78 thoughts on “Things to Think About Before Applying for Disability Benefits  

  1. The SSA is going to have a huge backlog of disability cases. It is only going to get worse because this recession has more unemployed people than 2008.

    People are going to come out of the woodwork claiming depression, anxiety, and back pain.

    People are going to dust of their old workers compensation and auto accident claims. You know those doctors who wrote up the injury report exaggerated their pain for the attorneys who paid them.

    My friend’s two kids are accident attorneys and they have their own doctors to take their clients to receive treatment.

    • I actually already HAVE depression, anxiety, and back pain. And a whole peaceful of other problems, and I haven’t gotten anything but denials since 2012. So dont u worry. The health problems others have, real or imagined or faked, will take a whole,lot more than that list to reach into “your wallet.” I hope you never get so hurt as to need Disability Payments. I actually know someone who died of BRAIN CANCER 2 weeks after he was DENIED …

  2. I became disabled about 5 years ago and only receive $931.00. I would like to know if once I reach 65 years old will my social security reflect a different amount and provide me with 100% of my social security?

    • I was getting $687.00 a month. when I received my retirement I lost all of my disability because my retirement was $100 more than my disability,regardless of the fact I am still disabled. I hope you have better luck!

  3. In some cases sis should be increased. I worried 25 years at one job paid taxes and after medicareis deducted I receive 400. A month I am doesn’t to eating 3 small meals a week. How does are govt expect one person not to be put in a home. My son and grand daurgter both have severe brain injuries and need the help that I am unable to give them . One from accident at birth another from a car accident. They will never be able to work. Extended family got tired of helping with food or money so they quit like my country has .

    • Is there a Center for Independent Living in the area where you live? If yes, this office may be able to guide your family through the beginning of the process. Also there are (in most States) lawyers who advocate for People with Disabilities. Good Luck!

  4. Can someone please tell me when the SSA in Billings will be opening to see clients I have a hole stack of medical records that I need to be submitted, I have called several times just to be told that they have NOT been given a date when they are going to see clients

  5. I am a senior Citizen of United states 67yrs old and now living in Nigeria since 10yrs,and l am not working depending on people for assistance.How can l get my social security Benefits

  6. I have a question I will be 66 in 3yrs and that would be my retirement age right now Iam on disability when I turn 66 will my disability automatically convert to regular social security and will it be the same amount as I recieve now

    • Hi Doreen, thanks for using our blog. Social Security disability benefits automatically change to retirement benefits when disability beneficiaries become full retirement age. The law does not allow a person to receive both retirement and disability benefits on one earnings record at the same time. You don’t have to do a thing and your benefit amount will remain the same. Thanks!

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