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Social Security and Veterans Affairs Partnership Speeds Disability Decisions for Veterans

November 9, 2016 • By

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vaSocial Security is with you throughout life’s journey. For the millions of individuals we help each day — including Veterans, widows and widowers, retirees, and people with disabilities — our priority is to help you secure today and tomorrow. In our efforts to improve the quality of service we provide to Veterans, we’re proud to announce our partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to use health IT to help Veterans and their families.

This partnership between Social Security and the VA allows for the expedited processing of disability cases. It enables us to receive medical records electronically from the VA through the eHealth Exchange.  This process saves time and money for both partners and allows Social Security to make decisions faster for Veterans and their dependents who apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Medical documentation is essential to making a disability determination. Before using this new capability, we obtained medical records through a manual process. When eligible Veterans apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, it might have taken weeks or months for Social Security to receive paper records from the VA. This new partnership lets Social Security obtain the VA Veterans’ health information electronically within minutes. Through this new national initiative, we can obtain Veterans’ medical records electronically without human intervention. It’s easy, convenient and secure, just the way we like it.

Currently, Social Security can receive electronic health records from over 50 other health IT partners and the Department of Defense in about 7,000 facilities across the United States.  Our goal is to continue expanding our network of healthcare organizations and federal agencies that provide electronic health records to us within a safe and secure environment so that we can secure today and tomorrow faster for our Veterans.

To learn more about the health IT initiative, please visit our website at https://www.ssa.gov/disabilityssi/hit/.

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Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications

Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications


  1. Tony S.

    Happy Veterans Day. Veterans are some of the best paid social security beneficiaries out there. To create the Naval Asylum promised in the Naval Hospital Act of Feb. 26, 1811 veterans commissioned the jury that initially tried US v. Thomas Fillebrown, Secretary of Commissioners of Navy Hospitals 32 US 28 7 Pet. 28 (1833) arrested, detained him, and tried him, in failing health, all the way to the Supreme Court, as cited by Justice Story in Minis v. US 40 U.S. 423 (1841) after the Retirement Home had been created in Washington DC, where Abraham Lincoln penned the Emancipation Proclamation a decade later. The same overzealous prosecution that gets the Veterans their benefits alas, seems to have become a liability in the most recent outrage against extra service/hostile fire pay of “grunts” under 24USC412

    9.700 California Army National Guard soldiers and veterans had been ordered to repay +/-$15,000 in enlistment bonuses from the 2000s. Sgt. Toni Jaffe pleaded guilty to filing false claims for handing out more than $15 million in bonuses to ineligible soldiers and is serving a 30 month sentence. Eligibility was apparently limited to civil and intelligence officers and did not cover “grunts”. So far $22 million has been repaid. Veterans have bills between $15,000 and $24,000 with interest. The overpayment decision is unlawful under the Sec. 204(a) of the Social Security Act 42USC§404(a) for the reason that the paymaster should be immune from detention under Sec. 204(c) of the Social Security Act 42USC§404(c).

    Unlawful detention aside, the California National Guard is guilty of deprivation of relief benefits 18USC246 under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and this is particularly offensive to the Armed Forces Retirement Home trust fund 24USC§419. The California National Guard is even more guilty of deprivation of relief benefits than SSA regarding the 0.3% rather than 3% COLA (x2) and Medicare premium neoplasm ($104.90). SSA must learn to prosecute the government for deprivation of relief benefits under 18USC§246 so that it would be as if any depression of relief benefits never occurred. From the information given to the press the only improper payments ever made in this case were the $22 million that were stolen from troops who have been entitled to hostile fire pay since the American Revolution. The California National Guard is advised to return the soldiers and veterans their money and be happy. The Social Security Administration is appalled. This message regarding military compensation, previously posted on this blog, was transmitted to the Armed Forces Retirement Home Trust fund under 24USC§419.

  2. Robert F.

    Being that I am a Vietnam veteran getting 60% disability from the VA and have medical records stating that I can’t work. I’d like to know if I am qualified for additional SS?

  3. Charles D.

    I hope this helps my claim..

  4. D.H. F.

    Heartbreaking that there has been no interest in doing this for the rest. In the past, those who became disabled/seriously ill could fall back on welfare during the (very long) waiting process. Actual welfare ended 20 years ago. For real. For many low-wage workers who become unable to work, it’s over when their UI runs out and the rent comes due.

  5. Donald M.

    Decades ago, I was promised that when I reached retirement that my SSI (1973) would convert over to SSA and VA Disability Benefit Payments and that never happened. Many things over at the VA are broken and that’s the reason why many recipients and constituents have voiced their disapproval with Washington insider (s) and have voted for an outsider, Trump Administration, now when is the action going to be taken to help tens-of-thousands of military veterans who are on SSI and SSDI when they should be receiving SSA and VA as a joint package?

  6. Joe F.

    I left out one important thing. I’m a Veteran of Vietnam, if I had not served our country during a war time event, I don’t know how I would have had those incredible, non-paralyzing lengthy surgeries, and where I would be today.

  7. Joe F.

    I was granted SSDI in late 2009. My injury was one where the cervical disc in my neck were crushed in posteria and anterior. In 2015 I had a ‘Nasty Fall” and broke my right lumbar in half lengthwise.
    By the Grace of God, I wasn’t paralyzed by either injury. I’m told that I’ll be on pain pills for the rest of my life. I’ve haven’t worked since December 31, 2008. I returned to College and earned an Associates Degree in Accounting. Due to one thing and another, I haven’t had time to apply anywhere for part-time accounting. Now things are different, I have heard the Voice of God and soon I’ll be looking for that “Part-Time” job in accounting. The only thing that I can say about this is “All things are only possible in God’s time. I encourage all of those whom are going through the process a second time with and without help from the V.A. to keep on looking up..

  8. Brenda L.

    I’m excited to hear about the seamless access to records! As a non-attorney representative, electronic access has allowed us to serve our clients with excellence! VA records have historically been difficult to obtain. Thanks SSA for finding a solution! The next step is access to the SSA client record for initial disability claims.

  9. kenneth p.

    I was in the process of becoming unemployable through the VA when I applied for disability and at the time I was at 70% for conditions that kept me from working. With hundreds of pages of medical records and examinations that backed them up I was denied in October of 2015. I got a lawyer and filed the appeal immediately. April of 2016 I was designated as 90% with 100% rate due to unemployability so I can’t work, not that I was able to which is why th VA granted me this as permanent with no further examinations needed. All of this has been reported to Social Security and I know that the outcome will be in my favor because the evidence is solid and I am in need, I am just so frustrated that I was denied despite the info I started with and that I am being told my appeal won’t happen for another year at the least. I just need the stamp of approval but the time frame is making me feel helpless.

    • Beverly

      Unfortunately the two agencies, SSA and VA, have different qualifications as to what “disabled” means.

      • Ray F.

        Thank you for your comment Beverly. You’re right, the Social Security Act sets out a strict definition of disability, much different than the requirements for other government programs including veterans benefits. Our agency pays benefits to eligible individuals who can’t work due to a disabling mental or physical condition that is expected to last at least one year or result in death. Those who qualify based on our strict definition of disability are among the most severely disabled people in the country. No benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability.

        • Ken

          Well I definitely have more than enough evidence to show that this is the case. Believe me I know about the differences in rating disabilities but unless MRI’s, X-rays and PTSD diagnoses are debatable issues there shouldn’t be much trouble.

        • Raymond C.

          If that is the case why is it that there are all of these kids who never worked a day in their life getting social security for having ADHD which is not disabling

          • AJ

            It’s not Social Security benefits. It is Supplemental Security Income (SSI). A needs based program & the money does not come from the Social Security funds. https://www.ssa.gov/ssi/text-child-ussi.htm

      • Dick F.

        Typical Government Agencies

        • Alexandra

          Kul!Men eftersom jag bor bra bit bort, ids jag inte köra och hämta för den halvan. Varsågod att ge den till behövande i Arvika.I änreghetils namn så är mitt förråd stort men om tanken var till grabben hade den halvan blivit perfekt.Tack för inspirerande bilder! /Göran K

    • Ron F.

      Good Luck with VA, you would have to be disabled to win an appeal from VA, I was 100 percent diisabled by SS & they made me take early retirement @62 although I was 63 on SSI PROMISED MORE BY SS on total disability , then doubled crossed by SS & put back on early retirement with SSI added to bring me up to @1,002.40 this padt year, $50 less than I was getting 5 yesrs ago (I am 77 now!), try living on that when rent is $715 alone, lived in motel & rec’d a little more $ with no cooking facilities, after 30 when first applied for VA benefits, I just won 70 Percent disability, after 4.6 years of filing again! Heard the expression: screwed, blewned(?) & tattooed? Well multiply that by 100 & that’s me with cancer, congestive heart failure, diabetes, multiple service connected disabilities, but denied except for PTSD, but VA will not give my attorneys my Service, mefical records as they involve the Ex-Chief of all MILITARY for USA in 1958-60, General Curtis LeMay & future VP pick of Gov. George Wallace, of Alabama(?) renouned racist (IMHO) who was shot prior to 1964 Democ-rat convention! VA & SS has lied, misinformed me & others & VA still won’t release my MILITARY & more importantly MY “MEDICAL” records to my attorneys, i.e., REP4VETS! I won my 70Pct. Rating from my NOD I did 100Pct myself, I assume to shut me up? But, truth will out & look for a book & movie re: my experiences “trying” to survive in this VA & SS, various
      state & Federal entities, with VALID (in their reasoning I am aure?) reasonings to misinform, lie, cheat me (And so many other dead Veterans @ the hands of political operatives, mostly LEFTIST in nature, of which, sadly “infiltrate” ALL “aspects of life” in the USA, in out of military & civilian service) out of my VA benefits from 1960, when I was released with “Under Honorable Conditions” without a hearing, trial or any explanations! My uncle was a much decorated world war 2 & Korean “conflict” veteran & retired with OVER 26 years of service, with retirement of Super Master Sgt (E-9?)., which is more than a Capt.’s retirement! By the way I had a Top Secret clearance, but, that didn’t stop the VA from “trying” to shut me down until I died & by writing this post, I KNOW a target will be on my “BACK”, but, American people & public are intitled to KNOW what VA does to it’s veterans when it’s former (veterans) servicemen try to apply fir benefits! I pray for all Veterans & I hope just one prays for me? My beneficiary is, are: Disabled Veterans organizations, no matter how this rolls! Please Americans, support your veterans, as they are fighting on 3 fronts, #1. Seen enemy, #2. VA red tape & #3. SS & their red tape!

      God bless & help you all, you’ll need devine guidance & help to prevail with VA (get an attorney, no if’s, buts or? Only 10-15 Pct get their VA pension “without” an attorney & 30-35Pct. “with” an attorney on appeals) & hopefully survive, prosperous “during” your ordeal(s), but, God is good & truth will out, here & as it is in heaven? Keep on fighting, NEVER give up, NEVER, as it “may” help your fellow veterans, we are all brothers & sisters & all we REALLY have, is each OTHER! IMHO. God bless & keep you all!

    • Roberto C.

      You hit the Nail on the Head! Im suffering from Severe spinal stenoses with additional factors to include severe Degenerative Disc Disease.
      This was a condition that started in Marine Corps Infantry. During the service in the Infantry we had to carry heavyweight which did damage to our vertebrae that we all just found and we just kept going because that’s our job as Marines just to take the pain I took this pain for well over 20 plus years and finally it started to Slow Me Down but because I never complained about it in the service because I was a true Marine in Marines that pick up the fire team leader and then I was appointed to squad leader don’t have an option to go to Sick Bay so nothing ever gets documented in a marine that doesn’t complain.

      Now if I would have complained then they would have given me service-connected disability which would have rated me at least at 50% because the MRIs which I took one in 2014 in 2015 clearly shows that I have severe spinal stenosis and severe degenerative disc disease.

      I can understand why it is very frustrating when if you just look at our medical records we could have been through this and I can be starting a new career and something else because one thing I’m liking right now is the funds to get started into any kind of new training the system needs to be revised so that it clearly shows when somebody is in need of a disability compensation it should be handled properly.

      Especially when it comes from a veteran that did four years of honorable service in the front line units of an infantry unit.

      Does this not mean anything to our nation that we served honorably without incident and barely went to sickbay and now I have these disabilities and I’m being denied it sounds completely ridiculous any nation that does not trust its own honorably serve members

  10. Ruben E.

    I was send a letter,that my ssn was to cut down to 1033.00 as of Dec 2016. I was suppose to recevic a check for 128.00 as of Oct 28 2016. see nothing in the mail nor I have being called. Could you check on this matter at once for me,thank you. Ruben Garcia

    • Ray F.

      Hi Ruben. Unfortunately, but for security reasons, we do not have access to personal records in this blog. Please call our toll-free number at: 1-800-772-1213 and speak to one of our representatives. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Or contact your local Social Security office directly.

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