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Social Security 2018 Trustees Report

June 5, 2018 • By

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Last Updated: June 5, 2018

woman sitting by windowToday, the Social Security Board of Trustees released its annual report on the current and projected financial status of the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance (OASDI) Trust Funds. To learn more, please visit http://ow.ly/G2Kl30klYyH. 

Join us on Facebook Live on 6/14 at 7 P.M. ET as we chat with Social Security’s Chief Actuary Steve Goss .

Note: The closed captioned version will be available post broadcast.

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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications


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  3. Brent F.

    You never think or hope To need Social Security when you get older. I didn’t even know exactly how it worked until my wife (age 33 ) got very sick. We both worked full time our whole adult life. She was forced to quit her job two years ago March 2016 after being admitted to the hospital for a few weeks. Our Dr. pointed us to SSDI. After a denial we are scheduled for a hearing this June. It will be 27 months since her disease. Being so young with 2 kids I have been working to keep us afloat. It’s nice that we have things like Social Security to help when we need it but it is such an awful feeling when you are stressed out about your wife, money, insurance and keeping up with the kids. Wife can’t do the housework anymore so I essentially took over both rolls in the household and it is too much almost. Hopefully the hearing works out I just wish that they would realize that she would rather be working. They should have benefits for the spouse/caregiver/therapist/father/etc……… good luck to everyone, I sure could use some here soon. I don’t know how much longer I can keep it all going. Pray until someone help.

  4. Donnavon M.

    Need additional

  5. Richard D.

    The ceiling on social security of 128400 should be removed. If, we are seeking justice for all.

  6. Hospitals &.

    Sanders, Tony J. Federal Insurance Contributions Adjustment Act of 2018. HA-9-6-18 http://www.title24uscode.org/fica.pdf

    Blessed are the poor (Matthew 5:3)

    I have not yet read the 2018 Annual Reports to see whether or not the Actuary is able to adjust the OASDI tax rate without appointing me Public Trustee. The Actuary is certainly competent to agree to this short FICA Act of 2018 and 15 page report. He has a year to learn to adjust the tax rate himself, and figure out whether or not he can live in peace with me and my Message of the Public Trustees.

    Due to the loss of 10 million Aid For Families with Dependent Children benefits 1996-2000 to fulfil the international legal obligation to end child poverty, the United States has no choice but to repeal the Adjustment of the contribution and benefit base in Section 230 of the Social Security Act under 42USC§430 and replace it with; To tax the rich the full 12.4% OASDI FICA tax on all their income and pay 16-24 million children growing up poor SSI benefits FY19 and end poverty by 2030, there is created in the Treasury a Supplemental Security Income Trust Fund.

    The poor will spend proportionally more money than richer people would, on the consumer economy pursuant to Engel’s law, and therefore the growth in their subsistence will sustain economic growth under the Iron Law of Wages. The reason why my errors and oversight should be immune from justified and unjustified prosecution, vilification or any sort of reader dissatisfaction, even by the rich taxpayers who are being asked to pay a 12.4% tax on all their income, is because it is not difficult for me, a poor man, at the age of lowest level of disability, to enrich myself and everyone, at both the micro and macroeconomic level. The only people facing any sort of marginal decrease in private earnings are the rich, who are assured of sustainable economic growth by putting their collective billions entirely to pay for social security benefits for the poor, women and children first.

    That is why the President, who conveniently represents the interests of the rich, knows that the right thing to do to most expand his purchasing power, is to nominate both me and my signatory witness to summon, the Secretary of Administration for Children and Families, to be confirmed Public Trustees by the Senate. As a consequence of the stress of actually performing this one duty to make his Presidency, the Acting Secretary’s and my entire career as a disability beneficiary, and indeed, everyone’s, a socio- economic success, the tardiness of the actual accounting of the balanced federal budget, due on July 15, for FY 19, will have to be excused this year in favour of a four year projection FY 17 – FY 20, for which I ask for two months of uninterrupted peace. Whereas, I have just decided to forgo income to avoid the duty to file, in return for reprinting this Message from the Public Trustees, I am asking for a once in a life-time raise from $693 to $2,000 a month under 24USC§422(d)(1).

  7. Lyn B.

    All I have is a home, some savings and a tiny retirement. What will I expect with receiving SS Benefits once I retire. I’m 49 by the way

  8. claude a.

    What is being done to ssn so we do not run out in 2034??????

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