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Inspector General Warns Public about Phone Calls from OIG “Imposters”

March 6, 2017 • By

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Last Updated: August 19, 2021

woman looking at cell phone The Acting Inspector General of Social Security, Gale Stallworth Stone, is warning citizens about a nationwide telephone “imposter phishing” scheme. The Social Security Administration (SSA) and its Office of the Inspector General (OIG) have received several reports from citizens across the country about persons receiving phone calls from individuals posing as OIG investigators. The caller indicates an issue exists pertaining to the person’s Social Security account or Social Security number (SSN) and directs the person call a non-SSA telephone number to address the issue.

The reports indicate the calls include a recording from a caller stating she is “Nancy Jones,” an “officer with the Inspector General of Social Security.” The recording goes on to say the person’s Social Security account, SSN, and/or benefits are suspended, and that he or she should call 806-680-2373 to resolve the issue. Citizens should be aware that the scheme’s details may vary; however, citizens should avoid calling the number provided, as the unknown caller might attempt to acquire personal information.

OIG investigators occasionally contact citizens by telephone for investigative purposes, but they will not request sensitive personal information from a citizen over the phone. If a person receives a similar suspicious call from someone alleging to be from the OIG, citizens may report that information to the OIG at 1-800-269-0271 or online via

Acting Inspector General Stone said, “This phishing scheme is targeting unsuspecting persons for the purpose of Social Security benefit theft or identity theft.” She warns citizens to be cautious, and to avoid providing personal information such as your SSN or bank account numbers to unknown persons over the phone or internet unless you are certain of who is receiving it. “You must be very confident that the source is the correct business party, and that your information will be secure after you release it,” Stone said.

If a person has questions about any communication—email, letter, text or phone call—that claims to be from SSA or the OIG, please contact your local Social Security office, or call Social Security’s toll-free customer service number at 1-800-772-1213, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, to verify its legitimacy. (Those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can call Social Security’s TTY number at 1-800-325-0778.)

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Andrew Cannarsa, OIG Communications Director

Andrew Cannarsa, OIG Communications Director


  1. Theresa G.

    Got a call from scammer posing as social security agent 1-713-324-6563 from Houston TX on 2/28/20

  2. Jason C.

    My name is Jason I just got a fraudulent call from 1-202-839-5834

  3. Brian

    1-866-386-7022 called claiming to be SS, scammers everywhere! Stop these idiots…..

  4. Karen M.

    Ive received several calls from Social Security in the last few days telling me (they never say my name or any name) telling me that ” fraudulent activity in South Texas is taking place on my SS number”…”press 1 to talk to an agent” … i hang up immediately. Annoying to say the least. Im assuming if there was a problem that i would be contacted by mail, so I’ll continue to hang up!

    • Brian

      I had the same claim call today, hung up and called them back only to hear some foreigner answer and not claiming to be SS, bunch of scammers out there. They called from 1-866-386-7022.

  5. Lake A.

    On Tuesday Feb.25,2020 10:38 A.M. A call from 469-676-5579 U.S.Marshal John Martin stating a Federal Warrant was issued for a Homocide in South Texas and that a dark blue nissan was registered to Lake Arnett Key and that several bank accounts,ten laundering properties had been purchased.He stated that an investigation has been going on since November of 2019. I told him that was funny ,because usually the Fed’s would showup without warning.He then stated that an Inmate number was issued with DC 4010. i stated you have the wrong,he wanted to know if i had ever been to south Texas,and he was told last a hispanic Mortuary Service to pickup a decease. Agent Martin went on to say that he found out as we were talking that i was an upright citizen and that he would go to the court house to clear things up. I told him that would not be neccesary that i would volunteer to go because there was nothing to hide. He then ask me to hold on while he placed his supervisor on the phone.while waiting i could hear other people in the background talking to other people about being under investigation. these conversations were strong. At this time Mike Wilson as he called himself and introduced as being a Social Security Investigator stated that he saw that i had a great deal of credit cards and wanted to know about them and that he needed to get the names and amount on each one and balance. He wanted to know if there was a Wal-mart close by. I ask for his ID and immediately he emailed it. I had $693.17 in checking went the Red River Employee Federal Credit Union and withdrew $ 680.00 and then to Wal-mart to purchase two Wal-mart gift cards like as a dummy and gave him the information. I was caught off guard because of not feeling well. He then told me to go to the Home-Depot and purchase nine five hundred dollar gift card but Home-Depot decline and the manager told me as she was placed on hold that there was a scam going on .As i return to the truck investigator Wilson as he called himself got ugly and stated Federal Agents would be at my home.He tried to talk me into going to Dillard’s and J.C.Penny and I told him to do what he had to.That 302-313-2876 showed Lewes,De. After getting home that number appeared to be showing it bing from a tower in Lewes,De,and that 469-676-5579 showed Addison,Texas.Now on this ID card it shows the Address 1029 Camino La Costa Austin,Texas. all of this information is correct,because i personally checked it. Also several 911 calls were made to my phone while in The Home Depot trying to rush to see if i had the cards, I once again spoke with Sr.investigator Mike Wilson and advised him that i knew i had been taken and that the ID card was boguish. I have the ID cards available for view.

  6. V B.

    I received a phone call that said I had a fraud usage on my SS#. the phone number was: 1-888-302-2305. The date today is 02/26/2020.

  7. lisa w.

    recorded message from 202-931-4815 stating there was a legal matter involving my social security number and I should call that number back to resolve it before I get arrested. PS they were calling a business phone.

  8. John

    Received a call claiming to be Whitmore Vance and Associates in Ontario, CA. I continually pressed them for their physical address and state business registration number and they eventually just hung up on me and disconnected the number. Definitely a scam using information from some data breach to phish for more information. If they re-connect this line and call you, don’t give them any information – just try to verify their office physical address and state business registration number.

  9. Diane L.

    Voice recording saying to immediately call Social Security office. Knowing it was a scam, I called back and an Indian sounding guy answered, “social security, can I help you?” Told him I was reporting his # as a scam, I hung up. Number they are using is 917-289-1297.

  10. Terry L.

    On 2-24/20 we recieved a rash of calls from imposters of the Social Security Administration. They came from differfent numbers:
    346.226.7972 multiple calls
    904.639.4937 multiple calls
    657.239.4272 multiple calls

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