Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Sign 2015


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  1. On this occasion I want to thank all of you involved in SSA.
    You have been kind and helpful to us who receive payment every month. May God bless you all and bless USA in every way. Praises be to God Who provides all good life.


      i give thanks today for this EARTH SHAKING NEWS!

      i had my husband’s brain autopsied recently. he passed away 11.13.14; and here are the results!!

      i’m widow of JACK, who has made WORLDWIDE HISTORY 11.22.15 OF BEING 1ST PERSON DIAGNOSED WITH BOTH: ***************************************


      NEVER diagnosed with either; had a PARKINSONS diagnosis and EARLY dementia.

      drs. REFUSED to discuss BORRELIA to diagnose or treat it even in his final years of life!

      i’ll BE-AUTHOR with 1st name billing on the scientific medical article to be PUBLISHED in medical journals!!

      i’ll start my work compiling his MEDICAL HISTORY of vital info to go along with the exception blood slides they were able to create to determine these diagnosis!!

      HALLELEUAH for decided BORRELIA/lyme pathologists only 2 in USA:



      bettyg, iowa activist of:

      borrelia/lyme/19 CO-INFECTIONS;
      lewy body dementia,
      diabetes, heart, and

      colon, liver, heart, bone,
      LUNG…jack died of LUNG cancer 2 nights after his dx with lung/LIVER cancer

      hugs/prayers all ~~~~

  2. Happy Holiday to all and not just locally but all:

    Eating during bankers hours,
    during the time others are sawing wood
    and the termites are eating it,
    hunger is first things first. Not sex.

    Not shelter. You live, learn and still
    and all we knock on wood because
    you’re never too young to step up to the plate
    , but you have to prioritize especially
    if you are a vegetarian as big as a reindeer.

    From the get-go when you are beating
    the tom-tom for dinner you don’t shilly-shally
    or you’re so full of beans
    (though it’s no skin off your teeth).

    As for freeloaders with time passing
    for anyone who knows his onions
    those layabouts will soon learn
    a new rite of passagewhen they are
    deader than a doornail. OK,

    plants eat animals, animals
    eat plants and other animals, but do
    plants eat other plants? (fungi, plants?)
    Jeez louise, you say, it’s screwey louie

    as far as the eye can see. But all
    you really need to know
    is that time-flies enter the ointment:
    because if it isn’t omnivory or carnivory,
    it’s herbivory, and a herd of hippos.

    © Edward Mycue

  3. Me { Mohammed Abdul Mannan } and My Wife
    Rizwana Mannan Offer Our Sincere Thanks For
    Sending Us The Happy Thanksgiving to us.
    We are Very Much Grateful to You to be Very
    Prompt in Sending to US Our Social Security
    and SSI Payments On Time. We Offer You Our
    Sincere Thanks for The Same. Thanks , for Your
    Co-operation in all the Aspects You Are Taking
    For Us. Happy Thanksgiving from Both of Us.
    Pls Note the email address of My Wife Rizwana
    Mannan : .

    Wish You All The Best From Both Of Us.

  4. Thanks so much for caring about the disabilities of others and caring so much for wounded people. If we did not have SSI or SSDI or SSA we would all be hurting Americans.
    Thanks for caring so much about what happens to us.

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