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Get All Your Federal Benefit Payments in One Account Using Direct Payment

September 3, 2020 • By

Direct deposit is the safest and most convenient way to receive your benefit payment. In 2013, the Department of the Treasury issued a mandate to move away from checks as a method to deliver federal benefit payments. Since then, almost 99 percent of our Social Security beneficiaries have their payments deposited directly into their bank […]

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Coronavirus-Related Medicare Scam Alert  

April 6, 2020 • By

Since older Americans are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to remind Medicare beneficiaries to be vigilant and take precautions to avoid falling victim to healthcare fraud during this pandemic. We’re warning Medicare beneficiaries that scammers may try to use this pandemic to steal their Medicare number, banking information, or other personal data.

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National “Slam the Scam” Day

March 5, 2020 • By

Today is National “Slam the Scam” Day! What does that mean? We created National “Slam the Scam” Day to warn Americans about widespread phone scams where callers impersonate government officials, most often Social Security, to gain your trust and steal your money.  The most effective way to defeat scammers is by knowing how to identify […]

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Avoid Scams! Join the FTC and SSA During National Consumer Protection Week

March 2, 2020 • By

Want to protect yourself from identity theft and scams?  Learn how during National Consumer Protection Week, the first week of March.  This year, we at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have joined with Social Security to help protect you.

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A photo of Monica Vaca

Why I Serve

November 11, 2019 • By

On Veterans Day, we remember the men and women who bravely fought for our country, while also reflecting on our active duty heroes who are still risking their lives. I joined the military at age 17 —not because I was feeling patriotic, but because I was missing something in my life. I wanted a place […]

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A photo of Dennis Stehlar

Spreading the News About ABLE Accounts in the Disability Community

July 11, 2019 • By

On December 19th, 2019, the Stephen Beck, Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE) will be five years old. Why are we excited? Because this five-year-old has influenced 41,000 people to open ABLE accounts that can earn tax-free income.

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A mother and her two sons smiling for the camera

Once We Serve, We Always Serve

November 8, 2018 • By

When I made the decision to enlist in the Army, I knew it was a lifetime commitment, whether I was in uniform or not. Once we serve, we always serve. The esprit de corps of the military— integrity, fellowship, and loyalty — is resolute in the veteran community. The core elements — commitment to country, […]

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A photo of Gina Clemons

You’ve Worked Hard for the Money — Now Protect It!

June 18, 2018 • By

Most of us work hard to save and plan for our retirement. But there are people who work just as hard to take it away from us. Who are they? Phone scammers. While I was working from home the other day, my phone rang three times. A robotic voice told me that I was in […]

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Logo

Five Ways to Fight Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Financial Exploitation

June 14, 2018 • By

As Americans, we believe that people of all ages and abilities deserve to be treated fairly and equally and to live free from abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. Tomorrow, on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we join the world in recognizing the importance of elders to our communities and standing up for their rights. Here […]

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New Medicare Cards Are on the Way

May 17, 2018 • By

Did you know that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is sending new cards with new Medicare numbers to everyone with Medicare? Instead of your Social Security Number (SSN), your new Medicare card will include a new number unique to you. This will help to protect you against identity theft and protect Medicare from […]

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