          If you are claimed on another persons tax return you will NOT be receiving a check. She likewise will NOT be receiving the extra $500 for dependants. That only applies to children under 17.

        • Hope

          I am on SSD but my boyfriend has claimed me as a dependent last 2 years. Will I still receive?

      • Margaret R.

        I know people with a very high income per receive their stimulus deposits today I am on SSI with a very low income but I have no bank account only the Direct Express Mastercard and I have not received anything I don’t know how I’m going to receive it because I don’t have direct deposit to an account

        • Robert

          The worst possible scenario for you then is u will get a check in mail,be patient.

        • Lona L.

          I am on disability and i have the direct express card i would like to know if my stimulus check will be deposited on that and if yes when please let me know and Thank you

      • Lynn C.

        it does have a account and routing number they just don’t give it to you so you can’t use it personally for outside sources of deposit

      • Mary

        I just called Direct Express and they are not a bank and do not use account and. Routing numbers. The message said the stimulus check would be received when you normally receive your benefit check

        • John

          I just called NOW. They have no idea on stimulus payments, It says JUST your regular monthly payment will be deposited on your regular day! Stop posting mis-information!

          • Alexandra

            You are correct.
            Now I have an unrelated question. My DE card expired 3/31/30. Still waiting for new card. Meanwhile my 4/3/20 deposit is in limbo. Any suggestions? Thank you.

        • Mark


          • Shawn T.

            DE will load the money on your cards. The money will post in the Direct Express App the same way SSI get paid each month. Moreover, Direct Express Card does not have a account number as well as routing numbers but Treasury have the information needed to load the money on to our card the same way we receive our monthly benefits.

      • Twillonda B.

        But I receive SSI I called direct express they will not provide a routing or checking account number

        • Anthony M.

          I have a suggestion try getting a pre-paid Master/Visa card. They do have routing information and account numbers.

          • Laurie

            Or use Paypal. Lots of people who file taxes receive their yearly returns via PayPal. Each account has an account number and routing number.
            I used these numbers on the IRS non-filers portal and everything went thru I received a verification email the next day.

        • Aygurl

          your account number so s your direct express checking account number the routing number is the same.for I think everyone who has a direct Express card. If you want the routing number I can send it. the only thing I’m not sure of is if the routing number that I have is good just for the state of Illinois that’s the only part I’m not sure of

          • Rd

            It would only be for your state.

            Dont be too trusting either about sending that high of a level of stuff around.

      • Jeff H.

        SSDI is not getting them they have said

        • Jessica

          actually ssdi is DEFINITELY getting them…. Go to the CNET website and it has the exact information of who qualifies and who doesn’t

          • Nicole H.

            Are we gonna get the stimulus checks on our direct express card’s at midnight

      • Danette

        You need to fill out non filers on I talkied to a turbo tax employee who walked e through it . If u only have direct express….no other bank acts, u.will get a paper check. Hope that helps a little.

        • Laura

          That is not what I was told. If you only have you SSdi depends on direct Express card, and you have no dependents, you dont have to do anything and it will be deposited on your direct express.

          • Bleu

            If you’re receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits, you will get your coronavirus stimulus payment automatically, the government said on Wednesday.

            The payments will come the same way you typically receive your benefit payments, either by direct deposit, a Direct Express debit card or paper check.

      • Patricia M.

        Do they send it to you

      • Ms. J.

        You only go to the non-profits link if you have a child under the age 17. Hope this help.

      • Roman

        What about person on SSI

      • Kenneth W.

        Will someone on the East Coast with Direct Express Card please comment on this @midnight????

        • Peggy

          I live in Virginia. Im on ssi..i have not received the stimulus payment on my direct express card. Im so confused about it

      • Shayne J.


      • EyeSick

        If your getting SSDI or as it is said out with out abbreviation “Social Security Disability Income” you won’t have to do anything per the article, however, if it is SSI or “supplemental Security Income” you should probably fill out the form with or without children to make the process quicker.

      • Debra M.

        I get SSDI my money goes on a direct express card. Will the stimulus go on my card or do I need to wait for the paper check.

      • Jennifer h.

        Will my stimulus payment be on my direct express card

        • paul p.

          As of 12 noon on the 13th there has been no money put on my direct express card and i have been checking my balance like i just drank a case of energy drinks lol.That noon central time.

      • John S.

        Problem is that direct express doesn’t know anything about it .

      • john A.

        do they get your direct deposit infro right??

      • John A.

        what is direct express card mean?

      • Michelle H.

        So I’m lost and don’t know what to do I get SSI and have no kids so will it’s put this on my card or not how can others ss or ss disability get it on direct cards so y they don’t have to do anything but SSI do MAKE NO SENSE

      • Anthony L.

        the money for SSDI, SA, SSD, and SSI won’t even start till around 10 days after the first round starts…the first round started on the 11th…so that means we should see it around the 21st….

        • Jessica P.

          first round started the 9th actually

      • Cristina L.

        Do children that receive ssi get am stimulant payment.

      • Kristen H.

        I receive my disability social security also on my direct Express card. Would like to know will we receive our stimulus check on our direct Express card? I will call social security and direct Express to see if we will receive it on our direct Express card. I can really use the money to buy groceries for my house and put gas in my car. If I could please get someone to bless my cash app it would really be a blessing for me. My God bless the person that bless me and my cash app. ?

      • Robert G.

        This is for everyone who receive their benefits check each month on a Direct Expess Comerica Bank Card….. You do not (I repeat ) do not need to use the it’ file portal to receive the stimulus payment unless u have dependant children under as 17…. The stimulus payment will be automatically deposited on your Direct express card between now and the 1st of May…. Be patient, stay safe ……

        • Victoria

          Can I ask you where you heard this info??

        • dilydaly

          Hello! Where EXACTLY did you hear that? Where did you hear that people on SSI not SSID will get there payment for sure on a card or a direct deposit recently? Because I have read read and read every single piece of info on every news site, govt. site, IRS site and no where does it say that people on SSI are going to receive a payment at a specific time etc.. Yes we will all receive a payment one way or another, but the only thing that has been in writing is the IRS site about the non filers tool and the get my payment tool for a way “write now” for people like us to get a payment as soon as possible! That’s why the IRS states “WE URGE YOU TO” etc.. But if you have seen something in writing, please let people know where to read it! Thankyou!

      • Johnnie W.

        No you are wrong about who gets paid first. Those that filed income taxes in 2018 and 2019 will get their checks first. Then on Wednesday the 15th the IRS will start depositing payments to those that are on SSA, SSI, SSDI and retired railroad workers. Only if they do not normally have to file income taxes and get an SSA Form 1099 every year. According to Steve Mnuchin the money will be deposited to your account the way you normally get your benefits every month. He did not specifically mention Direct Express but stressed that however you normally get your monthly payments is how you will get your stimulus payment.

        • LAntoinette C.

          Johnnie, I read the same thing, but where I get confused is the fact that I receive two SSA-1099’s each year for both me and my dependent daughter (adopted granddaughter). I receive SSDI each month and her SSI is off of my benefit. Wonder if I have to file anything extra for her or wait for the stimulus deposit to see? In 2008 hers came automatically with mine. Everything seems so unnecessarily difficult this time around.

      • Scully

        Direct Express cards do not have routing and acct numbers. According to Comerica Bank, for people getting SS on Direct Express cards, your stimulus payment will be in the form of a paper check sent in the mail to you.

        • sehimes

          I call ssa and asked if direct deposit covets the direct express card. Social security confirmed that direct deposit cover the Direct Express Card. That we should receive a stimulus payment by Friday..
          Stop posting lies…

      • Stephanie

        Will I still get the stimulus check because I’m on ssi and at first it said I had to file a non filers efile so I did that so I’m wondering if I will still be able to recieve my stimulus check on my ssi bank account

      • Jackie

        Direct Express is saying they know nothing about our stimulus literally I just spoke with an agent they said nobody is telling them nothing wtf is goin on?

        • Kimberly B.

          My friend got his money on his direct Express card yesterday, we will get itdon’t worry

        • donald f.

          treasury dept made an announcement on wednesday the 15th that if you get your benefits thru Direct Express then you will get the stimulus money thru Direct Express, simple as that

      • Jimi n.

        Was just denied the stimulus payment and I’m on SSI so I would not be counting on it.. Especially from a country that know the WHO and China bioengineered this virus and spread it for population control.. Why you think so many have died in New York versus everywhere else.. 778 a day is not a flattening trend, sheep.. Nothing but sheep..

      • Rayetta E.

        Could someone please tell us if we will recieve our stimulus payment on our Green Direct Deposit Card??

      • Carlos G.

        yes your direct express have a routing number that’s the way security security put your money in there if you didn’t receive your stimulus check you probably will receive it on April 20th on the second wave of check

      • Jennifer L.

        I’m wondering the same thing about my son who I am payee for. Any invite anyone

      • Jeff B.

        I have hope but it is dimming.I am on disability with form 1099 on file. There is not one cent extra in my account as of 4/15. I didn’t trust them fully I still do not

        • SANDRA D.


      • Dmia B.

        If I just added my pay pal account an routing number will my check be deposited there

      • Anne M.

        If you get SSDI, you will get a check even if you have not filed taxes. They will go by the SSA-1099 sent to you. IF ON THE OTHER HAND, you are only getting SSI, you WILL NOT the money UNLESS you fill out the non-filer form that the IRS has created for people on SSI so that they can receive the money electronically. If they do the form, they will NOT receive the check because they do not get SSA-1099s.

      • Jerry C.

        I only get SSI INCOME. Im I elgible for a Stimulus check? I use only the SSI Direct Deposit Card. Will a Stimulus check come on mine DIRECT DEPOSIT MONTHLY PAYMENT CARD?

        • Nioka R.

          Here is the 19 and i have not got anything put on my Direct Express Card when will i get it i hope it is soon i have Bills to pay

      • Tony L.

        I recieve SSI and SSA disability benefits. But I owe child support. Would this impact me from receiving the economic impact check?

      • LuBu79

        17th is here and still no deposit. I also use U.S. Direct Express for my SSDI.

        • Trippin

          No deposit for me, either

      • Elaine S.

        Im new to SSD 2020 so im told to file non filers but it asks for bank. And routing ant I too have direct express(???)

      • Johnathan F.

        The truth is we REALLY have no way to track our stimulus payment. What do ever, here it is the 20th I’m broke need $ for food and theirs 8 cents on my card now if for some reason the IRS and social security seem to somehow miss 1 of us or get the wrong info they said they’d mail us a paper check!, well I think most of us don’t want a check seeing how in Thier own words they said it may take all the way till may!, now, by then I may not have an address to send it to! Then what? I mean the purpose of this is to get it out to people ASAP! you would of thought since our info was already next door so to speak to the IRS we would of been first but were not AGAIN we are on the back burner like the 4 th people in line, and we only get paid once a month. I no people still working got theirs before us and we only get paid ONCE A MONTH SO I THINK SOMEONE DROPPED THE BALL FOR US!

    • Benjamin s.

      im on ssdi my brother gets ssi i went to irs page to file his but he gets his money on direct express card and irs wants account numbers hey dont have just got card

      • Denise

        Call direct Express and ask them for there routing number and the account number.. they should be able to give it to you.

        • Imhotep M.

          They don’t have accounting or routing #`s for direct expess

          • Logan

            Please let me know if they change it. thanks

          • GinaO.

            If you get your money direct deposited, the SDA (And anyone else for that matter) cannot direct funds WITHOUT a routing or account number to send it to. Call Direct Express. Or look at the mailing paper that came with your card.

          • andrew

            Direct Express cards do have routing and account numbers, the social security administration has them.there shouldn’t be an issue, the IRS has access to these routing and account numbers for your direct express accounts so the money should be posted to the direct Express cards, no need to worry.

          • Karen

            Yes they do..but it’s actually one number used for all Direct Exspress cards.. I’m waiting to my friend..Thinking for us on Direct Exspress may be getting ours in the mail but not sure… We in sh they where more clear on to this

        • Logan

          No. You are wrong.

          • Savanah W.

            there is no routing number or a count number for a direct Express card. the only number there is is on the front of the card the money should automatically go on the card. its thru social security.

          • Billy B.

            No your wrong if there wasn’t an account and routing number you wouldn’t get ur benefits every month eveyonr needs to chill out if ur on ssd it will auto go to direct express card if you read irs website then you’d know you shouldn’t be reading 20 sits when irs is the right one

        • Theresa C.

          I have tried to call them and it said due to height demands in call they cannot answer right now . I do have a ready card with a bank account and routing number so I will be using the new tool when it comes out . Because I have a benefits that go in that card I just cannot believe that know one can give us a direct answers on The DIRECT EXPRESS card makes no sense to me at all

      • Shantay

        How do you sign up for your check

        • Nat

          IRS stimulus registration through turbotax. Free. But only if you have a bank account for depositing or want a paper check.

    • Pam P.

      I’m on ssi can I get son Coronavirus check government..he 6m old

      • Lynette V.

        I receive ssi and I received my direct deposit yesterday 3pm

        • Gabriella

          What about if it’s for my son will i receive it?

        • Edward

          Did it come on your direct express card

          • Linda

            Direct deposit is for those with a bank account ./ routing number .
            This person being very vague .Didn’t say if they filed a non filers tax form or not

        • Barb

          Did you get it thru Direct Express Card?

          • Terrance S.

            Nobody answers the person who started the thread, nice.

          • Andrea S.

            no not yet i hope my virus check goes on my Direct Express debit card

        • Kelly

          Do you get ssi

        • Judy

          Did it come in your direct express card

        • Frederick D.

          Did you file taxes in 2018 or 2019

        • Cece

          You have already received your stimulus check?

        • Brett C.

          You mean your stimulus check?

        • Kisha

          Well i received ssi i didn’t get anything

          • Mark S.

            I have a green dot debit card, and receive ssi. I tried to file on efile. And caught H**L. They keep telling me something missing on form
            I gets all the through. And gets an email telling me” rejected. Did it 4 times last night. 3 this morning.what? They TRYING not to give disabled people stimulus? We are at a higher risk. Due to preexisting illnesses

        • Lisa

          Did you get it on a direct express card though

        • Robert R.

          Did you get it on a direct express card

        • Michelle

          Did they put it on your direct express card or did they mail you a paper check?

          • Eddie C.

            Everybody please calm down! Most of you are acting like 2 sheets in the wind! Not knowing where you’re going. If your money is not posted on your DIRECT EXPRESS CARD in a couple weeks, or so, then you can start making inquires and if need be…get upset. This process has JUST started! At least give it a chance to formulate.

        • Renee

          You have gotten the 1200 already? And on your direct Express card?

        • Karen

          Was that deposit put on a Direct Express card…Seems us folk with Direct Exspress just may be getting theirs through the mail…Hard to say right now

        • Kelly W.

          Hey Lynette, I haven’t been able to find out about us people who get SSI deposited straight to their “bank account” not on a card. I have gone in 3 times trying to do the confusing Non Filers form and I have changed things every time but it still says I’m missing info or it’s not correct??!! This is ridiculous, why should I have to submit payment information if my SSI goes straight into my bank?! I keep seeing everyone asking about SSI and the cards but nothing on us that get SSI direct deposited into our banks…Ugh!! So frustrated. Have you heard anything? Thanks so much!

          • Maria B.

            If you have your SSI already deposited to your bank account, you don’t need to do anything. They already have your direct deposit information to use for your Economic Impact Payment.

          • Danielle

            Same for me! I’m on SSI and have only tried once. I just got an e-mail saying I wasn’t eligible because supposedly my social security number appears on someone else’s tax return? I live with my mom and she claimed head of household on her taxes. Does that disqualify me from the stimulus?? I have direct deposit, and last night, she received $1,200. I’m confused and this is ridiculous. People on SSI are looked down on and not cared about! No stimulus for us!!

        • Karen G.

          Lynette Vanlandingham, people are wondering if you received it on a direct express card or your bank account. I’d like to know do you file taxes and if not your direct deposit came to your bank account. That’s my concern I receive my SSDI on my checking account but don’t pay taxes so will I get the check direct deposit or hard copy in August. Anything you can share would be great. Thank you

        • Lynn C.

          Direct express?

        • Thomas T.

          Did it come on a Direct Express card or a different card

        • Shirley B.

          I get ssi too it goes direct deposit into my bank. Do I need to do anything further to get my stimulus check

        • Wanda E.

          Was it direct Express

          • Brittany B.

            A debit card in which we receive our monthly ssi benefits…

        • Brenda

          Was that to your bank acct.
          or direct express card? If you don’t mind me asking.

        • Joe

          Do you use direct express?

        • Lena

          I have a Direct Express card as a representative payee for my grandchildren who receive ssi and survivor benefits. Will I get a stimulus check as well??

        • Jeannette

          Did someone carry u on the taxes

      • Terrance S.

        If he has a Social Security # and if nobody else claimed him as a dependent than go fill the form out on this link. It said it would take 24-48 hours to get a response if it was accepted or not. I got an email, literally, 20 minutes later that it was accepted. So there are people there working around the clock. Good to see things are better over there and they are not busy playing in politics.

        • Cynthia M.

          Does anyone know for sure if we will get our stimulus check on the Direct Express card? Please help.

          • Christy

            I head u will get a 1200 dollar payment but for people like me that have 3 kids it’s getting confusing cause they are saying we should file non filer the direct express card has no route number to give I’m so tired of this I’m just goin put it all on a prepaid card with that route number and be done with it

        • Christina S.

          What info did it require. Whats the routing number

      • Diane S.

        You have to go to the sight and sign up. I did.

        • Cindy

          U have to sign up with direct express card??

      • Maria B.

        You will need to click on the link below and file, (Non Filers: Enter Payment Info Here) so they will have information on your child. Then they will be able to send you the $500 for your child along with your $1200. All Soc Sec Recipients and SSI recipients, who have a child, need to do this. Those who do not have a child are not required to do this. Once you click on the link below, scroll down the page and click on the blue highlighted box which says, “Non Filers: Enter Payment Info Here” . Note: You need to file this whether or not you are giving them Payment Info because they are using this link to receive information on child dependants, as well. Also, On Step 2 where it ask you about what your AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) for last year was, you will need to put $0 if you did not file taxes last year. If you don’t put $0 in the box, it will not go through. Hope this helps.
        Here is the link to file:

        • dilydaly

          Then why are they saying on the IRS site in the instructions that if you are under theAGI of $12,—- then you should file this form and also those people with children? That’s what it says, sorry!

      • April

        Your son will not get a check unless he is on ssi or you claimed him as a under 17 year old dependent on taxes.

    • Logan

      Thank you for posting. Please let me know what you find out on this, because even though Direct Express is a US Treasury card- there is no routing number..

      • Peter

        Direct express card it’s holding is bank of america ..the account # is across the card. Its the same way like a credit card. When it expires and the three digits code on the back. That be your info i think if you file. To get stimulus check .but for me this i know im all set cause i get a ssa-1099 every yr. And im on SSDI but ssi a little tricky if ssi get ssa-1099 there all set. If they dont well thats the maybe thing. I cant confirm ssi because im not ssi but i am ssdi and all set i hope you all get one too good luck and be healthy

        • SLYNN

          Seriously? Why do people post crap that they have no idea what they are talking about? COMERICA BANK IS NOT B of A bank, nor is it related to that bank. They are independant and only contrtacted by the government to provide the service we know as direct express. IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THINGS, DONT POST THEM, YOU ARE FURTHER CONFUSING PEOPLE!

    • Frankie M.

      This is bs! Why will the government not make it clear if people on ssdi will receive the money on their direct Express card or not if they don’t have a bank account? I’m not sure what I need to do.

      • Dale D.

        You don’t need to do anything. Just wait, like me.

      • Ruth

        Who will receive the Economic Impact Payment automatically without taking additional steps?
        Most eligible U.S. taxpayers will automatically receive their Economic Impact Payments including:

        Individuals who filed a federal income tax for 2018 or 2019

        Individuals who receive Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), or survivor benefits

        Individuals who receive Railroad Retirement benefits

        THis is my understanding and if you have a direct deposit already setup you don’t have to do anything but sit back and wait for the deposit the same way your benefits come to you. That is what i am doing.

    • Naheed A.

      I receive SSDi and my 11 years old child receive SSI benefits trough direct deposit but I don’t file tax return. Am I eligible for the stimulus check

      • Frank P.

        You will definitely get a check if your on ssdi. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s going on direct Express or not. I dont have a bank account so this is really aggravating. Nobody can give a clear and definite answer on this.

        • Kenny

          People’ worry about this check way to much. Thay should be questioning why we worked all are life paying in taxes and paying in for Medicaid and Medicare . You’ve already paid in threw taxes why are thay making us pay for that now. Think about it.

        • Savanah W.

          it will go on ur card . people who have direct deposit will go I go their account

          • Destiny

            I’m the representative payee for my children who get SSI will we also get the stimulus check or how does that work they are under 18

        • StRyVe4PerFexion

          Sign up for chime 🙂 instant bank account n chip card arrives fast

          • Felicita o.

            I get ssi but got a direct express card but I have a chime card can I use that card

          • Eddie C.

            Everybody please calm down! Most of you are acting like 2 sheets in the wind! Not knowing where you’re going. If your money is not posted on your DIRECT EXPRESS CARD in a couple weeks, or so, then you can start making inquires and if need be…get upset. This process has JUST started! At least give it a chance to formulate.

        • Robert D.

          That’s because no one knows . the majority of these people are just talking because they’re scared , and the rest because they have lips !

      • Christian L.

        Ues you are. You need to go to the irs portal to enter your info to make sure they also give you the 500 for your child though. That’s what I read online. You are always getting the 1200 but need to add up qualifying child’s info for the 500.

        • dilydaly

          Hi yes!!! Here is what it says on the IRS site about the Get My Payment Didn’t File a Return in 2018 or 2019?
          If you have a filing requirement and have not filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019, you must file a 2019 tax return to receive the payment.

          If you are not required to file a 2018 or 2019 tax return, visit Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here.
          This is it and what it says in black and white! Thankyou

    • Groundnpound

      It says plain as day, no direct deposit info then you will recieve a paper check in the mail. It will take longer but you will recieve it.

      • Godking

        So you don’t need a Direct Express card? I’ve been on SSDI since i was like 14 or so and i’m 28 now but I’ve always had my money go to my bank account. Do you know if it will automatically just get added into my bank?

        • Tina M.

          It will go to the account your benefits go on every month

    • Kristina T.

      Did anyone ever get a definite answer on the stimulus payments going onto the direct express card? I’ve been on disability for 5 years and I hv the direct express card too

    • Christina S.

      Social Security recipient will not receive the stimulus first they are not sending ssa payments out until the 17th they are doing filers fir a t by income. Most filers started receiving their stimulus yesterday the 10th

    • Denisr


    • Karen

      I’m wondering the same thing. I get both SSI and SSDI but it gos on my Direct Exspress card. I don’t have s bank acct. Would like to know if we’re being paid same way we get our monthly bennifits. If anyone knows anything…Would so appreciate any info….Thank you and may you all stay safe.?

    • Cassandra

      I filed taxes in 2019 and recieve social security benefits will my stimulus check be automatically deposited into my account

    • angry

      ha! me to been following bull the hold up of the payments was us being excluded in the first place . just as I said every excuse a bleep can find to exclude the disabled vets retired and poor just think how nursing homes jails most secluded places get all of a sudden attacked by virus someone brought it in all over usa make you think

      • Rebecca K.

        I get survivors benefits and ssi ,I too have the direct express card. Because I get survivors the IRS states I wont have to do anything it will come as I get my normal monthly payments. But I went ahead and tried 4 x to do the non file and it goes through the first page . The second is filing taxes info. I havent filed taxes for years I’ve put 0 and it still will not go through. The info they are putting out there on their site is confusing because it says survivors dont have to do anything but ssi does. So which one do I listen to.

    • Don

      Here’s what’s strange. The treasury Dept has been encouraging ppl for years to get benefits like social security retirement, railroad, disability etc through the Direct Express card and now the only ppl who AREN’T answering the simple question about whether the stimulus money will come to those of us who use Direct Express are the treasury Dept, social security administration and Direct Express and the IRS! They aren’t telling us, the recipients, or the financial experts like Forbes etc. What’s the big secret? We know we’re getting the money but how? If we can get it through Direct Express instead of waiting months for a paper check in the mail let’s do it! Get the money to people who need it faster and save the govt huge dollars by not having to print and mail checks! After all they encouraged us to sign up and use the Direct Express card. Answer our questions govt agencies please!

      • Arthur J.

        I have direct express also ..they will not give a routing number or an account number..which you need to get the stimulus check deposited in your bank..comerica bank

    • Cheryl J.

      Im on ssi only, and i dont have any children. I tried to file on the new irs. Tool, non filers page and my file will not go through. So now im not sure what to do, except hope that social security can work with the Treasury dept to give us automatic direct deposits without having to file.

    • Carrie L.

      I get ssi will I get it on my direct express card can someone tell me that please an thank you I’ve been on it for over 30 years now.

    • Carie

      It says that you will receive your stimulus however you receive your benefits normally. Regular bank account, paper check, direct express or by a fairy delivering it.

      • kathy

        exactly thats what i read also.Carie

    • Cynthia H.

      I have direct express did not file taxes for awhile and have no dependant plus I never got a 1099 because I had emergency move so I want to know also. There are so many websites it’s driving me crazy it’s a sole question they know everything yet can’t just deposit into an account that’s been there for over twenty years?? Just want to know if the stimulus will go one our direct express card cause if you can’t have a bank account with reg banking transactions

    • Alexa c.

      Should I apply if I receive SSI for a minor dependent but not for myself? I have a job but my income is federally exempt from taxes so not sure If I should apply…

      • Mag

        Yes you should

    • Steph

      I’m wondering the same thing & can’t get a direct answer as to if the stimulus money will go on our direct express card

    • John P.

      Still no answer. The only Fact is those of us on SSDI will receive a payment and have to do nothing if we are not claiming dependent5. WE KNOW THIS. Also states they have the info needed from SSA 1099 that is issued every January. Well that means to me anyhow that the only info useful on a 1099 is an address to send a paper check, no info about Direct Xpress is on that form. But yet they say you will receive the stimulus money the way you receive your benefits, I just called direct Express and they have NO INFO if stimulus payments will be deposited AND STOP THE MISINFORMATION. DIRECT EXPRESS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT CARD IT IS ISSUED BY A PRIVATE BANK NAMED COMERICA. THEY ARE A CONTRACTOR FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT and every single bank card has a routing and account number. how do you get your money out with your direct Express at an atm? You select CHECKING, DUH. They will not give you the info as no other funds are to be deposited on it. BUT yet we are getting our stimulus just like we receive our benefit, typical goverment screw job

      • Robert D.

        I always select ” savings ” i can’t write a check with DE card DUH !!!!

      • Ronnie G.

        Best answer yet. Oh wait. SECOND best answer. The person who said that your money will arrive by fairy, if that’s how you normally get it, had the best answer! LOL.

        • Jon

          I second that Ronnie lmao

    • LORETTA L.

      If my son is 15 and he draws SSI and I’m over his check but I filed taxes the year of 2018 and. 2019 but currently out of work. So would I also receive a stimulus check. I was told if I claimed my son that I wouldn’t get the $500 just the $1200.00 and my son would also get $1200 cause it’s his check. How true is this. And also how do I do a non filer form if it’s for my son SSI

      • Arnicia H.

        Ok, no ma’am someone gave you wrong info! I worked also 2018 and 2019 filed my taxes ,I also receive SSI for my 9 yr old son. I have 3 children, 22 yr old son ,9 yr old and 8 yr old lil girl..Now Any child under the age of 17 that you have claimed you will receive $500 for because he is your dependant . You will receive $1200
        As I have been researching as well it states that The same way you receive your Social security deposit is the same way you’ll get your stimulus check..I pray that this has given you some clarity! Happy Easter!

      • LaQuaya L.

        No you son will not get 1200 if he 15 he will get 500

    • Arnicia H.

      I too have the Direct express card and my son gets SSI, but I also worked and the last 2 filing seasons the lady who did my taxes had my income tax routed via check to her office, nevertheless I’m not concerned because the Us Treasury issues the Direct express card so automatically it will go to that card, think about it that is direct deposit and you don’t Need a routing number that the government Already has links too…it will all work out! Be blessed and Happy Easter to everyone during this trying time!

    • Jim W.

      URGENT….call Senators Cotton and Jones at 202 515-1327 and 202 225 -9893 and leave a message to have the IRS work with Social Security and have Stimulus Payment sent via Direct Express Debit Cards…..they know this should happen and have them fix it NOW..

      • Martin M.

        Thanks for the numbers of both senators. I called and left the exact same message you instructed us to leave. Very helpful!

    • Bonnie

      I am on SSI direct express also have not got a payment yet

    • Jacklyn W.

      I get ssi And get it only on a Direct express card will I receive the 1200 on my direct express card

    • C

      Not sure ..I heard there is a routing number for direct express

      I won’t get the stimulus because someone claimed me that shoudlnt have..the IRS should require adult dependants to sign if someone else is going to claim them..
      I repeatedly told the person not to claim me but they did it anyway.. The IRS won’t let me do anything about it ..its also causing me problems with ssi

    • Danny

      Those Express cards don’t have routing or account numbers you need a bank account to have at routing number and account number

    • Martin R.

      No, they have access to Social Security Records.

    • Danny

      Probably not, I’m in the same position and talked to turbo tax rep. He looked up for that info, direct Express has no banking info, which means paper check, but a little good news is u can purchase a green dot card or net spend prepaid card (might cost 20.00 purchase and activate and Danny week when they open the new portal it an be directly deposited on this new card and your $20 investment, excluding a $5 dollar fee goes back on ur card.

    • Danette B.

      Probably not, I’m in the same position and talked to turbo tax rep. He looked up for that info, direct Express has no banking info, which means paper check, but a little good news is u can purchase a green dot card or net spend prepaid card (might cost 20.00 purchase and activate and Danny week when they open the new portal it an be directly deposited on this new card and your $20 investment, excluding a $5 dollar fee goes back on ur card.

    • Edna D.

      The website is not working I receive survivors ss from my husband do I need to file anything

    • KEVIN

      Social Security recipients and railroad retirees who are not required to file a tax return and did not file a return for 2018 and 2019 will receive stimulus payments in the same way they receive those benefits—in almost all cases either through direct deposit to their bank account or loaded onto their Direct Express prepaid card.

      • Martin M.

        This guy right here has the right information which answers the question. This points to a digital library with current information posted by Lauren Sanders. “Lauren Saunders is Associate Director at the National Consumer Law Center and manages the Washington, DC office, where she directs NCLC’s federal legislative and regulatory work. Lauren is a recognized expert in various areas, including small dollar loans, fintech, prepaid cards, credit cards, bank accounts, and consumer protection regulation.” She mentions specifically Direct Express prepaid cards more than once. I will look for my payment to be Friday or Monday.

    • LAURA B.

      Let me see if I have this correct.. I am SSD, I do not have SSI not any dependants. My monthly SSD is deposited into my checking account. So I do not need to do anything, my stimulus money will deposit directly into the same account as my monthly SSD, am I correct into thinking this?

    • AUTUMN L.

      Where ever social security send ur payments their in touch with the IRS so if ur RSDI Payments SSI Payments ect goes on that card so will the stimulant checks also my house has that card and I’ve called both SSA AND IRS they have the routing and account number for ur card already I hope this helps

    • Angela M.

      I receive a direct express card for my social security will my stimulis check/payment go directly on the card ?

    • Martin

      I haven’t read anything that says the money will be deposited into Direct Express accounts. Just the opposite, everything I’ve read says bank account that that Social Security uses for direct deposit of benefits. Direct Express isn’t a bank account.

    • Tim

      I had the same problem. It would not go through. Plus, some of the info is REVERSED. I even put it in backwards so it would READ correct. Still didn’t go through. I tried 17 times !!! I give up !!! It’s not worth torturing myself !!!

      • Rocky M.

        Hey! I say this and this is facts! Plz plz go fill out a simple tax form at H&R Block…they are one of the first places to override what the portal won’t let you do manually…All you need is a routing number and account number to get direct deposit…if you don’t have access to a bank get a good visa prepaid debit that allows direct deposit…plz don’t wait till they fix this with ssi…it could take months to finally get your money and then get a paper check….so act now..plz. They are wording this in a way for people on ssi to miss out…plz and i’m practically begging you all to go and file with h&r block…and before the week is up to get it by the 17th

    • Lance's

      me and my husband get SSI check on the1st and it direct deposit on direct Express card when will I get we get are check they saying we getting

    • Patricia R.

      I receive Social Security Disability, and I receive it on a Direct Express Card every month. Will the stimulus payment be on my card??? Please tell me what to do. Thank You so much.

    • Alan G. Will I receive my stimulus payment on my direct express card

    • John P.

      I went ahead and did a non-filer application and entered a Walmart Green Dot Bank prepaid card and I was accepted.
      as usual I will government cannot answer the largest pool of people on Social Security Disability or SSI 90% of us use the Direct Express Card because they told us to and they cannot even answer if the money is going to go into it
      they are official responses they’re going to go by the SSA 1099 well the only thing on there is a name and address and how much money was paid by the Social Security Administration has no banking info to me that means they’re going to mail it to that address that’s why I went and updated with a bank card
      On the IRS non filer portal and was accepted

      • Rachel k.


    • Heather

      Yes you will receive it on your direct express card just like you get your regular monthly check

    • John P.

      I went to the IRS non-filer portal and entered an alternate card I have a Direct Express card but according to everything I’ve written verbatim they only need the SSA 1099 well I went to the Social Security website and downloaded a copy of my SSA 1099 and all it has is the amount they paid me my name and address so if they’re using that info that means their mailing a check the IRS non-filer portal although I’m on disability accepted all my information and confirmed my new direct deposit card which is a Green Dot Walmart prepaid card. so hopefully they’ll direct deposit again if the US government what do you expect

    • Heather F.

      Yes you will receive it on your direct express card just like you get your regular monthly check

    • Samantha R.

      What if you receive SSI for one of your children do you still need to do the non-filter? And will it go to my direct Express card?

    • Shiela S.

      Well I successfully submitted the non-filers form on the IRS website it took all my information and sent me an email confirming that it was received. I have a Direct Express card as well I receive my SSI(disability) benefits on that card every month and have for a couple years now. After reading several these posts I decided since I wasn’t able to enter routing and account number info for direct express that I would just bite the bullet and put in my routing and account number for my RushCard. After I entered that I went to submit it again and it said it’s already been filed so I guess I’m stuck with everyone else not knowing whether it’s going on my Direct Express Card or if I’m getting a paper check. Crossing my fingers it will be on my Direct Express Card.

    • Brandi

      I been asking the same thing. I thought that with that direct express card only SSI checks are able to be loaded on it and nothing else. So I’ been wondering if it will be on that card or if we have to wait for the check in mail

    • Kayleen L.

      April 13th, 1am, nothing on my Direct Express card.

      • Susan

        I don’t know for sure. But I’m thinking those with direct deposit gets theirs first. Direct express comes afterwards, don’t know why. However those of us on SS, SSD have guaranteed income monthly. Maybe not enough, but there are taxpayers out there that have lost jobs who have zero money right now. Their deposits should come first. Those of us with Direct Express will eventually see this stimulus check.

        • Jennifer

          Amen Susan.. we all need to be grateful we have an income right now.

    • Jerry

      I am on ssdi
      It’s the morning of the 13th
      No money yet…does anyone know if ssdi is in the first round of deposits

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Shawn. Treasury, not Social Security, will be making direct payments to eligible people. We continue to work closely with Treasury to address outstanding questions in an attempt to make the issuance of these payments as quick and efficient as possible. We realize people are concerned, and the IRS will provide additional information at when available.

      • nan

        what is the actual date for ssi to get on our direct express cards? There is no answer any where.

        • Juliana B.

          Hello I’m juliana please help! I am on ssi and was claimed as dependent on my moms taxes she filed head of household, but she did not receive any funding/ extra money for claiming me. I filled out the non filers form and checked the box that states I was claimed as a dependent on someone’s taxes. My non filers form was still approved immediately. I am just waiting to be eligible it says approved but to wait for eligibility. Does this mean I will receive the $1200. Please help!


    • Benjamin y.

      Will stimulus go on direct express card

    • Kariem R.

      How about if you have the debit card checking that you received your tax return on but also receive benefits from SSDI and have a card for those benefits which card would it go to

    • Terri N.

      Why do you all keep asking the same question? All of u will get direct deposit wether it’s a card or a bank account. U don’t have to fill out anything. It automatically deposited. It’s to early yet. Wait until around the 17th

    • Randy E.


    • ron.

      so am i..I can NOT get answers anywhere but “Wherever your normal ssdi payments go that is where they will deposit it”.. so who knows..

    • Julie

      I don’t where you all are getting your info. Direct nor Social is taking calls on the stimulus payment. It’s more then likely you get a paper check.

    • Pamela W.

      I just read that Direct Express is not a bank and will not be proccessing stimulus through.

      • Lea C.

        where did u read that? please provide proof such as copy and paste on a reply the part of the article and or a link to such article of proof! Thank u!

    • Jason

      I gett ssdi and have the netspend card I usually get my payment 2-4 days early. I haventvrecied anything yet . I guess we have to be patient.

    • Chris

      I owe social security like 5k, will it affect my stimulus check?

      • Mag


    • Rock M.

      Hey! I say this and this is facts! Plz plz go fill out a simple tax form at H&R Block…they are one of the first places to override what the portal won’t let you do manually…All you need is a routing number and account number to get direct deposit…if you don’t have access to a bank get a good visa prepaid debit that allows direct deposit…plz don’t wait till they fix this with ssi…it could take months to finally get your money and then get a paper check….so act now..plz. They are wording this in a way for people on ssi to miss out…plz and i’m practically begging you all to go and file with h&r block…and before the week is up to get it by the 17th

    • gina

      people they just started making the payments on the 11th. They’re doing it in rounds. It’s only been 2 days since the first rounds. We have to be patient. Atleast we all still have a check coming in, unlike some people that are out of work. Calling every day or freaking out isn’t gonna make it come any faster. Believe me, I want this money too. One thing I know is that the stimulus will be going on the direct express card, or if you get your benefits direct deposited it’ll come like that as well. Bless you all and stay safe.

    • loretta

      To use the free file tool you have to have a state ID i misplaced mine anf it is outdated on my birthday anyhow. Obviously i cant go get another right now. But i do have a current PassPort can this be used as a suitable form of ID for the free file tool?

    • Moses J.

      I would think that ssdi of all others would be taken care of first due to the conditions of what qualified one to receive theese benefits in the first place. Plus they sit on the bottom bracket of income sources in the U.S on month to month basis .Shame on the direct express automated phone system for giving no assistance to those desperately in need knowing that their customers are majority of disabled or elderly ..

      • Ronnie C.

        Yes that is very true. Thank you for putting that on the website. That is a sad affair – knowing that most people on disability are more damaged than others and need all the help they can get especially during these challenging times ( I am one of those struggling soul’s ) Thanks for that message…God Bless You.

    • V.griffith

      Where is the information coming from that it will be the 15th or 17th?

    • Shannon S.

      I also have the direct express card and I was told that they are going by last names. is that true? And will my Stimulus Check go on my direct express card or will it get mailed to me

    • Christina J.

      Anybody think of calling or bothering Comerica bank which is in collaberation with directexpress and on the corner of your card.

    • Stumpy

      Nothing on my Direct Express card as of 10pm 4/13. Just did a little google surf and found an article from a website called boarding area, not sure how good their information is but this is copy and pasted from them……
      “Debit cards that are used by many tax preparation companies such as H&R Block and Intuit’s TurboTax as well as the Direct Express programs do qualify to receive these direct payments. That’s because these cards (H&R Block’s Emerald Card, Direct Express and TurboTax’s debit card) are linked to an actual bank account (with routing numbers) and all should qualify for the economic stimulus direct payment. This is relatively new information.”

      Now thag doesn’t give us a date but from majority of people I’ve spoken to, their accounts are all showing a “pending deposit” for 4/15. Typically my Direct Express won’t show a pending deposit for my SSDI until 12-24 hours before deposit. I’m hoping that at some point tomorrow 4/14 it will show a pending deposit. To me it only makes sense that the feds would have all the info they need to be able to auto deposit onto our cards. Best of luck to ya, stay safe!

      • Lori

        I’m in the same boat
        you are & I have no “pending deposits” either on the Direct Express site… waiting to see if we get that notification 24 hrs b4.. this is ridiculous to not be able to get a solid answer. Like everything else with this administration-its screwed up.. good luck & maybe we’ll have some money soon. ✌

    • Lea C.

      EVERYONE CRACKS ME UP SOON AS YALL HEARD U MIGHT GET SOME MONEY YALL START CHECK THEM BALANCES LIKE A METH HEAD PEEPS OUT THE WINDOWS!! “A WATCHED POT NEVER BOILS!” No Payments to SSDI will be disbursed till the second wave around April 20th stop looking for it and don’t count ur chickens before they hatch!? in other words don’t go out spending money u don’t have, act like this money will never come, Damn it’s coming from the government in that case .. Mayhaps, Mayhaps NOT!!! ?‍♀️ Donot go to walmart and buy ur flat screens and laptops yet!!????‍♀️

      • Ronnie C.

        Yeah I agree Lea… Absolute characters checking their balance’s like crack heads walking the streets all late at night peeping through store windows or parked cars checking locks and hoping a door was left open – crazy shit…You know what, it would be wise to BE PATIENT…the Stimulus Check is not impossible, THEY’RE COMING…AND DON’T TAKE THE MONEY TO THE BARS, DONT GO TO THE FEEDING ANY ADDICTIONS…and dont let the lesser of your past swallow up the greater of your future with the same ideas that made you walk the streets all LATE at night CHASING and investing in the frivolous shit .

    • Tracy

      I’m in a committed relationship with my partner of 10yrs we are not married though. He and all 3 of are children have received there stimulus payment but I was not included. When he does his taxes each year I’m on there as a dependent cuz im a stay at home mom. How do I get a stimulus payment myself????

      • Jenniferky

        You do not qualify for one , if your partner claimed you as a dependent on his taxes unfortunately. Go to the website if you need to confirm what I have said

    • Kristen H.

      I receive my disability social security also on my direct Express card. Would like to know will we receive our stimulus check on our direct Express card? I will call social security and direct Express to see if we will receive it on our direct Express card. I can really use the money to buy groceries for my house and put gas in my car. If I could please get someone to bless my cash app it would really be a blessing for me. My God bless the person that bless me and my cash app. ?

    • Linda W.

      If everyone would just go to and read what it says it tells you in plain English. Anyone receiving SSI, SSA, SSDI with direct deposit will automatically get the stimulus payment deposited into your account. It doesn’t matter if it’s a card or checking account, savings account or whatever it goes into the account that you receive your monthly check in. If you have dependents under age 17 then you need to go to the web site and fill out the form for dependents. It’s all explained on irs web site. I’ve been there and read what to do and I would suggest about half a million people do what I did. READ the web site.

    • Dominic

      Will I get my money on my direct card

    • Richard L.

      I tried to use the portal, and I have a college degree and spent years doing business taxes, and this portal is confusing as hell and not even I could do it successfully.

    • Chris B.

      All people looking for direct express routing number you will not find or get one, The only deposits made on a direct express cards are the benefits you receive from the federal or state government. If you are waiting for the stimulus check like I am do not worry the IRS already has your info. People doing a simple return to put this info in who have a direct express card are worrying to much and wasting their time. All indications the deposits will be made this week. If nobody has gotten a stimulus check yet guess what? IT HAS NOT GONE OUT YET. I am by myself so i dont know anything about if you have children if something else has to be done to get the extra 500. I hope this helps

    • Cas

      Yes you will receive your money on your direct express card.

    • Jennifer

      While it would be nice to know if the check is being deposited to the Direct Express cards we all need to remember that we are fortunate that we are still receiving our regular checks while millions of others have had no income at all for weeks now. In fact most of us just got paid less than 2 weeks ago.

    • James S.

      Nobody is getting a stimulus check on a direct Express card everybody’s got their stimulus already I NetSpend card and 20 others direct Express doesn’t have a routing number and account number right NetSpend and 20 others that’s why if you call NetSpend or the others you will find out that their answering service says you have already received your stimulus check which direct Express doesn’t say cuz they don’t want you to cancel the card and go to another prepaid card duh

      • Smh1987

        Youre dumb lol

    • Marlene

      I’m on ssi I have a direct express card but no bank account will it go to my direct express card

    • R

      I have not received nothing on my dirct express card either.

    • smith w.

      yes,sometime this week,,,4-13 through 4-18. it will automatically be loaded onto your Direct Express Card “SSDI Card”

    • Navy j.

      Yes you will, no matter where you are getting it direct deposit , that is where you will receive the stimulus package.

    • Kimberly K.

      I called thesocial security office in my state an that said the stimulas will go directly on our direct express card

    • Danette

      No it will not, direct express is not a bank affiliated card, you will,have to go into new portal and add your current routing# and account # from your current bank.d

      • Anthony L.

        The DE card is through a bank and has routing and account numbers…the govern already has it all file…so mostly likely , yes…it will go on the DE card!

    • Fatima

      I get ssi to an mines didn’t come yet either an it’s the 14

    • Alberta

      Yes. I just found the answer to your question! Here is the site
      Scroll down in the shaded area and click on number 4.which reads Some debit cards are eligible to receive payments. As you read you will find that you will receive the direct deposit on your direct express card.

    • Tim

      As of today: SIS people are not getting paid automatically. SSI does’NOT’ give you an ssa 1099. AARP is working hard to full this gap, so that it will be automatic.

    • Anna K.

      So I called local social security office today and although I didn’t get a straight answer on how it’s was handling our payment I was able to get a routing and acct number to my direct express card. Wonder if I can. Just go to the non-filer site and use the routing and account number that Social Security Office gave me for my DirectExpress card. I too saw online that there was no routing number for DirectExpress but when I mention that to the guy from the Local Social Security office he was able to give me a routing number for our direct express card. I want to go onto the non-filer’s website and I want to input the info but I’m so afraid that if I do it’s going to mess it up and it’s going to delay my check even longer. So I’m debating doing that are getting one of those net spend prepaid cards and going to the non-filers website. I would much rather just use this routing and account number to direct express that the Social Security office gave me though

    • E.A.S.


    • Tomas

      My brother lives in Connecticut and he receives $800.00 a month from S.S.I. and also receives food stamps. If I get the Economic Impact Payment, will I loose my food stamps?

      • Joan H.


    • Colleen

      Wondering if I will get a stimulus payment. Deposit on my direct Express card

    • dilydaly

      Hello Everyone! I have been reading your comments and I feel so bad for a lot of you! This is what is happening. The IRS wants ANYONE THAT did not file taxes for 2018,2019 and had a adjusted income under $12,200 for the year and you are NOT ON ANY OF THE FOLLOWING—SSA, Railroad retirement, SSDI , to go to the IRS site, go to the NON FILERS TOOL. Then you will be directed to another page. Then you start filling out the form. If your filing single , mark the box or married filing joint. And when you get down where it asks you to give them a filing number you have to make one up yourself and write it down! Also, the column to the right is for filing joint! When you finish the first page you click on the bottom where it says continue. That will take you to the second page. There you will fill out your banking info and your drivers license number etc..When you are done at the bottom it will say SUBMIT click on that. If you want to save it, hit the bar at top or print it before you hit submit. I think why some are getting errors is because you are not giving the a PIN number that you have made up! It tells you what to do, but some is in fine print. Ok, then you wait. Within 24 to 48 hrs. they will send you an email saying they have accepted your form. Make sure that you have VERIFIED your email address with them when you start the form or they won’t submit it and you will get an ERROR message!!! I am on SSI and Saturday night I realized after reading all day that if I want my stimulus payment this is what I have to do. I don’t know anything about your Express Cards but I know that I have them the direct deposit info and everything is ok! I am just waiting for it to hit my account. I hope hope this can help some of you that don’t understand the form at IRS.Gov Non Filers Tool . Stay healthy!

      • dilydaly

        Hi! Also make sure you create an account the site the non filers tool takes you too. Check your email for the email from them to verify your email address! VERY VERY IMPORTANT! Please read everything they say on the form and in your email. I just want to help people that choose to use the Non Filers tool so they can submit it properly. And NO errors. Just keep in mind also that when you put your SS # in the form that the IRS already knows who you are. And if you don’t fall under the requirements it will reject it also. Meaning the wrong info.. This tool is so the IRS has your most up to date info. and that they know exactly where to send your money ie stimulus payment. If you have direct deposit, you will get it faster! Like I had said before that I don’t know anything about the Direct Express cards. If you wait who knows when they will figure it out on how to send the stimulus money to SSI recipients? Because through this whole thing have you ever heard them mention SSI? They did mention low income! I guess we are in that category? But I did what the IRS wants. Because the IRS is the one issuing the payments NOT SOCIAL SECURITY! They didn’t have my direct deposit info until I gave it to them, because I don’t file taxes. Years ago when Obama issued the stimulus monies I had to fill out a 1040 ez form to get my money! Even though Social Security had my info.. I am just trying to say “why wait” give them the info they want to make it faster and make sure YOU WILL GET IT! Thanks for reading!

    • April C.

      I have a handicapped 16 yr old, on SSID? Will he receive extra benefits? Also, I am his payee, and his IHSS trainer, I am tax exempt, will I recieve a bonus even though I have been reciving my IHSS job money for him? Im not worried, Ive been getting paid, but Im also working 24/7 while others are off? I went into the IRS site it was quick and easy, but it wont approve me gave me an error code about dependent, is he a dependent or not? If I remember hes not? They also arent wanting to identify my IHSS wages, they are tax exempt. SOSC? Please advise…and thankyou for having this here? Im lost, all the phones closed at night. Im on call weird hours…ugh! ✨?✨

      • dilydaly

        Hi this is for Jimi null! I think the problem you are having with the form is that your son is on SSDI write? Is he on SSI or SSDI? Big difference when it comes to filling out the non filers form. No one that is on SSDI should use the form! Because they are already scheduled to receive there payment. That’s why you will see a rejection error. When it comes to one person in the household is on SSI and one is on SSDI as far as I know it will not work. Maybe you should file on your own without claim g him as a dependent? I think you are getting caught up on him being on the SSID? Even bough he is your dependent child. But if he is on SSDI he must have worked at some point write? SSDI is generally for people that worked and had to go out on disability temporarily? Isn’t it? The non filers tool is for non filers with an income below $12,200 or 12,400 can’t remember which one. And you are NOT GETTING SSA, Railroad Retirement, or SSDI because people in that group are already scheduled with the IRS to receive there payment. It’s for people on SSI, people’s with low income, and people that are on SSI or low incomes with children so they can claim them for the extra $500.00 but if they are on SSDI I don’t think you can claim them on that form! I am pretty sure about that. And I think you should file for yourself and see how that goes. Because your son can’t qualify for the stimulus but I am not sure how you would claim him while you are on SSI and he’s on SSDI? Sorry I couldn’t come up with something better, Take care!

    • Jimi n.

      Was just denied the stimulus payment and I’m on SSI so I would not be counting on it.. Especially from a country that know the WHO and China bioengineered this virus and spread it for population control.. Why you think so many have died in New York versus everywhere else.. 778 a day is not a flattening trend, sheep.. Nothing but sheep..

    • John P.

      If you receive Soc Sec and DID file a Fed Tax Return with your Direct deposit information you will receive your stimulus check in the first round of payments which should be received by today the 15th.

      If you receive Social Security and did not file a tax return last year or in 2018 you do not need to do anything you will get your money direct deposited in the same manner you receive your monthly Social Security benefit and that will be in the second wave of payments which you should receive no later than April 24

      • Sunny

        Thank you for this concise, informative reply!

    • Carlos G.

      I just received this from
      1 Day Ago


      ****Some Debit Cards Are Eligible to Receive Payments:

      Debit cards that are used by many tax preparation companies such as H&R Block and Intuit’s TurboTax as well as the Direct Express programs do qualify to receive these direct payments. That’s because these cards (H&R Block’s Emerald Card, Direct Express and TurboTax’s debit card) are linked to an actual bank account (with routing numbers) and all should qualify for the economic stimulus direct payment. This is relatively new information.


      • Mrs.Rodriguez

        Hi I’m the payee for my husband he receives ssi we have three children and it is on Ssi file when I sign him up for Ssi will I receive a stimulus payment with him cause I’m the card holder?

    • Danielle J.

      Has anyone got the money yet I still haven’t

    • shanecarender

      No one seems to have a link to a clear and concise answer regarding Direct Express cardholders. The SSA says to check with the IRS and they are about as clear as mud. Nice. Typical American bureaucracy I suppose.

    • Amanda

      Theres no need to file for non-filing on Gov. Website if you have direct Express cards from SSI- the site says not to uf you are on SSI- that you will receive your payment automatically, which means on the debit card.
      Now when is still in question: I’ve heard from the 20th to the 24th or to expect the payment when you receive your next SSI deposit for the month.
      Direct Express recipients will NOT have to wait for paper checks as the IRS says they are going to post it on the automatic card just like you receive your monthly payments.

    • Kim

      Per IRS website:
      Non-Filers: Enter Your Payment Info Here
      If you don’t file taxes, use the “Non-Filers: Enter Your Payment Info Here” application to provide simple information so you can get your payment.

      You should use this application if:

      You did not file a 2018 or 2019 federal income tax return because your gross income was under $12,200 ($24,400 for married couples). This includes people who had no income. Or
      You weren’t required to file a 2018 or 2019 federal income tax return for other reasons.
      If you receive these benefits, we already have your information and you will receive $1,200. Do not use this application if you receive:

      Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), or survivor benefits
      Railroad Retirement and Survivor Benefits
      Special note: People in these groups who have qualifying children under age 17 can use this application to claim the $500 payment per child.

      Here’s the link:

    • Angel

      why is people on social security getting their checks through their bank account and direct Express people aren’t getting anything

    • Ashley T.

      I get social Security benefits and I get my payment on my DirectExpress card will my stimulus payment go on my DirectExpress card

    • Scott

      I’m on SSDI I have not received a $1200 stimulus check on my DirectExpress. Is there anything that needs to be done on my end do you have this deposit mean my nephew my brothers and my girlfriend they all have got there $1200 check. Do I just wait patiently and the money will appear on my Direct express card? Does anyone have any advice about this I do not understand any of the websites dazed and confused.

    • Mandy

      Anyone on here heard or read anything

    • Barbara M.

      I’m on social security retirement and have a. Direct express card. I have not received the stimulant. Will I???

    • British

      SSI recipients wont see anything in their accounts till mid april… some say the 17th and some say the 27th

    • Cissy B.

      My exact question never gets a direct answer or different answers. Questiion:

      I’m on direct deposit for my SS check. I did file my taxes, but I get no refund. I had to pay Federal and State. Therefore, NO banking was entered as I get NO refund.

      Since I get SS with Direct Deposit to my credit union, will my stimulus $1200 check still be direct deposited? Thanks!

      Cissy Brazil

      • Kim

        I just read this update: Its not coming until early May

        The Treasury said SSI recipients would see the money directly sent to them by early May at the latest through direct deposit, paper check, or Direct Express debit card.

      • Vonda V.

        Hi Cissy, thank you for your question. Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability beneficiaries and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients who do not have qualifying children under age 17 do not need to take any action with the IRS. You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS. You should receive the automatic payments by direct deposit, Direct Express debit card, or by paper check, just as you would normally receive your Social Security benefits. Hopefully this helps.

        • Tonya

          My aunt collects SSDI. Her daughter claimed her as a dependent. Will my aunt still get a stimulus check direct deposited to her Direct Express card

          • Vonda V.

            Hi Tonya, thank you for your question. Please visit the IRS Economic Impact Payments Information Center to answer your questions about eligibility, payment amounts, what to expect, when to expect it and more. Hope this helps!

    • KENDRA A.

      Yes you will automatically receive it on your direct express card says Steve Mnuchin? Facts100%

    • V M.

      It was just announced this afternoon that SSI recpients will recieve their stimulus money with no further action needed around the 1st week of May. You will only have to go to IRS website if you need to notify of other dependents. They specifically stated money would go to direct deposit..paper check and Direct Express if you recieve your normal benefit that way. This would include anyone that uses direct Express. This is not a guess. This statement was released by treasury dept this afternoon 4/15/2020.

    • Bonnie

      Do you know why the payments are not coming until May?

    • Cathy

      It depends on how your check is direct deposited now if it goes to your bank account now that will be where the incentive check will go direct deposited to your bank account.Alot of SSI People don’t have bank account and get it on a Direct Express carf

    • Carolyn S.

      I am on SSDI – have automatic deposit in to my checking as of 4/16 /NO Stim. Deposit 🙁 I am LOW income…….I know of others and they have already rcvd., there money……….crazy !

    • Ken

      What is this direct express card everyone is talking about.

      I am disabled. I have not got a deposit.
      I cant even get a yes or no answer will I get one. : )

      I have gone to every site and called everyone. On the phone after a long lone wait. They claim it will come through treasury the same way you get paid normally. But, I honestly think Trump screwed it all up as always. By trying to get his name on it and make everyone think he did something. And now its all a mess. What a clown.

      • brady k.

        You are a libtard to make anti-president comments on this site

    • Josh

      Yes u should but it is Donald Trump we are talking bout here so don’t get you hopes up to high I’m not

    • Zalveria S.

      From what ive been told yes us ssi ssdi recipients will recieve a payment automatically. What time or when im sorry but idk. Im feeling the same way comfused and not understanding any of this..

    • Gary A.

      Yes it will go on your direct Express card

    • Marjorie Q.

      Ok I get social security benefits for survival because my husband passed away and it’s for 2 of my kids and my self but I even file the 2018 and the 2019 taxes will I get my money on the Express card or will they send meh a check I’m so clueless right now

    • Rhonda E.

      Hi guys still waiting…..and waiting….and waiting…. I’m on SSI and have a mental and educational disability that makes it hard to understand what is going on, thank God for auto correct, I have direct deposit for Chase bank and while my family are all working and have all received stimulus checks i have got nothing and have to borrow for gas money to go to store from them. I have lots of concerns and am glad this site is here for us. Im worried will the stimulus package run out of funding like the loans for small businesses have?how long will i have to wait? Oh and my sister helped me with my questions.

    • Jason G.


    • Daniel C.

      I receive SSI Disability and was told I would not be getting a check because my GF claimed me as a dependent on her Taxes these past couple years. Is that true will i not get a check?

    • Brenda L.

      Will I get a check I am on SSI been on SSI since 1998 will I get a check from the Government will mine go onto my DirectExpress card

    • Brenda L.

      They said the checks should come on our Direct Express card

    • Naomi

      Yes, you’re good to go

    • May l.

      I am my grandson payee he over17 will he get a stimulus check?

    • Bobbie R.


    • Katherine W.


    • sky D.

      So to everyone that has posted a comment here on this site just to let everyone know that all you guys that are on. Social security SSR SSI SSDIi and beneficiary also RRlR will get there sinmlus pay next

    • Latoya c.

      I was trying to see why when i go to check on my payment it tell me that my ssn is wrong and i know its not wrong so how will i know when im going to get my money

    • Candice S.

      About a week ago, I had read the “yes you need to fill out the non filers page” and the ” no you don’t have to” so many.times , back and forth that I gave up and filed for both myself and my 91yr old mother. The site said they had accepted everything, yet we still have not received a stimulus check. And now a message that makes me fear i should have just left things alone. Social security, IRS…they both cause me stress and I worry if I’ve done the wrong thing.
      I was so proud of our government for stepping out to help, and of course I still am but I wish th could make it clearer for folks like me!
      praying for humanity, peace and harmony for all

    • Virginia M.

      Yes, you will automatically receive the payment on your Direct Express card. There would be no further action to be taken since the Treasury has all of your information.

    • Nadeen

      I used the non filers portal and put a bank account and routing number. This was before they said it would go on our direct express card. Now I’m confused on which one it will go to. Anyone have an idea?

    • Thomas J.

      You will get your stimulus money the same way you get your social security/ssdi/SSI. You don’t have to do anything unless you have a dependent child then you have to go to non-filers so you can get 500 dollars for each child.

    • Pam

      Yes it will. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and that’s exactly how you receive it the way you get your check every month

    • Vera

      Yes. IRS is very confusing I have two kids and I need a IP pin I misplaced and I cannot get ahold of IRS I tried to recover it it will not let me in it saying my address is not correct I’m on disability and I have a hard time reading as it is so yes I have a hard time trying to get receive my money for me and my children I wish things were a lot easier especially for the disabled this is a reason why we are disabled because we do not comprehend a lot of things that you are saying and doing is very difficult for us to comprehend so please make it a little easier for us to get into the IRS database very complicated I have got logged out more than 20 times please make it a little easier for us thank you

    • Tai m.

      They just mentioned that if you have dependents you need to go to the “non-filers” link and fill all but payment info or you’ll have to wait. If it’s just you it seems it’ll go directly to your account.

    • James l.

      I have a direct express card as well and today is 23 April and I still have not received my $1200 on my direct express card so what’s going on with it my son and daughter-in-law have already received theirs

    • Jim c.

      I have a direct express card as well and today is 23 April and I still have not received my $1200 on my direct express card so what’s going on with it my son and daughter-in-law have already received theirs

    • Shimes


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