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Social Security Administration LogoSocial Security Administration (SSA) employees demonstrate an unwavering commitment to serving the millions of people like you who turn to us for help each year. However, we cannot keep up with the demand for service and our annual fixed cost increases like salaries, rent, and guard services. The bottom line is that we need more funding to deliver the services you expect and deserve, whether it’s requesting a new Social Security card, applying for benefits, or the many other services we provide.

The Biden-Harris Administration asked Congress for a funding anomaly of $800 million higher than our fiscal year (FY) 2022 budget, as we started FY 2023 in October without a full year budget. The additional funding would have allowed us to maintain level service by hiring employees, funding our fixed cost increases, funding information technology (IT) projects, and allocating enough overtime to handle workloads, provided there is not an unexpected and significant increase in demand for our services and programs.

Congress provided us with $400 million, which provides enough funding to cover our fixed cost increases only through December, overtime at FY 2022 levels, and continuous hiring at the start of FY 2023. However, it is not enough to cover the full year fixed cost increases or to maintain the hiring and overtime levels beyond December to improve service. On the other hand, the FY 2023 President’s budget request of $14.8 billion for SSA – a $1.4 billion increase over our FY 2022 enacted level of funding – would allow us to improve customer service and offer the service experience you deserve.

We have faced years of underfunding. We are currently operating with approximately 4,000 fewer employees since prior to the pandemic – a 7% drop, since we have not had the funds to hire the level of staff needed. We are also experiencing historically high levels of employees leaving the agency, because employees are carrying unreasonable workloads given the staffing shortage. As we lose employees, our service further deteriorates. You feel the effects of our staffing shortage. You are waiting an unacceptable average of over six months for a decision on an initial disability claim and over 30 minutes to speak to a representative on our National 800 Number.

Our employees strive to provide you compassionate and timely service but cannot do so without a budget that allows for significant improvement. Without additional funding in FY 2023, we would be forced to freeze hiring, cut overtime, and cut funding for our IT investments.

It is critical that we have the resources to restore staffing losses and continue our important IT investments or face years of deteriorating services that you will not and should not accept. We must be able to provide timely and quality service to everyone who depends on us.

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  1. Betty

    Why did Biden hire so many IRS agents. They will only screw the people. I say fire them and Give the money to an agency that really is helping the American people.

    • Joseph B.

      ssa should be held accountable for their mismanagement of funds before getting increases. There are too many managers and lawyers and no money for training and hiring. Overtime will be given to managers. End of fiscal year spending is examples of government waste. San Diego OHO is an example of mismanagement and regional and central office negligence to oversee anything.

  2. Caryl C.

    Users know, employees know, there is no point in hiring outside entities to straighten things out. People know what’s wrong. 31 months without resolution for me. Three times asking for a Hearing. Hasn’t happened over a two year period, no acknowledgement of request receipt, much less resolution. IRS pays interest.
    Even if taxpayer error, forgot to sign form, IRS had your money, pays interest. When SSA pays interest, these backlogs will stop.

    • cathy w.

      what is wrong with our country? cant get anyone at s.s. office to call back or even get transfered to a super. dont we have rights? arent theese ignoring us civil rights violations? someone help us!!

      • Joseph B.

        the attorneys at ssa believe unreasonable delays will cause you to either die or go to work. the policy harms the public. San Diego OHO has been alerted of critical cases and they have been ignored and denied.

  3. D. W.

    Have all those jobs be on line like everyone else. We don’t need people in offices . There are companies out there running 24/7 all on line with far fewer staff. I have paid into social security since I was 16 and now close to retirement and will not see any if it. Yes I am angry about that

    • John A.

      Your in the unfortunate position that you have a high demand for staffing.
      This creates a situation that you require a continuous demand for financial services.
      Automation may improve productivity but not eliminate it.

  4. Pam M.

    Ah, why not ask politicians who’ve “borrowed” from the fund for various programs, for decades, and have yet to pay us back. As for your customer service… it’s non-existent. You’ve got a bunch of children, too stupid to realize, that if their lucky, they’ll end in our shoes; who lack empathy, and know nothing about professionalism. Look, we’re already being screwed because we’re not receiving retirement from day one of employment. The least you can do is the right thing and stop demoralizing people that tried to do what’s right and get nothing in return.

    • hillary k.

      i think we should retialiate. lets go to washington!!

  5. Mary

    We work hard and pay into it. It isn’t something free that we get unless you’re an illegal migrant, drug user or alcoholic. I see people from other countries who just came into our country and apply for SSI and get more than the US working class. How fair is that?

    • Grace

      Mary, please educate yourself regarding eligibility for SSI at the link below. Your information is not accurate.

    • Matt

      The way you are saying it, does not happen. here take a look.

    • Grace

      Mary, please educate yourself on eligibility requirements for SSI at the link below. Your current information is not accurate.

    • Alan R.

      I agree its sad that people who broke our laws come here to steal the benefits of Americans who work so hard and our veterans who live on the street and get no help sard while law breakers reap the benfits of our hard working Americans sad

    • Roberto M.

      Amen, Mary hit the main issue, illegals collecting benefits. While the government complains of funds, yet, they do not complain of billions given to people that should not receive food stamps, children medical services and housing for ILLEGALS!!! We are govern starting from the President (Biden)to those working in city office without a complaint, until it affects their wages…

    • cathy w.

      they also get free rent utilities paid free medical. no one helped me out when i had my kids. i have been denied welfare help but not the illegals or anyone comming in! only reason i like trump is because of the border!

  6. Shawna

    I am so sorry that members of congress and other representatives have enacted to cut the budget of such a vital asset of America, the people voting on our behalf will not even use the services, and so they do not know what the common person in society needs.

  7. EsteroCanuck

    Current response level at SSA is unsatisfactory and yet some politicians are calling for more cuts to social security. We need to support those that will help fund this needed organization.

    • Joesph B.

      they need to address the waste in funds such as 5 managers per employee and overtime assigned to management. If the managers get paid 4x of a clerk, they should do 4x more work. there is no leadership or liability at headquarters and the rules at ssa are not being followed.

  8. Helen M.

    More funding? Maybe improve the quality of the service you provide. I deal with numerous SSA recipients that are dealing with SSA losing paperwork, providing inaccurate information, etc. – Do Better!

    • mary

      I agree. Because of their error I had to pay back $3,000. And what makes it worst I told them they were wrong.

      • cathy5 w.

        they took 1000.00 from me with out an explanation!!

  9. William Z.

    Social Security is the absolute best agency in the United States and you deserve whatever funding you need. Thank you! I love you all at SSA.

    • Chérie U.

      I’m in complete agreement. The personnel I’ve worked with were top notch and on point! I’d be proud to work alongside with them if I could.

    • cathy5 w.

      who are you? a worker in that dept i bet. they are horrible at any customer service!

      • Cici

        I’m not a worker, and I can honestly state that the service I’ve been receiving since 2008, has been excellent. I agree there’s problems within the system but I also see a lot of inaccurate information and a lot of assumptions thrown out there. Those who are sitting there posting all negatively can’t even spell correctly, provide misinformation and complain, complain, complain. And why? All because the SSA representatives don’t jump when you bark. There’s millions needing assistance and only thousands, if that, available to help us. How many of you have worked? Doesn’t seem like many of you have because most of those who have didn’t appreciate being disrespected by others so why do it to SSA employees? I have worked since 15 but unfortunately in my 40’s I suddenly couldn’t due a near fatal accident. I thank God everyday for those at SSA who provided all the help/assistance with receiving my benefits. Otherwise I would have been a disabled American single mother of 3 who could no longer living under a freeway overpass somewhere. Grow up people and start treating others how you want to be treated. Yeah it’s frustrating but that’s life.

    • Fuckssa

      they waste tax payer dollars and do not care about the public nor justice. The San Diego OHO has been giving overtime to management and not towards where there was the biggest backlog. They do not have any training and the untrained managers will not even read the HALLEX or EBP or desk guides. They make up their own rules and get raises every year and more vacation for doing nothing. There are too many managers and lawyers that are government waste. They are impossible to remove even when reported with evidence of violations of law.

  10. Jefferson H.

    You’ve denied me 5 times for SSI AND SSDI because you thought that I could hold a steady job but due to my disability I can’t get a job

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