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California Drivers Can Now Replace Their Social Security Card Online

April 24, 2017 • By

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Last Updated: November 3, 2023

woman sitting on laptop outside by the waterReplacing your lost or misplaced Social Security card doesn’t have to be a chore. Our online application makes getting a replacement card super easy. No sitting in traffic, a local office, or a Card Center.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added California to the growing list of 16 other states and the District of Columbia where you can use this service.  California joins Arizona, the District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin provided residents with online access to replace their cards.

If you own a California driver’s license or a state-issued identification card, you can now request their replacement Social Security card online through our secure my Social Security  portal. As long as you’re only requesting a replacement card, and no other changes, you can use our free online service from the comfort of your home, office, and even the beach.

You’ll need to create a my Social Security  account at

Because your security and protection matters to us, we protect your information by using strict identity verification and security features. The application process has built-in features to detect fraud and confirm your identity. Once you have a personal account, simply follow the instructions to replace your Social Security card. In many cases, even if you lost your card, you may not need a replacement. Most of the time, simply knowing your Social Security number is enough.

More than 100,000 people have replaced their Social Security card online through our safe, convenient, and secure systems. You can be next, as long as you meet certain requirements.

Visit our website to find out whether you can request your replacement Social Security online, and what the requirements are in your area at

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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. Bonasa u.

    I had no idea that there was a day for window safety. I suppose you can never be too careful. Nobody wants to have an accident or get hurt because of their windows. Maybe I should set up a plan with my family .

  2. M. O.

    I have just set up a my SS account for the sole purpose of getting a replacement ss card, but the website tells me I need to contact my local office!!! This is NOT what your article above says. I have a CA driver’s license and I am a citizen, but it is not giving me an option to handle this via the website. The worst part is that in the process it made me sign that I gave up my rights to paper statements, which I did not want to do. to get that reinstated I have to fill out a huge form and mail it in. This is completely non user friendly!!!!!

    • RICHARD M.

      I have a CA driver’s license and I am a citizen, but it is not giving me an option to handle this via the website.

      • Ray F.

        Hello Richard. If you need help with “my Social Security account“, please call 1-800-772-1213 for assistance. After you hear “Briefly tell me why you are calling,” say “Help Desk” for help with a my Social Security account. Sometimes, it might be best to visit your local Social Security office for further assistance.

    • Ray F.

      We are sorry you are having issues creating or accessing your account. Please call 1-800-772-1213 for assistance. After you hear “Briefly tell me why you are calling,” say “Help Desk” for help with a my Social Security account. Yes, sometimes, it might be best to visit your local Social Security office for further assistance.

  3. ante s.

    Well I would like to know how many “Dogs” will be collecting SSI !!! Ha ha he he

    • Jeff


      This doesn’t make it easier AT ALL to apply for an ORIGINAL Social Security card.

      Do you realize this is only for REPLACEMENT CARDS!

      Meaning a person would have to, at birth have a parent apply through the enumeration at birth process, an alien would have to apply face to face or a U.S. citizen that their parent never applied through the enumeration at birth process would at a later point in life would have to apply face to face to get an ORIGINAL card.

      All the rules are still the same, so no dogs will be collecting SSI………

  4. ante s.

    I know that we have all kinds of people in all walks of life, But you people takes cake, we do not have enough of corrupted People with double IDs and now Thanks to you we will now have Triple and Perhaps quadruplets that will collect on Social Security illegally and Disability.
    Thanks to stupid jerks like you!

  5. Tom

    States have to have the ability to allow verification of their records while protecting your personal information from intrusion. Many jurisdictions would prefer to charge a fee for this service and may balk at providing information (and for free) for any number of reasons. The federal government cannot compel the states to comply unless it is in federal law. As voters prefer more and more to allow states more freedom from federal mandates (based on who they are electing to Congress), you have to choose between your principles and your convenience. In my experience with too many people their principles go right out the window with the slightest hint of inconvenience. Not sure we should then call them principles…lol.

    • ante s.

      Oh boy You are joking “right”

  6. Ling W.

    The web-link for my social security listed is not working

  7. Takaphan j.

    Hi ssa mr Takaphan and nichanan jaruhungsin my wife willbe recipient retirement all program of llc business cotract of federal .gov to saving ssa account my start 63ages and my wife 62 sges at 2017 tell+66 0879363314 address 201 ,9 village banphan phonnakaie distict sakonnakon Thailand 47230

  8. Wilberto P.

    Why don’t you explain why so many states are lacking this ability?

    • Ray F.

      Hi Wilberto, you can rest assured that we will continue our efforts to provide the public with world-class service. We plan to expand this service in more states later on. Stay tuned!

    • Jeff

      Because The Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV MUST give access to their database so that The Social Security Administration is able to match the drivers license number or state i.d. number along with name and address information with the state.

      Certain states have not given access to their DMV database to The Social Security Administration, that is why Social Security can not match information to the other states.

      Once the state gives access to their DMV database, Social Security will be able to match information in those state and then issue a replacement Social Security card.

      So this is not Social Security’s fault that there are only about 20 states listed at this point. As more states give access to their DMV database, more states will be added.

  9. Jerry K.

    I am very concerned about this process. Some states give out drivers license without citizenship and apparently many non-citizens already have SS cards.
    This looks political to me!

    • Shauno

      The link above
      shows “You can use a my Social Security account to apply for a replacement Social Security card online if you:
      •Are a U.S. citizen age 18 or older with a U.S. mailing address (this includes APO, FPO, and DPO addresses);

      Sounds like there is nothing to be concerned about. I believe this is why they provide links. So that one can research further with facts, and not assumptions.

    • Ray F.

      Thank you for your comment Jerry. The Internet Social Security Number Replacement Card application (iSSNRC)— is an online application that will allow adult U.S. citizens who meet certain criteria to request replacement Social Security number cards through the Agency’s my Social Security portal.
      We strive to balance security and customer service options, and we want to ensure that our online services are both easy to use and secure. The my Social Security service has always featured a robust verification and authentication process, and it remains safe and secure.

  10. John C.

    When will Indiana be able to get replacement card on line?

    • Ray F.

      Hi John, We plan to expand this service in more states later on. Stay tuned!

      • ante s.

        Oh yes this is gimmick how to privatize SSI.
        Are you double agent employed as Lobbyist???

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