Compassionate Allowances: Five Conditions Added to Fast Track

Quickly and accurately processing disability claims is important to us. It is through this commitment to you that we use the Compassionate Allowances program to help us identify and fast-track cases where people have diseases that are most likely to be approved for disability benefits.

On August 20, 2018, we added five conditions—Fibrolamellar Cancer, Megacystis Microcolon Intestinal Hypoperistalsis Syndrome (MMIHS), Megalencephaly Capillary Malformation Syndrome (MCAP), Superficial Siderosis of the Central Nervous System, and Tetrasomy 18p—to this essential list. Additions to the list allow us to ensure that those of you with qualifying disabilities can quickly receive the benefits you need.

Under the Social Security Act, we consider you disabled if you can’t work due to a severe medical condition that is expected to last at least one year, or result in death. More than 500,000 people with serious disabilities have been approved through this fast-track disability process, and the list of conditions is currently at 233 and growing. This list includes diseases such as pancreatic cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and acute leukemia.

The Compassionate Allowances program hurries help to those with the most severe conditions. If you, a friend, or family member have a severe condition, please visit our Compassionate Allowances website for more information about the program, including a list of all Compassionate Allowance conditions.


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    • Hi Jessica. You may find our listing of impairments useful. The Social Security Act sets out a very strict definition of disability, much different than the requirements for other government programs.
      We pay disability benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. No benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability.
      To learn more about the process we use to decide if you are disabled under our rules, visit our Disability Planner: How We Decide If You Are Disabled. Thanks!

      • Buenos dias! the courts find guilty plea of a fraud social security ID on my SS number stolen at my work/job by a employee 30 years ago, calling me, earls spending income disabled

  1. Not counting the two previous denials(Lack of medical records) I’ve been waiting since January for a determination. I’ve made sure to have everything accessible to SSA this time. So, now I wait. I can’t even look for an apartment or risk taking a job(not that I’m hireable).

    • I understand how you feel trust me. I have epilepsy; and in September of I suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost all cabinet ability and had to have brain surgery in a lot of Rehabilitation. I entered on duty for the Department of Homeland Security six months after that for some reason I rebounded very well but the long-term ramifications of a TBI or non noun and they caught up with me and so I went on leave without pay for I’m still on it and I’ve had an administrative hearing and the general bucket letter denial, if it were not for my Father I would be dead.
      I sometimes get the “backlog” issues but I do not think they want me back in a trauma room again!
      Hang Tuff~

    • Have you had a hearing with Social Security yet? Once you do, things go pretty quickly. I don’t know your circumstances, but if no one in your household is working, you can receive public assistance while waiting for your acceptance or denial. You will have to pay the funds (and they will not give you much) back out of your settlement check.

    • Hang in there. If you take a job, any know no of job they deny your claim again because you are employable. The will only justification their previous denial. I was going to school, online snd was told if I could do that then I was eligible for SSI. I was shocked to hear that, and seeing that I was struggling and falling behind, I dropped out.

  2. If HR1205 is approved for Windfall, is it going to be eligible to people who decided to go ahead and take their SSA at 62 because they weren’t going to get hardly anything anyway.

  3. I have severe health issues. This has been a on going problem for yrs An getting worse . Major depression losing everything I worked so hard for my whole life , An not being able to do my job as a hair stylist an makeup artist has torn me apart. I have to keep feet an legs propped up 80% of the day. Feet an legs swell badly to were the bust open An fever is like hot coals I’m trying to walk. My hearing was in April 2018 I am patiently waiting on a peice of mail given me a decision! Pray everything is complete. Ty

    • Hi Shelley, I pray you got your answer!! I am waiting on a answer for the exact same reason. I feel for you as that swelling and busting open and burning like being branded is so bad. I am praying not to lose my legs. I to can’t work as a pharmacy technician any more because of this condition. Good luck to you. I would love to know what the outcome of your answer was. Will be praying for you .

  4. My Son has end stage terminal liver disease. He has not been able to work for some months now. He is 50 yrs old. He has no money coming in at all and I am unable to work due to severe back trouble and diabetic perifial neuropathy. My son gets food stamps but is getting ready to be homeless. So he will have to live with me and I only draw $1,360 from SS. I was getting $15 a month for food stamps. My son has no insurance and no money to pay for insurance because he is unable to work. What can we do. He needs medical help. I am 70 and just barely getting by. My rent takes most of my pay. I cannot afford to move. What can I do. We live in Columbia County Ga

    • We are sorry to hear of your son’s medical condition, Linda. Your son may qualify for Disability Benefits.
      We pay disability benefits through two programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The SSI program is a needs-based program that pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources. SSDI benefits are based on earnings and are not subject to income and resource limits. See “Ways to Apply” for more information.
      Also, some individuals may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which they live. These services include Medicaid, free meals, housekeeping help, transportation or help with other problems. You can get information about services in your area from your state or local social services office. Or you can visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) web page for more information.
      We hope this information helps!

  5. I have 5 vertebrae that have decentigrated disc in my lower back and have diabetes that prevents me from working. Can you help me?

    • Hello Roy, we are sorry to hear about your medical difficulties. Disability benefits are paid to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to result, end in death. Social Security pays only for total disability — no benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability.
      We pay disability benefits through two programs: The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and The Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is a needs-based program that pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are based on earnings and are not subject to income and resource limits. If you think you are disabled under our rules, you can apply for disability online. Thanks.

  6. Hi my name is Dewayne Bernard English. Government disability’s program, s is to help us notified our eligible to apply and get approved for I benefit. How ever, program, s you get medical assistant, bank loans, or for other purposes program, s. And others benefit assistant .

  7. It’s not a big secret that waiting for SSI approval is so that the attorney/advocate will have a substantial amount of money to collect out of the recipients’ lump sum payment. The poor and disabled are considered ignorant and willing to have a substantial portion of their rightful benefit given away to the middleman. And the wait to nourish that middleman can be deadly to a very ill person. If the system were not filthy corrupt, an applicant would be approved or not within 30 days, using a list of qualifying conditions and without paying those professionals waiting in the wings for their own cut – for examining the patient for things entirely unrelated to their actual illness or disability. Fill that wait time and pay another leech; that’s the way to do it!

    • There’s no requirement that you hire an attorney. If you believe that you need someone to help you with your Social Security disability claim, then you can look for & hire a non-attorney disability representative who’s been certified by SSA instead of a lawyer, maybe that person will charge less. You can also represent yourself or have a friend help you (if that person will help you for free). Also, attorneys don’t get paid unless you win, and they will earn more if they can handle a maximum number of cases, i.e., have a good turnover. So they don’t have much of an incentive for dragging out cases. Most of the delay is due to about 20 years of Congress refusing to adequately fund SSA’s administration (not the trust funds but the people who work on, process claims for all types of Social Security benefits).

      A majority of Congress has been operating on this premise: want to make people believe ‘government doesn’t work”? Defund the agency, understaff it, overload remaining staff, and for sure it WON’T work well, and then you can claim that “gov’t doesn’t work.” That’s what’s been happening w/SSA.

      Or what happened w/the VA–no additional funding starting in 2003, because apparently no soldiers, etc., were going to be injured/partially or fully disabled by the military “actions” in Afghanistan or Iraq. So, just as during the Vietnam war, VAMCs were unprepared for the greatly increased number of patients they had to deal with. Thank you Congress, thank you, Chief Executives.

      Notice that the “defense budget” has increased alot over the past 20 years, despite cases of fraud, corruption, etc., and no full audit completed by the DoD in 20 years or more, unlike other federal agencies.

      • I might add that when you vote for less government, the people you are voting for will not cause any lessening of government to their donors. It is you that bears the brunt of offices closing, reduced staffs and other cuts. You are only needed for your vote. Perhaps instead of watching TV shows that are not news, but propaganda meant to make you angry and resentful, you can obtain facts instead. Stop voting against your own interests.

  8. I am a 100% disabled veteran with an artificial left hip. right shoulder, reconstructed left knee, herniated disk in my lower back and I am unable to work. Do I qualify for Social Security disability, I am currently receiving Social Security as a senior citizen at 66 years old?

    • Thank you for your service, Robert! When a person has reached his or her full retirement age (Currently 66) and is receiving Social Security retirement, they are not longer eligible for disability benefits. Thanks.

  9. We need more assistance…. Please. Poor living situations don’t make for easy healing or transition to stronger mindsets and the feeling we matter. So hard to move forward amidst instability and insecurity of where we will be next week – or, tmrw….

  10. I have been fighting US Army CRSC, all my physical damage is Combat related since 2002 and have been getting my retirement by CRSC, but in year 2010 I was awarded 50% disability also combat related by the VA making me 100% Permanent and Total, but was denied PTSD, and was denied CRSC because I was not awarded a Purple heart, nor a CIB I am a Combat Engineer not an infantryman, in some cases our mission is deadlier then any infantry job we the engineers up to Vietnam, got no recognition for Combat. I need help to prove I served in Taiwan from Aug1958 to almost mid 1959 those that want to check : I re-enlisted 1958, and was assigned to Fort Bliss, Texas and to: A Btry. 2nd BN. 71 st Artillery and traveld with that unit to Taiwan to defend the Formosa straights.against the Communist Chinese and from there to Okinawa,Japan to: D. Btry., 2nd BN, 56th Artillery mid 1959. CRSC says I was never there.there for no pay for PTSD Gilberto Garcia 3196

  11. Why are you sending me these emails, I don’t and never have had cancer.. Could you please respond with an explanation?.

  12. I have numerous health issues and among them are High blood pressure, diabetes, pulmonary embolisms DVTs, diabetic neuropathy, lymphedema,, chronic bronchitis, severe breathing difficulties, (shortness of breath), recently another lung disease my pulmonologist mentioned but I didn’t “take it in”, pneumonia at least once a year, I have had both hips replaced, 8 knee surgeries, so many back procedures(over 50) and more to come, anemic, low white blood cell counts, congestive heart failure, A-fib, recently they wanted to amputate my foot due to a freak accident while I was in the hospital and went through 30 oxygen chamber treatments, several skin graphs, plastic surgery, malignant cancer removed from my leg, foot drop, both types of arthritis, I have a bacterial infection that will not go away and have been recommended to see an infection decease specialist, my eyes are deteriorating at a rapid rate, so I have been recommended to make an appointment with a retina specialist. I just had 4 cavities filled and they want to put bridges in the rear areas of my mouth my teeth in the rear area, and I just have not had the time or the money to take care of these conditions, it is a full time job to treat myself take the meds, purchase the meds in itself, however I push myself on a daily basis. And I am certain I missed a few other conditions that I am missing and things could be worse for me, as they are in some other people. I always feel very weak and energyless and a burden on my wife, and it has taken it’s toll on her, currently it has divorce written all over it, The last thing I need is to be pushed and to explain over and over and over again to every Doctor each time, I need a break. I need a break from Doctors. The meds alone and tracking them is a full time job. I am just Doctored out, everytime I go to a doctor they come up with something else. Doctor elimination and drug elimination are my goals. These 2 things may get me back to work part-time, and thats a big maybe. I can nor tell from day to day if I am going to make it to the bathroom in time without xxxxx all over the place. This is a short list of my ailments. I had a back procedure done yesterday 8-22-18 and it went better than expected but it takes 2 weeks to know, my blood sugar levels are in the mid 200’s and very hard to manage keep up with convince Dr’s more insulin can we go back to the insulin that worked great etc. Tomorrow I am seeing a new podiatrist because my current one is probably in cahoots with the hospital that never sent me a bill for the accident that happened there. Huge setback. I am getting attorneys involved here. When I called my current podiatrist the receptionist was going to transfer me ,however I heard in the background him whispering to her. Never got a call back….ay not be the doc’s fault I truly believe they are trying to help but this pertains to the tray that the food gets serve on. I am not a person to sue whatsoever, but, there comes a time when you work so hard to get your life back and a freak accident happens that should have been avoided and things would be different, it makes me go berserk. Thanks for letting me vent, I needed that. I am all for getting better and doing something for society, it is my goal to re-establish my pride. Next week I am scheduled to see a psychologist as part of another requirement Medicare forces you to complete to have a test with an electrical stimulator for my back for 2 weeks, if it works they will install it for it’s battery life of 10 years which will be great however that leaves me with breathing issues that have been horrible here with these fires in the upper northwest. My swollen foot, my blindness, my neuropathy, here I go again. Bye for now I am done for the moment just irritated and taking it out on someone I have never even met my apologies. DA

  13. I’m glad to see that you’re adding to the CA list. There are probably another 200 illnesses that could be added but these 5 are a nice start.

  14. Im 60 yrs old and Ive been on social security for 4 yrs. Now why Am I only getting 760 a month.I should receive more then that.I cant servive on that .Please help me. Thank You

  15. Please include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalisis. I had to stop working before I had planned because of CFS.

  16. Please consider adding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalisis to this category. I stopped working before I had planned because of CFS, from which I still suffer.

  17. what about those suffering dementia and/or Alzheimer are they on the list? Not just the people helping them, but the ones suffering.

  18. I’m not sick or disabled, and I can live for up to 100 years without getting paid. Ssn Just want to ssn number for social accuracy only. Do not know if it’s impractical or illegal?

    • Hi Judy: We pay disability benefits through two programs: the Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

      When you receive disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, we will automatically convert your disability benefits to retirement benefits, when you attain your Full Retirement Age. The benefit amount will generally remain the same.

      On the other hand, if you’re receiving disability benefits under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, and become eligible for any other Social Security benefits on your own record or the records of others (e.g., retirement benefits) you are required to apply for those benefits as soon as you’re eligible. SSI is a needs based program intended for disabled adults that have limited income and resources so additional income can affect SSI eligibility. To get a thorough explanation, please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Or you can contact your local office directly. Thanks.

  19. The “fast track” shows apathy seldom seen in the government. I had 5 strokes and I was fast tracked. I only wish that our legislators would follow this up by allowing our primary physicians prescribe legitimate pain medication without intimidation. Few of us that have chronic pain are abusing medication, only trying to get by. Now we have another problem to address. Please help us, not punish us.
    Harry Lee

  20. I have severe Spinal Conditions & non stop pain Somedays I cant do anything Due to Nerurological issues, I really could use help,Also I’ve worked as RN
    and miss working w people, , Feel betrayed
    Alone Depressing, Worked My entire life, Need another Surgery Neck getting worse And Law firm Taking my home, Illegally Ocwen.Peirce The attorneys, All Fraudulent Look them up So I’M AFRAID My#SS goes to.lawyers 6 years now , Tired of fighting, Tired of pain . Proved my case ,paperwork wasn’t entered properly Have Son Was in Heart failure from a med , Needs aTrade,. Education has ADD still symptoms from Heart, Worry about him Especially if Demons take our home Tryed work and never got a break & abusive.! I’m mentally physically done. Never thought Id be in this situation. ; Courts lawyers stole from Me & Worried sick

  21. Our 42 year old son is diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer Stage 4. As well as how incredibly sad and devastating this is to our family, there is always the worry of his being unemployed and not having insurance to treat this terrible long-term illness. Due to his research on-line he found out about the ability of Social Security to fast track his application for benefits. Thank-You doesn’t even begin to cover how much it means to us and I am sure so many others.

  22. Is severe arthritis considered one of the things that you can get on with? I need both my shoulders replaced and I have 1 hip that is really bad. Right now I help my 95 year old Mom so I cant get anything done Not sure that I want to either.

  23. As a former employee (1960s) of SSA, I remain just a little more knowledgeable about stringent eligibility rules for disability benefits than “the man on the street”. Within the last two years our daughter-in-law has battled ovarian cancer (surgery plus continuing chemo) with the gut-wrenching prognosis for her future health. Those many years ago, I remember how difficult it was to comfort eligible beneficiaries of the “six-month waiting period” before benefits were payable. THANK YOU for the compassionate allowance provision that was applicable in her case.

  24. I don’t have enough for my meds or groceries after being cut 187.00 a month on SS is there any help for me. Thank you

  25. Of course, SSDI reviews are mandated by law, and most disability claims are based on diagnoses like bipolar and schizophrenia which are garbage diagnoses that can be cured without the use of psychiatric drugs. 7 years after I cured bipolar, and you still have done nothing about my case. Reviews are the law, your paltry benefits aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, and medicare is too god damn expensive. Update your horrific program.

  26. Does getting fasttrack approval of a SSDI claim mean that (1) the 5 month waiting period before cash monthly benefits start is waived? and (2) the 24 month period before the disabled person becomes entitled to Medicare benefits is waived?

    • Hi. Thank you for the question. The Compassionate Allowances program helps us identify and fast-track cases where people have diseases that are most likely to be approved for disability benefits. It does not mean the 5-month waiting period or the 24-month Medicare waiting period is waived. However, individuals with ALS or permanent kidney failure are exempt from the 24-month waiting period for Medicare.

  27. Why do we have to wait In line for 3-4 plus hours just to turn in a death certificate so u can stop benefits on someone who passed away and there are no beneficiaries?????

    • Hi Corey. In most cases, the funeral home will report the person’s death to Social Security. If you want them to do that, you will need to give the deceased’s Social Security Number to the funeral director so they can make the report. You can also report a death by calling us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). You can speak to a Social Security representative between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  28. Need help with meds my Medicaid won’t cover saying my slots are full. It’s monthly what my doctor has me on . Awaiting disability hearing decision . 3 rd time around ty

    • Hi Shelley. Some individuals may be eligible to receive additional assistance from the state where they live; while they wait for a final determination on their disability claim. These services include Medicaid, free meals, housekeeping help, transportation or help with other problems.

      You can get information about services in your area from your state or local social services office. You can also visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services web page for more information. Thanks.

  29. I plan on reducing the number of hours and pay for the next 3 years. Will that change the amount of social security I will receive at 70 years old? I know you take the last 30 years to calculate the SS amount, which currently would be $3,016. per month.

    • Hi Carol, thank you for the question. A Social Security retirement benefit is calculated by using your highest 35 years of earnings. If you do not have 35 years of earnings, we will use all of the earnings on your record and factor in an annual total of $0.00 earnings for each of the remaining years.

      Social Security has an online calculator called a Retirement Estimator that provides immediate retirement benefit estimates based on your actual Social Security earnings record. Plus, it also allows you to create “what if” scenarios. You can, for example, change your “stop work” dates or expected future earnings to create and compare different retirement alternatives.

      See our Benefits Planner: Retirement web page for more on obtaining benefit estimates.

  30. My husband was denied twice. We are in line for the hearing they looked again and denied him again. However, the day they denied him for the 3rd time, he was diagnosed with a disease that is on the compassionate allowance list. When speaking with my attorney and the SS office, they said it was probably too late and we will have to wait in line until next November and December 2019. How can we overcome this issue.

    • Lorraine, we are sorry to hear about your husband’s disability. If his hearing was recently denied, he may ask the Appeals Council to review his case within 60 days of receiving the decision from the Administrative Law Judge. Your husband can provide additional evidence when he files his request for a review. If the Appeals Council decides to review the case, it will either decide the case itself or return it to an administrative law judge for further review.

      If he needs help requesting a review, contact your local Social Security office, your local hearing office or call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  31. I’m looking into short term disability I’ve been off work since july 11 2018 do to a stroke and im currently under doc. Care and doing rehab

  32. My brother has renal failure,I helped apply for SSI AND DISABILITY for him, and months later he still has no answer! He has papers from his kidney doctors saying he absolutely can no longer work and all his surgeries and constant hospital stays in ICU,which I turned in to Social Security and still waiting! He has nothing,he is living with me and my husband,which we live on Social Security,so trying to help him has put us in financial stress but he is my brother!!! I will not let him have nowhere to go!!! I just don’t understand how this can take so long with all the paperwork I have from doctors saying he is totally and permanently disabled!!!

    • We are sorry to hear of your brother’s medical situation, Shirley. The length of time it takes to get a medical decision can vary from state to state. We attempt to resolve all claims promptly, but there may be delays due to the volume of pending cases in your area.
      To follow up on the status of his claim, your brother should continue working with his local Social Security office. He can request to speak with the office manager to see how we can help expedite the processing of his claim. If unable to visit the local office, he can call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
      Your brother may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which he lives, while he waits for a medical determination. These services include Medicaid, free meals, housekeeping help, transportation or help with other problems. You can help him get information about services in your area by contacting your local social services office. Or you can visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services web page for more information. Thanks.

  33. I have had four surgeries since 2016. First stage breast cancer, hip replacement with right knee cartilage repair, and surgery to lift my bladder. Now I am suffering with Sciatica in my left leg. All my complications have been brought on by my osteoarthritis and my L4, L5 in my back are bulging. Would I be qualified for Disability if I have been on Medicare since 2014. I have turned 70 this August 24. I have not tried to set an appointment with Social Security since I was told that ones on SS that we wouldn’t be considered.

  34. I have my health issues just like many others and definitely a major shortage of support and even less assistance from community support services. I know listing all my ailements and issues here won’t help me or my situation any better. I’d just like to get some sincerity and genuine concern from someone one day when I try to get help. People have become so unempathetic.
    I’d just like to say that YOU matter to someone and You are strong! Don’t give up on You.. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle at some time.

  35. First & foremost, I have nothing but respect for the massive volume of work your agency has to process. I am however a bit frustrated because I lost my job due to disability (I was a New York State employee) and am collecting a small pension. I was denied for Social Security, appealed and am anxiously awaiting my hearing date or a favorable on the record decision. I have SEVERAL afflictions that contributed to my disability retirement but no single one is on the compassionate list. Is there any other outlet that I can utilize for emergencies? I applied for my appeal back in March of 2017. Again, I truly appreciate the volume that your agency processes, but is there any way that someone like me with multiple ailments, who has already been deemed permanently disabled by a state agency and am at the point where I am being forced to reduce my visits to my various doctors because I can’t afford the co-pays? For the time being I can afford my prescription co-pays (I retired with good insurance but I am on many medications and even with insurance the co-pays are significant), but I am about three months away from losing everything (i.e.-eviction, judgments for unpaid medical bills, tax penalties/judgments for late payments, etc.) and unless something happens soon, I am not sure how I or where I am going to go next.

    One of my children is under 18 so my denial is also holding up benefits that he is entitled to as well. I am grateful for my state pension but I would have liked to have worked for many more years and since that will not be happening, my pension will remain fairly small with respect to what my lost salary was.

    Any advice you can offer would really be appreciated. Thank you again for all the hard work you guys do to help people at the worst time of their lives. Even though I was denied, I will say that everyone from your agency that I have spoken with (either in person or on the phone) showed compassion and did their best to preserve my dignity. That was especially comforting and, sadly, rare with large agencies.

    • Hi Jeffrey. We appreciate your positive feedback. Our employees are committed to providing the public with the best service possible.

      We are sorry for the length of time it takes for a hearing. Some individuals may be eligible to receive additional assistance from the state where they live; while they wait for a final determination on their disability claim. These services include Medicaid, free meals, housekeeping help, transportation or help with other problems.

      You can get information about services in your area from your state or local social services office. You can also visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services web page for more information.

  36. HELP!!!!!HELP PLEASE!!!!!!
    My son, Richard Roy Johnson is only 42 years old and weights 600+POUNDS. He already granted dissability and is still waiting to become rlegible for MEDICARE…His health is quickly fading and he can NOT wait anylonger if he doesnt get coverage and gets a Bsrriatric Surgery, a Gastro ByPass he will die…Please I beg you DO something, he cant wait til February 2019 to start the 3-6 month process. HELP!
    Olga from Miami, FL

    • Hello Olga, you may want to check and see if your son is eligible to receive social services from the state in which you live. These services include Medicaid, which may help pay for medication that Medicare does not cover. You can get information about services in your area from your local social services office. Or you can visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services web page for more information.

  37. This is cool your in trouble, I’m not going to bring the common stuff that should be coved, you guys know better than to post stuff no one understands your job is to help. Where does cancer (Lymphoma) diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, depression, a vascular neucrosis, that lead to five hip replacements, and five years of waiting for SSA to answer one question. I can’t ask the question now, because you’re going to say oh we did take care of that here and pass me around like a motorcycle chick during initiation. If you’re interested chat back, Craig W Johnson

  38. Dear sirs and mms. (probaably wrong, I am old) I paid my doctor a lot of money last september, but i still did not get a card. Just cancelled check with my $75 state portion, which is surely not all that I had to pay. Lastly, one of YOUR wonderful people dow nloaded my picture from my new drivers license and I thought I wsould get my card by now. did thew online thing, nbut BERY BAD at it. PLEASE help an old olady hurt badly – mulriple slcerosis, psoriatic arthritis, some cancer, (mouth, arm, neck). PLEASE HELP ME! Can’t you just send my card? I am only using this computer right now, it is leaving here and postal is the only thing i have left, other than land line 941-460-6577 – Stolte, Dorothy A. – ****9540. June 12, 1949. PLEASE HELP ME, also need food. living on 1,100 mo, need help, crippled fingers, n9o computer and i have not any e=imail. or text. thank you, dorothy stolte

  39. I put in for disability back in June because I had s stroke and I have a drop foot which makes me use a Kane to walk. Since the stroke I lost strength plus I can’t last a long time walking

  40. I have sciatica, kidney disease, and a brain disease that causes migraines. How can I qualify for disability? I cannot afford to have an attorney.

    • Hi Laura. We pay disability benefits through two programs: the Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. To qualify for SSDI benefits, you must have worked long enough and recently enough in jobs covered by Social Security (usually within the last 10 years). The (SSI) program is a needs based program that gives cash assistance to disabled individuals with limited income and resources. We pay disability benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. If you think you may be eligible to receive disability benefits and would like to apply, you can use our online application.

      Applying online for disability benefits offers several advantages:
      • You can start your disability claim immediately. There is no need to wait for an appointment.
      • You can apply from the convenience of your home, or on any computer; and
      • You can avoid trips to a Social Security office, saving you time and money.

      If you are unable to file online, please call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday to make an appointment. For more information visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” web page on disability. Thanks!

  41. Hello, I am 62 1/2 years old currently working full time. I care for my mother whom is 92 years old and has no disabilities. I was wondering if there is a program that would allow me to retire early and care for her. She does not have a SS retirement as she moved from another country years ago. My concern is due to her old age and being alone is a growing concern for me.

    • Hi, Eduardo. Thanks for your question. We do not pay caregivers. However, you may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which you live. These services include free meals, housekeeping help, transportation, or help with other problems. To get information about services in your area and find out if you qualify, you will need to contact your state or local social services or welfare office. We hope this helps!

  42. Good afternoon. I am a medically retired veteran. I started receiving my SSD while on active duty and continue to receive do to my medical conditions. While looking at the medical conditions listed I believe Li-Fraumeni Syndrome should be included as a whole. I’ve had Liposarcoma twice at the age of 23 and 24 in my back which is one of the conditions listed. The age group that it is listed in is from age 40 and up, who would usually get this type of cancer. I’ve had stage 2 breast cancer once in the left breast at the age of 24 and stage 3 breast cancer in the right breast, then chest walls at the age of 25 and 34. I was diagnosed with skin cancer last year 2018. I lost my 9 yr old daughter in 2014 to an undetected brain tumor. My now 18 year old son was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma last September at the age of 17 who is still being treated for this condition which is also listed. He to has been diagnosed with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. I know Li-Fraumeni Syndrome is rare but it is out there and many who have it probably don’t know they have it unless tested. When I was first diagnosed in 2008 by my genetic doctor at WRAMC he was shocked. At that time it was known less than 400 families worldwide have been diagnosed with this. Now I believe it’s about 600 families that have been documented recently. I have doctors who are surprised that I am still alive.

    I tell people without the grace of God and my Tricare and Medicare I wouldn’t be here and for that I would like to say thank you.

    I still believe in a whole Li-Fraumeni Syndrome should be included.

  43. I wish I knew why it took so long to process Social Security and get a hearing if denied when so many people like myself end up losing their house due to waiting on SSI I owed 3 years on my house and I ended up losing it kind of sad all because I’ve been waiting over two years for Social Security finally he had my interview June 27th 2019 still waiting for a decision I hope it comes soon I really could use the money as soon as possible I just hope they somehow can start processing these clean sooner for people who hate to see more people either become homeless when they lose their home or Bruno end up losing their house if they work so long for just thank God I had a kid that I can move it with.. I lost so much waiting on this process I just hope they come up with a quicker solution in the future

  44. I am the caregiver to my 59 year old ex-husband who was diagnosed with Dementia earlier this year. His doctors believe it’s either early onset Alzheimers or Frontotemporal Dementa. He was fired from his job in January of this year due to cognitive decline. I filed a disability claim for him in early June after working for a few months to gather all necessary information required. It’s now almost four months since the claim was filed and still no resolve. I’ve left numerous messages with the department and have had no response. The Compassionate Allowances initiative has not worked for us! It sounds good and fair on paper but it hasn’t been applied to his claim and seems to have been completely ignored!

    • Hi Susan. Unfortunately, but for your security, we do not have access to your husband’s personal information on this Forum. In your situation, it is best to contact your local Social Security office. You may also call our toll free number, 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) and ask to speak with one of our representatives, who are available Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. We hope this helps.

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