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  1. I am wondering on behalf of my new Severe Medical issues that will allow me not to gain any employment i am wondering at 58 years old in oct 2018 and i am wondering working well over 14 years or more of total employment ,i am wondering if i can receive more than $550.00 a month. I gave to pay 1,000 a month in rent and i am looking at eviction. I think they have it wrong on my years i have total worked too. Because i was with A C Moore for 10 years i worked for walmart for awhile i worked at Belfast Me Renys for a few years worked I need a Social Security Attorney to help me because I am in Dire need of help and I know nothing or who to talk too,when i one my disablity Social Security I was only based on a few things I now been diognoised with ptsd ans A fibulation a heart issue which are two very severe diblitating social mental and medical has been added i just wonder if i would get more from another type of social security,but i need a social security lawyer or someone to advocate for me ,i do not understand any of this and I am in crictal need of help asap begire i am eviceted from my home. Please I need help. mi yogi007@gmail.com is my e mail address. Thank you God Bless You for any help that can be given to me.

    • You may be entitled to Supplemental Security Income or SSI. Call 800-772-1213. The amount you can receive is based upon income resources and where you live since some States supplement the federal payment. You need to also check with your county assistance office for additional help.
      Getting sicker is not material to the amount you receive.

  2. how do ya feel toward people applying for disability for chronic idiopathic urticarial which comes with no energy or sleep, lots of pain and doctors have no way of diagnosing it or helping her. she can’t keep a job she is my wife and only 42 years old it is a very bad disease.

  3. I hope I can remember all that was talked about in video. I would like a link to see a list of what I can do on my Social Security. Then I could paste in on refrigerator for regular reminder of the easy solutions provided at My Medicare.

  4. SSA keep on boasting their achievements, but can’t implement as simple things as allowing receipients to change their federal tax withholding ONLINE.

    YES, you can change Direct deposit, but not tax withholding? What a great service SSA is doing !

      • That was rude. Why do people come here? A lot of things can be done online now. I was wondering if I could reapply online. So nobody should be nasty here. We are here to help each other.

  5. I have not been able to open my account. I’m told I have to provide the correct information. Well, what information is on file for me to know what information needs to be changed.

  6. I don’t have a social security account and have my check direct deposit due to the lack of security on my computer.

    • Good for you. I have a Social Security account and have never needed it. You may want to do something about your security.

  7. I’ve been married for 33years, it’s been a great marriage we have 2 grown children together,our age difference is 23 years. My wife is now 51 and I am 74. I have health issues that need Attention now And then. Is there any way ss could kick in early. My wife is working to supplement our income. Is there anything we can do to have her home with me in my later years,thank you.

  8. How can I update my account to reduce the amount of the Medicare Part B and D monthly adjustments for myself and my wife since my 2017 income tax return shows we are no longer in the highest bracket. What will you need from me, or will you already have that information from my 2017 tax return. Also, does my 2017 self-employment social security contribution now again increase my present and future monthly benefit?

  9. I have to have some minor surgery by an germatologist, they sent me a form to fill out and asked for my social security number. I never had my regular physician ask that on his form. I thought we were never to give out our number. I need to know what to do by the end of May when the surgery is to be performed. Thank you for your response about this matter. Dorothy Laigle dlaigle@neo.rr.com

  10. I Like to inform you of my change of address, my banking account remains the same.
    Hector Rosa
    Carborca Y Atil
    Condominio G-102
    Benito Juarez
    Fraccionmieto Caracoles Homes
    Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico 83550

    • You can’t change your address on a public blog site nor should you give out private information.
      No puede cambiar su dirección en un sitio de blog público ni debe dar información privada.

  11. How do I find out about all my life time income that I work paying social security and the special payment

    • Ask to review your earnings record. And there is NO special payment. Look up the word “scam” in the dictionary.

    • That’s nice and you just had a burning desire to tell the world. My Aunt Mae had a tooth extraction last year. Sorry to have not mentioned it sooner because I know everyone wanted to know this.

    • Hi Katherine. For your security, we do not have access to personal information in this venue. However, wait 30 days after you applied and return to the Social Security office where you filed your application. When you go, take the documents you originally presented as evidence. We ask that members in our Facebook community continue to work with their local office on specific questions about their case.

  12. I am sitting at home waiting for my 2:00 pm phone interview with social security and no one has contacted me as of yet?????

  13. Can I schedule an appointment to speak with a representative? I would like to claim benefits under my ex-husband. We were married for 21 years, and have been divorced for 22 years. I would like to claim half of his SS benefits, and hold off until I reach 70 for my full benefits. Do I need to work full-time to claim my full benefits at 70 years of age.

  14. This doesn’t help. Is there any you can send my information for “my account” or tell me how i can reset to get into my account so i can order a replacement SS card.

    • Hello Jeanna, if you are unable to create an account or encounter a problem with your my Social Security account, you may:
      •Call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “helpdesk”; or
      •Contact your local Social Security office. Thanks!

    • Hello Kristen, if you are unable to create an account or encounter a problem with your my Social Security account, you may:
      •Call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “helpdesk”; or
      •Contact your local Social Security office. Thanks!

  15. When will the SSA allow US citizens who are retired overseas to sign up for an account to use the online services?

    • We are sorry for the inconvenience, Arthur. The “my Social Security” authentication system requires address verification as one of the essential criteria for issuing an account. People with APO/FPO/DPO addresses can create an account overseas, but our system does not support registration and account creation for users with a foreign address yet.
      We recommend that individuals living outside the United States contact their local U.S. embassy or consulate for any assistance related to Social Security programs and benefits. Also, our Office of International Operations home page provides more information to assist our customers living abroad. Thank you for your feedback.

  16. Thanks for your reply but you failed to answer my question. I asked when will the SSA allow overseas US citizens to receive an online account? Surely techknowledge today can facilitate this to become a reality now???

    • How do you get the activation code to be able to get my SSA.gov be with that Code to activation code now it hard

    • Hello Bob. If you are unable to create an account or encounter a problem with your my Social Security account, you may:
      •Call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “helpdesk”; or
      •Contact your local Social Security office. Thanks!

  17. I am married and I am disable. My husband is also disabled. I am wondering if I can qualify for sposel benefits from his ssdi?

    • Hello Heli: If your husband is receiving or is eligible for retirement or disability benefits you may be may be able to get benefits on his record, if you are at least 62 years of age.
      Generally, individuals must be married for one year before they can get spouse’s benefits. See Benefits For Your Spouse for more information
      We hope this information helps!

  18. How can I request to DEDUCT from my SSA pension
    FEDERAL TAX deduction every month.

    Now, every year i always compute my tax payment from federal tax to paid.

    Please, help and mail federal tax form for my request.

    Social Security # *** – ** – ***

  19. Today I went into the office because I could not access MySocialSecurity on line. They gave me a reset code however I’m afraid I do not know exactly what to do with it . Even though I have been locked out for 24 hrs. I do not see a place asking for this code.

  20. I requested a reset code. I received a letter with the reset code. where do i enter this reset code so that i can access me account.

    • Hello Kathryn. For assistance with your personal my Social Security account, please call our dedicated my Social Security-Hotline. To reach this hotline, call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “helpdesk”, or contact your local Social Security office directly. Thanks!

    • Hello Joe. Unfortunately, and because of security reasons we do not have access to personal information in this blog and cannot update your address on your record. You can change your address online by using a my Social Security account.
      For further assistance, please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Generally, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later during the day or later in the week. Thanks!

  21. I have received three separate phon calls this afternoon that were threatening.Two of them were from an “officer Kelly”, and two from foreign speaking males who were difficult to understand.
    From what I could tell from what they said they would initiate legal action against me for fraudulent activity on my SS Card, if I didn’t return the phone call. The phone number given me was 210 807-8076 one time and 240 345-1427 another time.
    The call sounded so phony I told the men they were full of some foreign matter from a male bovine. He called me an SOB and I hung up.
    I would hate to think of the elderly who could be taken in by this.

  22. Your entire system stinks!
    SSA is ambiguous and a time wasting process.
    Your instructions DO NOT WORK!
    SSA seems to be filled with overpaid incompetents.
    Does any real human being ever check to see if the instructions that you send actually make sense and work?
    I’ve tried for three weeks to gain access to my ssa account.
    Even after receiving waiting weeks to receive my RESET code the instructions are ambiguous and didn’t work.
    How about sending me som WORKING step-by-step instructions.
    Your instructions to visit http://www.Socialsecurity.gov/myaccount
    Do not result in a page (as your instructions say) in a place to enter the reset code.
    I suspect the actual address is ssa.gov/my account
    But, even there it is unclear where this reset code is entered.
    Really Really Frustrating.
    Even more disgusting is the fact that my tax dollars contribute to this BROKEN system.

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