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There are many online resources about Social Security, so it is important that you come to us as the first place for answers. You can find many of the answers about our programs and services on our Frequently Asked Questions page. We feature our most-asked questions at the top of the page to help you find answers to the most common questions quickly, like:

You can also browse by topics like:

  • Disability.
  • Social Security Payments.
  • Retirement.
  • Medicare.

You can visit our publications library for detailed information on nearly all of our topics. We make each publication available in text, audio, and downloadable formats.

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Darlynda Bogle, Assistant Deputy Commissioner

Darlynda Bogle, Assistant Deputy Commissioner


  1. Cheryl C.

    My questions is: I am the daughter and POA of my parents and I am in the process of getting Medicaid for them. The information I am needing (which my parents don’t have) SS income letters verifying gross and net amount for 2021.
    They are not able to do this themselves. How do I get this information? Thanks

  2. Sher M.


  3. Violeta A.


    I plan to receive my SS benefit 2 moths after my full retirement age. Will the 2 moths increase the benefit?

    • V.V.

      Hi Violeta, thanks for using our blog to ask your question. When you delay collecting benefits beyond your full retirement age, the amount of your retirement benefit will continue to increase for each month you delay, up to age 70. There is no incentive to delay claiming after the month you attain age 70.

      Social Security benefits are paid the month after they are due. So, for instance, if your benefits begin with the month of April, you will receive your first benefit payment in May. The exact payment date is determined by your date of birth. For future pay days, you may find the Schedule of Social Security Payments calendars useful.

      Keep in mind that you can apply four months before you want your benefits to start. When you’re ready to apply for retirement benefits, use our online retirement application, the quickest, easiest, and most convenient way to apply.

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