8 thoughts on “Financial Literacy Month, A Perfect Time to Plan for Your Future

  1. Financial Literacy Month is a great time to remind people that Social Security is the greatest anti-poverty social insurance program in the history of our country.
    It provides disability benefits for workers who can no longer work because of health benefits.
    It provides survivor benefits for the family of a worker who dies.
    And, if nothing untoward occurs during a workers period of employment it pays a guaranteed benefit for a lifetime of .retirement.
    Americans love their Social Security and rightly so.

    • Hear, hear. Great to hear someone else who recognizes and appreciates this valuable program. Additionally, it’s extremely cost-effective; administrative costs account for only 1% of SSAs budget, everything else goes straight to benefits. Further, the program is SELF FUNDED, meaning Social Security does not and never has added one penny to the national debt nor does it come out of the US Treasury. Social Security is NOT an entitlement program nor “welfare,” it is 100% paid for by workers and employers. Finally, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is also NOT an entitlement nor welfare, but a partial payment of the retirement benefit the worker would have received at age 65 anyway, just paid out if the worker is totally and permanently disabled to the point where s/he cannot and will not be able to work at any job again due to unforeseen illness or injury. Just to clarify some of the many misconceptions a lot of people seem to have about Social Security. It’s the longest running, most successful and cost effective program the US government has ever achieved. We should be grateful and proud instead of complaining and knocking it because of false information and beliefs spread about the program. Thank you for the great work, SSA.

  2. my social security accounts are hard to get back into after they are set up,even when you write username and password down and are sure they are correct.

  3. If your department ssa ,pay my benefits after 04/01/2019 by deposit direct transfer to my account holding bangkok bank in new york brand by IAT systems and Thank for assistance my case retirement plan.gov!

  4. I am searching to find the Dept on line that can help me check out different Dental coverages, as our previous Agent, Washington Dental is no longer available.

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