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How to Spot an Imposter Social Security Social Media Account

February 29, 2024 • By

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Do you know how to spot fake Social Security social media accounts? The tips below will help you protect yourself and your family. How fraudsters create imposter accounts Fraudsters create imposter social media pages and accounts using Social Security-related images and jargon, making them appear as if they’re associated with or endorsed by us. They […]

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person reviewing information on smartphone and laptop computer

Protecting Yourself from QR Code Fraud

February 22, 2024 • By

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Quick Response codes, better known as QR codes, are a very popular way to get information. QR codes are scannable barcodes that will direct you to a website. There are many legitimate and helpful uses for QR codes, from paying for parking to viewing a restaurant menu. But since scammers often use QR codes to carry […]

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Person using a smart phone

Social Security Publishes Proposed Rule for Payroll Information Exchange to Reduce Improper Payments

February 15, 2024 • By

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Today, the Social Security Administration published a proposed rule, “Use of Electronic Payroll Data to Improve Program Administration,” describing the agency’s plans for accessing and using information from payroll data providers to reduce improper payments, including overpayments, which improves service to customers. Unreported, late reported, and incorrectly reported earnings are often a cause of overpayments […]

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Social Security Administration Seal

SSA’s Equity Action Plan 2023 Update

February 14, 2024 • By

Reading Time: 1 Minute

As the new Commissioner of Social Security, I am dedicated to ensuring equitable access to our programs and high-quality service for everyone seeking our help. In line with the Administration’s whole-of-government approach to deliver better outcomes for the American people, I’m pleased to share our Equity Action Plan 2023 Update. Our equity work supports progress […]

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Social Security Administration Logo

Protect Yourself from Identity Thieves

February 8, 2024 • By

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information to impersonate you or steal from you. Did you know the consequences of identity theft are not just financial? These crimes have significant effects on relationships at work and home. They impact physical, mental, and emotional health and lead to lost opportunities for victims that are […]

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Couple using a laptop

Disabled LGBTQI+ Youth and SSI

February 1, 2024 • By

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Roughly 2 million LGBTQI+ youth attend public and private high schools across the United States. About 15% of students today receive special education services – and 1/3 of those students have learning disabilities. Students who are both LGBTQI+ and have a disability often lack the resources necessary to perform well at school. Tools to Succeed […]

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Two people walking up the stairs in a school setting

Social Security Improves Customer Experience Ranking

January 25, 2024 • By

Reading Time: 1 Minute

We’re committed to improving customer service by providing more access to our programs and services, and our efforts have paid off. We’re proud to announce that Social Security’s ranking on Forrester’s 2023 Customer Experience Index increased by 3.3 points – the only agency on the list to make a significant gain. We achieved this higher […]

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Couple reviewing information on a laptop

SOAR Programs and Social Security

January 18, 2024 • By

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

National Network for Youth (NN4Y) is dedicated to transforming systems so that no young person in America experiences homelessness. In the United States, roughly 4.2 million young people— one in 10 young adults ages 18 to 25 and one in 30 youth ages 13 to 17— experience homelessness each year. Of those, about 700,000 are unaccompanied […]

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people holding hands

Learn About Social Security Online in 2024

January 11, 2024 • By

Reading Time: 1 Minute

Our programs touch the lives of more than 71 million people. We work hard to ensure critical benefits and other services are accessible to you. Consider the start of the new year as an opportunity for you to engage with us online. This begins with creating your free and secure personal my Social Security account. […]

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senior woman looking into the distance while using a smart phone and laptop

How We Serve People Who Have Limited English Proficiency

January 4, 2024 • By

Reading Time: 1 Minute

We have resources in many languages to help people with limited English proficiency (LEP). By addressing language and other barriers, we can help more people access Social Security programs, services, and benefits. Our free interpreter services are available to people who prefer to conduct business in a language other than English. We offer interpreters in […]

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