13 thoughts on “How Social Security Serves American Indians and Alaska Natives

  1. i hope to god that these people paid into social security like i have for years!

    it would be so unfair for anyone to get benefits if they have not paid a dime into this program!

  2. Why do so many government agencies set up their own TV access when there is already one in place which they could submit their videos/public announcements to, it is called PUBLIC ACCESS TELEVISION. (Which I understand, receives the government subsidies)

  3. My ancestors were native americam. My great grandmother was 100% Cherokee on my father side. My great grandmother was half cherokke and African on my mother side. I cherish and proud of my native side and my question is how do I qualify, even though I was assigned my own social security number from the time of my birth. I had no idea about certain specifics in regards to the social security, especially for Native Americans and i would or I’m requesting for more information in regards to the social security for Native Americans, thank you.

  4. My name is Jeanine Fields,I live in South Bend ,Indiana. Had responded on line, and telephone a few times. Got my Medicare cover for the new year,will yum 65 onJanuary 16, 2019. Please do not send letters about not being cover for the new year, because I will be as of the first of January..

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