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Slam the Scam: Keep Your Personal Information Safe

March 16, 2023 • By

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Last Updated: March 21, 2023

vector of person hanging up on a scam call on their cell phoneDo you know how to spot a government imposter scam? Knowing how to identify potential scammers will help safeguard your personal information.

There are common elements to many of these scams. Scammers often exploit fears and threaten you with arrest or legal action.

Scammers also pose as Social Security or other government employees and claim there’s a problem with your Social Security number (SSN) or your benefits. They may even claim your SSN is linked to a crime.

When you identify a potential scammer:

If you owe money to Social Security, we’ll mail you a letter with payment options and appeal rights. We only accept payments electronically through, Online Bill Pay, or physically by check or money order through our offices.

We will never do the following:

  • Threaten you with arrest or legal action because you don’t agree to pay us money immediately.
  • Promise a benefit increase in exchange for money.
  • Ask you to send us gift cards, prepaid debit cards, wire transfers, internet currency, cryptocurrency, or cash through the U.S. mail.

Scammers continue to evolve and find new ways to steal your money and personal information. Please stay vigilant and help raise awareness about Social Security-related scams and other government imposter scams. For more information on scams, please visit our Protect Yourself from Scams page.

Tell your friends and family about government imposter scams. Let them know they don’t have to be embarrassed to report if they shared personal financial information or suffered a financial loss. The important thing is to report the scam right away.

Together, we can “Slam the Scam!”

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  1. Robert E.

    keep being told that my name and social security number haas been! used to laundry money in the carideans first was told that they want to help me then was threatened. with qan areast warent

  2. Theresa H.

    I been scam he was post to get me a home repair grant He said he was aSBA GRANT REPRESENTATIVE and would help me. l paid him$500 cash he said it was for Registration and processing fees then he said I was approved for big chunk of money and the gov would send some on a credit card then I was then I was able to receive a bounce a good amount of money and I would get the rest of the money after I finished the of the requirements done and it would cost another $300. I looked at the approval there was no return call number,nothing about address,fake symbol 2CC one backwards inside the other,all it had was my name address,phone,date. In the fake letter it said to call if you had any questions.Please everyone be careful these scammers got me twice just trying to get help.I was so happy cause I need some repairs done on my house and can’t afford to do it.But instead it hurt my pocket book bad. So please everyone be careful and hope they get caught they deserve to.

  3. KJ

    People have called me and I have also received applications to renew my social security disability benefits or to verify that I am still eligible to receive disability benefits. Why can’t Social Security verify my disability with going through my health insurance I know my health insurance has all my prescriptions and my doctors why do I have to give the doctors I’ve seen in the last 12 months phone number and name and my medications. After this person asked me all these questions I asked her to tell me what information they have on me with my SSI benefits being turned down in 2020 and I just had experienced trouble filling out Medicaid application online and when I called to ask why they told me it was because I was receiving spousal support income and I was in a nursing home special support what do you mean I have never received any special support income since I have been on disability since 2002 with my understanding spouse’s support income is when they’re dead and any man that I’ve ever lived with I don’t think any of them are dead and the only income I’ve ever gotten was what I paid in on taxes when I filed for disability I received I received Social Security disability and SSI.. so they definitely have incorrect information period then another incorrect information is I have never been in a nursing home. I have always asked for someone to help me with applications and when they need information from me I have different health issues as along with all my life I’ve had reading disorders with different Technologies I’ve been able to adapt however I don’t know if it’s my limited source of technology which is only a mobile phone and trying to do applications online things are constantly getting messed up I don’t know how to get things on track I know with my health issues I qualify and every since this has gone Bonkers in my life one Texas Health and Human Services caseworker has been involved she’s constantly says it’s time for another evaluation or to update some kind of form and informs me she will be out on so and so day I have had more phone calls from her and home visits in the past 2 years then I have ever had from any service company through the government case managers health and Human Services in-home care services or anything all added together I have seen her more times than any other organization during my disability and I don’t know how someone is reporting lies about me and no one verifies them with me before putting them in my records for my disability. How do I stop and correct the lies the false information that is not correct like me ever being in a nursing home that never happened and the incorrect information about receiving spousal support income.

  4. Aletha L.

    If I receive a spam email where the sender is pretending to be Social Security, is there an email address to forward this spam email before I block it? Thank you

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Aletha. Thanks for visiting our blog. Social Security takes reports of fraud very seriously. Please report it to us here. 

      • Carlos M.

        What other benefit can have an elderly with disabilities on the especific allegation of work credits as for a future pension at 62 as the cause of unfair dismissal discriminations

        • Daniel B.

          I needed to access my ssa account online

          • Ann C.

            Hi, Daniel. Thanks for visiting for blog. If you are still unable to create an account or encounter a problem with your personal my Social Security account, please call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “help desk.” We hope this helps.

    • Darlene R.

      Someone is blocking my mail,email,and spying on me!

  5. Ahmad

    I went through your blog, it is quite informative, would really like to see more such blogs with amazing content and information. Keep sharing more such blogs.

    • Darlene R.


      • Darlene R.

        Ok, I am being idenitity. Inform that this person kind to Mary Cathy carry is claiming to be Darlene Roaden keeton.Need this stop.I have tiny phone chip in me Susie brush husband put these in me to claim he in a work progrem!He sets and watches me.Please stop this ?I have work over 30 years.I he a bad car crash and someone hind the xrays that show I got heard.Need help?someone has put a lot of money in HINDING accounts.I can get a lawer to check this.Brandy Sally may be too blane.

  6. awiyah

    Thank you for providing valuable information.

  7. Mr M.

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    More Than 300 times sent to the USA this request letter . So many offices. Which is the correct office and where do I get help? I don’t know.
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  8. HappyRose

    I was a victim of the scammers. They took my last $30 from my credit card in 2015. this number keeps harassing me daily after 5 o’clock 479 385 2505 / 479-385-2273/ 479-385-8698 / 479-385-4462. . I don’t have the funds to look these numbers up myself.

    • John

      Setup answer system on phone. May need knew phone. Uniden is a good one.
      Also if you have cable TV they have setup for showing incoming phone number on screen when it rings. look at customers service or support on screen.

  9. sandi m.

    thanks get scammers all day long I hang up answer and hit end same time ooops just got one ,

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