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Protect Your Online Identity With Strong Passwords

May 2, 2024 • By

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Last Updated: May 9, 2024

World Password Day is an annual event dedicated to promoting awareness about the importance of strong password security practices. On May 2, people and organizations all over the world will work to encourage better password habits to keep our online data and accounts safe and secure.

Here are some tips to help make sure your passwords are strong:

  • Create passwords with at least 12 characters and include letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Instead of passwords made up of random, mixed characters, use phrases that are longer and easier to remember.
  • Use a unique password for each account to prevent hackers from accessing multiple accounts if one password is stolen.
  • Change your passwords regularly and avoid using easy to guess information such as birthdays or a pet’s name.
  • Add an extra layer of security to your accounts by using multi-factor authentication, a sign-in process that requires a password plus additional information. That second factor could be a one-time only code sent by text or email.

The protection of your online identity is not only about creating passwords that are hard to guess. It’s also about being careful how you store and share your passwords.

Stay informed about the latest online threats and trends. By being vigilant, you can protect yourself and your online activity from people who want to do harm.

Remember, your passwords are the keys to your online identity. So, make sure they are strong, secure, and unique.

Happy World Password Day!

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  1. Pete W.

    Please provide a link to the SSA web page for creating MFA instead of just a simple narration.

    • S.D.

      Hi, Pete. Thanks for reading our blog and for your question. You can learn more about how Social Security uses multifactor authentication to safeguard your personal information here. We hope this helps.

  2. Visaghan B.

    Thank you for sharing the information is very important and helpful.

  3. Zhanna G.

    Please check and help me and my daughter, they stolen my and my daughter social security number and used for bad work, please check and help me and my daughter for return documents and social security number thank you for your help

    • S.D.

      We’re sorry to hear about your situation, Zhanna. For your security, we do not have access to private information in this venue. To speak with a representative, you can contact your local Social Security office or call us at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Wait times are typically shorter Wednesdays through Fridays or later in the day. We hope this helps.


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