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Commissioner Saul Communicates to Congress about the State of Social Security Services

April 26, 2021 • By

Last Updated: April 26, 2021

A photo headshot of SSA Commissioner Andrew SaulAndrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security, wrote to key members of Congress to raise awareness of the resources Social Security needs to recover from the ongoing pandemic and improve service.

“Since becoming Commissioner, I have focused our actions and our resources on efforts to improve the service we provide to the millions of people who turn to us for help. I have been clear in my budget requests about what it takes to improve service and maintain the integrity of our programs: both additional frontline staff to help people now, and information technology (IT) investments to improve our future,” said Commissioner Saul.  “2021 is a critical year to shape the agency for post-pandemic success, but our resource constraints will delay our recovery. I appreciate President Biden’s support of our needs with his FY 2022 budget request of nearly $14.2 billion for us, which is $1.3 billion more than what we received this year to operate our agency. No one anticipated the duration of the pandemic and the ongoing challenges it presents.”

For the full text of Commissioner Saul’s letter, please read our press release.

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  1. DM Klinik

    I hope this pandemic is over now.
    DM Klinik
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  2. john

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  3. And he’ss

    For all ssi people if you have overpayment it’s allowed to be put under bankruptcy and if you had to go in front of judge to get your check remember their name and call the hearing offices and tell them what ssa is doing call tops which is treasure offset program refill out waivers reconsideration forms check to go in front of the judge they are making everyone payback some type of overpayment on the internet look up how to handle overpayment poms and that’s their rules policies before they can collect they have to send you a letter detailing the overpayment send out chart showing the overpayment copies of all files checks etc pertaining to overpayment some overpayment are due to administrative employees giving misleading information to ssi ssdi people against good conscience equity hardship to repay not your fault if employees never failed your original paperwork also look up reports done by the general counsel that already found ssa at fault during 2010-2019 for violations of policies turn them in to the inspector general for their violations they have done against you also look up all class act lawsuits that ssa has already lost to and still had against them call those attorneys if they say that they investigated you it’s illegal because the hearing office does the investigation not the local field office also they are part of the 13 executive branches that also lost when America lost that’s why America is in a transitioning phase over to a new number one seer following lawsuit wrongdoing rare unusual special circumstances lawsuit with no loopholes for liberty justice prejudice on behalf of the people creatures creation suing ssa as individuals employees of representing the county city state America for everything in their name affiliated with anyway shape or form attached to anyway shape or form before you start of you after you including all those that have been done wrong and on going this will get the lawyers that filed the first one attention and the new seer attention that has already sued and is continuing to sue on behalf of everyone that’s American creatures creation and include in the lawsuit you want them to be made to be maid butler farm help denaturalization de citizenship de dual ship de multi ship on them and their family

  4. Ssi ssdi couple

    No one anticipated that ssa employees would violate their own ssi ssdi policies and hold ssi ssdi individuals responsible failure to process waivers reconsideration formal hearing informal hearing Supreme Court paperwork failure to update ssi ssdi individuals records giving misleading information to ssi ssdi individuals discrimination against individuals couples elderly handicap also ssa makig the mental retarded pay back overpayment when they have payee but keep in mind payee followed all rules but ssa punishes the mentally challenged admits they have the paperwork but they never filed it making people pay back what was already waived due to glitches etc from 2010-2017 during several government shutdowns and now yes all stimulus checks will be counted as resource according to ssa from one year after you receive stimulus check what the hell man haven’t updated ssi policy about in kind help counting help during state emergency national emergency global pandemic is wrong what the heck man ssa had been class act lawsuit against and ssa was found guilty wow if that doesn’t say corruption I don’t know what does

  5. James Connor

    Great topic here


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