1 Million Social Security Replacement Cards and Counting

hand holding social security card Your Social Security number is your first and continuous link with Social Security, so losing your card can be frustrating. Luckily, there’s a way to replace your card when you need it, with our online replacement card service. It’s quick, easy, and free! Now, more than one million people have requested a replacement card through our service, and we’re still adding states to the list of those who can use the online service!

To replace your card online, first you’ll need to log in to or create your my Social Security account. We protect your personal information using identity verification and security features. Your security and protection are what matter most; you can take control of your future with secure access to your information anytime, anywhere!

You’ll also need to meet certain requirements. You must be a United States citizen age 18 or older with a U.S. mailing address, can’t be requesting a name change or any other change to your card, and must have a driver’s license or state-issued identification card from a participating state. We’ve just added Colorado, Montana, New York, and Wyoming to Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware (driver’s license only), the District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin (driver’s license only).

Keep in mind that in many cases, even if you lost your card, you may not need a replacement. In most cases, simply knowing your Social Security number is enough. But if you do need a replacement, we make it easy. Once you log in to your account, you can follow the instructions to request your replacement Social Security card online.

Learn more about getting a replacement Social Security card and find out if you can request yours online by visiting our Social Security number and card page. No matter where, how, or when you decide to do business with us — we strive to provide the best experience and services to put you in control. Join the million people who have already gone online to request their Social Security cards!


62 thoughts on “1 Million Social Security Replacement Cards and Counting

  1. I am locked out of my online SS account because I had forgotten my User ID and Password that I had set it up with years ago. How can I enter my online account now?

  2. Great idea. Wish it had been in place when my car broken into in New Mexico and all my id stolen and had to get a new drivers license and had to get a ss card to get license. Was a nightmare.

  3. Cannot create an online account for my social security number, is the response I get when I try to set up my online account
    Please help me!!!!.

  4. I had heard that SS was issuing a new card to replace all current cards but had not seen anything lately. Is this still happening?
    Thank you!

  5. I have an issue with saying that in many cases a person does not need a social security card, only to know the number. Anyone hired for a new job is required to show 2 pieces of ID, and one of those is their eligibility to work in the USA, one of those being a social security card or birth certificate for example. . It is much easier to apply for an receive a new ss card, as they are FREE, than to have to apply for a new birth certificate at a cost of anywhere from $20.00 and up. ID’s must be provided to the new employer no later than 3 days after hire date or they will be terminated – it some one relies on your information above they stand to lose a new job.

  6. I found that I need to go to local SS office to get a replacement card ??? If I read your information correctly…I thought that I could do it on-line??

  7. Need new card, tried on line will not accept my info. Then asked for my old address that I can’t remember. It was in RI?

  8. I challenge Mr. Borland to use his system as a new benefits applicant would and then have the nerve to write so positively about all his SS system ‘improvements’. After endless hours of call waiting times and flimsy excuses for the lack of personal service, he might want to change jobs or his career aspirations? Seems like all those 50 million customers are jamming up the telephone communications simultaneously and/or 99% of their UNTRAINED personnel workforce were substitutes for their April, Social Security month ‘celebration’.
    As an MBA degreed management consultant, I know what I am talking about!

  9. I called 4/25-2018. I get a call from S.S.I. . On my phone (520-272-7616). I got from you but it was 40 min. to what. The all I get is someone I don’t now. Is someone have my (—/–/—-). I hope not. I got no Password to my to put in a ID..

  10. How can I make a change of address without waiting on hold on the telephone for two to three hours. Thank you.

  11. Implement a call back system so I am not hanging on the telephone for two to three hours. All I want is a change of address. Thank you. Address to mail the request versus telephone wait time. I will pay 50 cents for postage.. Congressmen please help an old person.

  12. Can i use my sister’s address to sign up for my account since i don’t have an addtess stateside?
    I became disabled in 2010 and have not returned to U.S. eversince.

  13. I have lost my Social Security Card.
    I have retired and reside in Belize, Central America,
    I do not receive a Social Security pension.
    But I have been asked to show my Social Security by Citi Bank.



    • The truth is that after nearly 40 years of “government is the problem”, it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. SSA has lost over 25,000 in staff since St. Ronnie. Budgets are cut routinely. You want less government? You got it! 64 offices have been permanently closed. Most of the others are understaffed. Did voters really assume that their elected officials would turn their backs on the donors financing their campaigns and protect the government they needed? Seriously? Politicians can safely assume millions of voters are uninformed because for decades the voters have proven it over and over. If you got what you voted for, please have the decency to stop complaining. Otherwise, I might suggest stopping at any local middle school where you can sit in on a government or civics course. Why do you think teachers are striking in 3 states?

  15. I can’t get a replacement card on line because I can’t create “my Social Security account because I live overseas.
    When will the Social Security Administration do something to help me about this?


  16. Mt sicial security card “the first name Anne should really read Anna to match my birth certificate and my mv license. I am retired and my social security checks read ” Anne ”
    as well as my Medicare card.
    I was told that if I change it on my Medicare card I must also change it with social security other waise they may stop my checks.
    Is it necessary atvthis point?

    • If you’re receiving benefits, we would have to make a correction in your Social Security records and then a correction in your Medicare records. Eventually, we will send you a new Medicare card. You will have to provide us with original or certified copies of the documents we need to use to make the name correction on your records.
      A Social Security representative will provide more guidance in regards to this process. Please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Thanks!

  17. To whom it may concern,
    I’ve been trying to create an account and the sistem won’t let me. I put in all the data, when I submit it tells me that it can’t create an account for my number? Please advise where I can fix this.

    Thank you

    • If you are unable to create an account or encounter a problem with your my Social Security account, you may:
      •Call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “helpdesk”; or
      •Contact your local Social Security office. Thanks!

  18. I’m trying to get a replacement card online. I meet all the qualifications required but have not been successful in applying for a new card. Please advise as to what needs to be done. Thank you.

    • Hello Lorene! The site appears to be up and running. You can use a my Social Security account to apply for a replacement Social Security card online if you:
      •Are a U.S. citizen age 18 or older with a U.S. mailing address (this includes APO, FPO, and DPO addresses);
      Are not requesting a name change or any other change to your card; and
      •Have a driver’s license or a state-issued identification card from one of the participating states.
      For assistance or if you’re having difficulty accessing your my Social Security account, call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “helpdesk” or contact your local Social Security office. Thanks!

      difficulty accessing your my Social Security account

  19. I am an American citizen and have been living overseas since 1963. I arrived as a member of the US Air Force arriving in 1963 and honorably discharged in 1965. I was discharged overseas and worked for the Department of Defense in Germany until my retirement in 1999. I moved to Italy after I retired and I am still living here.
    You have no idea how frustrating it is whenever I read the SSA comment that a U.S. mailing address is required for online operations. If any one needs online access it is Americans living outside the USA. Citizens living in the USA can easily go to the local SSA office. However, we who live overseas cannot do that.
    I expressed my concerns to the SSA with this matter several times but never receive a response. I beg of you to make an exception this time and tell me something – for example, how can I get a replacement SS card.

    • We are sorry for the inconvenience, Stanley. You’re right, the “my Social Security” authentication system requires address verification as one of the essential criteria for issuing an account. People with APO/FPO/DPO addresses can create an account overseas, but our system does not support registration and account creation for users with a foreign address yet.
      We recommend that individuals living outside the United States contact their local U.S. embassy or consulate for any assistance related to Social Security programs and benefits. Also, our Office of International Operations home page provides more information to assist our customers living abroad. Thanks.

  20. I lost my account because you add the security number into the account.
    You gave me the number, I entered it, It show not match all the time

  21. Thank you for the information…. I have used the online service in the past and recentlly used the service to change my address………

  22. Tried this numerous times and user name would never be accepted no matter how many I chose. Always said already in use. So I just gave up!

  23. Your web site sucks. I tried to set up a My Social Security on line access and was informed your info does not match the info I provided then locked me out for 24 hours. I know who I am but apparently you people do not. Scares me think you are in charge of my social security information and benefits. (p.s. same thing happened to my wife and she has been receiving benefits for almost two years)

  24. I am deaf. I am so puzzled that I could not find my social security card. It may be misplaced in my files, but then I searched throughly. I have two health insurance cards. One is medicare health insurance and the other one is AARP/MedicareComplete under UnitedHealthcare. The Medicare Claim Number is *** – ** – ***-A. I have the application done. Shall I go to social security downtown (or nearby to where I live in West Valley City, Utah, to get the social security card? I have completed the form.

  25. Are we getting new social security cards or just replacements of the cards we have already? I’m confused. I have heard that we are getting cards with new numbers, new cards. Is that true?

  26. Can I get a replacement card for my grandson? I have full custody of him,I have the paper copy but not the card. He is a minor.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Patricia, we prefer a government issued document with your picture, as proof of identity to replace your Social Security card. If your grandson does not have one or cannot get one within a reasonable amount of time, we may be able to use other documents such as: his school identification card or health insurance card.
      Any document he submits, must be an original or certified copy, current (not expired) and show his name, and other identifying information (date of birth or age).
      Also, realize that we may not always need a replacement card. We rarely need to show it. Knowing our Social Security number is what is important.
      To learn more on the process and what documents your grandson will need to get a card, please visit our “Social Security Number and Card” web page.
      A minor child -under age 18- may sign the application for a replacement Social Security card. A parent or a legal guardian may also sign, but they would -also- have to provide proper identification and supporting documents (legal guardianship, custody, etc.).
      When ready you can take or mail the completed application with the required documents -original or certified copies- to the local Social Security office or the nearest Card Center in your area. We hope this information helps!

  27. Hi, I keep trying to figure out how to order a replacement Social Card on line not so quick and easy. All i get is to contact my local ss office? Any help would be nice. William Moody

    • Hello William, you can use a my Social Security account to apply for a replacement Social Security card online, -only- if you meet certain requirements and if you’re a resident of the participating states.
      If you are unable to create an account or encounter a problem with your my Social Security account, you may:
      •Call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “helpdesk”; or
      •Contact your local Social Security office. Thanks!

  28. Why, o, why is it so difficult to log on to my social security account. I put in my information and still another code is required. Then I have to figure out how to get that code from my email and return to your website in 2 minutes. Which BTW is not user friendly at all. Usually take several attempts even getting it done in under 2 min. You are not helping protect me just irritating the heck out of me. Which is why I don use your website if I don’t have to.

  29. Is there electronic cards available? Is it possible yet to be completely paperless with social security?

  30. Is it possible To be completely paperless with social security? Are there electronic cards yet instead of the paper ones

  31. I’m going to be stateside this month and need to replace my son’s SS card as it was lost. He was born overseas and I have his CRBA. However, his US passport has expired (and wait times are 3 months for the FBU in Athens) the consulate has refused to issue passport renewal without the SS number. What can I use to prove his identity? Would his foreign passport (non-expired) be sufficient or shot record from the US (it’s from 2012)? This will be the first year he’ll be attending school stateside — so, he doesn’t have any school IDs or other documents with a photo other than one issued in the foreign country.

    • Thank you for contacting us, Barbara. Any document you submit, to get a replacement Social Security card, must be an original or certified copy, current (not expired) and show your name, and other identifying information (date of birth or age). In your son’s case, you will -also- have to provide his birth certificate or the “Report of Birth Abroad”. Also, you will need to provide us with proper identification.
      The representatives processing the request for your son’s replacement Social Security card, are better equipped to examine the documents and provide further guidance if necessary. To find your local Social Security office or the nearest Card Center in your area go to: https://secure.ssa.gov/ICON/main.jsp We hope this helps!

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