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Inspector General Warns About New Social Security Benefit Suspension Scam

March 27, 2020 • By

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Last Updated: February 21, 2023

Today, I am warning the public about fraudulent letters threatening suspension of Social Security benefits due to COVID-19 or coronavirus-related office closures. Social Security will not suspend or discontinue benefits because their offices are closed.

The Social Security Office of the Inspector General has received reports that Social Security beneficiaries have received letters through the U.S. Mail stating their payments will be suspended or discontinued unless they call a phone number referenced in the letter. Scammers may then mislead beneficiaries into providing personal information or payment via retail gift cards, wire transfers, internet currency, or by mailing cash, to maintain regular benefit payments during this period of COVID-19 office closures.

As of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, local Social Security offices are closed to the public due to COVID-19 concerns. However, Social Security employees continue to work. Social Security will not suspend or decrease Social Security benefit payments or Supplemental Security Income payments due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Any communication you receive that says Social Security will do so is a scam, whether you receive it by letter, text, email, or phone call.

Social Security will never:

  • Threaten you with benefit suspension, arrest, or other legal action unless you pay a fine or fee.
  • Promise a benefit increase or other assistance in exchange for payment.
  • Require payment by retail gift card, cash, wire transfer, internet currency, or prepaid debit card.
  • Demand secrecy from you in handling a Social Security-related problem.
  • Send official letters or reports containing personally identifiable information via email.

If you receive a letter, text, call or email that you believe to be suspicious, about an alleged problem with your Social Security number, account, or payments, hang up or do not respond. We encourage you to report Social Security scams using our dedicated online form. Please share this information with your friends and family, to help spread awareness about Social Security scams.

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Gail S. Ennis, Inspector General for Social Security

Gail S. Ennis, Inspector General for Social Security


  1. David .

    Thanks. Will we receive a increase in SS because of the Covid-19.

    • FRANK

      that would be nice, as PRICE GOUGING is in effect here is guam, and bread jumped to $4.25 per each loaf, amoung other items too many to list

  2. AMADU L.

    i received a call yesterday 3/23/20 telephone # 718-458-1486 telling me Con Ed is coming to my house and disconnect my electricity for unpaid bill and ask me if i want to be directed to a payment center to make my payment And reply was ask ConEd to come im waiting and they hang up

  3. Ronda S.

    Yes Its Been Happening To Me Scammers Please Tell Me Where I Can Get Food Toilet Paper And Things We Need To Stay In The HOUSE. I Cant Stay Off The Toilet Been Feeling Weak. Cant Stand Cook Food Havent Eat In Days. Will We Get This Check Everyone Is Talking About. It Would Help Out Water Bill Getting Turned Off Dont Have My Co Pays For My Much Needed Mefications. My Doctor Jay Olsson Hasnt Been Paid. I Was Hit In Car Wreck He Was Not A Part Of Treatment For Car Wreck I Need To Call INSPECTOR GENERAL THE LAWYER CASHED A CHECK IN MY NAME FROM GEICO CLOSED CASE ALL MONEYS GONE.

    • Icequeen

      Rhonda you should try to find out if the bar association can help you. Attys are only allowed to take up a percentage of your settlement not the whole thing. Report that lawyer.
      Good luck.

  4. Charlie

    Thank you, for let’s us know about this new way to scamming, innocent people, specially olders or little speaking English retirees.

  5. Henry L.

    Will I get stimulus check

    • Sharon P.

      I am grateful for all that Social Security does and I sincerely appreciate every person who is still working [hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, dispensaries, etc.] to make our lives tolerable during this (preventable) time.

      If only the Pandemic Response Team hadn’t been disbanded in 2017 and the CDC defunded. Now, it’s the EPA! So, if we don’t die from rump’s disease, we’ll die from rich businesses polluting our air!!!

      I hope everyone stays safe & healthy. The only way to happiness is humility ~ NOT “pride” and caring for ALL other people.

      [The LOVE of PEACE]

      • Bob S.

        The Pandemic response team was NOT disbanded in 2017. It was moved into a different agency and renamed. You really shouldn’t listen to everything you read or hear without doing some research first. And the CDC budget was not “cut”, but increased every year under the Trump administration. Those are simply false stories circulated by anti-Trumpers. However you feel about Trump, you have to go by facts, not wishful-hating.

        • Shawn

          Trump cult is real, OBVIOUSLY! He does evil and they always lie and make excuses. Anyone can look up when and how he disband Pandemic response and cut money. Public Record smart one.

  6. Alfredo C.

    Thank you much for really , really help ! Help peopel who really really need your help ! Thank you very very much !

  7. Jimmy M.

    Thank you ?

  8. Carmen O.

    Thank you for sending us this alert. It is easy in these chaotic times to be fooled even when we know that the wretched scammers are continuously inventing new ways to bilk innocent folks of their money. Sad times!

  9. Vincent R.

    Well we receive a stimulus to

    • tony

      The stimulus is a scam. People on SSI will not receive any stimulus. Most of the people on Social Security will not receive any stimulus unless they have $2500 worth of qualifying income to file a tax return. Don’t expect a stimulus check in a few weeks unless you filed a 2018 tax return. Almost everyone on Social Security won’t get a stimulus check in a few weeks. Trump says Americans will get a check, while the Republicans say taxpayers will get a check. I guess people on Social Security aren’t Americans to Trump because we don’t pay taxes and are not getting a check in a few weeks.

      • tony

        The Republicans want to give the cruise line industries stimulus money and give the people on Social Security nothing. The cruise lines are registered offshore and pay no taxes. The majority of their employees are foreigners who don’t pay taxes to the U.S.

        • Kristina K.

          Good day to you Tony..
          I’m not sure what’s making you feel disabled or seniors or SSI benefits however, if you are in this category will and are going to be getting the same stimulus as taxpayers. I thought i I’d suggest you search news story’s such as CNN OR WNYT NEWS or Trump’s live broadcast. . They’re saying 1200 for adults and 500 per child even “even if ur on any form of SSI, SSA, SSDI”.
          SO DON’T PANIC DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS MADE SURE WE all including disabled ” SO IGNORE ALL THE WOOPLAW AROUND US THAT ARE SSI, SSDI, SSA and disabled. So rest ur stressful mind. We r all being taken care of. ‘ so just be patient and I’m sure they will start cutting checks next week. But if it’s a lil longer just know we are GOING TO GET IT

        • Deb

          I Think you need to Watch the News a bit more!!

      • None

        Posted 03/27 (today)

        A big question among individuals who are living on Social Security or other government benefits is whether they will be eligible for a relief check.

        The answer is yes, regardless of whether they are on Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, or veterans benefits.

        “They are eligible,” said Michael Zona, a spokesman for Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee that put together the legislation.

        Yes we will.

        • P E.

          Thanks for the hopeful statements. Regardless, Sen. Grassley has been one of the best during my lifetime.

          81 year old LYFT/UBER driver.

        • Leann

          I am on Social security disability and SSI and do not file taxes but do get the 1099 form they send out. I am wondering if I will receive the $500 for my 15 year old daughter also? Not sure how they will do that since she doesn’t receive a 1099. I’ve tried to call the SS office and got no answer. If anyone could answer I’d appreciate that. Thank you!

          • Anonymous

            I was on the phone today ON HOLD for 4 hours and no one picked up. Guess the SSA workers are on extended lunch or forever break.

        • tony

          People on SSI will get nothing. People on Social Security need at least $2500 worth of qualifying income. This is down from the $3000 qualifying income during the 2008 stimulus bill. You will need to file a tax return for the stimulus credit. If you don’t file a tax return,
          then you will get nothing. The IRS will probably provide an eight pages or more pamphlet on how to file the tax return to get the stimulus credit. Nobody is going to receive the checks mailed out in a few weeks unless they already filed their 2018 tax return last year. You probably weren’t listening to Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa when he said taxpayers will get a check.

          • tony

            I found an article how the Republican’s proposal on the stimulus check was changed. It is a relief not to have to file a tax return. Thank goodness the Democrats were able to change it.


          • tony

            The Republicans are going to lose this presidential election. Their base, most small business owners will not be able to qualify for the 7a SBA loan. They will lose the election like they did in 2008. The Democrats screwed over their base in 2016 making people pay for the ACA or pay a penalty. The Democrats and Republicans don’t realize how their policies affects a big percentage of their base. They have a few people benefiting while the majority are screwed. The Republicans have a few hundred small businesses benefit while millions of small businesses have suffered through the closure of their business. The Republicans are definitely going to lose this 2020 presidential election.

          • Timbo

            Once again Tony is making ignorant statements.
            Saying people on SSI will not get a check or will not get one if they don’t file a return.
            From the Senate Finance Committee Chairman…as follows
            As stated by Chuck Grassley. “Section 2201. 2020 recovery rebates for individuals All U.S. residents with adjusted gross income up to $75,000 ($150,000 married), who are not a dependent of another taxpayer and have a work eligible social security number, are eligible for the full $1,200 ($2,400 married) rebate. In addition, they are eligible for an additional $500 per child. This is true even for those who have no income, as well as those whose income comes entirely from non-taxable means-tested benefit programs, such as SSI benefits.”
            What part of that does Tony fail to understand?

        • Jesse

          These are not relief checks. They are stimulus checks so yes everyone is eligible SSDI, SSI, SSA all will receive these checks. They are not just for the employed or unenployed or people who filed taxes in 2018-2019 it is for all.

      • William E.

        If you are on SSI or ssdi and received a 1099 IRS form from 2019 you will receive a stimulas check.

        • Kat

          What if you are working and on you are on disability? You are only allowed to make $1260 a month. Will this put my monthly social security check in jeopardy?

          • retiree

            it is a economic impact payment which will not count as reportable income on tax returns

        • SuzyQ

          People on SSI don’t receive Form 1099. It states it on there website….so what do people who receive SSI do too receive the stimulus check??? Do we have too file a 2019 tax return??? Seems NOBODY knows the answer and all I get is the run around…..

          • Timbo

            See the official statement by Senator Chuck Grassley the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.
            As stated by Chuck Grassley. “Section 2201. 2020 recovery rebates for individuals All U.S. residents with adjusted gross income up to $75,000 ($150,000 married), who are not a dependent of another taxpayer and have a work eligible social security number, are eligible for the full $1,200 ($2,400 married) rebate. In addition, they are eligible for an additional $500 per child. This is true even for those who have no income, as well as those whose income comes entirely from non-taxable means-tested benefit programs, such as SSI benefits.”

          • Rodney b.

            The check will go wherever you payments from SSA gets deposited & they get the info from the SSA I hety SSI check on the direct Express card so I’m told it will go on that cuz that’s how myonthly benifit is recievef

      • Lizzy

        Tony u r the biggest a-hole in the face of the Earth. Keep your stupid Mind and Mouth to yourself.??

        • Deborah D.

          Tony is not nice.

      • Edwad

        That,s not true. people on Soc Sec ,SSDI will have their money deposited directly to their bank acct if they have direct deposit. Those who receive SSI presently will have to file a 2019 yr income tax return in order to have a check sent to them at their mailing address on their 1040. If one needs to file use H.R.Block or Turbo tax online free. Both programs will guide one through the process. One thing since those on SSI will not have a refund ,presently they will not be able to enter their direct deposit info on the form. But The treasury dept will mail a check to them.

        • Timbo

          So much ignorance. Almost all on SSI have direct deposit. Their $1,200 checks will simply go into their bank accounts like their regular monthly checks do.
          They do NOT have to file a 2019 Tax Return.
          The government does not want 10 million more tax filings.
          Good God, don’t you think they realized that would be a waste of time.

        • Rodney B.

          Sir you don’t have to file a tax return if your on SSI the IRS will get your info from the SSA hpw ever you get that check you will get the stimulus check

      • Knowles P.


      • Rod B.

        Your so full of it your on one of those pipe dreams what are you on? Go get help SSI, ss retirement, just about everyone will get a check if you qualify all you need is a social security number! Stop spreading lies people are depending on those checks be patient folks getting there money from SSA there coming !

  10. Tony

    Finally they stopped them!!!! We’re do I get live assistance so I can get my pay

    • tony

      After Congress and the President pass the stimulus bill, don’t be surprised if the scammers start calling to say you have been approved for a stimulus check and they need to verify your personal information in order to mail out a check.

      • tony

        Greedy and senile senior citizens will fall for the stimulus check when it comes out soon. They don’t know that they won’t receive a stimulus check unless the files a 2018 tax return. They wonder why they haven’t received a check yet and fall for the scam. The scammers will claim to be the IRS or Social Security Administration and needs to verify their personal information before they mail out the check.

        • Rosemary B.

          Senile, most Seniors are more alert than the young. Our brain cells aren’t dead from drugs…

          • tony

            There were a lot of baby boomers born and a greater percentage stupidity. Most of them didn’t graduate high school. Some of them don’t even know how to use the smart phone or computer.

          • tony

            The phone companies are doing a better job at identifying these scam calls. They put Scam Likely on the caller ID. If you fall for it, then you must be an idiot.

          • John

            rosemary lol well most Aren i live with a woman (not for long) that is a drug user and thinks shes normal SHhhhhhh i wont say any thing if you dont! im a vet on SSD and im cripple acording to her im kazy opps dont say a word!
            heck write if you want timberwolf5558@Gmail i dont bite im not a felon and am not out to get your goat,and i have manners!

          • Jamie

            If I receive welfare because I haven’t been able to work in past 2 years cuz of mental health will I get a stimulus check welfare pays my bills

          • David

            Go Ms Rosemary!

          • Dan S.

            Drugs? Drugs affect people of all ages expressly people who are not young. I am a recovering heroin addict and I see people of all age groups at the methadone clinic and this morning a friend who is 69 gave me a ride home so to say drugs affect only the young is not wise and by the way the elderly people raised the young. I know all sorts of people who are addicts even priest and preachers.

          • Erica L.

            Am my son payee and I want to knw will he get the cononvirus check too

          • Joyce W.

            I feel really bad for some of these negative and nasty unnecessary remarks. And I thought this tragedy would somehow make this a better, kinder world and would bring people closer together. Well, maybe there is still some hope. This is why I do not like facebook, because it is abused and filled with these nasty remarks.

          • Hugh R.

            Haha that’s funny. Exactly what generation are you in? I grew up in the tune in, turn on, and drop out gen. People who are senile or suffering from dementia should smoke weed. That way they can forget that they don’t remember.

          • Sue

            I think that’s a terrible way to talk about baby-boomers. Negative people are the worst kind of people we have now in these days.

        • Purple

          Don’t be rude! You obviously haven’t been keeping up with the news/facts. The stimulus includes Social Security recipients even ones who haven’t filed taxes because the threshold wasn’t meant. The IRS will use the 1099 data they provide SS recipients in order to issue a direct deposit from the IRS or mail you a check. Please don’t post ignorance here. We are all trying to just get by with the little we are given- don’t call us greedy for having to feed our families while living under the poverty line. Don’t post unless you post facts for sure. My information came from Katie Porter’s interview on CNN explaining how it will effect SS recipients. We are all in this together- please help one another not bring each other down. There is no need for any more division then we already have in this country. Thank you.

          • BARBARA R.

            Well said! and Thank you!!

          • Erica

            Thank you, some people are truly ignorant

          • Ricky P.

            Always gotta be some young chump stickin their chest out behind their “smart ass” phone… Get over yourself. And move outta your parents basement. We’re all in this together. Or just take a nap

          • Brian G.

            Thank you Barbara for bringing up facial points. Indeed the stimulas check can be issued to SS recipients on their 1099s. Not needed to file with the IRS. Again thank you for posting the FACTS. BG

          • EP

            God bless you ??

          • Joyal W.

            I’m on SSD filed married filing jointly tax refund went to my husband bank account…does my stimulus check get deposited to his account or my SSD Direct Express card

          • Andrea R.

            Amen! You my friend are truly one of the good guys

          • Atlanta

            Thank you!

          • Roxanne

            You are absolutely right not All us baby boomers did drugs, I’m 68 and never used drugs

          • Icequeen

            Purple, You are so correct. The ignorance is in those who talk about senility without understanding the meaning of the word. Most people with mental illness young and old have payees that manage their money and some are institutionalized because they cannot be left alone. Recipients of SS benefits are not greedy we are just barely treading water, most working all of our lives putting $$ into the system.
            Greed is not a senior/disabled trait. It is a trait of those who only care about themselves. Those who support themselves by taking most of the monies given to charities to help those in real need, thinking it’s ok do so. I could go on forever siting things i see happening everyday but i will get off my soap box now. Tony, Learn the facts before you open your mouth and put others down. Oh BTW, How old are you? Maybe it’s time you get a job and be productive instead of living in your mother’s house, probably free of charge.

          • Knowles P.

            thank you, im probably young compared to some in here, but , nobody likes a smart A**
            Hope everybody good health.
            vet, us army, Combat Medic!

          • beau

            Very well said , Purple thats what i seen aswell later ,but also, seen that we have to file taxes 18 or19 ,so im just calling ssa @ 7am . I can tell you have some real sence about yourself ! one love

          • Darryl C.

            Amen! And TY for taking the time to gice others the 411!!! D~

          • Amanda D.

            Thank you well said !!

          • Marva

            Thank you Purple
            There is no need for such rhetoric in such an issue.
            I could go on but I won’t stoop that liw.
            Thank you for the facts.I try to keep up with it all because I want to be informed,as we all should do.
            With age comes wisdom.
            Thank you again.

          • Jon S.

            Great post

          • lisa

            well said!

          • Gina

            Yes Thank you. To many people not knowing what they are even talking about. Greedy seniors have paid into ssi all there lifes. Tony what have you paid in. I will pray for you.

          • Ma

            Thank u for the answer.Have a disabled brother on sis and does not file taxes..Was wondering if he will get money?

          • Deborah D.

            Thank you for your thoughtful and informative post.
            Deborah Ann Dauray

          • Fran

            Actually, the information reported as of 03/31/2020 is for SS, SSDI, and SSI, as well as those not making enough to file income tax…is that the IRS is going to (some time in the near future) set up a portal on the IRS website to allow people to register. Don’t think that just because you get SS Benefits direct deposited, that you’ll automatically get the stimulus. I can’t find 1 expert to answer this question with 100% certainty.

          • Reata

            Well said.. I’m on ssa and I have a 12yr child. But I was claimed as a dependent on someone else taxes do I qualify for the stimulus check?

          • Ann C.

            Thanks for your question, Reata. The Department of the Treasury will soon provide information about economic impact payments under the recently enacted law, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act. Treasury, not Social Security, will be making direct payments to eligible people. Please do not contact Social Security about these payments as the agency does not have information to share. Instead, for the latest information, please visit We hope this information is helpful.

          • Nishav

            So will people on SSI receive a stimulus check or just social security retirement

          • Lori W.

            Very informative thank you. Finally a straight answer. Thank you purple!

          • Rick

            As of 12pm 4/1 today those on SS who have NOT filed a tax return are going to be required to file a simple return to get the $1200 stimulus check unless the IRS and SS work together to override the current way the funds will be delivered so not sure Katie from CNN had the correct info. Check the IRS site for updates they are posting info there.

          • Mary

            Well said, thank you

          • Dee

            Purple, THANK YOU!!

          • Terrie P.

            Why do people have to be rude to one another?

        • Bill

          tony = troll

          • tony

            I have a friend who is going to lay off her employees for 4 months so her employees can collect the extra $600/week unemployment. They don’t even make $400/week working. She will hire them back in 4 months. If the local government lets her opens up her non-essential business, then she will just hire temps for the remainder of the 4 months.

        • Dad

          Wouldn’t it be lovely if SSA added the ability to report posts with abusive activity? Shame on you TONY for talking about our senior citizens like that! The only mistake your elders made was allowing you to be born.

          • tony

            Blame it on the Republicans. They don’t believe in abortion.

          • Tammy

            I agree. Extremely rude, heartless, disrespectful and ignorant. Would you speak about your grandparents in such a way? Seniors and those who are disabled on SS WILL receive the stimulus deposits or checks. The amount will differ depending if they make between $75000-99,000. Otherwise, they Will get the $1200.

        • Renee

          Just to make things a little more accurate; regarding us Baby Boomers. Most of us, not only graduated from high school, but our generation is the first to have a majority of our generation, also attend college. We are not senile, and are much more able bodied at 65, than our parents and grandparents were. Most of us own smart phones, are able to navigate the internet, and know how to fix glitches that occur in out electronic devices. I, personally, at the age of 72, still do my own auto tune ups, as well as most repairs that don’t require getting under the car. Things like; replacing the trans-co, blower motor, replacing spark plug gaskets and the upper motor cover gasket, just to name a few. I’ve kept my 1992 Honda Accord Wagon running, for the 16 years I’ve owned it! If it wasn’t for being quite rusted, from 28 winters of road salt, I could keep it road worthy another 16 years! I have accomplished, and will continue to accomplish many other things, as well, in my 72 years on this earth. So Tony, if I were you, I’d be more careful about making disparaging remarks about senior citizens, especially considering the number who hold high political ranks, within all branches of our government! I find it a little sad, that you have so little respect for your elders, who worked to bring this country, with it’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, like robotics and computerized mechanization of assembly line equipment, while you were still in diapers! Just one more thought, Edison, Einstein, Marie Curie, Nikola, Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, Alan Turing, Jonas Salk, Stephen Hawking and Francis Collins were all great people, many of my generation, who made great contributions, in their senior years. Do you know what each of them is famous for?

          • tony

            Not everyone is like that. The majority are senile senior citizens and this is why the SSA has to warn them of scams.

          • Roxanne

            Yes how about the fact that most of us baby boomers know how to make change in our heads faster than most of this generation can on a calculator, please this is what we have to look forward to this generation being confused if the power goes out, I’m not saying ALL but a good portion of today’s generation can not take care of themselves or their families ? without electronics. So please be kind to the older people who got you to where you are,but the parents of today again not All, teach nothing of respect for your elders….BE Kind and always use Manor’s when speaking to us and in public… THANK YOU!!!!!

          • Karen

            You go, Girl! Proud of you!

        • Tracey

          Seniors DO NOT have to file income tax returns. Stop lying to them! Social security and those who retire early do to disability SSDI recieve a form yearly called FORM SSA-1099 if they recieve that form the stimulus will be sent automatically to their bank accounts on file if they recieve it by check the stimulus will come by check to same address. Elderly are no more greedy than the younger selfish individuals. Many elderly give the last dime they have to help others.

          • Icequeen

            Kudos for your comment. Thank you for saying so.

        • Stefanie

          Your info is not correct!! IF they receive a 1099 benefit statement every year from Social Security THEN THEY WILL GET STIMULUS CHECK!!

        • Marva

          If you collect Social Security benefits,you will receive a stimulus check,via direct deposit,if it’s already set up.

          • Milton

            How will seniors know when the check is deposited?

          • Collin

            I get conflicting answers to this. I am 39 and am on disability. Will I get it? I have direct deposit

          • Ann C.

            Hi, Collin. The Department of the Treasury will soon provide information about economic impact payments under the recently enacted law, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act. Treasury, not Social Security, will be making direct payments to eligible people. Please do not contact Social Security about these payments as the agency does not have information to share. Instead, for the latest information, please visit We hope this helps.

        • Larry

          You do NOT get a check unless you have paid 2018 0R 2019 taxes. You also do not get a check if you already are receiving social security payments that are at least $1200 if you are single and $1400 if you are married. If you have never paid into social security, you will not get a check. Most seniors will not be eligible for these checks.

          • Tammy

            Larry, you dont have facts correct whatsoever. Seniors were much harder workers and had better work ethic than almost all of the younger generations. Of course , the majority of seniors paid their share of taxes. SSI recipients WILL get the stimulus check and do not have to file taxes unless they make over a certain amount, fool. Wth is wrong with you disrespectful jerks? People like you guys are what’s wrong with society. You think you know it all when you dont know squat, are so full of anger, and extremely disrespectful. Were you guys not taught to respect your elders?

          • Matt

            Larry, there isn’t one true statement in your entire post! WHY would you write that when you clearly didn’t get that info off of an accurate and legitimate Government site?! If you go on the official IRS, Treasury or Social Security .gov websites right now, all will clearly tell you that not only will all SSDI and SSI beneficiaries receive benefits regardless of whether or not they filed taxes the last 2 years but even those who weren’t employed and received no other forms of income over the last 2 year’s will also receive the stimulus! I don’t know why you would think that those receiving more than $1200/month in S.S. benefits wouldn’t be eligible, that doesn’t make any sense when employees making 70 grand a year are eligable?! $1200 vs $70,000? Hmm…Also, the Government has stated that citizens who haven’t filed taxes in 2 year’s will receive a check, they just will have to file a “Simple Tax Return” on a site that is currently being developed as we speak & will be ready in about a week or so to ensure they receive it. Currently, the only confusion relates to the question of whether or not SSDI/SSI beneficiaries can automatically expect to receive their stimulus as long as they receive the standard 1099 Tax form that the IRS sends all Social Security Beneficiaries every year the same way working people receive W2’s every year or if they too will have to file a “Simple Tax Return” to ensure they receive their stimulus check, given that most S.S. beneficiaries never file taxes because most receive “non-taxable” income.

          • Suzy

            Everyone on SSI and SSID wIll get a one time $1200 check the end of April, automatically!! Those ones that have defendants 16 or younger will have to go to IRS. Gov and fill in info about dependents. My question is do adults that haven’t worked in years mooching of of everyone haven’t filed in many years get a check?

        • Kirk

          Re: Tony, you moron. Im a senior and i’m not senile, its you youngin’s whom are naive to believe that, first off read this simple 2nd grade reading social security does not make call’s to people who get benefit, the only time there’s a call its because we made an appointment call back on a time schedule, ,, of course you wouldn’t have known that your not old yet, to be there,, the way i see it,, is you don’t know squat yet, ok.

        • jimmy

          We are not as stupid as you might think, your disgusting.

        • Dylan B.

          You aren’t very bright because those that receive ssi don’t file taxes..

        • Sue

          Tony, shame on you. Maybe you’ll live long enough to be a “senior’, and if you’re lucky, you won’t be called names & be resented by younger ppl. Those older than you have paved a better way for you to move ahead in life, but it looks like you’re too bitter to admit it. Good luck in aging well… respect your elders without acting like a little baby, your words will come back to bite you.

        • Rosey

          What an idiot. No tax return needed. It will come with the SSI checks we worked for our entire life.

        • Cheri

          If anybody is senile, it is you! Why do you
          even want make a statement like that?

        • Dee

          Greedy abd senile seniors really?. Furst of all you shoukd get yoyr facts straight. Not all seniors are not required to file due to various reasons one mainly incone level but tgey are still and will be entitled ti check. I wonder how old you are to maje such an insebsitive jydgenebt. Shane on you at a tine lijke this!!

        • Rose B.

          Being a Senior is a Blessings and we have earned with is entitled to us. We are educated, and should be respected. Many folks arent Blessed to live the ages that we are.

        • ANH M.

          I’m receiving SS benefit but still working as a realtor ( self employed ) that yearly income is 112000. Due to COVID19 , I cant list houses for sale & cannot guide customers to buy. Could I apply for UNEMPLOYED relief of $600.00/week ?

        • Kimberly

          Guess this is old and from a misinformed person what’s worst an arrogant misinformed young person or this so called greedy brain deprived old person? My guess it’s you.

      • Howard H.

        So to the people on SSI do we get a stimulus check

        • Melisa

          No were the only ones who will not receive a stimulas check. We have to figure out how to get by with what we have

        • jason k.

          Yes, you will….the Democrats fought at the last minute and got SSI in the final bill

          • LENORE

            Does anyone know if SSI will deduct the amount of the $1200 check from monthly checks like they do for money you receive from other sources ?

          • Shawna

            Are you sure? The last I heard SS and SSDI would receive the stimulus check, but not SSI recipients.

        • Ma

          Thank u for the answer.Have a disabled brother on sis and does not file taxes..Was wondering if he will get money?

          • Joshua

            Do not allow the lies. You WILL get a check

        • Rose B.

          I believe that it was approved for us to receive the stimulus check starting in May. You don’t have do anything, it should be sent to you automatically.

      • bonda

        hi, my hubby and i are both on ssi disability. we dont pay taxes. so when will we get our stimulus check?

    • Ricky P.

      Always gotta be some young chump stickin their chest out behind their “smart ass” phone… Get over yourself. And move outta your parents basement. We’re all in this together. Or just take a nap

      • tony

        I own my own house. Uncle Sam is paying for it. Mom doesn’t have to pay for nothing.

        • GERALD P.

          You are a rude and disrespectful punk. Without the seniors we wouldn’t have a country. It won’t be long and you will be a senior yourself. I wonder if the younger ones will ridicule you then? Pathetic.

        • Danny

          that’s the problem uncle Sam aint paying shit where the he’ll do you think that money comes from I’m a boomer now on disability and I have paid uncle Sam’s bullshit for 30 + years. So who’s paying for your house. While I’m struggling to make ends meet your setting back playing your dam video games.( Worthless)

        • Bobby

          So you are a lazy useless piece talking about others and letting as you put it Uncle Sam pay for your home your sick

        • Bobby J.

          So you are a lazy useless piece talking about others and letting as you put it Uncle Sam pay for your home your sick

    • Rose J.

      Will people receiving SSI SSA benefits will they be receiving a stimulus check as well

    • R.C.

      I’m a 62-year-old disabled widow woman in Conroe, TX that is going around with our local office. I have worked part-time and made $5.00 over the amount but turned in my prescriptions receipts. Which absorbed the overage. They pulled my check and I received a bill from Medicare for $578.40. Who do you talk to resolve this kind crazy-making during a pandemic? I was told by one rep that I had to fax material when I had emailed paperwork 3/18/20. I was told that the IRS reports my monthly income to the Social Security Office which is wrong on my BPQY.
      Conroe Texas Social Security Office needs investigating!

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