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April 18, 2022 • By

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Last Updated: April 18, 2022

Social Security Administration LogoWe are excited to share a preview of our new website coming this year. is one of our most important tools for providing service. You told us we need to make it simpler and easier to use. So, we created a new design. It was shaped by information we gathered from customer interviews. We looked more closely at how our customers seek information online, and new design best practices.

The new design – we call it our beta website – seeks to improve your online experience, so you can get to the information and services you need faster. We also include new interactive tools, like our new benefit eligibility screener. It’s a convenient way to learn if you might be eligible for benefits, without needing to know what benefit programs are available from Social Security.

We want your feedback

Your opinion is very important to us. We invite you to explore our beta website at and to use the “Feedback” button on the right side of the screen to tell us what you think. You can visit the website on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

The beta website is a work in progress. Some links you select may take you to webpages on the current Also, we are still working on the Spanish-language version of the beta website.

What’s next?

We plan to use the feedback we receive from you over the next few months to improve the beta website. Later this year, we will replace the current with the beta website’s design and information.

Thank you in advance for looking at the beta website and sharing your feedback!

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Grace M. Kim, Deputy Commissioner, Operations

Grace M. Kim, Deputy Commissioner, Operations


  1. Dana S.

    Clean and simple. I like it.

  2. Landon L.

    Prioritizing a more accessible online experience for individuals who rely on the Social Security Administration is a great idea. This effort will improve their ability to communicate with the organization and make it easier for both parties to exchange important documentation in a less complex and complicated system to understand.

    Thank you,
    I look forward to seeing these changes.

  3. Margaret K.

    Seems okay though claimants who are appealing should be advised that they can proceed on their own or retain representation that doesn’t have to be paid unless they get paid. Just as glad it doesn’t have all those silly pictures.

  4. ERIC L.

    So glad that local offices are resuming in person visits. Everyone will give you advice about SS, but the most knowledgeable people with the correct answers to your questions are found at your local SS office!

  5. Tom F.

    Would love to know which public thought this would be an improvement or would make such suggestions?

  6. Patty W.

    One cannot self-select their gender.
    This is common sense.
    Please speak truth.

    • Marc

      That’s correct. You’re born with the genetic blueprint you have. Including your brain and your endocrine system, which determine what your sexual orientation is. In other words, if you are inside a body with male gonads but your endocrine system and brain are wired female, a sex change operation makes you able to live as you feel. Sexuality is NOT a “choice;” people don’t choose to be gay, straight, or transparent, it’s all the way you were born. Just as you’ve said here.

  7. Tanny M.

    It looks like this will replace MySSA?
    I don’t need to access the site often so it’s a real nuisance to have to change my password every time, I don’t understand why that’s necessary. Otherwise, I like the look of this page, it’s clean, easy to read. Good to have the Blog post info at the bottom and keep the bullet point links facing.

  8. John H.

    old one was much better — sleeker, more sophisticated. This one looks so blah! How many federal GS employees grades 13 and up were paid to come up with this?!?!?
    You keep people out of the office for 2 years, reopen and stress that online is still the way to go and present this as the updated website? Very disappointing.

  9. Celeste

    I plead for SSA to allow participants living outside the US to be able to log in to an online SSA account. Medicare already allows this. Thank you.

    • Randy

      Hi, I’m in Germany and it took forever. Finally, I was able to enroll with ” ID ME”
      I had to get a headset with microphone then log in and wait about 10 minutes. Eventually, someone came on and asked me to hold a couple of pieces of ID, Passport etc. up to the camera. Now, I have access to “My SSA”. Good luck.

  10. President D.

    Thanks for your Commitment President
    Donnie Duane Jackson Sr CEO of the United States World Goddard of the Universe Greece and Greek origin & United Nations of Alexandria Louisiana Rapides Parish

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