Disability Insurance (DI) Facts

Social Security disability payments are modest, but they keep some families financially afloat.

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    • Yeah, right. I was an attorney in a large law firm, one year from being nominated partner, when I was stricken with a horrible, incurable disease that ended my career and rendered me unable even to sit upright for more than 3 hours a day- not all at once, either. After waiting nearly two years for a determination, my 401(k) was gone because I wanted to be “honorable” and pay my bills; I lost my house, and was finally forced to file for bankruptcy. Then I was awarded $1698 per month SSDI.

      Considering that the average rent nationwide tops $1000 per month, I find it difficult to believe anyone could save enough on Social Security disability payments to “open a restaurant.” You are either making this up or you do not have all the facts about your neighbors’ situation. The charitable view would be to go with the latter, though I have my doubts whether you were being charitable, or anything else but negative and deliberately inflammatory.

      Oh, and by the way, because my EARNED benefit is so “generous,” I do not qualify for any other government assistance; not food, housing, or medical. I had to go without medical care for two years until I qualified for another EARNED benefit, Medicare – which is NOT an “entitlement” program, as I pay monthly premiums, yearly deductibles, and 20% co-insurance for medical care, in addition of having to buy a separate plan for prescriptions, which has another monthly premium, yearly deductible, and co-pays, all of which I am responsible for, all paid out of my frozen-in-place-till-death amount of SSDI. (The last time there was a COLA I saw a $12 a month increase in my benefit.) No vision or dental coverage comes with Medicare either, so that’s all out of pocket too.

      Reality check here. Try checking out the facts before spewing garbage you “hear” – unless, again, you’re just trolling to hurl out inflammatory garbage you know to be false.

      • Marc. Make sure you are Maximizing your allowable medical deductions and you may be able to bring down your countable income to qualify for Food Stamp, Housing and Medicaid benefits. A knowledgeable elder law attorney may be able to help qualify you or disability rights advocate group.You are obviously bright- there are written regulations you can look up which state what the allowable medical deductions are per benefit category. . But yes, your points are all well taken. Too little in SSDI benefits to adequately live on and too low of income required to qualify for other necessary benefits.
        May God Bless you and help us all. The boomers are retiring with very little savings as well. What is to become of the disabled and elderly in this country? I am praying for your provision.

        • Notez que l’article a été corrigé depuis sa sortie initiale (je l’ai bookmarké quand il est sorti mais je ne l’ai lu quu;;217#aujo&rd&#82178hui avant de le mettre dans la synthèse donc je ne sais pas ce qui a été changé).

      • My God Marc,I feel like I just read my story.Everything word for word.I will be homeless on Jan.10th. I went from $63k-/yr to$18k/yr.I have lost my teeth due to my illness. Forget dental work. I actually had 1 idiot quote me a price of $48,000. I went to pick up a prescription that was$895.for 30 pills and I just walked away in tears. I “make” too much money for medical assistance and they take $130. a month for Medicare which covers zip.

        • I’m a disabled, formerly practitioner in Pulmonary Medicine, being for I was
          a PA-C; L-RCP (I.e., Physician Assistant-Certified; Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner -Pulmonologist-Intensivist
          (Critical Care Medicine). And all of this sounds and looks to be, on paper, or P.O. (I.e., by 👄 mouth!), mucho, mucho than more impressively and for inasmuch, ¡WOW! And in it’s the all for as much, this silliness and fluff n’ puffs-stuffs if but is (really, it ¡isn’t!) for what’s really going on, ¡really!! This, in reality, even at it’s least of all in all ¡this! Nor, it’s for but rather inasmuch, to doings of this their’s a ¡cockadoodledos! And, is this ¡over! This, for the heyday and ¿about?(Sorry, one becomes a bit on the DAFFY the DAFT it’s are the sides of things, to oneself being a Social Security Disability Retirements ¡POPPERS! And that much ‘IS’ impressively for the ‘TRUTHS OF ¡TRUE!’ AND THIS, FOR ALL THE ‘CERTAINTY,’ IS THROUGH AND ¡THROUGH! (Ok, I’m alright, not. I mean, ¡NOW!

          I should feel fortunately, blessedly graced with my $1530.00 per month lifetimes benefit of Social Security Retirement Income. However, admittedly for the true, I don’t always, or I ‘DO’ as feeling that way to so, this really is a ¡TRUE! Because, is a that of some rather unavoidable things circumstances, (Because, I’m and so just in is such a so much 🍀 for the LUCKYS ONES the fella, considering this: For, I must pay a 100% penalty for my Part B, and a monthly premiums for the governments receiving of my given smaller stipend of which theirs is ¡$244.00! Then, my Part D Rx Plans Coverage, up from 27.50, to 39.90 this calendar years ¡2017! No penalties for Part D, because I had the requirements of having their’s “credible coverage.” The rules are differentiated, this and it’s by theirs to for ‘Lettered Parts!’ Truest statement. I begged for a reprieve, to even my begging forgiveness of the lifetimes100% Part B ¡premium! And with this, of a 0.3% COLA this year, minus the jacked up premiums deductions for Parts B & D, I’ve a net losses, to my disposable for an income= -$24.00. Nice. And don’t forget, now that the Deductibles went up for each, ¡too! Oh, and my rent also has been increased by $50.00 per month. Electricity rates went up. And my car Insurance, increased by $6.00. This, for as much some arbitrarily, is a unknown reasonings for any the why’s ‘¡¿TOFU?!’ And I’ve some very serious medical issues and problems. My CKF has taken a suddenness of downturns, going to Stage 4 from Stage 2. (Out of the 5 stages equates to with either, iether, or, and if is it choices between Hemodialysis. Or, perhaps, you could-should-would, is choosing palitive care and saying “good bye 👋 old cruel ¡world! 🌎 And I’m now, officially, indeed, but as for a full fledglings is a ¡Diabetic! That’s nice, too. No Rx necessary for Tx and managing blood glucose, ‘¡YETI!’ Having six physicians, one psychologist, and a DME Company, to which are theirs is a den of ‘¡thieves! And actually, I’m really not kidding about that one, ¡either! And it’s all because of is their’s truest and to which Social Security denies me anything is others ‘HELPS’ because, they have me for 🐝 bee-Ing ineligibility for receiving extra anythings more for I have abilities and their’s receiving due to the facts matters to my highest is a for payments to my receiving them as I do. It’s not the net disposable income they use, to determining if you can receiving any wise ways to a helps, this is the and If for me, isn’t I will likely never be at the bottoms levels ¡POPPERSHOODS! Nor, ever receiving of helps, or not for anything is for a kinds. And of which would qualifies as for such as a sorts things eligibility requirements receiving things such as EBT food benefits, extra help for Rx, including the drug companies programs, too. ¿Medicaid? Nope. Meals on ¿Wheels? Uh-uh. How about… WE SAID NO NOTHIN’ -“NO SOUP FOR ¡YOU!

      • I feel you, although at 35yrs old my welding shop moved to India,I enrolled in school,during school and started roofing, (a full day) 1 day after school I fell 50ft off this roof landing on concrete,blah blah 6mos later I came home and got my wife to file for SSD 2 hard years later with raising 3 boys was approved for SSD yes I pay for Medicare & Medicade and receive $695.00 monthly I’m very thankful but very disappointed in myself. We are living way under poverty, and physical an mental pain is the norm. But I’m blessed to be alive You can never give up we must still strive for getting back to our best,we can’t expect our country to give us what we want be content and appreciate where we live. I’ve blamed this government for too long when only I can change my and my family’s life. God bless America! My oldest son starts college this fall a real college I know I should have died,and knew why I was spared. Only one who can change your life is you. Starting over sucks but only makes you stronger. God Bless

    • Doesn’t work that way. If you’re on disability, and able to work at all, there’s a formula by which the benefits you receive are cut based on your earnings. If one is able to earn enough, disability benefits are phased out.

    • That is preposterous! Both my husband and I are disabled and we are SINKING! Losing our home — I became permanently disabled with more than one disability that affects my entire body and it’s not something that will “get better”. It happened in my early 40’s. I HATE that I lost my ability to work with my husband being in the same boat. We hardly have any disability (money that we EARNED), but SSA (and SSDI) is a joke! They don’t care about their disabled workers (and my disability didn’t happen on the job, yet it is STILL something I can do nothing about!). There is NO way your neighbors “made enough money while on disability that they bought a restaurant” — you are a fool to believe such stories. IF they had money to “buy a restaurant” on disability, then you can bet they got their money from somewhere else! or someONE else! Sure as hell didn’t get it from disability!

      • Not to be cruel to you but I have heard and seen many married couples get divorced so they could keep there homes.They did this to get two checks instead of just one and even tho marriage is a piece of paper to many people,what needs to be looked at is keeping your home and other things that you need to keep.Getting divorced will give you double your income.You can look it up to see what your payments will be.I know Soc.Sec. pays one payment for people to stay married which is $250.maybe Im wrong but you can get more getting separate checks.Think whats good for you and your family,Good Luck and Hang in there I know life is tougher than what most people think…

        • False again. Getting divorced to reduce assets was a strategy used when one spouse needed to go into a nursing home but had too many assets to qualify for MEDICAID to pay for the nursing home. Joint assets count & it wasn’t fair for the elderly husband, say, to lose his home just so the sick wife would be able to go into a horrible Medicaid nursing facility. I suggest you go tour one, by the way. Social Security Disability (and SS retirement) are never, ever paid jointly to couples. Every single individual has his or her own account. Spousal benefits arent “double;” you each get your own benefit. Widows/widower can get the higher of the two BUT NOBODY EVER gets both. Plus, you’re talking about two completely different things. Social Security isn’t based on your income or assets, it’s EARNED. Medicaid, what you’re unknowingly referring to, is for the very poor. Read this website for the FACTS before spewing false complaints.

    • sorry to be so blunt , but you have to be a republican fascist , that spreads misinformation for pay or fun. either way , we are so sick of your kind of so called American !

    • Bull crap!
      Ignorant comments like yours piss me off. You oviciously do not know what you are talking about! The amount people receive each month, which, by the way, most people pay into the trust fund, is not huge. I’m grateful for what I get, but it’s not easy. Without SSDI and Medicare, I’d be dead.
      I highly suggest you educate yourself.

  1. What is the process by SSA for determining if someone is truly disabled and should be receiving benefits? I am not heartless, I think people in need deserve them, but what about people scamming an already bankrupt system.

    • Google it. Simply go to the Social Security website, and you can find the details there. Aside from the fact that Social Security is not going bankrupt, one must have medical confirmation — not only of a disability, but of one that is so severe as to make gainful employment impossible. Cases are all periodically reviewed, and one must provide medical confirmation of disability. In short, there is virtually no way to “scam the system.”

    • Believe the amount of scam is worth chucking the whole program. What a self serving and uncaring thought. If it’s bankrupt it’s because the gatekeepers left the gate unlocked and looked the other way. Yes you are heartless and selfish

  2. My husband was shot in the face almost 3 years while working at a pheasant club. Owner did not have workmans comp. Husband is now blind. We applied for SS Disability a little over a year ago, denied 3 times and hired an attorney 4 months ago and still nothing. Hard to make ends meet and even harder to see the abuse of the system when those who are truly disabled cant get a dime.

    • Amen, to that ! Especially good people like yourself and I. Have had 6 surgeries on back and 4 knee replacements, still, on Disability but cannot make ends meet. Oh by the way, am 58 yrs. Old. Have worked since I was 16, still only get 1,048.00 a month.. Thanks!!

    • People who are blind are automatically approved. If he was denied it would have been for non medical reasons, such as work history. Hiring an attorney won’t change anything.

      • Je connaissais le Correcteur typographe de L.-E. Brossard, en deux tomes (et disponible sur Gallica), mais celui-ci m’était inconnu et je n’en trouve la référence précise nulle part… Où l&asquo;rvez-vous donc déniché ?…

    • What sort of attorney did you hire? Find a good one that specializes in disability cases only. Midwest Disability comes to mind. There are many out there.

    • We are sorry to hear your husband’s application for disability benefits did not go the way you had hoped and we are sorry to hear about his condition. The length of time it takes to get a decision on a disability claim can vary depending on several factors. We attempt to resolve all claims promptly, but there may be delays due to the volume of pending appeals in your area. We hope your husband receives a decision on his case soon.

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  3. I would like to know if there is an anonymous hotline number that we could call to have someone collecting DI who only appears disabled when she needs to be. It is a disgrace to know that this very capable person could be earning a paycheck like the rest of us. And then you have a person who was paralyzed in a car accident to no fault of his own does not qualify.

  4. Wow that is a lot of disabled for a first world country ab 3%. Also its 12 .21 kids to 1 spouse weird something is fishy looks like one worker has way more kids then spouses I smell a fraud.

    • Trust me, government goes to significant lengths to minimize any aid to Americans. It seems that many think a person can go to an SSA office, simply say they are disabled, and get benefits. In reality, it’s a very long, complicated, in-depth process, and all information (medical statements, etc.) is checked. Cases are all periodically reviewed, again requiring doctors’ confirmations of not only the disability, but whether it is so severe as to make gainful employment impossible.

  5. I have an aunt who is legally blind because of genetics and worked her whole life and qualifies for nothing, not welfare, not disability, nothing. Then I worked for a company who employed someone who was I found out was “partially disabled” aka had “bad knees” but was doing those American ninja challenges and training for it. He collected enough money in disability benefits that it was more than I was making working fulltime at that company. sounds fair right? I’m all for helping those truly in need but there needs to be some reform, lots of abuse going on in these systems which makes it hard for those truly in need to get the help they need. the picture tells me the same thing, lots of abuse going on.

    • True there are those scamming the system but someone scamming the system does dot make it harder for someone else to be approved

    • FALSE. it is incredibly difficult to prove disability that qualifies one for SSDI. Again, you do not know all the facts. How do you know this person isn’t collecting disability benefits from a PRIVATE insurance policy he had? You people make me physically ill. Judgmental much?

      • Not true. In Colorado 4 doctors were busted by the state for helping pot smokers get disability SSI by issuing fake disabilities for the purposes of defrauding the government. It starts by getting a quack doctor and $200 to get the paperwork then getting a pot “red card” to get “medical pot”. Then onto the SSA office to file for SSI with same paperwork. Mind you these folks ARE NOT disabled just deadbeat pot smokers who are just moochers on my tax $$$. The bums can work if only they can pass the drug test for employment. Pot smpkers from across the country are coming here for the welfare for pot program that the Dems will not stop. I took the evidence to the SSA office located on 8000 South Park Lane, Littleton, CO. 80120. They told me they know of the situation, but did not have the resources under Obama to investigate all the fraudsters in Colorado. So, this tells me there are many in Colorado smoking pot on welfare that is costing us clean and sober hard working taxpayers $$$ to support these deadbeats smoking pot. Maybe, when Trump takes office will stop this abuse. I will submit my evidence to his people to hunt down and kick theses dead beats off the welfare rolls hence save poor hard working taxpayers from this injustice. This is not some “FAKE NEWS” story. Just Google “Welfare used to buy pot”, “Colorado bust 4 doctors falsifying disabilities for pot smokers”, “Dems block Welfare Reform “Welfare for families in Need Not Weed””. Here is hoping Trump cleans up the welfare rolls esp. in Colorado.

        Lastly, what is sad disabled veterans like myself have to wait years for our earned bennies sometimes die waiting. But, out of state pot smokers come to Colorado can get welfare (SSI) in less than a year. Sad state for veterans.

    • Actual welfare aid ended 20 years ago. There’s only TANF, a short-term, marginally subsidized work program, only for those with children. Those who are blind do qualify for disability benefits. You are clearly misinformed about the man receiving full disability benefits while working and, in fact, not having a legitimate disability. A knee problem would not qualify a person for benefits, as they would still be able to engage in gainful employment, provided with modifications (i.e., a job that enabled him to sit, etc.).

      • Wrong. SSI is still considered welfare. You have SSI for those that are over 65 years of age, and for those deemed totally disabled under age 65. Welfare is still alive and kicking in 2016 as are the fraudsters that is costing us taxpayers dearly esp. in Colorado.

        My hope and prayer is that Trump cleans up the welfare rolls before taking away disability from those that are truly disabled to save the government money.

        • You’re still wrong. SSI and SSDI are two very different programs. SSI is welfare, SSDI is NOT. SSDI is based on your work history & salary & takes years to be approved. As far as “this is not fake news, Google it” – you can’t possibly believe suggesting an internet search of a biased phrase would convince anyone of the credibility of your ludicrous rant you’re sorely mistaken. People who truly accept these sensationalized rumors are the electronic age equivalent of those who used to believe the National Enquirer. Sheesh.

  6. First I want to say that just because you can not SEE a disability does NOT mean they are not disabled. Stop saying they are a drain on society. Mental illness in this country is pretty high. Fibromyalgia is an invisible illness too….trust me it is very real! As far as the high amount of people being on disabilities you do realize we are the baby boomer generation…..yes there are many of us. So before you place dr without a license you may wanna take into consideration what you truly know about disability. You also do know that you have to be seen by a Dr paid for and working on the behalf of Social Security. Please learn instead of spewing bs. Blessed Be

    • Thank goodness for you. I am constantly bewildered by people who think this an easy process and benefit hugely. My disability was taken away 4 years ago because someone said I was working. I was not, and there was no proof. They just took it. It took me four years of stress, testing and terrible people to get it back even though I am a 100% disabled veteran. Live your own life people. You can destroy someones life that is already difficult enough. I highly doubt people can fool this system. I have numerous doctors behind me, but still had a rough time, terrible tests, accusations, and tears.

      • Yes, rotten, mean-spirited, nosy people with miserable little lives do have a way of destroying everyone around them in order to make themselves feel bigger. Disgusting. I am truly sorry that happened to you. I hope the person or persons who filed that false report that caused you so much grief gets pancreatic cancer and suffers terribly before dying a truly horrible death.

      • You would qualify, but you have to actually apply for it. If you were in the military, I’d suggest speaking with someone at your area VA center, and that person can assist you.

      • Do not feel bad. I did my 20 years in the Army hence retired as an SFC (E-7) in 2006. Took me 3 years just to get my SSDI, and then almost 12 years and still waiting for my 100% status currently 80% VA service disabled. My service connected disabilities include bad feet, bad knees, bad ankles, calf muscle injuries, and back lower back aka sciatica. Still had to fight tooth and nail to get my SSDI until an Admin Law Judge saw my file and apologized that the SSA messed over a veteran hence granted my claim. The VA is a complete joke as well. The motto “Deny, Delay, and Wait to Die” is strong in the VA.

    • wow I agree with you . no one really knows what a person is going through until they walk in their shoes. some disabilities don’t show either. thank u for sharing that too.

      • I have no feet to put in anyone’s shoes. I am not diabetic. The ADA kept my job open for me and the state of MD paid to have a van with a wheelchair ramp and hand controls si i can drive. My health insurance paid for a $30,000 wheelchair to get around. If you know how to work with benefits that are available you can work an not have to apply for SSDI. The problem is no one tells you where to get the help that is available. I fight hard to keep myself mobile and employed. I could not live off of what SSDI would pay me each month. I fight hard every day to get out of bed, get ready for work, find a Handicap parking spot to let down a ramp so i can get out and continue to work. Some times you have to fight yourself and the rest of the world just to stay alive. My disability is just another hurdle I have to overcome. I don’t want any praise for not drawing SSDI, I want people to look in the mirror and stop saying why can’t I get SSDI if there are other options. It upsets me every time a non disabled person parks in a handicap spot with a placard hanging on the rear view mirror. I also know of people that were too sick to work for a period of time, but got used to not working and continue to receive benefits rather than looking for a job. Or they work under the table and get a check each month. As long as I am able I will continue to be an able bodied person. Thanks for letting me vent

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  7. I am disabled through the VA
    and been trying for 2 years to get my SSDI….
    Idont know why so hard if the paperwork is showing im 90% disabled through the VA
    and have trouble adapting to civilian life

      • Not exactly, but it’s complicated. You need medical verification that, due to disability, gainful employment isn’t possible. It can take as long as three years (the last I heard) from the day you apply to receipt of benefits, assuming one qualifies. Most people have a need to work not only for a paycheck, but for a sense of purpose and social interaction, and many disabled people do work pt, time.

    • VA and SSA disability program are two very different programs in determining your eligibility. The VA only looks are conditions related to service hence compensates partial disabilities or conditions from 10% up to 100% ratings. SSA only pays folks that are totally 100% disabled who can not work whereas a veteran who is 100% schedule rated can still work unless they are deemed 100% TDIU (Total Disabled Individual Unemployable) .

      I helped a veteran recently who was found 50% VA service disabled for TBI/migraines and was able to get him his SSDI. It is the medical file that determines your eligibility for SSDI and an RFC done by a doctor that SSA uses. If you over 50 it is easier to get SSDI than a younger person age 18-49 thru the use of grid rules. Grid rules only work for physical disabilities not mental ones. Best to use an attorney like I did.

      • Oh Coaisatulntgonr, big style, what an accolade to even be nominated!! But you do deserve it hun, for all your hard work, making it all a little bit clear for those of us affected, xxx

  8. the funny thing ever my son has a pacemaker and has seizures and other mental conditions and they say I make to much retirement from the navy to help me out
    but others are making way more then me and their kids get SSI?????

  9. If the average amount is over 1100 a month, why am I still only getting 800? Makes me angry when it looks like everyone on Disability is making all this money. The reality is, too many are living off a lot less than the “average”

    • If you are receiving SSDI that is based on your income. SSI is not the same thing, and it is fixed maximum amount. Also, do you not know what “average” means? Some get more, some get less. What is the MATTER with people here??? Everybody is so afraid someone is going to get something they don’t have. Tell you what – work 35 years for 65-80 hours a week at an incredibly stressful job that you spent 10 years in college to obtain, then you, too might qualify for a couple hundred bucks more a month. My God, the greed, jealousy, and hatred here is unbelievable!

  10. My husband’s brother gets SS disability for being an alcoholic!! I guess it’s considered an “illness”. Whereas so many others on here truly deserve a disability check and don’t get it. What a sad comentary.

  11. Professionals who have earned in the millions
    and have been taken advantage of by the federal
    government should have all of their company
    payments returned to them. Companies are not
    paid several million dollars o harass a persons family
    for 15 or 20 years. The ssa must be cleaned out
    and pay people enough and not starving them or pay a bus driver to say throw all your clothing on the floor of the bus so that you will die when they could of very easily got them a car 3 years ago.

  12. SDI benefites are based on your life time contribution to the program ! Dum assess ! If you made more money during your working life time then you contributed to the program in dollers more so ther fore you receive more dollers per month !

  13. I am on SS disabilty, (hard of hearing )can’t even pay my rent.
    Just Read abut the Insurance Disability . Did any one knows what’s needed to apply?

    • Social Security Disability is what the article is about. The amount you receive is based on what you’ve earned while working. SSI is for people who have not worked or have not worked enough to non-medically qualify for SSD. You can receive SSD and SSI if you do not have a lot of financial resources. You can call Social Security to see if you may also qualify for SSI. The medical requirements are the same.

  14. Disability is a great program and while the payments won’t get you a house in Beverly Hills they are a lifeline to many folks. When I was young my dad passed away from lung cancer. My mom collected disabled widow’s benefits because she was severely ill. Recently our oldest son (who was laid off from his job this past January) qualified for disability benefits due to his Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis. Most young people don’t want to talk about Social Security because they think it will be many years before they can qualify. Statistically one in four young people will become disabled before they reach retirement age. Everyone should open a my Social Security account (www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount) to see how much they would receive in disability benefits if they were to become incapacitated. Hopefully that won’t happen but it is good to know how much one could count on just in case.

    APPEALS and expert assistance is required to get SSDI. You have to be almost dead.
    POVERTY LEVEL income amount, which then falls way behind cost of living. “COLA” criteria flawed.

  16. I have tried and tried to contact (Phone Calls, Regional Office), to get my Amount Received changed to the Correct Amount, and yet NO ONE seems to know what to do, or how to fix this. I was told NOW that my Records were sent to the New Jersey location, that I have to call them.

    I’ve been trying to reach them for the past 2 WEEKS, and NO ONE has yet to call me back, and being on hold is a Joke! When it comes up for you to speak to someone, it states, “All Representatives are Busy at this time, try your call again later.”, and then HANGS up on you! It’s bad enough that you have to wait close to an hour to get through “All the Previous People” waiting, but to be hung up on with a Recorded Message.

    Can SOMEONE with a BRAIN please contact me, and help me get my BENEFIT amount corrected???

    Thank You!

      • Hi Edward, we apologize for the inconveniences you are experiencing and we are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty reaching someone by phone. We are experiencing higher than normal call volume. Unfortunately, but for your security, we do not have access to personal records in this blog. Please continue working with your local office. You should be allowed to speak with the manager to see how we can help to expedite resolution of your situation. If you are unable to visit the local office, please try our toll free number again, at 1-800-772-1213. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. When calling our toll free number, is generally best if you call later in the day or later in the week. Thanks!

  17. I finally SET an appointment, and it was for 9 AM, and I wasn’t called back there until 10:30 AM, and it was YET another waste of Time! He didn’t explain a SINGLE thing to me, except to say, “Nope, what you are getting is the right amount!” I let it go, and I didn’t even get a NOTICE as to why I wasn’t getting what was stated to my by the two law firms, and SSSI itself!!!! They are the ones who have to have a say in it, and I just keep thinking, when are you going to get some decent individuals in here!

    HE even kept my Paperwork, that I had to sign off on the amount of the settlement, and what I was supposed to draw! That Bel Air office needs some SERIOUS help, let alone a massive overhaul on who they choose!

    Why can’t a representative just contact me at my Home? I would be HAPPY to speak to someone, before my Lawyer steps in, and has his say!

  18. I wasn’t even allowed to speak to the Manager! I’m still burned inside, because THEY got their MONEY, and what did I get? Waste of Gas, Time, and complete embarrassment Being DISABLED AFTER 7 Back Surgeries!!! NO ONE CARES! You all now have my email, some one PLEASE contact me ASAP!

  19. I am 55, and first went out with my back 10 years ago, on 4/14/07. Don’t you think this hasn’t gone on long enough??

  20. Is my sick nine yr old intitled to any kind of ssi benifets of my mentally incompetent ex who has never paid a dime of support our sick 9yr old has been born as we struggle he dopes & drugs & parties all his ssi check & our daughter litterally haves to go hungry & sick at times! Can or are we able to drawl a comprehensive benefits off him since he’s incompetent & mentally physically abussive & threat to my daughters well being plz I need some advice to help me! Thanks & God bless, struggling American born momma

    • Hi Sarah. Benefits issued through our Supplemental Security Income or SSI program are based on the needs of the individual and are only paid to the qualifying person. There are no spouse’s, children’s or survivors benefits payable. Benefits paid through our Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, in certain circumstances, are payable to certain family members if the disabled individual worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes.

  21. I had SSDI back in 1987 the max I believe due to my epilepsy. In about 1994 I decided to try and work again and did at a variety of jobs most all of which I lost due to my epilepsy. I reapplied circa 2000. I was then married and my wife made good money as a R.N. I was once again given SSDI but, at the lowest monetary level offered looking to be in good health.
    I am now divorced also have glaucoma & take medicine for my anxiety. My benefits are the same level as they were before.
    Now having glaucoma & anxiety & with my ex-wife retiring in 2 -18 my sole source of income will be SSDI. With the glaucoma & anxiety now obtained for lack of a better word will or can I receive more than the minimum I have been receiving?
    May all your dreams come true,
    Thank you
    God bless you,
    Douglas Alan Sullins

  22. SS disability it something few people consider until they become disabled. I was disabled at 40 years of age due to a car accident with two small children to raise. I had a broken back that left me paralyzed from the waist down. It took several operations and years of rehabilitation to get back on my feet. During that time SSI provided help to me and my family. Since then I went through vocational rehabilitation to learn new engineering skills and then worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers for 23 years.
    Thank you for what you do for disabled people.

    • Thank you for sharing, Lloyd! We appreciate your thoughts. We will continue our efforts to meet your requirements and expectations in the years to come.

  23. What is the process in obtaining Medicade and Medicare after approval of disability?

    How long does it take to get Medicade and Medicare approval after approval of disability?

    • Thank you for your question, Juan. Individuals can be eligible for Medicare benefits after they receive disability benefits for 24 months. We start counting the 24 months from the month they were entitled to receive disability, not the month when you received your first check. You can call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 for further assistance. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
      To learn about Medicaid benefits in your area, visit https://www.medicaid.gov/medicaid/index.html. We hope this helps!

  24. I am drawing my SS early at reduced benefits.
    I also work 80hours per month.
    And arthritis is attacking my hands at an alarming rate.
    My ability to grasp objects reduced more and more.
    I am cutting my hair short because O can no long braid my hair or grasp the comb and brush for very long.
    Can I apply for disability social security when my hands are medically deemed disabled?

    • Hi Sylvia, the Social Security Act sets out a strict definition for disability. We pay disability benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. However, if a person believes they are disabled and meets our definition of disability, we encourage them to apply for disability as soon as they become disabled.
      Disability benefits are paid at a higher rate, while we consider your application for disability benefits and wait for a medical decision, you can continue to receive your retirement benefit. Social Security disability benefits automatically change to retirement benefits when disability beneficiaries attain their full retirement age. If a person has reached his or her full retirement age and is receiving Social Security retirement, they will not be eligible for disability benefits.
      Since you also mentioned that you are actively working, we suggest that you read our Benefits Planner: Getting Benefits While Working.
      We hope this information helps!

  25. If I earn $14,300 at my job here in 2018 and someone else in a similar situation earns $14,100 then I lose $9,000 in SSDI just because I earned an extra $200.

    $1180.00 Substantial Gainful Activity 2018.
    $1180.00 x 12 months = $ 14,160.

    Mathematical Inequality!

  26. I cant get any help with a form I must fill out stating the Dr says I’m unable to work still,, I’ve called the office many times but no one seems to care to help n I don’t want my checks to stop because I never received the form to fill out n mail back PLEASE HELP

    • Hello Cathleen. Please visit your local Social Security office. If you are unable to visit the local office, you can call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Generally, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later during the day or later in the week. Thanks!

    • Hi, Wes. If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits, special rules allow you to work temporarily without losing your monthly Social Security disability benefits. After your nine-month trial work period, we still provide a safety net that allows you to work another three years risk free. During those three years, you can work and still receive benefits for any month in which your earnings do not exceed a certain limit. For 2019, those limits are: $2,040 for blind individuals; or $1,220 a month if you are not blind. For more information on working while receiving Social Security disability benefits, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. We hope this helps.

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