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How We Serve People Who Have Limited English Proficiency

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Mother and young child sitting at a desk with a laptopWe have resources in many languages to help people with limited English proficiency (LEP). By addressing language and other barriers, we can help more people access Social Security programs, services, and benefits.

Our free interpreter services are available to people who prefer to conduct business in a language other than English. We offer interpreters in more than 200 languages to help customers communicate and understand important information. Customers can obtain these services by calling our toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213 or by visiting a local office and asking for an interpreter.

Our website provides online resources in Spanish including information on retirement benefits, disability benefits, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments.

We offer the instructions for applying for a Social Security Number card in 17 languages (including English and Spanish). Applicants can use the new instructional guides to complete the official SS-5 English form.

We offer many of our publications in languages other than English. Please check out Social Security Information in Other Languages page to view these resources, which include:

  • Social Security Numbers for Non-Citizens.
  • Understanding the Benefits.
  • A sample Social Security Statement and 10 supplemental fact sheets.

We strive to improve our customer service and provide helpful information to everyone. You can learn more about our commitment to increase access to benefits and services for LEP customers in our Language Access Plan.

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  1. Susan D.

    Overpayments are being pursued by Individuals claiming to be with the social security administration and are threatening individuals, companies, employers not to hire or do business with the Individuals the social security administration is pursuing with the alleged secretive debt they’re not suppose to know exists. The social security administration debt collectors tell neighbors, family, acquaintances and anyone their targeted Individual comes across, that they’re intentionally causing poverty because the individual is in a POVERTY PROGRAM which belongs to the SSA. They laugh and smile about the oppression and despair they are causing. They tell people that the Individual has “debt” that they are “not suppose to know about” and the community tells them, then why are y’all after them? If they are not allowed to work or know that a debt exist? And they simply smile and mention all the money theyre making while the government is WASTING money.


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