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Disability Benefits: The Numbers Tell the Story

September 8, 2015 • By

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Last Updated: September 8, 2015

A young woman uses the computer.Social Security provides an economic lifeline to America’s workers through our benefit programs. We run the largest disability program in the nation. We want to make sure that everyone has a clear picture of the disability insurance program and of the people living with severe disabilities, who receive its benefits.

Because the Social Security Act sets out a strict definition of disability, our beneficiaries are among the most severely disabled people in the country. We provide modest benefit payments to workers who contributed into the Social Security trust fund before becoming disabled. The average disability beneficiary today paid into the disability trust fund for 22 years before becoming entitled to Social Security disability benefits.

When disability happens, Social Security provides support for insured workers and their families. For many disabled Americans, this earned benefit is the only thing standing between them and poverty.

To create awareness about the positive economic impact of our disability program, Social Security is releasing two new online data resources — our new state disability fact sheets and our national disability issue paper. These two online resources show how Social Security continues to fulfill our intergenerational promise of support to America’s workers and their families.

The state disability fact sheets include information by state and congressional district about disabled workers, children of insured workers, and spouses of insured workers who are receiving disability benefits. They also show the average annual disability benefit in relation to the poverty threshold, as well as more specific data about the recipients in those areas.

The national disability issue paper describes the fundamental principles of our disability program, its economic impact, and how it continues to live up to its founding ideals.

We invite you to go to our website and try these useful new resources.

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  1. Gloria

    I paid into SS for over 40 years and now being disabled has made a big impact on my life. Thank God for this program. However how is it that someone who has only paid into it for less than 2 years and messed themselves up with drugs can be eligible to draw SS. They said they are drawing a “crazy check”. Also they can draw $1200 a month. Some have even faked being crazy to be able to draw this. Any answers?

    • FedUp

      Legal immigrants fresh off the boat along with, illegal immigrants are drawing social security disability benefits and social security supplemental income (SSI) benefits.

  2. YAYU I.

    Help me to investigation for make a sure if my email so secure. Thank you

  3. Amanda W.

    I’m still wondering why my case and the people I put in my civil rights case hasn’t been investigated. Trust me when I tell you any paper work they do not have, I have 17 folders of it. Along with recordings and a log book of names, dates, and times.

  4. Donna G.

    I have no problem with helping truly disabled people with income and support. However, there are too many people who have found ways to cheat, and are not truly disabled receiving SS assistance. Would advise more careful monitoring and checking.

    • R.F.

      We appreciate your concern Donna. Social Security conducts medical reviews periodically to make sure the individuals receiving checks are still eligible to get them. But if you suspect fraud, waste or abuse of Social Security benefits, please report it.

    • FedUp

      I have a problem with it. Welfare and Medicaid will cover them. Another thing children and widows don’t need this money. Franklin Roosevelt created an old age pension and that’s the way it should remain. The greater evil will become apparent when the old retired workers of this society will be dying in the streets of disease, neglect, the elements, starvation and old age. It’ll look like Calcutta. A lot of boomer were wiped out in the recession and will have to depend on social security. Most workers are not in the 10% or the 1%.

    • Desert T.

      I agree. Lots of children who are to young to even work get benefits. It is the parents responsibility to care for their children not social security’s…….And they don’t get reevaluated from time to time. Then at 18 they go through a peace of cake interview and get it till they die. I think a better way to check the kids is to make a requirement for them to be evaluated through the Department of Rehabilitation in there state. California has an excellent program. Perhaps before giving any one benefits they could be made to go through the Dept. of Rehab in their state. This could lower the numbers already on it that never went through their program and prevent new people (including migrants) getting benefits…

  5. John O.

    While it is commendable that there is an economic lifeline for the disabled, it is a fact that can’t be disputed, SSA has expanded the disability roles to a point where payment of those benefits is no possible in the short term. Why the sudden increase in people on the disability roles in the past 6 or so years? The economy? Politics? Lack of jobs? Lowering disability standards? Perhaps all these things play into the fact that the disability trust fund is about broke and no one seems to have the will to fix it or the retirement trust fund for that matter.

    • FedUp

      They want to keep borrowing from social security. But when 50 something boomers retire all 78 million of them many will be sick and/or disabled and looking to cash in their old age pensions. But there won’t be anything left for them. The govt. intends to let these people die in the streets because it spent their money taking care of dope addicts. They should put these terminally ill, severely disable people out of their misery. Give them the Dr. Kavorkian treatment and save money.

      • FedUp N.

        How old are you, FedUp? You sound like someone who thinks (s)he’ll live forever. Get a grip.

        At 67, I have lived on SS Retirement (not disability), which I have really needed since I was 63. At that point, I had already had 2 cancer surgeries for 2 separate cancers, at Houston’s MD Anderson. They both abruptly stopped my work and one of them nearly killed me at age 60 – all after 44 years working and contributing to the SS fund.

        But I was lucky. I recovered from both by 62 and in 2010-11 I went on to Iraq on missions to help soldiers find the bad guys. Ever been to war, FedUp? I doubt it.

        In any case, after returning at 63, I found out a had a bad ticker and was lucky to have not returned in a body bag somewhere in one of the 20 places I had to go, from the Syrian border to the Iranian border, and everywhere in-between.

        FedUp, what I did helped SAVE soldiers’ lives, and what Social Security now does for me has saved MY life. I am very grateful to President Roosevelt for what he did, even though people like you want to scrap it all for some godawful private program.

        FedUp, you definitely need to get out more and stop complaining about life and bureaucrats and people you don’t know. We all live on this planet, not just you. Like me, you will age, and you won’t live forever.

    • Desert T.

      If they are about broke why is our president promising to bring over 100,000 migrants by 2017 who will qualify for social security benefits through the Amnesty Act? America can’t even get around to helping back logged veterans or providing a lifeline for the truly disabled who have no other physical means of support.

      • Desert T.

        I meant to say continue providing a life line to the truly disabled who have no other physical means of support.

  6. Betty G.

    I am thankful for Social a Security Disability and without it many families would suffer. When something happens in your life that you never thought would it is an anchor in the storm.

  7. you d.

    I am thankful that Social Disability is there when things happen and you find yourself in a pickle.

    • Rds1atl@outlook

      I worked through intense pain for over 20 years, never took SSI or even had my VA rating reevaluated since the I jury was related to active duty service. I took STD through my workplace insurance, and have had nothing but problems with them, they have outright lied to me and others and have denied my benefits (that I PAID for) since Dec, 2014. Now that I am fighting them for that, I find out that even if I do eventually get my PAID FOR benefit, I will be forced to apply for SSI, just for the purpose of REPAYING THEM!!!WHAT!!! This company is named Sedgwick and provides insurance to 100’s of thousands of workers or at least claims to…and we pay them back with the SSI benefit that we have contributed to by force, so they technical ally are not out a dime.. what is up with that SS Administration, what lobby group got that insane measure passed? So I pay for SSI (Maxed every year at approximately $7000) and on top of it I pay for a disability insurance that did nothing g but tear my family apart…!!! Since my wife of 22uears and 7months decided it was too much for her and said to me “she quits”! Now I have a house and two boys to care for and what with??? I paid for TWO different benefits and have received neither, all I have done is emptied what was supposed to be our retirement. Thanks for absolutely NOTHING!!!
      Rds1atl@outlook.com if you have a comment!

      • Kevin

        Feel your pain….I too see ked justice in an unjust, blind and incompetent system….broken to the bone….thank God you have your kids….lost mine to a mentally ill ex wife….the harder I fought the more they took away….hang in there brother…..hold onto your kids….I’m praying for you….

      • Richard

        I know what you mean. Regardless of the fight you put up. the government wins.FDR put this shell game in place counting on the individual becoming deceased before collecting a dime of the money they put in. Bush had the right idea. He wanted to privatize ssi. This would prevent the government from raiding the piggy bank. It would also assure you that the money would be there and you could leave it to whom ever you want if it was not completely spent. But the elderly went up in arms about it and thought Bush was taking their money away. What they failed to realize is the government plan on keeping the money and pay out as little as possible to fund their pet projects or pockets. When are people going to wake up. We as individuals are nothing but a pawn for the government. We are to subsidize the whim and wishes like those in previous monarchies. There is no longer “We the people” any more.

    • FedUp

      Cry me a river. Guess what? You can’t get more fair than giving everyone nothing. Apply when you get 67 and draw retirement social security. Social security was never meant to be a welfare system. The entire program needs to be dumped. Its nobody’s fault you’re disabled or were born that way. Let God provide not stealing other people’s money.

  8. Celina H.

    While I have no problem with providing disability assistance to severely disabled persons I find the statement “Because the Social Security Act sets out a strict definition of disability, our beneficiaries are among the most severely disabled people in the country. We provide modest benefit payments to workers who contributed into the Social Security trust fund before becoming disabled.” to be an incorrect statement, at least in Louisiana.
    Working in the medical profession I have seen obese 3 year olds with no other medical condition receiving disability benefits though they have never worked a day in their lives (and why would they) and their parent/parents have not worked and contributed either. This directly conflicts with the statement above. I fear that either the blog post needs revision or the criteria for providing disability assistance in the state of Louisiana needs to be reassessed and put back on track.

    • John O.

      The 3 year old might be receiving SSI disability or a survivors benefit. He is not getting anything though that is not earned by someone in the family. If the family has no work history then SSI is all that is available. It comes from the general revenue fund and the SS trust funds are not effected. SSI is a welfare program administered by social security. I will admit that the disability factors to receive benefits are too lax.

      • Desert T.

        I choose to disagree as it took me forever to be found disabled. The Social Security is telling the truth. They have set out a strict definition of disability. They do however give money for seven years through the Amnesty Act and when these appeal they can get up to another three years.
        I have heard from several people who have lost their cases to be found disabled…. They wouldn’t be turned down so much if it weren’t for strict guidelines set
        out .

        • Jason F.

          yea like “im sorry you lost both of yours legs and they stop and begin at your nuts, ….BUT oyu haven’t worked 5 out of the 10 years we require. Matter of fact, you just missed it by (2)days”.

    • Mary C.

      Not only Louisiana!! My son applied for disability in South Dakota, because he had a heart virus and his heart was double in size when he was honorably discharged from the Army. He was told he could work a desk job, never mind what he was capable of. Well, he couldn’t get hired for a desk job as the interviewers could clearly see he was not suited for it. So he went back to what he was doing before the heart virus. Being a roustabout. NOW HE IS DEAD!!! AND I hold those “Judges of the Severely Disabled” RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS DEATH!!!!!!!! He was only 46 years old. and had paid into the disability fund for quite some time. And I feel abhorrence toward the self-perpetuating employment that is continually spending government money telling us what a wonderful job they are doing while my son is mouldering in his grave. Is death seriously disabled enough for you?????

      • KER

        First of all, my sympathies for your loss. The loss of a child, regardless their age, is the most difficult experience any parent could ever have.

        But I have questions: did your son go to a hearing after he was initially turned down? Did he retain a lawyer to help with his filing or appeal, one who specializes in disability cases? If he did have a hearing and was denied there, did he file again? Also, I don’t know if other states are like mine, but as soon as I filed for benefits, I was eligible for Medicaid, which helped, and continues to help, me a great deal with all my medical needs, not just my disabling conditions. Initially, my state’s welfare program paid me a monthly benefit of less than $200 a month, along with $200 a month in food stamps, while I was waiting for my SSI decision. A couple of months after I was finally awarded SSI, a new governor in my state stopped those welfare payments to people waiting on their SS decisions, and I feel so terrible for other people filing claims now. He only got one term, but I don’t know if the new governor reinstated those payments yet.

        I feel terrible that your son passed. I don’t know the entire situation, but it seems to me like he should have qualified for some assistance. Cold comfort for you for sure, but I hope at some point you regain some peace. My sister refused to believe she needed help, despite her physical inability to work anymore, and we lost her, too. Our dad tried hard to help her, but her mental illness worked against her.

    • R.F.

      Celina, we pay disability benefits through two programs: the Social Security disability insurance program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI). If a person worked and paid enough into the Social Security program and is found disabled under our rules, he or she can receive benefits under the SSDI program. SSI is a needs based program that pays benefits to people with limited income and resources who are disabled, blind, or age 65 or older. A blind or disabled child, if younger than age 18, can qualify for SSI, if he or she has a physical or mental condition, or combination of conditions, that results in “marked and severe functional limitations” — this means that the condition(s) must very seriously limit the child’s activities. We also consider the income and resources of family members living in the child’s household. For more information, please read our publication: Benefits For Children With Disabilities.

      • Celina H.

        So where would I direct complaints or concern about patients I’ve seen receiving the SSI benefit you mention when the patient does not have a true medical disability and is not receiving survivor benefits as someone suggested above? Where does the money that funds the SSI benefits come from? As a medical professional I am in a position to know if a patient is truly disabled and have seen many patients both children and adults who receive benefits for non-disabling conditions.
        If you can direct me towards the appropriate entity to submit my concerns I would be very grateful.

        • R.F.

          Hi Celina, the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Federal income supplement program funded by general tax revenues. Social Security taxes withheld from workers’ paychecks under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) do not fund the SSI program. The total SSI funding is set annually by Congress as part of the federal budget process. State agencies (usually called Disability Determination Services or DDSs), are responsible for developing medical evidence and making the initial determination on Social Security disability claims. See our Disability Determination Process for more information. If you suspect that someone is receiving SSI benefits but shouldn’t, we ask you to report it to our FRAUD department. We thank you for your concern in this matter!

          • Jason F.

            Wait, did anybody read? her son died.he fucking died. my heart has a stint from a heart attack and im one pill away from seeing jesus. and all this guy can say is if someone is receving…bullshit!!
            you guys are doing us wrong and its going to stop now! please i tell you CELINA HAM and all of you, brave tired souls march with me. i am not a star but i will be the platform for this. please share this and watch over and over and over. i will get patitions if from ones who are brave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvZH88R9Qs0

      • CJR

        Social Security Disability is evidently for individuals who know how to fraud the system. If you have to work with tons of pain medicine in your system and can’t function like a normal person since you are in so much pain from 5 rotator cuff surgeries, two carpal tunnel surgeries, spinal fusion -ACDF, herniated/ruptured disc in lower back, sciatic nerve pain, diabetic neuropathy, major depression, etc. and cannot get approved for disability even though you’ve worked full time since the age of 13 and am now 60. To find out, I’m disqualified because I am working and not living on the streets or in a cardboard box or incarcerated is appalling! How can a released felon receive social security disability when they have never been a contributing member of society and someone who has been gainfully employed for the majority of their life be disqualified for not using public assistance and trying to support themselves? This is absolutely unacceptable and the program needs revamped. Social Security Disabilty is hoping you overdose yourself before you are eligible for regular Social Security or kills yourself from all the pain meds you are on while driving impaired from the narcotics to get to/from work. What a farse and then those obtaining Social Security Disability receive non-reported housing, utilities, food, transportation, etc. from charities who don’t report their SS#!

        • Trudi M.

          I am in a very similar situation, and I feel your pain and frustration!

          • tired o.

            I’m there also and I’m still fighting. There are so many things going on with me I know, I would rather be working than not being able to do much of anything now Its very depressing and tired of all the medication that never seems to work. I’m very frustrated. I see people all the time that I know don’t deserve, but are receiving help.

        • FedUp

          Wow! That is just so wrong what’s been done to you. But then, its typical of all govt. administered programs. Full of injustice. I have a crippling form of arthritis and receive nothing from the govt. at all. 35 years of work and I’ve been ruled ineligible for any kind of benefit. Its corruption and stealing. I’m voting for Trump. Because he’ll put an end to all the crooks who underwrite deadbeats off other people’s money.

        • CCB

          I know the feeling. Went through this years ago with my Husband, who at 30 years old was diagnosed with degenerative back dieses and had a 70 year old back. Not suppose to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time, or lift anything over 30 lbs. He was a dock worker and out of work for 3 years, and still didn’t qualify. So he has been doing everything he is not to do for 30 years, in constant pain. I guess he just has to wait till he ends up in a wheel chair
          and we no long will have a life. Now he has torn both shoulder up, surgery on those and both knees need surgery, but we can’t afford for him to be off work either. Something is really wrong with the system. A friend with cancer didn’t even live long enough to get through the approval process, but so many more get it so quickly. I just don’t understand.

    • Mishele W.

      I agree with you Celina.

  9. Marva

    Thank you!

  10. Manuel S.



    • Novasandart@icloud.com

      Do you know how many times I have filed for with FTC, You, State Senator, Police Dept. I had 23 spines surgeries , a person yes enjoyed themselves on my SSI benefits and no one cared , each month I got paid on 3rd my money was gone . What little I reieve I see others who never worked a day in their make 4 times what I do yet I will never be to work again do to man who stole a car , illegal no drivers Lic , I have had surgery after surgery to repair the damage. And identify theft and Internet Fraud that destroyed my credit , QVC is one they know it , it’s on file my bank Navy Federal Credit Union said I had to claim it at a certain time I’m fighting to try to walk and save a leg from amputation I receive this kinda of help . Where’s justice any more I lost money , and credit , I don’t ask for state help . Now I’m fighting again a payday loan I did not do , our old computer was locked up by Norton said we had 57,000 viruses funny we have McFee threw Cox so I get on cell phone my son got me cox dials in The Lady was From Turkey all the sudden gone , it didn’t end there Spotloan who ever they are gave us a loan we didn’t apply for so what’s your advice they already took a huge chunk the minute our SSI hit Bank

      • Debra s.

        I even have a neighbor who filed false papers on me . She’s a nanny taking care of her mother now . Who was removed from home for abuse and a drunk, using A Homeowers Landscape Email putting me on rant pages . Check her out with Police Dept. she came back because she was kicked out on streets by her father she’s 50 can’t hold a job I took care her mother 6 years painted inside of her house, she has my medical equip. 1,0000.00 rug . I took took Dr Appts when going blind, stores, everything, this woman comes home to say I’m going to paid to take care of her I’m just here hoping she dies soonThat’s evil she posted on Craigslist , sittercity.com care.com check police reports , also she spends her time in front of a slot machine and if mom don’t give her money she don’t take her church or get food . But she makes sure she has booze

      • Desert T.

        Dear Novasandart I know how you feel. I am disabled and unable to work. Hearing that my benefits were going down then hearing about our presidents promise seemed senseless. Unfortunately, that is how America chooses to crumble the cookie. You and I are gonna lose even more when 100,000 migrants are here by 2017 like our president promised. America cannot even take care of its disabled or help the back logged veterans but yet our president chooses to promise to take care of 100,000 migrants who will qualify for social security through the Amnesty Act.

        • Mike S.

          You are receiving benefits so why are you bad mouthing the system that is in place to help you and millions like you. Your numbers are way off on the number of immigrants. Anyway it will not affect your benefits if we took in a million poeple. As for blaming President Obama for your problems all I can say to that is stop watching fox news.

          • Deb

            I was getting 200.00 in vs and it keeps going down. Now the immigrants are her so I et disability and 106.00 in fx. Tell me how to survive!

          • Darrin

            Mike is right. The immigrants have nothing to do with your payments.

            The U.S is not the only country taking in immigrants and Obama is not the first President to take in immigrants. Do anyone remember WWII?

            Stop watching Fox News who is famous for making false statement and try to bring the President down.

          • Pam

            but it does appear as though she wants the truth, so Fox News is the only Network that gives the truth.

          • citizen

            Why did you say stop watching fox news? Do you have genuine evidence to suggest it is not helpful? What news source can we watch that is not full of the regressive left propaganda and commentary?

          • citizen

            This is a common mantra of the regressive left, that the resources are endless, and we need to stick it to the wealthy (who are already leaving the country in the highest numbers ever)
            We cannot burden the taxpayers with uneducated foreigners that have nothing to offer, but more burden.
            The money pit is not bottomless. The government does not have money. The people are the source of funds. When the payers are gone, the money is gone. Venezuela is learning that now.

          • Desiree

            You are so mis- informed, or you are & always have been sliver spoon fed. For those of us who have worked hard & paid in, all our 40+ years of work, is based on a wage that was 40 yrs. old, That does not in anyway or form match up to the currant standard cost of living. DO THE MATH, how dumb do you & the GOVT. think the citizens are.Then for those who were born & stayed in their birth place state,(not like the Southern CALIFORNIANS who invaded & pushed out the natives of Idaho & Mont.), along came the STUPID right to work law, which kept wages, even skilled & professional at poverty level. SS., SSDI., should be based on HOURS WORKED & NOT MONEY MADE. Another way is to redeem our FREEDOM & cash in our SLAVE PAPER,(birth certificate), that is sitting in a bank in Belgium, that the U.S. GOVT. Corporation,has & still is getting loans with the guarantee our taxed wages, are making the payments. If this is not slavery, then I don’t know what is. You need to shut up, until you research it, so you have a clue what the hell is really going on.

          • Renee

            I would love to see anyone in congress survive on the pathetic amount were given I made 45,000 a yr before I got sick now I live on 1000 a mo my rent 800 and no low income housing for 6 yrs I worked my butt off for 26 yrs and I’m treated like a lazy ass that wants free money when it’s my money I’m tired of being punished for being sick

      • Maria

        I am really sorry that u have gone through so much. Your story causes me to write something that’s been weighing heavy on my chest. I want to know why SSI gives people money who are homeless who do nothing but drink and smoke crack and stand and lawyer all day long from 7 o’clock to 2 o’clock in front of my house and at my business it’s. Why do they support the habits of these people. What is the criteria what do they have to prove. When they give you an address most times they don’t live there I have 3 Brothers who loiter in front of my house in front of my business all day long harassing my customers harassing me drinking from 7 a.m. until 3 a.m. they use their money 2 Buy alcohol and drugs. I don’t understand this. And yet there are people like you who are made to suffer. Can someone please explain this to me. Thank you

        • R.F.

          Thank you for your comment, Maria. The Social Security Act sets out a strict definition of disability. Our agency pays benefits to eligible individuals who can’t work due to a disabling mental or physical condition that is expected to last at least one year or result in death. Those who qualify based on our strict definition of disability are among the most severely disabled people in the country. No benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability. Furthermore, the Social Security Administration conducts Continuing Disability Reviews from time to time to make sure the individuals receiving checks are still eligible to get them.
          If you suspect or know of someone committing fraud, waste, or abuse against Social Security, we encourage you to report it.

          • J S.

            No point in reporting the crime. The US Attorney’s Office will not prosecute, and the SSA will not cut off benefits. The whole system is the biggest “legal” Ponzi scheme ever.

          • R.F.

            Social Security takes reports of fraud very seriously. When allegations of fraud are reported to our Office of the Inspector General, they conduct the required investigations, but federal regulations prohibit the disclosure of information contained in law enforcement records even to the individual making the allegation. Thanks so much for helping us fight fraud.

          • Captain A.

            Ray Fernandez you are the biggest lieing sack of s*** to ever come on here and one that does not like to cuss but you just sit there and tell those outlandish lies I have personally seen hundreds if not thousands all approved disability benefits with the judge knowing they were not disabled how can you your disability judges approve an 18 year old with back problems that’s never worked a day in their life and I’m almost 55 years old living in my vehicle for eight years have been denied disability eight times and I meet the criteria for disability 5 – 6 times so stop your lying you know well and good the system is fixed and rigged and corrupt

      • Mel

        You know I like it when Dr’s get on different forums saying that everybody with back pain is faking.Id really like to replicate the pain I get in my lower back from severe muscle spasms.Then you can tell me how it feels to fake it as you say.You step if it’s on the left side you scream in pain and fall down and pull yourself along go get toradol and dilaudid shots In your back.Ive sent my daughter in from the garage crying to call my sister and brother in law to carry me in the house cause I couldn’t walk.I drove a truck for 24 years I’ve worked more 100 hour weeks that carter’s got pills so don’t be preaching to me about not wanting to work bullshit.Ive had 2 back surgerys 1 lumbar 1 thoracic.Im now blind In my left eye from eye stroke herniated disc with spinal cord impediment at c6 c7 2 nerve root cysts 1 at t6 1 at t8 surgery for facet joint removal at t10 t11 causing cord impingement now scar tissue there decompression lamenecto my l3 l4 l5 now another herniation there arthritis in both shoulders with muscle tears arthritic ankle they don’t know how I’m walking on it anyway.I applied for disability they laughed me clear out of the building.As far as I’m concerned people that think I’m faking can kiss my ass.Ive lost everything I owned social security is a scam and the biggest fraud ever put on the american people to many people on it that have never paid into it.Ive tried to go back to work Dot says no go with my eyes always ends up the same way more toradol and dilaudid shots.Im sick of it just needed to vent I want to replicate that pain and you can see then how it feels then look at me and say no biggie.

      • Kelly K.

        I just got denied benefits because after I lost my job and insurance in 2013, I could no longer continue treatment for diabetes and could not seek treatment for my chronic pain and severe anxiety. On top of that I didn’t even KNOW I could apply until my “work” credits expired (according to their policy). Since I could not seek treatment, there is no “evidence” of my disabilities. They sent me to have an eye exam but, couldn’t be bothered to send me to see a regular doctor or a shrink to evaluate my claims and obtain the evidence needed. Now, since I can no longer work to “earn” new work credits, all that money I paid in is lost to me forever. I will not have any income until I reach retirement age (IF I live that long) or my husband passes. Yet, a child who has never worked a day in their life, who is born with a disability, can start collecting from the moment they are diagnosed. This system is screwed up!!!!

        • Mary H.

          A child who has severe disabilities. Are allowed to recieve payments from their parents Social Security. There payment depends on what their parent would of been entitled at the time of a child disability. Disability can happen at any time of a depented child until the age of 21. They would be entitled to their Social Security. If they have nevered worked. I am disabled and worked for 32 years. I really didn’t want to be disabled. But, I could not take the pain. I had 5 surgeries on both of my hands all the way up to my elbows. 9 years later I still suffer from pain from nerve injury. As a result, I now suffer from Chronic Pain which affects your brain. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy of my feet all the way from my feet to my knees. I have to take pain medicine for pain daily. I am not mentally addicted to the medicine. I know my body is physically addicted. As I am getting older I am now suffer from Arthritis in many joints. I had surgery on my shoulder last October. I’ve been told I will need to have knee replacements. I would not drive and take pain medicine. I have learned to bite the bullet when I have to drive. I cannot not drive long distances. If I do I am a cripple. I wish I had my life before but, it will never happen. I have accepted my disability. I am blessed to have medical insurance. I had the documentation when I applied for SSDI and approved the first time. It felt like it was forever. I feel for all the people who cannot get their SSDI or SSI. To recieve pain medicine. I have gone to pain management and have a Psychiatrist. My PCP now gives me my prescriptions. Due to the Opioid use in the country. I
          have signed a contract with my doctor which I can be called at anytime to come
          into the office for a pill count. I have periodic urine tests. Which measures the amount of opioids in my system and checks for other opioids. Also, checks for other controlled substances. I recieve $1716.00 per month and my child who soon will be turing 18. I will lose her money which is half of my SSDI. I am lucky I have a pension of $1,000. You do not have to wait for your pension till you are 65. You are entitled once you are considered disabled. I wait 27 months until I actually received my pension. If you have paid into a retirement 401K or 403b mine was 4% of my salary and my Employer added 4%. This happened years ago when Employers treated Employees well. I had this for 25 years. I will be entitled to it when I turn 59 1/2. You should put your money into safe accounts 5 years before you turn 59. I did it 7 years before. I am afraid the market will crash. When you withdraw you money. Because you are disabled you will only be taxed 10% instead of 20%. I do have life insurance. The law is the insurance company will pay your premiums till you turn 60. I try to buy some silver eagles as an investment. My husband pays child support until my daughter finishes college. I did recieve a letter from Social Security. They do check your status every 7 years. The letter stated. There was not going to be a review. I hope this helps. I pray for all of you.

    • Novasandart@icloud.com

      Waste of time always

      • rgarner11

        Change your checking account number at the bank, update your SSA direct deposit to reflect those changes, and contact the police about this identity theft crime. Good luck.

    • Marylou S.

      I really feel for all the people who need that heroin
      and how dedicated MEDICARE is about making them well . But I come from a different pain and mine is staying in remission .If I cannot get Medicare insurance to agree to honor and pay for my drug , I risk liver cancer or MS .The addict can get well with more help than I ever seen for my chemo before .
      They are eager for that moment before death so your fighting a loosing battle with most .
      They have to want to stop anyway and most I am not sure .You are justifying a drug that seems to get more players
      I just really do not want another 24 months of chemo and after this last diagnose thru a DNA TEST
      I really need the Folic Acid (prescription) and cannot believe for life of me .that Anthem Blue Cross/Medicare will not cover this but has a say in the Heroin trouble and cover that trouble but the important little people do what? I have SSD of 850 a month .Which also makes you wonder. If I thought that would even afford an addiction . I couldn’t ..I choose to live so HOW are they affording it all and then your getting the well TOO ..Well call Medicare and Get me well ..I have more time with Jesus I need to spend and kids I need to see…I do not need a drug that kills .. I need one .that keeps me alive .. please

      • Warren E.

        I heard that addicts were getting some kind of benefit and I want to say that this is just absolutely NOT TRUE, SSI benefits for addiction were stopped in the late 80;s. Addiction is the most misunderstood and neglected though the biggest killer of any other disease or all diseases combined and there are NO benefits for addicts in our system. Please learn the reality before you say these things. Also addiction is no party. You have a vision of people taking drugs and walking around with party hats on and this aint the way it is!! IGNORANCE and a stimgma toward addiction kills more addicts than anything else and I will say it again: ADDICTION is the ONLY disease that gets NO benefits for disability. Get it straight and stop gossiping about something that is NOT TRUE– you will raise your blood pressue.
        Addiction kills more people than all diseases and accidents combined and only NOW is the government paying any attention because it is starting to affect the money returned to the government in taxes.

        Please don’t spread this belief that drug addicts are sitting around smoking dope and gettng disability for it. That was stopped decades ago!!!

        • J S.

          You are wrong. The drug and alcohol addicts were mere reclassified as suffering from “substance abuse” or “mental illness.” The money to support their addictions kept flowing….

          From the SSA’s website:

          Because drug addiction or alcoholism was no longer a valid reason to retain program eligibility, persons continuing on the rolls had to establish eligibility based on another type of disability. In March 1996, when individuals first began to receive notices, over 60 percent of DA&A SSI beneficiaries cited “substance abuse” as their primary impairment. The second most cited impairment was “other mental disorders” (approximately 11 percent). That category does not include individuals suffering from mental retardation but does include those suffering from personality disorders, anxiety and other neuroses, schizophrenia, paranoia, functional psychoses, and other psychoses.

          The primary impairment for DA&A SSI beneficiaries who were still eligible in December 1998 changed slightly, however, from March 1996. Of the 36,510 DA&A beneficiaries with a December 1996 diagnosis of substance abuse, over half (52 percent) were classified in the “other mental disorders” category by December 1998 (Table 2). The second and third most cited categories were “mental retardation” (8.4 percent) and “musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders” (7.7 percent), respectively. Only 4.3 percent of DA&A beneficiaries continued to be listed in the “substance abuse” category.

        • Mishele W.

          Thank you Warren. addiction is a very misunderstood illness, because people CHOOSE to remain ignorant about it. The illness of addiction is NOT an illness I would wish on anyone. The is NO CURE for it either. It is FAR FAR from a “lack in morals”. I know many people, good people from all trades who battle this illness on a daily basis, it is no different than cancer. NOT ONE of them signed on the dotted line for it. We all get the cards delt, that we get. I don’t know much, only, 9 times outta 10 a person is her or his OWN Problem. They(including myself at one time) just want to blame anyone and anything…..However, the good news about being your own problem…is you are also your own solution.

    • Marylou S.

      YES do not get me wrong .. I am so blessed and could not ask for more .Life took my whole family and you would think I would be so depressed but I know mom my hubby of 20 yrs and my brothers know how strong I am and I will fight this trouble too . but to have the competition with heroin addicts with chemo meds just don’t sound fair

      • Lkipetti

        Some things are not covered. If methadone clinics were not there there would be no way for addicts to get themselves out of the situation they are in. I am very sorry for your situation, but if something isn’t covered there isn’t anything that can be done. There are other options to get the money for your prescriptions if you go through charitable organisations.

        • citizen

          If an addict got himself into that condition, why is it my responsibility to rescue the person that made those choices?
          I think it’s wonderful if people want to donate to these things, but extorting people to take care of people that make bad decisions is only something President Obama would do.

          • Debra

            The church is suppose to supply assistance to the poor and those in need for their special tax status, but instead most don’t even give ten percent. We need to do away with religious special tax status when they do so little to help those in need.

        • Desiree

          Your saying that METHADONE clinics using Methadone, are curing or assisting addicts to be cured or drug free? Are you NUT’S? Methadone is as/ or more addicting than HEROIN. My friend was on it, & also receiving SSI, & did nothing but drink & tell me how the high was almost as good as the Heroine he was so addicted to. He also stated that for the money & the food stamps he is glad to switch from HEROINE TO METHADONE. Now that is straight from the addicts mouth. I took him to the store every month, & every time, he pleaded with me, to let him buy some food for me & pay him cash so he could go buy a bottle of booze. He lived in low income housing that cost him 50.00 a month. You are wrong, stop lying to the public about it, this was in 2015, has it changed. Do they no longer give them EBT cards?

      • Jeffrey H.

        Marylou, I understand but are government has experts making decesions that you might not understand but they fight for majority and people like you very well. I advise you to get off Advantage plan and do Medicare Original and with your income state Medicaid cover the rest. Advantage plans are disadvantage plans allow Medicare – Federal plan take care of you and then pick a plan that covers your med on part D that accepts extra help. Its all in your 2016 book. Please do not try to look at flaws in the system it will drive you nuts but after so much reserach they really do their best but being a free country its a free market where the big guy can capitalize on you and stop you from solving your issue and profit doing so. Please go back to Original and get Medicaid also and extra help for meds and pick a plan that covers it your plan now they dont have to cover many meds but advantage are promoted and are like HMOs not PPO s where you have allot more choice and control? good luck are government has your back not Blue Cross remeber that and swicth back to being gov loyal not company loyal like where taught

      • Mishele W.

        Marylou – people addicted to Heroin?? ARE JUST AS SICK AND DISABLED, possibly a bit more, AS YOU ARE. Most, don’t even have a bed to sleep on. do you? Have you ever met an addict? Heard their the story of that kind of life? The Jesus I know…He has compassion for EVERYONE. Not just a certain “type” of sick.

      • KER

        I can’t figure out if you were turned down for benefits or what, but some cancers aren’t a death sentence, so someone filing for SSI or SSDI need to go to a hearing if they are turned down, because they have to be evaluated more in depth.

        But I have a feeling your situation may be connected to the state you live in. In PA, when I filed for SSDI, I was immediately eligible for Medicaid. And after I was awarded SSI (because the process took so long, my work credits ran out), I retained my Medicaid. While in some instances it’s not as good as having private insurance, for the most part, my medical needs are met. Sure, there are medications and procedures that are denied, but I’m being kept alive, and in less pain, than if I had nothing.

        Asking the state to which you and/or your family paid/pays taxes for assistance isn’t a sin. If you need help, that’s what it’s there for.

        Also, just a little bit of wisdom I picked up along my way in life: what other people do, or do not, receive in life shouldn’t be of your concern. Do what you have to do for yourself. What they have doesn’t affect what you may be entitled to. All that does is take away your sense of inner peace. If people with substance abuse problems also get SSI and Medicaid, it’s not my issue. My issue is my own health and well-being. I had to fight for what I needed, but it wasn’t drug addicts who got in my way, it was just a matter of getting the government to see my problems more clearly. I don’t have time to worry about who else gets what, I’m too busy concentrating on my own health. The only person who affects me is me, other than a Congress that I mostly didn’t vote for, so I worry about the things that are within my power, and all else is background noise.

        • Desiree

          Did JESUS quit his job????
          I am really curious. NO ONE & I mean NO ONE in this world has the right to take a life away from someone who does not have the money or insurance that covers a medication or or a procedure, that will cure a condition or disease, a person is suffering. Medicare is doing just that. GET IT? That would be taking over GOD’s job of deciding who should LIVE & who should die. Basically your saying the rich will live & the poor will die., right. Also you don’t have time to worry about other peoples issues on covering what illness they have, did you ever stop & think that sharing your procedure to cover your illness more thoroughly how much you would be helping others suffering like you. WHAT, NO you didn’t. I hope that this would be your answer, if not your day before the man upstairs is going to be 1000 x more difficult then Medicare could ever be. GOOD LUCK YOU ARE GOING TO NEED IT.

    • burrell.k.allen

      My name is Burrell Allen and I have been trying to get my benefits reinstated or expected since March. As of right now I have been told that my benefits are going through since I am a unemployable disabled veteran with a 70% rating. I’ve already lost my main means of transportation and I have a motorcycle left that I will lose as of the 20th of September I am not trying to make a complaining issue of this I would just like to know if I have a chance to save my motorcycle from repossession or if I can find a way to get released of my brand from being psychologically unemployable.

      • R.F.

        Hi Mr. Allen, for your security, we do not have access to personal information in this venue. Please continue working with your local office or call our toll free number, 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) and ask to speak with one of our representatives, who are available Monday through Friday between 7:00am and 7:00pm.

    • Gary l.

      Fuck ssdi you pay in all your life and if you’re a working white man and apply you get treated like a criminal . I guess you have to be a wet back or a black women from Africa with a bunch of kids that you don’t even know who’s the father . The people that collect ssdi are not the people that paid into the system . With all crooked judges , lawyers , so called doctor’s , security and lazy self serving employees I am surprised anyone gets benefits .

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